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2019年11月20日 06:44:13 | 作者:医苑社区 | 来源:新华社
Why women lieAuthor Susan Shapiro Barash and relationship expert Argie Allen discuss the reasons females are carrying around deep, dark secrets.And so obviously women do it deliberately. They think about it. Well, you, you interviewed, uh.. I guess you put it on Craigslist. Right ? You asked women to contact. And, well, how many you did? Five hundred?I actually have a contact list, I used 500 women's. I actually had more women than that. To answer the item, they were from all across the country, different ages; social strata; ethnicity and they all started the interview by saying to me: “Yes, I lie in some way. I feel I have to. ” And they all what.. they lie about everything from sex to marriage, to work, to finances, everything, across the board. You have one woman who talked about shoplifting with her kids. Tell me about that.That was a disturbing story. This was a young woman who had young children. And she thought if she got caught she could account for it. So she said she would put them in a cart. She would take them and she would steal small things and she thought if they stopped her she would say: “ Well, it was such a hectic day and I have my children with me.” That’s an acceptable lie when you think you can explain it that way. So , Argie when it starts going down that path, it can be very very dangerous. And you say what you need to do is get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that, the secret or the lie or..?The root of the problem is the secret, not necessarily the lie. The lie is the behavior. But many people, just as Susan said, we're trained to lie. And most people as you say. You know how many people have never lied? If they tell you they’ve never lied, that’s lying because most people have lied about something. So get to the root of the problem which is the secret and why they are perpetuating a lie. And it might be that their mother or their father who never, you know, don’t hurt their feelings, or every woman has to have their mad money. And really in all reality that then perpetuates the practice of a lie. But really it’s the secret and secret keeping, that’s not good for us.And it actually can have an effect on your health. Yeah, absolutely. When you think about it, holding a lie like perhaps maybe you are having an affair or holding a lie that you are mismanaging the money. That can have a toll on you physically, emotionally, spiritually and if you are holding those big secrets then you’re moving away from your own truth. But all women kept so good at the lie and that they just lay the lie. (Again, it is dangerous)They have to really face it and says just isn’t helpful anymore. It’s harming me. It’s harming someone close to me.But when you have so many layers, it’s awfully hard to peel them back and finally reveal the truth. Because your whole life is living.That’s the problem. And that’s this lie that once enabled to you is now not helping . For instance, I interviewed a woman her brother was a drug-addict. So she gave him money and her mother gave him money. But finally they had to face that he needed help and that they weren’t helping him and that the family secret has to be let out.And before we go, I mean men lie, too. That’s the. Right about that.Not just women. They are just not as good either. Well, they don’t think necessarily through, but my thing is tell somebody about it. Especially if it’s a deep dark secret, you've got let that go because otherwise that’s gonna hold on to you. And it will affects the rest of your relationship.At least tell one person. Alright, Argie, thank you very much. Susan as well. 02/61976Iraqi Parliament Votes to Extend Presence of Non-US Forces伊拉克议会批准外国军队驻留议案 The speaker of Iraq's parliament has resigned, paving the way for lawmakers to authorize British and other non-U.S. foreign troops to remain in the country into . 伊拉克议会议长辞职,为议员们授权英国和其它非美国的外国军队年继续待在伊拉克铺平道路。