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Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习万圣节的常见口语表达。 /201402/276050

  1.我等待这一刻已经很久了。I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. /201409/329146


  Not so good—God will never give you more than you can handle.不要说:上帝不会让你承受更多苦难。Even if the person has a faith system that includes God, this phrase has the tacit implication that if you cant handle things, you must not have enough faith, youre a bad Christian, etc.如果这个人对上帝有着很坚定的信仰,这句话就有了隐藏的含义:也就是说如果你处理不好这件事,你肯定是没有坚定的信仰,不是虔诚的基督徒等等。Better—This must be so hard for you.不如说:我知道你肯定非常难受。 /201211/210842

  Focus--trying to concentrate专注--试图集中注意力A famous athlete once said:一个著名的运动员曾经说过:It is not necessarily the amount of time you spent of practice that accounts,你为锻炼所花费的时间多少并不重要,its what you put into the practice.重要的是你在其中所投入的。So we can spend our time, studying, or practicing, or doing whatever,所以我们可以花时间,学习,或进行练习,或者做些什么,but if we arent able to focus, the quality isnt there.但是如果我们不能够集中精力,其中也就不会有质量。And the time can easily get wasted.而时间也在不经意间就浪费掉了。So, assuming that you are awake, but you just dont seem to be able to focus well,因此,假设你醒着,但你只是似乎不能够集中精力,what do you do to shift gears?你能做什么来改变吗?What do you do to make a difference?你能做什么来区分吗?Sure, just relaxing and goofing around may be a good idea once in a while, like taking a break.当然,只是放松和闲混一会儿也许是一个好主意,稍微休息也会不错。But what helps us to focus?但是什么能够帮助我们集中呢?When you really need to get some work done, and you need to be able to concentrate,当你真正需要做点事情,你就需要能够集中精力,what do you do?你会怎么做呢?Do you have kids, or teach kids?你有孩子,或者会教孩子吗?If you do, you know that they have plenty of energy and a short attention span.如果你有,你就应该知道他们的充足精力和十分容易分散的注意力。Combining these two things and focusing is a big, big challenge.结合这两件事和让他们集中注意力真是一个很大的挑战。So, how do you help the kids?因此,你会怎样帮助孩子?Carry a stick? Bribe them with candy?随身携带一根棍子?用糖果贿赂他们吗?Do you have any good strategies you can share?你有没有什么好的策略可以分享?When it comes to the focusing for the self, or trying to help others focus, its a challenge.当谈到自己集中注意力,或是尝试去帮助其他人的时候,这都会是一个挑战。Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Do you spend your time wisely?你会明智的利用时间吗?What practice or study methods do you use?你使用什么锻炼或者学习方法?Do you lose your concentration easily?你容易失去你的注意力吗?Or, can you stay focused?还是,你能集中注意力?How often do you take breaks?你要休息多久?What do you do when you breaks?