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1、把重返校园充电认真列入计划,并在30岁前再次毕业。1, Put the plan of returning to school seriously into schedule, and graduate before the age of 30. /200912/91068在睡前的一段时间里你吃喝了什么对你的睡眠质量有着很大的影响。   1. Eating too much or too little can disrupt sleep. A light snack at bedtime can promote sleep, but too much food can cause digestive discomfort that leads to wakefulness.  吃太多或者吃太少都会扰乱睡眠。睡前吃一点小点心可以促进睡眠,但是吃太多就会引起消化不良导致失眠。   2. Alcohol is a double edged sword. Small amounts of alcohol can help you to fall asleep. But as the body metabolises the alcohol, sleep may become fragmented. Alcohol can dehydrate you, leaving you tired the next day.   饮酒是双刃剑。少量的酒精可以帮助你入睡。但是当身体开始新陈代谢酒精时,睡眠就会开始断断续续的。酒精会让你身体脱水,第二天就会变的很疲惫。 3. Caffeine can disturb sleep. For some people, any food or beverage with caffeine in it can disturb sleep. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid it in the afternoon and evening.   咖啡因会打扰睡眠。对一些人来说,任何带有咖啡因的食物都可能打扰到睡眠。如果你对咖啡因敏感的话,在中午和晚上就避免饮用。   4. Cut the fat. If you have a high-fat meal in the evening or eat foods that cause you indigestion and heartburn, your sleep can be disturbed.   减少脂肪摄入。如果你在晚上吃了太多肉会引起你消化不良内脏不舒的话,你的睡眠质量会很差。 5. Do not eat late at night. Sufferers from heartburn or acid reflux should avoid late, heavy meals that delay the emptying of the stomach.   不要在深夜吃东西。想要避免内脏不舒胃酸上涌等症状久应该避免在深夜还吃很多难以消化的食物。  6..Drinking fluids too close to bedtime can cause problems. Avoid fluids after dinner to reduce the need to go to the bathroom during the night.   睡前喝太多东西也会出问题。避免晚饭后喝太多东西可以降低晚上起夜上厕所的困扰。 /201008/111841Have you been into a bad relationship in the past? Did you feel like your world has tumbled down and you don't want to love again? Have you moved on from it now? Are you y to love again? There are so many things to consider and realize before you can say, "I am y to Love again". You have to see it in yourself if you have indeed picked up the pieces and made yourself whole again. Anyone can say "I am y to love" but deep inside, it is just their excuse sometimes to save themselves from the pain and humiliation of coming from a failed relationship.过去,有没有错爱过一个人?当时,是不是觉得整个世界都崩塌了,再也不想再恋爱了?从那以后,你又恋爱过吗?现在,你准备好再爱一次了吗?在你可以说出“我要再爱一次,我准备好了”之前,有好多事需要想清楚。你要问问自己是否可以把自己破碎的心再拼起来。这就话人人都可以说出口,但是,在内心里,有时,这只是逃避痛苦或摆脱恋爱失败觉得丢脸的借口。Before you can say "I am y to love again", examine yourself properly first. There are times that you can say this immediately but when your old flame comes back, you will crumble down and feel the pain again. You have to be sure because when you are going to declare this to all the eligible bachelors and bachelorette in the world, you're sure of it you will not hurt anyone you are dating along the way.在你可以说出“我要再恋爱,我准备好了”之前,先好好审视一下自己。有时候,这句话你可以脱口而出但是当旧爱来临,你又会觉得世界崩塌满是伤痕。你必须要确定你已经准备好了,因为当你向世界上所有还在寻找爱的人宣布它时,你必须确定你在和别人约会时,你不会伤害她。How will you find out if your heart is y to open itself to someone who deserves your love? You will know it if you continue ing below.怎样才能知道自己的心已经做好准备却接受另外一颗值得你爱的心呢?接着读下去,你会知道。 /201012/120767

