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江西省南昌同济医院激光去胎记多少钱吉安割双眼皮多少钱南昌大学附属第一医院去痣多少钱 Without realizing it, people will perceive things according to how they want to see them, a new study suggests."There is an age old hypothesis(1) in psychology that a person's wishes, hopes and desires can influence what they see," said David Dunning, Cornell University psychologist and co-author of the study. "This theory had lay dormant(2) for about 40 years, though, without any supporting evidence. We wanted to test the murky(3) waters again."In five separate tests conducted by Dunning and a graduate student, Emily Balcetis, 412 volunteers from Cornell were presented with an ambiguous(4) picture that could be interpreted as two distinct(5) figures,either a horse's head or the body of a seal, for example. They were told they would be assigned to a taste test of either fresh-squeezed orange juice or a gelatinous(6), clumpy(7) and rather unappealing(8) veggie(9) smoothie(10), depending on whether they saw a farm animal or sea creature.More often than not(11) the participants chose the figure that would lead them to the juice.The trick to making the study meaningful was making sure the test subjects didn't know what was going on, Dunning said, noting that the generally high IQ of Cornell students made cheating a real possibility."The figures we used were chosen so we knew the people weren't just lying or tricking us," Dunning said. "We also tracked automatic, unconscious eye movements which were out of their control."Not only did participants routinely(12) see the figure that produced favorable results, their eye motions indicated that they were never aware of the alternate option being available."Determining whether a person walking towards you is smiling or smirking(13), how close the finish line seems in a race or how loud a partner,a wife, husband, lover is yelling during an argument," Dunning gave as examples that could arise in life. "Could we interpret ambiguous situations towards our expectations and hopes and away from our fears? That is the ultimate question." 一项研究表明,人们看待事物时,有意无意地把它们理解成为自己事先想象的样子。本研究合著者、科内尔 大学心理学家大卫·达宁说:“长久以来,心理学界有一个假设,认为人的愿望、希望和欲望会影响他对事物的判断。由于没有确凿的据,这个理论被弃置了大约40年。这次我们希望能再探深渊。”达宁和研究生艾米丽·巴尔塞迪斯从科内尔大学选出412名志愿者,对他们进行五次单独测试。他们选择了一些模棱两可的图片,这些图像可以被看成是两种截然不同的东西,例如看起来既像马头又像海豹。受测者被告知正在进行品味测试,如果从图片中看到农场动物,就说明你喜欢鲜榨果汁,如果看到海洋生物就说明你喜欢果冻样、块状、毫无吸引力的蔬菜冰砂。通常受测者会选择和果汁对应的图像。达宁说使研究结果有意义的关键是保受测者不知道测试的真正目的,尤其科内尔学生们的智商普遍较高,欺骗研究人员的可能性不是没有。达宁说:“我们精心挑选图片,以免学生们对我们撒谎或者欺骗,我们还观察他们无意识的眼部运动,这是他们无法控制的。”不仅受测者不假思索地选择会导致理想结果的图像,他们的眼部运动也显示出他们从来没有意识到对图片还可能有别的理解方式。达宁说:“当我们判断迎面走来的人是在微笑还是在假笑、田径赛场的终点线离我们有多远、或者搭档、妻子、丈夫、情人在争吵过程中的声音有多大的时候,我们能否说我们对这些含糊的状况的理解更贴近于我们期待和希望的样子,同时远离我们害怕的样子?这是最终问题所在。” /200805/39977NASA scientists have discovered at least seven Earth-sized planets, each potentially capable of hosting life, orbiting a nearby star just outside the solar system.美国宇航局的科学家们发现,至少有七颗地球大小的行星围绕着太阳系外的一颗临近恒星运行,每颗行星都可能适宜生命体生存。The exciting discovery announced Wednesday has been deemed one of the first realistic opportunities to begin a search for alien life outside our system as well as the first time so many planets were discovered circling the same star.22日公开的发现激动人心,被视为开启探索太阳系外外星生物的首批现实机遇之一,也是人类首次发现如此多的行星环绕在同一颗恒星周围。