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永平县做孕检多少钱大理我为什么快一年还未怀孕Why is it so hard to remain ;just friends; with the opposite sex? Studies show the relationship ends more times than not once sex is introduced. Keep the friendship. Keep it platonic.为何与异性之间保持“纯粹的友谊关系”如此困难呢?研究表明,一旦涉及性别关系,友谊通常会结束。尽量保持这段友谊,而且是纯精神友谊。Step 1: Friends With Benefits1.可以从对方那里得到同性朋友间得不到的帮助If you remember the real advantages of opposite-sex friendship, you probably won#39;t throw them away for a one-nighter. Guys,you can express your feelings with her in a way you can#39;t with the boys. Girls, you get a protective, big-brother type pal.And you both get the inside scoop on how the other sex operates.如果你记得拥有异性朋友的真正优势,你或许不会因为一夜情而将这段友谊抛弃。伙计们,你可以以跟男性不可能的方式向她表达自己的感受。女孩们,你有一个可以提供保护的,大哥一样的朋友。你们双方都可以更深入的了解异性。Step 2: Dirty Tricks2.保持距离If you do find yourself eyeing up your buddy, put up some barriers. Ladies, next time you go out with your guy friend, slack off in the hygiene department. Try wearing grandma underwear. Skip the shower. Don#39;t shave those legs. It#39;ll help you keep your pants on.如果你发现自己想要追求你的异性朋友,设置一些障碍。女士们,下次你和你的男性朋友外出的时候,在个人卫生方面懈怠下来。试着穿祖母式的内衣。不要洗澡。不要刮腿毛。这可以帮助你穿比较保守的衣。Step 3: Wear Yourself Out3.耗尽自己的精力Gentlemen, expending sexual energy before you meet up with your female friend will usually suppress any inappropriate feelings that may pop up. And gals, don#39;t be ashamed. This will work for you, too.男士们,与女性朋友外出之前消耗掉自己的精力通常可以抑制可能出现的任何不合适的感觉。姑娘们,不要害羞,这对你们也非常适用。Step 4: Converse With Caution4.注意交谈内容Don#39;t let the chatter drift toward sexual innuendo. No one wants to hear another ;that#39;s what SHE said; joke. Instead...talk about your ex. Or irritable bowel syndrome. Or the reptilian humanoid conspiracy theory. Don#39;t talk about how tight your bra feels today. If you need a back rub, keep it to yourself. Oh, and take it easy on the booze. Friends don#39;t let friends drink...and dive into bed.聊天内容不要涉及性别。没有人想听到另外一个人说“这是她说的”这种笑话。可以聊你的前任,肠道易激综合症,类人猿阴谋理论。不要说今天穿的内衣很紧。如果需要背部,自己进行。在酒宴上要放松。朋友不会让朋友喝醉然后不小心走到床上。Finally, if you find yourself waking up with your best bud, take some space, then talk. Remember, you#39;re friends for a reason and if you really do care for each other, it won#39;t be hard to figure out if it#39;s love, lust, or just the liquor.最后,如果你醒来时发现自己和最好的异性朋友睡在一起,独处一段时间,然后双方谈话。记住,你们能成为朋友是有原因的。如果你们确实在意对方,弄清这究竟是爱情,诱惑,还是纯粹是酒精的原因并不困难。Thanks for watching How To Be ;Just Friends;感谢收看“怎样保持纯洁的友谊关系”视频节目。 Article/201209/199377大理市宫外孕治疗医院 How to Get Along with Your Boss on HowcastIt can be difficult to get along with your boss. But if you want to get ahead in your career — and stay sane — you have to try. Find out how.和老板相处是件困难的事。但是如果你想要在工作上有作为——并保持明智——你就必须试着和老板相处。寻找如何相处的方法。Step 1: Study your bossLearn your boss’s style of management and adapt to it. Some micromanage and prefer constant communication about the status of projects; others delegate responsibility and expect to hear from you only when something gets done.第一步:研究你的老板研究老板管理的模式,并适应那种模式。有些人喜欢管理细节并就任务的进展情况进行不断地沟通;有些老板会将责任分下去,他们只想在你完成任务时才想听你的汇报。Step 2: Develop your skill setDevelop a specific area of knowledge that will be valued and will balance the boss’s weaknesses so you will be able to cover for them. Become a go-to employee whose advice and knowledge are invaluable.第二步:发展你的技巧发展那些能被重要且能弥补老板弱点的某些领域的知识,这样你能为老板掩盖弱点。成为一个意见和知识都具有价值的不可缺少的员工。Tip:Being a “yes man” is counterproductive. Cooperate and be a team player, but speak up if you disagree with the way something is being done — just make sure you provide a viable alternative solution.小贴士:凡事都听从老板并不会达到预期效果。和他人合作成为团队一员,但是当你不同意处理问题的方法时要说出来——这只是确保你能提供一个可行的备用方法。Step 3: Bring up the pastRemind a reluctant, indecisive boss of past problems when a decision was avoided for too long. Support their tough decisions.第三步:提及过去的事档老板犹豫不决,不愿意做决定的老板,要提醒他过去由于长时间未作决定而产生的问题。要持他们的强硬的决定。Step 4: Manage boss's timeManage your boss’s time, making appointments with them well in advance, and suggest ways to streamline their schedule. They will appreciate the help if it’s done to speed up processes.第四步:管理老板的时间管理好老板的时间,要提前约定和老板会面的时间,并提出做事情更有效率的方法。如果能加快处理工作的进程,老板会感谢你的帮助。Step 5: Analyze and solveIdentify problems and offer solutions. Analyze data, define tasks, simplify the message, and construct a way to address issues. Don’t dump problems in the boss’s lap.第五步:分析并解决问题确定问题并提出解决办法。分析数据,确定任务,简化内容,想办法解决争议。不要将问题堆在一起都等老板解决。Tip:Don’t oversell your ideas and push against the company’s direction, which might risk losing ground in the long run.小贴士:不要过分吹嘘你的主意而和背离公司的方向,那样长期下区你就会失去地位。Step 6: Earn trustEarn trust by promising only what can be delivered. Demonstrate integrity by sharing good and bad news. Give the boss a shoulder to lean on in any circumstance and you’ll get along well.第六步:赢得信任只承诺一定能做到的事来赢得信任。分享好的和不好的信息来明你的诚恳。任何情况下都要成为老板的得力助手,那样你们就会相处得很好。 Article/201012/120419宾川县四维彩超多少钱

