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U.S. President Barack Obama is angrily blasting oil industry officials who he says are failing to accept blame for the massive oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. The president says all parties need to take responsibility, including the government.President Obama says he is angry and frustrated by oil executives' response to the catastrophic spill, after a BP oil rig blew up last month off the Louisiana coast. In the White House Rose Garden, the president told reporters the finger-pointing needs to stop. "I did not appreciate what I considered to be a ridiculous spectacle during the congressional hearings into this matter," said Obama. "You had executives of BP and Transocean and Halliburton falling over each other to point the finger of blame at somebody else. The American people could not have been impressed with that display, and I certainly was not."Mr. Obama said some of the blame extends into his own administration. He said he will force government regulators to make it tougher for oil companies to get drilling permits."For too long, for a decade or more, there has been a cozy relationship between the oil companies and the federal agency that permits them to drill," he added. "It seems as if permits were too often issued based on little more than assurances of safety from the oil companies. That cannot and will not happen anymore."As the president spoke, robots at the bottom of the Gulf tried to move a tube into the pipe that has pumped millions of liters of oil into the water. BP said it hoped to know within hours whether the tube had successfully diverted the oil to a tanker at the surface.Mr. Obama admitted that there is uncertainty about exactly how much oil is being spilled. He said government efforts have been geared toward the possibility of a "catastrophic event.""The oil companies share it; the manufacturers of this equipment share it; the agencies in the federal government in charge of oversight share that responsibility," he added. "I will not tolerate more finger pointing or irresponsibility."The president said the system "failed and failed badly," and everyone involved bears the responsibility for fixing it. Mr. Obama called on Congress to quickly pass legislation to spend more money to clean up the spill, and to provide unemployment assistance and job training to people affected by the crisis. After the spill, the president asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to reform the government agency that oversees oil drilling. Salazar said this week the part of the agency which permits oil and gas drilling and collects royalties will be separated from the part which inspects the safety of oil rigs.Mr. Obama said he has enacted other reforms, including re-examining the environmental procedures for oil and gas exploration and development.201005/104020

The battle for control of the U.S. Congress has entered its final week and both major political parties are engaged in a furious last-minute push for votes.11月2号是美国中期选举投票日,为争夺国会控制权的角力进入冲刺时刻,两大政党都在为争取选票做最后的努力。According to the opinion polls and political pundits, Republicans continue to have the upper hand heading into the final days of the 2010 congressional midterm election campaign.民调显示,共和党人在2010年国会中期选举竞选中继续保持优势。Most Americans say the domestic economy is the number-one issue this year, and the public's dismal view of the economic climate is bound to hurt Democrats and help Republicans on Election Day, November 2.大部分美国人表示,国内经济是今年的头号议题。民众对经济形势的悲观看法必然会在11月2号选举日影响民主党人,惠及共和党人。Among those campaigning for Republican candidates is Ohio Congressman John Boehner, who is likely to become speaker of the House if Republicans win back a majority next week.如果共和党11月2号赢回多数地位,正在为共和党候选人助选的俄亥俄州共和党众议员约翰·纳就可能成为众议院议长。"If you are tired of the high unemployment, if you are tired of all the takeovers and bailouts, [then] that is what elections are for," he said.他说:“如果你们厌倦高失业率,如果你们厌倦所有这些并购和救市措施,这就是为什么要进行选举。”Polls also give Republicans an edge in voter enthusiasm, though there are signs that lethargic Democrats may be waking up in the final days of the campaign.民调还显示,尽管缺乏生气的民主党人在竞选的最后几天可能振作起来,但共和党人还是更能激发选民的热情。Much of that Republican intensity is being driven by the Tea Party movement, a loose coalition of conservative and libertarian-leaning groups around the country that is demanding spending and tax cuts and a smaller role for the central government generally.共和党人紧锣密鼓的竞选大部分要归功于茶叶党运动。这个全国性的保守派联盟要求削减开,降低税率,缩小政府作用。201011/116977

