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Microsoft Corp. has made big changes to its familiar Windows operating system to stay relevant amid booming sales of mobile devices such as Apple Inc.#39;s iPad. But some corporate customers worry Microsoft has made its workplace workhorse too unfamiliar.微软(Microsoft Corp.)对人们熟悉的Windows操作系统进行了大刀阔斧的变革,以便在苹果(Apple Inc.) iPad等移动设备热销之际不落人后。不过一些企业客户担心,微软让这套在工作场合应用广泛的主力操作系统变得令人过于陌生了。The new operating system, dubbed Windows 8, adds a new way to navigate a computer by touching rows of small windows, called tiles, that represent websites or apps, much like the icons familiar to smartphone users. Microsoft#39;s new interface can also be controlled with a mouse, and used in a mode similar to the old Windows #39;desktop.#39;这套名为Windows 8的新操作系统增添了一种新的操作电脑的方法,使用者可以触摸一排排代表网站或应用程序的小窗口来操控电脑。这些名叫“瓷贴”(tile)的小窗口和智能手机用户所熟悉的图标非常类似。微软的新界面也能够通过鼠标控制,还可以通过类似老版Windows系统的“桌面”模式进行操作。Yet some companies that have tried the new software─particularly those that expect to stick to traditional laptops and desktop computers for now─worry employees will be frustrated with the changes.REUTERS一款使用Windows 8操作系统的三星平板电脑。然而,一些已试用过新操作系统的公司担心员工会不适应这些变化,尤其是那些眼下希望继续使用传统笔记本电脑和台式机的公司。#39;The interface for a tablet is very nice,#39; said Adam Noble, chief information officer for GAF, a Wayne, N.J., building-materials company that uses about 3,000 Windows-based systems as well as some iPads. #39;On a laptop, it#39;s more difficult to use.#39;新泽西州韦恩市(Wayne)建材公司GAF的首席信息长诺布勒(Adam Noble)说,这个界面用于平板电脑非常合适,但装在笔记本电脑上则不太好用。GAF公司使用了约3,000台装有Windows系统的电脑,同时也使用iPad。The new software presents companies with a training issue they haven#39;t faced since Windows 95 first brought innovations such as the Start button, which is replaced by a Start screen in Windows 8.新系统也给企业带来了培训问题。自Windows 95首次采用“开始”按钮等一系列创新技术以来,企业还不曾碰到更换操作系统需要对员工进行培训的问题。Windows 8用“开始”界面取代了“开始”按钮。#39;This is going to be the first time in a decade and half that [companies are] actually going to have to teach someone to use Windows,#39; said Stephen Kleynhans, a Gartner Inc. analyst.研究机构Gartner Inc.的分析师克莱因汉斯(Stephen Kleynhans)说,这将是15年来企业首次需要教员工如何使用Windows。Microsoft officials note that there is always some initial customer resistance to change in its products that is eventually overcome, and insist that the benefits of Windows 8 are worth the learning curve. #39;We#39;re confident about the value we can deliver,#39; said Erwin Visser, senior director of the Microsoft team overseeing Windows for corporations.微软负责人指出,客户最初总是会对微软产品的变化存有一些抵触情绪,但这最终会被克,并坚持说Windows 8所带来的种种好处值得用户付出学习时间。微软负责向企业客户销售Windows操作系统的团队高级负责人维瑟(Erwin Visser)说,我们对所能传递的价值抱有信心。Some technology buyers aly seem to have moved on. #39;We believe today as a tablet, the iPad gives us a strong combination of functionality, security and price,#39; said Peter Hendel, associate director of the global business services arm of Procter amp; Gamble Co., which counts more than 5,000 iPads in use among sales people, executives and other workers who travel frequently.全球业务务部门副主管亨德尔(Peter Hendel)说,我们相信如今作为一款平板电脑,iPad为我们提供了一个集功能性、安全性和适中价格于一身的产品。宝洁公司使用的iPad数量超过5,000台,销售人员、公司高管以及其它经常出差的员工都在使用。Stuart Kippelman, chief information officer of Covanta Holding Corp.#39;s Covanta Energy unit, said he can envision his company and others buying fewer Microsoft computers in the future as the iPad replaces some uses of traditional computers. #39;I can see that happening,#39; Mr. Kippelman said.卡万塔控股(Covanta Holding Corp.)旗下卡万塔能源公司(Covanta Energy)的IT负责人吉普尔曼(Stuart Kippelman)说,将来随着传统电脑的某些用途被iPad取代,自己公司和其他公司购买的微软电脑越来越少。吉普尔曼说,我可以预料到这种情形的发生。Forrester Research Inc. found that about one-third of companies it surveyed plan to adopt Windows 8 eventually, while 57% haven#39;t considered Windows 8 yet or plan to skip it. At the same point before Windows 7 was released in 2009, two-thirds of companies surveyed said they planned to migrate to Windows 7, and 28% said they hadn#39;t yet considered Windows 7 or planned to skip it. One difference is in 2009 many businesses had been waiting for years to update old Windows software. Now, many have spent millions of dollars installing Windows 7 and are reluctant to spend the money again so soon.美国弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research Inc.)发现,三分之一的受调查企业计划最终采用Windows 8,57%的企业要么还没有考虑采用Windows 8,要么打算跳过。2009年Windows 7发布之前的同一时间,三分之二的受调查企业表示打算升级为Windows 7,28%的企业表示还没有考虑采用或打算跳过。2009年的一个不同之处是,很多企业为升级老版Windows系统已经等了好几年。而现在,很多企业已经斥巨资安装Windows 7,不愿意这么快又花一笔钱。One fan of Windows 8 is Joe Simon, chief technical officer of Advance Publications Inc.#39;s Condé Nast, the New York publisher of Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines. #39;I think it#39;s the best operating system we#39;ve seen out of Microsoft for a long time,#39; he said.《名利场》(Vanity Fair)和Vogue杂志的出版方、Advance Publications旗下纽约出版公司Conde Nast的首席技术长西蒙(Joe Simon)是Windows 8的粉丝。他说,我觉得它是很长时间以来微软推出的最好的操作系统。To save money, Condé Nast has stuck with 11-year-old Windows XP for most of the company#39;s 3,000 Windows users, and Mr. Simon said he is enthusiastic to move to Windows 8 #39;as soon as possible.#39; The company has about 5,000 iPads in use; Mr. Simon said he is #39;agnostic#39; about whether he will try to shift those iPad users to Windows tablets.