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India has agreed to join the Paris Agreement on climate change this year. 印度已同意今年加入巴黎气候变化协议。In the the international fight to curb global warming, President Barack Obama met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House. 在国际遏制全球变暖的斗争下,美国总统奥巴马在白宫会见了印度总理莫迪。Obama stated ;We discussed how we can, as quickly as possible, bring the Paris Agreement into force; .奥巴马说:“我们讨论了如何尽快将巴黎协定生效”。The ed States intends to ratify the agreement this year and in a joint statement India said it would aim to do the same. 美国打算今年批准这一协议,在联合声明中印度称将做同样的事情。After China and The ed States India is the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter .紧跟中国和美国,印度是世界上第三大温室气体排放国。译文属。201606/448449So,we have to say Hi to your wife.Lacy,is in the audience,she has to be so proud of him right?Yes,very proud和你妻子打个招呼吧 Lacy坐在那边 你一定为他自豪 是的 十分自豪You were together,you were dating before this happened.You have been married for,three years故事发生时你们还是恋人 现在已经结婚多久了 三年了Thats fantastic.Congratulations on that,he is an amazing guy太幸福啦 祝福你们 他是个了不起的男人All right,So I have a little gift,first of all,I have a helmet that you can wear when you我准备了礼物 第一个是个头盔 你可以滑雪的时候戴着and we mounted one of these cameras on here,so you can actually,of course we put my name all over it so you can advertise me.all right.我们在这里装了摄像头 这样你就可以真实的记录 当然 还印了我的名字顺便打个广告 好了That is one thing and then,Now I know you have a tattoo that says freedom on stomach area,right that you did this before the accident第二个礼物呢 我知道在你的腹部纹着自由两字 是在事故前你做的纹身What does freedom mean to you?Today you know what it means is freedom of movement对你来说自由意味着什么 现在来讲是自由的运动And that freedom to express myself however I want,some people have art,some people have music,some people have talk shows一种可以表达自我的方式 有的人通过艺术 有的人通过音乐 还有的人通过脱口秀But Its my ability to express myself through movement,that my freedom,that my ski gives me.而我是通过运动 滑雪给我的 是自由的释放自我 Well,we have it is an important word,we have something that says Freedom,and of couse again,thats for you我要送的就是这个意义深远的词 印着自由二字的滑板 当然还是 送给你I hope to see you skiing in it.You will,you will.For sure.I was great meeting you.Youre an inspiration希望有天能看到你穿着它滑雪 你会看到的 会的 一定 很高兴见到你 你的故事很鼓舞人心And I know a lot of people out there,can probably look at you and say well,if he can do this,I can do a whole lot more certainly我想一定会有许多人 看了你的故事后说 他这都可以办到 我也可以做的更好And I,and I,I admire you,so thanks for being here.thank you.Dierks bentley,Kevin nealon and Ellen pompeo,see you tomorrow,be kind to one another.Bye.我很钦佩你 谢谢来参加节目 谢谢 Dierks bentley,Kevin nealon还有Ellen pompeo 明天见 善待彼此 再见 /201609/465717Bagehot白芝浩General Osborne奥斯本将军The chancellors fifth budget was full of trickery—yet utterly serious财政大臣发布的第五个财政预算诡计连连—但确实严肃“NOW this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Churchills genius for spin, after El Alamein had delivered the first big British victory of the second world war, is illustrated by how little-remembered are the modest claims he went on to make for that triumph. “Henceforth,” he continued, “Hitlers Nazis will meet equally well-armed, and perhaps better-armed, troops.” That was a weaselly fudge if ever Bagehot heard one.“现在还没到结局的时候,甚至这不是结局的起点,但是这是开始的终点。”当阿拉曼传来英国在二战中首次大捷的消息后,丘吉尔在其用来称赞此次胜利的公告中有这么几句不引人注意却又最贴切的话,这使得丘吉尔口吐莲花的天赋显露无遗。他继续说道“今后,希特勒的纳粹军队会遭遇装备同样精良,甚至是更好的军队。” 如果白芝浩听到过含糊的外交辞令,也还会认为这是相当狡猾的一句。