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芜湖妇幼保健人民中医院男性专科安徽芜湖市男科医院割包皮实用口语:第一次约会如何防止冷场 -- ::1 来源:   第一次约会,一定心潮澎湃、百感交集吧!不过要是心情太激动,头脑可是会变空虚哒,到时候一句话都说不出来可就尴尬了恩,要好好珍惜甜蜜的约会时刻,拒绝冷场!以下是专门教人社交技巧的外国老师所列出的适合首次约会的Conversation Starter:  1. How am I doing so far?  到目前为止我表现如何?(可以用自嘲的口吻说哦)  so far 到目前为止,迄今为止有个很常用的口语叫做:So far so good. 到目前为止一切顺利  . What three words best describe you?  哪三个词能最好地描述你?(我说这个根本是面试的问题吧……)  3. What's the one defining moment of your life so far?  能跟我讲讲你人生中至关重要的一刻吗?  defining moment 关键时刻,决定性时刻相同的用法还有crucial critical decisive moment  . What's one thing you most want to do? (Gather inmation a later date to blow their mind away)  你最想做什么?(注意啦,这可是为下次约会收集信息,到时候可以给对方一个惊喜!)  blow someone's mind (away) - to surprise or excite someone 使某人吃惊或兴奋  5. What's something your friends don't even know about you?  有什么关于你的事是连你朋友也不知道的?  6. What's the baddest dumbest thing you've ever done?  你做过的最糟糕愚蠢的事是什么?(问了对方这样的问题,不妨也谈谈自己那些或滑稽、或尴尬的时刻吧,这样的话题能帮助缓解紧张情绪哟~)  dumb 一般解释为“哑的;不说话的”,在口语里也可表示“愚笨的”既然说到dumb,我们就来看几个关于它的短语吧首先是三种比喻:as dumb as an oyster an ox a fish,字面意思是“像牡蛎公牛鱼一样沉默的确,这三种动物都是不怎么出声的吧,所以这三个短语就是指“很少讲话,沉默不语”另外我们再来学个strike sb dumb,意思等同于strike sb speechless,表示“使某人哑口无言” 防止 如何 约会 口语芜湖弋矶山医院包皮手术多少钱 You Can Have Entertainment at No CostMost of us trade money entertainment.Movies, concerts and shows are enjoyable but expensive.If you think that you cannot have a good timewithout spending a lot of money, on.Little resourcefulness and a few minutes of newspaper-scanningshould give you some pleasant surprises.People may be the most interesting show in a large city.Stroll through busy streets and see what everybody else is doing.You will probably see people from all over the world;you will certainly see people of every age, size,and shape, and you will get a free fashion show, too.Window?shopping is also a safe sport —if the stores are closed.Check the listings in your neighbourhood paper.Local colleges or schools often welcome the public to hearan interesting speaker or a good debate.The film or concert series at the local public libraryprobably will not cost you a penny.Be sure to check commercial advertisements too.A flea market can provide hours of pleasant browsing.Perhaps you can find a free cookingor crafts demonstration in a department store.Plan ahead some activities.It is always more pleasant not to have people in front of youin a museum or at a zoo.You may save some money, too,since these places often set aside one or two free admission daysat slow times during the week.Pretend that you are a tourist from time to time,and get to know your city all over againincluding the indispensable sights that people travel miles to see.If you feel like taking an interesting walk,find a free walking tour,or plan one yourself.You will see your city in a new perspectiveonce you know more about its historyor its architectural treasures.With imagination and a spirit of adventure,you can quite easily find good entertainment at no cost at all. 967口语小词:职场上,你是“睡着的骆驼”吗? -- ::00 来源:   一周五天、每天八小时的工作日对某些极度热爱工作人来说可能太短了,他们有太多的计划要赶,还有很多项目等着他们跟进…所以,他们一周的五天工作日大部分都是早起晚睡、争分夺秒的状态那么他们是怎样保持这样旺盛的精力呢?就是,他们都是sleep camel,这样的人一般都利用周末补充睡眠,积攒能量  Sleep camels are ultra-workaholics who go days without resting, then power-sleep or power-nap most of the weekend in an attempt to to make up it and to store up energy the week ahead.  Sleep camel指那些在工作日争分夺秒工作,睡眠时间很少,到了周末就大睡特睡补充睡眠同时为下一周积聚能量的工作狂  我们都知道骆驼是一种积蓄能力很强的动物,它们可以多日不吃不喝,一旦遇到水草,便大量贮存这里把周末补觉的人称为sleep camel大概也是基于这个相似点吧:可以多日少睡,到了休息的时候就充分补足睡眠、积蓄能量 职场 口语 他们 睡眠芜湖市三山区男科医院男科预约