The Iraqi parliament accepted the resignation of its speaker, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani after hours of behind the scenes negotiations and several days of debate. A quick voice vote followed to approve the presence of non-U.S. forces to remain in Iraq until July 31, . 伊拉克国民议会接受了议长马什哈达尼的辞呈,此前,议会经过了几个小时不公开磋商和几天的辩论。马什哈达尼辞职之举为尽快口头表决批准非美国军队在年7月31号之前继续留在伊拉克铺平道路。Mashhadani, his voice faltering and several times on the verge of tears, explained that he was resigning in the best interest of the nation after devoting 35 years of his life, many of them in prison and crowned by three years as speaker of parliament, to the service of his country. 马什哈达尼解释说,他把自己一生中的35年奉献给了这个国家,他的辞职符合国家的最佳利益,35年中他大部分的时间在监狱度过,最后担任了三年议长。他说话时声音哽咽,几度热泪盈眶。He said he played the role of an honest-broker and that he never opened a discussion without seeking consensus, despite harsh words or kind words all at the same time. He concluded that the most important thing is that he leaves with a clear conscience before God, since lofty titles and positions make no difference. 马什哈达尼说,他扮演了真诚的斡旋人的角色,在磋商中尽管他逆耳或者顺耳的言词都用过,但他向来都在寻求达成一致意见。马什哈达尼最后说,最重要的是,他将带着对真主无愧的良心而辞职,因为,崇高的头衔和职位对他来说没有什么区别。Colleagues of the Sunni politician praised his "devotion to his country," while others thanked him for his "sense of duty and honor" in agreeing to resign. 逊尼派政坛人物赞扬了马什哈达尼为国家做出的贡献,其他人则感谢他同意辞职是出于“责任心和荣誉感”。Following Mashhadani's resignation, the deputy parliament speaker gaveled the session back to order, placing Monday's resolution that non-U.S. foreign forces be allowed to remain in the country until the end of July back on the table. 马什哈达尼辞职后,副议长要求议会会议继续进行,把星期一的允许非美国外国军队在年7月底之前继续留在伊拉克的议案重新放到谈判桌上。Members of parliament then quickly voted to approve the resolution, allowing troops from Britain, Australia, Estonia, El Salvador and Romania to remain in the country after the U.N. mandate expires December 31. 伊拉克国民议会议员然后迅速表决,批准了这项议案,议案允许英国、澳大利亚、爱沙尼亚、萨尔瓦多和罗马尼亚军队在联合国授权12月31号到期之后继续留在伊拉克。The ed States and Iraq agreed to a new security pact last month, allowing U.S. troops to remain in the country until 2011. 美国和伊拉克上个月就一项新的安全条约达成一致,允许美国军队在伊拉克驻扎到2011年。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared last week, during a visit to Baghdad, that his troops would leave Iraq by the end of May . There had been concern that British and other foreign forces would be thrown into a legal limbo if no agreement was reached. 英国首相布朗上星期访问巴格达时宣布,英国军队年5月底之前离开伊拉克。此前有人担心,如果没有达成任何共识,英国和其它外国军队将失去驻扎在伊拉克的明确法律依据。200812/59577The top U.S. military officer says critics who claim it will take years to even have a chance to defeat the Afghan insurgency ignore the fact that a similar counterinsurgency strategy turned around a similarly difficult situation in Iraq in 2007. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to reporters traveling with him to South and Central Asia Thursday.Admiral Mullen acknowledges that it may take years to fully defeat the Afghan insurgency. But he says that is not what the ed States expects to accomplish by this time next year, when President Barack Obama has said he will begin to withdraw U.S. troops. But Mullen says the year-and-a-half the president allowed for the new strategy to prove itself is adequate."Insurgencies last a long time," said Mullen. "But, as you look at how long it took to turn Iraq around, it was about 18 months. Now, we're about two-and-a-half years later, and we're still working in Iraq. But it was sort of that period of time where it really turned. Turning it doesn't end it, [but] you've got to turn it to get it moving in the right direction."The admiral says the situation in Iraq seemed impossible to resolve a few years ago, and, although the two countries are very different, and progress in Iraq is not a guarantee of progress in Afghanistan, it does give him reason to be hopeful about Afghanistan - even during the current period of heavy violence and, at best, slow progress."There are similarities and differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, and I understand that," added Mullen. "But I don't accept the fact that, just because it takes insurgencies a long, long time [to be defeated], that we're not at a point where it can't be turned, because I think it can. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But, I think it can be [turned] over the period of time that we're talking about."U.S. officials acknowledge that, even if the situation in Afghanistan begins to turn during the next 12 months, the U.S. withdrawal will likely be very gradual, and some number of international troops will be needed in Afghanistan for many years to come.Admiral Mullen welcomed the statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week that he wants his forces to be able to take responsibility for security in the country by 2014. Mullen said the goal sounds reasonable and that it is important for leaders to set such targets to focus the efforts of their governments.The admiral spoke as he flew toward New Delhi, where Afghanistan will be among many issues he will discuss with Indian defense officials. It will be on the agenda again when he visits Pakistan later in the week, before heading into the war zone itself.  美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将承认,完全打败阿富汗叛乱分子需要几年的时间。他说,这不是美国预期在明年这个时候实现的目标。明年7月是奥巴马总统设定的美军开始撤军的日期。但是马伦说,总统留出一年半时间来明新策略的有效性,这是合适的。 他说:“叛乱行为会持续很长时间。但是如果你看看扭转伊拉克的局势需要多长时间,那大约是18个月。现在,2年半后,我们仍在伊拉克行动。但是局势真正出现扭转用了大约18个月时间。扭转并不意味着结束,但是你必须扭转形势使它朝正确方向发展。” 马伦上将说,几年前伊拉克局势看起来根本无法解决。虽然伊拉克和阿富汗有很大不同,而且伊拉克的进展并不能保在阿富汗也会取得进展,但这使他有理由对阿富汗的未来抱有希望,尽管目前仍存在严重暴力,而且局势进展缓慢。 他说:“我很清楚,伊拉克和阿富汗的情况有相同之处,也有不一样的地方。但是如果因为需要很长时间才能击败叛乱活动,就说我们现在不能扭转局面,我不认同这种看法。因为我认为局面能够被扭转。这不意味着能轻而易举实现,但我认为在我们所说的这段时间里,形势是可以好转的。” 美国官员承认,即使阿富汗局势在今后12个月里开始好转,美军撤离也很可能是非常缓慢的,而且阿富汗在未来很多年仍将需要一定数量的国际部队。 马伦对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊这星期发表的谈话表示欢迎。卡尔扎伊说,他希望在2014年前,阿富汗军队有能力承担起自己国家的安全责任。马伦说,这个目标听上去是恰当的,领导人设定这样的目标,使政府有工作重点,非常重要。 马伦是在飞往新德里途中发表上述谈话的。他将同印度国防官员讨论包括阿富汗形势在内的一系列问题。马伦本周晚些时候访问巴基斯坦时也将讨论阿富汗问题。马伦此后将前往阿富汗战区。201007/110155Spring has just sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and that means an annual natural spectacular is just a couple of weeks away, deep in the heart of Texas.春天已经来到了北半球,这也意味着在德克萨斯州的中心地区,一年一度的自然界盛事即将到来。There are no other natural wonders in the rugged Texas Hill Country. No awe-inspiring canyons, no snow-covered peaks or rain forests or raging mountain streams. Most of the time, the appeal of this tapestry of cedar and oak trees, lazy streams, and low limestone cliffs is more modest. 德克萨斯州崎岖的希尔山地没有什么奇特的自然景观。那里既没有让人产生敬畏之心的大峡谷,也没有白雪皑皑的山峰,更没有热带雨林或者奔腾的山间溪流。一年中的大部分时间,人们在这里看到的就是杉树和橡树枝繁叶茂,小溪缓缓流淌,以及低矮的石灰崖延伸至远方,一切都显得那么平淡。But there’s nothing modest about a Hill Country spring. In 1991, George Oxford Miller published a book of photographs of the region. In the text, the environmental photojournalist wrote that "excitement comes in small packages." He found what he described as "air unadulterated with human additives, stars undimmed by city lights, the uninterrupted sounds of nature, and fields of flowers unblemished by footprints." 但是,希尔山地的春天绝不平淡。1991年,环境摄影师乔治·米勒出版了一本该地区的摄影集。米勒在书中写道,“这里纯净的空气没有被人类活动污染,满天的繁星没有被城市的灯光遮掩,大自然的声音没有受到惊扰,无际的野花没有被踩在脚下。”Four hundred species of flowers, including Indian paintbrushes, prickly poppies, flowering herbs, and the most compelling blossom of all - the bluebonnet, the Texas state flower.德克萨斯州有400多种野花,包括印第安火焰草、蓟罂粟、草药花、以及盛开怒放的德克萨斯州花矢车菊。201103/129589

Zimbabwean Opposition Says Power-Sharing Deal under Threat津反对派批政府威胁权力分享协议  Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change says the publication of ministerial posts in an official government newspaper threatens the country's power sharing agreement.津巴布韦反对派民主变革运动表示,政府方面在官方报纸上公布出来的内阁部长任命名单,直接威胁到津巴布韦政党之间达成的权力分享协议。The Movement for Democratic Change describes the announcement of a Cabinet list by the state controlled newspaper The Herald as a midnight ambush. In a stinging statement, the MDC further says the announcement jeopardizes the power-sharing deal signed with President Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF party on September 15.民主变革运动把由政府控制的先驱报上刊登出来的名单,形容为一次午夜突袭。