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Now a music download site called Qtrax with a library containing over 25 million songs will launch on Sunday, offering customers free and legal songs to download. It is set to revolutionize the way fans access music and shake up the whole industry. Benjamin Cohen reports. They've been fighting it for years, but at last, the music industry as a whole has caved in, accepting the inevitable that the market of paid music is shrinking. Launching on Sunday with the blasting of the major labels, Qtrax will give 25 million songs away for free online if you accept their advertising. "Qtrax is the first free legal downloading music site. So this is rather unique because this is actually an ad-supported site. So in exchange for downloading music and being able to have access to over 25 million tracks for free, you will be exposed to some advertising. That revenue generated is then directed back towards the labels and the artists that are currently losing out on the music that has been downloaded illegally."Illegal downloads have caused UK album sales from artists like the Spice Girls to fall by 11% last year. In the US, the drop was almost 20%, all meaning billions of pounds of lost revenue to artists and their record companies. The Ramp;B singer Mary J. Blige, starred in adverts of Apple, whose i-Tune's music store has sold four billion songs since 2003, but she now accepts that giving away her music for free is unavoidable. "I think we are in a time where, you know, if it gets to the point where people can download music for free. I mean apparently it is what it is and you just, you know, as the artist, you always gotta start think(ing) about why are you doing what you are doing, or you are doing this to connect with your fans, you know or you are doing this to pull somebody else to do something. And, you know, just kind of, you know, kind of accepted for, you know, for now, you know, until someone stands up and says, ok, let's pull the plug on this." "Apple's model is tried and tested. Qtrax is a wonderful exciting idea, but that hasn't yet been tested in the market place. I think one of the key strengths of the Qtrax model is that they do have seemed to have a large library of content available and that is one of the key challenges that they seem to have aly addressed."Adverts will be shown every time you hear a song. Initially, it won't work on i-Pods, but we understand it will do within a month, posing a real threat to Apple, the dominant player in legal online music. 200805/40243Obama, McCain Clash on Foreign Security Priorities美两党总统候选人再就外交大交锋  Republican Senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Barack Obama clashed about foreign policy and security priorities during their second presidential debate. The candidates sought to challenge each other on the most serious issues facing the ed States.共和党参议员麦凯恩和民主党参议员奥巴马在第二次总统候选人辩论中就外交政策和安全问题进行交锋。两位总统候选人在美国面对的一系列最严重的问题上向对方提出挑战。The two major presidential candidates used sharp criticism of each other to defend their positions on the war in Iraq, and nuclear threats posed by Iran and North Korea. The town hall debate in Nashville allowed Senator McCain a chance to renew his support for U.S. military forces in Iraq, while Senator Obama repeated his opposition to the war.在伊拉克战争、伊朗和北韩核威胁等问题上,两位总统候选人都使用了尖锐的语言批评对方,并且为自己的立场辩护。在田纳西州纳什维尔举行的这场市民大会式的辩论使得麦凯恩参议员有机会重申他对驻伊拉克美军的持,而奥巴马参议员则重申了他反对伊拉克战争的立场。McCain said his military and Senate experience have well prepared him to face tough decisions, more so than his opponent.麦凯恩说,他在美国军队中役和长期担任参议员的经验使他比对手在做出困难的决策时更有准备。"My judgement is a record I am willing to stand on. Senator Obama was wrong on Iraq and the surge. He was wrong about Russia when it committed aggression against Georgia. And in his short career he does not understand our national security challenges," said McCain. "You would not have time for on the job training, my friend."“我的从政记录显示,我的判断良好。奥巴马参议员在伊拉克以及增兵问题上是错误的。