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2019年06月21日 03:09:37 | 作者:丽资讯 | 来源:新华社
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is vowing to send more satellites to space, just days after the countrys successful long-range rocket launch provoked international condemnation.朝鲜领导人金正恩誓言要将更多卫星送入太空。几天前,朝鲜刚刚成功试射远程火箭,引发国际谴责。The official Korean Central News Agency said that Mr. Kim ;stressed the need; to continue the satellite launches ;to develop the countrys science, technology, and economy.;官方朝中社说,金正恩强调了继续发射卫星以“发展朝鲜的科学、技术和经济”的必要性。The ed Nations Security Council condemned Wednesdays launch as a ;clear violation; of sanctions barring Pyongyang from carrying out missile or nuclear tests.联合国安理会谴责朝鲜星期三的发射是“明显违反”禁止平壤进行导弹或核试验的制裁。But in North Korea hundreds of thousands of civilians and soldiers gathered Friday to celebrate the success of the mission.朝鲜数以十万计的朝鲜民众和军人星期五举行集会,庆祝朝鲜成功发射卫星。来 /201212/214501

Japan has finalized plans to boost its defense spending by the most in nearly two decades as tensions between Tokyo and Beijing remain high from competing claims over a set of islands in the East China Sea.由于围绕东中国海(East China Sea, 中国称东一系列岛屿的主权争端导致中日关系持续紧张,日本敲定了近二十年来最大幅度增加国防开的计划。Under a draft budget released Tuesday, the island nation plans to buy four F-35 fighter jets for Y68.3 billion and build a new destroyer for Y72.9 billion. The budget request also includes the purchase of three P-1 patrol aircraft for Y59.4 billion, four SH-60K patrol helicopters for Y24.2 billion and the construction of a new 2,900-ton submarine for Y51.7 billion.周二公布的预算草案显示,日本计划出资683亿日圆购买四架F-35战斗机,并斥29亿日圆建造一艘新驱逐舰。预算草案的内容还包括斥94亿日圆购买三架P-1巡逻机,斥42亿日圆购买四架SH-60K巡逻直升机,并斥资517亿日圆建造一艘新900吨级潜艇。In total, the draft budget calls for .8 billion in spending in the fiscal year starting next April, up 2.2% from the current fiscal year.这份预算草案预计始于明年4月的财年出总计将达58亿美元,较当前财年增.2%。Reflecting Japans determination to counteract Chinas growing military presence in the region, the budget also calls for the formation of a new amphibious unit comparable to the U.S. Marines that could be tasked to retrieve islands captured by enemies, and allocates Y1.7 billion for the purchase of two sample amphibious vehicles to study its functional capabilities and 1.5 billion yen on amphibious training.这份预算草案彰显了日本遏制中国在该地区不断扩大的军事存在的决心。预算案还要求日本建立类似于美国海军陆战队的新两栖作战部队,任务可能是夺回敌方占领的岛屿。该草案计划拨出17亿日圆购买两辆两栖突击样车来研究车辆功能,并划拨15亿日圆用于两栖训练。The draft-budget also says Japan plans to set aside Y300 million for research on surveillance drones and tilt-rotor aircraft, with plans to appropriate them in the budget for the year starting April 2015.预算草案还称,日本还计划拨出3亿日圆用于无人侦察机和倾转旋翼机的研究。日本计划在始于2015月的财年预算中拨出相关款项。The government approval of the draft budget follows the release of a new national security strategy and a defense program which set Y24.67 trillion in defense spending for the five years starting next April. It also comes weeks after Chinas declaration of a new air-defense zone which engulfs the disputed Senkaku islands in the East China Sea, which the Chinese call Diaoyu, a move that has heightened aly strained territorial tensions.日本政府此前公布了一项新的国家安全策略以及一项国防计划,将始于明月份的五年的国防开定4.67万亿日圆。几周前,中国宣布在位于东海的争议岛屿――日方称为尖阁列Senkaku Islands),中方称为钓鱼岛――划设了防空识别区,激化了业已紧张的领土争端。China has denounced Japans move to ramp up military spending, with a defense ministry spokesman saying Friday that China is firmly opposed to Japans relevant actions which would increase regional tensions, according to the state-owned Xinhua news agency.中国对日本扩大军事开的做法表示谴责。据新华社报道,国防部发言人上周五称,日本的相关举动会渲染地区紧张气氛,中方对此表示坚决反对。Since coming to power last December, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called for raising the nations military profile and revising Japans pacifist constitution. On Monday, the government decided to provide 10,000 bullets to South Korean troops working as part of the ed Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan, the first time for Tokyo to provide arms to a foreign military since World War II.自去2月份上任后,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)一直呼吁提升日本的军事影响力并修改和平宪法。日本政府周一决定向在南苏丹执行联合国(ed Nations)维和任务的韩国军队提0,000发子弹,这是日本政府自第二次世界大战(World War II)以来首次向外国军队提供武器。Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said Monday that the decision to provide ammunition was unrelated to the governments plans to curb the nations self-imposed ban on arms-exports.防卫大臣小野寺五Itsunori Onodera)周一表示,向韩国军队提供子弹的决定与日本政府有关降低日本自己实施的武器出口禁令效力的计划无关It was an exceptional measure taken in an emergency, he said.他称,这是在紧急情况下采取的特殊举措。来 /201312/270466