为了省钱,Conde Nast公司11年以来一直坚持让其3,000名Windows用户中的多数人使用Windows XP。西蒙说他非常希望公司尽快改用Windows 8。该公司有5,000部左右的iPad正在使用;西蒙说他“不知道”自己是否会试图让这些iPad用户改用Windows平板。Spending on Windows devices still dwarfs the iPad, though use of Apple#39;s device is growing at a rapid clip. Forrester estimates business spending on iPads will total nearly billion this year, a 76% jump from 2011. Spending on Windows-based computers is projected to dip 3% to 4 billion.企业采购Windows设备的花费仍然远高于iPad,不过iPad的使用正在快速增长。据Forrester估计,今年企业iPad出总额将接近100亿美元,较2011年增长76%,而Windows电脑出总额预计将为1,240亿美元,下降3%。Microsoft and PC makers that are developing tablets to work with its new software say they offer a key advantage: the ability to run popular business software such as Microsoft#39;s Word and Excel. Microsoft also says its software is better at letting technology managers electronically send new software applications to hundreds of Windows computers, or wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen tablet.微软和开发Windows 8平板电脑的PC制造商说,Windows 8有一个至关重要的优势:它可以运行微软Word和Excel等流行企业软件。微软还说,Windows 8还使技术管理人员能够更加方便地通过网络将新的软件应用发送到数百台Windows电脑上,或从丢失、被盗的平板电脑中擦除公司数据。#39;It#39;s the tablet enterprise customers have been waiting for,#39; said Mr. Visser of Microsoft.微软的维瑟说,这是企业客户一直在等待的平板电脑。There is pressure for companies to shift from Windows XP, since Microsoft plans to end extended support for the software in April 2014. Yet Barclays Capital, in surveys of corporate chief information officers, says it has found more desire for customers to upgrade to Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 over the next year.企业也有升级Windows XP的压力,因为微软打算在2014年4月结束对这款操作系统的后续持。但巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)在对企业IT负责人的调查中发现,未来一年用户更愿意升级为Windows 7而不是Windows 8。 /201210/204696

When James Cameron was about 14, he embarked on his first underwater mission. Well, not Cameron so much as his mouse. He put it in his homemade submersible and watched it sink to all of four or five feet into Chippawa Creek, in the Canadian suburbs of Niagara Falls. The mouse survived, so the missions got bigger and bolder. Last year, Cameron, 58, became the first-ever solo explorer to touch the bottom of the Pacific Ocean at the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the deepest surface on Earth. Since then, he has done something possibly more extraordinary: Earlier this week, he donated the submersible and all the related technology to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a private research operation in Cape Cod, where he will also join its Board of Directors and a new robotics team.大概14岁时,詹姆斯·卡梅隆就进行了他的首次水下任务。当然,下水的不是卡梅隆,而是他的老鼠。他把那只老鼠放在他自制的潜水艇里,然后看着它沉入加拿大尼亚加拉瀑布附近的奇帕瓦河河底。这条河总共只有四五英尺深。那只老鼠活了下来,因此卡梅隆的潜水任务越做越大、越做越勇。去年,58岁的卡梅隆成为首个独自下潜至太平洋马里亚纳海沟“挑战者深渊”底部的探险家。那里是世界海洋的最深处。此后,他做了一件可能更加不同寻常的事情。三月底,他把这个深潜器和相关技术都捐献给了伍兹霍尔海洋研究所(Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)。这个私人研究所位于科德角(Cape Cod),卡梅隆将加入该研究所的董事会和新的机器人研究团队。Cameron#39;s move is a rare one. While the frontiers of exploration have been carried out largely in the private sector over the past decade -- Richard Branson#39;sVirgin Atlantic, Elon Musk#39;s Space X, and the like -- the machines and technologies involved are often billionaire playthings, shrouded in mystery and intellectual property rights. The moneyed moguls themselves have tended to be less than civic-minded with their toys. After Steve Fossett became the first person to circumnavigate the world by balloon, in 2002, he donated his capsule to the National Air amp; Space Museum, where it has been on display since. He did not give it to meteorologists to dissect.卡梅隆此举很少见。10年来,前沿探险主要由私营公司进行,例如理查德·布兰森的维珍航空(Virgin Atlantic)和埃伦·穆斯克的太空探索技术公司(Space X),相关的设备和技术常常是富豪们的玩物,披着神秘和知识产权的面纱。富豪们往往不会把他们的玩具捐赠给科研机构。2002年,斯蒂夫·福赛特成为搭乘热气球环游世界的第一人。后来,他把这个热气球吊舱捐赠给了美国航空航天物馆(National Air amp; Space Museum),一直展出至今。他没有把它交给气象学家去分解剖析。In prepping for his deep-sea dive, Cameron did a test run of sorts at the New Britain Trench, in the Solomon Islands of Papua New Guinea. He was amazed at how little scientific data there was on the trench. ;We#39;re always talking about space,; he said recently at a meeting of the Explorers Club in New York, ;and I loved sci-fi and I thought space was it too. But there#39;s an alien world right here on Earth, in the oceans.; Cameron drove home the point: ;We say we#39;ve been to the bottom of the ocean. But that#39;s like parachuting into a cornfield in Nebraska at midnight, walking around for a few hours with a flashlight, and saying you#39;ve explored America. We need more.;为了做好深海下潜的准备,卡梅隆在巴布亚新几内亚的所罗门群岛新不列颠海沟进行了海试。之前有关这条海沟的科学数据如此之少,令他吃惊不已。“我们总是在讨论太空,”最近他在纽约探险者俱乐部(Explorers Club)的一次会议上说。“我喜欢科幻小说,我觉得太空也充满了科幻的感觉。但在地球的海洋里就存在着这样一个外星世界。”卡梅隆一钟见血地指出:‘我们说,我们已经到达了海底。但这好像是在午夜空降到内布拉斯加州的某块玉米地,拿着手电筒在四周围走了几个小时,然后就说已经探索了美国。我们需要更多信息。“Cameron#39;s submersible, the Deepsea Challenger, is valued at around 0 million, much of which Cameron paid for out-of-pocket. It is the kind of devotion to brand-new gadgetry that is virtually nonexistent in academic and publicly funded circles. By contrast, ALVIN, researchers#39; go-to deep-sea submersible, was decommissioned for a refit in 2010 after five decades in the field. ;It#39;s like adding a jet engine to a propeller fleet,; said Andy Bowen, Woods Hole#39;s director of its National Deep Submergence Facility.