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Twitter has been fighting hate speech for years. Now, it faces what may be the worlds most powerful troll: the president of the ed States.多年来,推特一直都在跟仇恨言论作斗争。现在,它又面临着可能是世界上权力最大的人物--美国总统。President-elect Donald Trump used Twitter for the past 18 months as a megaphone for his views and rants. Hes attacked the media, insulted women and praised himself.在过去的18个月里,候任总统唐纳德·特朗普使用推特大肆宣扬他的观点和咆哮:他攻击媒体、辱骂女性还自夸自擂。While Trumps tweets may not violate Twitters rules against harassment, threats and ;hateful conduct,; Twitter is still keeping an eye on his account.虽然特朗普的推文可能没有触犯推特反对骚扰、威胁和;可憎行为;的规定,但是推特依旧在关注着他的账户。This week, the company told Slate it would consider banning key government officials, even the president, if its rules against hate speech or other language were violated.本周,推特已经向Slate表示,如果该公司反对憎恨言论或其他言语的规定被触犯,那么他们就会考虑封掉政府要员、乃至总统的账号;The Twitter Rules prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct, and multiple account abuse, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies,; a spokesperson wrote.一位发言人写道:;推特规定禁止暴力威胁、骚扰、可憎行为以及滥用多个账户,我们将会对违法这些政策的账户采取行动;Trump may not have crossed that line yet, but he hasnt exactly refrained from making incendiary claims.特朗普可能尚未跨过这条红线,但是他确实没有对发布煽动性的言论有所节制。Even Republicans have grown wary of Trumps unfiltered, potentially inflammatory tweets.甚至共和党人也对特朗普未经过滤、具有潜在煽动性的推文持谨慎态度。Newt Gingrich, an adviser and vice-chairman of Trumps transition team told USA Today: ;The president of the ed States cant randomly tweet without having somebody check it out.;特朗普过渡团队顾问、副主席纽特·金瑞奇表示:;美国总统不能未经他人审核就随意发布推文; /201612/483504。

A Guwahati-based bullion trader has been arrested for smuggling 7,000kg of gold through the Indo-Myanmar border and bringing it to Delhi.日前,高哈蒂一名金条商人因000公斤黄金带过印度与缅甸边境并走私至德里而被捕。A probe from revenue intelligence officials has revealed that the trader had made hundreds of smuggling trips, and is said to be the mastermind of Rs 2,000 crore smuggling racket.印度税收情报局官员的调查显示,这名商人为了走私,已经往返印缅边境数百次。据悉,这名团伙主脑的涉案金额达到了200亿卢比。One Narendra Kumar Jain, found himself under suspicion when the Directorate of Intelligence seized his 10 kg gold consignment at IGI Airport early this month.本月早些时候,税收情报局在首都新德里英迪拉·甘地国际机场发现纳兰德拉·卡马尔·杰恩托运的货物中藏有总重10公斤的金条,随即遭到怀疑。Kumar and his Delhi-based aide, was then arrested and a number of private airline staffers are also being quizzed in this connection.后来,卡马尔和他德里的助手被逮捕,一家私人航空公司的数名涉案员工正接受调查。Sustained interrogation revealed that Jain had made 617 trips to Guwahati for the purpose of smuggling gold over a period of past two-and-a-half years.随后的审讯实,在两年半的时间里,杰恩去了高哈蒂617次,目的就是为了走私黄金。So far, smugglers were known for using train and bus routes to carry smuggled gold into different parts of India.到目前为止,走私者惯用的伎俩是通过火车和公共汽车将走私来的黄金运往印度各地。However, Jain had adopted a new modus operandi. He used to smuggle 24 carat purity gold bars into India. Once the gold bars were received in Guwahati, he would declare and book gold as valuable cargo in domestic flights between Guwahati and Delhi.但是,杰恩却发明了一种新的作案手段。他向印度境内走私了24克拉纯金金条。金条到达高哈蒂之后,他就会搭乘国内航班,以运输贵重物品的方式把黄金运至德里等地。Interestingly, he was using a particular private airline for this purpose.有趣的是,为了这个目的,他一直乘坐某个特定的私人航空公司的航班。Investigations have revealed that the airline staffers knew that gold was being transported through the cargo.调查还显示,航空公司的员工知道托运的是黄金。Jain has previous arrests for smuggling of gold. He was arrested by enforcement agencies in Guwahati in February 2015 for smuggling gold of about 12 kgs and was later released on bail.杰恩此前因为走私黄金而被捕过015月,他在高哈蒂因为走2公斤黄金被执法机关逮捕,后被保释。Sleuths are trying to identify the buyers of the smuggled gold suspected to be in the NCR region in adjoining states.警官们正在试图确认走私黄金买家的身份--有可能来自邻国的首都地区。来 /201609/469175。