美国国务卿希拉里·克林顿星期五说,美国中东特使米切尔下周将返回中东地区,开始以色列和巴勒斯坦之间的间接和平谈判。美国希望阿拉伯盟友能向巴勒斯坦当局提供更多援助,并采取措施与以色列建立互信,来持和平进程。Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday U.S. Middle East envoy George Mitchell will return to the region next week to start indirect peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The ed States is looking to Arab allies to provide more aid to the Palestinian Authority, and take confidence-building steps with Israel, to support the process.The start of the so-called "proximity" talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, marks a step forward in U.S.-led efforts to revive the stalled regional peace process.At at a joint press event with Kuwait's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammad al-Sabah, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear that the Obama administration wants to see the early resumption of full-scale direct negotiations."I think we've been very clear in our efforts that the resumption of talks is absolutely essential for the progress we seek toward a two-state solution," she said. "We will be starting with proximity talks next week. Senator Mitchell will be going back to the region, and we look forward to the meeting of the Arab [League] follow-up committee in Cairo tomorrow night to support the commitment by President Abbas to move forward with these talks."The Arab League set up the committee to pursue implemetation of its 2002 peace initiative offering Israel political recognition if it withdraws from occupied areas and makes peace with the Palestinians.In a Middle East policy address Thursday night, Clinton urged Arab countries to back up verbal statements of support for the Palestinian Authority with tangible financial aid.She also said Arab moderates should reopen trade offices and make other confidence-building gestures toward Israel to show Israelis that peace would actually end the Jewish state's regional isolation.Asked if Kuwait is y to take such steps, Deputy Prime Minister al-Sabah stressed Kuwaiti support for U.S.-led peace efforts but would not be specific."We have supported the proximity talks during early March. Unfortunately the response from Israel was an announcement to build 1,600 houses in East Jerusalem, as if it was a response to our support for the proximity talks," he said. "Yet, we did not be discouraged by that. During the Arab summit in Tripoli we reconfirmed our commitment to the proximity talks to help the ed States achieve this strategic objective."In the proximity talks, U.S. envoy Mitchell - a former Senate Majority leader - is expected to shuttle between Israeli officials in Jerusalem and Palestinian officials in the nearby West Bank town of Ramallah.Appearing with Clinton Thursday at a meeting of the American Jewish Committee, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel's right-leaning coalition government now sees a two-state solution of the Middle East conflict as a "compelling imperative." He said that is not as a favor to the Palestinians but to preserve Israel as a democratic, Jewish state.201005/102948

  Foreign Backpackers Flock to Australia to Escape Global Recession更多外国人申请到澳大利亚工作 Officials in Australia say more young foreigners looking to escape recession in other parts of the world could be heading for the country this year on working holidays. The number of skilled travelers from Britain and Germany applying for working holiday visas is up sharply from last year. 澳大利亚官员表示,由于全球经济减缓,今年申请到澳大利亚临时工作的外国旅游者的人数出现上升。从英国和德国申请到澳大利亚工作的人数比去年增加了许多。Australia has always been a backpacker's delight, a vast island that's relatively inexpensive and safe that offers them the chance to work for up to two years. While the country has not avoided the global credit meltdown, Australia is increasingly becoming a haven for young foreign travelers looking to strengthen their resumes and escape economic problems back home. 澳大利亚一直是年轻的旅游者喜欢去的地方:四面环海、东西相对便宜、安全、而且旅游者可以申请工作两年。虽然澳大利亚也没能逃过这次全球金融危机,但是相对来说,很多外国旅游者都认为这里的情况比他们本国要好得多。Applications from British and German travelers for working holiday visas are up by 20 percent. 今年从英国和德国来澳大利亚申请临时工作的人数比去年增加了20%。