卡梅隆的“深海挑战者”(Deepsea Challenger)号深潜器价值大约1亿美元,其中很多都是卡梅隆自掏腰包。这就像是致力于一种在学术圈子和公募圈子里几乎不存在的全新玩意儿。相比之下,科研人员的“阿尔文”(ALVIN)号深潜器在役50年后,在2010年退役进行改造升级。“这就像是把喷气发动机安装到螺旋桨飞机上,”伍兹霍尔海洋研究所的国家深潜设备主管安迪·鲍文说。The Deepsea Challenger dove to approximately 10,900 meters; current standard-issue research equipment can only go to 6,500 or 7,000 meters, Bowen said. ;It#39;ll help us transform from a Lewis amp; Clark approach to one of holistic, constant observation,; he added. Agreeing with Cameron#39;s cornfield quip, Bowen said, ;So much of what we#39;ve done has just been Sputnik stuff, showing off for that moment, for the bragging rights. But it didn#39;t really yield good scientific data.;鲍文指出,“深海挑战者”号下潜了大约10,900米,而目前的标准版科研深潜器只能下潜6,500到7,000米。鲍文说:“它将帮助我们从Lewis amp; Clark观察方法过渡到全方位不间断的观察。”他赞同卡梅隆的那个玉米地的比喻。“我们做的很多事情都是像前苏联第一颗人造卫星那种东西,只是为了一时的荣耀和权利的宣扬,并没有真正带来有用的科学数据。”Bowen said that aly he was planning on using some of the Deepsea Challenger#39;s technology on existing missions in coming weeks. But, he noted, ;how it#39;s going to help explore the ocean is really a work in progress at this point, to be frank.; When federal scientists work with a submersible designed for human occupancy, such as the three-person ALVIN, it requires strict certification. Cameron#39;s device operated outside of that bureaucracy, meaning it#39;s uncertified technology. ;This is a prototype,; said Susan Avery, the president of Woods Hole. ;It will take a lot of work to take it from what it is to what we want it to be, which is a practical workhorse.;鲍文说,他打算在今后几周里把“深海挑战者”号的部分技术用于现有任务。但他指出:“坦白地说,目前我们还在研究,它到底将如何帮助我们探索海洋。”如果美国联邦科学家要使用载人潜水器,例如可搭载三人的“阿尔文”号,需要严格的审批。卡梅隆的深潜器是在美国联邦政府管辖范围之外的地方使用,意味着它的技术未经美国政府审批。“这是个原型机,”伍兹霍尔海洋研究所的所长苏珊·艾弗里说。“还需要做很多工作才能把目前的它变成我们想要的它。这是个非常实际的累活。”Avery was quick to point out, though, that ;this kind of public-private partnership is the new normal. It#39;s a wonderful opportunity. But there are also not many other opportunities.;但艾弗里很快就说到了点子上:“这种公私合作已经成为新的常态。这是个好机会。但其他的机会并不是很多。”In the age when America#39;s space shuttles are all mothballed in museums while other nations boast of plans to head to the Moon or to Mars, Cameron#39;s ocean deal provides cold comfort. Even the mega-rich have needed help of their own; Fossett#39;s capsule, Air amp; Space dutifully notes, is officially called The Bud Light Spirit of Freedom.如今,美国的航天飞机全部都被封存到物馆里,而其他国家也都在大张旗鼓地宣传自己奔向月球、奔向火星的计划。因此,卡梅伦在海洋探索事业上的捐赠并不能带来太多安慰。就连这些超级富豪们自己都需要帮助。美国航空航天物馆恰如其分地宣布,福赛特的吊舱已经被正式命名为“自由精神萌芽之光”(The Bud Light Spirit of Freedom)。 /201304/233787Volvo will next week unveil its first new model under Chinese ownership, a make-or-break model for the Swedish carmaker in its bid to almost double its sales by the end of the decade.沃尔沃(Volvo)下周将发布被中国企业收购后的第一款新车型。该车型将决定这家瑞典汽车制造商能否到2020年时将销量提升到之前的接近两倍。The launch of the XC90, a large SUV designed to compete with the BMW X5 and Audi Q7, is being hailed by Volvo executives as part of a rebirth of the company since it was sold by Ford to China’s Geely in 2010.沃尔沃将要发布的是新一代XC90,这是一款旨在与宝马X5 (BMW X5)和奥迪Q7 (Audi Q7)一决高下的大型运动型多用途车(SUV),沃尔沃高管们将其誉为2010年后公司复兴计划的一部分。2010年,沃尔沃被福特(Ford)卖给中国的吉利(Geely)。Under a bn investment programme since then, Volvo has designed a new chassis and engines to replace components it used to share with Ford.在易主后,沃尔沃通过一项110亿美元的投资计划设计了新的底盘和引擎,以替换此前与福特车型共用的部件。“It’s also a symbolic car from that point of view. It is the biggest proof and evidence of what we are all about. If this doesn’t work we have an issue,” said Alain Visser, Volvo’s head of sales and marketing.“从这个角度来说,它还是一款具有象征意义的车,最大限度地明和表明了我们的特色。如果这也行不通,那我们就有麻烦了,”沃尔沃销售与营销高级副总裁阿兰#8226;维瑟(Alain Visser)说。The Swedish carmaker has struggled for much of the past decade with stagnating sales of about 400,000 vehicles a year – well below the 1.6m recorded by luxury carmakers such as BMW and Audi. But under Geely’s ownership it now has a target of reaching 800,000 cars by 2020 and achieving a profit margin of 8 per cent, after losses in several recent years.在过去10年的很大一部分时间里,停滞不前的销售额让沃尔沃苦苦挣扎,约40万辆车的年销量远低于宝马、奥迪等高端汽车制造商160万辆车的年销量。不过,被吉利收购后,虽然近几年出现了亏损,但沃尔沃现已制定了到2020年时年销量达到80万辆以及利润率达到8%的目标。“Volvo are a bit of an in-between carmaker,” said one investor active in the automotive sector. “They don’t sell as much as BMW or Audi but they also price their cars somewhere in between the mass market and premium manufacturers.”“沃尔沃有点像一家夹在中间的汽车制造商,”一名活跃于汽车领域的投资者说,“他们卖的车没有宝马或奥迪多,但他们车的价位也处于大众市场和高端制造商之间。”The XC90 will be priced between 50,000 and 100,000 and is touted by the Swedish carmaker as the first model priced directly against equivalents from Germany.新一代XC90的价格将在5万欧元到10万欧元之间,沃尔沃宣称这是首款直接针对德国同级别车型定价的车型。“The ambition with this car is to close the gap. Pricing can only be increased by more attractive cars,” said H#229;kan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive.“这款车的目标是缩小差距。只有推出更多有吸引力的车才能提高定价,”沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)说。The SUV is seen as crucial for Volvo’s prospects in China and the US, where sales have been falling for the past decade. Normally available as a seven-seater, it will be available with four seats especially for the Chinese market after the input of Li Shufu, the chairman of both Volvo and Geely.过去10年,沃尔沃在中国和美国的销量一直在下降。人们认为新一代XC90对沃尔沃在这两个市场的前景至关重要。这款车通常配置7个座位,在得到沃尔沃和吉利共同的董事长李书福的意见后,这款车将特别为中国市场推出4座车型。Thomas Ingenlath, head of design, said Volvo had learned to value the importance of the back-seat passenger from its Chinese owner.沃尔沃设计高级副总裁托马斯#8226;英根拉特(Thomas Ingenlath)表示,沃尔沃从吉利那里学到了要重视后排座的乘客。 /201408/321903