汇集美国各大晚间脱口秀中一些搞笑Monologue, 时事性新闻性外加些美国幽默。March 26, 2009"I have a plan to end the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Here's what we do. We bring all our soldiers home. We send in our investment bankers. They'll screw up the place in six months. Six months!" --Jay Leno“我有一个计划,可以结束在伊拉克和阿富汗的战争。我们这么做。我们把我们所有的士兵撤回来。我们再送我们的投资家去那里。他们一定只需6个月就能把那里搞得一塌糊涂。 只要6个月!”-杰·雷诺"A construction worker from Queens, New York, used Bernard Madoff's prison number to play the lottery and won. The guy won ,500. Bernard Madoff, of course, is in prison for luring money from rich people in a giant scam that promised to make them richer. But don't confuse him with the state lottery, which lures money away from poor people in a giant scam that promises to make them richer." --Jay Leno“纽约皇后区的一名建筑工人,用伯纳德·麦道夫监狱号码,买票中了奖。这个家伙中了1500美元。当然,伯纳德·麦道夫被关在监狱里,是因为他用‘保赚钱’的巨大骗局,来吸走富人的钱。但是,请不要将他和州政府票所混淆。州政府票那是用保赚钱的巨大骗局,来吸走穷人的钱。” ——杰·雷诺March 25, 2009"How many watched the President's news conference last night? He got a little testy there, you know. When he was asked why he waited three days to speak out against the AIG bonuses, President Obama said he likes to know what he's talking about before he speaks. So, yet another reversal of the Bush policies." --Jay Leno“这里有多少人观看了昨晚总统的新闻发布会?当他被问到‘为什么等了三天他才大声疾呼表示反对AIG的奖金计划’的时候,你知道,他昨晚有点儿不高兴,奥巴马总统说,他喜欢在说话之前知道自己要说的是什么。所以,这又一是一项与布什的政策完全相反的奥巴马政策。”——杰·雷诺"No, President Obama also unveiled his new border policy to fight the Mexican drug wars. Interesting. It consists of the feds buying up to 80 percent of all the Mexican cartels. You see, we're going to get all the toxic drugs out of the system. We're going to buy them up. We will be owners of the drug cartels. I'm trying to get something with that joke and it's going nowhere." --Jay Leno“ 不,奥巴马总统还推出了新的边境政策,以打击墨西哥的毒品交易。有趣的是。新的政策是:由联邦政府收购所有墨西哥毒品垄断集团多达百分之八十的股份。看,我们将把所有的有毒资产——毒品从系统中清除掉。我们将把它们全部买进。我们将成为毒品集团的所有者。我试图从中找些笑话,可我实在找不到。” ——杰·雷诺 "Many people are complaining, though, that Obama is becoming too scripted. Last night, he was having an intimate moment with Michelle, and she said, 'Wait, are you ing the teleprompter?'" --Jimmy Fallon“许多人都在抱怨,说奥巴马正在变得过于照本宣科了。昨晚,他正在和老婆米歇尔亲密的时候,老婆突然说,‘等等,你是不是正在用电子提词机啊?’” -吉米·法伦"Did you hear about this? Nickelodeon's asking all children to unplug electronic devices for one minute on Earth Day to teach the importance of respecting the environment. I think it's a great idea, unless the kids are visiting their grandmother in a nursing home. Then that one minute is pretty rough. 'SpongeBob killed Nana. What happened?'" --Jimmy Fallon“你听说了吗?Nickelodeon儿童电视频道呼吁,所有的小孩在地球日那天拔掉家里电子设备的电源线一分钟,以教育他们尊重环境的重要性。我认为这是一个很好的主意,除非孩子们那天正在探访疗养院里的祖母。那样的话那断电的一分钟会是相当难受的。海棉宝宝谋杀祖母,怎么回事啊?” ——吉米·法伦 March 24, 2009"The market rallied yesterday after the Treasury said it was going to help banks sell off their toxic assets. That's the big problem, banks can't sell toxic assets. Well, duh. I mean, I'm no economist, but maybe you should stop calling them toxic assets. Huh? Isn't that like KFC advertising salmonella chicken?" --Jay Leno“昨天股场反弹了,之前美国财政部表示,将帮助出售其有毒资产。这是个大问题,跟本不可能出售有毒资产。嗨,笨瓜。我的意思是,我可不是经济学家,但也许应该立即停止称呼那些为有毒资产。对吗?这难道不就是像肯德基做广告说,要卖沙门氏菌鸡吗?”——杰·雷诺"Mexico's government just offered a million bounty on its top drug lords, which is different from what we do here in America. We give our biggest criminals bonuses." --Jimmy Fallon“墨西哥政府刚刚宣布悬赏2百万美元捉拿墨西哥的首要毒枭,这种做法和我们在美国的做法有所不同。我们是给我们首要的罪犯发奖金。”-吉米·法伦"Let's not forget the AIG company. The AIG stands for 'ain't I greedy?' No, they changed the name of the company today to 'AIU' Oh! Okay then. Everything's forgiven.' AIU for 'ain't I unethical?' There you are." --Craig Ferguson“别忘了AIG公司。AIG三个字母代表‘Ain't I Greedy’我不贪心吗? 不,今天他们把公司的名称改为AIU了。啊!好吧,那么。一切都可以原谅了。AIU是‘我不道德吗’,你看这事。”