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Perhaps the best evidence comes from twotroubled women who approached Gallup soon after he first published his results.Both were looking for relief from pathological yawning attacks, sometimeslasting an hour at a time. “It was extremely debilitating and interferes withany basic activity,” says Gallup. “They’d have to walk away and go to a secludedarea – it affected their personal and professional lives.” Intriguingly, one ofthe women found the only way to stop the yawning attack was to throw herself intocold water. Inspired, Gallup asked them to place a thermometer in their mouthsbefore and after the attacks. Sure enough, he saw a slight rise in temperaturejust before the yawning bouts, which continued until it dropped back to 37C.可能最好的据来自于两位受哈欠困扰的女士,她们在盖勒普第一次发布了他的研究成果后便找到了他。这两位女士都患有疾病性的哈欠症状,有时候哈欠会一次持续一个小时之久,她们一直都在寻找治疗方法。“当某项日常活动出现了问题,日常生活就会遇到极大的困扰与麻烦,令人身心俱疲,”盖勒普说。“他们就不得不远离他人,走到一个隐蔽的区域——从而影响到他们的私人以及职业生活。”有趣的是,其中的一位女士发现唯一能让自己停止打哈欠的办法就是把她整个人浸入冷水当中。受到这一方法的启发,盖勒普让她们在打哈欠之前及之后都要将一个温度计放入各自的嘴里。果然,盖勒普观察到了温度在哈欠刚发作之前有所轻微上升,持续一段时间后温度再度回落到37℃。Importantly, this brain chill mightunderlie the many, seemingly contradictory, events that lead to yawning. Ourbody temperature naturally rises before and after sleep, for instance. Coolingthe brain slightly might also make us more alert – waking us up when we arebored and distracted. And by sping from person to person, contagious yawnscould therefore help a whole group to focus.重要的是,这一冷却大脑的作用可能能够解释众多看似矛盾的会导致打哈欠的各类原因。比如我们的体温在睡觉之前、之后会自然地上升。对大脑进行稍稍的冷却也可以让我们变得更加警觉,当我们无聊、走神的时候可以重振我们的精神。通过人与人之间的互相感染,打哈欠能够帮助一个团队的人集中起注意力。Gallup’s unified theory has been somewhatcontentious among yawning researchers. “Gallup’s group has failed to presentany convincing experimental evidence to support his theory,” says Hess. Inparticular, his critics point out he hasn’t made direct measurements oftemperature changes in the human brain, though Gallup says he has found theexpected fluctuations in yawning rats. Provine is more positive, however –believingthat it could be one way in which yawning helps the brain change state, andfocus.盖勒普这一统一的理论在哈欠研究者之间引起了争论。“盖勒普的团队没有拿出任何有说力的实验据来持他的理论,”赫斯这样评价。他的批评者尤其指出了他并没有对人脑的温度变化进行直接的测量,尽管盖勒普本人说他自己在打哈欠的老鼠身上已经发现了预想当中的温度波动。普罗文对此则持更为积极的态度,他相信这可能是打哈欠帮助大脑改变状态以及集中注意力的一种途径。Even if Gallup has managed to find thatunified theory, many mysteries remain. Why do foetuses yawn in the womb, forinstance?即使盖勒普成功找到了这样一个统一化的理论,仍有很多的谜题有待解开。比如为什么胎儿会在子宫里打哈欠?It could just be that they are practicingfor life outside, or perhaps the yawn plays a more active role in guiding thebody’s growth – by helping to develop articulation in the jaws joints, forinstance, or by encouraging the growth of the lungs, says Provine. If so,Provine suggests that yawning’s functions in the womb may be more important than our attacks asadults.普罗文说胎儿可能是在为外面的生活做演练,或者也有可能是打哈欠能够促进身体的生长——比如促进颌关节或是肺器官的发育。如果是这样的话,普罗文就认为子宫内哈欠的作用可能比我们成人在外界打的哈欠来得更为重要。Provine also points out that yawning – andperhaps other bodily functions, like sneezing – shares some strange parallelswith sex. The facial expressions involved are surprisingly similar, he says –just take a look at this picture and you can see where he’s comingfrom.普罗文还指出打哈欠——可能还有其他身体机能比如打喷嚏——同性行为有着神奇的联系。两者的面部表情惊人得相似,普罗文说——看一看这张图片你就能看出他刚经历了什么。Like sex, yawns and sneezes involve abuild-up that ends in a pleasant climax. “Once initiated, they go to completion– you don’t want a yawnus interruptus,” is how Provine puts it. For thesereasons, he wonders if a shared neural machinery underlying these differentfeelings. “Mother Nature does not reinvent the wheel,”he says. Asevidence, he points to the fact that certain anti-depressants can lead somepatients to orgasm during a yawn –a rare side effect that could quickly lose its appeal.