芜湖韩式包皮整形价格Party animal聚会迷的常用英语口语表达 -01-7 19:: 来源: 学生:Drew,你喜欢聚会吗? Student: Drew.Do you like going to parties? 老师:是的,我朋友说我是聚会迷 Teacher:Yes .My friends say I'm a real party animal. 学生:你们国家里聚会是什么样子的? Student:What's the party like in your country? 老师:你知道,在加拿大,啤酒是很贵的,所以,通常我们都自带酒,这叫BYOB聚会,我们也玩儿一些游戏,有时会玩得很疯 Teacher: Well,you know,Cause beer is very expensive in Canada.We always bring our own beer. It's called BYOB party,and we play drinking games,sometimes it's really crazy. 学生:你们聚会时都干些什么?喝酒吗? Student:What do you do at parties, drinking? 老师:当然,我们喝酒,跳舞,泡妞,开心— Teacher:Yeah,we drink, dance, pick up hot chicks and have fun. 学生:Hot chick是什么意思? Student:Hot chic 老师:漂亮姑娘 Teacher:That means beautiful girls. 学生:校园里有很多聚会吗? Student:Are there lots of parties on campus? 老师:是啊,我们经常考试后聚一聚,你知道我们需要放松,就去泡吧 Teacher:Yeah.We would party after exams.You know we need to relax. So we hit the bars. 学生:Hit是什么意思? Student:Hit? 老师:噢,Hit在这里不是指打的意思,Hit the bar表示我们列一张酒吧的单子,然后挨个去逛 Teacher:Oh! Hit the bars doesn't mean we hit them.It means we make a list of bars and go around them. 学生:噢,谢谢 Student:Oh. Thanks. 老师:没问题 Teacher:You're welcome. 1.BYOB是英语Bring Your Own Beer的首字母缩写由于国外的酒很贵(到5美元或加元),人们会自带酒水,在国外外时可要当心,别轻易向别人要烟或酒,弄不好就会被别人当成 Social smoker或Social drinker,就是那些自己不带烟或不买酒,却总是向别人要的那种人 .Drinking games,国外的drinking games和国内可不一样,有一种游戏是互相问问题,不管多尴尬都要回答,甚至有人会问你:Who did you sleep with last night? 3.Pick up hot chicks中文的直译是泡妞hot chicks是男孩对女孩的称呼,尤其是漂亮女孩儿男孩儿们更常说的是"Let's go to the bar and pick up some hot chicks."绝对地道 .hit the bars不要被hit这个词迷惑,hit the bar在这里就是指去泡吧,hit就是go to的意思另外还有几个跟hit有关的用法,也很常用,比如hit the road表示Let's go. hit the book表示Let's study. hit the sack表示Go to bed. 5.Party animal表示聚会迷,需要注意的是animal表达这种含义时,仅用于这种情况,千万别自创出什么movie animal来,那就出笑话了 英语口语 表达 常用 聚会芜湖市南陵县妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗生殖感染价格 许多人类的痛苦都源于人类自身,源于成年人受幼年时错误成长轨迹的影响而情感不成熟这样的人没有能力尽责地工作,尽责地爱,而是变得贪婪自私、焦虑沮丧、满怀敌意、缺乏安全感 Suffering Is Self-Manufactured by Dr. Leon J. Saul I believe the immediate purpose of life is to live - to survive. All known ms of life go through life cycles. The basic plan is birth - maturing - mating - reproducing - death. Thus the immediate purpose of human life is each individual to fulfill his life cycle. This involves proper maturing into the fully developed adult of the specie. The pine tree grows straight unless harmful influences warp it. So does the human being. It is a finding of the greatest significance that the mature man and woman have the nature and characteristics of the good spouse and parent the ability to enjoy responsible working and loving. If the world consisted primarily of mature persons - loving, responsible, productive, toward family, friends and the world - most of our human problems would be resolved. But most people have suffered in childhood from influences which have warped their development. Hence, as adults they have not realized their full and proper nature. They feel something is wrong without knowing what it is. They feel inferior, frustrated, insecure, and anxious. And they react to these inner feelings just as any animal reacts to any hurt or threat by iness to fight or to flee. Flight carries them into alcoholism and other mental disorders. Fight impels them to crime, cruelty, war. This iness to violence, this inhumanity of man to man, is the basic problem of human life - , in the m of war, it now threatens to extinguish us. Without the fight-flight reaction, man would never have survived the cave and the jungle. But now, through social living, man has made himself relatively safe from the elements and wild beasts. He is even learning to protect himself against disease. He can produce adequate food, clothing and shelter the present population of the earth. Barring a possible astronomical accident, he now faces no serious threat to his existence, except one - the fight-flight reaction within himself. This jungle iness to hurt and to kill is now a vestigial hangover like the appendix, which interferes with the new and more powerful means of coping with nature through civilization. Trying to solve every problem by fighting or fleeing is the primitive method, still central the immature child. The later method, understanding and co-operation, requires