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Just over a month after Rupert Murdoch surprised his wife of 14 years with divorce papers, Wendi Murdoch has switched lawyers, a move signaling that the separation could take an acrimonious turn.Mrs. Murdoch has hired William D. Zabel, a well-known New York trusts and estates lawyer who has represented several women in their divorces from wealthy businessmen, including Jane Beasley Welch during her contentious split from John F. Welch, the former chief executive of General Electric.A spokesman for Mrs. Murdoch, Christopher Giglio, confirmed the hiring of Mr. Zabel, but otherwise declined to comment.Mrs. Murdoch had been represented by Pamela M. Sloan, who advised Mrs. Murdoch on her prenuptial agreement with Mr. Murdoch in 1999, when the couple married in front of 82 guests on board his 155-foot sailing yacht, the Morning Glory.But since then, Ms. Sloan had become friendly with the Murdochs, and Mrs. Murdoch decided that she wanted more independent counsel, said a person with direct knowledge of the case who like many people declined to be identified discussing personal matters.Ms. Sloan did not return a request for comment.Although the Murdochs signed a prenuptial agreement and two postnuptial agreements delineating the separation of assets in the event of a divorce, there are a number of areas that remain up for negotiation, said people with knowledge of the case who spoke only on the condition of anonymity.For one, there are the custody arrangements and child support for their daughters, Grace, 11, and Chloe, 9, these people said. Because they are not binding on the court, custody arrangements and child support are rarely part of prenuptial agreements, and are often used by the less-moneyed spouse as leverage in negotiations.Other issues that could be contended include the division of certain assets, like their Fifth Avenue penthouse and the yacht, on which Mrs. Murdoch, 44, and her daughters are currently vacationing in the Caribbean.There is also the contentious issue surrounding the Murdoch family trust. Mr. Murdoch surprised his wife in 2006 when he announced during a television interview with Charlie Rose that Grace and Chloe would have the same economic interest in the family’s trust but not the same voting rights as his four children from his previous two marriages.The slip almost created a separation, and prompted Mrs. Murdoch to negotiate more favorable terms for her daughters, according to people close to the couple.Mr. Zabel, an expert in trust law, is expected to examine the soundness of the trust structure.“Even with the most sophisticated couple, unless you have perfect 20/20 foresight often some issues can arise that weren’t taken into consideration and are prime for negotiation,” said Paul M. Talbert, a divorce lawyer at Donohoe Talbert in New York, who is not involved in the Murdoch case.Representing Mr. Murdoch, 82, in the divorce proceeding is Ira E. Garr of the law firm Garr Silpe. But Mr. Murdoch is also relying heavily on the advice of Gerson A. Zweifach, the general counsel of both News Corporation and 21st Century Fox, as the newly separated companies are now known. Mr. Murdoch’s 1998 divorce from his second wife, Anna, cost more than 0 million in cash.A company spokeswoman has said the divorce will have no effect on either company.Shortly after a visit to the couple’s Northern California home in June, Mrs. Murdoch returned to New York to learn that Mr. Murdoch had served her with divorce papers, according to several people close to the couple who would not discuss their private matters for attribution.Mrs. Murdoch, after interviewing about eight different lawyers, including leading members of the matrimonial bar like Robert Stephan Cohen and Peter E. Bronstein, chose Mr. Zabel. Initially, Mrs. Murdoch did not have time to screen potential divorce lawyers and turned to Ms. Sloan, a trusted confidante, by default.The core of Mr. Zabel’s practice at the law firm Schulte Roth amp; Zabel is advising wealthy clients like George Soros and the Lehman family, drafting their wills and trusts and advising on estate planning. But he also