——克雷格·弗格森"AIG changing their name is like Hitler changing his name and hoping people won't notice." --Craig Ferguson“AIG改名字,就像是希特勒改名字,然后指望没人会注意到他改了名字。”——克雷格·弗格森"Former President George W. Bush is now writing a book about the 12 toughest decisions that he had to make as president. He said each decision had three options -- rock, paper and scissors." --Jay Leno“前总统布什现在正在写了一本书,是有关他任总统时必须做出的十二个最艰难的决定。他说,当时每一个决定都有三个选择——剪刀、石头、布。”——杰·雷诺"In a move that will cost 300 Americans their jobs, the Federal government announced it will no longer buy American-made condoms made in Alabama. We're now going to buy cheaper condoms made in China. Does that make any sense? If Chinese condoms are so good, why are there over one billion Chinese people?" --Jay Leno“美国政府宣布将不再购买美国在阿拉巴马制造的避套了,这一举措将会使300名美国人失去就业机会。我们将要购买中国制造更便宜的避套了。这有任何意义吗?如果中国制造的避套性能那么好的话,为什么会有10多亿的中国人哪?”——杰·雷诺"Did you see this on '60 Minutes' last night? Michelle Obama is planting a vegetable garden on the White House lawn. You know the economy's bad when the Obamas are afraid of running out of food." --Jimmy Fallon“昨晚你们看到‘60分钟’电视节目中这个消息吗?米歇尔·奥巴马开始在白宫草坪上开辟一处小菜园子了。当奥巴马一家担心食物不够的时候,你们就应该知道经济有多糟糕了。”——吉米·法伦 /200904/66229简洁,双关,幽默,个性,精的翻译。带你一起欣赏34条绝妙的广告语。一起看看这些国际巨头都是怎样定义自己的吧! 1. From sharp minds, come sharp products. 来自智慧的结晶 。(夏普)2. Tide's in, dirt's out. 有汰渍,没污渍。(汰渍洗衣粉)3. Life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. 生活就是一次旅行,享受你的旅程。(NISSAN 汽车) /201108/151558

Women do a lotof silly things to try to impress men; because men do a lot of ridiculous things to impress women, too. Though, even acceptedsocietal norms for picking up a guy often miss the mark becausewomen overthink things. Here's a look at some of the most surefireways that women think that they can impress a guy--and why they'llfail miserably every time。  女性总会做一些傻事去吸引心仪的男生,而男生也会做出许多离谱的举动去追求女生。不过,已被大众认可的追男方式却经常不凑效,那是因为女人错误地估计了它们所能产生的影响。下面来看看这些被女性认为肯定会吸引到异性而又屡屡失败的糟糕方法。  1.Makeup 化妆  Makeup doesn't doa lot for guys. In small doses it's alright, but if I want to geteyeshadow all over my clothes, I'll go see the Cure inconcert。  化妆对男人不会意味着更多东西,淡妆就行了。如果我想让衣上沾满女人的眼影,那还不如去听怪人合唱团的演唱会。  2.Perfume 香水  No man minds whena woman smells like nothing--a simple stick of deodorantaccomplishes this. Women who slather on the perfume end up smellinglike the front counter of Macy's, and it's a bit of aturn-off。  如果一个女人闻起来没有什么特别的味道,我相信没有男士会介意——你要是担心自己的汗味或其它不好闻的味道的话,简单地使用去味剂就可以解决这个问题。问题就是总有些女人会在身上喷上一层又一层的香水,这浓烈的香味会使她们闻起来像梅西百货里的售货,那多少让人有些失去兴致。  3.Name Brands 用名牌  You shouldn'twear name brand clothes that cost more than they need to justbecause you want to impress men. If you're trying to impress women,this sometimes works, but name brand items don't do much for anyman other than Ralph Lauren. And just to prove that men don't knowanything about brands, I just referenced Ralph Lauren. I have noidea if he makes good clothes. Probably not. But he's the onlydesigner I could name。  不要为了取悦男人就在他们面前穿戴名牌饰,他们不看重这个。如果你是为了刺激其它女性,这招的确奏效。衣的品牌名称对男人没有意义。为了明男人对品牌根本没有概念,我在这提下RalphLauren的名字。我不知道他是不是能做出好衣来,这无关紧要。但他是我能叫出名来的唯一一个装设计师。  4.Tanning 古铜色肌肤  Tanning salonsare all over the place, waiting to help you turn your skin into asort of orange, glowing monstrosity that looks like it was sprayedout of a can. There are men out there who are impressed by a goodtan, but they're what the scientific community calls "pig-ignorantslimeballs"。  各地滋生了专门做日光浴的美容院,你可以坐在屋子里看她们是如何把你皮肤变成带点橙色的,像发着光的小怪物,看起来好像是从哪个实验室的瓶子里逃出来的。有些男人对棕褐色皮肤确实很迷恋,但这些女人却被理性思考者称作“无知的可怜虫。”  