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CommyA: Would you like to join the Volunteers’League?B: Do you think I’m crazy? I just quit the Student Council. I don’t want to be so busy. I gave up a good chance of getting scholarships thatA: Joining the Volunteers’League won’t take you much time. It only has activities on the weekends. Come on, you won’t regret about joining this club. It’s different from other student clubs or unions.B: What’s the difference?A: We can do something the commy in Beijing. Isn’t that special? You can also learn a lot in the Volunteers’League. You will have a chance to learn how to communicate, how to arrange an activity and how to cooperate with your group members.B: Oh, it means that I will have a good chance to practice my Chinese. You win. Just tell me how to get enrolled that club.可可在线背单词 — 中考英语单词 13Sheila: Where are you going?你要去哪儿?Rudy: Irsquo;m going to the store to rent a movie tonight. Do you want to come?我去音像店租个电影今晚看你要来吗?Sheila: You donrsquo;t need to do that. We can watch nearly any movie you want online.你不必这样做我们在线可以观看任何你想电影Rudy: Oh, you mean we can pay to download it?哦,你的意思是,我们可以付费下载吗?Sheila: Yeah, we can download it, but we donrsquo;t have to pay it.是的,我们可以下载,但我们并没有为它付出Rudy: What do you mean? Yoursquo;re not using a file-sharing site, are you?你是什么意思?你不使用文件共享网站,是吗?Sheila: Of course, I am. Everybody is doing it.我当然用文件共享网站每个人都这样做Rudy: Aside from the ethical issues, itrsquo;s so frustrating watching s online. The ones that stream are constantly pausing to buffer. The interruptions drive me crazy!不说道德问题,在线看电影很烦人要不停地缓冲视频中止会让我发疯!Sheila: Yeah, sometimes, but therersquo;s usually a workaround.是啊,有时,但通常都有一个解决办法Rudy: Even so, the movies are usually pirated and theyrsquo;re so grainy. I want to watch something in high definition. Come on, letrsquo;s go to the store. Itrsquo;ll be my treat.即便如此,电影通常都是盗版的,影片不清晰我想看高清晰的电影来吧,让我们去音像店这次我请客Sheila: All right, if you insist, but why canrsquo;t we just pay to download it right here at home?好吧,如果你坚持,但我们为什么不能付费在家下载呢?Rudy: We could do that, but where would we get the popcorn?我们可以那么做,但我们去哪里弄爆米花呢?aside from 除.;;以外 store 音像店high definition 高清晰my treat 我请客 61Maggie: Watch out! Are you okay?麦琪:当心!你没事吧?Conrad: Irsquo;m fine, but I almost tripped over that crack in the driveway. Wersquo;ve got to get that fixed.康拉德:我没事,但我差点被车道上的裂缝绊倒我们得把它们修好Maggie: I know itrsquo;s a hazard, but first things first. We should fix those broken front steps, donrsquo;t you think?麦琪:我知道这确实很危险,但这事太要紧了,我们必须得做我们需要先把这些坏了的门前台阶修好,对不对?Conrad: I see what you mean.康拉德:我明白你的意思Maggie: And we have to repair that part of the fence thatrsquo;s falling down. See? If it leans any more, we wonrsquo;t be able to open the gate.麦琪:我们还要把围栏快倒的那部分修好呶,看到了吗?如果它再倾斜一点,我们都无法打开大门了Conrad: Oh, I didnrsquo;t realize the fence was falling down. Yes, yoursquo;re right, we should take care of those things first.康拉德:噢,我没意识到围栏快倒了是的,你说得对,我们应该首先修理那些东西Maggie: And the porch light is out. Irsquo;m not sure if we just need to replace the bulb, or if itrsquo;s an electrical issue.麦琪:门廊的灯不亮了我不知道是灯泡的缘故还是线路的缘故Conrad: I didnrsquo;t realize the outside of our house was in such disrepair. Irsquo;ve been traveling too much work.康拉德:我以前没料到我们的房子这样年久失修我以前净顾着出差了Maggie: I admit Irsquo;ve been putting off the repairs, too.麦琪:我承认我也一直把修葺房子的事一拖再拖Conrad: All right, I know what wersquo;ll be doing this weekend ndash; all weekend!康拉德:好吧,我知道我们这个周末做什么了;;是整个周末 5193Chrissy:Wow, that movie was amazing, but I cant believe that they blew up the Eiffel Tower.克里希:哇,那部电影令人吃惊,但我不相信他们竟然炸毁了埃菲尔铁塔I bet the French are really pissed.我敢打赌,要是那样的话会惹恼法国人的Jack:Youre kidding, right?杰克:你在逗我?They didnt really blow up the Eiffel Tower.他们并没有真正炸毁埃菲尔铁塔They used special effects to make it look that way.他们使用特效让它看起来是那样Chrissy:Are you sure? It really looked like the real thing.克里希:你确定?看起来像真的Jack:They used a scale model or a computer-generated image of the Eiffel Tower and added some pyrotechnics or other visual effects to create what you saw on the screen.杰克:他们使用埃菲尔铁塔的比例模型或电脑生成图像并且加了些烟火或其他视觉效果于是就成了你在屏幕上看到的It like a big optical illusion.这像一种大的光学错觉I cant believe you really thought they blew up the Eiffel Tower.我不敢相信你真的认为他们炸毁了埃菲尔铁塔Chrissy:Oh no, I didnt. I was just kidding.克里希:哦,没有我只是在开玩笑But you have to admit that it was pretty cool that they got the real president of the ed States to kill that monster, right?但是你不得不承认它很酷,他们让真正的美国总统杀死怪物,对吗?Jack:You must be messing with my mind again.杰克:你再次曲解了我的意思That wasnt the president.那不是真的总统That was an actor wearing prosthetics and makeup standing in front of a green screen.演员穿着假肢并且化妆后站在绿色屏幕前They added the monster later in post-production.之后他们加入后面的怪物Chrissy:Oh, right, sure.克里希:哦,对,当然But you have to hand it to them moving a section of the Great Wall of China to New York City, right?但是你必须要佩的是他们将中国的一段长城搬到了纽约,对吗?Jack:Oh, boy...杰克:哦,你这货… 63