The cluster of planets orbit a dim dwarf star, just barely the size of Jupiter, called Trappist-1. The group of planets are about 40 light years away which isn#39;t actually all that far away from Earth. The close proximity will allow the system to be studied in great detail, according to the release.这群行星围绕的暗矮星和木星差不多大,被称为特拉普1号。行星与地球相距约40光年,这样的距离实际上并不算遥远。据新闻稿称,在这样靠近的距离下,人类可以对该行星系进行详细的研究。Three of the planets or exoplanets as scientist call them, are receiving just the right amount of energy from the host star, meaning oceans of water could cover their surfaces. Scientists refer to the ideal zone just around the star as ;the habitable zone,; sometimes jokingly called the ;Goldilocks Zone,; as it is just right for supporting life.其中三颗行星(科学家们也称之为系外行星)从恒星接受到的能量恰到好处,这意味着它们的表面可能覆盖了大面积的液态水。科学家们将该行星系恒星周围的理想地带称为“宜居地带”,由于这里正好适宜生命生存,他们有时也将其戏称为“金发美女地带”。The other three bodies farther off from the star could feature smaller bodies of water and the seventh could even boast a puddle or two under ideal conditions.另外三颗离恒星较远的行星表面覆盖的液态水可能较少,理想条件下第七颗行星甚至可能只有一两个水坑。NASA#39;s space telescope Spitzer, an infrared telescope that trails the earth as it orbits the sun, revealed the new system.美国宇航局史匹哲天文望远镜发现了这个全新的行星系。史匹哲红外望远镜绕太阳运行,追踪地球。;This is the most exciting result I have seen in the 14 years of Spitzer operations,; said Sean Carey, manager of NASA#39;s Spitzer Science Center at Caltech/IPAC. ;Spitzer will follow up in the fall to further refine our understand of these planets so that the James Webb Space Telescope can follow up. More observations of the system are sure to reveal more secrets.;加州理工学院美国宇航局史匹哲科学中心负责人肖恩?卡雷称,“这是史匹哲运行14年以来,我看到的最令人兴奋的结果。”史匹哲将在秋季进一步完善我们对这些行星的了解,以便于詹姆斯?韦伯天文望远镜跟进。对该行星系的进一步观察必将透露出更多的奥秘。” /201702/494230南昌大学第四附属医院激光祛太田痣多少钱

上饶市万年县婺源县德兴市打botox要多少钱Samsung has unveiled a radical 9.1-inch stretchable display.日前,三星推出了一款9.1英寸全新可伸缩的手机屏幕。A flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen which could stretch in both direction by as much as 12 millimetres might spell out a new era in phone screen technology, the report says.报道称,这款柔性OLED屏幕两侧均可拉伸最多12毫米,开创了手机屏幕技术的新纪元。Samsung says the stretchy screen will be useful for everything from wearables to in-car displays, and could also lead to a new generation of wearable devices that can be knocked or dropped and simply move back into place.据三星方面表示,这款可伸缩屏幕可以应用到包括可穿戴设备和车载屏幕等许多领域,使用此种屏幕制造的可穿戴设备能够抗震抗摔,甚至变形之后也能复原。#39;When the screen is pressed from above, the screen is dented like a rubber balloon, then returns to its original flat shape,#39; the firm said.该公司表示:“从上往下按的时候,这块屏幕会像橡皮气球一样向下凹陷,手指拿开之后又会恢复原状。”The Korean manufacturer revealed the panel at the Society for Information Display 2017 event in the LA Convention Centre, insiders say.据业内人表示,三星在近日于洛杉矶会展中心举行的2017SID大会上发布了该产品。#39;While current flexible OLED is able to be transformed in only one side, this stretchable OLED can be transformed - whether curved, bended or rolled - in both sides, above and below#39;, Samsung told Korea Herald.三星向《韩国先驱报》透露称:“目前的柔性OLED屏幕只能往一个方向变形,而这款可伸缩屏幕却可以在上下两个方向上变形--不管你是把它弯曲还是打卷。”Samsung is also exhibiting a 5.09-inch OLED with #39;glassless#39; stereoscopic 3D, and a new 1.96-inch 4K LCD whose ridiculously high 2,250 pixels per inch density could be ideal for virtual reality.此外,三星还将展示一款5.09英寸“无玻璃”立体3D OLED屏幕以及一款新型1.96英寸4K LCD屏幕,后者的像素密度达到了惊人的每英寸2250,是理想的VR显示器。 /201706/512208南昌那个祛斑医院好 Making our skies blue again蓝天保卫战Effectively strengthening environmental protection, we will make our skies blue again.