Hillary Clinton failed to release almost 15,000 work-related emails to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of its probe into her use of a private server, a conservative legal group said, as the email saga continued to plague the Democratic presidential candidate.一个保守派法律组织表示,希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)未在联邦调查局(FBI)调查她使用私人务器期间向FBI交出.5万封与工作有关的电子邮件,“邮件门”事件继续困扰这位民主党总统候选人。Those emails were expected to be released in the coming months, according to Judicial Watch, the group whose lawsuits against the state department have been the main driver for the revelations surrounding Mrs Clinton’s private email server.据司法观Judicial Watch)表示,预计这些邮件将在未来几个月公布。该组织对美国国务院的诉讼案一直是希拉里私人电子邮件务器相关爆料的主要推动力。Yesterday Judicial Watch said it was in negotiations with the state department over the release of the 14,900 work emails that had not been previously disclosed. The department agreed that it would appraise the new batch of emails by September 23, after which a schedule would be determined for their release to the public.昨日司法观察表示正在与美国国务院就公布这1.49万封工作电邮进行谈判,这些邮件此前一直未被披露。美国国务院同意将于93日前评估这批新电邮,之后会决定公布这些邮件的时间。In an interview, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said at least some of the emails would probably be released before the November election.司法观察负责人汤#8226;菲顿(Tom Fitton)在一个采访中表示,至少部分电子邮件很可能会在11月大选前公布。James Comey, director of the FBI, first disclosed in July that the bureau had found “thousandsof work-related Clinton emails during its investigation that had not previously been disclosed. But the FBI did not specify the number, and their forthcoming release is bound to raise further questions about Mrs Clinton’s trustworthiness.FBI局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)月份首次披露,该局在调查中已发现“数千封”此前未被披露的希拉里工作相关电邮。但FBI没有透露具体数目。即将公布的电邮势必进一步引发对希拉里可信度的质疑。来 /201608/462385。

A Turkish admiral posted in the ed States has disappeared and is reportedly seeking asylum after being sought by Turkish authorities to return home and participate in legal proceedings following charges of military espionage.土耳其一名驻美海军少将失踪,有报道说,他正在寻求庇护。此前,土耳其当局要求他回国,参与因军事间谍指控而进行的审讯。Turkish Navy Rear Admiral Mustafa Ugurlu, posted at NATOs Allied Command Transformation headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, is reported to have turned in his identification papers and disappeared on July 22.这名土耳其海军少将名叫穆斯塔法·乌古鲁,在位于美国维吉尼亚州诺福克的北约盟国司令部工作。据报道,乌古鲁已经交还了他的件,2日失踪。Ugurlu was ordered home by Turkish authorities last month after an attempted coup July 15.土耳其75号发生未遂政变后,乌古鲁得到了有关当局要他回国的命令。A Turkish official told Reuters news agency that two other officers stationed in the U.S. were called back to Turkey after the coup attempt, but neither of them was ordered into detention.一名土耳其官员告诉路透社,政变后还有两名土耳其驻美军官被召回,但没有遭到拘捕。A U.S. Navy official told reporters more than 100 Turkish military personnel are in the ed States some at the NATO base and some taking part in exchanges at U.S. military institutions. Ugurlu was among hundreds of Turkish military officers released from their duties July 22.一位美国海军军官告诉记者说,美国有一百多名土耳其军事人员,一部分在北约基地工作,一部分是美国军事机构的交换人员。乌古鲁是上个月军事政变后被解职的数百名军官中的一位。U.S. agencies such as the State Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Department of Homeland Security have not yet commented on Ugurlus case.美国国务院、公民与移民务局,以及国土安全部等部门还没有对乌古鲁的案子发表任何。NATO has referred reporters to the Turkish government for information about Ugurlu.北约建议记者向土耳其政府了解有关乌古鲁的情况。来 /201608/460665。