handles messier matters for his clients; in 2010, for instance, he represented the estate of his longtime client, the Palm Beach philanthropist and investor Jeffry M. Picower, in a .2 billion settlement with the federal government over claims related to money that he received from Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.There is also the occasional divorce assignment. Much of the time, Mr. Zabel will play the role of mediator, and has peaceably settled the divorces of the late author Michael Crichton, the radio host Howard Stern and the New York Jets owner Robert Wood Johnson IV.But at times, he has been involved in nasty marital spats, like that of Ms. Welch, whose marriage collapsed after she discovered her husband’s dalliance with the journalist Suzy Wetlaufer. The divorce was fiercely litigated and settled on the courthouse steps in 2002 only after Mr. Welch agreed to pay Ms. Welch several hundred million dollars.More recently, he represented Christina Lurie, the former wife of the Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, who divorced after 20 years of marriage. Ms. Lurie remained a part owner of the team.Because he keeps divorce representations to a minimum, Mr. Zabel often refers cases to his former wife, Eleanor B. Alter, herself a prominent matrimonial lawyer in New York. /201308/250776

继允许议员们携带iPad和智能手机等高科技电子产品进入上议院之后,近日英国上议院又有官员建议让议员们学会玩“愤怒的小鸟”之类的电脑游戏,以帮助他们尽快掌握高科技产品的使用方法。据悉,允许议员携带高科技产品进入议员是英国上议院IT革命的第一步,议员可通过便携设备随时查看议会文件等资料,由此提高辩论效率,让传统的上议院也进入21世纪。不过,自该政策实行以来,不少议员对于高科技便携设备的使用并未有长进,所以才有了这样的提议。有议员表示这样的建议纯属“胡扯”,并指出如果议员连掌握便携设备的能力都没有,他就不应该进入上议院。同时,也有议员担心这样的做法会让议员对高科技产品和游戏上瘾,进而在上议院会议中分心。  Amid fears Lords may struggle with iPads, it has been suggested they have 'Angry Birds' lessons to get to grips with the technology.  Allowing iPads into the chamber was supposed to drag the House of Lords into the 21st century.  But it turns out peers aren't quite y for the IT revolution – with the result that remedial classes in computer games have been prescribed.  To the anger of traditionalists, officials have suggested teaching the noble lords how to play games such as Angry Birds to improve their technological know-how.  It follows the controversial decision by the Lords administration and works committee to allow handheld devices including tablets and smartphones into the chamber for a one-year trial.  Officials said they could provide peers with relevant ‘parliamentary papers and other documents’ during debates.  But amid fears the Lords may struggle with the devices, one committee member suggested they should get ‘Angry Birds lessons’ so that they ‘really understand what this stuff is all about’.  Tory peer Lord Tebbit criticised the idea as ‘nonsense’. ‘If peers haven’t got the brains to work out how to use the devices themselves, they shouldn’t be in here,’ he added.  ‘I am concerned that while iPads can help Lords find information during debates, they will end up paying more attention to them than what is going on.’ /201108/150735

Last week we questioned just how bad China#39;s slowdown really is, concluding that it#39;s probably worse than the official numbers are showing. This week brings more confirmation that the Middle Kingdom is struggling. 上周我们还在问:中国的经济减速到底有多严重?然后得出了真实情况很可能比官方数据糟糕这样的结论。本周我们进一步确认,“中央王国”的日子很不好过。 China#39;s Shanghai Composite index, one of China#39;s two key stock barometers (the other being the Hang Seng) keeps setting fresh multi-year lows. It was up today, but is sitting around more than three-year lows. 上综合指数(中国两大重要股指之一,另一个是恒生指数)连创多年新低。周二,上综指有所上涨,但仍徘徊在三年多来的低位。 It#39;s been on quite a roller coaster ride, more than quadrupling between 2005 and 2007, only to crash 70% through 2008. It rebounded into 2009, but has been steadily falling since then, down about 40% since July 2009. 中国股市的起伏就像是坐过山车,2005年至2007年大涨了三倍不止,2008年暴跌70%,2009年有所反弹,但之后便稳步下跌。上综合指数较2009年7月已下跌了40%左右。 Meanwhile, after their own precipitous post-2007 crashes, U.S. stocks have rebounded smartly. As opposed to the Shanghai, which never got within spitting distance of its 2007 highs, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Samp;P 500 are both only about 10% off those former highs. 