你休息的时候会做什么?After you take a break, do you have a difficult time going back to work?在你休息后,你回到工作状态会感到困难吗?How do you motivate yourself to work, study, or practice harder?你会如何激励自己工作、学习,或者更加努力锻炼?Is there a certain time of day when you find easiest to focus?你发现自己容易集中注意力是在一个特定的时间吗?What kind of environment helps you to concentrate the most?什么样的环境能帮助你集中?Do you find that you can concentrate better in a quiet setting?在一个安静的背景下你发现你能够更好地集中吗?What type of noises or sounds do you find extracting?你发现什么样的噪音或声音会分散注意力? /201204/17709213. He is in a meeting right now.他现在正在开会。还能这样说:He is holding a meeting now.He is having a meeting at the moment.谚语:Who makes everything right must rise early.要把事事都做好,必须坚持起得早。14. Would you mind calling back later?你能过会儿再打来吗?还能这样说:Can you call back after a short time?What about ring back in a short while?谚语:Little things amuse little minds.小人志卑。15. She is still angry with you, so she doesnt answer you.她还在生你的气,所以不接你的电话。还能这样说:She is still displeased with you and refuses to answer your call.She still gets angry with you, so she will not receive your call.应用:get angry at sth. 因某事而生气;make sb. angry 使某人生气16. Its urgent. Could I have his mobile phone number?我有急事,可不可以告诉我他的手机号码?还能这样说:Can you tell me his cell phone number? I have something urgent.Would you be so kind as to let me know his cell phone number? Its urgent.谚语:Deliver not your words by number but by weight.言不在多,而在有物。17. She doesnt stand your constant bother.她受不了你无休止的纠缠。还能这样说:She has tired of being entangled by you.She doesnt want to be bothered from you any more.应用:bother ones head about 为……而操心;hot and bothered 心急火燎的 /201304/2332346月4日凌晨,陕西省镇坪县一名妇冯建梅因无钱交纳4万元的超生罚款,在镇政府干部的强制要求下,被迫引产了已七个月的女婴。目前涉事的三名官员已被停职。请看中国日报网报道:The city government of Ankang on Thursday evening apologized to a woman who underwent a forced abortion at a hospital in Northwest Chinas Shaanxi province, adding that officials who have been found to be responsible for the incident will be relieved of their duties.陕西省安康市政府周四晚向被在医院强制引产的一名妇道歉,并称将对对此事负责的官员做出停职处理。上面报道中的forced abortion就是“强制引产”,在这儿abortion是指人工terminate pregnancy(终止妊娠),也可称作induced abortion。我国现行的family planning policy(计划生育政策)规定,引产只能在征得妇的written consent(书面同意)下进行,且要坚决杜绝late-stage abortion(大月份引产)。“超生人口”英文表达为extra births。与abortion之相对的是spontaneous abortion(自然流产),也叫miscarriage,是指gestational age(胎龄)不足28周、胎儿体重不足1000g而终止妊娠,其中在妊娠二十周以后流产,称为preterm birth(早产),胎儿有可能存活。常见的自然流产种类还有threatened abortion(先兆流产)、recurrent pregnancy loss (习惯性流产)等。 /201206/187966

