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Bicycle: a symbol of China#39;s transformation自行车:中国转型的象征In the 1980s, bicycles in China were ingrained in every day life and were an important means of transportation, earning the country the nickname the kingdom of bicycles.20世纪80年代,自行车在中国人的日常生活中是不可或缺的,也是当时重要的交通工具,为此我国有了自行车王国的绰号。China was home to 500 million bicycles in 1987. But in recent years, cycling has declined dramatically in nearly all of China#39;s major cities.1987年,中国有5亿辆自行车。但近几年,中国几乎所有主要城市的自行车数量已急剧下降。Between 1995 and 2005, China#39;s bike fleet declined by 35 percent, from 670 million to 435 million. And bicycle ownership fell from 1.9 to 1.1 bicycles per household.自1995年到2005年,中国自行车队减少了35%,从6.7亿减至4.35亿。自行车持有量从每户1.9辆减至每户1.1辆。The difference can partially be explained by the growing number of electric bicycles. It#39;s estimated that there were well over 120 million such bicycles in China in 2013. One in five Chinese bicycles has a battery, and that ratio is likely to be higher in urban areas.可以说,这种变化一部分是由于电动车越来越多。据估计,2013年中国拥有超过1.2亿辆电动车,平均每五辆自行车当中就有一辆电动车,而这个比例似乎在市区更高。 Article/201404/288725。

Those players are heros,这些球员是英雄,they were not afraid of these wonderful atmosphere.他们对这个足球场并不恐惧。重点词汇:atmosphere 气氛例句:Pale wooden floors and plenty of natural light add to the relaxed atmosphere.淡色木地板和充足的自然光平添了几分轻松的氛围。 Article/201406/307037。

For all their possession,you have to say从目前的情况来看,你不得不说Newcastle haven#39;t yet created one clear-cut chance.纽卡斯尔还没有形成一次有威胁的进攻。重点词汇: clear-cut 明确的例句:Certainly , this is a clear-cut case of theft.这自然是一个再明确不过的强盗行为。 Article/201405/299954。

The Kalahari is the black rhino#39;s last stronghold.喀拉哈里是黑犀牛们最后的栖息地And here, under the cover of darkness,在这里 在黑暗的掩护下at one secret and very special waterhole,在这个隐秘而特殊的水坑旁rhino abandon their normally solitary life,犀牛们抛弃了原本离群索居的生活and come from miles around to meet under the stars.从数英里外而来 在星光下相聚Using the latest starlight camera,通过最新型的星光摄像机we can reveal for the first time the rhino#39;s true character.我们得以首次揭露犀牛真正的性格特征This young female seems nervous.这头年轻的的雌犀牛似乎有些紧张She senses other rhinos close by.她觉察到附近出现的其他犀牛A mother appears from the shadows with her calf.一头母犀牛带着她的幼崽从黑暗中走出来Tentatively, they greet one another.他们尝试性地向对方打了个招呼They may be ill-tempered by day,在日间他们或许脾性暴躁but now they become gentle and affectionate.但此刻 他们变得温柔多情More and more arrive.犀牛们接踵而至 Article/201312/266768。

A practical guide to harvest beetroot. Top tips and great advice from Tom Coles at Capel Manor.本视频展示收获甜菜的实践性指导意见。坎贝尔·蒙纳学院的汤姆·科尔为您提供最佳建议。To do this you will need a garden fork你需要一把花园叉子Beetroot can be harvested throughout the summer. Dig in at the side of the row and lever the fork back to lift the soil. Lift out the beetroot one at a time. Ideally they should be of golf ball size or bigger. Work your way along the row, throwing away any which have not yet matured, feel spongy, or are damaged.甜菜根在整个夏季都可以收获。在种植行的旁边挖一下,叉子向回撬一下,让土壤松动。一次拔出一根甜菜。理想的尺寸是高尔夫球那么大,或者更大。一行一行地作业,扔掉未成熟的,多孔的,或者坏了的甜菜根。Leave the beetroots on top of the soil for about 20 minutes to air dry. Then hold onto the stalks and twist off, leaving about 10 centimetres still attached, do not cut off as this will cause them to bleed.把甜菜根在土壤表面放置大约20分钟来晾干。然后抓住茎部用力扭断,留大约10厘米附着在甜菜根上,不要切断,否则会造成汁液流出。Whenever possible, harvest vegetables during the cool part of the morning, and process or store them as soon as you can.任何可能的情况下,在清晨比较凉爽的时候收获蔬菜,然后尽快处理或储藏。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Beetroot.感谢观看“怎样收获甜菜根”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201306/245571。

The hurricane chasers produce mountains of data from every flight.飓风追逐者每次飞行 都会收集海量的数据And one of the things they#39;ve discovered而他们的一项发现是is that hurricanes pulse at night.飓风晚上会发生脉冲More significantly,更值得注意的是they#39;ve also recorded an increase他们同时记录下in the number of category five storms,五级风暴数量在增长the most extreme and powerful hurricanes.它们是最极端最强劲的飓风If you look at the history,如果看看历史we#39;ve seen many category fives over the years.会看到最近几年有许多五级风暴We certainly have better tracking capabilities right now.我们现在确实有更好的监测能力So we can actually see所以我们可以观测到category fives maybe happening in the middle of the ocean海洋中心发生的五级风暴that we would have missed hundreds and say 50 years ago.在一百或五十年前 我们可能会错过So certainly there have been more major hurricanes in recent years最近几年里肯定有更多大型飓风and we#39;re trying to understand exactly我们设法去了解why that#39;s happening,其发生的原因but we have to keep an eye on those.我们必须得密切关注那些飓风Because those are the storms that can cause all the damage.因为那些飓风能造成巨大的破坏So, Jason and his fellow hurricane chasers杰森和他的飓风追逐同伴are recording more category five storms.记录了越来越多的五级风暴And this is a development科学家开始that scientists are really starting to grapple with.极力应对这一变化 Article/201409/332178。