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大理阴道紧缩术的价钱大理哪家医院人流比较好So you..so most people have your song stuck,you have Katy Perrys song stuck in your head.那么,很多人都成天想着你的歌,你脑袋里却一直想着Katy Perry的歌?Yep, yeah.Its a good song.It is.Its a good song.是啊,是。 这是一首好歌。是这样的。确实是这样的。And Im glad you know,uhh, you are gonna release an acoustic CD right?我很高兴的是, 你是要发行一张不插电专辑吧?Yes. Im releasing an acoustic album. exclusively at Walmart.恩,我要发行一张不插电专辑。只在沃尔玛销售So you know, you can go get that if you want.They want it.所以,你们要是想买的话就去买来听听吧。 他们绝对想要买的。I think its good because..I think a lot of people I know,我认为你这么做很好是因为 我知道的很多歌手cuz weve had you on, you know, every single time youre on,因为我们请你很多次上这个节目,每次你来的时候Im always amazed that you have a really good voice,from the very first time I met you.我都会为你的好声音、好歌声感到惊讶 从我第一次见到你开始。a lot of people are packaged and they go to the studio and manipulate their voice很多别的歌手都要靠包装,他们进了录音棚 处理他们的声音,and they sound, they dont sound as good as they do in person,and you have a really great voice.Thank you.然后他们在现场唱歌听起来就不像录音里那么好听。 但是你的声音真的很好听。谢谢。Im glad that people get to actually hear your voice instead of all the other stuff.我很庆幸,人们可以听到你真正的音色,而不是通过处理之后的别的东西。Thats basicly the reason,uh , thats the reason I wanted to do this acoustic album,这就是我为什么想要做 这张不插电专辑的基本原因。because you know youre not even be able to hear my voice as much on the track cuz there are so much like,因为,你懂的,如果经过很多处理,你就很难在歌里听到我的声音了 因为,有很多特效音效 比如the through the ;A do As; and all the sense behind you,you cant really hear my voice.在你唱歌的声音以外还有很多别的音色, 你就没法听见我真正的声音了。Yeah with the ;A do As; and stuff so..uhh..Yeah So you cant really hear my voice.恩,是啊,有那种背景音的话...是啊 所以,就不太容易听清我的声音。Whats ;A do As;;A do As; are like the bass,like the..yeah.这个背景音是个什么东西? 就是低音贝斯的背景音乐,,就像..Yeah,we knew that, I was just making sure that everybody.恩,我都明白,我就是想确定这里在场的观众都.Yeah, so , I think its good that people.Plus, when youre singing,恩 所以我觉得这个想法不错..还有,在你唱歌的时候,probobly when you go out and sing to people,like,are they actually listen or are they screaming the whole time?比如说你在唱给别人听的时候,她们是在认真听呢还是在一直尖叫Yeah thats what Im wondering,how can you even hear me sing when youre like Aaaaaahhhhhh!是啊,我一直在思考这个问题。 你怎么可能听到我唱歌呢。如果你一直在 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 这样的话.. /201604/435095大理有什么好的妇科医院 The Palace of Westminster威斯敏斯特宫House of Cards纸牌屋The mounting case for MPs to abandon Westminster议员们正被要求撤离威斯敏斯特宫OBSERVE the Palace of Westminster on a rainy night, and you may see lights strangely flickering in its 1,100 rooms. Leaks not caught by buckets interfere with mice-gnawed cables crammed into Victorian holes. But the damp and drips have one advantage: they temporarily curb the risk of fires in the many bits of this creaking, neo-Gothic edifice that are not protected by sprinklers.雨夜里的威斯敏斯特宫,怪异的灯光充斥着1100间房屋。满是老鼠啮痕的绳子捆绑着的水桶,并未接住渗入的雨水,任其流进威斯敏斯特宫中的维多利亚时期的孔洞。但这潮湿的环境和渗入的雨滴却有一优势:在这种老式房屋中可暂时抑制火灾发生的可能,而带有自动喷水灭火装置的新哥特式建筑却并未有此般防护性能。 The palace is in a bad way. In a speech on March 2nd John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, argued that it is decaying faster than it is being repaired. He claimed that fixing Parliament could cost some 3 billion. It came to only about a third more to build a new terminal at Heathrow Airport.威斯敏斯特宫的状况很不好。英国下议院发言人约翰伯科在3月2日的演讲中指出,威斯敏斯特宫的破损程度远远快于其修葺速度。他强调,修缮国会大厦将花费30亿欧元。该费用较建造一个希思罗机场的航站楼费用的三分之一还要多。