民主变革运动在一份声明中说,这份名单不符合该组织与穆加贝总统所属的执政党非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线于9月15号签署的权力分享协议的精神。The Herald announcement comes after the parties had acknowledged failure on reaching agreement on the allocation of Cabinet posts. They had agreed to refer the matter to former South African president Thabo Mbeki who brokered the power-sharing deal. The agreement says the president will allocate ministerial portfolios after consultation with the vice presidents, the prime minister and deputy prime ministers.在先驱报刊出上述名单之前,津巴布韦主要党派已经公开承认,在各个内阁部长的任命问题上,没有能够达成一致,双方同意把这个问题交给南非前总统姆贝基解决。姆贝基早些时候成功斡旋了津巴布韦政党之间的权力分享协议。根据这项协议,穆加贝总统本应在与副总统、总理以及副总理协商之后,再公布内阁部长的任命。The MDC statement says no agreement was reached on the heavily contested portfolios of Finance, Home Affairs, Local Government and Foreign Affairs when the leaders of the parties to the agreement met on Friday. The Herald list gives three of the posts to ZANU-PF adding that only Finance is disputed. The MDC insists it will reject what it calls attempts BY ZANU-PF to merely get it into office but without power.民主变革运动发表的声明同时表示,各党派领导人星期五就任命问题开会讨论的时候,并没有就一些关键性部长的任命达成任何协议。这些关键的部委包括财政部、内政部、地方政府部、外交部等。先驱报公布出来的名单显示,以上提到的部委之中,有三个都给了执政党派非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线,只有财政部人选仍然处于争执之中。民主变革运动表示,该组织坚决反对穆加贝总统只是象征性地让反对派参与政府部门,但是并不赋予任何实权的作法。Constitutional expert Lovemore Madhuku tells VOA that while the announcement by the government may not be in the spirit of the power sharing agreement, it does not breach the letter of the deal.津巴布韦宪法专家马督库表示,尽管报纸公布出来的名单并不符合权力分享协议的精神,但是并没有违反协议的文字规定。Under the agreement, ZANU-PF is to get 15 posts of the 31-member Cabinet while the main MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai gets 13. The remaining three go to a smaller faction of the MDC.根据上述协议,非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线将获得31个内阁成员当中的15个席位,而由茨万吉拉领导的民主变革运动则将获得13个席位。余下的三个席位将由民主变革运动当中较小的党派出任。200810/52707

CarrefourOff its trolleyEurope’s biggest retailer looks even shakier as its Brazilian deal falls apart Jul 14th 2011 | PARIS | from the print edition Europe’s biggest retailer looks even shakier as its Brazilian deal falls apart 当巴西交易落空时,欧洲的连锁巨人显得更加不堪一击SHAREHOLDERS of Carrefour, a French retailer, must feel as bewildered as shoppers lost in one of its giant stores. In the past two years the company has suggested several new strategies to lift its sagging share price, such as selling emerging-market businesses or spinning off its property, only to abandon them. Profit warnings have come thick and fast. 法国零售商福的股东们,目前必定和那些在他们的大型超市中迷失方向的顾客一样感到迷茫。在过去的两年中,福尝试过多种新策略,试图提升不断下滑的股票价格,例如出售新兴市场业务或剥离部分资产,以求摆脱多余的业务。不过公司的盈利警告依然来得严重而迅速。The latest surprise was a plan to merge Carrefour’s Brazilian business with Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiccedil;atilde;o (CBD), a local competitor. This week the deal evaporated after a furious protest from Casino, a rival French retailer which aly holds a stake in CBD. 最近的令人震惊消息是福计划将公司位于巴西的业务与当地的一个竞争者巴西百货(Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiccedil;atilde;o (CBD))进行合并。由于巴西百货股份的持有者,福的法国竞争者Casino的强烈反对,该笔交易于本周宣告失败。More surprises may be in store. Carrefour has two powerful shareholders: Bernard Arnault, the boss of LVMH, a luxury-goods group, and Colony Capital, a property-investment firm. The two jointly own 14% of Carrefour’s shares and 20% of its voting rights, mostly through a vehicle called Blue Capital. They are desperate to rescue their investment, made in 2007 when Carrefour’s share price was more than twice as high as it is today. 更多令人震惊的消息来自于公司内部。福有两大股东:奢侈品集团LVMH的老板伯纳德#8226;阿尔诺(Bernard Arnault)和房地产投资公司柯罗尼资产集团(Colony Capital)。二者共持有福14%的股份,并控制该公司14%的投票权,这两大股东主要通过蓝色资本(Blue Capital)操持对福的股权。目前他们迫切希望挽回2007年做出的投资,当年福的股票价格是现在的两倍多。Blue Capital’s original plan, drawing on Colony’s expertise, was to make a one-off profit by having Carrefour sell all or part of its property portfolio. The retailer would then wrap up the cash in plastic bags and hand it to shareholders with a smile. 根据柯罗尼资产集团的专业意见,蓝色资本原本计划让福出售全部或部分的资产组合,以实现一次性的利润。他们期望福言听计从地将所得利润乖乖地交给各个股东。201107/145949