反观美国股市,2007年后经历了几次暴跌,之后便大幅回升。与上综指从未升至2007年高位附近不同,道琼斯工业股票平均价格指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)和标普500指数(Samp;P 500)距各自高点均只有约10%的距离。 Which index is the better barometer? Oh, is that a ,000 question. 哪个指数是更好的晴雨表呢?这可是个很难回答的问题。 #39;The Shanghai Composite#39;s drop in October 2007 was the first shot across the bow of foreign bourses accurately cautioning that a global economic meltdown was ahead, and, as such, we should pay attention to the Shanghai Composite#39;s price action and what it might be signaling for global growth,#39; wrote Doug Kass, a hedge-fund manager at Seabreeze Partners. 海风资产管理公司(Seabreeze Partners)的对冲基金经理卡斯(Doug Kass)写道:上综合指数2007年10月的下跌是对海外股市发出的第一个准确预警,告诉我们不久后将出现全球经济衰退;正因如此,我们应关注上综指的价格波动以及它给全球增长带来的警示。 #39;To this observer, the body of evidence continues to suggest a developing harder landing than the consensus expects from this important economic growth driver of the world.#39; 卡斯写道:对于上综合指数这位观察员来说,有据在继续表明,全球经济增长重要推手中国的着陆可能比外界普遍预计的更“硬”一些。 It#39;s showing up in the results of at least one major Chinese company, the big state-owned shipper Cosco, which is staring at its second consecutive year of losses. An ill-timed expansion for Cosco is running aground as the economic tide goes out. 这一点至少可从中国远洋(Cosco)这个国有大型船运公司的业绩上得以体现。该公司即将发布一份巨亏报告,而且该公司有可能迎来连续第二年的亏损。经济退潮时,中国远洋因不合时宜的扩张而搁浅。 Almost perversely (and we have another post on this coming), the drop is just encouraging some investors to pick up the purported bargains. Dow Jones FX Trader#39;s Nicole Hong writes: 吊诡的是,一些投资者受上综合指数下跌的鼓舞,正在进行所谓的“抄底”。道琼斯外汇新闻务FX Trader的Nicole Hong写道: Instead of viewing the deterioration as a sign to get out of the battered Chinese market, the now discounted valuations are driving in more foreign investors. This month, foreign investors became net buyers of Chinese equities in consecutive weeks for the first time since February, with Chinese equity funds pulling in .22 million in the two weeks up to Aug. 22, according to fund tracker EPFR Global. 人们非但没有将上综合指数下跌看作是逃离遭受重创的中国市场的信号,反而有更多外国投资者在逢低买入。外国投资者本月成为自今年2月以来首个连续数周净买入中国股票的投资者。据基金研究机构EPFR Global统计,在截至8月22日的两周内,中国股票型基金吸引了9,822万美元的海外资金流入。 The Shanghai#39;s tremors in 2007, even as it was vaulting higher, were one definite red flag (no pun intended) that most people missed. 上综合指数2007年的震动绝对是个危险信号(尽管该指数当时还在上涨),只是大多数人都没注意到。 Is history repeating? 历史会重演吗? /201208/197271

  The past fifty years has been characterized by the explosive growth in urban population and car use. Urbanization is now heavily influenced by the car. The private cars’ unlimited use has a negative effect on society and the economy. The resulting consequences of this are well known: greater car dependence and increased transport costs.过去50年是以城市人口和汽车使用的爆发性增长为特征的。现在城市化深受汽车的影响。私家车的无限制使用对社会和经济有一定的负面影响。由此产生的后果众所周知:更多的汽车需求和运输成本的增加。Citizens today realize that their future depends on the decisions made by politicians responsible for urban planning and the mobility measures put in place by them. To ensure access to all the activities on offer and still respect the environment, car use in cities must be mastered and priority be given to public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.现在,城市居民意识到他们的未来取决于政府对城市规划和对流动性措施实施的决定。为了确保所有活动的进行和注重环境保护,城市用车必须控制,并且道路优先权给使用公共交通的人、步行者和骑自行车的人。 /201212/211848

  Consumer goods in India.印度的日用消费品。Seducing shoppers in Sticksville.吸引小城市消费者。India#39;s small towns are the next frontier.下一个前沿阵地:印度的小城市。GROWTH in India is slowing. The economy expanded at an annualised rate of 5.3% between January and March, the slowest for seven years. Shoppers are scrimping. Sales of consumer durables fell by 10-15% in the year to March 2012, executives say. Indian factories cranked out 30% fewer air conditioners and 15% fewer colour televisions, official data show.印度的经济增长正在放缓。在一月到三月间,经济年均增长率为5.3%,是七年来的最低值。消费者越来越省吃俭用。管理层说,今年到三月间,耐用品的销量下降了10%至15%。 据官方数据显示:印度生产的空调数量下降了30%,电数量下降了15%。Yet there is a bright spot: small-town shoppers are starting to splurge. Godrej, a family-owned conglomerate, saw its sales of white goods drop by over a tenth in big cities in the past fiscal year. But sales in towns of less than 100,000 people rose by 19%, and in villages by over 40%. Bajaj, another conglomerate, says small-town and rural sales have risen handily in recent years, to a quarter of its home-appliances business. Sales of motorbikes and mopeds have decelerated more gently than cars, an urban luxury.