加大生态环境保护治理力度,坚决打好蓝天保卫战。Faster progress in work to improve environment, particularly air quality, is what people are desperately hoping for, and is critical to sustainable development. We must adopt well-designed policies, tackle both symptoms and root causes, and take tough steps to make the grade in responding to the people.加快改善生态环境特别是空气质量,是人民群众的迫切愿望,是可持续发展的内在要求。必须科学施策、标本兼治、铁腕治理,努力向人民群众交出合格答卷。Tackling smog is down to every last one of us, and success depends on action and commitment. As long as the whole of our society keeps trying, we will have more and more blue skies with each passing year.治理雾霾人人有责,贵在行动、成在坚持。全社会不懈努力,蓝天必定会一年比一年多起来。Taking a path that leads to both economic development and environmental improvement经济发展与环境改善双赢之路Pollution control and environmental protection are important to both the health of our people and sustainable development, so we must work hard moving forward and resolve to take a path that leads to both economic development and environmental improvement.治理污染、保护环境,事关人民群众健康和可持续发展,必须强力推进,下决心走出一条经济发展与环境改善双赢之路。Every one of us has an obligation to protect the environment -- we call on every member of society to act and contribute to the building of a Beautiful China.保护环境,人人有责。每一个社会成员都要自觉行动起来,为建设美丽中国贡献力量。Fighting to win the battle of conserving energy, reducing emissions, and improving the environment打好节能减排和环境治理攻坚战Environmental pollution is a blight on people#39;s quality of life and a trouble that weighs on their hearts. We must fight it with all our might.环境污染是民生之患、民心之痛,要铁腕治理。We must strictly enforce environmental laws and regulations; crack down on those guilty of creating illegal emissions and ensure they pay a heavy price for such offenses; and hold those who allow illegal emissions to account, punishing them accordingly.我们一定要严格环境执法,对偷排偷放者出重拳,让其付出沉重的代价;对姑息纵容者严问责,使其受到应有的处罚。Building China into a beautiful homeland with a sound ecological environment努力建设生态文明的美好家园Fostering a sound ecological environment is vital for people#39;s lives and the future of our nation. Smog is affecting larger parts of China and environmental pollution has become a major problem, which is nature#39;s red-light warning against the model of inefficient and blind development. We must strengthen protection of the ecological environment and resolve to take forceful measures to complete this challenging task.生态文明建设关系人民生活,关乎民族未来。雾霾天气范围扩大,环境污染矛盾突出,是大自然向粗放发展方式亮起的红灯。必须加强生态环境保护,下决心用硬措施完成硬任务。Green, circular, and low-carbon development绿色发展、循环发展、低碳发展The state of the ecological environment affects the level of people#39;s wellbeing and also posterity and the future of our nation. We should adhere to the basic state policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment and endeavor to promote green, circular, and low-carbon development.生态环境关系人民福祉,关乎子孙后代和民族未来。要坚持节约资源和保护环境的基本国策,着力推进绿色发展、循环发展、低碳发展。 /201703/496366江西生殖医学中心整形美容科

江西省医院开双眼皮手术多少钱Zheng Jiajia, 31, decided to marry with a robot after failing to find a human spouse, his friend told Qianjiang Evening News.在找不到一个人性配偶后,31岁的郑佳佳决定与一个机器人结婚,这是他的朋友向《钱江晚报》透露的。Zheng had also become tired of the constant nagging from his family and pressure to get married, so he turned to a robot he built late last year and named Yingying.郑某也厌倦了家人的唠唠叨叨和被催婚的压力,于是在去年底开发了一个机器人,并将其命名为莹莹。After two months of ;dating;, he donned a black suit to ;marry; her at a ceremony attended by his mother and friends last weekend in the eastern city of Hangzhou.