the mature capacities of the adult. In an infantile world, fighting may be ced upon one. Then it is more effective if handled maturely mature goals. Probably war will cease only when enough people are mature. The basic problem is social adaptation and biologic survival. The basic solution is people to understand the nature of their own biological emotional maturity, to work toward it, to help the children in their development toward it. Human suffering is mostly made by man himself. It is primarily the result of the failure of adults, because of improper child-rearing, to mature emotionally. Hence instead of enjoying their capacities responsible work and love, they are grasping, egocentric, insecure, frustrated, anxious and hostile. Maturity is the path from madness and murder to inner peace and satisfying living each individual and the human specie. This I believe on the evidence of science and through personal observation and experience. 9芜湖繁昌县男性男子男科医院治疗阳痿多少钱

芜湖霉菌尿道炎现在有消息说克隆人可能比以前所认为的要容易Cloning1) Humans May Have It EasierMost scientists agreed that cloning an entire human being --besides being morally question-able --was fraught with technical obstacles).After all,research into animal cloning has aly shown that there are hundreds of failures,including many badly demed3) creatures that were usually miscarried).Now comes word that it might be easier to clone humans than was previously believed.People have a genetic quirk that might pr event some of the developmental demities associated with animal cloning.One gene,called IGFR,is normally imprinted5) in sheep,cows and mice but not in humans.Human clones would always inherit nonimprinted IGFR genes,so t here would be no chance of a mix-up and,their growth would be normal.But what of the other 9or so imprinted genes?No one knows what trouble they might cause.So the fact that humans have one less imprinted gene than mice,sheep or cows means that human cloning might be marginally easier,but not necessarily safer. 170 结婚 “marry ”的日常英语 -- :51: 来源: 愿意和我结婚吗? Will you marry me? *用于求爱时,男女都可以用 Will you marry me? (愿意和我结婚吗?) Yes, I will marry you. (是的,我愿意) Will you be my wifehusband? (你愿意成为我的妻子丈夫吗?) I want to share the rest of my life with you. (我愿今生今世和你在一起) I want to grow old together. (我愿意和你白头到老) 我还不想订婚 I dont want to get engaged yet. I dont think we should get engaged yet. (我觉得我们还不到该订婚的时候) 我还不想结婚 I dont want to get married yet. I dont want to get married yet. (我还不想结婚) When will you be y? (那你想什么时候呢?) Im not y to settle down yet. Im not y married life yet. 结婚,我还没想过呢 I havent thought about marriage yet. *当对方问到When are you going to get married? (你打算什么时候结婚)时的回答 我爱你,可是不能和你结婚 I love you but I cant marry you. 我还下不了决心和她结婚 I hesitate to marry her. * hesitate“踌躇”、“没心思”、“犹豫” I hesitate to marry her. (我还下不了决心和她结婚) Why? (为什么呢?) Im not sure if I want to marry her. Im hesitant to marry her. 他刚刚结婚 He a newlywed. *newlywed“新婚的人” He looks very happy lately. (最近他看上去好幸福呀) He a newlywed. (因为他刚刚结婚) He is newly married. He just got married. 婚后生活怎么样? How (your) married life? How (your) married life? (婚后生活怎么样?) Not bad. (不错哟) 我们俩都感到很幸福 Were happy together now. 我很爱我的妻子 I love my wife. 我们夫妻俩性格相似 Were two of a kind. *two of a kind“性格相似的人” Were very similar. Like husband, like wife. 我们俩很般配 Were a well-matched couple. 我是个顾家的人 Im a family-centered person. Im a family man. 她想要个孩子 She wants to start a family. 我怀了 Im pregnant. Guess what? Im pregnant. (你猜怎么着,我怀了) Really? (真的吗?) Im going to have a baby. Im expecting. 怀的是男孩还是女孩? What did she have? What did she have? (怀的是男孩还是女孩?) It a girl. (是女孩) 问题总会解决的 We can work it out. 我首先想到的是我妻子 I think of my wife first. My wife is very important to me. Im very close to my wife. 我们夫妻从不吵架 We (as a husband and a wife) dont have any fights. 拖家带口的人 Family man. 日常英语 英语口语芜湖东方泌尿专科治疗生殖感染价格芜湖市妇幼保健院有泌尿科吗



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