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Liao Dynasty辽朝Culture文化Culturally, the Liao achieved mainly in astronomy, the calendar, medicine and architecture.文化上,辽朝在天文学、历法、医药和建筑学方面取得了主要成就。Not only did the Liao calendar keep the best parts of the Central Plain Han calendar,辽历不仅是中原地区汉历的重要组成部分,but also retained some of the special traits of the Khitan people.还保留了契丹人的一些特点。Important achievements were made in acupuncture, pulse-feeling diagnosis, gynecology, obstetrics and preservation of corpses.针灸、号脉问诊、妇科、产科和尸体的保存也取得了重要的成就。The Book of Acupuncture and Pulse-Feeling, written by a celebrated doctor named Zhi Lugu, enjoyed wide popularity at the time.由直鲁古编写的《针灸书》和《脉诀》广受欢迎。The Liao architecture, influenced by the Tang style and accommodating the Khitan customs, achieved its own unique style.辽朝的建筑,一方面受到唐朝风格的影响另一方面又与契丹的风俗相配,形成了自己独特的风格。The Liao honored Confucian philosophy but the rulers patronized Chinese Buddhism.辽尊崇儒家学说,但是执政者却资助中国的佛学。The Khitan dialect and the Han language were the main languages used by the Liao.契丹语和汉语是契丹人的主要语言。 /201511/406487#39;Dinner in the Sky#39; Takes Gourmet Dining To A Whole New Level空中餐厅——把用餐上升到新的高度Two Belgian men have come up with a way to take fine dining to a whole new level - Literally! Diners at their pop-up and franchised restaurants enjoy gourmet meals perched upon floating platforms suspended 180-feet above ground with the help of a giant crane!两个比利时男子把用餐带到了新的高度——这不是比喻,而是事实哦!依靠大型起重机的帮助,人们可以在高达180英尺的空中餐厅享用美食。The inaugural event held above the city of Brussels in April 2007, comprised an ordinary platform suspended in the atmosphere with 22 guests and the chef of the French restaurant Ghysels was trying to promote. It was so successful that the men knew they had a winning concept on their hands. And they were right!两位创始人最初的尝试是2007年4月在布鲁塞尔市开展的:主要通过一个悬挂在空中,坐有22位客人的普通的台面实现。当时法国餐厅的大厨Ghysels也在帮忙极力推荐。这次尝试非常顺利,使得两位创始人心里对日后的成功有了底,事实也明他们是对的!In the past nine years, #39;Dinner in the Sky#39; has delighted over a 1000 guests in 40 countries. The locations range from skies above the bustling Las Vegas strip to the beautiful Dubai Marina and even adjacent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris,France.过去的9年,空中餐厅已经推广至40多个国家,吸引了1000多名顾客来尝试。无论喧闹的、美丽的迪拜,还是法国埃菲尔铁塔附近,都有它的身影。To keep the meals intimate and exclusive, each sitting comprises just 22 guests. Diners are first treated to cocktails and appetizers on the ground. Then they line up at the restaurant#39;s entrance which in this case is a giant roller-coaster-like platform fitted with a securely attached tables and chairs. Once seated the guests are requested to strap on a safety harness and the fun ride begins.为了保持用餐的私密与独特,空中餐厅一次可以坐22名食客。食客们先在地面享用鸡尾酒和开胃菜,随后在空中餐厅入口——由固定桌椅组成的过山车似的台子处坐好后,系上安全带就可以享受上升的乐趣了。Upon reaching the desired height, the visitors spend anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes enjoying a three or four-course meal, prepared by a famous local chef. Some pop-up versions even feature piano players or orchestra bands that entertain guests from their own suspended platforms. To ensure that an errant fork or knife doesn#39;t hurt people on the ground, the space underneath the table is kept clear of all traffic.当到达理想的高度,来自世界各地的食客就可以享受当地名厨准备的美食了。通常,每餐由3-4个主菜组成,用餐时间大概有40-60分钟。有些地方的空中餐厅还在餐桌旁边的台子上设有钢琴或者交响乐团的表演。为了防止空中餐厅的餐具意外伤到地面的人,空中餐台设置时往往会避开地面人群。The 0 fee per guest includes a limousine ride to the restaurant#39;s destination. However, the one thing it doesn#39;t is a trip to the bathroom. For while gastronomic food may be available that high up, restrooms are not!300美元的餐费里还包括豪车接驾到餐厅的务。但是,这可不包括去卫生间的路程。美食也许容易带到高空,卫生间就那么容易了!译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201511/407261Ming Dynasty明朝General概况The Ming Dynasty (1368—1644) followed the Yuan Dynasty and preceded the Qing Dynasty in China.明朝(1368——1644)上乘元朝下启清朝。The dynasty was founded by the Zhu family.这个朝代由朱家创立。Among the populace there were strong feelings against the rule of “the foreigners”,which finally led to a peasant revolt that pushed the Yuan dynasty back to the Mongolian steppes and established the Ming Dynasty in 1368.当时的民众心中对于“外国人”有很强的抵制情绪,这最终造成了农民起义,将元朝击退到蒙古大草原并于1368年建立了明朝。This dynasty started out as a time of renewed cultural blossom: arts, especially the porcelain industry, reached an unprecedented height;这个朝代以一个新的文化繁盛期开始,艺术,尤其是陶瓷工业额达到了前所未有的高度;Chinese merchants explored all of the Indian Ocean, reaching Africa with the voyages of Zheng He.中国商人跟随郑和的船队探索了整个印度洋,一直到达了非洲。A vast navy was built, including 4 masted ships displacing 1500 tons; there was a standing army of 1 million troops.明朝建立了一直庞大的海军,其中包括4艘排水量为1500吨的有桅船只;同时还拥有1000000人马的常备军。Over 100000 tons of iron per year were produced in North China.中国北方每年有超过100000吨的铁被生产出来。Many books were printed using movable type.许多书籍通过活字印刷术得以印刻。Some would argue that Early Ming China was the most advanced nation on Earth.有些人认为早期的明朝是地球上最发达的国度。 /201512/412241

