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A huge plant-eating dinosaur takes on a massive carnivore in an ugly pitched battle for survival.一只巨大的植食恐龙遇到了一只大型食肉恐龙,它们将在这个险恶的地方为生存而战This idea of the two biggest creatures on the planet locked in mortal combat把这两种地球上最大的动物放在一起殊死搏斗has proved irresistible to science fiction writers and movie makers.对于科幻小说家和电影人来说,都是极具诱惑力的题材But for the scientists who study dinosaurs, this was pure fantasy.但是对于研究恐龙的科学家来说,这纯属虚构They knew that this clash of titans could never have happened in real life.他们知道这种巨型恐龙之间的较量在现实中绝不可能发生Thats because in real life这是因为在现实中the giant long-necked herbivores never lived alongside the mega-carnivores,巨型植食蜥脚类恐龙从未与大型食肉恐龙生活在一起huge dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of the meat-eaters.例如食肉动物之王--霸王龙这样的巨型恐龙The two giants never walked the Earth at the same time in the same place.这两种地球上的巨型恐龙并非出现在同一时代、同一地点Creatures like these could never have met. Or so the scientists thought.这些动物永远不可能相遇。科学家们就是这么认为的Plaza Huincul, a small Argentinian town in rural Patagonia, is famous for two things: oil and dinosaurs.普拉萨乌因库尔,阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚地区的一个乡村小镇,因为两样东西闻名于世:石油和恐龙201611/477578Over the past decade在过去十年间pet food has become more nutritional and more common.宠物食品变得更有营养及更为普遍So perhaps what we are witnessing here也许我们在这里发现的是is cats changing their behaviour在我们改变猫的生活环境的同时as we change their environment.猫也改变着他们的行为But theres another part of the cats secret life,然而猫还有另一种秘密生活where theyve adapted to being more like our pets,就是如何更加适应成为一只宠物and its to do with how they communicate with us.这与猫如何跟我们交流有关- This cat meows a lot. - They both purr.-这只猫常常叫 -他们都喜欢咕噜叫If hes got no-one to play with and hes just on his own,如果没有人跟他玩 他独自一猫时hell walk around - meow, meow, meow, meow他会走来走去 喵 喵 喵 喵until someone comes.直到有人来陪他Sometimes, I can hardly hear it.有时候我几乎听不见And sometimes its...而有时候又是.....This sort of thing. He does have various purrs, yes.类似这样的声音 他的叫声是不一样的We may think cats are our pets,我们也许认为猫是宠物but many owners are left with the uncomfortable feeling但许多主人有时候有种不太舒的感觉that the cats are really calling the shots.其实猫才是说了算的重点解释:1.part of 一部分例句:The last part of the ascent is very steep.最后一段上坡路很陡。2.be adapted to 适合于例句:These styles can be adapted to suit individual tastes.这些式样均可改动以适应个人不同的爱好。3.walk around 无目地行走例句:We walked around the beach barefoot.我们赤着脚在海滩上走来走去。201609/464413原味人文风情:Buongiorno! And welcome to Rome.大家好(意大利文)!欢迎来到罗马。This is one of the most lively capital cities in all of Europe, and its full of food and culture and some serious ancient history.这是全欧洲最生气蓬勃的首都之一,充满美食与文化,以及一些重要的古代历史。And there is a lot to see and do here, so we gotta head out now.罗马这里有很多好看好玩的,所以我们现在得出发了。Rome is such a unique city. On every single block, there are ruins. This is the Pantheon. I mean, Ive seen pictures of it, but the pictures just dont even do it justice. Its so impressive to see these modern buildings mixed with ancient ruins right next to each other.罗马是如此独特的城市。每一个街区都有遗迹。这是万神殿。我是说,我看过万神殿的照片,但照片根本表现不出它的美。看见这些现代建筑和旁边的古代遗址互相交错真是让人难忘。Wow! This is amazing. You really get to see how big and majestic Rome is from this spot—definitely the best view Ive seen in the city.哇!这真是太惊人了。从这个点你真的可以看到罗马有多宏伟壮观--绝对是我在这城市看到最棒的景色。Oh my God, I wish you could see this. In the distance you see only St. Peters Basilica in, like, the same shape. Its gorgeous.天啊,真希望你看得到这个。这样远远看圣彼德大教堂的形状正好一样。太美了。Wow...look at this. I am now inside of the St. Peters Basilica, and this place is gigantic. Behind me is the entrance to the Sistine Chapel, and this is where Michelangelos painting, the famous painting, touching the fingers... And it is one of the most majestic things Ive ever seen in my life.哇...看看这个。我现在在圣彼得大教堂里,这地方好大。在我身后是进到西斯汀礼拜堂的入口,这就是米开朗基罗画作所在的地方,那幅有名的画,碰手指的... 