Today’s consumers want everything faster. Just like they always have.如今的消费者什么都想越快越好,从来没变过。“Why can’t you just wait for a baked potato?”“你连烤马铃薯都不能等吗?”That was my grandmother speaking to my father, probably in 1984 or 1985. He had been trying to convince her to purchase (and use) a microwave oven. She wasn’t having it. Not so much because of radiation fears, but rather because a baked potato was supposed to take nearly one hour to cook in a conventional oven. She eventually relented. Got a remote control for the TV too.这是我奶奶对我父亲说的话,时间大概是在1984或1985年。父亲一直想说奶奶买一台微波炉来用,但奶奶当时并没有被说,不是因为害怕辐射,而是因为她觉得烤马铃薯就应该在传统烤箱中烤一小时。不过最终她还是让步了,还给电视配了一个遥控器。I was reminded of this today when ing Liz Gannes’ discussion of the instant gratification economy, otherwise known as the “Uber for X” phenomenon. The notion of ‘on-demand’ shifting from the virtual to the physical. She wonders if it’s just a Bay Area bubble, or if ordinary America is on the verge of a mobile-induced lifestyle change.我想起这件事,是因为今天读到了利兹o加恩斯探讨“即时满足经济”(又称“Uber for X”现象)的文章。“随叫随到”的概念从虚拟变成了现实。加恩斯在想,到底这只是旧金山湾区的泡沫,还是普通美国人也正处在手机引发的生活方式变革的边缘。There also have been various stories over the past few months about how all of this is a reflection of our collective laziness. Or of short attention spans. Or of millennial self-indulgence.过去数月发生的各种不同的故事,都折射出我们的集体惰性,或者是注意力难以持久,又或者是千禧世代的自我放纵。But it doesn’t seem to me that today’s ‘instant gratification’ technologies are scratching any different itch than did that microwave oven or remote control. Let alone the airplane, automobile, dishwasher, gas grills, McDonald’s, word processing software or countless other innovations that have become part of almost everyone’s daily lives.不过在我看来,今天的“即时满足”技术和以前的微波炉或遥控器没有什么分别,更别提飞机、汽车、洗衣机、燃气烤架、麦当劳、文字处理软件,或者是其它无数的创新。这些创新已经成了几乎所有人日常生活的一部分。The most pervasive consumer tech advancements always have been about speed and efficiency. Nearly two decades before Fidelity Investments pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into Uber, the firm created black car service Boston Coach. Same pain point and founding rationale, just executed differently. Did people worry when Boston Coach launched that we were too lazy to wait for a taxi outside of the airport, or so isolated that no friends or family were willing to pick us up? And, if so, is there anyone today who still would decry call-ahead airport pickup services?最有渗透力的的消费者技术进步总是与速度和效率有关。在富达投资(Fidelity Investments)向Uber注资数亿美元之前约20年,Uber就创建了提供黑色轿车务的波士顿轿车(Boston Coach)公司。出发点和创建的依据都一样,只是实施方式不同。在波士顿轿车成立时,有人担心过我们太懒,连在机场外等出租车都不愿意,或者是我们太孤僻,没有朋友或家人愿意来接我们吗?即便如此,现在还会有人谴责机场预约接机务吗?As time becomes a more and more precious commodity — particularly with technology blurring many of our home/work lines of demarcation — it isn’t surprising that we continue to ask technology to take over some of our more mundane tasks (particularly if that technology creates new service jobs). Yes, there can be inherent value in doing things for yourself, but there also can be more value in spending 15 extra minutes in the office or playing with your kid or sleeping. Picking up your own dry-cleaning isn’t exactly the same as learning to fish.随着时间成为越来越宝贵的商品——尤其是在技术已经将很多家庭和工作界线变得模糊不清时——不断让技术替我们承担更多的日常事务(特别是在技术可以创造出新的务岗位时),也就不足为怪了。没错,自己亲手做些事情可能有其内在价值,但是腾出额外15分钟来工作、陪孩子玩耍或者睡觉,可能更有价值。去干洗店取衣和学习钓鱼完全是两码事。Which brings us back to my grandmother. Or actually my grandfather, in this case. When he was a first-generation American teenager in the 1930’s, he worked in his dad’s small grocery store. One of his jobs was to take telephone orders from customers, and then walk (or possibly bike) the orders to customer homes. Things are changing. But not quite so much as we might all think…又回到我奶奶的例子,准确的说应该是我爷爷。在20世纪30年代,我爷爷是第一代在美国出生的青少年。他在他父亲的小杂货店工作,工作任务之一就是从客户那里接收电话订单,然后走路(也可能是骑车)按订单送货上门。世事总在变化,但这变化并非总是像我们想象的那样巨大…… /201408/319407More than 350,000 gamers from across Europe (and some from North America and Asia) have made the annual pilgrimage to the quaint German city of Cologne, which has a population of just over 1 million. Activision used the convention to debut its multiplayer gameplay for Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, allowing attendees hands-on access to the November 3 release.超过35万的欧洲玩家(还有一些北美和亚洲玩家)带着朝圣般的心情,赶赴人口刚过100万的德国科隆市,参加一年一度的游戏盛会。美国动视(Activision)在展览中首次公布了Sledgehammer Games工作室的多人游戏《使命召唤:高级战争》(Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare),现场玩家亲身体验了这款将于11月3日正式发布的游戏。