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江西上饶市去蒙古斑价格上饶第五人民医院激光去胎记多少钱上饶激光脱毛团购 You know one of the most important chapters in establishing our present existence你知道 网络是我们目前生活中最重要的组成部分之一so to speak, our present media existence was the realization of the power of the check-in.或者说多媒体生活最重要的组成部分之一 就是多次查看社交软件That is that urge, maybe you’ve felt it, I’ve got to check my email也许你已经感受到了那种焦虑比如我必须要看一下我的邮箱或者or maybe I should see what’s going on in my Twitter stream or it’s time to go to Facebook.或者你可能该查看一下推特动态或者打开脸书看看都有什么新鲜事儿发生了That’s kind of an unusual thing.这种现象很不正常I don’t know how you’d explain it to another generation but it’s kind of almost like a biological feeling that you need to check-in.我不知道你会如何向另一辈解释 但它很像 一种生理反应——你想要上网看看I would say it was invented sometime in the 1970’s with email, the first emails.它是在20世纪70年代伴随着第一批电子邮件出现的In fact, the first email addict in my ing was a man named Stephen Lukasik事实上 我所知的第一起邮件上瘾事件是一个名为史蒂芬 卢卡斯克的人who was the head of the ARPA agency in the Pentagon in the early 1970’s.他是20世纪70年代早期美国五角大楼国防部高级研究计划署的领导人And he was an interesting guy because he carried around what was then a portable computer in70#39;s同时他是一个有趣的家伙 因为在70年代 他会随身带一台便携式计算机This huge terminal and he would plug it in everywhere he went and he would check his email.这样巨大的一个终端 无论他走到哪里他都会插上电源打开电脑 然后查看一下邮件And he insisted everyone do it and he was the first guy who had what many of us have right now并且 他持每一个人都这样做 他最早拥有我们现在都有的这个东西which is just this almost addiction to checking in.那就是沉溺于查看社交软件Now the psychology behind it is interesting.其背后的心理现象很有趣It is very reminiscent of what B.F. skinner described as operant conditioning这不禁让我们想起了斯金纳所说的操作性条件反射That is to say that the tendency of all creatures, not just humans but pigeons and other animals那时就说所有生物都会具有的一种倾向 不光是人类 鸽子和其他动物也有这种倾向to take actions that will lead to rewards那就是它们都会倾向于去做能够得到奖赏的事you know, pecking at a little button to get a little snack就像啄一个小按钮就能得到食物But one of the things that Skinner noticed that I think is very relevant for our lives我认为斯金纳发现的一件事跟我们的生活息息相关is the most addictive forms of rewards are those that are unpredictable.奖赏的不确定性是最让我们着迷的And so, for example, if you peck every time and outcomes a little prize that’s not that interesting.就比如说 如果你每次按按钮都能得到一点奖励的话 那这就不是很有趣了It’s the things that you can’t predict whether they’re slot machines让人着迷的是无法预测的事 即使只是投币游戏机whether it’s fishing, whether it’s playing golf.钓鱼或是打高尔夫All the things that like actually really capture our interest are things where the reward payout is quite unpredictable.让我们非常着迷的都是那些 可获得非常不确定的奖励的事And email obviously has that quality. So does Facebook.很明显脸书和邮箱都具有那种特质Most of the time you show up there’s nothing much there.大多数时候 你上线什么信息也收不到But occasionally you might see something extraordinary in email with great news or maybe a very meaningful message.但偶然你可能会通过邮箱收到一些好消或一条意义重大的消息You know you log into social media, most of the time it’s kind of a bore but occasionally something quite profound is there.大多数时候你登录社交媒体都觉得很无聊 但有时会发现十分有意义的事And this turns out to be the most addictive kind of thing, these unpredictable reward schemes这就说明最吸引人的是那些让人无法预测奖励的东西And I think there’s a sense in which we’re little pigeons sitting inside our boxes pecking away有时候我觉得我们就像那些小鸽子 在我们的盒子里啄那个按钮I mean this is not the most inspiring model of humanity but sometimes it all like that.我不是说这是人性中最给人启发的的一面 但有时的确是这样Pecking away and waiting to see what rewards come to us and that has proven to be a very啄那个按钮 然后等着看会得到什么 已经明这很让人上瘾addictive – I don’t know if that’s the right word but very compelling scheme and one which I think many of us have gotten involved in.