5.Cosmetic Surgery 整容手术  It almost soundstrite to say that cosmetic surgery is ugly and disgusting. Everyoneclaims to hate it; yet, it's still a thriving industry. The thingis, though, the cosmetic surgery industry caters to a specific kindof person--the type of person who wants to look fantastic at allcosts. The industry isn't set up for making people beautiful. It'sset up to make people think they look beautiful. And if the resultswere fantastic, well, then all's fair in love and war. Ultimately,breast augmentation, fat reduction, Botox treatments ... all ofthis looks terrible to men, women, small children and animals.Plastic surgery may eventually provide a way for people to cheat themselves into looking younger。  整容手术是非常恶心令人厌恶的,这样的说法几乎是老生常谈,每个人都说不喜欢它。然而,它仍然是一个兴旺的产业,关键是整容业迎合的是特定人群的需要——该类人愿意不惜一切代价使自己看上去漂亮。整容业不能使人们变得更美,它只是使人们认为他们看起来美丽动人。如果整出来的效果很棒,那么好了,在爱与竞争中相关的一切都可以获得公平对待了。不过最终,隆胸,减肥,肉毒杆菌毒素治疗.。。这一切对男人,女人,儿童还是小动物来说都很可怕。整形外科所能提供的只是使人变得年轻的谎言。 /200911/89289They should be in the prime of their lives. But instead, those in their twenties and thirties are in worse health than their parents, a British survey has found.Binge drinking, y meals and a lack of exercise all take their toll.As a result, the young are more likely to have migraines, catch a cold or become stressed than the over-55s.According to the research, those aged between 18 and 34 are three times more likely to have a cold or flu than the older generation.Nearly a quarter of the young regularly have headaches or migraines, compared to just 14 per cent of over-55s.And they are almost twice as likely to have high stress levels.The elderly also tend to eat more healthily. More than four in ten eat five or more portions of fruit or vegetables a day, double the number of young men and women.And when it comes to alcohol, 20 per cent of the over-55s don't indulge, while just 10 per cent of those aged 18-34 abstain.Six in ten of the elderly make fresh meals every day, compared to less than a third of the young.And while three-quarters of over-55s say they eat a balanced diet, just half of the younger generation does so.What is more, almost 10 per cent of them admit to eating y meals for every meal--and two per cent say they only eat at restaurants.The older generation is also more likely to take a healthy amount of exercise, with 12 per cent spending at least 30 minutes doing so each day.They may appear fitter, but only nine per cent of the young do that.Over-55s also try hardest to have at least six hours' sleep and plenty of fresh air, according to research done in the UK for fruit brand Florida Grapefruit.Chris Steele, the resident doctor on ITV's This Morning programme, said: "I have seen a rise in young people suffering from illnesses such as colds, flu and headaches."Long working hours, high stress levels and lack of exercise lead to people getting run-down and ill. /200904/66178

If you fancy "chicken without sexual life", "husband and wife's lung slice" or even "bean curd made by a pock-marked woman" then you will have to look elsewhere."Spring chicken", "pork lungs in chili sauce" and "stir-fried tofu in hot sauce" are the correct translations of dishes at some Beijing restaurants, according to an initiative designed to help visitors navigate bilingual s.Currently, odd translations of food served up in the capital's eateries are causing food for thought.The Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program, and