但也要看到光明之处:小城市的消费者开始大方起来。上一个财政年度里,家族企业Gofrej集团在大城市的家用电器销量下降了十分之一。但是人口少于十万人的小城市里的销量却上升了19%,在乡村,这一数字上涨了40%。另一家大型企业巴贾杰指出,近年来,小城镇和农村地区的销量不断上升,达到了其家用电器总份额的四分之一。汽车是城市里的奢侈品,尽管托车、小机动车和汽车的销量都有所下降,但不及汽车销量下降的迅速。;As far as I am concerned, the slowdown is not having an effect,; beams C.S. Gurubaran, as he plies customers with fizzy drinks in his home-appliances shop in Chengalpattu. Two years ago Mr Gurubaran would sell a dozen washing machines a month at most in this dusty town of 64,000 people in south India. He now sells that many a week. Fridges, food processors and fans are also shifting more quickly. A bride#39;s parents often buy a whole set of white goods as a dowry.;在我看来,增长放缓还没有开始产生后果,;C.S古鲁巴朗笑着说,在帕图(地名)的家用电器店里,他用汽水来招待顾客。两年前,在这个印度南部仅有64000人口的灰蒙蒙的小城里,古鲁巴朗每月最多卖十几台洗衣机。现在,冰箱,食品加工机和风扇的销量增长更加迅速。新娘的父母通常都买一整套的家用电器作为嫁妆陪嫁。Government subsidies, good monsoons, high land prices and a low reliance on credit have thus far sheltered these consumers. Chengalpattu#39;s shoppers are mostly farmers who benefit from government-fixed floor prices for crops. Some have also made big sums by selling fields to developers. Poorer shoppers from nearby villages make money from a government scheme that guarantees 100 days of work a year.这些消费者拿着政府的补助,得益于充沛的雨季,高额的地价,他们对于信贷的依赖程度很低,这些都使他们免于经济增长放缓的影响。帕图的顾客大都是农民,他们享受政府制定的粮食底价。一些人因将地卖给了开发商而赚一大笔钱。附近村子的人们要穷一些,政府一项政策规定:只要他们保一年工作满一百天,就能挣到钱。Such subsidies and schemes pushed up rural incomes by 12% last year, according to Kotak Institutional Equities, a broker. Rural incomes have grown more rapidly than urban ones since 2008.据经纪公司Kotak Institutional Equitie研究机构称, 这些补助和计划推动了农村地区居民收入上涨了12%,从2008年开始,农村地区的收入比城市收入增长的要快。Indian firms sense a fortune to be made by selling rustic folk their first fridges. Shekhar Bajaj, the head of Bajaj Electricals, the wing of the conglomerate that sells home appliances, wants to start reaching rural buyers directly and cutting out costly middlemen (such as Mr Gurubaran). Last year Mr Bajaj launched a chain, Bajaj World, mostly for rural areas. It now has 11 stores, one in a town of just 20,000 people. Mr Bajaj hopes to have 70 by next spring. ;We never looked at these markets…[but] a couple of years ago we started looking at this because we need to continue to grow,; he says.印度的企业已经隐隐地嗅到了商机,他们将冰箱卖给乡下人从中获利。巴贾尔家用电器是巴贾尔集团最为重要的下属公司之一。其总经理卡尔?巴贾尔筹划通过直营的方式将电器卖到农村顾客的手上,撇除要抽取大量费用的中间商(例如古鲁巴朗先生)。巴贾尔先生建立了一条名为;巴贾尔世界;的销售链瞄准农村地区。 现在,它共有11家门店,其中有一家开在了仅有20000人口的小城,巴贾尔先生希望明年春天开到70家门店。他表示;此前,我们从没有注意过这些市场,(但是)几年前,为了保持继续的增长,我们开始寻找新市场;Godrej is pushing even deeper into the hinterland, trying to reach villages with as few as 5,000 people. It is also designing washing machines with manual motors and tiny fridges for homes with unreliable electricity.戈德尔正努力将生意扩展到那些只有5000人小村子的穷乡僻壤去。同时,它还为那些居住在电力不稳定地区的家庭设计了手动驱动的洗衣机以及微型电冰箱。Foreign firms such as Samsung and Panasonic are following suit. Mahesh Krishnan, who heads Samsung#39;s home-appliances division in India, hopes to increase the firm#39;s presence in rural shops by a fifth in time for November#39;s Diwali festival, a big shopping season. Foreign firms typically have skimpier distribution networks than their local rivals, but their products are more popular where they are available. A foreign brand is often a status symbol.诸如三星、松下等外国企业也紧随其后。三星印度地区家用电器负责人麦海士?克里斯南希望在11月大型购物节-排灯节之前,将其在农村地区的份额提升五分之一。外国企业的分销渠道确实不如印度本土企业的多,但他们的产品在出售地区却更加受欢迎。外国品牌通常是身份的标志。As India gets richer, rural folk are becoming more entwined with the national economy. Ramesh Iyer, the managing director of Mahindra amp; Mahindra Financial Services, a rural lender, now has 2m customers, twice as many as he had in 2008. ;As they move up the chain, the demand for credit will only get higher,; he says. ;They are getting aspirational.;印度变得越来越富,乡下人和国家经济的联系越来越紧密。农村借贷机构马辛德拉 amp; 马辛德拉金融务的总经理拉梅什?