The efficient option would be for MPs to move somewhere else while workers revamp the palace, yanking out thickets of wiring and replacing the lot, for example. But politicians do not warm to the prospect of being far from government departments, television studios and a decent plate of spaghetti alle vongole. Andrew Griffiths, a Conservative MP, shudders at the thought of “moving to an office block in Slough for five or ten years”.或许让议员们在工人翻修国会大厦期间搬离此处是个不错的决定,比如会扔掉原来那些错综复杂的布线,还有重新换掉很多东西。但是政治家们却对搬离的提议并不感冒,他们更享受在威斯敏斯特宫被镜头聚焦和更体面的餐点伙食。一位名为安德烈格里菲斯的保守党议员在听闻“要搬去斯劳办公室5年亦或10年”的消息后,整个人震惊不已。Parliament is expected to vote on the matter not long after the general election. It may consider leaving for good. Mr Bercow warned that if the palace is not repaired in the next decade, legislators will have to “abandon this site and look elsewhere”. But that might not be such a bad thing. The palace is poorly suited to its purpose: no amount of repairs will make the House of Commons chamber big enough to let all MPs sit down, for example. Nor will they remove the fusty atmosphere of the place—more mid-market country hotel than hub of modern democracy.国会大厦修葺一事将在大选之后马上进行投票决议。议员们很可能谋求更好的安身之地。伯科先生提出警告,若是未来十年议会大厦得不到修复,那么议员们将不得不“抛弃此地另觅良居”。而这也并不是一件坏事。老旧的威斯敏斯特宫并不能完全满足其议员办公之用:比如,若不经翻修,老旧的下议院议事厅根本不能容下所有议员参与会议。也不能改变下议会大厦的陈腐氛围—相较于一个现代民主的中心它更像是一间外貌平平的乡村旅馆。It is not clear where Parliament would go. The big northern cities have been touted (Andrew Adonis, a Labour peer, has suggested moving the Lords to Salford Quays, outside Manchester). Even more far-fetched proposals include a purpose-built capital like Brasilia or Washington, or a roving legislature. Michael Fabricant has invited fellow MPs to use the cathedral in his seat of Lichfield in Staffordshire—though he warns that legislative sessions would have to fit around services.议会的落脚点尚未明晰。而北方的大城市已经被夸的天花乱坠(工党贵族安德烈阿多尼斯,已建议将上议院搬至曼彻斯特市外索尔福德码头)。甚至还有其他天马行空的提议,比如专门建造像巴西利亚和华盛顿一样的首都,或者直接就是一个移动的立法机关。迈克尔法布里坎特已建议在他拥有一个席位的斯塔福德郡利奇菲尔德,使用大教堂作为议会去处—尽管他一再警告,立法会议本应适应其职能。And what to do with Westminster? Generation Rent, a group campaigning for tenantsrights, has a bright idea. It has commissioned plans to turn the palace into 364 affordable flats, complete with swimming pool and library. But most assume it should become a museum. As Hugo Summerson, a former Tory MP, sniffed in 1991: “We need a brand-new facility, and we should leave this place to the Americans and the Japanese.”那威斯敏斯特宫要如何是好?租房一代—为房客谋权的一个组织—有个绝妙的办法。它提议将威斯敏斯特宫改造成为364间经济适用房,同时配备游泳池和图书馆。但是更多人认为它应改造成一个物馆。早在1991年,就有前保守党议员雨果萨默森曾抱怨:“我们需要一个全新的办公场所,我们应该把这个地方弃给美国人和日本人。”译者:张娣 校对:陈思思 译文属译生译世 /201503/364441云南省大理妇幼保健人民中心中医院在哪里

大理哪家医院处女膜修复好啊Here she is now, Ellen Degeneres.Thank you very much. I appreciate.Thanks a lot.Thats good.Thank you very much. Wow.Bye.All right. Have a seat everybody. Thank you.有请艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 谢谢 非常感谢 太好了 谢谢 拜 好了 大家都坐下吧 谢谢That was exactly the right amount of waving that I wanted today.要的就是这种欢呼That was... and right back at you.I send them all back to you.And thank you for being here.欢呼声也送给你们 送给大家 感谢大家来现场看我的节目It is ah.. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day It is a good reminder for everyone to be nice to one another.今天是马丁·路德·金纪念日 在这要提醒大家善待他人Here is a question for you.Who here likes learning?Who likes watching TV?有个问题要问大家 在座的有人喜欢学习吗 有谁喜欢看电视呢Good for you. Listen to this.Theres a new way to combine learning with watching television.你们走运了 来听听这个 有一种新方法能够把学习和看电视结合起来Because...Lets be honest, doing anything without television is stupid.因为 老实说 不边看电视边做事真是太蠢了There is a professor in New Jersy.新泽西州有位教授And he is using old episodes of ;Seinfeld;to teach medical students About psychiatric disorders.