在俄罗斯入侵格鲁吉亚问题上,他对俄罗斯的看法也是错误的。在他短短的从政生涯中,他并不理解我们国家在安全方面面临的威胁。我的朋友,你上任后并没有时间接受职业培训。”Obama attacked McCain for supporting the war in Iraq and his proposal to keep U.S. troops in the country until security conditions change. He said his opponent has been wrong from the start.奥巴马则攻击麦凯恩持伊拉克战争以及他提出的在伊拉克安全状况发生改变前让美军继续驻扎在伊拉克的建议。奥巴马说,他的对手从一开始就是错误的。"Senator McCain was cheer-leading the president to go into Iraq. He suggested it was going to be quick and easy. He said we were going to be greeted as liberators," said Obama. "That was the wrong judgment, and it has been costly to us."“麦凯恩参议员为布什总统入侵伊拉克喝加油。他说,这场战争很快就会打赢。他说,伊拉克人民会像欢迎英雄那样欢迎我们。他的判断是错误的,让我们付出了代价。”Obama said the continued military effort in Iraq has distracted from major security challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He also accused McCain of being too supportive of possible military strikes on Iran and North Korea.奥巴马说,在伊拉克的军事行动没有了结,分散了美国对阿富汗和巴基斯坦安全局势的关注。他还指责麦凯恩过于持可能对伊朗和北韩发动的军事攻击。"This is the guy who sang 'bomb bomb Iran,' who called for the annihilation of North Korea," he said. "That is not an example of speaking softly."McCain said his approach to foreign security issues is to speak softly and carry a big stick, echoing the words of former U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt. He said a tough stance is needed especially with Russia.麦凯恩表示,他处理国际安全问题的方式是手持大棒,但说话要轻声细语。他的这番话借用了前美国总统泰迪.罗斯福的说法。他说,在俄罗斯问题上,美国尤其应当强硬。"Ukraine right now is in the sights of Vladimir Putin, and those who want to reassemble the old Soviet Union," he said. "We have got to show moral support for Georgia, we have go to show moral support for Ukraine. We have got to advocate for their membership in NATO."“普京和那些希望让过去的苏联复活的人现在盯上了乌克兰。我们必须向格鲁吉亚提供道义上的持,我们必须向乌克兰提供道义上的持。我们必须持他们加入北约。”Obama said U.S. support and financial aid should extend to other former Soviet areas, such as Latvia, Estonia and Poland.奥巴马则表示,美国应当把持和财政援助扩展到其他前苏联地区,比如拉脱维亚、爱沙尼亚和波兰。"We have also got to provide them with financial and concrete assistance to help them rebuild their economies," he said. "Georgia is on the brink of enormous economic challenges. Some say that is what Putin intended in the first place."“我们还必须向他们提供财政和其他具体的协助,帮助他们重建经济。格鲁吉亚在经济上面临巨大的挑战。有些人说,这就是普京的初衷。”Both candidates agreed that Iran and the continuation of its nuclear program pose serious challenges to the ed States and the country's next president.两位总统候选人同意,伊朗继续发展核项目对美国以及美国的下一任总统构成严重的挑战。McCain said he would lead multilateral efforts to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.麦凯恩说,他将牵头国际努力,防止伊朗获得核武。"I want to make sure we put enough pressure on the Iranians, by joining with our allies, imposing significant, tough sanctions to modify their behavior," McCain said.“我将确保我们向伊朗人施加足够的压力,和我们的盟友一起对伊朗施行重要的、强硬的制裁措施来改变他们的行为。”Obama also said he supports a variety of international sanctions against Iran. But he broke with Senator McCain and President Bush, in saying he does not oppose direct talks with Iran and North Korea.奥巴马也表示,他持国际社会对伊朗实施一系列的制裁。但是和麦凯恩和布什总统不同,他并不反对和伊朗和北韩展开直接的对话。"When President Bush decided we are not going to talk to Iran, we are not going to talk to North Korea, you know what happened? Iran went from zero centrifuges to develop nuclear weapons to 4,000," said Obama. "North Korea quadrupled its nuclear capability."“当布什总统决定不和伊朗进行对话,不同北韩进行对话的时候,你们知道发生什么事情了吗?伊朗用于发展核武器的离心机从零增长到四千。北韩的核能力翻了两番。”Senator McCain has repeatedly criticized Obama for his openness to meeting with the leaders of Iran, North Korea and other hostile nations.In less than a month, U.S. voters will decide which candidate will take over those security and foreign policy issues.11月初,美国选民将决定哪一位总统候选人将主管美国的安全和外交事务。