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点击此处下载音频大家好,笨小孩广播学口语准时与大家相约,Andy 送上最诚挚的问候, good day, everyone !今天我们来学习的两个俚语是My ears are burning和Yoursquo;d better mend your ways.(过渡音乐)我们先来看第一句俚语My ears are burning .Ear是;耳朵;的意思,burn是;发热;,somebodyrsquo;s ears are burning,摸;某人的 耳朵发烧;。当我们耳朵发热时,一般都会认为有人在议论自己,而这句话也指怀疑遭人 议论,尤指说坏话。苏珊是年级里出了名的;艳女生;,她长得不好看,但总是浓妆艳抹,常去舞会的那些男生没有不认识她的。这天,女生们在班里讨论起她来,一个男生插嘴说:;All this gossip is about her. Her ears must be burning!(这些闲话都是关于她的,她耳朵一定发烧了!);说来也巧了,苏珊正在和一个男友看电影,突然觉得耳朵发烫,她不高兴地说:;My ears are burning . There must be someone talking about me.(我耳朵在发烧,一定有人在谈论我。); 如果有哪位女生叫苏珊,那可得罪了,本故事如有雷同,纯属巧合,可别让Andy的耳朵发烧啊。(过渡音乐)下面我们来看第二句话Yoursquo;d better mend your ways. Mend是;修改;的意思,mend onersquo;s ways,修改某人的方式,说清楚一点也就是;培养良好的习惯,改进生活方式;。 Yoursquo;d better mend your ways,就是;你最好改进你的生活方式;。 下面我们来看一 下例句:阿义是学校里出了名的小混混,老师因此找了很多次家长。他爸爸实在气得不行了,就对 他说:;If you donrsquo;t mend your ways soon, wersquo;ll send you to boarding school.(如果你不马上改正错误,我们就把你送进寄宿学校。);可阿义一点儿也不害怕,依然我行我素,横行霸道,his father said to his mother that, ;He doesnrsquo;t seem to mend his way. ;(看不出他有改进的迹象。); 其实,培养良好的习惯可以使一个人终生受益,如果有不好的生活方式,还是改进一下吧 。(过渡音乐)在今天的节目里,我们学了两句俚语My ears are burning. 和Yoursquo;d better mend your ways. 大家都会用了吗? 我是笨小孩英语的Andy老师,下次再见! /200605/7292。

  • Not only that, were continuing to plant one or two species and weed out the aspens and birches.不仅如此,我们还在继续种植着那一两种单一的树木,还继续着把山杨和桦树清除出去。These simplified forests lack complexity,这种单一的树木种类使森林缺少了多样性,and theyre really vulnerable to infections and bugs.这让它们在传染病和虫害面前根本不堪一击。And as climate changes, this is creating a perfect storm随着气候变化,这也将会为一些极端事件for extreme events, like the massive mountain pine beetle outbreak that just swept across North America,带来一场疯狂的风暴,比如刚刚席卷整个北美洲的山松甲虫大爆发,or that megafire in the last couple months in Alberta.还有过去几个月在阿尔伯塔的森林大火。So I want to come back to my final question:所以现在我想提我的最后一个问题:instead of weakening our forests, how can we reinforce them and help them deal with climate change?与破坏我们的森林相反,我们怎么才能让它们变得更强大,怎么才能帮助它们应对气候变化呢?Well, you know, the great thing about forests as complex systems is they have enormous capacity to self-heal.其实你们知道吗,森林作为一个复杂的系统,最好的一点就是它们拥有相当强大的自愈能力。In our recent experiments, we found with patch-cutting and retention of hub trees在我们最近几个实验中,我们发现小规模的砍伐,把中心树保护好,and regeneration to a diversity of species and genes and genotypes物种多样性、基因和基因型多样性的再生,that these mycorrhizal networks, they recover really rapidly.加上这些真菌网络的存在,会使森林的恢复速度变得无比迅速。So with this in mind, I want to leave you with four simple solutions.所以出于这种考虑,我想提出四个简单的解决方法。And we cant kid ourselves that these are too complicated to act on.而且我们一定不能自欺欺人,因为这些做起来其实也挺复杂的。201612/481680。
  • 010 renting an apartment beginner a: what kind of place shall we rent? b:it should be close to the universtity. neither of us are good at getting up in the morinings and closer it is, the later we can get up. a:asolutely. that's the most important thing to take into consideration. i'm not too worried about the size of the flat. b: neither am i. so a small place is ok, but we'll get a bigger one if it's not expensive. do you mind if it's in a noisy area. a:i don't mind. i'm not a light sleeper, but quieter is better for when we have to study at home. b: good point. ok, let's go to the estate agent and see what they can offer us. a: yes, if we're lucky we'll find something in the next few days. i think you had a good idea to start flat hunting early. b: how much do you think the rent will be? a: i asked a few people who are aly living in places near the university and they said it would cost about one hundred pounds a month. intermediate a: we'd like to rent a flat near the university. b: are you looking for somewhere for two people? a: yes, we are. obviously, we'd like something as cheap as possible. we've heard that there are places for 80 to 100 pounds a month. b: yes ,there are several place availabe in that price range near the uviversity. do you have any other requirements? a: net really, no. we'd preferably like to live in a quiet street. b: how many rooms do you need in the flat? a: we'll need two bedrooms. the kitchen and dining room can be seperate or combined. b: ok. i've got a list of place that fit your requirements. let's just go through them. the first on the list costs 80 pounds a month, but it's on a noisy street and it's a little far from the universtiy. a: how far away is it from the campus? b: it's about two miles away. that might be a little far to walk. here's one that's about half a mile from the campus. the cost is 100 pounds a month and it's on a small street, just off a main street. a: that sounds ideal. can we go to have a look at it? we'd like to see it before making a final decision. b: of course. i'm not very busy at the monment. if you can wait for about 15 or 20 minutes. i can take you there. a: thank you. that would be great. words furnished unfurnished contract rent deposit amendment landlord landlady agency lease monthly renew requirement preferences phrases pay rent amend a contract renew a lease sign a contract look at a place discuss a contract pay a deposit renew a lease pay monthly /200704/12816。