A 21-year-old backpacker from England who identified herself only as Rachel, says she is looking for work in Sydney but is concerned about those she has left behind. 瑞切尔是来自英国的一位年仅21岁的旅游者。她说,自己到悉尼来想找工作,但是对家里的人又放心不下。"Speaking to people and friends back home there is always the constant worry that they are going to be made redundant, she said. "I am also trying to decide whether to stay here for a year rather than three months that I initially planned to because I just do not see that there is that many prospects back at home."  她说:“每每跟家人和朋友谈起来,总是担心,怕他们不知什么时候就会被炒鱿鱼。我最初只是想在这儿呆三个月,但是现在在考虑是否要呆上一年;因为回去的话实在是看不到什么就业前景。”Australia's economy is declining, and with unemployment rising, finding a job is likely to be increasingly difficult for international backpackers. 澳大利亚本身的经济也在下滑,失业率也在上升,对那些想找工作的外国人来说,困难相对有所增多。Patricia Forsyth from the Sydney Chamber of Commerce says young travelers will have to be patient.  悉尼商会的福尔赛思女士说,那些想在这儿找到工作的游客要有耐心才行。"I cannot pretend that it will be easy for people to be able to get jobs but I think you would need to come in prepared to hunt for work," said Forsyth. "It is not going to be on a plate and handed to you as it might have been 12 months or more ago." 她说,“要说人们一来这儿就能找到工作,那是不真实的;那些想要找到工作的人要做好四处申请的准备。现在情况变了,不像从前那样工作机会似乎比比皆是。”Australia's working holiday scheme is open to travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 from a range of countries, including Canada, Britain, Sweden and South Korea. 澳大利亚对旅游者开放的就业机会专门给那些年龄在18到30岁、来自加拿大、英国、瑞典和韩国等国的旅游者。Work permits are valid for 12 months but can be extended up to two years if participants agree to work on a farm - an attempt to help Australia's agricultural sector which often has trouble finding enough laborers. 旅游工作签一般12月内有效,但是如果申请人同意到澳大利亚农场去工作,签可以延长到两年,因为澳大利亚农业领域的人力往往不足。04/68150



  But in time parallel universes will make a spectacular comeback.This time theyll be different.Theyll be even stranger that Elvis being alive.Theres an old proverb that says ;Be careful what you wishful,in case your wish comes true.;The most farther wish physics has long been that they could find a single elegant theory which would sum up everything in our universe.It was this dream which would lead unwittingly to the rediscovery of parallel universes.Its a dream which is driven work of almost every physicist.但适时地,平行宇宙又会非常精的卷土重来。但这次它却完全不同。更奇怪的是,埃尔维斯活着。一种古老的谚语有云:;小心你的殷切希望,以免它成真时候追悔莫及。;最长远的目标是他们一直希望能找到一种完美的理论,能够涵盖一切宇宙。这个梦想将直接导致无意中平行的宇宙的再发现。这是驱动几乎每一个物理学家工作的梦想。;When I was a child of eight,my elementary school teacher came in the room and announced that a great scientist has just died.And on the evening news of that night everyone was flashing pictures of his desk with the unfinished manuscript of his greatest work.I wanna to know what was in that manuscript.Years later I found that it was a tempt of Albert Einstein to creat a theory of everything,the theory of the universe,and I wanna to be part of that quest.;;当我还是个8岁孩子的时候,我的小学老师走进房间并宣布一位伟大的科学家刚刚离开人世。那一夜在晚间新闻中,每个人脑中都在回忆闪动着他桌旁未完成的最伟大工作的情境。我想知道这手稿到底是什么。多年后我发现对于阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦创建万物论的原理,整个宇宙原理来说, 它都是一种诱惑,我想成为研究的其中一分子。;Einstein never achieved his goal of a theory of everything,but again and again others have thought they were on the brink of this ultimate achievement.This was always wishful thinking.Until recently,a revolution occured in the 1980s.In universities across the world new ideas in science streamed forth.Finally it seemed everything in the universe was about to be explained.爱因斯坦对于万物论从未到达他的目标,但一次又一次,人们总以为自己已经站在这个终极成就的大门外。然而这总是一厢情愿的想法。直到最近,20世纪80年代发生了一场革命。在大学科学世界的新思想流露出来。最后似乎宇宙中所有的东西都需要一个解释。词语解释:universe n. 宇宙proverb n. 谚语163917Record U.S. foreclosures Foreclosures are up 81% across the country, with many states hitting new highs in 2008. Well, 2008 was a very rough year for the economy and a particularly rough year for the housing market. Foreclosure filings spiked by more than 81% last year. That is a record increase and there are up 225%, believe it or not, from just 2006. Here are the cold hard facts: more than 3.1 million families in this country received foreclosure notices last year. That is one in every 54 homes. More than 860,000 families lost their homes to foreclosure last year. That is more than the entire population of South Dakota. For the folks in California, Florida, Nevada, and Arizona, they've been hit the hardest. The