200810/52435No ring, no vows. But no rights? Couples who live together without getting married can soon be entitled to a share of the wealth if they split up or if one partner dies. The Law Commission has published new proposals aimed at making the law fairer for cohabiting partners especially if they've lived together for a certain period or had a child. DS reports.' and all the time I have I will share with you.'A commitment to stay together, traditionally marriage has had a special status in British law and society, but less and less of us is choosing to exchange vows .So is the law out of touch with the way we're living our lives? Two million couples now live together without tying the knot and that's set to double in the next 20 years. But what happens when things go wrong? Most people cohabiting wrongly assumed that they have common-law rights, their property and assets will get divided as if they were legally man and wife. In fact people who live together don't have any rights and that can be painful.The contrast couldn't be clearer. Last week, divorcee Melissa Miller, married for 2.5 years, got 5 million pounds of her ex-husband's financial fortune. But unmarried Shirley Mcgauley who lived with her partner for 10 years got nothing when he died. The courts have established the principle that wives like Melissa Miller should be rewarded for their contribution to a marriage. But the situation is very different for unmarried couples who split. When Shirley Mcgauley's partner Martin died, she suddenly found she was entitled to nothing, not even a share of the house even though she had helped / pay the mortgage. The insurance money paid on his death ,the money in their bank account and Martin's pension were all inherited by his parents."It's, it's the most awful thing to go through 'coz you have to deal with your grief, which you can't because you've got so many other worries. Money worries, financial worries, how you are gonna pay bills . And who is gonna listen to you? Who is gonna help you? Nobody, nobody wants to know because the law states that it's eh, next of kin, which leaves people like me basically nowhere."Heterosexual couples now have less legal rights than gay couples who can choose to register their civil partnerships. And so the Law Commission is asking whether it's time for change. For example, should those who split be able to claim a lump sum or maintenance. And how long should they have to live together before being eligible. In other countries, such as Scotland, there is no minimum of time period and cohabitating couples enjoy similar rights to married couples. But there is a more fundamental question. Once a couple decides to commit to marriage by buying the rings and ordering the dress, it's generally accepted that they are taking on certain responsibilities and in return ,the state gives them certain rights But if a couple chooses not to bother and simply to live together, why should they expect the same benefits? We don't feel that should be used as a means for denying basic justice for those who have not been together within a marriage relationship , but who at the end of that relationship, are otherwise going to suffer that injustice .The Church of England was initially against any changes, but now says it accepts the proposals as there is still a distinction between cohabitees and spouses. It could take years before any changes happen. Until then the official advice to those living together is to put property in joint names and to make a will.1.split up :separate, divide; be separated, be divided; separated, divided, parted 2.tie the knot:get married, be wed结婚3.common-law:law which is determined by judges, method of lawmaking that began in England; unwritten law, law that is based on past legal decisions 不成文法; 习惯法 4.lump sum:total sum, inclusive total, comprehensive sum 一次付款额; 总金额 200805/39351Treaty Conference Seeks to Regulate Global Arms Trade非洲18国商议限制武器交易条约 Ministers and civil society leaders from 18 African countries, U.N. disarmament officials, and arms-control advocates are meeting in the Kenyan capital Nairobi to try to form a united position on a proposed treaty to regulate the global arms trade. The arms treaty is viewed as a critical element in international efforts to reduce the human and economic cost of conflicts, especially in Africa. 