同性行为类似,打哈欠与打喷嚏涉都有一个快感积累,并以高潮结束的过程。“这种行为一旦启动,就必须进行完整——你可不会希望有人在你打哈欠的时候打扰你,”普罗文如此解释。基于这些原因,他想知道的是在这些不同的感觉背后是否有一种共享的神经机制。“大自然母亲不可能把轮子发明两次,”普罗文说。作为据,他指出这样一个事实,那就是某一种特定的抗抑郁药能够导致某些病人在打哈欠过程中体会到性高潮——这是一个很快就会失去其吸引力的罕见的副作用。Eventually, the temptation to yawn justproved too irresistible during my conversation with Provine. It was a warmsummer day, so perhaps my yawns were stopping my brain from over-heating duringour stimulating conversation. Whatever function it was serving, the relief wasalmost worth the agonising wait.最后,在同普罗文交谈的过程中,打哈欠的诱惑是如此得无法抵抗。那是一个温和的夏日,所以我的哈欠可能是在防止我的大脑在我们的谈话中升温过度。不论它发挥着什么作用,最终的释放值得此前煎熬的等待。I’m willing to bet you’ve been stifling afew yawns yourself by this point – as Provine points out, ing or eventhinking about yawning can be enough to set us off. So go ahead, let it out –and do so in the knowledge that you are enjoying one of life’s most enduringmysteries.我敢打赌现在的你看到这里肯定已经打了好几次的哈欠——就像普罗文指出的那样,阅读或甚至是想到打哈欠这件事都会足够引起哈欠。所以别憋着了,尽情地张开嘴吧——要知道你可是在享受一个生命最持久的秘密。 /201604/437094

North Carolina Dog Walks Himself To Doggy Daycare To Be With Friends金毛犬独自去托管所看望伙伴Most dogs hate being dropped off at daycare — Not Riley! In fact, the five-year-old golden retriever, who lives in Belmont, North Carolina, loves being at the Happy Dog Cafe amp; Boutique so much that he recently decided to pay the center a visit all by himself.大部分都讨厌去宠物托管所——Riley除外!这只住在北卡罗来纳贝尔蒙市的5岁金毛犬,特别喜欢快乐精品托管所,最近还独自跑过去玩。The chain of events began on May 6 when his owner, Tonia Mosteller, let Riley out in the backyard. But the pet had bigger plans than to relax and enjoy the warm spring afternoon. Earlier that day, Riley had run into his pals who were spending the day at the Happy Dog Cafe amp; Boutique, and wanted to be with them. Hence, as soon as he was alone, the smart dog lifted the gate latch and began the mile-long walk to the doggy daycare.事情发生在5月6日。那天,他主人Tonia Mosteller放他在后院撒欢。但这个春光明媚的下午,Riley却有自己的安排。他打算到快乐托管所看望自己的伙伴。因此,趁主人不在,聪明的Riley打开门栓,开启独自去托管所的旅程。When Tonia returned a short time later, she found the backyard empty and the gate wide open. Fortunately, before she had time to panic, her husband called to let her know that Riley was safe and having the time of his life at his favorite daycare.Tonia回家后,发现后院门大开着,空空如也。幸运的是,还没来记得担心,她丈夫就打电话告诉她,Riley很安全,目前正在他最爱的托管所里玩。According to Teresa McCarter, owner of Happy Dog Cafe amp; Boutique, a customer had found Riley patiently sitting outside, just waiting to be let in. As soon as Teresa opened the door, the golden retriever barged in to greet 26 of his best friends, who all seemed as thrilled to see him.托管所老板Teresa McCarter说,有个顾客发现Riley耐心坐在门口,等人开门。她刚打开门,Riley就飞快跑过去跟他26个朋友问候,那些见到他也很激动。Tonia was not surprised that Riley knew exactly how to get to the daycare, given that he has been going there since he was a puppy. She was, however, amazed that he loved it enough to escape from the house. Though the Mostellers offered to pick Riley up, Teresa would not hear of it. She decided that if Riley had made the effort to get to the daycare on his own, the least she could do was allow him to enjoy a complimentary day with his pals. Hopefully, Riley had a great time because to ensure he doesn’t pull the same trick again, Tonia has added an extra lock to the backyard gate!Tonia对Riley独自跑去托管所的行为并不大惊小怪,因为他小时候就经常去那里。但她没想到Riley会如此喜欢托管所,竟独自从家中跑过去。Mostellers打算立马带Riley回家,但Teresa并不建议他们这么做。她觉得,既然Riley费这么大劲跑过来,还是让它与自己的伙伴开心玩一天比较好。显然,Riley度过了美好的一天,但主人Tonia为防止他下次出逃,还是给后院加了锁。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201606/451118