Chinese company SinoFortone Group pledged on Wednesday to invest 100 million pounds (156 U.S. dollars) in the London Paramount Entertainment Resort, a new theme park at Kent county.中国合资企业中富集团周三承诺,将会投资1亿英镑(1亿5600万美元)在美国肯特郡新建伦敦派拉蒙主题度假村The Paramount resort, including hotels, restaurants and bars as well as themed rides and shows, costs a total of 3.2 billion pounds and is expected to open in 2021.派拉蒙度假游乐场包括宾馆,饭店和酒吧还有相关主题设施和表演,预计总花费将达到32亿英镑,并且预期在2021年营业;The resort combines the best of Hollywood through Paramount Pictures, the best of British through the involvement of the B and Aardman Animations and now the best of Chinese construction expertise through SinoFortone Group,; said Nigel Spray, head of principal investments and advisory at Kleinwort Benson.德累斯登的首席投资与咨询顾问Nigel Spray表示:“这将是派拉蒙影视,英国广播公司和阿德曼动画公司与中富集团联手打造的具有美国好莱坞、英国以及中国的建筑风格及特色的游乐园”It is reported that SinoFortone Group is a joint venture between Hong Kong-based Sinolinks Group and Liaoning Fortone Group.据相关报道,中富集团是香港百仕达集团和辽宁富通集团共同建立的 /201510/406324

Find yourself sniffling over a cute puppy ? For some, crying isn#39;t a rare occurrence. The tears can flow for seemingly no reason at all, and although people may accuse you of being too sensitive, experts say there may be an actual scientific reason why you#39;re more tearful than your dry-eyed friends.你是否看着一个可爱小的视频而抽泣?对一些人来说,哭并不是罕见的事。眼泪可以没有任何理由地流下,尽管有人会指责你太敏感了,但专家认为更容易流泪的背后或许是有科学原因的。There isn#39;t a definitive reason as to why some of us cry more than the average person, but experts point to a range of factors including gender and whether a person may have experienced trauma in their past. Men are predisposed to avoid crying, since doing so can interfere with the way peers perceive them.对于为何有些人比普通人更容易流泪,并没有一个确切的原因,但是专家指出了一系列的原因,包括性别和这个人是否在过去经历过一些创伤。男人更倾向于避免流泪,因为流泪会改变同伴对他的看法。And while it#39;s true that some women are more prone to waterworks during that time of the month, other factors that may come into play include birth control pills and hormonal fluctuations that can occur around menopause.另外,尽管女人确实会在每个月的那几天里更容易流泪,其他原因或许也有一定的影响,比如避药和经绝期的荷尔蒙波动。Of course it#39;s also no surprise that if you#39;re bogged down at work and aren#39;t getting enough sleep, that can also play into why your tear ducts are working in overdrive. The solution? Make sure you#39;re getting eight hours of sleep at night and try meditation or yoga to bring stress levels down.当然,如果你事业陷于泥沼或睡眠不足,也可以导致你的眼泪输送管超速传动。那解决措施呢?保每天八小时的睡眠并尝试冥想或瑜伽来降低你的压力水平。But even if you do end up weeping a little too often, don#39;t fret. According to a Health.com article, ;past studies have found that crying can have soothing, mood-boosting effects.;但即使你没有减少流泪的次数,也不要焦虑。根据一篇Health.com的文章,“过去的研究发现流泪可以起到抚慰心灵,振奋情绪的作用。”If your crying is becoming a persistent problem though, talk to your doctor as it may be a sign of depression.但如果流泪已经成为一个持久的问题,最好去看一下医生因为这也许是抑郁症的前兆。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/412808

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