我不知道我说的是不是完全正确 但是那是很诱人的 并且我想很多人已经上瘾了 Article/201706/513070Paleontologists come to the plains around Plaza Huincul searching for clues to a prehistoric world.古生物学家们来到普拉萨乌因库尔周围的平原,寻找史前世界的遗迹This place was once home to the most extreme dinosaurs ever seen.这个地方曾经生活着迄今所见最大的恐龙Dinosaur hunter Rodolfo Coria knows he is a lucky man.恐龙专家Rodolfo Coria认为自己是一个幸运的人He is chief paleontologist here and many of the most extraordinary finds have been his.他是这里的古生物学科带头人,许多最惊人的发现都是他的功劳Argentina is a good place for finding fossils, especially because of Patagonia.阿根廷是寻找化石的理想地点,尤其是巴塔哥尼亚Patagonia is almost 50 per cent of the Argentinian surface, and the rocks, they are very well exposed.巴塔哥尼亚几乎占到了阿根廷面积的50%,这里的岩石非常裸露So it is very easy to find fossil evidence.所以很容易找到化石遗迹If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place.如果你想寻找恐龙,巴塔哥尼亚正是最佳地点Even Rodolfo was unprepared for the record-breaking monsters he was to unearth in these rocks,但是Rodolfo从未想过要在这些岩石中挖出破纪录的怪兽dinosaurs which would change our picture of the prehistoric world.改变史前世界面貌的巨型恐龙It all began nine years ago, when he began excavating the bones of what was obviously a very large dinosaur.一切开始于9年前,当时他挖掘的一块骨头,显然属于一只非常巨大的恐龙 Article/201611/477932江西上饶市自体脂肪隆鼻价格

上饶万年县哪家绣眉好万年县妇幼保健人民中医院纹眉多少钱 零起点英语口语 第60讲:我的衣食住行这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/56148上饶脱毛娜姐医院好

上饶市铁路医院做祛疤手术多少钱A massive wildfire continues to burn on the border of Florida and Georgia. 佛罗里达和乔治亚州边境继续燃起大规模森林大火。And it isn#39;t showing any signs of slowing down.大火而且没有任何放缓的迹象。According to fire officials, the blaze, dubbed the West Mims fire, was ignited by a lightning strike at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge on April 6.据消防官员称,代号West Mins的大火是4月6日在奥克弗诺基国家野生动物保护区被闪电点燃。Over a month later, the flames have scorched over 130,000 acres, and the smoke can be seen from space. Firefighters have only 12 percent of the fire contained.一个多月后,火焰已经烧毁了130,000英亩地,从太空中可以看到烟雾。消防队员只控制了百分之12的火势。Officials said hot and dry weather conditions fed the flames over the weekend.官员表示,炎热和干燥的天气条件加剧了火势。On Sunday, authorities issued a mandatory evacuation order for the southeastern Georgia town of St. George.周日,当局向乔治亚州东南部圣乔治镇发布强制疏散令。And residents in Nassau County, Florida, have been warned that they too might need to leave their homes.弗罗里达拿骚县的居民也被警告可能需要离开家园。Officials say it could take until November to contain the blaze.官员表示,可能需要到十一月才能遏制大火。译文属。 Article/201705/508749 You#39;ve probably seen an email or an internet post about how weird and random English spelling seems to be.你可能看到过这样的邮件或网帖,说英语的拼写看起来是多么怪异和胡乱。But what if I told you that it actually makes perfect sense?但要是我告诉你这拼写实际上有着完美意义呢?In fact, that#39;s spelling#39;s job: Making sense.事实上,拼写的作用就在此:产生意义Think of spelling a word as peeling back the layers of an onion.试着把拼写一个单词的过程看作一个一层层剥开洋葱的过程吧The first layer is a word#39;s sense and meaning.它的第一层次就是这个单词的意义和含义。Often there are multiple layers of meaning. Another layer is the word#39;s structure.通常它会有多个含义层面。另外一个层次是单词的结构Think of the center of the onion as a word#39;s base element, its essential kernel of meaning.试想将洋葱的中心当作一个单词的词根元素,词义的核心。A free-base element, like O-N-E, or T-W-O, can stand on its own as a word, like one, or two.一个没有词根元素的单词,如O—N—E或者T—W—O,本身即可作为一个单词存在,就是“one”或者“two”。A bound base, like the R-U-P-T of ;erupt; or ;rupture; needs another element in order to surface in a word.而一个综合型词根,如“erupt”或“rupture”中的R-U-P-T,则需要其他元素来使其成为一个单词。Two or more bases give us compounds, like ;twofold; or ;someone; or ;bankrupt;.