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江西上饶打玻尿酸多少钱弋阳县打美白针一针多少钱5.Bo--Barack Obama5.波,#8;巴拉克·奥巴马It has been said, ;If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.; The current First Dog may or may not be President Obama only friend, but he certainly does get himself his fair share of press coverage.据说,;如果你想在华盛顿有位朋友,就养条;当前的;第一;可能是也可能不是奥巴马总统唯一的朋友,但是它的确充分地占据了媒体报道Bo the Portuguese water dog was adopted by the Obamas in . They chose the hypoallergenic breed in deference to daughter Malia, who has pet allergies, and the breed has seen a significant bump in popularity due to the high-profile presidential pick. Although the Obamas wanted to adopt a dog from a shelter, a suitable candidate of the desired breed could not be found. As a compromise, Obama adopted a purebred dog while donating to the Washington Humane Society. In , the Obamas added Bo younger sister Sunny to their family as well, and it didnt take long the new pet to make a splash in the press. During a media event, Sunny exuberantly jumped up on a toddler, knocking her to the ground. The girl turned out to be fine, and Sunny survived her first political scandal.波是一只善于游泳的葡萄牙,年被奥巴马收养女儿玛丽亚对宠物过敏,为此他们选择了不容易引起过敏反应的品种因为高姿态的;总统选择;,这个品种的数量暴增奥巴马家本想从收养站收养一只,但是没找到合适的候选者为了妥协,奥巴马收养了一只捐献给华盛顿人道主义组织的纯种年,奥巴马家又收养了波的晴朗(Sunny),这个新宠物不久就在媒体上引起了骚动在一次媒体事件中,晴朗活泼地跳到一个婴儿身上,把她撞倒在地小姑娘最终没有大碍,晴朗从它第一个政治丑闻中挺了过来.Exyrias Akihito,Emperor Akihito.鹦哥鲨明仁,明仁天皇This tiny goby fish rarely makes much of a pet, but its fascinating relationship with the Emperor of Japan earns it a place on this list. Emperor Akihito, as the merely ceremonial monarch of Japan, has not given up his day job. The man is an accomplished ichthyologist and has published dozens of peer-reviewed papers on fish biology. To this day, the Emperor remains very interested in the collection of fish at his Palace Laboratory.这条微型醽虎鱼几乎不算是宠物,但是它与日本天皇绝妙的关系为它在本文赢得一席之地作为仅为日本礼仪存在的君主,明仁天皇没有放弃他的日常生活这位先生是位熟练的鱼类学家,出版了几十篇关于鱼类生物的论文,都由同侪审阅过到现在为止,这位天皇仍然爱好在皇家实验室收集鱼类The monarch is recognized as an authority on goby classification and has exchanged interesting specimens with various research institutions. His collaboration with the Australian Museum led to the discovery of a new species. The researchers honored the Emperor by naming the species after him in . The now-famous fish sports an unusual elongated dorsal fin and has yellow and brown spots on its head.他被视为醽虎鱼分类的权威,与各种研究机构交换了有趣的样本他与澳大利亚物馆合作发现了新品种研究者们为表示对天皇的尊敬,年以他的名字为这一种类的鱼命名现在这种鱼出尽了风头:它非同寻常,有一个加长的背鳍,头上还有黄色和棕色的斑点3.Horses,King Abdullah Of Saudi Arabia3.马,沙特阿拉伯的阿卜杜拉国王Saudi monarchs have a centuries-long tradition of keeping superior horses, and horse racing remains one of the most popular sports in the country. King Abdullah impressive equine collection of over 1,000 horses is stabled at Janadira Farm in Riyadh. The king keeps a weekend residence at the complex and enjoys walking around the stables to observe his horses whenever possible.沙特君王饲养高级马匹的传统已经长达几百年了,赛马仍然是全国一项流行的体育运动阿卜杜拉国王收集的马科类动物给人印象深刻,多达00多匹,养在利雅得吉安娜提拉(Janadira)农场的马厩里国王周末住在这里,很享受在马厩之间转转,随意观察他的马The farm raises around 0 thoroughbreds every year and cares about 300 purebred Arabian horses. The bloodlines of these steeds go back thousands of years to the Nejd dynasty. The farm also boasts three world champion stallions. Abdullah grandson, an accomplished equestrian, leads a division of prize-winning show jumping horses. The king also hosts a show jumping festival that brings in horses and riders from across the region and beyond. If it involves horses, you can expect that King Abdullah is interested.这个农场每年养0匹左右纯种马,照管大约300匹纯种阿拉伯马这些骏马的世系可以追溯到几千年前的内志王朝农场还以3匹得过世界冠军的牡马为骄傲阿卜杜拉的孙子是一位娴熟的骑师,带领一队为庆祝获奖表演跳跃的马国王还举办跳跃表演节日,将区域内外的马儿和骑师聚集到一起如果有什么事与马相关,那么你可以认为阿卜杜拉国王会很感兴趣.Stanley And Gypsy,Stephen Harper.斯坦利和吉普赛,斯蒂芬·哈珀While dogs have enjoyed recent popularity in Washington, D.C., Canadian Prime Minister Harper has a well-documented cat fancy. He is the proud owner of three-year-old tabby Stanley (named through a Facebook poll) as well as another cat named Gypsy. In a letter responding to a citizen inquiry, Harper described Gypsy as a camera-shy mouser and Stanley as the playful one of the pair.