Missy: Okay, let sort this stack of applications into three piles: good candidates, those worth a second look, and definite “no.”蜜西:好吧,我们要把这一堆应聘者分为三类:优秀的候选人、值得再看看的候选人、绝对不适合的人选Jonathan: Well, that didnt take long. With this poor economy, I thought wed get an embarrassment of riches, but these applications are pretty pathetic. I only see two of these people as employee material.乔纳森:好吧,那不会花太久时间现在经济形势低迷,恐怕应聘者会人满为患,不过他们也十分可悲,因为我们只招聘两名员工Missy: Yeah, well, it might have something to do with the salary were offering. Not everybody is willing to work peanuts.蜜西:是呀,不过,也许这与我们提供的薪水有关系并不是每个人都愿意为点小钱而奔波Jonathan: Isnt that the truth! Some of these applicants have never held down a job bee and dont have a single reference. These others dont seem to be able to hold on to a job, job-hopping every few months.乔纳森:这难道不是真的吗!有些应聘者以前从未胜任过一份工作,连一封介绍信都没有其他人则似乎没有能力坚持一份工作,每隔几个月便跳槽Missy: Well, at least we have these two standouts. They both have the right educational background and level of experience. Should we call them in interviews?蜜西:不过,至少我们有两名出色的人选他们都有合适的教育背景和工作经验我们应该叫他们来面试吗?Jonathan: Yeah, and I hope they havent aly been snatched up by another company.乔纳森:好吧,我希望他们没有被其他公司抢走原文译文属! 7

Once the beer was made, I faced my biggest hurdle yet getting it into beer drinkers hands. Distributors all said the same thing ;Your beer is too expensive; no one has ever heard of you.; So I figured I had to create a new category the craft-brewed American beer. I needed a name that was recognizable and elegant, so I called my beer Samuel Adams, after the brewer and patriot who helped to instigate the Boston Tea Party.一旦啤酒酿造出来后,我面临的最大问题就是:如何将它送到消费者手中销售商们几乎异口同声地说:“你的啤酒太贵了;没人听说过你的名字”于是我想,我得创造一个新品种:手工酿造的美国啤酒我需要为它取一个响亮而又高雅的名字,这样,我便以曾领导波士顿倾茶事件的酿酒人及爱国音的名字来命名我的啤酒----塞缪尔·亚当斯The only way to get the word out, I realized, was to sell direct. I filled my leather briefcase with beer and cold packs, put on my best power suit and hit the bars.我意识到,唯一能创出这个牌子的办法就是直销我将啤酒及冰袋装进大皮箱里,穿上我那套尽显男人风度与地位的笔挺西装,向一间间酒吧走去Most bartenders thought I was from the IRS. But once I opened the briefcase, they paid attention. After I told the first guy my story--how I wanted to start this little brewery in Boston with my dad family recipe--he said, ;Kid, I liked your story. But I didnt think the beer would be this good.; What a great moment.大多数调酒师起初还以为我是国家税务局的呢但当我打开皮箱时,便引起了他们的注意我向第一个家伙讲述了我的故事----我如何用父亲家传的啤酒配方开创了这家小小的波士顿啤酒厂——之后,他说:“孩子,我喜欢你的故事,但我没想到你这啤酒会这么好”多么激动人心的时刻啊!Six weeks later, at the Great American Beer Festival, Sam Adams Boston Lager won the top prize American beer. The rest is history. It wasnt supposed to work out this way--but in the end I was destined to be a brewer.六周后,在美国大啤酒节上,我的“塞缪尔·亚当斯波士顿啤酒”获得了美国啤酒的最高奖项接下来的事情就成为历史了其实开始时,无论如何都没有想到我会走这条路----但最终我注定还是要做个酿酒人My advice to all young entrepreneurs is simple life is very long, so dont rush to make decisions. Life doesnt let you plan.我对所有年轻的企业家有个简单的建议:生活的道路是漫长的,不要急于作出决定生活不让你做计划 55

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