他用经典电视剧;辛菲尔德;的老梗来教医学生 学习精神疾病的知识The class is called;whats the deal with psychiatric disorders?;他这个班叫;如何治疗精神疾病;This is... Its a real thing.And its actually ah... He is calling it ;Psy-feld;这是真事哦 其实 他把这个叫做;精菲尔德;And as in psychiatry plus Seinfeld.I put that together.In under two days, I figured it out,是精神病和辛菲尔德的结合 我把这两个词结合了 花了两天终于研究出来了 /201512/415352大理女性宫颈息肉的症状 This is number one show.Dancing with the Stars rocks.Are you a idiot这可是收视第一的节目 星随舞动最棒了 你是脑残吗May be one or two of them.That how my mom was after A canceled my sitcom.好吧 也许是一两杯 A当初砍掉我的情景喜剧的时候 我妈也是这样的We have time for one more clip I believe.Thank you for let me share very much baby我们还有时间给大家再来上一段 谢谢你们 宝贝Happy America we are all American.Happy America.Maybe a sip of wine I am not sure美国万岁 我们都是美国人 美国万岁 也许只喝了一杯 我也不确定Here is one more clip.She was kicked ass,She fuck smoken sexy last night,She is hot,she is getting carried away再来一段 她表现的很好 她那晚超级性感 她很辣 她可是被抬出去的Last week I showed you some bad aps from my iphone,I found few more that Id like to show you上个星期我给你们看了我苹果里的垃圾程序 我又找了几个 我想跟大家分享一下They are not really bad aps,its just more like,I would call them how come aps其实也不是真的垃圾程序 更像是 我就会称它们为莫名其妙程序I just dont see the purposes in some of them,And this is one that is我不理解它们的存在的意义 这里有一个I turn it on and open the screen,Its an air horn,So if you lost at sea,you just...Somebody!!!我来开机 打开屏幕 这是一个气喇叭 如果你在大海中迷失了 你只需要 来人啊!!!Youve got(call) a phone,you could call someone but no你本来有电话可以打的 你可以打电话求助 但是 不All right here is another one these aps,This is a cat thats a cat ap好的 还有一个 这些程序啊 这是一只猫 关于猫的程序And when you talk it talk with you,All right… so…Like I would use this,Its not you its me当你说话的时候 它就模仿你的嘴型 好的 那么 要是我 我就会这么用 不是你的问题 是我的错I just dont think we should see each other any more.I think we should be friends我就是觉得咱两不该再继续见面了 我们还是可以做朋友的All right those are some bad aps,but its still talking actually with me Hello好的 这些是垃圾程序 还在跟着我对嘴型呢 你好If you want an ap that lets you watch the exclusive s,You can download Ellen Show ap for free如果你想要这个程序 可以看我们的独家视频 你可以在Ellen Show网站免费下载We will also tell you who is on the show each day,But I will do that for you right now我们网站也会透露每天的特邀嘉宾 但我现在就可以给你Today on the show from Modern Family Sofia Vergara今天来到现场的是来自《登家庭》的Sofia Vergara /201603/432073大理市做人流到哪好

大理学院附属医院妇科四维彩超价格Autism自闭症Why its not “Rain Woman”为什么它不是“雨女”Women have fewer cognitive disorders than men do because their bodies are better at ignoring the mutations which cause them与男性相比,患有认知障碍的女性较少,因为她们自身的身体能更好的忽略导致认知障碍的基因突变AUTISM is a strange condition. Sometimes its symptoms of “social blindness” (an inability to or comprehend the emotions of others) occur alone. This is dubbed high-functioning autism, or Aspergers syndrome. Though their fellow men and women may regard them as a bit odd, high-functioning autists are often successful (sometimes very successful) members of society. On other occasions, though, autism manifests as part of a range of cognitive problems. Then, the condition is debilitating. What is common to those on all parts of the so-called autistic spectrum is that they are more often men than women—so much more often that one school of thought suggests autism is an extreme manifestation of what it means, mentally, to be male. Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls are. For high-functioning autism, the ratio is seven to one.自闭症是一种奇怪的状态。有时它是由“社会失明”症状(无法阅读或理解他人的情绪)导致的孤独。这被称为高功能自闭症,或亚斯伯格症候群。虽然他们的男性和女性同伴会认为他们有点奇怪,但高功能自闭患者通常是成功的社会人士(有时非常成功)。然而,另一些场合,自闭症表现为一系列认知问题的一部分。那么,条件逐渐衰弱。对于那些所有被称为自闭症患者范围的人来说共同点是男性远多于女性,以至于一个学校认为自闭症意味着一种极端的在心理上表现为一名男性。比起女孩而言,男孩有四倍的可能性被诊断为自闭症。至于高功能自闭症,比率达到7比1。