George Osborne faced a similarly daunting exercise in expectations management when delivering his fifth budget on March 19th. Wan with nerves, the chancellor of the exchequer was able to announce to Parliament the best economic figures in five years of faltering growth, falling living standards and painful spending cuts. The economy is growing faster than in any other large rich country. It is creating record numbers of jobs: for the first time in three decades Britains employment rate is higher than Americas. The budget deficit is edging downwards. The difficulty for the chancellor was that, having been for so long denied, people want jam, which he was bound to refuse them. The deficit, at around £108 billion (9 billion) this year, or 6.6% of GDP, is too large to support the tax cuts that many of his Conservative colleagues are demanding. But, while bound to disappoint, Mr Osborne needed to avoid seeming so cautious as to crush confidence in the recovery and his own stewardship of it. His task was to celebrate and reassure, yet give away almost nothing.3月19日,奥斯本提交其第五个财政预算报告,并回应大众的期待。这与(丘吉尔)如临深渊的情形十分相似。这位财政大臣面色苍白,紧张兮兮地向国会宣读了经济疲软、生活标准下降和财政紧缩的五年以来令人振奋的经济数据。英国的经济增长比其他的大经济体都要快。新增就业数量破了纪录:三十年来英国就业率头一次超越美国。而财政赤字也正快速下降。不可否认,人民是想要甜头的。奥斯本的困难在于他决心拒绝这种诉求。今年的赤字约有1080亿英镑(1790亿美元),占GDP6.6%。 如果按照一些奥斯本的保守党同僚的盘算的那样削减税收,这赤字就规模太大而无法给予持。但他必须避免因为态度谨慎而打击了(人们)对经济复苏的信心,以及他对党的领导。他的任务本来就是欢呼庆祝,巩固经济势头,而不能给(民众)添福利。He managed that, first by reminding Britons of the state they were in when the Tory-led coalition took over in 2010. The economy had suffered the deepest recession of modern times and seen the worlds biggest bank bail-out. The government was borrowing a quarter of what it spent. That history lesson done with, Mr Osborne began to relax, and a dab of colour returned to his pallid cheeks. Britain was recovering from these horrors, he said, because of its adherence to “the plan”.他做到了。首先,在托尼领导的党派联盟2010年赢得大选时,他就提醒英国民众英国当时的状况。此次经济衰退为进入现代历史以来最为严重的一次。本国纾困的规模也举世罕见。政府四分之一的开由借贷而来。好在这段历史翻过去了。奥斯本可以放松,一抹血色也出现在他苍白的脸颊上。他说,英国在这些可怕的情况中走出来了,这要归功于贯彻下来的(经济) “计划”。He referred to a raft of spending cuts, tax increases and pro-business gestures designed with a view to restoring the public finances to surplus by 2018. That target is, in fact, less fixed than Mr Osborne implies. It was pushed back several times while the economy languished: the deficit was originally to have been closed before next years general election. The plan is, in short, little more than an expression of the chancellors own shifting economic judgment.他指的计划是减少开,增加税收和刺激商业等一揽子措施,以期2018年时公共财政能增长且有盈余。这个目标其实并不像奥斯本说的那么坚决。经济不景气时,计划推迟了好几次:本来明年大选之前赤字应该消除了的。简而言之,这个计划不过是奥斯本自己对不断变化的经济结论的一个表达。No matter. The recovery, and his political rivals failure to predict it, has enshrined the plan as sacred and inflexible. This is a mark of the political capital Mr Osborne is now drawing on, even as he admitted the economys many remaining weaknesses. His Labour Party rival, the shadow chancellor Ed Balls, who chuntered grudgingly throughout the budget speech, appears to have been outdone. So have Mr Osbornes many erstwhile Tory critics. The apparently daunting task of arguing that the economy is stronger yet still too weak for giveaways turned out to be a cinch. The chancellor was triumphant.不过这没什么关系。经济复苏了,他的政治对手又没有预料到这一点,使得这个计划变得神圣不可动摇。这也是奥斯本所倚重的标志性政治资本,即便他承认经济还有还多缺点。他的工党对手,影子财政大臣艾德.鲍斯在整个演讲期间都心有不甘的喃喃自语,看上去已经被淘汰了。托尼.布莱尔执政时期很多批评奥斯本的人也是这样。至于那个显然烫手山芋似的任务,即申明经济虽然好转但依然无力分派福利,现在也把握十足。奥斯本现在得意万分。