伊艾现在有200万名客户,这一数量是他在2008年的客户数量的两倍,;当他们在产业链上向上移动的时候,信贷的需求就随之增加;他说道,;他们现在雄心勃勃;Chengalpattu#39;s shopkeepers are upbeat. A motorcycle vendor says families are buying one bike per adult, rather than one for everyone to share, as they did a few years ago. Mr Gurubaran has started stocking 3D televisions that cost 95,000 rupees (,700) a pop. Viewers will doubtless see even more new products to crave.帕图的店家都很兴奋。一位经营托车的店主说现在每家都是成年人人手一辆车,而不是像十几年前一样,每家只有一辆,大家合伙骑。古鲁巴朗也开始进了3D电视的货,每台要95000卢比,(1700美元)。毫无疑问,看电视的人将看到更多想买的东西。However, rural shoppers cannot always be relied on to splurge. Their wealth often depends on handouts rather than increased productivity. A poor monsoon curbs spending for a whole year—light rains in June are causing jitters, though the forecast for the whole year is still good. Life in small-town India may be better, for now, but it is precarious.然而,不能总是指望乡下人会大手笔买东西。他们的收成是看老天的眼色,而不是依赖增长的生产力。一个糟糕的雨季会让一家人一年的生活都很拮据--尽管整年的预报总体上是好的,但六月里,零星的雨点就会使人们精神紧张。现在,印度的小城市的生活可能已经大有改善,但仍过的是提心吊胆,忧心忡忡的日子。 /201208/194541。

  Until a few years ago, Vietnam was one of the world#39;s hottest emerging markets. Now it faces an urgent task: fix a beleaguered banking system or watch its economy continue to slip behind faster-growing neighbors. 直到几年前,越南还一直是全球最热门的新兴市场之一。如今,越南面临着一个紧迫的任务:修复满目疮痍的体系,否则就只能眼睁睁看着经济继续下滑,落后于经济增长越来越快的邻国。 Piles of bad loans following the financial crisis have dragged down growth in Vietnam and left banks weakened and reluctant to lend. 金融危机过后堆积如山的坏账拖累了越南的经济增长,导致越南的体系被削弱,不愿意放贷。 The government recently acknowledged that nonperforming loans-many made to inefficient state-owned companies-could be as high as 10% of the banking system, substantially higher than reported by individual banks. Fitch Ratings analysts think the number is as high as 15%. 越南政府近期承认,体系当前的坏账水平可能高达10%(其中的大量坏账来自运营不善的国有企业欠下的贷款),这一比例远远高于个别录得的数据。惠誉国际评级(Fitch Ratings)的分析师认为,这一比例实际上可能高达15%。 A record number of firms are declaring bankruptcy, and in the sprawling urban areas encompassing Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the landscape is littered with stalled construction projects as builders run out of cash or put on the brakes as demand for condominiums and office space dries up. 宣布破产的公司数量创下新高。在包括河内和胡志明市在内的大片城市地区,到处都是已经停工的建筑工地,原因可能是建筑商缺少资金,或是对公寓楼和办公楼的需求枯竭让他们踩了急刹车。 Vietnam fought off rumors in recent days that it was seeking an International Monetary Fund bailout for its banking system. An IMF spokeswoman said no requests for aid had been made. State Bank of Vietnam Deputy Gov. Le Minh Hung said in a statement on the government#39;s website that the country had no intention of seeking a rescue. 越南最近驳斥了有关该国正在寻求国际货币基金组织(International Monetary Fund, 简称:IMF)救助其体系的传言。IMF的一名发言人说,越南没有提出援助请求。越南央行(State Bank of Vietnam)副行长黎明兴(Le Minh Hung)在政府网站上的一份声明中说,越南没有寻求救助的意向。 However, the IMF and others have been advising Vietnam on how to implement a domestically financed bailout that would restore its banks to health. In its latest economic review the fund said that #39;quick and comprehensive action#39; was needed to solidify weak banks and put the economy on more solid ground. 不过,IMF和其他组织过去一直在就如何实施一项国内出资的救助计划向越南提供建议,该救助计划旨在使恢复健康。IMF在最近的一份经济评估中说,越南需要采取快速和全面的行动加固脆弱的体系,巩固经济基础。 Fears over Vietnam#39;s banks intensified in August when one of the country#39;s most prominent tycoons, Nguyen Duc Kien, was arrested for allegedly improperly lending money to real-estate projects. Efforts to reach Mr. Kien, who now runs a number of private investment funds and owns Hanoi#39;s main professional soccer club, have been unsuccessful. Stocks dropped in the days following the arrest, and the Ho Chi Minh Stock Index is down 18% since the beginning of May. 今年8月,越南最赫赫有名的大亨阮德坚(Nguyen Duc Kien)由于被指通过不正当方式向房地产项目贷款而被逮捕,这加剧了外界对越南业的担忧。阮德坚目前经营着几只私人投资基金,拥有河内一家大型的职业足球俱乐部。记者试图联系阮德坚置评,但没有成功。在阮德坚被逮捕之后的几天,越南的股市出现下跌,自5月初以来,胡志明股指(Ho Chi Minh Stock Index)已经下跌18%。 Vietnam shares fell 2.2% Monday, led by selling in property-related stocks after state media reports suggested real-estate developers are trying to cut prices to boost sales of apartments. 越南股市周一下跌了2.2%,这主要是房地产股的抛售引发的。此前,越南国有媒体报道暗示说,房地产开发商正在试图降价以提振公寓销售。 Economists warn that Vietnam has entered a dangerous cycle where banks, saddled with bad debts, are unwilling to lend, making it harder for businesses to invest. That feeds into slower growth, which in turn makes it harder for companies to pay back loans, again harming the banks. 