  • 英语日常口语 24:The Stockroom本单元是关于库房工作的对话Manager: Morning Tim, you look very well turned out today. Tim: Thank you. It's a new suit for the New Year. I like to look smart for the customers.Manager: Yes. Erm, I need to talk to you about something. I'd like you to work in the stockroom.Tim: The stockroom! But... Manager: I know, I know. But don't forget the jewellery department will need an assistant manager soon.Tim: I don't understand.Manager: Well, if you do this for me, I'll make sure you get an interview for the position.Tim: Right, so if I work in the stockroom...Manager: You'll have a chance of promotion. No guarantees of course.Tim: Hmm...can I think about it?Vocabulary:to look smart or to be well turned out: to wear good clothes and to have tidy haira stockroom (n): the place where a shop keeps the products that are not on displayno guarantees: no definite promises, nothing is certain本单元的语言点是真实条件句,在英语中通常称 first conditional ,请看下面的真实条件句The first conditionalA conditional is used to talk about a possible or imaginary situation (the condition) and the consequences(or the result) of it.The first conditional – meaningWe use the first conditional to talk about something that will happen (the result), if a particular condition (which is likely to happen) is met. Because the manager is asking Tim to work in the stockroom, it's likely that Tim will do it and that's why we use the first conditional here. In order to get an interview, Tim has to work in the stockroom. If you do this for me, you'll have a chance of promotion. If Tim works in the stock room, he will get an interview. If Tim doesn't work in the stock room, he won't get an interview. So, the meaning is that if the condition is met (and it's more than 50% likely to happen) then the result will happen.The first conditional – formThe first conditional is made up of the condition (the 'if' part of the sentence) and the consequence or the result. If + present simple, will + base verbIf Tim works in the stockroom, he will get an interview.If you do this for me, you'll have a chance of promotion. The first conditional – Modal verbs will, may and might: When we use will in the result clause of the first conditional, we are certain that something will happen. It is definite. But we can use may or might instead of will. This means that the consequence is not certain. It is possible, but not definite.I'm not feeling very well. If it rains tomorrow, I?bgt;ll stay at home. I'm feeling fine and I've got a car. If it rains tomorrow, I might stay at home, or I may go shopping. I'll decide tomorrow.Note: In the first conditional, there is no difference in meaning between may and might. The first conditional – If and if not : In conditional sentences, you don't always use 'if' or 'if not'. You can use 'provided that' or 'so long as' instead of 'if'. For example:If you put down the gun, I won't call the police. So long as you put down the gun, I won't call the police. Provided thatyou put down the gun I won't call the police. (Provided that is more formal than if. )You can use 'unless' instead of 'if not'. For example:If you don't put the gun down, I'll call the police. Unless you put the gun down, I'll call the police. /200707/15998。
  • Hello, Im Buddy Carter, and I represent the first district of Georgia. This week, I held seven town-hall meetings with people from all over our district. We talked about a lot of different issues. But the one thing I heard over and over again was this: People are frustrated. Theyre working as hard as ever to pay the bills and put food on the table. But theyre just not getting anywhere. Their problems are growing. But their paychecks arent. And at this point, theyve come to see Washington as the place where bad ideas go to take root and where good ideas go to die. Thats why House Republicans are taking action. Earlier this year, we decided we had to go from being an opposition party to a proposition party. If we didnt like the direction the country was going in, then it was up to us to offer an alternative. Well, now, we have offered that alternative. And were calling it a Better Way. Its our six-part plan to get the country back on track. In it, we tackle some of the biggest issues of the day: poverty, national security, the economy, the Constitution, health care, and tax reform. What I like best about our plan is that it isnt some top-down, Washington-imposed mandate. Instead, we took a bottom-up, organic approach. This is a plan we developed with input we got from all of our members and our constituents over many months. We put out the call for the best thinking out there, and these are the ideas that rose to the occasion. I want to tell you about one issue in particular: health care. Ive been a pharmacist for many years now. In fact, Im speaking to you from a hospital in my district. So this issue is especially important to me. And the health care law we have right now is a mess. It is destroying the health care system I worked in for more than 30 years – the best health care system in the world. This law makes some people pay less by making other people pay more. It tries to give more choices to some people by taking them away from others. And lost in the constant back-and-forth between insurers and Washington bureaucrats is the most important person: the patient. So our plan would repeal and replace Obamacare. We would clear out all the red tape and mandates that are taking away your choices, and let you pick a plan that works for you. Our plan would also help accelerate the development of life-saving devices and therapies. For instance, this week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. These doctors are developing the very treatments we need to beat cancer and to save lives. And now what we need to do is to tear down barriers so that the innovative research being done at places like Anderson can go to the people who need it. These are the kind of ideas we need to get America back on track. And this is how we can make real change in Washington: by listening to the people who sent us there. If you want to learn more about our plan, go to our website: better.gop. Thank you very much.201608/460766。
  • 【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Ha,ha !That’s right ,fool!2. Now I’m a flying talking donkey!3.You might have seen a housefly , maybe even a superfly,but I bet you aren’t never seen a donkey fly. /200605/7346。
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