That patently owes as much to crafty politics as to economics, and Mr Osborne showed plenty more in his speech. It was less weaselly than stoat-like—a whirligig of policies and pledges that appeared more fascinating than substantial. They included several previously flagged traps for Labour. Legislation to cap the welfare bill—a popular idea, tricky for Labour, and of only token importance to the cost of welfare—is to be introduced to Parliament next week. Announcing some money for next years 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the chancellor even found the opportunity to invite comparison between the medieval monarch it humbled, King John, and another brother-betrayer, Labours leader Ed Miliband. It was one of the better budget gags.这个胜利除了经济原因,也要归功于其灵活的政治手腕。而奥斯本在他的演讲中披露了其他的原因。这并非是白鼬一般的狡猾,而仅仅是让政策与承诺看上去吸引人,而非简单的有料。其中包括了工党之前树立的几项旗帜性的(政策)口号。通过立法给福利开设定上限是一项广受欢迎的政策,是工党(收买人心)的把戏,其面子功夫上的重要性掩盖了福利成本。而这个政策下周就会提交到议会。在宣告明年举行大宪章800周年庆典的预算之际,奥斯本甚至找了个机会比较起中世纪享有盛誉的君主约翰与一个脱党的同志——工党魁首文立彬。这是结束预算讨论的好招之一。The chancellors more substantial offers appeared similarly designed to outfox his rivals. By raising the income tax threshold to £10,500, Mr Osborne will hope to woo aspirational low earners, a group that currently votes, if at all, for anyone except the Tories. By giving retirees more say over their pension pots, a more ambitious ploy, he must hope to stanch the seepage of silver-haired Tory voters to the UK Independence Party, which has no economic policy to speak of. To give the chancellor his due, pulling out a surprise liberal reform of this kind seemed also a sensible way to negate the unrealistic demands for a splurge.奥斯本手里更多的实打实计划同样是用来智胜竞争对手的。通过将收入税门槛升至10,500英镑,奥斯本希望能吸引有迫切渴求的低收入者。如果他们去投票的话,这些人会持任何一个候选人,除了保守党人。通过给这些退休人员更多的养老金这样一个更有野心的策略,奥斯本肯定希望阻止白发苍苍的保守党选民流失到英国独立党那里。后者没有什么经济政策可言。为了对奥斯本公平起见,这种类似自由派的改革看上去也是较合适的方法来打消(民众)不切实际的挥霍要求。The method in his trickery施诡计的方法And there is an important truth in that. Though Mr Osbornes trickery is always evident, so, increasingly, is the seriousness of his purpose. For all his feints, traps and compromises, the chancellor has so far stripped the public sector of 600,000 jobs, capped welfare and overseen, in a downturn, historic growth in private-sector employment. He has cut business taxes, thereby persuading employers to accept a rise in the minimum wage.奥斯本的诡计中有个重要的事实。尽管奥斯本很明显用了诡计,但是,更得提的是他严肃的目的。除了佯攻,圈套和承诺,到目前为止,他已经在公共部门削减了60万个职位,封顶了福利项目,并在这个经济衰退时期监督着私营部门的历史性增长。他还降低了营业税,因此促使雇主提高了最低工资。It is reasonable to argue about whether Mr Osbornes measures have been just. Next years election campaign will accordingly pit the Tory claim to have managed the economy well against Labours aspiration to manage it more fairly. But no one should doubt the clarity of the vision that is driving the Conservative chancellor. Whereas David Cameron, the prime minister, promised to change Britain, with a fuzzy idea of volunteerism, Mr Osborne is actually changing it.奥斯本的措施是否恰当?对其争论自然是合理的。照目前的情形,明年的竞选运动肯定会刻上保守党的如下口号:保守党人把经济管理的更有效率,而工党只想着让经济更公平。但是不会有人怀疑这位保守党大臣所秉持的明确愿景。当首相大卫.卡梅伦改革英国的构想还停留在模糊的志愿精神时,奥斯本事实上已经去做了。His ambition is to make a more industrious society, less blighted by the entitlement culture that blossomed under Labour. Even after the deficit is no more, the chancellor believes, public spending should be held down. Again, his motives appear partly self-interested. Mr Osborne harbours leadership ambitions, and his ideas are finding more favour with the right of his party than Mr Cameron enjoys. The beneficiaries of his remodelled society might also be likelier to vote Tory. But just because the chancellors vision is political does not necessarily make it wrong.奥斯本有志于打造一个更加勤勉的社会,而不会被工党政府下培养起来的权利文化而影响得萎靡不振。当然,他的部分动机是自利。奥斯本控制了他的领导欲望。就保守党的一贯宗旨来说,奥斯本的观点得到越来越多的拥护,比卡梅伦得到的更多。在他重塑社会过程中得益的人也许更有可能给保守党投票。因此没有必要因为奥斯本的愿景政治意味浓厚就认定此计划是错误的。翻译:王化起 校对:周晓婷 译文属译生译世 /201509/401603