Energy in Japan日本能源问题Bright ideas needed妙招告急Japan’s power monopolies raise costs and stifle innovation日本能源垄断企业——拽高成本,扼杀创新Sep 17th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition THE corridors were dark, the air uncomfortably hot. The lights at the headquarters of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) were largely switched off; the air-conditioners were turned down. Even the chief executive, Toshio Nishizawa, had removed his tie for an interview on September 5th. In normal times, that would be a glaring breach of Japanese corporate etiquette, but these are not normal times.走廊伸手不见十指,空气燥热难忍。东京电力总部,几乎没几盏灯亮着,空调冷气也已调小。9月5日接受采访时,东电首席执行官Toshio Nishizawa甚至都未系领带。这要放在平时,显然就是公然违背日本公司礼仪。但如今绝非“平时”。Since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, most nuclear reactors in Japan have been shut down for maintenance and not restarted: 43 out of 54 remain idle. There has been a national drive for setsuden (conserving energy). TEPCO must be seen to share the pain.3月11日地震海啸袭来,日本大部分核反应堆都因维护原因关停,尚未重启使用,54座反应堆中有43座仍然闲置。日本全国上下曾掀起“能源节约”热潮,东电必须做出样子,有所分担。The company is staggeringly unpopular. One of its nuclear plants at Fukushima was damaged on March 11th. In the crucial hours after the tsunami, TEPCO failed to add water to cool the reactor cores. It was unable to restore steady back-up power until days later and inexplicably delayed venting a build-up of pressure that eventually led to hydrogen explosions.如今,东电极不受待见。3月11日的灾难中,东电在福岛的一座核电站被毁。海啸退去关键的几个小时内,东电未能向反应堆核心注水降温。而且直到灾难爆发数天之后,东电才恢复稳定的备用电源。再者,东电迟迟未释放反应堆内激增的巨大压力,最终导致了氢爆炸,真叫人无法理解。As if that were not bad enough, TEPCO withheld information from everyone, including the then prime minister, Naoto Kan, who stormed into its headquarters yelling: “What the hell is going on?” A meltdown began several hours after the tsunami struck, but wasn’t officially disclosed until nine weeks later. “We have lost trust,” admits Mr Nishizawa. Regaining it will take “a long, long time”, he adds.东电貌似觉得这还不够惨,竟而还对外封锁消息,连时任首相菅直人都被蒙在鼓里,菅直人冲进东电总部吼道:“到底怎么回事?”海啸来袭数小时之后,反应堆炉心就已融毁,但直到9个礼拜后东电才正式披露消息。Toshio Nishizawa也承认东电已失去公众信任,并表示重获信任,绝不是一朝一夕的事情。201109/154996

Hundreds of thousands of people in Bangladesh, victims of the worst cyclone to hit the country in a decade were desperately awaiting aid on Monday as the official death toll climbed to over three thousand. With relief aid pouring in, rescue teams battled to reach remote areas. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, the Islamic equivalent of the Red Cross warned the death toll could hit ten thousand once rescuers reach outlying islands. In the typhoon ravaged area, residents have been recovering dead bodies since flood waters receded. Many grieving families are burying their loved ones in the same grave because no male member is available to dig separate ones. But even these mass graves are overflowing with new bodies being recovered every day. “There’s no place to bury the dead. We do not even have a piece of cloth to cover their bodies. Our condition now is worse than the dead.” “I can not find my family members. I don’t even know how to look for them. We’ve lost our house, cattle, crops, everything, because of floods.” Patuakhali, in the southern coastal area of the country, endured strong winds that push large boats out of the water and onto land. People’s houses were destroyed, and their animals killed when the cyclone struck. The lack of food, water, proper shelter and clothes, especially during the winter season, have made the living conditions of survivors extremely difficult. “Our crops have been destroyed. We have nothing to survive on.”“We are trying to survive with eating whatever’s edible that we canlay our hands on.” International aid organizations promised initial packages of 25 million dollars during a meeting with Bangladesh agencies on Monday. But relief items such as tents, rice and water have been slow to reach many. The government’s response was criticized by some villagers and many fear they may not survive. Government officials defended the relief efforts and expressed confidence that authorities are up to the task. Many foreign governments and international groups have also pledged to help, including the ed States, which offered 2.1 million dollars and the ed Nations which promised 7 million dollars. Tropical cyclone Sidr was the worst cyclone to hit Bangladesh in a decade.outlying: adj.far from the centre of a city, town etc or from a main building ravage: v.to damage something very badly200811/55311