18个非洲国家的政府部长和民间团体领导人、联合国裁军事务官员和主张控制军备的活动人士在肯尼亚首都内罗毕开会,争取就一份拟议中的限制全球武器交易的条约达成共识。人们认为这项军备控制条约对于各国争取减少交战冲突造成的人员和经济损失的努力至关重要,对非洲地区尤为如此。Speaking at the opening of the arms treaty conference on Wednesday, Kenya's Assistant Foreign Minister Richard Onyonka urged quick ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty, saying that unregulated weapons sales posed one of the biggest threats to long-term development in Africa. 肯尼亚外交部助理部长奥尼翁卡星期三在这次武器条约大会的开幕式上发言,敦促各国尽快批准《武器贸易条约》。他说,不受控制的武器交易是非洲长期发展面临的最严重威胁之一。"Development and reduction of violence go hand-in-hand. Long-term development is impossible without long-term security. The linkage could not find a better context than the situation in Africa. The cost of armed conflicts and violence, as well as the concomitant human tragedy here in Africa, is conservatively estimated at billion annually," he said. 他说:“发展和减少暴力是相辅相成的。如果没有长期安全,长期发展就无从谈起。这种联系在非洲表现得最为清楚。据保守估计,暴力和武装冲突及其造成的人员伤亡每年给非洲带来180亿美元的损失。”The cost is mostly through lost human and economic potential and it is roughly equivalent to the amount of aid that the continent receives from donor nations each year. 这些损失主要体现在人员伤亡和经济潜力遭到破坏,而损失的数额大体上相当于非洲大陆每年从捐赠国那里获得的援助。The proposed treaty would not to ban the sale of conventional arms. But it would establish common standards that all nations would have to abide by, including prohibiting the transfer of weapons if they are likely to be used to violate human rights and humanitarian law or if they could fuel an existing conflict or hinder development.  这项拟议中的条约并不会禁止常规武器交易。但是条约将建立一些各国都必须遵守的共同准则,包括禁止出售可能用来侵犯人权、违反人权法、加剧冲突或者阻碍发展的武器。The head of the U.N.'s Conventional Arms Branch for Disarmament Affairs Daniel Prins tells VOA that such standards are urgently needed because the global arms trade is believed to be adding eight million more guns a year to the 650 million in circulation around the world. And 60 percent of those guns are in the hands of civilians, most of them in developing countries.  联合国裁军事务部负责常规武器项目的普林斯告诉美国之音,国际上急需这些准则,因为据信全球武器贸易每年使市场上交易的增加800万,使世界范围的流通量达到6亿5000万,其中60%在平民手中,大部分在发展中国家里。"Many states do not have a framework of rules under which they would export or import weapons and that is very much needed because we see that the old structure in the world, where you have a few producers and many recipients of arms, do not count anymore. For instance, we see in the field of small arms that there are now more than 100 countries that produce arms," he said. 他说:“许多国家没有约束武器进出口的规定,而这些规定十分必要,因为我们看到,过去那种只有少数武器制造商和大量武器购买者的结构已经不存在了。比如,在小型武器方面,我们看到,制造这种武器的国家已经超过100个。”At the U.N. General Assembly two years ago, 153 states voted in favor of the Arms Trade Treaty, 24 states abstained, and the world's largest arms exporter, the ed States, voted against it. The Bush administration was criticized for arguing that the treaty was unnecessary because the ed States and other major exporting countries have strict national rules governing arms exports. 在两年前的联合国大会上,153个国家投票赞成《武器贸易条约》,24个国家投弃权票,世界最大的武器出口国美国投了反对票。布什政府声称,这个条约没有必要,因为美国和其它主要武器出口国有严格的国内条例规范武器出口。布什政府因此受到外界批评。 Ambassador Philip Richard Owade from the Permanent Mission of Kenya to the ed Nations in Geneva says he believes it is up to countries that suffer the most from arms proliferation to show unity in favoring the passage of an arms treaty and help move the process toward a global consensus. "As you know, treaties quite often do not have to be universal from the word, 'go.' Those who are willing would go ahead and then develop norms that we hope in the end, even those who are against it would be able to embrace," he said.Under the treaty, governments would also be required to report their arms transfers to an international register, a move which arms control advocates say will lead to greater public scrutiny and confidence.200809/47397Food Prices Spike Worldwide全世界食品供不应求价格急剧上涨   In recent months, prices for basic foods have risen dramatically in many parts of the world, adding to the misery of impoverished regions and straining the budgets of families across the globe. A complex set of factors is causing global demand for food to outstrip supply, and experts warn that, absent swift action, the situation may get even worse. 