在经过两个月的“约会”后,他身着黑色西装,于上周末在杭州东部的一个城市和莹莹举行了婚礼,他的母亲和朋友出席了仪式。While not officially recognised by the authorities, the union had all the trappings of a typical Chinese wedding, with Yingying#39;s head covered with a red cloth in accordance with local tradition.虽然没有得到当局的正式认可,但这个联姻完全按照典型中国婚礼的规矩来进行,莹莹的头部按照当地的传统用红布覆盖。China has one of the worst gender gaps in the world, mainly due to sex-selective abortions after the introduction of the country#39;s widely criticised one-child policy, which for decades controlled how many children each family could have.中国是世界上性别差距最大的国家之一,这主要是由于几十年来广受批评的独生子女政策,该政策控制了每个家庭可以拥有的孩子数量,并导致了性别选择性堕胎。There are 113.5 men for every 100 women in China, according to the latest figures published by the World Economic Forum. The gender imbalance, coupled with changing attitudes towards marriage among the country#39;s middle class, means many men will never find wives.根据世界经济论坛发布的最新数据显示,中国每100名女性对应了113.5名男性。性别不平衡,加上中产阶级对婚姻态度的改变,意味着许多男人将永远找不到妻子。For now Yingying can only some Chinese characters and images and speak a few simple words, but Zheng plans to upgrade his ;bride; to be able to walk and do household chores. Until then he has to carry the 30kg robot to move her.现在莹莹只能阅读一些汉字和图片,并且说几句简单的话,但郑先生计划要升级他的“新娘”,令她能够走路和做家务。在此之前,这个30公斤的机器人妻子必须靠他来移动。 /201704/503701 In Spain different set of gift-giving traditions exists. The holiday season extends to Jan. 6, known as Three Kings Day or the Epiphany.1 It is not until Three Kings Day that Spanish children receive their gifts. On the eve of the Epiphany, children set out a pair of shoes to be filled with treats2 by the Three Kings. Usually, three plates of food and three glasses of wine are left out for the visitors, and the waiting shoes are often stuffed with straw for the camels the Magi ride.3   Although gifts are not given until Three Kings Day, the Spanish still celebrate on Christmas Day. One of the most important Christmas traditions is the construction of the Nativity scene, which depicts the stable Christ was born in, complete with parents, angels and animals.4 These scenes are often elaborate and require a good deal of materials and craftsmanship.5 The need for building materials gave rise to6 another Spanish tradition: the Christmas market. These outdoor markets consist of a series of booths7 set up on streets and in squares. The booths sell everything from ornaments and small gifts to figures and building materials for the Nativity scenes.  The Spanish have a number of unique dishes that are traditionally served on Christmas. While some serve turkey, the worldwide favorite, many prefer a distinctly Spanish . This meal would consist of almond8 soup followed by seafood. For desert, a candy called marzipan9 is served. Marzipan is made from almonds, eggs and sugars.  Notes:  1. extend: 延续;Three Kings Day: 三圣节,又称Epiphany(主显节),基督教纪念耶稣向世人显现的节日,通常在每年1月6日。  2. treat: 好东西。  3. 通常,三盘食物和三杯酒是为招待三位访客特意留下的,准备(装礼物)的鞋子中一般都会填满稻草以供东方三士所骑的骆驼食用。Magi: 东方三士,为《圣经》中人物,指向初生的耶稣朝拜献礼的东方三圣,下文中提到的the Three Wisemen与此同义。  4. Nativity scene: 也作Nativity play,圣诞剧,关于耶稣诞生的戏剧,通常由儿童在圣诞节期间演出;depict: 描述;stable: 马厩,根据《圣经》记载,耶稣诞生在马厩中。  5. elaborate: 精心计划或制作的;craftsmanship: 技能,技术。  6. give rise to: 引起,导致。  7. booth: 货摊,摊位。  8. almond: 杏仁。 /200803/29063南昌同济整形医院疤痕多少钱江西省妇幼保健院做红色胎记手术多少钱



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