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抚顺市抚顺县医院地址查询抚顺市新抚早孕检查哪家医院好的抚顺做人流一共需要多钱 They have an airstrip, they have a canteen,they have hot showers,they have a post office, a tourist shop,a basketball court that doubles as a movie theater. 那儿有停机坪 厨房,热水浴。有邮局,游轮,以及两倍于一个电影院的篮球场。So its a bit different these days,and there are also acres of junk.所以,这些天略有不同,也有成堆的垃圾。I think its a marvelous thing that humans can exist 365 days of the year with hamburgers and hot showers and movie theaters,but it does seem to produce a lot of empty cardboard boxes.我觉得人类一年365天只靠汉堡,热水和影院就能生活简直不可思议。但这似乎确实产生了许多空纸板盒。You can see on the left of this photograph,several square acres of junk waiting to be flown out from the South Pole. 你可以看到在这张照片的左面,有好几平方的垃圾等着从南极点拖走。But there is also a pole at the South Pole,and we got there on foot, unassisted,unsupported, by the hardest route,900 miles in record time,dragging more weight than anyone in history. 但南极也有个极点,我们没有技术持,走最困难的路线,共计900英里而且负重超过史上任何一位考察队员。And if wed stopped there and flown home,which would have been the eminently sensible thing to do,then my talk would end here and it would end something like this. 而如果我们止步于此,折返离开,去做更有意义的事,那我的演讲也就到此为止了。也就不足为奇。If you have the right team around you, the right tools, the right technology,and if you have enough self-belief and enough determination,then anything is possible.但如果你有优秀的团队,适宜的工具 险情的科技,而且,自信满满,意志坚定那一切险阻当不在话下。But then we turned around,and this is where things get interesting. 但那时,我们四周晃了会儿,然后一切变得有趣起来了。High on the Antarctic plateau,over 10,000 feet, its very windy, very cold, very dry, we were exhausted. 在亚特兰地高地,超过10000英尺的地方,寒风凛冽 天寒地燥,我们精疲力竭。Wed covered 35 marathons,we were only halfway,and we had a safety net, of course,of ski planes and satellite phones and live, 24-hour tracking beacons that didnt exist for Scott,but in hindsight,rather than making our lives easier,the safety net actually allowed us to cut things very fine indeed,to sail very close to our absolute limits as human beings. 我们翻阅了35座冰川,但这只是路途一半。但我们肯定有安全措施,我们有雪上飞机和卫星电话。以及24小时时刻待命的后援团,斯科特可没有这些安全措施。但从制高点来看,安全措施并未使我们的生活更好,它确实际上使东西四分五裂。让我们无限接近人类极限。And it is an exquisite form of torture to exhaust yourself to the point of starvation day after day while dragging a sledge full of food.并且,它是一种细致的折磨方式日复一日,将你拖到饥饿的零界点,使你精疲力竭。而且你是拉着一雪橇满满的食物。For years, Id been writing glib lines in sponsorship proposals about pushing the limits of human endurance,but in reality, that was a very frightening place to be indeed.数年来,我一直以资助顾问的身份撰写关于推动人类极限的油腔滑调的文章。实际上,它确实是个令人畏惧的领域。We had, before wed got to the Pole,two weeks of almost permanent headwind, which slowed us down. 在去南极前,我们,给头顶吹了2周的风,让我们反应迟钝。As a result, wed had several days of eating half rations.结果,好几天我们食欲减半。We had a finite amount of food in the sledges to make this journey,so we were trying to string that out by reducing our intake to half the calories we should have been eating.我们为这次行程在雪橇中准备了足量食物,所以我们通过减少我们的卡路里摄入量至一半 来节省食物。As a result, we both became increasingly hypoglycemic,we had low blood sugar levels day after day.结果,我们 身体机能出现问题,我们日复一日,血糖指数不断降低。and increasingly susceptible to the extreme cold.但对严寒的适应程度却越发的好了。Tarka took this photo of me one evening after Id nearly passed out with hypothermia.在一个晚上,Tarka拍了这张我的照片就在我近乎因为低温昏过去时。