The global battle for the living room continued in Germany with Sony announcing it 2has sold 10 million PlayStation 4s worldwide. To keep that momentum going, Sony announced a number of exclusive new titles at the show, including the action game Hellblade from developer Ninja Theory, the open world adventure game Wild from Rayman creator Michel Ancel, the shooter Alienation from Housemarque, and Q Games genre-bending The Tomorrow Children. Microsoft announced that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second game in the rebooted Lara Croft franchise, will be an Xbox exclusive in 2015. Xbox will also be getting another big sequel next year with Halo 5: Guardians.索尼(Sony)宣布,其游戏主机Playstation 4s已经在全球售出超过1,000万台,这预示着对玩家客厅的争夺战今年将继续上演。为了维持增长态势,索尼在展会上发布了一系列独家游戏,包括Ninja Theory开发的动作游戏《地狱之刃》(Hellblade),《雷曼》(Rayman)制作商Michel Ancel开发的开放世界式冒险游戏《荒野》(Wild),Housemarque开发的射击类游戏《异化》(Alienation)以及Q版游戏《明日之子》(The Tomorrow Children)。微软则发布了由Square Enix和Crystal Dynamics制作的《古墓丽影:崛起》(Rise of the Tomb Raider),这是劳拉o克罗夫系列重新启动后的第二部作品,将在2015年于Xbox平台独家发布。Xbox在2015年还有另外一款游戏大作的续集《光晕5:守护者》(Halo 5: Guardians)。One of the more unique games announced at Gamescom was Silent Hills, the latest sequel in Konami’s bestselling horror franchise (which has also spawned two films). The world of gaming and movies combine in this new game, which is being developed by Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain creator Hideo Kojima and Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro. The game will star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.而在科隆游戏展上正式宣布的特色作品中,《寂静岭》(Silent Hills)的最新续集赫然在列。这是科乐美(Konami)最为畅销的恐怖题材游戏(还据此改编成了两部电影)。世界级游戏和电影专家,《合金装备5:幻痛》(Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)的制作者小岛秀夫,以及《环太平洋》(Pacific Rim)的导演吉尔莫o德尔o托罗在这部游戏中强强联手。曾出演美剧《行尸走肉》(The Walking Dead)的影星诺曼o瑞杜斯将在游戏中担纲主角。Here are our top picks for games that debuted at Gamescom 2014.以下是我们精选的本届科隆游戏展最值得关注的新游戏。Life Is Strange《生活真奇怪》Developer:Dontnod Entertainment, Square Enix开发商:Dontnod Entertainment、Square EnixConsoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4, PC游戏平台:Xbox One、Xbox 360、PS4、PS3 、PCRelease date: 2015发布日期:2015年In some ways, Life Is Strange couldn’t be more different than Dontnod Entertainment’s sci-fi action game Remember Me, but in other ways, the episodic adventure game is similar. Both games use Unreal Engine 3 technology to create beautiful worlds to explore. And both titles also feature a strong female protagonist. Set in Arcadia Bay, Oregon, players take control of teenager Max Caulfield and embark on an adventure that will span five interactive episodes.从某些方面来看,《生活真奇怪》(Life Is Strange)与Dontnod Entertainment的科幻动作类游戏《勿忘我》(Remember Me)是两款截然不同的游戏,而从另一些方面来看,这两款章节式的冒险游戏十分类似。两款游戏都采用了虚幻3引擎(Unreal Engine 3),打造了美轮美奂的游戏世界供玩家探索。这两款游戏的名字也都有非常具有女性特征的主角。《生活真奇怪》的故事发生于美国俄勒冈州的阿卡迪亚湾,玩家将操纵青年马克斯o考菲尔德,开始一段包含有五个章节互动剧情的冒险。Along with her friend Chloe, Max is out to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of fellow student Rachel Amber. With an indie-film feel and an eclectic soundtrack, Life Is Strange stands out from other games by blending the angst of being a teenage girl today with life-and-death situations, and the ability to rewind time. While this gameplay mechanic has been used in many games before, this take on time manipulation feels as unique as the American characters the French developer has created.马克斯将与她的朋友克洛伊一起,揭开她的同学雷切尔o安布尔神秘失踪背后的真相。游戏具有电影的体验感,配有不拘一格的原声,将当下年轻女孩的焦虑与生死攸关的情境结合了起来,再加上了时光倒流的能力,这一切使得这款游戏脱颖而出。尽管该作品中采用的机制在其他游戏中曾经用过,但由法国开发商制作的美国风格游戏,还是让这种定时操作有耳目一新的感觉。Quantum Break《量子破碎》Developer: Remedy Entertainment, Microsoft Studios开发商:Remedy Entertainment、Microsoft StudiosConsoles: Xbox One游戏平台:Xbox OneRelease date: 2015发布日期:2015年Helsinki-based developer Remedy Entertainment has blurred the line between Hollywood and games with previous incarnations Max Payne and Alan Wake. Now the studio is combining next-generation visuals with the tension and drama of scripted television. Set in the university town of Riverport, Quantum Break puts players in control of Jack Joyce and Beth Wilder, a pair of ordinary people who are given the extraordinary power to manipulate time after an accident that creates a time rift. Time will randomly break down during the game, which causes disasters in the environment that pause, stutter, rewind and freeze. Fans of Max Payne’s bullet time will see new strategies emerge with gunfights involving time-amplified combat as the player fights against the Monarch Corporation. In addition to the virtual storyline, the game features custom live action storytelling that’s personalized based on the decisions one makes.位于芬兰赫尔辛基的开发商Remedy Entertainment通过之前的作品《英雄本色》(Max Payne)和《心灵杀手》(Alan Wake)模糊了好莱坞和游戏之间的界限。如今,这家工作室将次世代的图像技术与紧张气氛和电视剧剧本结合了起来。故事设置在Riverport大学城,玩家将控制杰克o乔伊斯和贝斯o怀尔德。这两人原本是普通人,但在一次导致时间裂缝的意外中,他们获得了操纵时间的超能力。在游戏过程中,时间体系会随时崩溃,导致环境中的时间暂停、断续、倒流和冻结。玩家在游戏中会与帝王联盟(Monarch Corporation)展开对抗,喜欢《英雄本色》中子弹时刻的玩家,可以在放大时间因素的战中寻找新的战略。除了虚拟的故事情节,游戏还采用了定制的实景真人叙事模式,根据玩家的不同选择将产生不同的后果。