  1. Id like to find a job which is related to my knowledge of English.我想找一份与我英语知识相关的工作。还能这样说:I want to apply for a job that can enable me to use my English knowledge.I am looking for a job which I can apply my professional knowledge.应用:relate to sb. the story of 向某人讲述……的经过;relate...with 把……和……联系起来;relate ones ideas 叙述自己的观点2. A job with prospects of promotion is my top priority.有晋升前景的工作是我的首选。还能这样说:My job objective is a position which can provide opportunity for me to rise.I expect to be exalted in a position.应用:be on ones promotion 有希望提升;为找对象而洁身自爱3. I want to collect some information about English editor.我想搜集一些英文编辑方面的信息。还能这样说:I desire to gather some information which can help me with the English editor.There is some information on English editor I need to collect.应用:abnomral information 异常信息;adapted information 适应性知识;additional information 附加说明,补充消息;anti-dumping information 反倾销情报4. I have the advantage of English word-processor capability.我有英语文字处理能力方面的优势。还能这样说:I am good at processing English words.I hold on to a dominant position on English word-processor capability.应用:to sb.s advantage 对某人有利;take advantage of sth. 充分利用 /201409/325612


  Li: Neil, can we get this programme done now? I need to get some stuff for my Sunday roast dinner.李:尼尔,我们现在可以结束节目了吗?我要为周日的烤肉大餐准备材料。Neil: I am stuffed! Oh, totally stuffed (burp)Im sorry!尼尔:我吃饱了!哦,我完全吃饱了,(打嗝)不好意思!Li: Well, since todays words are stuff and stuffed, I think you will be just perfect to explain them.李:既然今天要讲的单词是物品和吃饱了,我想你很完美地解释了它们。Neil: Oh thats easy. I knew I was going to a launch party this lunchtime, so I skipped breakfast.尼尔:那很简单。我知道我要在午饭时间参加派对,所以我没有吃早饭。Li: Thats not good.李:这可不好。Neil: Anyway, I got there and a lovely buffet was set up. The stuff on offer looked great.尼尔:不管怎么说,我到了那里,看到了准备好的自助餐。供应的食物看上去好极了。Li: Stuff? You mean the food?李:东西?你是指食物吗?Neil: Yes. The word stuff can mean anything really. It almost has the same meaning as things. Lets hear these people:尼尔:对。实际上这个词可以代表任何事情。它基本上同“东西”这个词同意。我们来看一些例子:We need to clear the lockers. Can you get all your stuff out by 7pm tonight.我们需要清理这个储物柜。你能在今晚七点前把你的东西都拿出来吗?The amount of stuff shes got in her bathroom is unbelievable. Shes got enough to open a beauty shop.她放在浴室里的东西的数量简直不可思议。她都能开个美容店了。Woman: Whats that stuff on your jacket?女:你夹克上的那是什么东西?Man: Er, its pigeon dropping. Yuck.男:额,好像是鸽子屎。真恶心。Li: Well, we hear the word stuff used a lot in conversations. People say it all the time. My stuff, your stuff, his stuff. All referring to things.李:我们看到了这个词在很多对话中的应用。人们一直在用这个词。我的东西,你的东西,他的东西。所有的例子都表示“东西”这个意思。Neil: Yes. You can also use it like a verb: I stuffed myself with food.尼尔:对。这个词也可以用作动词:我吃饱了。Li: You are stuffed? Completely full?李:你吃饱了?完全吃饱了?Neil: Yes, I am completely stuffed, I can barely move.尼尔:对,我完全吃饱了,我都动不了了。Li: What about stuffed toys? I see them a lot in toyshops. You look just like one of those stuffed toys!李:那填充玩具呢?我在玩具店里经常看到。你看起来就像一个填充玩具!Neil: I cant stand them. They are stuffed full of wool or cotton or something. They are for girls; I much prefer proper wooden toys.尼尔:我可受不了那些玩具。它们填满了羊毛、棉花或是其他东西。它们都是给女孩子玩的;我更喜欢木制玩具。Li: Maybe youd prefer a wooden pillow too?李:也许你也更喜欢木枕头吧?Neil: Are you joking! Ive got to have a nice and soft pillow. But I must make sure it has the right stuffing in it?尼尔:你开玩笑呢吧!我要买一个柔软的枕头。可是我必须要确保里面是好的填充物。Li: Whats the right stuffing?李:什么是好的填充物?Neil: Anything but feather or duck down.尼尔:除了羽毛和鸭绒的任何东西。Li: Why?李:为什么?Neil: Allergies. I cant stand anything stuffed with feathers.尼尔:过敏。我受不了羽毛填充物。Li: I think weve talked long enough about stuff you eat for lunch, stuff that you liked and stuff that gives you allergies.李:我想我们谈了足够长的时间,谈了午饭吃的食物,谈了你喜欢的东西,还有会让你过敏的东西。Neil: Well, its time for you to get your stuff y for Sunday Roast.尼尔:现在是你为周日的烤肉大餐准备材料的时间了。Li: Thats right. Join us next time. Bye bye!李:没错。我们下次节目再见。再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见! /201405/301756。