We both had repeated bouts of hypothermia, something I hadnt experienced before,and it was very humbling indeed. 我们身体都反复经历低温, 这之前从未有过。这让人颤抖。As much as you might like to think, as I do,that youre the kind of person who doesnt quit,that youll go down swinging,hypothermia doesnt leave you much choice. 就像你们可能会想,我也这么想过,你是不会退缩的人,你会继续探索,低温并不会改变你选择。You become utterly incapacitated.你变得行为无法自主,Its like being a drunk toddler.像醉汉一样。You become pathetic.你变得又笨又可怜。I remember just wanting to lie down and quit.我记得,我当时只想 躺下来。然后退出。It was a peculiar, peculiar feeling,and a real surprise to me to be debilitated to that degree. 这是极为真切的感受。认输的想法 真的令我震惊不已。And then we ran out of food completely,46 miles short of the first of the depots that wed laid on our outward journey.然后我们食物消耗殆尽,离我们倚赖的第一仓库还有46英里远。Wed laid 10 depots of food,literally burying food and fuel, for our return journey the fuel was for a cooker so you could melt snow to get water. 我们拿出10样食物,烧食物与汽油,准备返程,燃油是为炊具准备的 这样你可以把雪变成水。and I was forced to make the decision to call for a resupply flight,a ski plane carrying eight days of food to tide us over that gap. 我不得不呼叫供应飞机,这是带着可以助我们越过那道坎的 8天食物的雪上飞机。They took 12 hours to reach us from the other side of Antarctica.他们用了12小时 从亚特兰地的另一头飞到我们这边。Calling for that plane was one of the toughest decisions of my life.呼叫那趟飞机 是我人生中最艰难的决定之一。201503/366089Hi,everybody.My top priority as President is to grow the economy and help more hardworking Americans get ahead.And after the worst economic crisis in our lifetimes,our businesses have now created 12.6 million new jobs over the past 63 months.大家好!作为总统,促进经济增长,帮助辛勤劳动的美国人民获得成功,一直是我的头等大事。在经历我们此生遭遇的最严重的经济危机之后,企业在过去的63个月里一共创造了1260万个就业岗位。Thats a record streak of job creation.And its come as weve been working to reform our schools,revitalize manufacturing and the auto industry,revamp our job training programs-and rework our health care system,covering more than 16 million uninsured Americans so far.这也创下就业连续增长的新纪录。这一切源自于我们改革教育、激活制造业和汽车产业、革新职业培训体系、改造医疗保险系统,最后这一项让1600多万未参保人员获得了保障。Weve done all of this to rebuild our economy on a new foundation,a foundation for growth that benefits not only us,but our kids,and their kids.Because we do live in a new economy.And weve got to adapt to make sure America leads the way in this new century,just like we did in the last.我们所做的这一切,为我们的经济发展重新打下基础,以此为基础获得的经济增长,不仅惠及我们大家,也惠及我们的孩子们、他人的孩子们。我们生活在新经济环境下,所以我们必须适应环境,确保美国在新的世纪里像以往一样继续领导发展道路。Part of that means sparking new sources of growth and job creation that keep us on the cutting edge.And one big way to do that is through smart new trade agreements that level the playing field for our workers,open new markets for our businesses,and hold other countries to the kinds of high standards that Americans are proud to hold ourselves to here at home.这其中就意味着我们要激活新的增长源泉和就业来源,保持我们的领先优势。而其中尤为重要的方式就是通过新的贸易协定来为我们的劳动者提供更好的发展环境,为我们的企业打开新的市场,让其它国家也遵守与我们一样的高标准,而我们也以在国内遵守这样的标准而自豪。Simply put,America has to write the rules of the 21st century economy in a way that benefits American workers.If we dont,countries like China will write those rules in a way that benefits their workers.简单的说,美国必须改写21世纪的经济发展规则,这对美国的劳动者是有利的。如果我们不这么做,中国这些国家就会制定对它们国家劳动者有利的规则。