ScreamRide《ScreamRide》Developer: Frontier, Microsoft Studios开发商:Frontier、Microsoft StudiosConsoles: Xbox One, Xbox 360游戏平台:Xbox One, Xbox 360Release date: Spring 2015发布日期:2015年春季The developer behind Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Elite: Dangerous is taking the theme park business to the extreme in ScreamRide. The game lets players build outrageous roller coasters, thrill rides and attractions from the ground up and then take them for a test run. The game offers three ways to play: Engineers can construct elaborate rides that test the boundaries of physics and g-forces; Scream Riders get on these rides and experience the thrills and spills first-hand – sometimes resulting in untimely deaths; and Demolition Experts can use any means necessary to tear down an entire amusement park. With classic PC games like Roller Coaster Tycoon now playable on smartphones, this next generation of thrill-ride creator is a welcome interactive experience. It’s always fun to build, ride and destroy roller coasters – and ScreamRide offers plenty of ways to share the thrills with your friends.为Kinect开发《迪斯尼乐园大冒险》(Disneyland Adventures)和《精英:危险》(Elite: Dangerous)的开发商在ScreamRide中,将主题乐园经营发挥到了极致。玩家可以在游戏中建立夸张的过山车、云霄飞车和其他游乐设施,并进行试运营。游戏有三种玩法:工程师可以建设复杂的飞车,测试物理和重力极限;“尖叫骑手”则乘坐这些飞车,直接体验这种惊险与刺激——这有时会直接导致游戏人物死亡;而拆除专家可以用任何必要手段拆掉整个游乐园。随着《过山车大亨》(Roller Coaster Tycoon)等电脑游戏移植到了智能手机上,这一款次世代的过山车游戏可以让玩家有着时尚的互动体验。建设、体验和拆除过山车总是很有趣的,而ScreamRide则提供了多种方式,让你与朋友们共享这种兴奋之情。Until Dawn《静待黎明》Developer: Supermassive Games, Sony Computer Entertainment开发商:Supermassive Games、Sony Computer EntertainmentConsoles: PlayStation 4游戏平台:PlayStation 4Release date: 2015发布日期:2015年Yelling at the screen to tell the female protagonist not to go downstairs alone at night will no longer be futile. In this interactive horror game, you control all the action. The story, which was crafted by filmmakers Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick alongside game developers Supermassive Games, traps eight friends in a remote mountain getaway with a psycho on the loose. The game stars a Hollywood cast that includes Brett Dalton (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) and Rami Malek (Need for Speed). Players will take control of each of the characters as they explore the creepy world and try to survive until dawn. No one is safe from death. And every choice made in the game will result in a different experience. The script was over a thousand pages long, opening up hundreds of different endings for players to explore. The Butterfly Effect technology ensures that no two games will be played the same. The one constant is that the game is scary. Don’t play this one alone or in the dark.在屏幕前对女主人公大喊“不要在深夜独自下楼”,不再是徒劳无用的了。在这款互动式惊悚游戏中,玩家可以控制游戏人物的行动。游戏的剧情由电影制片人拉里o法森顿和格拉哈姆o雷兹尼克与游戏开发商Supermassive Games精心打造。故事中,八位好友被困在遥远的山区度假村,还有一名不受限制的精神病人。游戏群星云集,其中包含《神盾局特工》(Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)的演员布雷特o道顿,美剧《纳什维尔》(Nashville)的演员海顿o潘妮蒂尔和《极品飞车》(Need for Speed)的演员拉米o马雷克。玩家将控制各个角色探索这个恐怖的世界,试图在黎明到来时存活下来。没有人是安全的。在游戏中,每一个决定都会导致不同的结果。游戏剧本长达一千余页,拥有数百个不同结局等待玩家发掘。蝴蝶效应使得游戏不会有相同的剧情,而唯一不变的是,这款游戏十分惊悚。不要独自一人或是在深夜里尝试它。 /201408/323627随着美国失业率接近两位数,就业机会不断减少,而限制移民的呼声却越来越高。持加强相关法规的人士甚至主张美国公民应该得到第一优先的就业机会。奥巴马政府已表示下半年将会推动综合移民改革方案,但目前还不清楚是否会通过相关立法及会对技术移民带来什么影响。一个悬而未决的问题是如何定义“技术”移民。尽管许多政治家会持相关吸引受教育良好的高收入人才的政策,但对于持H-1B签来纽约工作的外国人,争议却越来越多。Skilled Immigrants on Why They're Leaving the U.S.Lured by the prospect of climbing to the top of his field, New Delhi native Swaroop Ganguly came to the U.S. 10 years ago and earned a PhD in electrical and computer engineering(电子及计算机工程学士学位) from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005. He became an expert in an emerging technology called spintronics(自旋电子学), used to power semiconductors(半导体), and worked at several chip companies, including Freescale Semiconductor(飞思卡尔半导体). But Ganguly, now 32, is moving back to India this summer. Although he has been doing postdoctoral work at the University of Texas, he figures his prospects for research and professional development are probably better in his home country. "I feel quite excited about going back," he says. Ganguly has aly accepted a job as a professor of electrical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology(印度技术学院), Bombay. The position will pay a fraction of the salary he had been earning in the private sector—about ,000 compared with 0,000—but it will offer considerably more job security and the freedom to do the exploratory research he wants to do. "The real lure of being in the U.S. is to do really innovative work, but the space for that seems to be shrinking," he says. "The Indian government is putting a huge amount of funding into science and technology, so even if they can't pay high salaries, it's an attractive prospect." Ganguly is one of a number of highly skilled immigrants preparing to leave the U.S. as the nation's economy slows. With the U.S. unemployment rate approaching double digits(两位数), job opportunities are diminishing and calls to restrict immigration have gotten louder. Those who favor tightening the rules argue that U.S. citizens should get first priority for jobs. A Blow to Prospects for Economic Recovery(打击经济复苏前景)But the issue is tricky when it comes to the most educated and skilled immigrants—people like Ganguly. When well-paid individuals leave the country, that cuts into aly depleted tax revenues for state and local governments. The departure of top talent in technology and science may also undercut the prospects for a recovery in the U.S., many economists say. These immigrants often start companies and come up with technological breakthroughs, creating new job opportunities for