The Russian Defense Ministry warned last Thursday that it could shoot down U.S. missiles in Syria if they were used against the Syrian government forces.俄罗斯国防部于上周四发出警告称,如果美国发射导弹袭击叙利亚政府军,那么俄罗斯可能会击落美国导弹;One should really be aware that crews of Russian air defense systems are unlikely to have time to clarify via a direct line the accurate flight programs of missiles and who their carriers belong to,; the ministry;s spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.俄罗斯国防部发言人伊戈尔·科纳申科夫在声明中表示:“人们必须意识到,俄罗斯防空作战部队没有时间判别来袭导弹的确切轨迹和它们载机的身什?”The U.S. media reported that Washington is considering plans to launch air strikes against the Syrian government army.据美国媒体报道,华盛顿政府正在考虑对叙利亚政府军发动空袭的计划。Konashenkov said that the Syrian army now have effective Russian-made S-200, Buk and other air defense missile systems, while the Russian forces have deployed in Syria the advanced S-400 and S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, ;the range of which may come as a surprise to any unidentified flying objects.;科纳申科夫表示:“叙利亚政府军现在有高效的俄制S-200防空导弹系统,还有山毛榉地空导弹和其他防空系统,而俄罗斯也已在叙利亚部署了先进的S-300、S-400防空系统。”He added that any missile strikes against territories controlled by the Syrian government might present a threat to Russian servicemen working for the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.他补充说道,任何对叙利亚政府控制的地区的导弹袭击,都可能会对俄罗斯驻叙利亚和解中心的工作人员构成威胁;I would recommend to colleagues in Washington that they carefully calculate possible consequences of such plans,; said the spokesman.这位发言人说道:“我想建议华盛顿的同行,应该想清楚这种计划可能产生什么后果。”来 /201610/471464。

Austria’s far-right Freedom party won an unexpectedly powerful victory in the first round of the country’s presidential election, highlighting the potential forEurope’s refugee crisis to send shockwaves across the continent. 奥地利极右翼自由Freedom)在该国总统大选的首轮投票中出人意料地赢得大胜,凸显出难民危机在欧洲各国引发冲击波的可能性FP#214; candidate Norbert Hofer won more than 35 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s poll far more than any other candidate with most of the vote counted. He had campaigned on a nationalistic platform of strict limits on immigration, tough rules for asylum seekers and the break-up of the two-party system that has dominated Austrian politics since the second world war. 在多数计票已经完成的情况下,自由党候选人诺贝#8226;霍弗(Norbert Hofer)在周日的投票中赢得了5%的票数,远超其他任何候选人。他以民族主义立场为竞选平台,包括严格限制移民、收紧对庇护寻求者的规定,以及打破二战以来主宰奥地利政坛的两党体制The result demonstrated the surging support for anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Although the Austrian president has largely a ceremonial role, it was the strongest national performance ever by the FP#214;, one of Europe’s best established far-right parties. 这一结果显示出欧洲反移民政党的人气急剧上升。尽管奥地利总统在很大程度上是一个象征角色,但这是自由党这个欧洲根基最深的极右翼政党之一历来最强劲的全国表现The result sent a signal to other European countries that the refugee crisis mattered hugely, said Franz Schellhorn, director of Agenda Austria, a think-tank. “You can’t just say we’re going to manage it, it is not a problem. This is the lesson from Austria.智库奥地利议Agenda Austria)主任弗朗#8226;舍尔霍恩(Franz Schellhorn)表示,该选举结果向其他欧洲国家传递出一个信号:难民危机影响巨大。“你不能只是在口头上说,我们会控制它,没有问题。这是来自奥地利的教训。Since 1945, the occupants of Vienna’s Hofburg palace have been backed by either the centre-left Social Democratic party (SP#214;) or the centre-right People’s party (#214;VP), which currently form a coalition government. But in a historic upset, the two main partiespresidential candidates each polled only around 11 per cent. 945年以来,入主维也纳霍夫堡宫殿(Hofburg Palace)的要么是中左的社会民主党(Social Democratic Party),要么是中右的人民党(Peoples Party),这两个政党目前组成一个联合政府。然而,这两个主要政党的总统候选者获得的票数均只1%左右,这是一个历史性的颠覆The election of a Freedom party candidate in the final election round on May 22 could trigger a political crisis in Vienna, especially if Mr Hofer tried to obstruct or even dismiss the government, led by social democratic chancellor Werner Faymann. 自由党候选人如果2日的最后一轮选举中当选,可能在维也纳引发一场政治危机——尤其是如果霍弗试图对以社会民主党总理维尔#8226;法伊Werner Faymann)为首的这届政府制造障碍甚至将其解散More broadly, Sunday’s results are likely to increase nervousness in capitals across Europe about the surge in populist, fringe and extremist political parties. 从更广泛的意义上说,周日的选举结果可能会令欧洲各国首都对民粹主义、边缘和极端主义政党的崛起愈发担忧。来 /201604/439403。