Now,on Friday,Republicans and Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to help the ed States negotiate new trade deals that are both free and fair-deals that expand opportunity for our workers and our businesses alike.And thats good.These kinds of trade deals say no to a race for the bottom,for lower wages and working conditions.Theyre about starting a race to the top,for higher wages,and better working conditions,stronger environmental protections,and a smarter way to crack down on countries that break the rules of the global economy.周五,众议院的共和党和民主党议员们通过投票帮助我们开启新的智能的自由公平的贸易协定谈判,这些协定会扩大我国劳动者和企业的机会。这很好。这些协定对低层次的竞争、低工资和恶劣工作环境说不。开启了高层次的竞争,持更高的工资,更好的工作环境,更严格的环境保护措施,用更智能的方式去打击那些破坏全球经济发展秩序的国家。But thats not all we should be doing for our workers.Right now,something called Trade Adjustment Assistance provides vital support,like job-training and community college education,to tens of thousands of American workers each year who were hurt by past trade deals-the kind were not going to repeat again.Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have voted to renew this initiative,but so far,the House of Representatives has chosen to let it expire in just a few months,leaving as many as 100,000 American workers on their own.For the sake of those workers,their families,and their communities,I urge those Members of Congress who voted against Trade Adjustment Assistance to reconsider,and stand up for American workers.但这还不是我们为我们的劳动者要做的全部事情。现在,有一项名为《贸易调整援助》的法案也能提供关键撑,例如职业培训和社区大学教育,过去的贸易协定让数十万美国劳动者年年深受其害,我们不能让悲剧重演。参议院的共和党和民主党议员们已经投票通过了对这一议案的更新调整,但直到现在,众议院议员们却选择让这一议案在未来几个月内过期失效,置10多万劳动者的利益不管不顾。为了这些劳动者、他们的家人以及他们所生活的社区的利益,我敦促那些对《贸易调整援助法案》投反对票的国会的议员们重新考虑考虑,站在美国劳动者的位置上慎重决定。Because these smart new trade deals arent just about growing our economy and supporting good new American jobs.This is about the kind of country we want to build for our kids and our grandkids.And if I did not think that smart new trade deals were the right thing to do for working families,I wouldnt be fighting for it.因为这些新的贸易协定不仅仅关系到促进我们的经济增长,创造新的就业岗位。这也关系到我们希望为我们的子孙后代留下一个什么样的国家。如果我不认为新的贸易协定是有利于我们的中产家庭的事业,我就不会这么长期为之努力奋斗。This is the right thing to do.Trade thats fair and free and smart will grow opportunity for our middle class.It will help us restore the dream we share,and make sure that every American who works hard has a chance to get ahead.Thats a cause worth fighting for-today,and every day I have the honor of serving as your President.这是正当的事业。公平、自由、智能的贸易将为我们的中产阶级带来更多机会。帮助我们重拾我们共同的梦想,确保每一个辛勤付出的美国人都有机会获得成功。这是值得我今天乃至我有幸担任总统的每一天都为之奋斗的事业。Thanks everybody,and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝周末愉快! 201506/380489抚顺市东洲妇幼保健院妇科

辽宁省抚顺妇幼保健院医院肛肠科抚顺康复医院不孕不育收费好不好 Im Jane McGonigal. Im a game designer.我叫JaneMcGonigal,我是一名游戏设计师Ive been making games online now for 10 years,我从事网络游戏设计已经10年了and my goal for the next decade我未来十年的目标is to try to make it as easy就是希望能让to save the world in real life就像玩网络游戏那样as it is to save the world in online games.简单的解决现实生活中的问题Now, I have a plan for this,现在,我将解释一下我这么说的原因and it entails convincing more people,如果人们能玩到一些更大型、更优秀的游戏including all of you, to spend more time当然包括在座的诸位,并且能花费更多的时间在游戏上playing bigger and better games.你会觉得我的解释更有说力Right now we spend three billion hours a week现如今的人们用在网络游戏上的时间可以达到每周30亿小时playing online games.现如今的人们用在网络游戏上的时间可以达到每周30亿小时Some of you might be thinking,你们当中有些人可能会觉得;Thats a lot of time to spend playing games.