Researchers with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have successfully developed the country#39;s first space 3D printer.根据日前消息,中科院科研人员成功研制出了我国首台空间3D打印机。Scientists with both CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology and the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization were behind the two-year-long project.中科院重庆绿色智能技术研究院和空间应用工程与技术中心的科学家们,经过努力终于携手完成了这一耗时两年的项目。Duan Xuanming, head of 3D printing research center under CAS#39;s Chongqing Institute, said the printer has finished 93 zero gravity flying tests in France. The printer can produce bigger space parts than the one sent to the International Space Station by NASA late last month.据中科院重庆研究院3D打印技术研究中心主任段宣明介绍,该打印机已经在法国完成了93次失重测试。据悉,该打印机可打印的太空零部件尺寸超过NASA上月底运至国际空间站的3D打印机。The device could help China build a space station in 2020 and facilitate its operation and maintenance thereafter, said Duan.段宣明表示,该设备将为我国2020年完成空间站建造及后期运营维护提供帮助。In-orbit 3D printing is effective in helping with space station repair and maintenance and is essential for future deep space exploration.在轨3D打印制造是解决空间站维修的有效方法,对未来进行的深空探索极为重要。It can cut the operation cost of space stations and reduce their dependence on ground supplies, he added.此外,段宣明还补充说道,该技术能减少空间站运营成本,同时降低其对地面补给的依赖性。 /201604/439572You have quite the juggling act on your hands today. Things may be flying at you from all directions, all quite demanding of your attention. Make sure you give equal weight to your own needs as well as the needs of others. You will find yourself on an important road in which you have a great deal of responsibilities. Do not shy away from adopting a starring role. You have the diplomacy and peaceful nature that is required to be a successful leader.今天你要同时处理多项事务。四面八方都会有人找你做事儿,都需要得到你的注意。要确保平等对待他人的需求和自己的需求。你会发现自己处于一条十分重要的道路上,你承担着重大责任。不要回避担当主要角色。你处世灵活又具备平和的特质,这些都是成功领导人所必备的。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You#39;re probably in the right frame of mind to set specific goals for your future today - perhaps goals that would change your life significantly. You are, however, likely to get opposition from those around you - relatives, neighbors, etc. - who will feel that your plans are too risky and impractical. Don#39;t worry about what other say. This is an excellent time to forge on ahead.今天你头脑清晰,可为将来设定具体的目标--可能是使你的生活发生重大变化的目标。然而,周围的人(亲戚、邻居等等)可能会反对你--他们会觉得你的计划太冒险、太不切实际。不要担心其他人说什么。这是开拓进取的大好时光。Your love horoscope爱情运势Your family might need you today, so be on the alert for loved ones reaching out to you. Maybe your kids will need some special help sorting out something that has been challenging them at school. Or maybe your romantic partner could use some extra help in figuring out something difficult that is happening in their life. Your ability to be a natural cheerleader will be on display.你的家人今天可能会需要你,所以要时刻注意:所爱之人会来找你。也许你的孩子们会需要你的特别帮助,帮他们解决一些学校里的难题。或许你的另一半需要一些额外帮忙,帮他/她解决生活中的难事儿。今天,你会展示出自己拉拉队队长的本领。Your career horoscope事业运势Today, you may begin to reap the rewards of the month#39;s hard work. You put yourself to the challenge of living a more independent, autonomous life. You wanted to mature and push the boundaries of your experience. If you have made a serious effort to change, today will be a day of rest and the pleasant contemplation that you have made positive improvements in your life.一个月的辛苦工作后,今天的你要开始收获成果了。你挑战了自己:过着更独立、更自主的生活。你想要变得成熟,努力使自己更有经验。如果你为了改变而做出了努力,那么今天就是休息的日子,可以愉快的思考:你已经让生活发生了积极的变化。译文属 /201608/459273