the Beijing tourism administration, is about to change all that.The project is part of Beijing's municipal tourism administration's preparation for the Olympic Games next year, when at least 500,000 foreigners are expected to visit.Beginning March 2006, the translation project gathered a database of dishes and drinks from 3-star rated hotels and large restaurants. A draft list was put online at the end of last year seeking public feedback.Subsequently, a second draft added more than 400 common dishes at restaurants in Beijing's Houhai and Wangjing districts, where foreigners like to gather.The recent draft has been online since last Saturday, at www.bjenglish.com.cn and www.bjta.gov.cn.The finished draft is likely to be published in October, said an official with the Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program, ed by the Beijing News.The final version will be published online and "recommended" to restaurants.如果你爱吃“没有性生活的鸡”、“丈夫和妻子的肺切片”或“麻脸女人做的豆腐”,估计你得到别处看看了。在一项旨在帮助游客看懂双语菜单的活动中,北京一些餐馆的菜名翻译得以规范,“Spring chicken(童子鸡)”、“pork lungs in chili sauce(夫妻肺片)”以及“stir-fried tofu in hot sauce(麻婆豆腐)”才是以上几种菜肴的正确译法。目前,北京一些餐馆食品名的奇怪译法引发了人们的思考。“北京市民讲外语活动”组委会与北京旅游局表示将改变这一现状。这项活动是北京市旅游局为迎接明年奥运会所做的准备工作之一,届时,预计将有至少50万名外国游客来北京观光。规范菜单译名项目于去年3月启动,有关部门从三星级酒店和大饭店收集了一个菜肴和酒水饮料译名的数据库。译名初稿于去年年底在网上公布,以征求市民意见。之后,第二稿又增加了400多种普通菜肴,这些菜肴主要来自于后海、望京等外国人密集地区的餐馆。最新一稿已于上周六在北京市民讲外语网和北京旅游局信息网上公布。《新京报》援引“北京市民讲外语活动”组委会一位官员的话说,终稿可能将于十月份公布。最终定稿将在网上公布,并供餐馆“参考”。 /200809/48442Chinese women are beautiful. So are American ones. Actually, all women are beautiful. However,the way to express beauty is quite different due to the disparity of culture and national conditions.1. Chinese women are more hardworking than American women whether in manual work or brainwork. Chinese women work far more toughly than American women and they show a stronger power of will.2. Chinese women are more willing to bear the burden of hard work. The American women prefer complaining, while the Chinese ones, especially those women who live in the rural areas, are more contained with few complains when treated unfairly.3. Chinese women are more tolerant to their husbans compared with their Ameircan counterparts. Few wives in China will divorce with their husbands who have love affairs with other women, while, to American wives, cheating is absolutely intolerant and divorce is the only solution.4. Chinese women believe more in fate than American women, especially when their husbands cheat on them。On this occasion, they first blame all to their unlucky fate. Comparatively. the Americans first prefer to find a good lawyer ,who can bring them more possession in the divorce, with the slightest idea of complaining their poor destiny.5. Compared with the American female, Chinese female lay much emphasis on their husbands. However, the Americans, male or female, value their own freedom and happiness most. Female will never love boyfriends more than themselves. In this term, Chinese women are quite opposite--they love their husband far more than themselves. According to a report released last week, China ranks the first in terms of female suicide, however, it is not the first in pure suicide. Just think about the large population of China, you will find the figure even more terrible. Thousands of female in China (most live in rural areas) feel desperate and then commit suicide every year just