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25 On a Bus在公共汽车上Asking the routes of buses询问公共汽车路线Do you have a bus that goes to the Hilton Hotel from here?这儿有到希尔顿宾馆去的公共汽车吗?Excuse me,sir.Can you tell me where the bus stop for Shatan Street is?对不起,先生。请问去沙滩大街的公共汽车车站在哪里?How many stops are there to the Botanical Garden?去植物园要坐几站路?May I know where the No.68 bus stop is,please?请问68路公共汽车车站在什么地方?Do you stop at the zoo?车在动物园停站吗?How often do they run?他们间隔多长时间发一趟车?Where do I get off for the Bank of China?到中国在哪一站下车?Please let me off at the World Exhibition Center.到世界展览中心时请通知我下车。Remarks of the conductor乘务员用语Get off at the third stop and take bus No.21.在第三站下车,改乘21路公共汽车。Fares,please.请买票。Stand back from the door,please.Let the passengers off.请别站在车门口,让车上的乘客先下车。You can#39;t get on until the other passengers get off.他们不下车,别的人无法上来。You#39;ve got the wrong bus.您坐错车了。We only go as far as Lianhuachi Bridge,but you could walk from there.我们只到莲花池桥,但从那儿您可以步行过去。It#39;s not far.路不远。You#39;ll have to get off now.We#39;re at your destination.您现在该下车了,您到站了。There is a bus every ten to fifteen minutes.每隔10到15分钟有趟车。Take the same number bus in the opposite direction,and change to No.12 bus.乘反方向的同一路公共汽车,然后再转乘12路公共汽车。The buses are usually crowded during this time of the day.每天的这段时间公共汽车都很拥挤。You have missed your stop.您坐过了站。The next stop is the History Museum.下一站是历史物馆。Asking prices问票价How much is the fare to the City Hall?到市政府的车票要多少钱?Conversations会话 /200706/14703

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Side effects may include...可能会有的副作用Now anyone in here thinking of getting a neck tattoo or maybe you have a neck tattoo.在座的各位有人想过在脖子上纹身或者脖子上有纹身的吗?If you are thinking about it, you should know there are side effects and those side effects may include—unemployment.如果你在考虑的话,你应该知道它会有一些副作用,其中包括——失业Cracking your knuckles before you do literally anything.还没纹就折了关节Only getting paid in cash. Having a favorite kid rock memory. Dying young.别人只肯付你现金。拥有一段难得的摇滚记忆。早死And the final side effect to having a neck tattoo在颈部纹身的最后一个副作用就是is kicking my ass next time you see me because all this stuff I just said about you.下次见面的时候,你可能会因为我今天所说的话揍我Now, Reggie, anyone here thinking about being an undercover cop? I know that it plays on Reggie#39;s mind a lot.好了,瑞吉,现场有人想过当便衣警察吗?这个我相信瑞吉已经想了很久了If you#39;re going to become an undercover cop,如果你想当便衣警察,you should know there are side effects and they may include—being new to this school.你应该知道它的副作用其中包括——所有的东西都要重新学Wondering where all the fun parties are this weekend.想知道这个周末好玩的派对在哪里Asking the other kids if they like getting beer drunk on some cold ones.要问其他人想不想喝冰啤酒Wanting to get your hands on some high quality doobage if anyone has any to sell.看到有人卖纯度高的大麻就想要Making sure everybody knows you#39;re a cool, fun guy who likes to hang out and get down with the guys要让每个人都知道你是个风趣又玩得开的人or even with mixed company as long as there are cold ones and some high quality doobage.只要给你冰啤酒和高纯度的大麻,你跟陌生人都能玩得好And the final side effect to being an undercover cop is you finally lose your virginity.做便衣警察的最后一个副作用就是你最终会失去你的贞操Anyone in here—is anyone in here a vegan or thinking about becoming a vegan?在座有人是素食主义者或想成为素食主义者的吗?Anybody? Yeah. OK, well. You know I think about it. I really do. I have given it considerable thought.有吗?嗯,好吧,这个问题我想过。真的。而且我想过很多次If you are becoming a vegan, you should know there are side effect that may include—如果你想做素食主义者,你应该知道的副作用有sore eyebrows from always raising them when your friends order lunch.眼睛以上酸疼,因为每次你朋友点菜时你总得昂着头No, I#39;m fine with it. Lying to yourself that something called facon tastes like bacon.我其实还好啦。骗自己素菜跟荤菜味道差不多Getting into a car accident because your car is covered in so many bumper stickers.因为车上贴了太多保险杠贴纸而发生车祸Acting like you#39;re healthier than everyone when your diet consists entirely of carbs.当你的饮食里只有碳水化合物的时候还要假装你比其他人都健康Guess what, Lisa, rice pasta is still pasta!丽萨,你知道吗,用大米做的意大利面也是意大利面And the final side effect to becoming a vegan is weak bones.做素食主义者的最后一个副作用就是骨骼脆弱 Article/201706/513014

Just being this close to the water,it is something that freaks me out.单是这样的距离 就足以把我吓倒And I#39;m looking forward to try to face that fear of water.我希望我能够试着消除对水的恐惧感Now at 10,000 feet,a third the height of Everest,我们现在距地面10000英尺 这座山的高度相当于珠峰的三分之一our pilot is looking for just anywhere he can get us down.飞行员在寻找合适的索降地点Okay, Bear, we#39;re gonna turn final here for that ridge and see if we can get in there.贝尔 我们最后再在那边的山脊盘旋一次 看能否着陆Take it steady there.This will require pinpoint accuracy from our pilot.在这里稳住 这需要飞行员十分精确的定位Bear on the rope.Bear going down.贝尔抓住绳子 正在索降Getting onto the ground is always a high-risk moment.索降着地的瞬间分外危险Okay, Bear is on the floor.But how will the guys cope with it?好的 贝尔成功落地 但他们两个能够应付索降吗I mean, that was a pure Bear Grylls moment right there.我想 只有在贝尔的节目里我才会这么做It was a rocky ride coming in, very windy.绳索很不稳 风很大We weren#39;t even sure we were gonna land.我们都有点担心能不能顺利落地But when we, you know, climbed down the rope onto that peak,100% adrenaline running through my body.但是当我沿着绳索降落到地面时 所有的肾上腺素贯通全身Sean#39;s never even been in a helicopter before.肖恩从来没坐过直升机The nerves were going. It was exciting.我的神经全部绷紧了 感到很兴奋You look down and you look around, and you feel very small.四下望去 我感到自己非常渺小I just knew that we needed to get down.Okay, fan on the floor.我只知道我们必须着陆 好极了 粉丝成功着陆We#39;ve cut a piece from our fast rope.我们剪下了一截空降索With only one climbing rope to get us out of here,我们将只带一根登山索we#39;re gonna need all the help we can get.利用一切可用援助离开这里Thumbs up. We are clear.安全着陆 一切顺利 Article/201705/509359

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