Britain英国NIMBYism and the election邻避主义与选举The anti-tarmac vote柏油碎石路反对者投票The Conservatives are getting squeezed over big building projects保守党在大型建筑工程上束手无策ON first glance, the constituency of Brentford amp; Isleworth, in west London, looks like a typical Conservative Party heartland. It is full of boutique shops and cafés. The back streets are lined with pretty Victorian terraced houses.乍一看,位于西伦敦的布伦特福德和艾尔沃思选区像是典型的保守党中心地带。这里的精品店和咖啡店星罗密布。后街是一排排漂亮的维多利亚连栋房屋。Yet Mary Macleod, the Conservative incumbent, has a fight on her hands to hold the seat. This is partly down to demographics. Along with plenty of middle-class residents the seat is dotted with council estates, and is also home to large Pakistani and Indian populations who have tended to vote for the Labour Party. But one of the biggest problems for Ms Macleod is not on the ground but in the air.然而保守党人玛丽·麦克劳德要想赢得这个地区的选票还得苦战一番。这部分与人口统计有关。连同大量的中产阶级居民,该中心地带散布着地方所属地产,同时也是倾向于为工党投票的巴基斯坦人、印度人的家乡。但麦克劳德面临的最大问题不在地面上而是在空中。Each day dozens of aeroplanes fly over the constituency, which is near Heathrow airport. And depending on the outcome of the Airports Commission, which was set up by the coalition government to look into airport expansion, and which will report after the election, even more could criss-cross over the area.该选区位于希思罗机场附近,每一天都有几十架飞机掠过其上空。联合政府设立了机场委员会来调查机场扩张情况,具体情况将在选举后进行报告,根据其结果,也许会有更多的飞机在这片区域上空穿梭。Ms Macleod first won the seat in 2010 with a majority of 1,958 by campaigning heavily against airport expansion. And although Heathrow is not the only issue worrying local voters, winning the seat could still hinge on how effectively the Conservative incumbent can distinguish herself from Ruth Cadbury, the Labour candidate, who is also against a bigger airport. Ms Macleods plight points to a larger problem for the Conservatives. Too often for comfort, well-meaning plans to improve the countrys roads, airports and railways clash with the NIMBYish instincts of their core supporters.2010年,麦克劳德以强烈反对机场扩建开展竞选活动,以1958的多数票赢得了席位。尽管希思罗机场不是当地选民唯一担忧的事,但麦克劳德的当选仍取决于这位保守党人在与同样反对建设大机场的工党候选人露丝·凯德波里相比时,能多有效地提高自己的辨识度。麦克劳德的困境指出了工党存在的一个更大问题。通常为了提高舒适度、意图良好的升级城市道路、机场和铁路等计划会触动邻避主义核心持者的敏感神经。The countrys infrastructure is creaking. Sir Howard Davies, who heads the Airport Commission, estimates that Heathrow is full to capacity while Gatwick, the other option for airport expansion, will be full by 2020. According to the World Economic Forum British roads rank a lowly 30th in the world for quality, just above Chile and Sri Lanka. David Cameron, the prime minister, acknowledges the problem. The Conservative Party manifesto, launched on April 14th, commits to previous plans to splash out 15 billion ( billion) on the road network and 38 billion on the railways over the next parliament. Mr Cameron also reiterated support for HS2, a shiny new 42 billion high-speed railway from London to Manchester.英国的基础设施正在咯吱作响。领导机场委员会的霍华德·戴维斯阁下预计希思罗容量已达到饱和,而机场扩建的另一选址盖特威克将在2020年达到饱和。根据世界经济论坛数据显示,英国道路质量在世界排名低至30名,仅略高于智利和斯里兰卡。大卫·卡梅伦首相意识到了这个问题。于4月14号发表的保守党宣言承诺要坚持原有计划,花费150亿英镑(220亿美元)在道路网建设上,下一届议会将花费380亿在铁路建设上。卡梅伦也重申了对HS2(花费420亿英镑新建的从伦敦到曼彻斯特的高铁)的持。Yet in doing so, Mr Cameron has infuriated many natural Conservative voters. HS2, which runs through a series of safe blue seats in Buckinghamshire, is particularly divisive. The railway is a “headache” on the doorstep, admits one Conservative MP seeking re-election, as he is often limited in how vocally he can oppose it. To add to Tory woes, the UK Independence Party, which scooped up six council seats in 2013 along the route, is making hay on the issue. It claims to be the “only” party against the “construction disruption” HS2 will bring (although the Green Party also opposes it).