because their husbands leave them.6. In the eye of Chinese women, a job means working outside. Oppositely, American female regard housework as important as working outside; sometimes, they think working outside is harder, more valuable to their family.7. Loving period for Chinese women is shorter than that for the American women.An American woman can fall in love with a man in their tens and keep such kind of enthusiasm till they get old. While Chinese women can only last from their tens to thirties.8. Chinese women will face huge pressure from society and family if they haven't got married when they are over twenty. For American women, this kind of pressure is nowhere to find. No matter how old they are, they always have pursuers. Chinese women seldom have pursuers when they get old.9. Chinese women like making up when they are young, but give up make-up when they get old. American women make up more when they are old.10. Chinese women adore men, especially those who have a less education background; while American women admire men.11. Chinese women will devote all to men when they fall in love with them, mentally and phsically. American women love men and at the same time wait for responses.12. Chinese female have a lower rate of love affairs than Chinese men. Even though i have no statistics, i can guess the gap is more than ten times, especially in the expansive rural areas. It is easy to find a man who has love affairs with other woman, whick is no more strange. However, it is a big event that a woman has a love affair with another man and the bad news runs faster. Finally, it can be a shame on the whole family. This rate in America even out according to statistics.Although sex discrimination in America still exists and it is a long way for Ameircan female to pursue the equal treatment. Compared with Chinese women, American women indeed do less than their Chinese counterparts for their family and husbands. /200804/34587Friday and the ThirteenthFriday-the Thirteenth has long been considered extremely unlucky because it has some bad associations which came from mythology,tale of the Bible,and the customs and habits. According to the Bible,the Lord God created the first man,Adam.Then he took a rib from Adam's body and out of it created the first woman, Eve. It was said that Adam was created on a Friday and it was on Friday that Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit,and on a Friday they died.  Friday was also the common day in England for executing criminals , for which it was sometimes known as Hanging Day.From the old Norse myth people got the idea that 13 people sitting at a table to have a dinner was unlucky. And this superstition was confirmed by the last supper of Christ and his disciples. Bible tells us that Christ sat down with his 12 disciples, which made up the number 13, at the last supper when Judas, one of the 12 disciples , sold his master for thirty pieces of silver. Christ was killed by nailing on the cross the following day on a Friday. 星期五加13历来被认为是非常不吉利的日子,这是从神话、圣经故事、风俗习惯产生的一些不好的联想而来的。据圣经上讲,上帝创造了第一个男人--亚当。然后,上帝从亚当身上取下一根肋骨又造了一个女人-夏娃。据说,亚当是在星期五被造出来的,他和夏娃吃禁果也在星期五,他俩死的日子也是星期五。英国从前常常在星期五处死罪犯、因此星期五有时也叫"绞刑日"。 从挪威神话中,人们产生一种想法:13个人坐在一起聚餐是不吉利的。这种迷信被耶稣和其12个门徒的最后的晚餐加以实。圣经上说,在最后的晚餐上,耶稣 和他的12个门徒坐在一起,正好是13人。他的门徒之一-犹大,为了三十个银币而出卖了自己的老师。第二天,耶稣便被钉死在十字架上,这天碰巧是星期五。 /200905/69007

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