两种或更多词根可以构成复合词,如“twofold”或“someone”或“bankrupt”Once we figure out a word#39;s meaningful elements,一旦我们弄清了一个单词的具义元素We can peel back its history to shed a little more light on why it#39;s spelled as it is.我们就可以追溯它的历史,从而更能理解它为什么要这样拼写。The word ;two;, for example, needs its ;W; in order to mark its connection to words like ;twice;, ;twelve;, ;twenty;, ;twin; and ;between;.例如,单词“two”需要它的“W”来标示它与单词;twice;、;twelve;、;twenty;、;twin;、;between;的联系。A word#39;s history is another layer of the onion.一个单词的历史是洋葱的另一层次With that understanding, let#39;s investigate the word ;one;.有了这些理解,我们就着手观察一下单词;one;First we need to check in with what it means. Unique, single, solitary.首先我们从它的含义入手。唯一的,单一的,单独的。;One;#39;s historical layers include its relatives ;only;, ;once;, ;eleven;, and even ;a;, ;an; and ;any;.“one”的历史层次包括它的关系词,“仅仅”、“一次”、“十一”甚至“a”、“an”和“any”But it#39;s the morphological relatives -- the ones that share the base O-N-E -- that are really astonishing但是它的形态学关系词--那些有着同一词根O-N-E的单词--着实让人吃惊。There are the familiar ones, like ;anyone,; and ;one-track; and ;oneself; - those are obvious.下面是一些与它“亲近”的词,如“anyone”、“one-track”和“oneself”,这些都很明显可以看出。But let#39;s take a look at some unexpected derivations of the word ;one.;但现在让我们看看那些令人意想不到的“one”的派生词The word ;alone; is built from the prefix A-L plus the base O-N-E.单词“alone”是由前缀A-L加上词根O-N-E构成的。It#39;s the same A-L prefix that we see in ;always,; ;aly;, ;almighty; and ;almost.; It means ;all;.这前缀A-L与我们在“always”、“aly”、“Almighty”、“almost”中看到的相同。它的意思是“all”(所有,全部)The word ;alone; means ;all one;.单词“alone”的意思就是“all one”It was misanalysed in the middle ages as having the prefix ;a,;但在中世纪它被错误分析成前缀为;a;like in ;asleep; and ;awake; and ;around,; and a new base was born: L-O-N-E, which then developed into its own family.就像“asleep”、“awake”、“around”,同时一个新词根:L-O-N-E就诞生了,接着它也发展出了自己的家族。In the word ;atone,; we find the familiar preposition ;at; compounded with the base O-N-E.在单词“atone”里,我们发现常见介词“at”与词根“O-N-E”组合在一起。See, when we atone for something we#39;ve done wrong, we attempt to make things whole again,看,当我们为了弥补(atone)曾做错的事时,我们会尝试着将事情整个的重做一遍to fix what#39;s broken, to be at one again with whomever we hurt.修理坏的地方,再一次和我们伤害了的人言归于好(be at one)But here#39;s perhaps the best one of all: the word ;onion,;但是这儿或许有一个最出乎意料的:单词“onion”which is also frequently derided as irregular or crazy, for its spelling of ;uh; with an O.它被频频嘲讽为不规则的或是疯狂的,因为它发uh音的是一个字母O。But again, if we look into the word#39;s structure, and its history, it#39;s a mystery no more.但同样,如果我们观探这单词的结构和它的历史,它也就不再成迷了。When we look at the roots of an onion, we learn that it is written as O-N-E plus I-O-N,当我们看洋葱的词根时,我们就可以推得它写作O-N-E加上I-O-Nthe same suffix we find in ;tension,; ;action,; ;union; and thousands of other words in English.一个在;tension;、;action;、;union;还有成千上万其他英语单词中的后缀。Unlike the many cloves in a head of garlic, an onion has a single bulb.不像有着诸多蒜瓣的蒜头,一个洋葱只有一个茎球。It is marked by the state or condition of oneness.它被标记作为单一的状态或情形Like an onion, English is one - one single writing system shared across time and space.像一个洋葱一样,英语也是这样的一个统一体--一个跨时间与空间的统一书写系统。Its structure and its history have many layers,它的结构和历史有许多层面and peeling them apart can really add flavor to our language and spice up our understanding.而将它们剥开可以给我们的语言增添相当的风味,并丰富我们的认知。See, spelling is never just about spelling, but about how written words make sense.看,拼写永远不只是拼写,还与让词写得更合理有关。It#39;s almost enough to make you want to cry.合理的几乎让你想哭了。 Article/201706/515313上饶鄱阳县瑞兰美白针多少钱江西上饶治疗黄褐斑要多少钱



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