然而这样做,卡梅伦激怒了很多保守派选民。HS2虽在白金汉宫里赢得了一众议员的持,但特别有争议性。一保守党人承认,该铁路确实是家门口的“麻烦”,他正在试图重新当选,因为他能发出的反对之声是有限的。新晋的托利党敌人、2013年在沿线捞得了6个议会席位的英国独立党正借此事获取私利。它声称是“唯一”反对HS2带来的“建筑破坏”的政党(尽管绿党同样也反对HS2)。NIMBYs pose difficulties for any government, but particularly for Mr Camerons, which has often trumpeted the notion that it is investing in Britains infrastructure to levels not seen since the Victorian era. If economic growth is to be sustainable, then more infrastructure will be needed to support it. But if Heathrow is given the go-ahead for expansion, for instance, it will be “campaign, campaign and campaign again,” warns Barbara Reid, a local resident and former Conservative councillor. Getting Britain moving will require a big push from the next government—especially if the Tories win.邻避主义者给任何政府都带来了麻烦,但对卡梅伦政府来说尤其如此,它经常吹嘘在为英国基础建设投资上,其规模之大自维多利亚时代以来都十分罕见。如果经济增长稳定的话,就需要更多的基础设施来持。当地居民且曾为保守党议员的芭芭拉·瑞德警告,如果希思罗的扩建得到许可,它将演化成“竞选,竞选,再竞选”。要让英国继续前进需要下一届政府大力推一把——特别是托利党当选的话。译者:王颖 校对:石海霞译文属译生译世 /201504/372077

It feels like all three of you have been living under there. Something that.感觉你们三个 一直住在那底下Melanie, if the stalactites grows from the ceiling of the cave,梅拉妮 如果说钟乳石是从洞穴的顶上长下来的what formation grows from the caves floor?什么东西是从洞穴的地上长上去的Do you... have you heard of the stalactites?你听说过钟乳石吗Yes, I have.So thats the one that grows from the ceiling.听说过 那么它是从顶上长下来的What grows from the floor?Theres another one that sounds like that. Right?什么是从地上长上去的 还有一个词听起来和它差不多 对吧Oh. Oh. Okay.Stalactite. Yes. Stalactite, and then the.哦 知道了 钟乳石 是的 钟乳石 然后是Stalag... Stalag...mite?Alrigt.Yes! Heather,A grown up is generally anyone over the age of 18.石 -石笋 答对啦 好的 希瑟 一般18岁以上就是成年人了What American General was born on December 5th, 1839.出生于1839年12月5日的美国将军是哪一位呢Americans General?Eh..Eh, General Lee?No.Custer?Yeah!!美国将军 是李将军吗 不是 是卡斯特吗 耶Thats all we have time for. You all win.Alrigt.时间到 你们都赢了 好了I have to drop you all in some points,but you cant all drop by once.我得跟你们;再会;了 不过你们不能同时掉下去So we are gonna start with you, Nicole.I will see you in a minute. Bye.妮可 我们先从你开始 待会儿见 拜 /201601/420909Hitler talked to the German nation as Chancellor on 10th February 1933.1933年2月10日,希特勒以德国总理身份向全国人民发表演说。Thousands were in the hall in front of him,and millions were listening on radio.现场聚集数千观众同时数百万人收听广播。But Hitler made them all wait.但他让所有人等着。When he did start,Hitler stuck to his old familiar script.终于开口时,演讲仍参照已滚瓜烂熟的旧稿。His speech was vague in detail and called for Germans to fix their problems without outside help.他的演讲空洞无物,只号召人民自力更生,不求外界帮助。But if Hitler didnt consider you a ;true; German,then, suddenly, you were at risk.若希特勒没有把你当作真正德国人,那你就命悬一线了。Thousands of people the Nazis considered enemies of the new regime,mostly their political opponents, but also some Jews,were imprisoned in concentration camps.纳粹分子将数以千计的人,当中大部分是政敌,还有些犹太人关进集中营。This one at Dachau outside Munich was opened just weeks after Hitler became Chancellor.离慕尼黑不远的达豪集中营在希特勒任总理数周后投入使用。 译文属201512/413885