most foreclosures in 2008 were in California, more than double what we saw in 2007. And in Nevada, foreclosure filings were up 126% from 2007 levels. They were up 133% in Florida and they were up an astounding 203% in Arizona. The only good news from all of these, mounting foreclosures has meant falling prices. So if you are in the market for a home, there are plenty of bargains out there.01/61590Thousands Rally in US Capital, Demanding Immigration Reform数千人华盛顿集会要求改革移民政策Thousands of supporters of immigration reform rallied in the nation's capital on Sunday, voicing their frustration with the government's pace of handling the complex issue. The gathering was both a serious and lively gathering that brought together politicians, labor representatives and religious leaders to try to push the issue back on to the table.数以千计持移民改革的人士星期天在首都华盛顿集会,对政府处理移民案件的速度表示失望。这次活动既严肃又生动,汇聚了政治人士、劳工代表、宗教领袖等,试图共同推动这个议题能够得以重新讨论。Many participants at the rally waved American flags and held signs that were written in both Spanish and English. 参加集会的人们挥舞美国国旗、高举用英语和西班牙语写的标语。Some had stark messages such as "Reform Immigration Before Others Die." Others carried signs that : "Change Takes Courage."一些人的标语牌非常醒目,上面写着“赶快改革,不要把人拖死”,还有标语写着“改革需要勇气”。On a massive stage and in crowds, participants of the "March for America" urged U.S. President Barack Obama to follow through on his promise to overhaul the immigration system.在一个搭建起来的巨型讲台上的人士和台下聚集的人群都是“为美国行进”这一活动的参与者。他们督促美国总统奥巴马实现全面改革移民体系的诺言。Leyda Lopez came to Sunday's rally with her mother who entered the country illegally from Equador nearly two decades ago. Leyda says she is concerned about the state of the immigration reform debate."It's a lost, because like the president is saying he is going to do something and he never do it, we are waiting for that," she said. "And we want justice."她说:“这是一个失败,因为总统说过他会(在移民方面)做出改变,但是他至今什么也没做。我们要求正义。”Leyda's mother, Mely, says that because of her status, she has been unable to return to Equador to see the rest of her family for 18 years.莱达的母亲说,因为身份问题她这18年来都不能回厄瓜多尔探望她的家人。201003/99470

  US Economy Experiences Worst Job Cuts in Decades美失业人数激增 房贷违约破记录  New government figures show a rise in U.S. unemployment last month, with U.S. employers cutting some 533,000 jobs - the most in 34 years. President George Bush says his administration is taking action to help strengthen the economy. 最新的经济数据显示,美国的失业人数在上个月猛增,美国雇主裁减了53万3千个职位,这是过去34年来单月裁员人数的最高纪录。美国总统布什表示,联邦政府正在采取行动帮助加强美国经济。The Labor Department says the unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent in November.  美国劳工部报告说,美国的失业率在11月攀升到了6.7%。President Bush told reporters the job data reflects the fact that the American economy is in a recession, due in large part to severe problems in housing, credit and financial markets. 布什总统告诉记者,这些数据反映出美国经济陷入衰退这个事实,主要由于房屋、信贷和金融市场问题严重。He says his administration is taking steps to address the problems by extending unemployment benefits to the jobless, making credit more affordable and available, and taking action to prevent home foreclosures. 他表示,联邦政府正在采取措施来解决这些问题,其中包括对于失业人员延长失业救济期限、扩展信贷发放范围和防止房主丧失抵押住房赎回权。"It is going to take time for all the actions we have taken to have their full impact. But I am confident that the steps we are taking will help fix the problems in our economy, and return it to strength." 布什总统说:“要让我们所采取的所有行动都彻底发挥作用需要时间。但是我坚信,我们所采取的措施将帮助解决我们经济中的问题,使我们的经济恢复活力。”At a hearing on Capitol Hill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, described the unemployment figures as dismal. 在国会联合经济委员会举行的一个听会上,劳工统计局局长凯斯.霍尔表示,新的失业数据的确令人沮丧。"There is very little in this report that is positive," he said. "This is maybe one of the worst jobs report the Bureau of Labor Statistics has ever produced." “在这个报告中实在没有什么正面的东西。这恐怕是劳工统计局迄今为止所拿出的最差的就业报告。”"Families are conserving their dwindling resources and simply not buying much of anything, including durable goods, such as cars," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who chaired the hearing before the Joint Economic Committee. 国会议员卡罗琳.马洛尼主持了这次听会。她说:“(美国)家庭都在努力保存他们日趋减少的资源,根本不买多少东西,包括汽车之类的耐用品。”Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, executives from the three major automakers testified at a congressional hearing for the second straight day, making their case for billion in loans to help shore up their industry, which has seen thousands of job losses. 