  Larry和他吵架,来找李华诉苦。他们会提到两个常用语:talk to a brick wall和get the picture.Larry: (Sounding frustrated) Hey, Lihua.LH: Larry, 你怎么不高兴啊?Larry: I just got off the phone with my sister. She is about to graduate from high school and she is not serious about applying to college. No matter what I say, she just wont take my advice. (Sigh). Sometimes talking to her is like talking to a brick wall.LH: 哦。你高中毕业不想考大学,不论你怎么劝她,她就是不听。对了,你刚才说talking to a brick wall,你干嘛要对着砖墙说话呢?Larry: Not literally talk to a brick wall. Im saying talking to my sister is like talking to a brick wall. A brick wall doesnt listen, doesnt respond and doesnt care. And thats what its like to talk to my sister about college.LH: 我明白了! talk to a brick wall就是对牛弹琴。你跟你苦口婆心说了半天,可她根本连一句话也听不进去。你呀,就好像对着一面墙说话一样。Larry: Right.LH: Larry,你别太担心。你说了那么半天,我想多多少少还是会有点用的。Larry: I suppose youre right. I guess shes just at that age where she doesnt like to hear advice from other people. My parents have lately been feeling the same way when they speak to her, too.LH: 其实也不光是青春期的孩子才这么固执,有时候我跟我妈说话,也觉得Im talking to a brick wall! 她怎么都听不进我的话!Larry: Your mother? But shes such a sweet lady.LH: Larry, 你可不知道! 每次我跟她说我毕业后要留在美国找工作,她都一万个不行。我无论说什么,她非要我回国不可,我感觉自己真像talking to a brick wall一样!Larry: Oh, that does sound frustrating. So what are you going to do?LH: 我?我才不管她说什么。我的人生我作主!Larry: (Laughter) I bet your mother feels like shes talking to a brick wall when she speaks with you - the same way you feel about speaking with her!LH: Larry,你别笑了。你想想,妈妈不理解我,不持我,我有多难受!Larry: Yea, I get the picture.LH: You got a picture? 什么照片啊,给我看看。Larry: Not a picture - the picture. To say that you get the picture means that you understand something.LH: Oh, I get the picture,就是说我明白。Larry: Right. You can imagine that knowing about something creates a picture in your mind.LH: 对,get the picture就好像看到了别人头脑中所想的画面,也就是了解了别人的想法。Larry: Sometimes its hard for people to understand exactly why other people want what they want, and it may seem talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. But you have to have patience - hopefully someday your mother will get the picture.LH: 对,要想让别人了解自己的想法,有时得多花点时间和耐心。我想,你早晚也能了解你的想法。She will get the picture!Larry: You dont understand, Lihua. If my sister doesnt get the picture now, it might be too late! What if she doesnt get into a good college?LH: 你别光想你了,想想我吧。我妈非让我一毕业就回国,我怎么办?我必须得找个能一直留在美国的原因,说我妈。这个,你可以帮我,You get the picture, Larry?Larry: (Larry thought Lihua wanted to get married. gulps) Umm, I think so.LH: 你可以帮我找工作啊!Larry: OH! (happily) Right! I get the picture now. I will certainly try my hardest to find you a great job.LH: Larry,你真好,总能猜透我的心思!Larry: Well, I almost got the wrong picture a second ago.LH: 啊?你差点猜错了?你以为我在说什么?难道是说让我嫁给你?! 你想得倒美!Larry: (Nervous), Ah, Lihua, Lets not worry about that. Let me think how we can make your mother happy. Shes always nice to me. Maybe if I talk to her, it wouldnt be like talking to a brick wall.LH: 你愿意的话就去试试看,不过我妈耳朵根子硬得很呢!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是talk to a brick wall ,意思是“对牛弹琴”。另一个是get the picture ,意思是“理解别人的心思”。 /201204/177961

  1. Good morning! Welcome to our bank!早上好,欢迎光临我们。还能这样说:Good morning, so nice of you to come to our bank.Morning, its nice to see you in our bank.谚语:A good medicine tastes bitter.良药苦口。2. How may I help you?您要办理什么业务?还能这样说:Anything I can do for you?I wonder if I can help you.应用:Dont spend more money than you can help.除非不得已,不要多花钱。3. Id be very happy to help you.我很乐意为您务。还能这样说:Its my pleasure to serve you.I would be happy to serve you.谚语:A happy heart makes a blooming visage.心花怒放,笑逐颜开。4. Please refer to the number 8 counter.请到8号柜台办理。还能这样说:Please go to the number 8 counter.You can go to number 8 counter for help. /201307/247907