Criminal cities犯罪的城市The secret of success成功的秘密Americas great crime wave is receding from some cities faster than others美国巨大的犯罪浪潮正在从一些城市以比其他城市更快的速度削减BETWEEN getting out of his car and starting work in the morning, Bashir Akinyele, a beret-wearing history teacher in Newark, New Jersey, passes the sites of two murders. His school, Weequahic High, once taught Philip Roth, a giant among Americas novelists. Its entrance is now blocked by a metal detector; armed cops share the corridors with teenage girls. In the streets nearby almost every intersection has been the site of a shooting. “Ive been a teacher for 20 years,” says Mr Akinyele. “And in that time, Ive lost 38 students.”Bashir Akinyele, 一个戴着贝雷帽的新西泽州纽瓦克市的历史老师,早上在离开他的车去工作的过程中,经过两个谋杀案的现场。美国小说巨匠Philip Roth毕业于他教书的学校——Weequahic 高中。这个高中的入口现在被金属探测器堵住了,武装好的警察和青少年女孩都在走廊上。在附近的街道上几乎每一个十字路口都发生过击案。“我做老师已经20年了”, Akinyele先生说,“在这期间,我失去了38名学生。”Weequahic is only 30 minutes drive from Manhattan, but a world apart. In 1991 Newark and New York City had roughly the same murder rate: 32 and 29 per 100,000 respectively. But by last year New Yorks rate had fallen to four and Newarks had jumped to 40, according to the latest data published on November 14th by the FBI. On a night out in Brooklyn, the main threat is getting caught in a boring conversation with a hipster. In Newark, when darkness fell, your correspondent was ushered back downtown by police.Weequahic 距离曼哈顿只有三十分钟的车程,但是却是两个世界。在1991年纽瓦克市和纽约有差不多的谋杀率,分别是3.2%和2.9%。但是根据美国联邦调查局11月14号颁布的最新数据,去年纽约的谋杀率已经降到了0.4%但是纽瓦克市的谋杀率却上升到了4%。在布鲁克林晚上外出的最大威胁是跟一个潮人进行无聊的对话。在纽瓦克市,当夜幕降临后你的联络人会被警察带回市区。Over the past 20 years, crime has fallen spectacularly in America and across the rich world. The FBI data suggest it is still falling: violent crime decreased by 4.4% between 2012 and 2013, and murder is now less common than at any time since the end of the 1950s. Criminologists have countless plausible theories to explain this, ranging from less lead-poisoning to the rise of car immobilisers. Yet the difference between cities such as Newark, which remain dangerous, and those like New York, which are safe, suggests a somewhat subtler explanation.在过去的20年,美国和富有地区的犯罪率明显降低。美国联邦调查局的数据显示犯罪率还在降低:暴力犯罪率在2012到2013年间下降了4.4%,现在的谋杀率19世纪50年代末以来历史最低。犯罪学家有无数的貌似可行的理论来解释这个现象,从更少的铅中毒到更多的汽车防盗器。现在纽瓦克市这类仍然很危险的城市和纽约这种安全的城市之间的差别在一定程度上表明了微妙的解释。In Washington, DC the murder rate has dropped from a terrifying 81 per 100,000 in 1991 to a fifth of that now. In Los Angeles gang warfare has largely given way to organic coffee bars, and burglaries and robberies have become rare. Yet cities like Philadelphia and Chicago have experienced more modest improvements. And in places like Baltimore, Newark and Detroit some crime rates have barely fallen.华盛顿1991年的犯罪率是惊人的8.1%,现在下降到当初的五分之一。在洛杉矶,有组织的咖啡吧很大程度上取代了帮派群架,偷盗行为也变得更稀少了。现在费城和芝加哥这类城市已经经历了一个较为温和的改善。但是巴尔的、纽瓦克市和底特律这样的城市犯罪率几乎没有下降。One possible explanation is the varying quality of local government. In New York and Los Angeles, reformers such as Rudy Giuliani, who was New Yorks mayor in the 1990s, and Bill Bratton—chief of police in both cities at different times—forced cops out of their cars, adopted data-driven policing and tried to make public spaces feel safe. They reckoned that residents had to trust the police for crime to fall—which meant purging corruption—and that criminals had to be deprived of convenient places to hang out.一个可行的解释是地方政府的质量不同。在纽约和洛杉矶,Rudy Giuliani(1990年担任纽约的市长)和Bill Bratton(在不同的时间担任过两个的城市的警长)这类的改革者命令警察到他们警车以外的地方,采取数据驱动政策并且努力使公共区域感到安全。他们希望居民相信警察能够使犯罪率降低,这意味着清除腐败,以及犯罪者会从方便大家闲逛的地方被清除。