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蓝田县治疗内分泌多少钱渭南市第二医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱The sixth accused of December 16 gang rape in Delhi claims to be a minor and is seeking to get advantage of his young age to ward off chances of facing severe punishment.12月16日印度德里轮奸案的第六名被告自称是未成年人,试图利用自己的年龄来减小被判重刑的几率。Actually, a minor cannot be awarded more than three-year jail term for any kind of crime. The male companion of the rape victim girl has reportedly said that this minor accused was mastermind of the brutality which finally resulted into the death of the girl.事实上,不论犯下何种罪行,一名未成年人都不能被判三年以上监禁。然而,据被强奸女孩的男伴说,这名未成年被告人是最终导致女孩死亡的暴行的主谋。Seeing the magnitude of the crime committed by the minor accused, the Delhi police have approached the Delhi High Court to ensure severest punishment for him.考虑到这名未成年被告人所犯下的严重罪行,德里警方已经提请德里高级法院务必给予他最严厉的处罚。The minor accused had assured the rape victim and her friend at Munirka bus stop that they would be dropped at their destination in Dwarka. The accused is said to be so shrewd that he called the girl ‘sister’ while convincing her to get into the bus. He is said to have raped the girl twice inside the moving bus. He also suggested other accomplices of dumping the duo on the roadside.这名未成年被告人在慕尼尔卡公交站向强奸受害者和她的朋友保,会将他们送到德瓦尔卡的目的地。据说被告十分狡猾,为了说女孩上这辆公交车,还称呼女孩为。据说该被告在行驶的公交车上强奸了女孩两次。他还建议其他同伙把两个受害人丢到马路边上。The appalling brutality of this boy could be imagined from the fact that he raped the girl twice- once when the victim was conscious and again when the she fell unconscious after an iron rod was pierced through her body.这个男孩令人发指的暴行光从他强奸女孩的事实就可想象得到。他在女受害人清醒的时候强奸了她一次,后来在女孩下体被用铁棍戳穿后失去知觉时,他又强奸了她一次。 /201301/219190渭南医院专门治疗尖锐疣 华县人民医院有泌尿科吗

渭南欧亚男科医院男性专科For centuries, China has offered its people a chance to come to Beijing to petition the emperor directly to address grievances.几百年来,中国一直给百姓提供一个前往京城申诉不满的机会。But starting Monday, Chinese officials offered a new way for those not inclined to make the trip: petition online. That makes the process more convenient, said officials who spoke to state media, and allows them to track the process of their pleas.但从周一开始,中国官员向那些无意跋涉到北京的人们提供了一个新途径:网上信访。有关负责人对国家媒体说,这样会让信访过程更加便捷,他们也可追踪民众的上访过程。As it turned out, progress was scant: The website crashed on the first day. While it came back online Monday afternoon, the morning failure triggered mockery across China*s social media platforms, including the popular Twitter-like Sina Weibo microblogging service.事实明,这方面的进展十分有限。中国国家信访局网上投诉系统第一天就出现瘫痪。虽然周一下午已恢复使用,但当天上午的瘫痪仍在新浪微等中国社交媒体平台上引发了网民的嘲讽。※Sorry! Weibo brought too many people to the page,§ said Li Kaifu, CEO of Innovation Works, who has more than 46 million followers on the site.在新浪微上拥有4,600多万粉丝的创新工场(Innovation Works)首席执行长李开复说:抱歉,微带来太多围观上访者!Many Weibo users said they expected the crash due to the number of potential petitioners. Some interpreted the government*s use of a server that couldn*t handle the first-day traffic as a sign of insincerity.很多新浪微用户说,由于潜在上访者数量庞大,他们已料到网站会出现崩溃。对于政府使用的务器无法处理首日流量一事,有人将其解释为这是缺乏诚意的表现。Petitioning, or shangfang, is the modern form of an ancient system in which people who faced injustice at home came to the capital to voice their grievances directly to the emperor.The State Bureau for Letters and Calls acts as a communication channel for petitioners and the central government. While the bureau has long been criticized for a lack of effectiveness, local officials often go out of their way to keep petitioners from reaching it so as to avoid being criticized by Beijing. Hired thugs often threaten protesters or even haul them away to unofficial prisons known as black jails.上访是一种古老制度的现代形式。以前,人们在家乡受到不公正的待遇时,便到帝都直接向皇上表达不满。中国国家信访局充当的是上访者与中央政府之间的沟通渠道。信访局一直被外界批评缺乏效率,而另一方面,中国地方政府官员为了不挨中央的批评,经常“不辞辛劳”地阻止上访者来北京。雇来的打手常会威胁上访者,甚至把他们关进黑监狱。Many of China*s Internet users argued that the online petitioning system, like its real-world counterpart, both suffers limitations and offers avenues for abuse. Online petitioners have to register with their verified information including national identification number, potentially exposing them to retribution. Additionally, the site only works on Internet Explorer and limits the amount of supporting materials that can be uploaded to a paltry two megabytes for each case.很多中国网友认为,网上信访系统与上访者亲自赴京上访一样,都有局限性,也都为权力滥用提供了空间。网上信访者须注册身份号码等经验的信息,而此举可能会让他们遭到报复。此外,信访局网站只持IE浏览器,并且对上传资料的大小进行限制。每件投诉事项仅可附带小得可怜的2MB附件。Isn#39;t it easier for local officials to suppress complaints and take revenge? said one Weibo user.一位网友在新浪微上说:地方官员压制投诉和打击报复难道不是更容易了?Some described the new system as a poor imitation of the White House*s online petition service ※We the People,which requires only an email address to register and which recently attracted a flood of petitions from Chinese Internet users eager to mock their own government*s lack of responsiveness.有人说这套新系统是对美国白宫网上请愿务“我们人民”(We the People)的拙劣模仿。白宫的这项务只需用电子邮件地址就可申请注册,而且前不久还吸引了来自中国网友的大量请愿。他们这么做是为了讽刺本国政府的不闻不问。The bureau chief of SBLC promised in an interview with the official Xinhua news agency that every case made through the new online service would garner a response.信访局局长接受中国官方通讯社新华社采访时承诺,网上信访要事事有着落、件件有回音。An editorial in the Communist Party mouthpiece People*s Daily, on the other hand, questioned whether the online service would evolve into an excuse for local officials to keep the petitioners from going to Beijing. It also asked whether the bureau will do more than simply passing on the complaints to local officials without any further accountability.中共喉舌《人民日报》(People’s Daily)刊登的一篇文章则提出疑问:网上信访是否会变成地方官员阻止民众去北京上访的一个借口?此外,文章还问道:信访局是直接将投诉交给地方官员,没有进一步的责问,还是会不止于此?In a potentially not-good sign for responsiveness, China Real Time*s attempts to call the only phone number on the bureau*s website ended with a recording that said the number didn*t exist.“中国实时报”栏目记者按照信访局网站上提供的唯一一个电话号码拨了过去,听到的却是该号码不存在的录音,这大概不是个件件有回音的好征兆。 /201307/246296渭南欧亚男科医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱 渭南割包皮最好