这是我这辈子见过最壮观的事物之一。Were headed to the Spanish Steps, which is where Romans and tourists hang out. Its the best place in Rome to enjoy a gelato. Im very excited. Strawberry and chocolate—it couldnt be better than this.我们要前往西班牙阶梯,罗马人和游客都在那打发时间。这是在罗马最适合来义式冰淇淋的好地方。我好兴奋。草莓和巧克力--没什么比这更棒了。Grazie. Death by chocolate—right here. Wow, its the Colosseum! Check it out! Inside the Colosseum...Id say its actually even better than the outside. Im told that about 50 to 80 thousand people were in this stadium, all cheering on their favorite gladiator. And the floor was made out of sand, and the sand was used to absorb the blood.感谢。多到满出来的巧克力--就在这。哇,是罗马竞技场!快看!罗马竞技场里面...我会说里面其实甚至比外观精。有人告诉我以前有大约五到八万人在这竞技场里,全都在为他们喜爱的角斗士加油着。地面由沙构成,而沙是用来吸收鲜血的。The food in Italy, of course, is some of the best youll ever have. This right here is the Rolls Royce of meat. Delicious.意大利食物,毫无疑问,是你一辈子会吃到最美味的一些食物。这边这是肉界的劳斯莱斯。美味。Youve ever heard of Ben-Hur Right here. Three hundred thousand people would come here 27 centuries ago and watch chariot races.你听过宾汉吗?就在这。二十七个世纪以前,有三十万人会到这来看双轮战车比赛。Grabbing my chariot, also known as the Segway.来拿我的双轮战车囉,也叫作「赛格威」。Baby, here we go! Green lights! This is the life right here—seeing Rome on the back of a Vespa.出发囉,宝贝!绿灯行!这就是罗马生活--坐在伟士牌后座看罗马。You cant go to Rome without seeing the Vatican, and there it is.来到罗马一定要看梵谛冈,就在这。Its crazy to think that theres a country right here. Now Im in Italy; now Im in Vatican City.想到这里就有个国家真是疯狂。现在我在意大利;现在我在梵谛冈。Roma, grazie! This was an incredible experience. Its definitely one of the best cities on the planet.罗马,谢谢!这是个不可思议的体验。绝对是全世界最棒的城市之一。Its been amazing, and I absolutely love the food here, as well as the Trevi Fountain.一切都很美妙,我爱死这边的食物了,还有特雷维喷泉。For sure.真的。And this thing right behind me, the Colosseum, is definitely my favorite. Ciao!我后面这个,罗马竞技场,无疑是我的最爱。再会啦!201612/485627

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201612/481027

Fifty Shades of Grey How many of you saw this movie this week?《五十度灰》 你们这个星期有多少人看了这个电影啊?Set a record at the box office - earned 94 million dollars创造了9400万美元的票房记录。which is the biggest opening ever for the month of February并且是在二月份里首映票房最多的电影。I wonder how many people went to see that movie alone. Because I... the thing about it...我想知道有多少人是打光棍去看的这个电影。因为我在想......I cannot imagine any sentence more depressing than 1 ticket for Fifty Shades please.我完全无法想象出比;请给我一张五十度灰门票;还要惨的话。But they expected they perjected it would make around 60 million dollars可是他们原本的预期是在6000万美元左右。It went way over that and Ill tell you something不过他们远远超过了预期 而且我告诉你If these people who lined up to see this movie ever find out about Internet porn如果曾在网上找过小的人 在线观看了这部电影的话Theyre gonna go nuts. You know weve been hearing a lot about this Fifty Shades of Grey.他们会美滋滋的 我们已经听说了很多关于五十度灰的事情The books, the movies lately. Its a phenomenon. Theres no two ways about it.书籍,电影.这是现象级的So I thought it might be a good subject for tonights pedestrian question所以我认为这是在今晚平淡问题当中的一道好菜。We went out onto Hollywood Boulevard and we asked people a simple question. We asked Are you kinky? Ok?我们去到了好莱坞大道进行采访 并且问了他们一些简单的问题 ;你有性怪癖吗?;So heres how this works. Were gonna see somebody introduce himself of herself所以拭目以待吧。我们来看看他们回答的And then together as a group. We will try to guess if that person is kinky or says they are, alright?我们一起组个小组 我们试着来猜猜这些人的,好伐?Ok? Lets begin. James from Riverside. Katelin from Riverside. Are you guys kinky?走你!来自河滨市的詹姆斯.来自河滨市的卡特琳 你们俩有性怪癖吗?Ok that was James and Katelin from Riverside Ok almost everyone says yes they are No.好吧,这是来自河滨市的詹姆斯和卡特琳 好吧,几乎所有人都说是的!不是No. Not really. Why not? Just not into that kind of stuff Not really不,俺可不是。为什么?我只是不喜欢这种调调。我也不喜欢Wait. Define kinky. Just into weird fvcking. No. No等等,解释下kinky就是那种很奇怪的啪啪啪 不不不不 并没有The weirdest thing he does is this Ok so you have it. Alright. Whos next?