In Newark, by contrast, Sharpe James, the mayor until 2006, was imprisoned in 2008 on fraud charges. His successor, Cory Booker, now a Democratic senator, did much to attract investment into downtown Newark, and managed for a short time to reduce crime and overhaul the police department; but the money ran out, and he later had to cut the force sharply. The present mayor, Ras Baraka, a more traditional rabble-rouser, has hired new cops, but the police force remains troubled (it is, uniquely, monitored by the federal Justice Department). When The Economist visited, the new police director and police chief led officers on a “community walk” around a sketchy neighbourhood. They seemed to spend much of their time telling people how excellent the new mayor is.相反,在纽瓦克市,2006年以前的市长Sharpe James,在2008年被指控欺诈而锒铛入狱。他的继任人Cory Booker,现在是民主党派参议院,做了很多事情吸引对纽瓦克市中心的投资,并曾经有段时间成功地减少了犯罪、翻修了警局。但是钱被用光了,后来他不得不大量减少这些措施的力度。现在的市长Ras Baraka是一个更加传统的暴力煽动者,他雇佣了新的警察,但是警局的武力仍然有问题(的确,是唯一一个被联邦司法部监管过的警局)。当《经济学人》采访的时候,这个新的警局领导者和警长领着这些人在周围大致地进行了一次“社区散步”。他们似乎花了很多时间告诉人们这个新市长是多么地好。Some think that too much prison breeds nastier criminals: when released, they may be more dangerous than when they went in. In Philadelphia most homicides stem from stupid arguments, often between ex-convicts, says Lieutenant John Stanford of the local police. Newark has 278,000 people yet, each month, 1,400 prisoners are released from the local jail.一些人认为太多的人被关进监狱滋生了严重的犯罪率:被释放后,他们也许会比进监狱前更加危险。在费城,大多数杀人事件起源于愚蠢的争吵,通常是发生在有前科的人之间,地方警察中尉John Stanford说。纽瓦克市至今有278,000人,每个月有1,400名犯人从地方监狱被释放。However, incarceration rates are high throughout America, so this cannot explain the specific ills of its most crime-ridden cities. Nor can poverty: unemployment in New York City is not much lower than it was in the 1990s. Rather, according to John Roman, a researcher at the Urban Institute, a think-tank, crime is like a contagious disease. People who are vulnerable to criminality—poor, badly-educated young men—are far more likely to become criminals when they are surrounded by men much like themselves.然而,在整个美国入狱率都很高,所以这个说法不能够解释大多数被犯罪率困扰的城市的具体问题。贫穷也不能够解释这个问题:纽约的失业率自19世纪90年代以来就没有降低。相反,据城市学院的调查者、智囊团John Roman所说,犯罪就像是传染病。人们在犯罪面前是很脆弱的——当贫穷的、没有受过教育的年轻人聚成团的时候,他们是很容易犯罪的。Although cities like New York and Los Angeles have plenty of poor people, they are—by American standards—not unusually segregated by race or income. The presence of ambitious new immigrants in deprived neighbourhoods provides an inoculation against crime. In Weequahic, by contrast, deindustrialisation led to depopulation. Whites and many middle-class blacks have fled. Those who remain are mostly poor and desperate. Low property prices provide little incentive for people to clean up blight.即使像纽约和洛杉矶这样的城市也有大量的穷人,他们经常被美国的标准——种族或者收入隔离。附近雄心勃勃的新移民的出现有效的遏制了犯罪的发生。相反,在Weequahic,遏制工业化导致人口减少。白人和中产阶级的黑人逃离了,留下来的大都是穷人和绝望的人们。低楼价不能激励人们打扫这个脏乱的地方。Even in the most dangerous cities, however, there is hope. Urban populations are now growing across most of the country. In Philadelphia crime rates, though still high, dropped sharply last year. At a police town-hall meeting in the west of the city, people complain about noisy bars, troublesome children and illegal parking. A new charter school and a growing student population are changing the neighbourhood. Shootings are still frighteningly common, admits the local police captain, but milder worries are creeping in.然而,即使在最危险的城市,希望仍然存在。现在大多数城市市区的人口正在增加。尽管费城的犯罪率还是很高,但是相比去年已经降低了不少。在西部城市的警方市政会议上,人们抱怨吵闹的酒吧、烦人的孩子和非法停车。一个新的宪章学校和不断增加的学生数量正在改变这个地方。地方警局承认,击案仍然惊人地常见,但是人们的担心越来越少。译者:周颖君 译文属译生译世 /201412/345531