B News - The British capital is in shock today. Even people who voted Leave seem rather stunned by what#39;s happened. It is a country deeply, bitterly divided and it is hard, so soon after this seismic result, to see how it can easily be unified.B新闻 - 英国首都今天大为震撼。甚至投票持脱欧的人似乎也对发生的事颇为震惊。这是个分歧深刻而严重的国家,在此次震动世界的公投结果出来之后如此短的时间内,还难以看到它如何能够轻易地团结起来。Half the population is giddy, half despairing. This is not just a divorce between Britain and the EU, it feels just as much like a divorce between one Britain and another…The mood - on both sides - is angrier, more divided and positions are more entrenched. Did the referendum campaign create this, or just enable it?一半人口眩晕,一半人口绝望。这不仅是英国和欧盟的离婚,也感觉像一个英国和另一个英国的离婚…..双方情绪上更愤怒,更互相抵触,立场更顽固。是公投运动造成了这个结果,抑或只是让它得以实现?Either way, this vote has revealed a deeper truth about the time we live in... Globalisation has changed the world we live in. For all of us. Jobs have changed, the way we trade has changed, who we employ has changed and the feel of where we live has changed.无论怎样,这次公投揭示了我们所处时代的深层真相……全球化改变了我们生活的世界。所有人概莫能外。工作变了,贸易的方式变了,我们雇佣的人变了,我们所住地方的感觉变了。But politicians, in Europe and the US, failed to grapple with the real life implications of this force and on Thursday a majority of Brits said ;enough.; They were fed up with politicians who didn#39;t listen to their concerns. It#39;s no coincidence that London, which has benefited massively from the globalised financial system, voted just as massively to remain.但欧洲和美国的政客们未能应对这股力量对现实生活造成的影响,所以周四,大多数英国人表示;受够了;。他们对不倾听他们关切的问题的政客们感到厌倦。并非巧合的是,从全球化金融体系中大量受益的伦敦,也同样大量地投票持留欧。The question for Brits now is where does this take us? The markets plunged but that could be a temporary blip. There are plenty who believe that Britain pays too much into the EU and gets too little back and that the UK will be better off when it is unshackled from the weight of the troubled EU economies.英国人现在面对的问题是,这次公投结果将把我们带向何处?市场暴跌,但那可能只是暂时波动。有大把的人相信,英国给欧盟掏钱太多,得到的回报太少,英国从麻烦不断的欧洲经济重压的桎梏中解脱出来会过得更好。The global implications will be fascinating. This British referendum on the EU was, if you like, the test case for this new era of populist protest. It#39;s the first big national vote we#39;ve had in this mood. The next will be America in November.公投结果造成的全球影响将是耐人寻味的。此次英国就退留欧盟举行的公投,可以说是这个平民主义抗议新时代的测试用例。 这是我们怀着这种心情进行的首次全国大投票。下一次将轮到11月的美国。 /201606/451072

Wesley Johnson, from Virginia, proposed to the love of his life--Molly Penny--in a six-minute epic action-packed movie.日前,来自美国弗吉尼亚州的韦斯利·约翰逊在一部6分钟的史诗级;动作大片;中,向其一生的挚爱--莫莉·佩妮求婚。At first Molly simply believed she was watching a made by friend Rico Roman, and starring her boyfriend Wesley.起初,佩妮认为她只是在看由朋友拍摄、男友韦斯利主演的视频。In the film, titled ;The Package;, Johnson is told about a mysterious item by ;Madam Secretary; that he needs to retrieve.在这部名为;包裹;的影片中,;神秘女士;告诉约翰逊他需要找回一件神秘物品。Johnson fights villains in the hunt for the mysterious package. With the aid of Marcus, Molly#39;s brother, Wesley then begins his assault on a heavily guarded building.在搜寻这件神秘包裹过程中,约翰逊与反派进行搏斗。在莫莉的哥哥马库斯的帮助下,韦斯利随后开始对一个严密守卫的建筑物发起攻击。On the top floor he then has a fierce battle with Damien, and he has to be saved by Marcus at the last minute.在建筑的顶层,他与反派头目达米安激战,最后时刻被马库斯所救。At the end of the film it turns out the #39;package#39; Damien was guarding was actually an engagement ring.在影片结尾处,谜底终于揭晓,原来达米安守护的包裹其实是一枚订婚戒指。The movie then ends and the cuts back to Penny, who is unable to believe her eyes when Johnson drops to bended knee to propose to her.影片就此结束,视频切回到佩妮,当约翰逊单膝跪地向她求婚时,她简直无法相信自己的眼睛。Finally, she says yes and adds: ;That was seriously the most amazing thing in the world.;最终,她接受了求婚并表示:;那真是世界上最神奇的事情!” /201606/448979

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