经济学家警告说,越南已经进入了一个危险的循环,被坏账拖累不愿放贷,导致企业投资更加困难,这助长了经济放缓的趋势,反过来让企业更加难以偿还贷款,从而又使收到伤害。 The result is that Vietnam#39;s economy is likely to grow below its potential for years to come, unless stronger steps are taken to clean up the banks, economists say. 经济学家说,结果是,未来几年越南的经济增长可能要在潜在趋势水平以下运行,除非采取更强有力的措施对进行清理。 #39;I don#39;t think there#39;s any quick fix to a problem like this, as you see in the West. It takes time to work through a solution#39; to a banking crisis, says Gareth Leather, an economist at Capital Economics. He figures Vietnam#39;s economy will grow at closer to a 5% rate in coming years than the 8% the country enjoyed through much of the previous decade. Although higher than growth rates in the West, 5% is considered slow for a developing Asian country like Vietnam and might not be fast enough to generate sufficient jobs to keep its growing population employed. 凯投宏观(Capital Economics)的经济学家莱瑟(Gareth Leather)说,我不认为解决这样的问题存在捷径,我们在西方的所见所闻已经明了这一点;找到解决危机的解决方案需要时间。他认为,越南经济未来几年将会以5%左右的速度增长,过去10年大部分时间里8%的经济增速已经一去不复返了。尽管仍然高于西方的经济增速,对于越南这样的亚洲发展中国家来说,5%是比较慢的,可能无法制造足够的就业机会来满足日益增长的人口的需求。 The government this month revised its forecast for 2012 growth down to 5.2% from 6% previously. 本月,越南政府把2012年的增长预期从之前的6%下调到了5.2%。 Vietnam#39;s leaders have acknowledged that a fix is needed. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in March approved a three-year restructuring plan for the banking sector designed to strengthen the country#39;s largest banks and encourage a series of mergers among smaller lenders, but officials appear uncertain about how to put the blueprint into effect. 越南领导人已经承认,需要找到一个解决办法。越南总理阮晋勇(Nguyen Tan Dung)今年3月通过了一项针对体系的三年重组计划,目的是增强越南大型的实力,鼓励小之间的并购,但是越南官员似乎并不清楚如何实施这一计划。 Plans to launch a #39;bad bank#39; to buy up distressed assets have been discussed, but a foreign investor familiar with government discussions say implementing such a solution is being delayed by Hanoi#39;s lack of expertise in managing a modern banking system. 越南已经讨论了推出一个“坏账”购买不良资产的方案,但是熟悉政府讨论的一名外国投资者说,由于越南政府缺乏管理现代体系的专业知识,实施这样一个解决方案的时机正在被延误。 /201209/199148

  Most Asians feel as though they#39;re poorer than they really are and expect income inequality to climb over the next decade, according to a new survey by Fidelity Worldwide Investment. However, the survey also found that Asians are also generally optimistic about their future, with 90% believing that their children will manage to achieve middle or high income status by dint of good education and hard work.富达国际投资(Fidelity Worldwide Investment)新近进行的一项调查显示,大多数亚洲人感觉自己比真实情况更为贫穷,并且预计收入不平等现象将在未来10年变得更加严重。不过,调查还发现,亚洲人普遍对未来持乐观态度,90%的被调查者认为,他们的子女将会凭借良好的教育和勤奋的工作进入中等或高收入阶层。Those are the findings of a survey commissioned by Fidelity, a global asset management company, which was carried out this spring in ten cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai and New Delhi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo.这项由全球性资产管理公司富达国际进行的调查于今年春天在10个城市展开,这些城市包括北京、上海、孟买、新德里、香港、台北、新加坡、首尔、悉尼和东京。Among the 5,186 respondents, a majority of 66% described themselves as middle-class, though they often had difficulty defining what that meant. The survey also found that 86% of Asians have trouble identifying how rich or poor they are relative to others, with 66% of such respondents believing they are relatively poorer than in fact they are.在5,186名受访者中,66%的人认为自己属中产阶级,不过他们往往并不清楚中产阶级的含义。调查还发现,86%的亚洲人不知道相对于他人来说,自己的贫穷或富裕程度如何,在这类受访者中,有66%的人认为他们比实际状况更加贫穷。Fidelity#39;s Betty Ng, director of Fidelity#39;s Asia-Pacific investment communications, says that the findings suggest Asians may face challenges in their future investment decisions, causing them to be overly cautious or too quick to embrace risk. For example, she notes, China has ;a long history of being a poor country, so some people have a very conservative mindset of wanting to guard their wealth; a fact that may complicate China#39;s efforts to boost domestic consumption to drive its economy. While some investors may be overly cautious, she notes that others will tend to swing to the other extreme. ;There#39;s also the possibility that they feel so insecure that they want to make quick bets quick bets and big bets to catch up with their peers,; she says.