Moreover, what is true of autism is true, to a lesser extent, of a lot of other neurological and cognitive disorders. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is diagnosed around three times more often in boys than in girls. “Intellectual disability”, a catch-all term for congenital low IQ, is 30-50% more common in boys, as is epilepsy. In fact, these disorders frequently show up in combination. For instance, children diagnosed with an autistic-spectrum disorder[1] often also receive a diagnosis of ADHD.此外,自闭症的真相,在较小程度上,就是神经病学的认知障碍的真相。被诊断为注意力缺乏症的男大约是女孩的三倍。“智力残疾”,一个全面概括先天性智商低下的术语,在男孩中常见比例多达30%~50%,癫痫症也是。事实上,这些疾病经常共同出现。例如,被诊断为自闭症谱系障碍的小孩经常也收到ADHD的诊断。Autisms precise causes are unclear, but genes are important. Though no mutation which, by itself, causes autism has yet been discovered, well over 100 are known that make someone with them more vulnerable to the condition.导致自闭症的确切原因还不知道,但是基因很重要原因。虽然还没发现是由于它自身的突变导致自闭症,但超过100个基因被认为是使某些人在环境影响下更容易受到攻击的对象。Most of these mutations are as common in women as in men, so one explanation for the divergent incidence is that male brains are more vulnerable than female ones to equivalent levels of genetic disruption. This is called the female-protective model. The other broad explanation, social-bias theory, is that the difference is illusory. Girls are being under-diagnosed because of differences either in the ways they are assessed, or in the ways they cope with the condition, rather than because they actually have it less. Some researchers claim, for example, that girls are better able to hide their symptoms.这些突变在男性和女性中是一样普遍的,所以一个对分歧发生率的解释是对于同等的基因毁坏,男性大脑比女性的更容易受伤害。这被称为女性保护模式。另一个广发的解释是社会偏见理论,认为这些不同是虚幻的。这些被诊断不足的女孩,因为她们被评估的方式或对环境的处理不同,而不是他们真的很少有这个症状。例如,一些研究者声称,女孩能更好的隐藏这些症状。The weaker sex弱势性别To investigate this question, Sebastien Jacquemont of the University Hospital of Lausanne and his colleagues analysed genetic data from two groups of children with cognitive abnormalities. Those in one group, 800 strong, were specifically autistic. Those in the other, 16,000 strong, had a range of problems.为了调查这个问题,洛桑医科大学的医生Sebastien Jacquemont和他的同事分析来自两组患有认识异常症状孩子的基因数据。一组有800人明显确定患有自闭症;另一组是明显有一系列问题。Dr Jacquemont has just published his results in the American Journal of Human Genetics. His crucial finding was that girls in both groups more often had mutations of the sort associated with abnormal neural development than boys did. This was true both for copy-number variants (CNVs, which are variations in the number of copies in a chromosome of particular sections of DNA), and single-nucleotide variants (SNVs, which are alterations to single genetic letters in the DNA message).医生Jacquemont刚将他的研究成果发布在美国人类遗传学杂志上。他的关键发现是两组中,女孩比男孩更多有伴随异常神经发展种类的基因突变。这在拷贝数量变异组(CNVs,一组对DNA特定部分的染色体进行复制)和单核苷酸变异组(SNVs,修改DNA信使中单独的基因字母)两组中都是对的。On the face of it, this seems compelling evidence for the female-protective model. Since all the children whose data Dr Jacquemont examined had been diagnosed with problems, if the girls had more serious mutations than the boys did, that suggests other aspects of their physiology were covering up the consequences. Females are thus, if this interpretation is correct, better protected from developing symptoms than males are. And, as further confirmation, Dr Jacquemonts findings tally with a study published three years ago, which found that CNVs in autistic girls spanned more genes (and were thus, presumably, more damaging), than those in autistic boys.从表面上看,这似乎是令人信的女性保护模式据。因为Jacquemont医生检验的所有孩子的数据都被诊断有问题,如果比起男孩,女孩有更严重的突变,那就表面他们生理机能的其他方面掩盖了结果。如果这个解释是正确的,因此女性比男性能在出现的症状中更好的保护自己。