渭南临床生殖保健科 Ousted Libya leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has been captured, a National Transitional Council official has claimed. 利比亚全国过渡委员会官方宣布已经下台的利比亚领导人穆哈迈尔·卡扎菲已经被俘。Abdel Majid Mlegta told Reuters news agency the deposed dictator was wounded.阿卜杜勒·马吉德·姆莱格塔对路透社说,这位被罢免的独裁者受了伤。The senior NTC military official said: "He's captured. He's wounded in both legs ... He's been taken away by ambulance."全国过渡委员会军队高级官员说,“他已经被俘,双腿受伤……被救护车送走了。”It was later reported Gaddafi had died from his injuries.稍后有报道称卡扎菲伤重不治,已经死亡。"He was also hit in his head," the official said. "There was a lot of firing against his group and he died."这位官员说,“他头部也受了伤,双方曾猛烈交火,他已经死了。”A senior official with Libya's National Transitional Council told Reuters Gaddafi was captured near his hometown of Sirte at dawn as he tried to flee in a convoy that came under attack from NATO warplanes. 利比亚全国过渡委员会的一位高级官员对路透社说,卡扎菲是凌晨在他的家乡苏尔特附近被俘的,当时他试图混入北约战机攻击下的车队逃跑。A Libyan fighter claimed Gaddafi was hiding in a hole in his hometown of Sirte shouting: "Don't shoot, don't shoot." 一家利比亚战机的飞行员说卡扎菲藏在家乡苏尔特的一处洞穴里,还大声喊叫:“别开火,别开火。”In a statement on NTC-controlled state television, a presenter draped in the flag of liberated Libya said: "Gaddafi is in the hands of the rebels. Gaddafi personally is in the hands of the rebels. 据全国过渡委员会控制的一家电视台报道,一位主持人身披自由利比亚的国旗,说:“卡扎菲落到叛军手里了。卡扎菲本人已经在叛军手里了。”"We have captured Gaddafi. Libya is joyous, Libya is celebrating, Libya has given a lesson to all those who want to learn.“我们已经抓住了卡扎菲,利比亚是一片欢乐的海洋,利比亚举国欢庆,利比亚给那些人上了一课。"I salute you, rebels. I salute you, revolutionaries. You have captured this criminal who has killed the mothers of the martyrs." 叛军们,我向你们敬礼。革命家们,我向你们敬礼。你们已经抓住了这个罪犯,他杀死了那些殉难者们的母亲。However, with previous claims the leader and members of his family had been arrested or killed later proven false, the news was greeted with initial scepticism. 但是,随着之前关于这位领导人及其家人已经被俘并死亡的消息被实是假消息,这则消息受到了空前的质疑。 /201110/158306渭南有不孕不育医院吗韩城矿务局第二医院前列腺炎多少钱



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