Ive heard that psilocybin, which is the hallucinogenicingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, can alter peoplespersonalities and make them nicer.我听说裸头草碱是迷幻蘑菇中的一种迷幻成分,能改变人的性格使他们的性格变得更好。Is that true?这是真的吗?Well, first, before answering the question, we need to be clear that psilocybin is an illegalsubstance.首先,在回答这个问题之前,我们需要清楚的明白裸头草碱是一种非法物品。And although psychedelic mushrooms are not known to be addictive, their effects canbe unpredictable and extremely unpleasant.虽然我们还不清楚迷幻蘑菇是否会让人上瘾,但是它们的影响是不可预测的而且不容乐观的。Right,but scientists with government permission are able to experiment with psilocybin.对的,只有得到政府允许的科学家们才能够用裸草头碱做实验。And inone study researchers did in fact find that some people who took a single dose of psilocybin experienced altered personalities for more than a year.在一次实验中科学家确实发现一些有用一定剂量裸头草碱的人的性格的确发生了改变,并且持续了一年多。In most cases, the alterations were positivesubjects who had what they called a mystical experience while on the drug showed increases in apersonality trait known as openness.在大多数情况下,试验者身上会产生积极的变化,这他们被认为是经历了一次神秘的过程,在这种药物作用下,他们性格中外向开放的那一面有所彰显。Which is pretty much what it sounds like:这几乎就是那些听到的东西:being more open to and appreciative of art, music,other people.试验者变得更加开放,对艺术、音乐和其他人更有欣赏力。Openness also means being more imaginative, intellectually engaged, and moreaware of feelings in yourself and in others.开放也意味着更富有想象力、有更多的智慧并且更清楚的意识到对你自己和对别人的感觉。Which all sounds pretty good.这听起来的确很不错。But note that most of the subjects in the study were peoplealy into mystical practices such as prayer and meditation.但是注意到大多数研究的主体是已经融入到神秘实践如祈祷和思考中去的人们。So its not as though anyone whowants to become a nicer person can simply take a dose of psilocybin and be instantlytransformed.所以并不是任何一个想把自己性格变好的人都能通过用一定剂量的裸草头碱就立刻改变。Its possible that the effect only happens with people aly leaning towardopenness.除非在注射之前他们已经是偏外向型性格。But its also possible that psilocybin could be used to help treat people with personality disordersand other psychological problems.但是,草头碱还是有可能被用于去辅助治疗那些有性格缺陷和其他心理问题的人。 /201411/340175God,is it nice to be here.Im dealing with a possum problem at the house.老天 很高兴来到这里 我家最近闹负鼠Just moved into a new house,me and my wife,we like to go in the yard at night我和老婆刚刚搬进新家 我们喜欢晚上坐在院子里and have a little wine and these possums are comfortable.喝点小酒 那群负鼠把自己当外人If they could talk,they would be like what the hell are you doing here?如果他们会说话 他们会说 他们俩在这儿干什么呢Now growing up,I grew up in an immigrant family成熟点吧 我在移民家庭长大and how we handled possums,raccoons,my father would be like,were going to murder the bastards.我们要处理负鼠 浣熊 我爸会说 我们要灭掉那帮混蛋were going to pour anti-freeze on bologna.What?我们会在大红肠上倒防冻剂 啥Woke up in the morning,birds,squirrels raccoons just murdered all over our property.早上一起床 鸟啊 松鼠啊 浣熊啊 死了一地Neighbors coming by,have you seen our cat?No,we havent seen it.Check the yard.邻居过来问 你看见我们家的猫了吗 没 我们没看到 去院子里找找My wife,she didnt grow up this way.We got to call the possum police.我老婆从小不是这么长大的 我们得找负鼠警察Its a human service.they come over,150 dollars traps,这是一种人道务 他们过来 设上150美元的陷阱Guy tells me,its 35 dollars extra for the bait.他们告诉我 诱饵要额外交35美元I said,what are you useing? he said peanut butter.我问 你们用什么当诱饵 他说花生酱201610/471471This Friday President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama visited the royal family in London, ed Kingdom. 周五,美国总统奥巴马和第一夫人米歇尔在英国伦敦访问了王室。They met with Queen Elizabeth and had a formal dinner with all of England’s royals. 他们会见了英国女王伊丽莎白,并与所有英国王室成员进行正式的晚餐。The reason for their visit was political. 他们访问是出于政治目的。After Britain withdrew from the European Union, President Obama said that he wanted to maintain the “special relationship” the ed States and Britain have.自英国退出欧盟后,奥巴马总统表示,他希望美英两国保持“特殊的关系”。译文属。201604/438834

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