Iraqi Parliament Delays Vote to Extend Presence of Non-US Forces伊议会推迟就延长非美军留驻表决 A dispute in Iraq's parliament has forced a delay in the approval of a resolution that would allow non-U.S. troops to remain in the country after the U.N. mandate expires at the end of this month. 伊拉克议会内发生的争论迫使议会推迟对一项决议案的表决。这项决议案将允许非美军部队在本月底联合国授权到期之后继续留在伊拉克。Iraqi politicians have been predicting that parliament would approve a measure to allow non-U.S. troops to legally remain in the country until July of next year. But the Speaker of Iraq's Parliament, Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, suspended the legislative session after a number of deputies called for his resignation. 伊拉克的政界人士预计,伊拉克会议将批准一项议案,允许非美军部队在明年底之前合法的留在伊拉克。但是伊拉克议会议长马什哈达尼在一些代表呼吁他辞职后终止了议会议程。Al Mashhadani had threatened to resign his post last week during heated debate over the fate of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George Bush. He angered a number of lawmakers, who say he insulted them and should now keep his promise to resign. It is not now clear when the parliament will meet again, but failure to approve an extension of the troop agreement would leave non-U.S. troops without a legal framework to remain in Iraq beyond December 31, when the U.N. mandate expires.  目前还不清楚议会将于什么时候复会,但是如果伊拉克议会不能批准延长驻军协议,非美军部队在12月31日以后就无法在合法框架下留在伊拉克。联合国的有关授权在12月31日期满。The last-minute impasse came after the Iraqi parliament was reported to have reached a compromise Sunday, transforming a draft law into a parliamentary resolution that would require only a simple majority to pass. 据报导,在出现这最后的僵局之前,伊拉克议会星期天已经达成了一项妥协,将一项法律草案变为议会的决议案。这项决议案仅需要议会的简单多数就能通过。Hanin Mahmood, who sits on the Iraqi parliament's foreign relations committee, insists that some solution must be reached quickly to prevent foreign troops from going into a legal limbo. 伊拉克议会外交委员会委员马哈茂德坚持认为,为了防止一些外国军队陷入不能合法留在伊拉克的局面,某种决议必须尽快达成。She says that it is important that parliament gets this resolution passed so that there is no legal or security void for those troops remaining on Iraqi soil. The agreement concerns mainly British and Australian forces in Iraq. A number of other countries, including Estonia, Romania, El Salvador and Ukraine have troops in Iraq, as well. 她说,议会通过有关决议案,至关重要,因为这样才不会使驻伊拉克军队在法律和安全方面出现真空。这项协议主要事关在伊拉克的英国和澳大利亚军队,以及萨尔瓦多、爱沙尼亚、罗马尼亚和乌克兰的军队。Britain's Defense Minister contends that there are "contingency plans," but a "proper agreement" must be reached. 英国国防大臣声称,还有一些应急计划,但是必须要达成“一个合适的协议”。Parliament member Abbas Bayati of the ed Iraqi Alliance party says several solutions are being contemplated to end the current stalemate. “伊拉克团结联盟”党的议员巴亚提说,为了结束目前的僵局,正在仔细考虑一些解决办法。He says parliamentarians are facing three choices: either to rely on the original draft law, once again -or sign bi-lateral agreements with each of the countries involved, and to do this before the end of the year -or to have parliament allow the government to make agreements with British, Ukrainian and Georgian forces to prepare for their withdrawal within six months. 他说,议员们面临三种选择:要么重新依赖原有的法律草案,或者同每一个有关国家再签署一个双边协议,并在年底之前完成协议的签署;要么议会授权政府同英国、乌克兰、格鲁吉亚军队签署协议,为他们在6个月后撤军作准备。The ed States and Iraq have aly concluded a new security pact that allows U.S. troops to remain in the country. 美国和伊拉克已经签署了一项新的安全协议,允许美军继续驻扎在伊拉克。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown visited Iraq ast week and announced his forces would withdraw from their positions in southern Iraq by the end of July . 英国首相布朗上星期访问了伊拉克。他宣布,英军将在年7月底之前撤离伊拉克南部。200812/59495

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