在世界上许多地方,基本必需食品的价格在最近几个月里急剧上涨,不仅增加了世界各地贫困地区的痛苦,也使世界各地家庭的经济开变得更加紧张。一系列复杂的因素造成世界食品供不应求。有专家警告说,如果不迅速采取措施的话,情况将有可能变得更加糟糕。Recent weeks have seen Philippine authorities scramble to augment rice stocks in the country, Indonesian officials warn of possible social unrest due to skyrocketing prices for basic foodstuffs, irate Egyptians protesting b shortages, and international food aid programs unable to buy enough goods to meet their food distribution targets for vulnerable populations. 在最近的几个星期里,菲律宾当局正努力寻求增加大米储存量。印度尼西亚官员警告飞速上涨的基本食品价格会引发社会动荡。处于愤怒中的埃及人抗议面包的短缺,国际食品援助项目无法购买足够的货物,以达到他们为弱势群体提供的食品数量的目标。These cases should not be viewed as isolated anomalies, but rather as indicators of a global phenomenon, according to Lester Brown of the Washington-based Earth Policy Institute. 设在华盛顿的地球政策研究所的莱斯特.布朗说,上述的这些情况并不是个别的异常现象,而应该被视为一种全球现象的指标。"In seven of the last eight years, world grain production has fallen short of consumption," he said. "We have been pulling down world grain stocks until now they are at the lowest level in 34 years." 布朗说:“在过去的8年里,世界粮食产量有7年都不能满足消费者的需求。世界粮食储存量一直在下降,到目前为止,粮食存储量已经降到34年来的最低点。”Experts say several factors are to blame: a growing world population, under-investment in agriculture technology, high petroleum prices, housing and business development crowding out farmlands, droughts and floods made more severe by climate change, and demand for a limited supply of fresh water. 专家们说,有几个因素是导致这种现象的原因:世界上不断增长的人口数量、农业科技方面投入的资金不足、石油价格过高、住房和经济的发展使农业耕地减少、气候变化导致的干旱和洪水、以及有限的洁净水无法满足需求。In addition, grains like corn once grown exclusively to feed humans and livestock are now being diverted into programs to generate ethanol and other so-called "biofuels" as an alternative to oil and gasoline. With oil prices rising steeply in recent years, the economic incentive to produce grain-based fuels has risen as well. 另外,像玉米之类的粮食曾经只是用来供人类和牲畜食用,但是,现在玉米却被用于其他项目,用来制造酒精和其他所谓的“生物燃料”,作为石油和汽油的替代品。由于石油价格在最近几年里飞速上涨,生产以粮食为原料的燃料的经济诱因也随之增长。Taken together, these factors have led to growing food shortages and rising prices that could spell disaster for the world's poor people, according to Lester Brown. 这些因素综合起来就导致了食品的持续短缺和物价的持续上涨。布朗说,这会给世界上的贫穷人口带来灾难。"People on the lower rungs of the global economic ladder are barely hanging on [surviving], and as food prices rise, many are simply losing their grip and beginning to fall off," he added. "And what we are looking at, in the absence of a major intervention, is a very substantial increase in hunger in the world, in mortality rates." 布朗说:“在全球经济这个阶梯上,站在梯子下层的人们仅仅能够满足生存的需要,由于食品价格的上涨,一些人便站不住了,于是他们开始从梯子上摔下去。我们看到的是,在缺乏主要干预的情况下,世界上饥饿情况急剧增加和人口死亡率的大幅度上升。”For the past two years, Australia's wheat harvest has been lowered by drought. Experts note that Australia is one of many wheat suppliers to the global marketplace. But they add that, given the tightness in world grain stocks, any production shortfall in virtually any country spells trouble far beyond its borders.  在过去的两年里,澳大利亚因干旱原因导致小麦产量下降。专家指出,在全球市场上,澳大利亚是许多小麦供应国之一。但是,他们还说,由于世界粮食储存量紧张,任何国家粮食产量不足实际上都会给世界其他国家造成麻烦。Siwa Msangi, a research fellow at the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute, says the margin for error in global food production has been virtually eliminated.  设在华盛顿的国际食物政策研究所的研究员姆桑吉说,全球食品产量的误差实际上已经消失了。"The margins have shrunk and they are shrinking fast," he explained. "So if one country stumbles, you are going to feel the prices on the markets immediately."  姆桑吉说:“全球食品产量的误差已经减小,而且减小的速度很快。因此,如果一个国家的粮食产量有问题的话,你就会立刻感觉到市场物价的上涨。”Msangi, originally from Tanzania, has a set of policy recommendations for governments around the world: invest more in agriculture technology to boost crop yields, address climate change and environmental issues, improve water management, carefully consider the impact of biofuels on world food stocks, and resist the temptation to enact counter-productive measures to artificially lower food prices. 