  李华在陪Larry找房子。他们会用到两个常用语:on the same wavelength和ballpark estimate.LH: Larry,这房子到底在什么地方啊?我走得腿都疼了。Larry: Believe me, Lihua, Im tired too. This is the fifth place Ive looked at in the last two days. Hopefully, Ill find my new apartment soon.LH: 啊?两天里你已经看了4个地方,却一个都看不上?是不是你太挑剔了?Larry: Well, its not just a matter of how I like the apartment, Lihua. All the current housemates have to like me, as well. Sometimes a good shared apartment in a good location is very competitive.LH: 是啊,你想找个多人合租的大公寓,所以公寓里的每个室友都得喜欢你,等于你每次去看房,就跟面试差不多!真麻烦!Larry: At the very least, they want to make sure the new housemate has similar interests and lifestyle, you know, to make sure he or she is on the same wavelength as the other housemates.LH: ;On the same wavelength;?在同一个频率上?我猜,说 two people are on the same wavelength 就是说他们的爱好、性格什么的都比较相同,是不是啊?Larry: Thats right, Lihua. Being on the same wavelength with someone else can also refer to a mutual understanding between people. For example, when you first came the ed States, it was difficult at times to communicate with you because of cultural and language differences.LH: 对! 我刚来美国时,因为文化差异,咱俩在很多事情上不能相互理解,We definitely were not on the same wavelength. 比如我去你家,你居然没让我在门口换鞋,我当时觉得真奇怪!Larry: Yea, and you took your shoes off anyway - which I thought was weird.LH: 哈哈,更糟的是,你也不给我拖鞋,我只能光着脚!Larry: Thats a great example of not being on the same wavelength. But thats OK, Lihua - I enjoyed the time we have spent getting to know each other better. And now, Id say we are pretty much on the same wavelength.LH: 对,我们现在多有默契啊! 所以,找和你on the same wavelength - 聊得来的室友,的确很重要!Larry: Exactly. Although, there are other problems when looking for a new apartment besides being on the same wavelength as your roommates - like rent. Most places in this neighborhood are too expensive for me.LH: 这个地区的房子很贵么?租金多少?Larry: Well...that depends on a lot of different factors, but Im thinking of a ballpark estimate of around 0 per month.LH: 你说什么?A ballpark? 球场? 这和房租有什么关系?Larry: Im not talking about a literal ballpark, Lihua. A ;ballpark; or a ;ballpark estimate; is a general estimate or range.LH: 原来,A ballpark estimate就是大概齐的估算。Larry: Thats right. I dont have an exact number in mind for the amount of rent I want to pay - that will depend on the location and condition of a given apartment - not to mention if the current housemates and I are on the same wavelength in terms of our lifestyles.LH: 所以你刚才说,这个地方的房子大概齐也要一个月800块上下?Larry: Well, a ballpark of 0 could vary widely, maybe 0 to ,000, more or less. But something like ,000 would be way outside of the ballpark.LH: 明白了,你是说在这片地区,600到1000的房租都有可能。不过要是每月一万的房租就太离谱了,不可能出现在这里。Larry: You got it, Lihua!LH: 不过Larry,我们下地铁之后都走了快20分钟了,还没到。我觉得这房子的地理位置也不怎么样,房租大概要比地铁周围的便宜很多吧?Larry: In this city, everything within a ballpark of 20 minutes away from the subway can still be very expensive. Of course, it gets cheaper once you start getting into the suburbs.LH: 你是说,在地铁站周围走路20分钟能到的房子房租都很高? 不过就算这样,你也别住到The suburbs - 郊区去! 太远了,咱俩见面多不方便!Larry: Well, thats true, but on the other hand, I would save a lot of money...LH: Larry, 我知道你是开玩笑的,你可骗不了我! 别忘了,咱们俩可是在同一个wavelength上的!Larry: I guess I cant fool you anymore... 今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是,on the same wavelength,表示“兴趣相投,聊得来”。另一个是a ballpark estimate, 意思是“大概齐的估算”。 /201204/177127

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