富达的亚太投资信息总监吴玉慈(Betty Ng)说,此次调查结果显示,亚洲人未来在投资决策方面可能会面临着一些挑战,他们有可能过于谨慎,或是缺乏必要的风险防范意识。她举例说,中国拥有很长一段作为穷国的历史,所以一些人拥有非常保守的思维方式,他们只是想守住自己的财富──这一点可能会让中国更加难以通过刺激国内消费来推动经济增长。她指出,尽管一些投资者可能过于谨慎,另外的一些人则走向了另一个极端。她说,还有一种可能性是,一些人由于太缺乏安全感,于是就仓促冒险──为了赶上同龄人而大规模地、仓促地冒险。In recent years, Asia#39;s middle class has boomed, propelling a new wave of consumption across the region. For example, though just 21% of Asia was middle-class in 1990, by 2008, that figure had more than doubled to 56%, according to the Asian Development Bank, as defined by people living on between -20 per day. In China, that figure is significantly higher, with data collected by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences suggesting that the middle class grew from 56% of the population in 1995 to 89% in 2007.最近几年,亚洲中产阶级的规模不断壮大,在该地区引发了一轮新的消费热潮。例如,亚洲开发(Asian Development Bank)的数据显示,上世纪90年代只有21%的亚洲人属中产阶级,到了2008年,该比例翻了一番还多,达到了56%。中产阶级的定义是每天的生活消费在2美元到20美元之间的人。在中国,中产阶级的比例大大高于亚洲平均水平,中国社会科学院收集的数据显示,中国人口里中产阶级的比例已经从1995年的56%上升到了2007年的89%。Respondents from region#39;s two biggest emerging economies, India and China, were particularly upbeat about their prospects. ;Indians seem very optimistic about how their income status will change in the next 10 years and how their children will fare,; says Ms. Ng.;Mainland Chinese also tend to have a lot of faith in how they#39;ll move up economically.;该地区最大两个新兴经济体──印度和中国的受访者对于未来前景尤其乐观。吴玉慈说,印度人似乎对未来10年收入水平的变化以及他们子女的生活状况非常乐观。中国大陆的受访者往往也对自己未来的经济状况充满信心。Fully 81% of respondents in Mumbai said they expected their household income to increase in the next 10 years, a sentiment shared by 75% of those polled in New Delhi. Next on the list of most optimistic cities were Beijing and Shanghai, where 65% and 61% of respondents said they expected their household income to go up in the next decade, respectively.81%的孟买受访者说,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增加,新德里的受访者中有75%持同样观点。北京和上海人的乐观度紧随其后,这两个城市分别有65%和61%的受访者表示,他们预计自己的家庭收入未来10年将会增长。;They#39;re hopeful. They seem to feel that the economy will offer them more opportunities,; says Ms. Ng. ;These are people who feel they#39;re in control, that there are things they can do.;吴玉慈说,这些人充满希望。他们似乎相信,本国经济会为他们提供更多机会。他们认为自己可以掌控生活,认为自己可以有所作为。By contrast, more developed economies such as Tokyo and Hong Kong exhibited considerably less buoyancy, with 72% and 61% believing that their household income would stagnate or worsen in the coming 10 years.相比之下,东京和香港等经济更发达城市的人则明显没这么乐观,在东京和香港,分别有72%和61%的受访者认为他们的家庭收入在未来10年会停滞不前甚至降低。The income gap has grown significantly across Asia in the past decade, with the region#39;s overall Gini coefficient岸which captures the degree of wealth inequality岸rising to 0.46 in 2010 from 0.33 in 1990. In response to Fidelity#39;s survey, fully 76% of respondents said that over the coming decade, they expect the wealth gap will only continue to grow.过去的10年里,整个亚洲的收入差距都在大幅增加,该地区的整体基尼系数从1990年的0.33上升到了2010年的0.46。基尼系数是衡量贫富差距的指标。在调查中,有76%的受访者说,他们预计未来10年内贫富差距只会愈加严重。 /201206/188493进入9月,09年的留学已进入尾声,但2010年的申请之战硝烟又起。据统计,50%的中国留学生首选留学目的国是美国,其次是澳大利亚、英国、加拿大等……然而,不论是到哪个国家留学,都必须对这个国家的教育体制、申请条件、今后的发展空间作详尽的了解。有些学生、家长在留学上陷入了误区,盲目跟风,或导致申请失败,或到了国外之后,才发现其所就读的学校对自己今后的发展非常有限,甚至一不小心就步入了“野鸡大学”,在学业难有保障的情况下,最终导致留学的失败。 美国是世界上教育质量最高的国家之一,拥有很多世界著名的大学,其涵盖的课程数量和范围也非常惊人。美国的高等教育因对个人的职业发展有很大的帮助——开阔眼界、了解最前沿知识、培养领导能力、增强竞争力,每年都吸引了来自全世界200多个国家的超过45万名留学生到美国接受高等教育。不过,面对众多的选择,学生首先应该根据官方网站——教育部涉外监管网来确定申请学校的信息,以免误入不具有招收国际学生资质、教育质量难有保的学校。 学制 美国本科无固定年限 大专院校提供二年制课程,颁发文科和理科大专文凭。美国的本科教育(取得学士学位)没有固定的年限,但一般来说学制四年,不同的院校有不同的学年标准。 针对没有语言成绩的学生,美国有很多大学提供“有条件录取”,又称为“双录取”,即学业成绩达到学校录取要求,但语言成绩没有达到,学校可以先录取。学生入学后进行英文测试,如果通过语言测试,有些大学可以直接入读大学课程;若未通过语言测试,则要求学生先修一段时间英文,一旦通过学校规定的英文测试,就可以直接入读大学课程,无需再次申请。此类大学特别适合高三学生,高三学生可以一边办理留学,一般准备高考。高考结束前可以获知美国大学录取结果,若高考不理想,6月底即可以办理美国签,7-8月可参加语言培训,9月初便可赴美留学。 此外,社区大学也是一个不错的选择。社区大学提供2年制副学士学位(Associate Degree)和职业教育课程。社区大学的优势是学费低廉、小班授课、容易转到名牌四年制大学。 美国本科的教育体制非常灵活,第一年一般都不需要确定专业,学生可以多尝试一下不同的科目,从而可以找到自己的真正兴趣所在;美国的大学都以实用性为导向,一般从大三起就帮助学生去企业实习,正是因为如此,那些较好的美国大学毕业的学生一般都能找到一个不错的工作,并且能够较快适应公司环境;还有就是在学习期间,学校会给学生提供大量的实践锻炼机会,如学生社团,各类表演、志愿活动,公司实习等等,参与这些活动,需要学生具备一定的人际沟通交往能力。 研究生申请不纯粹看成绩 在美国的教育体制里,研究生的学制是两年,第一年学的主要是基础课程,第二年就开始专业课的学习。申请美国研究生,首先看学生本科四年的平均分,其次是或雅思成绩,还有GRE或GMAT成绩,最后还要看学生在本科期间是否有跟教授或者导师参加课题的研讨或者参加学校的各种活动。