与此同时,在国会山的另一则,来自美国三大汽车公司的主管们连续第二天出席一个国会听会,谋求获得340亿美元的政府贷款,帮助撑美国的汽车制造业。成千上万的美国汽车工人已经失去了工作。President Bush urged Congress to act on a proposal that would redirect billion in loans to help the automakers, but only to those that can survive.  布什总统敦促国会采取行动,把一笔250亿美元的救市款转贷给汽车制造商,不过,这笔贷款只能发给那些有能力生存下去的厂商。Congress could vote on an aid package to the auto industry when it returns for a brief post-election session next week. 国会有可能在下个星期投票表决一个向汽车工业提供援助的计划。200812/58064North Korea’s train-lover朝鲜那个爱坐火车的主儿A China hedge?防范中国?A hermit makes a rare venture out of his kingdom深居简出的金将军,罕見地走出国门到外面风险投机Aug 27th 2011 | BEIJING AND TOKYO | from the print edition EVEN by his own mercurial standards, the contradictory signals sent out this week by North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Il, are unusual. One day his government was seizing the assets of a South Korean tourism venture in the North once hailed as a symbol of detente. Two days later Mr Kim, making his first visit to Russia in a decade, was discussing the possibility of a pipeline carrying natural gas between Siberia and the two Koreas.即便是以其常出人意料的标准来衡量,朝鲜领导人金正日本周放出的反常信号还是那么的非比寻常。某天,金将军的政府将曾被视为朝鲜半岛和解象征的金刚山旅游区内的韩方资产收归己有。两天之后,他又跑到俄罗斯,商讨铺设从西伯利亚到朝鲜和韩国的天然气输送管道,这是他十年来首次访问俄罗斯。Mr Kim’s foray into Siberia began on August 20th, and was as usual by train (he has a fear of flying). In Ulan-Ude, Mr Kim met Russia’s president, Dmitry Medvedev, who treated the Dear Leader to some greasy salmon from Lake Baikal. Some in Russia have pushed the idea of piping Siberian gas to South Korea through the North, as well as connecting the three countries by rail. Perhaps North Korea, desperate for cash, is really interested. More likely, the interest is feigned. Russia is a useful supplier of free grain.金正日对西伯利亚的“突然袭击”始于8月20日,一如既往地乘坐火车(将军害怕坐飞机)。俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在乌兰乌德会见了这位贵客,并用贝加尔湖肥美的大马哈鱼款待了他。在俄国,有人推崇铺设西伯利亚至韩国的输气管道通过朝鲜,进而通过管道联通三国的理念。或许极度贫困的朝鲜是真的动心了。而更有可能的是,动心是假的,反正俄罗斯的便宜不占白不占。(*毛子这次在利比亚赔了几十亿美元的军火)Importantly, the trip takes place at a time when Chinese diplomatic pressure is on North Korea to be less belligerent towards the South, and Chinese influence in the North is growing. North Koreans resent both. Mr Kim may be hedging against over reliance on China by getting closer to Russia. Either way, the political risks for Russia and South Korea of a pipeline through the North are almost too high for the plan to be credible.重要的是,这次访问发生的背景,是中国施加外交压力要求朝鲜减少对韩国的武力挑衅,以及中国在朝鲜的影响与日剧深。这两点都让朝鲜很不爽。所以将军想要拉拢俄国以防对中国过于依赖。但是不管怎样,铺设通过朝鲜的输气管道的政治风险,对俄罗斯和韩国来讲都是高的无法可信。201109/152004

  U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a strong defense of Obama administration policy on North Korea and Iran during an extended interview Sunday on American television.Secretary of State Clinton is sending a joint message to Pyongyang and Tehran: give up your quest(追求,寻找) for nuclear weapons and return to negotiations.克林顿国务卿同时向平壤和德黑兰发出了信息,即放弃你们发展核武器的野心,返回谈判中来。Clinton - just back from talks in Asia - told N television's Meet the Press that North Korea is more isolated than ever before. She said the North Korean government must realize that the world is united, and there will be no reward for bad behavior.克林顿刚从亚洲回国,她对全国广播 公司的《面对媒体》电视节目说,北韩比过去任何时候都更为孤立。她说,北韩政府必须意识到,全世界是团结一致的,不端行为是没有任何好处的。"We still want North Korea to come back to the negotiating table, to be part of an international effort that will lead to denuclearization," said Hillary Clinton.克林顿说:“我们仍然希望北韩返回谈判桌来,成为全球无核化努力的成员。”She pointed to strong cooperation among the countries heavily involved in the North Korean issue. She made specific mention of China - which has hosted talks in Beijing. She said the Chinese have been extremely positive and productive.她指出,致力于北韩问题的国家齐心协力。她特别提到在北京主办会谈的中国。她说,中国方面的态度非常积极,并富有成效。"We have been extremely gratified by their forward-leaning commitment to sanctions(制裁), and their private messages that they have conveyed(传递,传达) to the North Koreans," she said.克林顿说:“我们一直非常感激他们对制裁行动抱有的正面倾向,以及他们私下向北韩传达的信息。”The secretary of state was then asked about the outlook(前景,展望) for a dialogue with Iran on its nuclear program.然后记者问这位国务卿如何展望与伊朗就核项目开展对话的前景。She said she saw no conflict of interest in seeking to negotiate with Iran's leaders despite the controversy(冲突,争端) that continues to surround the recent presidential election in that country.