最奇怪的东西就是 好啦,看了一个,谁是下一个呢?Julius from Arkansas. Hot Springs, Arkansas. Are you kinky? Is Julius...来自阿肯色州的朱利叶斯.“泉国家公园” 阿肯色州的著名景点。你有性怪癖吗?朱利叶斯.....Everyone says Julius is kinky. Lets see. What? Are you kinky? Yeah I like doing some freaky stuff.每个人都说他有性怪癖,拭目以待。啥?你有性怪癖吗?有啊,我喜欢做些怪怪的事。Next up is Miranda Rawson. And Im from Montana. Are you kinky?下一个是....我是来自蒙大拿的米兰达罗森 你有性怪癖吗?Alright how do we feel about Miranda from Montana? Well everyone says no好吧,我们感觉米兰达罗森有性怪癖吗?好吧,每个人都觉得没有Except for one woman whos nodding very... Well, lets see Yeah除了一位点头的女士。好吧,我们来看看。有!Whats the kinkiest thing youve ever done? Uh I had...你做过最怪的啪啪啪是什么?额,我曾经Those are my parents I had sex on uh.. Its a Small World After All我父母在这....我曾经在,额....就是一个迪士尼小世界啪啪啪。Ah.. thier baby girl really grew up I would have liked to have seen the parents reaction to that one. Next.啊....他们的宝贝女儿真的长大了。我是真的想看看他父母的反应,下一位!My name is Uzzi from L.A. Are you kinky? Is Uzzi kinky? Yes? Ok.我叫祖滋,来自洛杉矶。你有性怪癖吗?他有吗?是的?好吧。Am I what? Kinky Not really Why not? I dont know Why are you holding cereal? Im hungry我啥?性怪癖 不会的 为啥 我也不知道 你为什么拿着燕麦?我饿了.Im eating it Hes not kinky. Hes munchies thats what he is.我正在吃 他没有性怪癖,他就是一饿货,仅此而已。I believe we have another Lorren, Brentwood Are you kinky? Is Lorren from Brentwood...我相信还有 罗恩,来自布伦特伍德。你有性怪癖吗?这是来自布伦特伍德的罗恩Interesting. Everyone says yes. Okay. Sometimes Whats the kinkiest thing youve ever done?有趣,每个人都说她有,好吧。有时候吧 你做过最怪的啪啪啪是什么?Uh... I dressed up like a kangaroo once Cause hes an Australian guy Australian guy额....我曾经穿的像个袋鼠。就因为那货是个澳大利亚人 澳大利亚人..Well that is the custom. The local cust. Its not kinky. Its just polite (that) is what it is.好吧,只能算当地特色,不算怪癖。这仅仅是出于礼貌,就是这样。I think we have one more Um Marcus Gliney. Im from Kansas City, Missouri.我认为还有...我来自密苏里,我叫马库斯.盖里恩Are you kinky? Alright. Lets find out. I am kinky How so?你有性怪癖吗?好吧,我们来一探究竟。我有性怪癖 从何谈起?Uh... I could show you better than I could tell you Ok lets go Ok额,说不如做,我可以给你演示的。好啊,走就走。好吧。She called him on his kinkiness and then... Were expecting a baby她看中了他的性怪癖,然后....然后我们期待着生一个小宝贝!Its one way we bring people together Thank you for playing鸡毛秀是我们让大家欢聚一堂的方法。谢谢观看And thanks to all the kinky people for sharing that with us同时欢迎那些个有性怪癖的人跟我们一起分享你们的事迹。Im Jimmy Kimmel Thanks for watching. It means a lot to me.我是鸡毛。谢谢你们的观看,这对我来说意味着很多。And if youd like to take our relationship to the next level如果你还想观看我们的下一期节目Click the subscribe button below Ill wait for you点击旁边的订阅按钮 我等你哟!201706/514218

Hi Im Jon Wiley. Im the director of immersive design for Google VR and AR products.你好,我是乔恩·威利。是谷歌VR和AR产品沉浸式设计的主管。Right now, with current VR technology were pretty good in terms of the visuals and the audio,现在,就目前的VR技术来讲,在视觉和听觉方面还是非常不错的。but what about the other three senses?但是其他三种感官的发展情况怎么样呢?After exploring automated technologies using robotics,通过机器人学探索自动化技术以后,we found that we could actually achieve a better quality simulation with well-trained humans.我们发现可以配合经过训练的人员,来实现更好的模拟。We call them Haptic Helpers, and they can simulate a wide range of experiences.我们称之为触觉助手,他们可以模仿很多的体验。Things like smelling perfume, ing a book, sitting by a fireplace or even petting a dog.比如,闻香水,读书,坐在壁炉旁,甚至是逗宠物。Figuring out how to simulate such a range of experiences has been challenging but rewarding.识别怎样模仿这一系列的体验是很有挑战性的,但是也很有意义。And our helpers inventiveness cannot be overstated.我们没有夸大助手的创造性。AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!啊……Our helpers are constantly updating their repertoires to stay up to date with the latest VR applications being released.我们的助手持续更新它们的计算机指令以跟进最新发布的VR应用程序。And the feedback weve gotten from early user testing has been incredible.我们从早期测试中获得的反馈非常惊人。Ow!啊!Click here to sign up as a beta tester.点击这里可以加入测试。201706/515590

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