“花费了这么多时间玩游戏啊”Maybe too much time, considering也许有些多了,因为考虑到how many urgent problems we have to solve in the real world.;现实生活中有很多的紧迫的问题需要我们去处理But actually, according to my research但是,根据我在未来问题研究所at The Institute For The Future,对相关问题的研究its actually the opposite is true.我们花费在游戏上的时间一点也不多Three billion hours a week is not nearly enough每周30亿小时的游戏世间对于解决现实生活中的问题来说远远不足game play to solve the worlds most urgent problems.每周30亿小时的游戏世间对于解决现实生活中的问题来说远远不足In fact, I believe that if we want to survive事实上,我觉得为了能更好得在地球上生存the next century on this planet,事实上,我觉得为了能更好得在地球上生存we need to increase that total dramatically.我们需要大量增加游戏时间Ive calculated the total we need我曾经计算过,我们所需要的游戏时间at 21 billion hours of game play every week.是每周210亿小时So, thats probably a bit of a counterintuitive idea,也许这有些违背常理so Ill say it again, let it sink in:但,我想重新说一遍,以便于让这种观念被充分理解If we want to solve problems like hunger,如果我们想解决诸如饥饿、poverty, climate change, global conflict, obesity,贫困、气候变化、全球冲突、肥胖等问题I believe that we need to aspire我坚信我们需要被鼓励to play games online人们去玩网络游戏for at least 21 billion hours a week,而且每周至少210亿小时by the end of the next decade. (Laughter)当然,这将会在十年以后(笑声)No. Im serious. I am.其实,我是很认真的,不是玩笑Heres why. This picture pretty much这里是解释,我们把这种场景集合起来sums up why I think games are so essential就是之所以游戏对人类种族to the future survival of the human species.Truly.能在未来生存非常重要的原因。真的This is a portrait by a photographer named Phil Toledano.这是一幅由Phil Toldano拍摄的肖像He wanted to capture the emotion of gaming,他想捕捉玩游戏时的一些情感变化so he set up a camera in front of gamers while they were playing.因此,他把摄影仪器放在正在玩游戏的游戏玩家面前And this is a classic gaming emotion.这是一幅游戏玩家的经典表情Now, if youre not a gamer,现在,如果你不是一个游戏玩家you might miss some of the nuance in this photo.你就不会察觉出这幅照片中的真正内涵You probably see the sense of urgency,你可能会感觉到紧迫、a little bit of fear, but intense concentration,一丝的恐惧,而不是精神的高度集中deep, deep focus on tackling a really difficult problem.抑或者是集中精力在解决一个难题If you are a gamer, you will notice如果你是一位游戏玩家,你就会感觉到一些不同东西a few nuances here: the crinkle of the eyes up, and around the mouth眼角周围的褶皱是向上的,包括嘴角周围的褶皱也是一样的is a sign of optimism,这是一个非常乐观的迹象and the eyebrows up is surprise.并且,眉毛向上翘起是惊讶的标志This is a gamer who is on the verge of something called这说明,这个游戏玩家即将在游戏中获得an epic win.史诗般胜利Oh, youve heard of that. OK, good,你们曾经听说过这个词,不错so we have some gamers among us.也就是说你们当中有些是游戏玩家An epic win is an outcome这个史诗般的胜利是一个结果that is so extraordinarily positive但是它非常令人振奋you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it.在得到这个胜利之前你甚至不曾想到竟然能取得成功It was almost beyond the threshold of imagination.这个成功甚至超出了你的想象And when you get there you are shocked当你一旦达到并完成,你就会被自己的技能所震撼to discover what you are truly capable of. That is an epic win.这就是所谓的“史诗般的胜利”This is a gamer on the verge of an epic win.而这个玩家即将取得这样的胜利And this is the face that we need to see同时,这也是在下个世纪,on millions of problem-solvers all over the world我们所期望的在处理全球众多问题as we try to tackle the obstacles of the next century --排除各种障碍时露出的表情the face of someone who, against all odds能排除万难的人is on the verge of an epic win.是无往不胜的Now, unfortunately this is more of the face that we see现在,不幸的是,当我们处理日常生活中各种紧急事件的时候,in everyday life now as we try to tackle urgent problems.我们往往看到的是这个表情This is what I call the ;Im Not Good At Life; face,通常我称这个为“不擅长生活”表情and this is actually me making it. Can you see? Yes. Good.事实上是我自己做出的这个,能否从中看出来呢?好的201511/408463抚顺县人民医院正规吗怎么样

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