她说,她认为与伊朗领导人谈判并不存在利益冲突问题,尽管最近伊朗的总统选举所掀起的风波仍未平息。"You can go back in history - and not very long back - where we have negotiated with many governments who we did not believe represented the will of their people," said Hillary Clinton. "Look at all the negotiations that went on with the Soviet Union, look at the break-through in subsequent negotiations with communist China."Last week, Clinton talked in vague(含糊不清的,模棱两可的) terms about the creation of a nuclear umbrella to protect Mideast allies against a possible Iranian nuclear attack.上星期,克林顿曾隐约谈起为中东盟友设立核保护伞,以防备伊朗可能发动的核袭击。She refused to go into specifics(细节,详情) on Meet the Press. And she stressed that she did not mean to imply that a nuclear armed Iran is inevitable.她拒绝在《面对媒体》电视节目上谈论有关细节。她强调她讲的话并非指伊朗核武装是不可避免的。She said Iran's leaders must understand that the ed States will never let them develop nuclear weapons.她说,伊朗领导人必须明白,美国决不会让他们发展核武器。"First, we are going to do everything we can to prevent you from ever getting a nuclear weapon," she said. "But your pursuit is futile(徒劳无益的)!"克林顿说:“首先,我们将竭尽全力阻止你们获得核武器。而你们的核野心是徒劳无益的。”At the same time, Clinton urged Israel to give U.S. policy on Iran more time to work. Israel is seen as a primary target of Iran's nuclear-weapons program, and there are fears the Israelis might launch a pre-emptive strike.与此同时,克林顿敦促以色列耐心等待美国政策产生效力。以色列被认作是伊朗核武器项目的主要目标,而且人们担忧以色列可能会先发制人,对伊朗发动袭击。"The ed States believes that Israel has a right to security," she said. "We believe, however, that this approach we are taking holds out the promise of realizing our common objectives."克林顿说:“美国认为以色列有保障安全的权利。但是我们同时相信我们正在采取的方式有希望达到我们的共同目的。”Clinton noted top U.S. officials will be meeting with Israeli leaders in the coming days, and will listen to their concerns.克林顿指出,几天后美国高级官员将和以色列领导人会面,听取他们所关注的问题。07/79184

  McCain, Obama Square Off in Season's Last Debate奥巴马、麦凯恩选前最后电视辩论  The third and final American presidential debate produced heated discussion of the slumping U.S. economy and some testy exchanges about the conduct of the candidates' two campaigns. 第三次也是最后一次美国总统候选人辩论会星期三晚上举行。两位侯选人围绕下滑的美国经济进行了激烈的交锋,双方还就对方的竞选方式相互指责。In their last joint appearance before the November 4 election, senators McCain and Obama clashed on how best to revive the U.S. economy and spare Americans from pain and dislocation stemming from the continuing financial crisis.  这是11月4号美国总统大选日前两位总统候选人最后一次同台亮相。麦凯恩和奥巴马两位参议员在如何能够最好地恢复美国经济,如何化解美国持续的金融危机给美国民众造成的痛楚和烦扰的话题上进行了交锋。McCain took a strong stand against any new federal taxes and said Obama's plan to raise taxes for high-income earners would harm small businesses and ordinary Americans.  麦凯恩强烈反对提高联邦税,并说奥巴马增加高收入人群税收的计划将损害小型企业和普通美国人。"Why would you want to increase anybody's taxes right now? Why would you want to do that [to] anyone, anyone in America, when we have such a tough time, when these small business people, like Joe the plumber, are going to create jobs, unless you take that money from him and sp the wealth around,” said John McCain. 他说:“为什么你现在要提高税收,为什么你要对纳税人这样做?不管是什么样的美国人,眼下都处在非常艰难的时期。小生意人,比如普通管道工,能够创造就业机会。你这样做无非是要从他那里把钱拿来让大家分享。” Obama stressed he wants to cut taxes for middle-income Americans and said McCain represents a continuation of President Bush's economic policies.  奥巴马强调他是为美国中产阶级减税,并说麦凯恩代表的是布什政府经济政策的延续。"On the core economic issues that matter to the American people - on tax policy, on energy, on spending priorities - you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush,” said Barack Obama. “Essentially what you are proposing is eight more years of the same thing, and it hasn't worked, and I think the American people understand it hasn't worked and we need to move in a new direction."  他说:“在和美国人民息息相关的关键的经济议题上,不论是税收、能源、政府出的轻重缓急等问题上,你都是布什总统积极的持者。本质上你所提倡的是再实行八年同样的政策,这种行不通的政策,我认为美国民众了解那一套行不通,我们需要转向一个新方向。”Unlike previous debate encounters where McCain and Obama spoke from podiums or took turns standing in front of a town hall audience, this debate had the two men seated close to each other at a single table. The proximity was intended to foster direct, spontaneous exchanges between the candidates, and to make it harder for either to give a series of pre-rehearsed mini-speeches.  和前两次辩论不同,麦凯恩和奥巴马不是各自站在讲台上或者在市政厅里满满的听众前轮流发言,这次辩论,两人坐在同一张桌子旁边,彼此很近,这样的安排是有意促成辩论双方直接和自发的交锋,以及难以让任何一方发表一连串事先准备好的短篇演讲。The formula seemed to have worked.  这个安排似乎产生了效果。