这些都是美国学校录取学生的一个大概衡量标准,因为美国的教育体制很灵活,对学生也很注重全面的素质培养,而不是纯粹看成绩。所以如果有参加各种社会实践,社会或者学校的活动都会对申请学校有帮助。 条件 成绩:或者通过学校语言测试 TOFEL成绩。美国大学对语言要求差异较大,达到学校要求可直接入读大学本科课程,当然申请不同条件的学校考试成绩的要求也不一样。如果没有成绩,可以先入读大学的语言培训班(赴美留学是没有预科班的),通过学校语言测试再开始正式的本科学习。 资金:要求存期达半年以上 美国签要求资金存期达到半年以上,定期存款是最好的个人存款。建议选择的最好是大的国有或股份制。房产、车子、股票、基金都可以作为辅助材料提交,要求必须是原件,这样才真实可信。 学费:公立私立大学差异很大 美国社区学院(两年制学院)的学费在每年3000—10000美元不等,公立大学的学费约为1.1万—2.5万美元不等。公、私立大学的学费差异非常大,再加上生活费、保险费等费用,赴美国留学一年的费用大概在1.5万美元—5万美元之间。 打工 签不同要求不同 美国留学生一般持J1公派学生签、F1私人学生签。持J1签的正式学生每周可工作20小时,但工作性质必须跟其所学专业有关;持F1签的学生每周也可以工作20小时,但工作范围必须在校园之内,学校图书馆、电脑房、餐厅、宿舍都有工作机会。移民局关于每周20小时的规定只是对正式学期而言,在夏天是可以工作40小时的,而且不必限制在校园内。

  A young woman who fell into scalding water under the pavement died after days of fighting for her life at a hospital in Beijing, the Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,北京一名年轻女子坠入热水坑中受伤,数日医治无效后死亡。Yang Erjing, 27, was walking on Beilishi Road in Beijing#39;s Xicheng district on April 1 when a section of pavement collapsed and she fell into 90℃ water, which had leaked from underground heating pipes. Yang suffered serious burns to 99 percent of her body.现年27岁的杨二敬,4月1日在西城区北礼士路行走时,一块路面突然塌陷,她不慎坠入90℃的热水坑中,造成全身99%被严重烫伤。The party responsible for the accident is still unclear as an investigation by Xicheng district#39;s work safety bureau and Beijing District Heating Group is underway.事故责任方尚不明确,西城区安监部门和北京热力集团正对事故进行调查。 /201204/177364





  A new website has been launched to allow university students to meet for casual sex and its designer claims it is being dominated by female students at Oxford.英国新建的一个大学生一夜情社交网站吸引了大批学生注册。其创建者表示以牛津大学女生用户最多。Tom Thurlow#39;s #39;shagatuni.com#39; encourages members to send each other saucy messages and meet up for no-strings-attached liaisons. It allows users to post a Facebook-style profile which explicitly advertises what they are looking for in a sexual partner.这家一夜情网站名为shagatuni.com,由汤姆·瑟罗创建,鼓励用户互相发送色情信息,并为一夜情见面。注册用户还可以拥有Facebook式的个人主页,明确说明理想的一夜情对象的条件。Mr Thurlow claims the biggest uptake so far appears to have been from young women studying at Oxford University. He says statistics show a whopping 722 women from Oxford signed up since the site launched in October.瑟罗表示,目前来自牛津大学的年轻女生注册人数最多。他说数据显示,自网站10月份创建以来,已有722名来自牛津大学的女生注册。But Oxford’s bitter rivals Cambridge University prove to be the most prudish - with the lowest amount of members in the whole country.但事实明牛津大学的老对手剑桥大学却最正经,在全国来看注册人数最少。#39;The site is aimed at 18-30s university students, college students and people who may be friends of students.#39; he said.他说:“此网站主要针对18至30岁的各大高校学生以及大学生朋友人群。”#39;I am not surprised. When I tour the country filming MTV Freshers the Oxford students are always the most wild.“我一点儿也不惊讶。我去很多学校拍大学新生的视频时就发现,牛津大学的学生是最狂野的。”#39;They are always uptight in the day but by night they were always the craziest. It doesn’t surprise me they have the highest proportion of women looking for sex.#39;“白天他们都学习紧张,晚上就变得很疯狂。牛津大学想找一夜情的女生最多,这丝毫不让我惊讶。”The seedy site advertises itself as a space for students to have sex without #39;the strings attached with dating#39;. It boasts 26,933 members with 18,400 men and 8,533 women signing up for membership since it went live two months ago.这家网站宣称自己是为了给大学生寻找一夜情提供空间。自网站建立两个月以来,已经吸引了26933名注册用户,其中男生达1.84万,女生达8533人。Some of the academic members even include naked self portraits and explicit details of where and how they like to have sex.有些学生甚至直接贴出裸照,详细说明了自己想在哪里,以及如何进行性生活。Mr Thurlow, who has never studied at University, said: #39;At uni it is all night parties, partying on a Monday, Wednesday never mind the weekends.瑟罗本人从未上过大学,他说:“在大学里整夜都是派对,连工作日都有,更别说周末了。”#39;People don’t go to university anymore to learn, they just want to have a good time - and part of that is having lots of sex. I think the reason the site is so popular is that students don’t want commitment and they just want a casual lifestyle.“大家上大学不再是去学习,只是想好好享受生活,包括很多性生活。我觉得网站如此受欢迎是因为学生之间不想要承诺,就想要轻松随意的生活方式。”Membership is a one off £5 for men and free for women giving users the chance to message each other, “wink” at each other and arrange to meet.会员费为男性一次性付清5英镑,女性免费。用户可以互发信息,互送秋波,并安排约会。 /201211/210664

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