all. "We benefit from a flow of really smart people coming here to work in our companies and start new ones," says David Hart, a professor of public policy at George Mason University in Arlington, Va., who co-authored a study on immigrant entrepreneurship(企业家) released this month. "It's important that the U.S. remain a magnet for people who fuel innovation and growth." The Obama Administration has said it will push for comprehensive immigration reform later this year, but it's unclear if any legislation will pass or how it would affect skilled immigrants. One unresolved issue is how to define a "skilled" immigrant. While many politicians would support policies to attract the most educated and highly paid, there is more controversy over foreign workers who come into the U.S. on H-1B visas, which require only a bachelor's degree and, in many cases, modest salaries. Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Senate immigration subcommittee, said in June that U.S. policy will aim to "encourage the world's best and brightest individuals to come to the U.S. and create the new technologies and businesses…but must discourage businesses from using our immigration laws as a means to obtain temporary and less expensive foreign labor." Other Lands of Opportunity: China and India(另外的机遇之地:中国和印度)Advocates for skilled immigrants emphasize the value they create and warn against developing overly restrictive policies. Dr. Jan Vilcek, a professor of microbiology at New York University School of Medicine(纽约大学医学院), defected from (流亡)Czechoslovakia in 1964 and is now renowned in his field for treatments he developed for chronic illnesses such as Crohn's disease. He co-founded a New York-based nonprofit called the Vilcek Foundation to enhance the public profile of exceptional immigrants. "Foreign-born entrepreneurs and scientists are a tremendous asset to the U.S. economy," Vilcek says. "It is tragic that bureaucratic obstacles are preventing more talented and motivated people from helping to get us out of the economic slump." For now, economic woes—and to a lesser extent, immigration policies—are the most acute problem driving departures from the U.S. A study by Duke University professor and Harvard researcher Vivek Wadhwa, for example, found that among Chinese nationals who emigrated to the U.S. and later returned home, 72% said they thought professional opportunities were better in China. Among Indians who returned home, 56% said the same of their country. Wadhwa estimates that as many as 200,000 skilled workers from India and China will go home over the next five years, compared with roughly 100,000 over the past 20 years. "We're in a recession, and there is enough good talent now [in the U.S.], but long term, it will hurt like you won't believe," says Wadhwa, who is also a BusinessWeek.com columnist. "Losing critical talent means arming the U.S.'s competition. The next Google (GOOG), Microsoft (MSFT), or Apple (AAPL) could be launched in Shanghai or Bangalore." Green Card Applicants Have a Long Wait(绿卡申请者的漫长等待)Kapil, a 33-year-old software consultant for IBM (IBM) in Silicon Valley(硅谷), shares Vilcek's frustration. (Kapil asked that his last name not be used out of concern for his job.) He joined IBM in 2001 with the hope of gaining permanent residency(永久居住权) in the U.S. so he could ultimately start his own company. IBM filed an application for his green card for permanent residence in 2004, and he has yet to receive it. Due to limits that allow for just 9,800 green cards per year per country, the wait for people from India and China can be up to 10 years. Kapil estimates that his five-year wait could stretch into 7 or 10. In the meantime, he remains on an H-1B visa tied to IBM, where he must keep the same position to remain in the green card queue. He's earning six figures now, he says, but suspects he could earn more if he had the freedom to change jobs. "I'm not allowed to advance, and it's really frustrating," says Kapil. "At this point, I'm losing my patience." Kapil is eager to found a startup(新的开始). He has developed the technology for an online job-search engine that taps into social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. He says he is considering launching it from India. "Most likely, I am heading back," he says. "In a way, I feel cheated. I've contributed, paid taxes, and even picked up a California accent. But it's not enough." Arun Kumar, 30, is also in the U.S. on an H-1B visa and is considering moving to Canada. Kumar, who lives just north of Philadelphia, works for a U.S. bank and is helping to develop a startup within the company. His employer, the name of which he asked not be used, put in his application for a green card last year. Kumar realizes that it could take years for his application to move through the queue, and he's growing restless to start his own business. He has the capital to launch his product, an educational tool to help sixth- to eighth-graders learn math and science. But he doesn't want to do so in the U.S. because assuming a new job or even changing titles within his own company would nullify(无效) his existing green card application. Kumar and his wife are now considering moving to Toronto, where they could more quickly become permanent residents. "I feel restricted here," says Kumar. "I understand the U.S. has a responsibility to its citizens, and I understand its dilemma. But the country would be better off if it could isolate and identify skilled workers who want to come here and build things and welcome them in." Keke View:绿卡(green card)是一种给外国公民的永久居住许可。持有绿卡意味着持卡人拥有在签发国的永久居留权,同时,持有绿卡可以在一定时间内免去入境签。   绿卡这个词起源于美国,因为最早美国的永久居留许可是一张绿色的卡片,随着设计的变化已经更新了19个版本,现在它已经是一张白色有黄绿色花纹的塑料卡片,但是绿卡这个名称一直被保留了下来。其他国家沿用美国的说法,也会将本国的永久居留许可俗称为绿卡。 /200907/79499