而且,作为进一步的确认,Jacquemont医生的发现与一个三年前发布的研究成果相符,研究发现CNVs在自闭症女孩中横跨多个基因(也因此假设更具破坏性),比患自闭症男孩的多。The counter-argument is that if girls are better at hiding their symptoms, only the more extreme female cases might turn up in the diagnosed groups. If that were true, a greater degree of mutation might be expected in symptomatic girls as a consequence. However, Dr Jacquemont and his colleagues also found that damaging CNVs were more likely to be inherited from a childs mother than from his or her father. They interpret this as further evidence of female-protectedness. Autistic symptoms make people of either sex less likely to become parents. If mothers are the source of the majority of autism-inducing genes in children, it suggests they are less affected by them.相反的观点认为如果女孩能更好的隐藏他们的症状,在被诊断的小组中,只有更极端女性案例会出现。如果这是正确的,那么在女孩症候群中预期有更多程度的突变。然而, Jacquemont医生和他的同事同样也发现受损的CNVs遗传于母亲的可能性大于他或她的父亲。他们解释这进一步明了女性保护机制。自闭症症状使任何性别的人都不大愿意成为父母。如果母亲是孩子自闭症诱导基因的主要来源,因此建议孩子们能少受到影响母体的影响。None of this, though, explains the exact mechanism that makes boys more susceptible than girls. On this question, too, there are two predominant theories. The first is that males are more sensitive because they have only one X-chromosome. This makes them vulnerable to mutations on that chromosome, because any damaged genes have no twin to cover for them. One cognitive disorder, fragile-X syndrome, is indeed much more common in men for this reason. Dr Jacquemonts study, however, found only a limited role for X-chromosome mutations. That suggests the genetic basis of the difference is distributed across the whole genome.即使没有这个,准确机制也说明男孩比女孩更易受到影响。在这个问题上,也有两个主要的理论。第一个理论认为男性更敏感, 因为他们只有一个X染色体。这使对染色体的突变更易受影响,因为任何受损基因都没有双胞胎来掩盖。认知障碍,X染色体易损综合症,确实因为这个原因在男性中很常见。然而Jacquemont医生的研究发现X染色体突变的作用有限。这表明该差异的遗传基础是分布在整个基因组的。The other kind of explanation is anatomical. It is based on brain-imaging studies which suggest differences between the patterns of internal connection in male and female brains. Male brains have stronger local connections, and weaker long-range ones, than do female brains. That is similar to a difference seen between the brains of autistic people and of those who are not. The suggestion here is that the male-type connection pattern is somehow more vulnerable to disruption by the factors which trigger autism and other cognitive problems. Why that should be, however, remains opaque.另一种解释则是解剖学意义上的。它基于男性和女性大脑内部连接模式差异的脑成像研究。男性大脑比起女性而言,有较强的本地连接,较弱的长范围连接。这与是否患有自闭症者大脑的不同相似。这表明男性类型连接模式在某种程度上更加易受因此自闭症的其他认知障碍因素得破坏。然而为什么会这样,仍是未解之谜。 译者:雷婧 译文属译生译世 /201507/385661 A sad, old, derelict house in Hamtramck will literally blossom for three days this month when it becomes Flower House.For three days, all 15 rooms and two porches will be filled with fresh, colorful flowers and plants in one last hurrah before the old house is torn down to make way for a flower farm.Its all the brainchild of florist Lisa Waud.Waud bought the ;strangely perfect; house at auction in November 2014 and plans to fill it with flowers and plants with the help of 13 designers and 100 volunteers.;People just whoosh right by (the house) in their cars on the highway and on that one-way service drive, and I bet no one has looked at it in 15 years,; she says.Shes partnered with Reclaim Detroit to ;responsibly deconstruct the house; and salvage any reusable materials after the installation closes.Once the house is gone, the plot will be used as a flower farm for Wauds business, pot and box.201510/401945大理市东方妇科医院在哪里大理第一人民医院妇产中心



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