Dont need araservation无须预订Good moming.,Japan Airline domestic resations.Can I help you?早上好,日本航空公司国内预订部我能帮您忙吗?Yes.I Would like maka a raservation to Huston tomorrow.是的,我想订一张明天去休斯敦的航班The flight to Huston takes off daity every two hours from 6:00 to :00 pm.So you dont need araservation.Seats are availaNe on a ;first come,first servod;basis.每天从早晨6点到晚上1 1点每两小时就有一趟去休斯敦的航班,所以您不必预订座位是照“先来先得”的原则供应的Oh.that quite convenient.Thank you.哦,那简直太方便了,谢谢 3673

面试英语口语Lesson51:About Reasons Leaving经典对话:9.Untunately I have had to leave my position on of the discoutinuance of the business.由于公司停业,我不得不离开而另寻工作99.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is to gain more experience in a eign trade company.本人离开现职的惟一原因是打算到外贸公司获得更多的经验930.Im leaving that company to be with my aged parents and care them here.因本人需要与年迈的父母一起生活并照料他们,故而离开了那家公司931.My reason leaving my present employment is with the desire of improving my position.我打算离开现职,意欲寻求更好职位93.I left the company just a week ago,because I disagree with the general manager.由于与总经理意见不一,我于一周前离开那家公司933.I prefer working in private enterprises to public sector because the mer is more energetic while the latter is rather stable.我较喜欢在私营机构工作,因私营机构比较有活力,尽管公营事业比较稳定9.Untunately I have had to leave my position,as my employers have been ced to liquidate their business due to the worldwide economic adversity.很不幸,由于这次世界性的经济危机,我的雇主不得不结束业务,我不得不离职935.I left them solely because they made a reduction in their establishment.由于该公司裁减编制,我离职936.My reason wishing to make a change at this time is that there seems no opporty advancement in my present position,and I feel that my ability and training,as well as my interest in my work,should lead to advancement and a higher salary.目前打算离职的缘由是我似乎没有晋升的机会,以我的工作能力、所受训练,以及我对工作的热情,应该获得晋升和较高薪水937.I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope.My pre-sent employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.我希望有机会充分展现自己工作能力,从事更大范围工作之需要,这是我急于离开现职的主要原因本人现任职公司老板对我的工作雄心颇为赞许,愿协助我另谋他职938.The reason why I wish to leave my present employer is that I hope to widen my experience and take a new turn in the development of my career.我希望转职的原因是想有一个新的发展方向和扩展自己的接触层面939.The reason leaving my present employment is that I see no chance further advancement.由于目前的工作缺乏发展的机会,故本人打算离开90.I left my work because I think my potential and ability could be better employed in a large,high-grade corporation like yours.我离职的原因是认为自己的潜力在如贵公司一样具规模的机构中更能进一步发挥91.I am desirous of leaving the office in order to gain more experience in advertising business.我希望转职的原因是打算在广告行业发展9.My desire at this time is to get into the publishing industry because I believe it has a bright future.我目前的愿望是要加入出版行业,因为我相信这一行业的前景非常光明93.I left them a tnight ago,owing to a disagreement with the president Mr. Liu.由于本人和总裁刘先生意见不一,两星期前辞职了9.I enjoy my tenure at A company but I feel it is time to move on to a new challenge.我十分喜欢在A公司的工作,但我认为现在应该是接受新的挑战的时候了95.I left my job two years ago because I wanted to further my study abroad.我两年前离职的原因是想到国外深造96.I left the company due to the closing down of the company business.由于本人务的公司结束经营,故本人需另寻工作Notes 注释:1.discontinuance n.停止,停业.aged a.年老的3.private a.私人的.enterprise n.事业,企业单位5.public sector 公营机构6.stable a.稳定的,平稳的7.liquidate their business结束业务, liquidate v.清理,清算 3566

