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Financial crisis enters lexicon with "toxic debt"After impacting almost every aspect of people's lives, the global financial crisis has now made it into the lexicon, with Australia's prestigious Macquarie Dictionary picking "toxic debt" as its word of the year for 2008.The noun is one of several new words that will be used in the annual update of the dictionary's online version (www.macquariedictionary.com.au) and which include "flashpacker," a backpacker who travels in relative luxury, "bromance," or an intense but non-sexual relationship between two males, and "textaholic," or someone who sends too many mobile phone SMSes."Last year was full of environmental concerns, but the other big thing that happened to us all was the financial crisis, and that has fueled coinage of our word of the year," publisher Sue Butler told the reporters."Our words all come from things that preoccupy us all, and are also a sign of how English speaking countries are getting closer together, and the strong trend is from US English these days," she added.According to the dictionary, "toxic debt" refers to loans initially taken on as a legitimate business transaction, but which prove subsequently financially worthless, as the subprime loans which precipitated the global financial crisis.The word was picked by the "word of the year" committee, which includes university academia as well as renowned Australian poet Les Murray.The list of new words was also put up for a public vote, of which "flashpacker" was the winner.Honorable mentions also go to "guerilla gardener," a person who plants gardens in areas controlled by councils or other organizations but neglected by them, and "lawfare," or the use of international law by a country to attack or criticize another country, especially a superior military power, on moral grounds. /200902/61901

NDC*Q;)4SF0R;5mVGh4otxoC1aftFxgd近日,一则名为;女子地铁狂骂穷男友;的视频在网络上疯传,视频中的女子当众辱骂自己的男友,并称;男人没钱是垃圾;,而其男友却坐在一旁低头不语o3F@f^0@nvorig1。引来众网友热议20tOPyI8%!oYe@4]q9|l。甚至有人揶揄道:;自己又不是李嘉欣,还要求男人是李嘉诚!;Recently a sp crazily through the internet entitled ;subway woman scolding her poor boyfriend;. In the , the woman abused her boyfriend in public and claimed that the man without money is rubbish. Her boyfriend sit beside, bowing his head and saying nothing. It triggers a hot discussion among a large netizens. Even someone says in a jeering way that if a woman were not Jiaxin Li, why asked for a man being Jiacheng Li.过去,女子无才便是德,现今,男友无财却是大大的杯具X,F6t8aIK!F3Ccp,-MiD。女人们缘何要求男人们要有钱呢?男人没钱错了?还是女人要求太苛刻?一时之间也许无法定论j,vXw*(ayg~13~Uz。但无论如何,这种不懂得尊重男友的女人,男人们恐怕是不敢问津的_4ue0K|zSL+xzL。In the past, Innocence is the virtue for women. Now, itrsquo;s a sheer tragedy if a man has no money. Why only rich men can meet the womenrsquo;s demand? Is it wrong if a man has no enough money to please a woman? Itrsquo;s too harsh for a woman to hold this opinion? The answer is still uncertain but in no case this kind of woman who doesnrsquo;t respect her bf could stir any interest of a man.8e4CBG*.P OHpkzTZeo7N894Q文章kekech地盘n0,62i)sFAE;DO1FE87YF!a#8x914(OuCmSuc4h /201112/163154

导读:如今,网购风靡,网民们在享受便捷和实惠的网购商品的同时,也处处面临着危险:网页上的是实物图吗?会不会与实物相差很远?资金安全吗?店主会不会在收款之后不发货?;;这一系列问题在一些优秀且广受欢迎的购物网站得到解决,但又出现了新的埋伏;钓鱼网站!这些网站通常与真实的网站无异或类似,并且提供更为低廉的商品务,完全钻了网购者贪小便宜的心理。可是,这小便宜可贪不得,不小心就会吃了大亏!Xiao Yu is a veteran in online shopping, but recently she became a victim of rfaud when she paid for a bag on Taobao.com.小余是网购达人,但是最近在淘宝网买包付时却上当受骗了。;I took a fancy to a bag, which cost about 300 yuan. After I compared the prices of different shops online, I chose one.;;我看中了一个包,要300块钱。在比较了多家店铺的价格之后,我选择了其中一家。;With her many years of experience in online shopping, she believed she could buy the bag at a good price by reasonable bargaining. However, the events that followed went beyond her expectations.因为有着多年的网购经验,她相信自己在讨价还价之后以非常划算的价格买到了这个包。但是,接下来发生的事却出乎她的意料。;Someone sent me a link before I settled payment, telling me he worked for the online shop and his boss was absent at that moment. He also had the bag I liked for sale, and would sell it at a lower price, I could have it by saving 40 or 50 yuan. Meanwhile, he promised to pay the mailing fee, so I thought I could save 60 or 70 yuan in the end.;;我要付款的时候,有人给我发了一个链接,告诉我,他是网店的,老板这个时候不在。恰好他也有我看中的包在出售,愿意以更低的价格卖给我,可以省40到50块。与此同时,他还答应包邮,所以我想我最后可以省下60到70块钱。;With the promised lower price, Xiao Yu confirmed the order and settled the payment. But she never received the bag, even the link of the webpage disappeared afterwards. Then she realized she was cheated and the webpage was fake.因为价格更低廉,小余确认了订单并且付了货款。但是她一直没收到包,甚至这之后,网页的链接也没有了。她这才发现她被骗了,网页是假的。Experts say this is a trap set by the recently notorious ;fishing websites;, which appear very similar to the real Taobao webpages, and defraud online shoppers#39; payments by stealing their account information.专家说,这是最近引起网民骂声一片的;钓鱼网站;的一个陷阱。它的网页设计和淘宝网非常类似,欺骗网上购物者付款,盗取他们的账户信息。Expert explains when users log onto the fake Taobao website and input their password, a note pops up saying the system is under maintenance, please try again. During this time, the fake website has successfully stolen the account information.专家还解释,当网购者进入假的淘宝网并输入密码后,会弹出条提示说;系统正在维护中,请稍后再试;。在此期间,假网站已经成功盗取账户信息了。How should we face these fake websites and protect ourselves from being cheated?我们在碰到这些假网页的时候如何防止受骗呢?Tang Wei, an information security expert from Rising company says, first be cautious during the payment process and be sure to follow the normal guidelines. Also, pay attention to the name of the domain. Most fishing websites confuse shoppers by using a similar domain name to the real shopping website.唐伟是瑞星公司的一名信息安全专家,他说,首先,在付的过程中应保持警惕,确保按照正常的程序来付。其次,要注意域名。大多数钓鱼网站是用和真的购物网站相似的域名来迷惑网购者的。Now some anti-virus software companies have started to work on software against these fishing websites, so that users can protect themselves from being cheated.目前,一些反病毒软件公司开始开发对付钓鱼网站的软件,希望能够帮助软件使用者防止被骗! /201112/166651

卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)的由来,一直是欧美研究文字变迁的最佳体材。Cappuccino此字的历史,足以说明一个字常常会因为看来像某样东西,最后被引申成其它字义,远远超出造字者原先用意。创设于一五二五年以后的圣芳济教会(Capuchin)的修士都穿着褐色道袍,头戴一顶尖尖帽子,圣芳济教会传到意大利时,当地人觉得修士饰很特殊,就给他们取个Cappuccino的名字,此字的意大利文是指僧侣所穿宽鬆长袍和小尖帽,源自意大利文"头巾"即Cappuccio。然而,老意爱喝咖啡,发觉浓缩咖啡、牛奶和奶泡溷合后,颜色就像是修士所穿的深褐色道袍,于是灵机一动,就给牛奶加咖啡又有尖尖奶泡的饮料,取名为卡布奇诺(Cappuccino)。英文最早使用此字的时间在一九四八年,当时旧金山一篇报导率先介绍卡布奇诺饮料,一直到一九九0年以后,才成为世人耳熟能详的咖啡饮料。应该可以这麽说Cappuccino咖啡这个字,源自圣芳济教会(Capuchin)和意大利文头巾(Cappucio)。非洲有一种小猴子,头顶上有一撮黑色的锥状毛髮,很像圣芳济教会道袍上的小尖帽,这种小猴子也因此被取名为Capuchin,此一猴名最早被英国人使用的时间在一七八五年。Capuchin此字数百年后洐生成咖啡饮料名和猴子名称,一直是文字学者津津乐道的趣闻。 /201108/148043

Ivy League schools produce a disproportionate amount of corporate leaders, according to a U.S. News study of the educational backgrounds of 2010#39;s Fortune 500 CEOs (the magazine#39;s annual ranking of American corporations based on gross revenue).根据一份美国新闻关于全球五百强企业CEO的教育背景调查得出,常青藤名校产出了相当数量的商业领袖。(该杂志每年都会对于收入最高的美国商业公司进行排名。)Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania topped the list;the three schools cumulatively awarded 99 degrees to the executives. Large state institutions like the University of Wisconsin;Madison, the University of Michigan;Ann Arbor, and Ohio State University ranked highly as well, as each awarded at least 10 degrees to CEOs on Fortune#39;s list. Wisconsin stood out among its state school peers, granting 17 degrees to the CEOs, which put the school fourth overall, despite having an average U.S. News rank of 33 for the school#39;s undergraduate, business, and law programs. In the Fortune analysis, Wisconsin finished ahead of highly ranked schools like Stanford University, Dartmouth College, and Northwestern University.哈佛大学,哥伦比亚大学还有宾夕法尼亚大学在这个榜单中成为三强,他们一共产出了99位CEO。而那些大型的州立大学比如威斯康星麦迪逊大学和密歇根哈勃大学也名列前茅,这两所大学平均每所产出10个500强CEO。威斯康星大学在它的同类大学大众非常出众,它虽然在美国的法学院,商学院和本科生院的排名只有33名,但是它产出了17位CEO。在财富周刊的分析中,威斯康星大学比很多排名更好的大学做得好,比如像斯坦福大学,达特茅斯学院和西北大学。Last November, U.S. News took a look at the backgrounds of the CEOs of the top 100 companies on Fortune#39;s list. The new analysis of the larger pool weeded out some of the lower ranked schools like Auburn University (five degrees) and Southern Methodist University (seven degrees), which ranked highly in the Fortune 100 study.去年的9月份,美国新闻周刊调查了前百强公司CEO的教育背景。这份新的、数据更多得样本排除了一些排名比较低但是在前百名的调查中产出比较高的学校,比如像奥本大学,它产出了5位CEO;以及南卫理公会大学,它产出了7位CEO。 /201111/161641

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