McCain, who repeatedly went on the offensive to challenge Obama's positions and statements, pressed his rival on his connection to a 1960's radical, William Ayers. He also mentioned Obama's ties to a civic organization, Acorn, that has been accused of voter registration fraud.  麦凯恩多次直接挑战了奥巴马的立场和说法,迫使对手解释1960年代他和一个激进分子威廉姆斯·艾尔斯的关系。他还提到奥巴马和公民组织“现在就进行社区改革组织协会”的关连,这个组织受到了在选民登记中作弊的指控。"Mr. Ayers - I do not care about an old, washed-up terrorist, but as Senator [Hillary] Clinton said in her debates with you, we need to know the full extent of that relationship,” he said. “We need to know the full extent of Senator Obama's relationship with Acorn, which is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating the greatest fraud in voter history."  他说:“艾尔斯先生这个过时的、彻底失败的恐怖主义份子不是我要关注的,但是克林顿参议员在和你辩论时所提到了这个问题, 我们需要全面了解这种关系程度,我们需要全面了解奥巴马参议员和‘现在就进行社区改革组织协会’的关系,这个组织可能已经到了选举史上犯有最严重舞弊行为的边缘。”Obama, who seemed determined to project calm and an even temper, took the opportunity to speak on the Ayers matter, which has been the focus of much media attention in recent days.  奥巴马看上去似乎决意保持冷静与平和的语气,利用这个机会解释了艾尔斯的问题,这个问题是近日众多媒体关注的焦点。"Forty years ago, when I was eight years old, he [Ayers] engaged in despicable acts with a radical domestic group,” he said. “I have roundly condemned those acts. Ten years ago, he served and I served on a school reform board that was funded by one of Ronald Reagan's former ambassadors and close friends. Mr. Ayers is not involved in my campaign."  他说:“四十年前,我还在8岁的时候,艾尔斯就跟一个激进的国内组织参与了卑鄙的行动。我曾强烈地谴责了这种行为。十年前,他和我都参加了一个学校的改革理事会,这个理事会是由前总统里根的一位大使和密友的基金资助的。艾尔斯没有参与我的任何竞选活动。”The wide-ranging debate also explored health care reform, trade policy, the negative tone of political advertising, judicial nominations, abortion and education. 这次议题广泛的辩论还涉及到医疗保健的改革,贸易政策,政治广告的负面基调,司法人士提名,堕胎以及教育等问题。During the debate, both campaigns issued statements rebutting their opponent's arguments. Both campaigns claimed victory moments after the event ended. Post-debate polls will explore the American public's verdict on the debate, in coming days. 在辩论中,双方竞选团队都发表声明中指责对手的论点。辩论结束后,双方都声称取得胜利。而几天以后的民调结果将显示美国公众对辩论会的看法。200810/53102。


  France Wants Happiness Included in Progress Measures法国提议把幸福指数纳入经济指标As countries begin emerging from the global financial crisis, France is proposing to measure progress in a new way - one that includes happiness and well being, as well as traditional economic benchmarks.随着各国逐步走出全球金融危机,法国提出了一个衡量经济进步状况的新方式--除了传统的经济标准之外,也把人们的幸福和福祉纳入经济指标。By standard measures, the world has certainly been going through some tough times. But do these indicators capture all facets of progress? According to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the answer is 'no.'按照传统的衡量经济状况的方式,世界确实渡过了一些艰难的时日。可是这些经济指标是否反映了经济进步的所有层面呢?根据法国总统萨科齐,是否定的。Mr. Sarkozy announced France will begin including less tangible indicators, like happiness and well being, into its measurements of economic progress.萨科齐总统宣布,在衡量经济进步时,法国将开始使用一些不太具体的指标,比如幸福和福祉。The French President said the current crisis does not just give the international community the freedom to imagine another economic model, it obliges the world to do so. We do not have the choice, he said.这位法国总统说:“目前的经济危机不仅给了国际社会设想另一个经济模式的自由,而且也给了世界这样做的责任。我们没有选择。”Mr. Sarkozy's remarks coincided with the publication of a new report by two Nobel economists, Joseph Stiglitz and Armatya Sen, that looks at non-traditional ways at measuring social progress. The report was commissioned by the French government.就在萨科齐总统说这番话的同时,两位诺贝尔经济学奖得主,约瑟夫.斯蒂格利茨(Joseph Stiglitz)和阿玛蒂亚.森(Amartya Sen)发表了一份新的报告,对衡量社会进步的传统方式进行评估。这份报告是受法国政府的委托而编撰的。The report recommends shifting the ways policymakers look at progress from what economists call gross domestic product, or GDP, which is a general measure of goods and services produced in a country. The new indicators also would include non-material 'wealth', like access to education and health care.报告建议,政策制定者根据国内生产总值来衡量经济进步的方式需要改变,因为国内生产总值GDP所衡量的只是一个国家制造的产品和务。新的指标还要包括非物质性财富,比如接受教育和医疗的程度。France is not the first country to look at the non-material aspects of progress. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan emphasizes a concept it calls 'gross national happiness,' rather than GDP. Bhutan's main research center collects a wide variety of data to measure this, including things like psychological well being, good governance, ecological diversity and living standards.法国并不是头一个检测经济进步非物质层面的国家。喜马拉雅山王国不丹就提出了一个“国民幸福总值”的概念,来取代国内生产总值。不丹主要的研究中心还收集了大量各种各样的数据来衡量国民幸福总值GNH,其中包括心理上的良好感觉、良好的管理、生态多样性和生活水准。In France, Mr. Sarkozy says focusing too much on gross domestic product as the main measure of prosperity contributed to the financial crisis. He wants other countries to follow France's example in looking at less materialistic indicators of progress.在法国,萨科齐总统说,把注意力过多地集中在国内生产总值上,并且以GDP作为衡量经济繁荣的主要尺度,对于金融危机起到了推波助澜的作用。他希望其他国家都能像法国一样,开始关注那些物质性较少的经济指标。09/84876