姆桑吉的祖籍是坦桑尼亚,他为世界各国政府提供了一套政策建议:在农业科技方面投入更多的资金以促进农作物的生产,注重气候变化和环境问题,改善水资源管理,认真考虑生物燃料对世界食品储存的影响,以及抵制运用反生产方法人为地降低食品价格的诱惑。Msangi notes that leaders in Zimbabwe and Venezuela have recently ordered price controls in response to soaring food costs, and says the efforts are making a bad situation worse. 姆桑吉指出,津巴布韦和委内瑞拉的领导人们最近下令控制价格,以应付食品价格的飞速上涨。他说,这种措施使现有状况变得更加糟糕。"That is a knee-jerk reaction that a lot of countries take," he explained. "Instead of producers getting the signal that prices are going up and that they should produce more [food], it actually works against some of the responses that you want the food system to undertake when it is faced with high prices." 姆桑吉说:“许多国家都采取了这种本能的反应。如果价格上涨的话,生产者应该生产更多的粮食。可是生产者没有得到这种信号。实际的情况是,在高价格的情况下,生产者的实际反应正好与此相反。”How high will global food prices get? Msangi says no one knows for sure, but he fears they may rise even higher in coming years.  全球食品价格究竟能上涨到多高呢?姆桑吉说,没有人知道确切的,但是他担心,食品的价格将在未来几年里继续上涨。He says, not only does the world's population continue to grow, but consumers in countries like China and India that are experiencing rapid economic growth are changing their diets as incomes rise: demanding more high-protein food that require large amounts of grain to produce. In other words, not only are there more mouths to feed, but satisfying each mouth is placing ever-higher demands on world food stocks. 他说,不仅是世界人口在持续增长,而且像中国和印度等国家的消费者们正在经历着经济的快速发展。随着收入的增加,他们的饮食也在发生变化。他们需要更多的含有高蛋白的食品,而制造这些食品又需要大量的粮食,换句话说,我们不仅仅是要满足更多人口的温饱,还要让每个人满意他们的食品,这就为世界食品的储存提出了更高的要求。200803/32442

探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 15The work of these scientists is at last throwing a spotlight onto the mysterious hidden world of epigenetics. They appear to show that the lives of our ancestors have a capacity to affect us directly. These results are provocative. Some find them, them, very difficult to accept. But it's quite clear now that a number of laboratories are finding similar findings in the various systems that they are interested in. So the phenomena are there. Epigenetics has the capacity to reach into every aspect of our lives and links our past, present and future in previously unimagined ways. I think this will be the next revolution in molecular biology. This is, this really could be a paradigm shift we did not expect, could explain a lot of things. There are many diseases, very common diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, of the, of the brain, diabetes, which are very difficult to explain currently genetically. Maybe a lot of this kind of very common diseases are actually caused by epigenetic switches. We are just at the beginning. There is much that is unknown. But what is clear is that it will change the way we think about ourselves forever. I've thought of nothing else really for the last 5 years. It is said the first time, you know, one had a photograph of the earth, you know, they saw a delicate thing sailing through, sailing through the universe, you know, it, it had a huge effect on the, the sort of, em, save-the-planet type of feeling, you know. I'm sure that's part of why the future generations think in a planetary way because they've, they've actually seen that picture, you know. And this might be the same. It may get to a point where they, they realize that you live your life as a sort of, I don't know, a sort of a guardian of your genome. Should mean you gotta be careful of it because it's not just you. You can't be selfish because you can't say "Well, I'll smoke or I'll do whatever it is because I'm prepared to die early". Em, er, you're also looking after it for your, er, children and grandchildren.New Words amp; Phrases:paradigm : A paradigm is a model for something which explains it or shows how it can be produced. 范例200807/45141

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