大理附属医院人流要多少钱洱源县流产多少钱 '80s Fashion For Men80后男生如何打扮The 1980s were a notorious decade for men's fashion, and the look is back. Here's how to give Eighties men's clothes a modern spin.Step 1: Daytime(白天着装)Start with the right pair of jeans. Choose a slim, even tight fit. Go for acid wash if you're a rock star, otherwise black denim will do the trick. Add a thin cotton t-shirt, with or without print, and top it off with a cardigan or sweater vest in black or grey. In terms of shoes, this look calls for either a pair of classic Vans, or Converse high-tops.Step 2: Night Time(晚上衣着)The good news is that '80s night dressing starts with the same casual look. Keep the jeans if they're black, or switch to black pants. Now take off the sweater, and replace it with a lightweight blazer. Go for beige, grey or black-- leave the white jacket in the closet. Change out the sneakers for dress shoes if you must, and you've got the Eighties - modernized for today. Article/201108/146724大理市取环医院

大理妇科宫颈炎的危害【视频欣赏】我们中国的家庭如果有了宝宝,为了保护他/她,一般家里的宠物也就随之被解散(dismissed)了。而国外的家庭似乎并不太在乎这个。常常看到小孩在家里的大身上爬来爬去的和谐景象,这视频里的妈妈还让自家的斗牛犬当起了女儿的“爬行教练”!看认真爬行的样子,真是让人忍俊不禁呢!^^Ok, Sophie's gonna teach Ease how to crawl!来咯,苏菲要教丽兹怎么爬咯!Sophie! Crowllies, come on Sophie!...苏菲!来爬爬,来嘛苏菲……(此处crawlly一词一直无法确定,疑是儿语,类似“抱抱”、“爬爬”一类)You suppose to teach her how to crawl.你该教教她怎么爬啊。Not in the face, please.请你不要亲在脸上嘛!(对都用please,这个我们真要好好学呢)……OK, y, crawllies!好!准备、爬爬!See Ease, that how you can do that.看吧丽兹,你只要照着做就好了。Good girl! See, that all you have to do.好姑娘!(这对说的,苏菲也是女生)看吧,你只要这么做就行了。……Ok, let me turn around. Let's have Sophie show you one more time.好吧,让我转过身来。我们来让苏菲再教你一次。……No kiss, I said no kisses!别亲亲、我说不要亲她啦!……Sophie's tired of crawllies this morning.今天早晨苏菲看来是不想再爬了 Stop a Nosebleed. Don#39;t suffer unnecessarily with this common complaint. Our expert advice shows the correct way to stop the discomfort of a nose bleed. 流鼻血可是个麻烦事。你已经不必再为这个常常遇到的烦恼抱怨。我们的专家会告诉你正确的方法来阻止流鼻血引起的不适。 Step 1: Pinch your nose firmly 第一步:捏紧鼻子 Sit down and pinch your nose firmly just below the bridge with your thumb and index finger.坐下来, 用拇指和食指捏住鼻梁下低一点的位置。 Step 2: Lean your head forward 第二步:保持你的头部向前 Lean your head forward and breathe through your mouth, maintaining the pressure for ten minutes.保持你的头向前并且用嘴呼吸,保持压力十分钟。 Step 3: Continue to apply pressure 第三步:继续施加压力 If the bleeding has not stopped, apply pressure for another 10 minutes. 如果血还没有止住,继续施加10分钟的压力。 Whatever you do don#39;t tip your head back since this will result in you swallowing blood. Or stick a key on the back of your neck; that#39;s just an old wives#39; tale! 无论你怎么做,你的头部别向后仰,因为这样会导致你吞血。古话讲在你脖子后面放一把钥匙起到撑作用;这是无稽之谈,只是一个老妇人讲的故事而已! Bleeding should stop in 30 mins, but avoid bending down or blowing your nose for the next 12h. If bleeding does not stop, seek medical advice. 出血应该在30分钟内停止,但在接下来的12小时要避免弯腰或擤鼻涕。如果出血不停,马上就医。 Article/201203/173776大理解放军六十医院妇科预约巍山县治疗宫颈糜烂医院



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