Alibaba has finally made its entrance. But for Yahoo investors, the exit beckons.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)终于登场。然而对雅虎(Yahoo)投资者而言,退场的铃声响起了。Alibaba Group Holding filed for an initial public offering late Tuesday. Shares of Yahoo, which owns a 22.6% stake in the Chinese e-commerce giant and has been the primary way for U.S. investors to participate in its growth, slid the following day.阿里巴巴集团周二晚间提交了首次公开募股(IPO)申请。雅虎股价第二天便下滑。雅虎持有这家中国电子商务巨头22%的股份,也是美国投资者分享阿里巴巴增长的主要途径。Alibaba#39;s filing showed it had 231 million active buyers and sales of 8 billion across its three retail sites in 2013. It also disclosed that last month, the company valued itself at 1 billion, including stock-based compensation and the conversion of certain preferred shares. Analyst estimates for its valuation range from 6 billion to 0 billion. Beyond that, though, the filing was scant on details investors crave, such as a breakdown of Alibaba#39;s individual business units and more information about affiliate Alipay.阿里巴巴的文件显示,2013年该公司三个零售网站共有2.31亿活跃买家,交易额总计为2,430亿美元。阿里巴巴还披露,上个月该公司对自身的估值为1,210亿美元,其中包括股票薪酬和某些优先股的转换。分析人士预计其估值在1,360亿美元至2,500亿美元之间。但除此之外,阿里巴巴的文件缺乏投资者渴望了解的细节,比如阿里巴巴各项业务的细分和有关付宝(Alipay)业务的更多信息。In summary: Alibaba is just as huge as everyone thought it was.总的来说:阿里巴巴的规模之巨与所有人想像的一样。That is actually underwhelming for Yahoo#39;s investors because Alibaba has aly juiced the U.S. company#39;s shares. These are up 122% over the past two years, against 38% for the Nasdaq Composite. Alibaba#39;s growth explains most of this given that Yahoo#39;s core Internet advertising business has faced declining revenues.这对雅虎的投资者来说实在不算什么,因为阿里巴巴早已推高了雅虎的股价。过去两年中,雅虎上涨了122%,同期纳斯达克综合指数升幅为38%。鉴于雅虎核心互联网广告业务的收入一直在下滑,阿里巴巴的增长是促成雅虎股价上涨的主要原因。Granted, Yahoo only has to part with about 9% of Alibaba in the IPO. It can retain the rest of its stake, the value of which could continue to bolster its stock.当然,雅虎在阿里巴巴IPO过程中只需出售约9%的股权。雅虎能够保留剩下的持股,而这部分股份的价值或继续撑雅虎股价。At that point, though, investors will be able to own Alibaba directly. An added incentive to lose the middleman is the fear that Yahoo#39;s investors won#39;t see much of the Alibaba sale proceeds. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has said Yahoo would be #39;good stewards#39; of its capital and continue its strategy of making acquisitions, leaving other moves--buybacks, perhaps?--up to the discretion of its board.但阿里巴巴上市时,投资者就可以直接持有该股。抛开雅虎这个中间人的进一步动因是外界担心,购买雅虎的股票不如直接投资阿里巴巴更能从后者的销售业绩中受益。雅虎的首席执行长玛丽莎#12539;梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)曾表示,雅虎将是资本的“好管家”,将继续执行其收购策略,并保留采取其他行动(可能是指回购)的余地。所有这些都将取决于董事会的考量。Alibaba#39;s filing merely confirmed the excitement aly baked into Yahoo#39;s valuation. It has also brought home the reality that Yahoo#39;s days as a Chinese e-commerce tracking stock are numbered.阿里巴巴的上市申请只是印了雅虎价值中已经体现的欣喜。但同时也让人意识到这样的现实:即雅虎作为一只中国电子商务巨头追踪股的日子已经屈指可数了。 /201405/296885The Air-powered Batteries空气动力电池IBM released its annual ;Next Five in Five; list. Five innovations, including air-powered batteries,3D cellphones as well as ;adaptive traffic systems,; could be expected over the next five years.美国IBM公司发布了一年一度的;未来5年5项预测;。未来5年中出现的5项创新包括空气动力电池、3D全息摄像头手机以及;适应性交通系统;等,非常值得期待!Today#39;s batteries could be replaced by batteries ;that use the air we breathe; and that will ;last about 10 times longer than they do today;. In some cases, batteries may even disappear in smaller devices, according to IBM.如今的电池将被以空气为动力的电池所替代,而其电池寿命也将是今天电池寿命的10倍。IBM称,在某些情况下,较小的设备甚至不再需要电池。Holographic cameras will become widesp. And 3D and holographic cameras that fit into cellphones allowing chat with ;3D holograms of your friends in real time.;全息摄影将得到普及。装载有3D全息摄像头的手机将使人们可以与好友实时进行3D全息视频聊天。;Adaptive traffic system; adopts new mathematical models and predictive analytics technologies to deliver the best routes for daily travel. It will learn traveler behavior to provide more dynamic travel safety and route information to travelers than is available today.适应性交通系统使用创新的数字模型和预测分析技术为人们每天出行提供最便捷的路线。它将会了解出行者的行为,从而给人们提供比现在更动态更安全的防护措施以及路况信息。In addition, according to 18M, better ways to recycle heat and energy from data centers will be found to ;heat buildings in the winter and power air conditioning in the summer; during the future five years. The last but not the least, ;citizen scientists; will emerge in five years, with sensors in cellphones, cars and wallets collecting data for research.此外,IBM还称,在未来的5年内,数据中心运作时散发的热能将会被更好地循环利用,并且可以做到冬天为建筑物供暖,在夏天为空调供电。最后一点也不容小觑机、汽车以及钱包中的传感器可以随时收集数据以供研究。 /201410/334006

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