  IT WAS always going to be a hard act to follow. On October 4th Apple staged a press conference to launch its latest iPhone and other gadgets. Tim Cook, the computing giant’s new chief executive, and his colleagues did a perfectly competent job of presenting its latest wares. But it was inevitable that comparisons would be drawn between Mr Cook’s understated approach on stage and that of Steve Jobs, his predecessor, whose sense of showmanship had turned so many Apple product launches into quasi-religious experiences. The news the following day that Mr Jobs had finally died following a long battle with cancer turned the feeling of disappointment into one of deep sadness.大师的后继者注定要相形见绌。10月4日,苹果举办媒体发布会,推出其最新版的iPhone及其他设备。这家计算机巨头的新首席执行官提姆·库克(Tim Cook)联同他的同事们非常称职地完成了最新产品的发布。然而,人们难免要将库克先生在台上低调的表述方式与其前任史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)所具有的将众多苹果产品发布会变幻成为近乎宗教仪式的强大展现力进行比较。而次日关于乔布斯先生在与癌症长期抗争之后去世的消息则将失望的情绪演化成为一抹深深的哀伤。Many technologists have been hailed as visionaries. If anyone deserves that title it was Mr Jobs. Back in the 1970s, the notion that computers might soon become ubiquitous seemed fanciful. In those days of green-on-black displays, when floppy discs were still floppy, he was among the first to appreciate the potential that lay in the idea of selling computers to ordinary people. More recently, under his guidance,Apple went from being a company on the brink of bankruptcy to a firm that has reshaped entire industries and brought rivals to their knees. Rarely incorporate history has a transformation been so swift. Along the way Mr Jobs also co-founded Pixar, an animation company, and became Disney’s biggest shareholder.很多科技人员都被称作具有远见卓识。如果说有谁是当之无愧的,那就是乔布斯。回首20世纪70年代,那时候计算机很快会走入千家万户的信念看似是一个空想。当电脑显示还处在黑底绿字的时候,当软盘还是软塌塌的时候,他就已站在深信要将计算机卖到寻常百姓家的先驱者行列中。若干年后,在他的引领下,苹果从一个处于破产边缘的公司一跃成为重塑整个行业、让竞争者臣的黑马。在公司发展史上,能够实现如此迅速的转变实属罕见。其间,他还与别人共同创建了皮克斯动画公司,并成为迪士尼的第一大股东。Few corporate leaders in modern times have been as dominant—or, at times, as dictatorial—as Mr Jobs. His success was the result of his unusual combination of technical smarts,strategic vision, flair for design and sheer force of character. But it was also because in an industry dominated by engineers and marketing people who often seem to come from different planets, he had a different and much broader perspective. Mr Jobs had an unusual knack for looking at technology from the outside, as a user, not just from the inside, as an engineer—something he attributed to the experiences of his wayward youth. 现代的公司领导者鲜有像乔布斯一样主宰市场,甚至在某些时刻成为市场的独裁者的。他的成就源于他在技术才能、战略远见、设计天赋以及纯粹的性格力量方面的非凡结合。此外还应归因于在这个由工程师和市场销售这两个鸡同鸭讲的人群主导的产业中,他所具有的与众不同的更为广阔的视角。乔布斯具有站在消费者的角度,从外部观察科技的独特能力,而不仅仅是像工程师一样将研究囿于科技内部。他将这一特点归因于多舛的年少经历。An adopted child, Mr Jobs caught the computing bug while growing up in Silicon Valley. As a teenager in the late 1960s he cold-called his idol, Bill Hewlett, and talked his way into a summer job at Hewlett-Packard (HP), where he met Steve Wozniak (pictured above with Mr Jobs). But it was only after dropping out of college, travelling to India, becoming a Buddhist and experimenting with psychedelic drugs that Mr Jobs returned to California to co-found Apple with Mr Wozniak, in his parents’ garage, on April Fools’ Day 1976. “A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences,” he once said. “So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions.”His great rival, Bill Gates, he suggested, would be “a broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger.”乔布斯是个被收养的孩子,他成长在硅谷。其间,他找到了计算机程序错误。20世纪60年代末,少年乔布斯主动打电话给并不认识他的偶像比尔·休利特,并且说他提供了一个惠普的暑期职位。在惠普,他遇到了Steve Wozniak(上图与乔布斯合影者)。但是与Wozniak共同创建苹果公司是乔布斯在经历了从大学辍学、去印度旅行、成为佛教徒,试过致幻药物之后,重返加州时才着手去做的。他们在1976年愚人节那一天在乔布斯父母的车库里创建了苹果。乔布斯曾说过:“在我们这个产业里,很多人不具有丰富的阅历。这导致他们缺少丰富的思考角度,最终只能得出线性结论。”对于他强大的竞争对手比尔·盖茨,他曾暗示道,“假如他能有一次不那么刻薄,或者在他年轻些的时候去静修”,他会成为“一个更为豁达的人”。201110/156686

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