面试英语口语Lesson3:Door Knocking经典对话:618.I saw a vacancy board outside an ant.Do you still have any vacancy?我看到门外的招工牌上写要招一名会计,还缺人吗?619.I saw a vacancy board outside a teacher.Has the vacan-cy filled?我在招工牌上看到要招一名教师,名额满了吗?6.Is there any other job me here?我还能干其他别的工作吗?61.Im looking a job.Is it possible to find one here?我想找个工作,这儿有吗?6.Im looking a part-time job.Is it possible to find one here?我想做兼职工作,这儿有空缺吗?63.Is your boss around at the moment?你的老板现在在吗?6.Yeah.He is in his office upstairs.他正在楼上的办公室里65.Im sorry.The vacancy is filled aly.抱歉,空缺已满了66.What kind of job are you looking ?你想干什么工作?67.Any job in your factory.你们工厂里任何工作都行6.We do have a vacancy a cutter.我们确实要招一名裁剪工69.Do you mind working on the night shift?你在意上夜班吗?630.Not at all.我一点不在乎上夜班631.I came about the advertisement a sales position.我是看了你们招聘销售员的广告来应聘的63.Im told that there are job vacancies here.别人告诉我贵单位招聘员工633.I notice there are some job vacancies in your company.我了解到贵公司有职位空缺6.I understand there are some job opporties here.我知道在贵公司有找工作的机会635.Will you take it?你愿意接受这个工作吗?情景案例:Dialogue A(O Office Clerk办公室职员,A Applicant申请人)A: Excuse me,please.I saw a vacancy board outside a plumber.Is it still available?O: Im sorry,the vacancy is filled aly.A: Oh,pity!But is there any other job me here?O: Im afraid not,at least not bee Christmas.A: OK,thank you.Bye.Dialogue B(O Office Clerk办公室职员,A Applicant申请人,B Boss 公司老板)A: Sorry to trouble you.Is your boss around at the moment?O: Yeah.He in his office upstairs.You can see him if you like.A: All right,thanks.(meeting the boss)B: Good morning.What can I do you?A: Well,Im looking a job.Is it possible to find one here?B: What kind of job are you looking ?A: Any job in your factory.B: Do you have any experience as a cutter?A: Yes,I have.Actually I have been working in a garment factory over three years.B: Good,but do you mind working on the night shift?A: Not at all.Some people wouldnt like the hours,but I dont mind working at night.B: Very well,then,we do have a vacancy a cutter working night shifts from p.m.to 5 a.m.the next morning.The starting salary is $ per hour.Will you take it?A: Yes,I will.But when shall I start work?B: Youll start work this Friday.OK?A: Yes,I will come on Friday night.Thank you.B: See you then.Notes 注释:1.Excuse me.劳驾,请问,请人帮忙或打扰别人时常用的礼貌语,也可以用 Sorry to trouble you.劳驾,对不起,如:Excuse me,do you have the time?对不起,请问几点了?Sorry to trouble you,may I use your dictionary?劳驾,能借用一下你的字典吗?.Yeah.是的,等于Yes.3.Good,but do you mind working on the night shift?the night shift 上夜班,shift M!GC n.轮班,班次,如:the day shift 白班,work in three shifts 分三班工作,三班倒 my shift 我的班次.per hour 每小时;per意思是每,等于eachper还可与其他搭配,如:per day 每天,per year 每年,per kilo 每公斤5.p.m. 下午拉丁文 post meridiem的缩写,等于 afternoonWords and Expressions:board n.牌子,木板vacancy board (门口的)招工牌cutter n.裁剪工shift n.班次,轮次night shift 夜班opporty n.机会plumber n.管子工,铅管工Christmas n.圣诞节garment n.装mind v.介意,在乎 733

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