最近儿在华盛顿特区十分流行,而加拿大总理也在文件里提到关于猫咪的想象他是3岁大的虎斑猫斯坦利(根据脸谱网的投票命名)的主人,也是另一只名叫吉普赛的猫的主人在一封回应某位市民提问的信中,哈珀把吉普赛描述为害怕镜头的捕鼠者,斯坦利则是它俩中喜欢玩耍的一个While he has been in office, Harper and his family have temporarily fostered a whopping 87 different cats. The Harpers show their support of animals even beyond their personal pet ownership. Inmation on how to adopt animals can be found on the Prime Minister official website, and the pair is involved in supporting the Ottawa Humane Society. So far, Harper has had a successful political career. Perhaps he owes it to a feline-like nine lives in the uncertain world of party politics.他在职时,哈珀和他的家人一下子养了多达87只不同的猫哈珀家对动物的持甚至超越了他们个人对宠物的关系在首相的官方网站上可以找到关于如何收养动物的信息,它们还参与了持渥太华人道主义组织的活动到目前为止,哈珀的政治生涯很成功也许他认为他在政党政治这个不稳定的世界里像猫儿那样有9条命1.Thong Daeng,King Bhumibol Adulyadej1.铜,普密蓬·阿杜德国王The King of Thailand is an unabashed dog lover, and one dog in particular has a special place in his heart. His favorite dog, Thong Daeng, was rescued from the streets of Bangkok as a puppy. Her name means ;copper; in the Thai language, a reference to the color of her coat.泰国国王是一位不折不扣的儿发烧友,每一只特殊的在他心里都有特殊的位置他最喜欢的铜,是从曼谷街上拯救下来的小仔它的名字在泰语里是;铜;的意思,指它毛皮的颜色King Bhumibol enjoys great popularity among his people, and it appears that this extends to his royal dog as well. When the 7-year-old monarch wrote a book telling Thong Daeng story, it sold 0,000 copies within hours of its release. The king strongly advocates adopting street dogs (which are common in Thailand) instead of buying purebreds. In the book, he writes that most street dogs ;are usually humble and exceptionally faithful to their owners, as if they are grateful the kindness they receive.; These qualities are well exemplified in Thong Daeng, who shows her master great respect and gratitude.普密蓬国王很受国人拥护,这似乎也延及他忠诚的这位7岁高龄的君主写了一本书讲述铜的故事,发行几小时内就卖掉0000本国王大力提倡收养街头流浪(这在泰国很常见)而不是购买纯种在这本书里,他写道,大多数街头流浪;通常很谦卑,对主人格外忠心,好像它们很感激受到友好的对待;这些品质在铜身上很典型,它对主人十分尊敬、感激翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 39966上饶手臂激光脱毛多少钱 Mount Fuji Peak, Japan, 198"'He who climbs Fuji once is a wise man; he who climbs it twice is a fool,' goes a Japanese saying. centuries pilgrims have ascended ,389-foot [3,776-meter] Mount Fuji. Now even as its slopes are scarred by erosion and defiled by tons of garbage, planners seek to accommodate more people." —From "Earth Almanac," January 1993, National Geographic magazine有句日本谚语说:“攀登富士山一次的人是一个智者;攀登两次的人就是一个笨蛋”数个世纪以来,朝圣者们已经登上了389英尺[3776米] 的富士山现在即使它的斜坡由于侵蚀变得伤痕累累和受到大量垃圾的污染,计划者仍然设法接待更多的来客 ——摘自1993年《国家地理杂志1月号《地球年鉴 856上饶韩美整形美容医院抽脂好吗

上饶玉山县开个眼角多少钱上饶玉山县去蒙古斑价格 They say money doesn't grow on trees. But it certainly appears to do so.   据英国《每日邮报9月日报道,俗话说,钱不会从树上长出来,但现在这种事似乎也成真了   Actually, these old trees with coins embedded all over their bark dotted around the UK's woodland. There are seven tree trunks with coins pushed into them in Wales.   事实是,在英国的森林里,到处可见树皮上镶满了硬币的老树在威尔士,也有7棵镶着硬币的树   Meurig Jones, an estate manager at the tourist destination, says he believes they are being used as "wishing trees".   旅游景区房地产经理人迈里格?琼斯认为这些树是“许愿树”   From centuries ago, the coins were usually knocked into felled tree trunks using stones by passers-by, who hoped it will bring them good tune.   几个世纪之前,路人用石头将这些硬币砸入倒下的树干中,希望能带给他们好运   He said that a sick person could press a coin into a tree and their illness would go away.  他说,人们通过往树里戳硬币来驱赶疾病 "If someone then takes the coin out though, it's said they then become ill," Jones added.   “据说,如果人们再将树里的硬币取出来,那么他就会生病,” 琼斯补充道 It used to be believed that divine spirits lived in trees, and tradition of making offerings to deities at wishing trees dates back hundreds of years, but this combination of the man-made and the natural is far rarer.   以前人们认为神灵会居住在树里为许愿树里的神灵献上贡品的传统可以追溯到几百年前,但是这种人为与自然组合的方式却实属罕见 3867上饶上睑下垂矫正价格

德兴市妇幼保健人民中医院去除狐臭多少钱Huge Bear Surprises Samsung Crew on EcoBubble washing machine Photo Shoot三星EcoBubble洗衣机照片拍摄现场惊现大棕熊?Samsung has worked with The Viral Factory to create an online promoting its EcoBubble washing machines.三星和英国的广告制作商“病毒工厂” 合作推出了一个网络视频,宣传三星的EcoBubble 系列洗衣机The film, directed by James Rouse, shows a film crew being disrupted by a huge brown bear which, once the crew have scattered, strips off its top coat and uses the Ecobubble machine. The bear then waits in his spotted boxers as his coat washes and comes out brilliant white, he then puts his coat back on and leaves – as a Polar Bear.电影由詹姆斯·洛兹执导,影片情节讲述:一个摄制组遭到一只大棕熊干扰,摄制组的工作人员逃开后,大棕熊脱下它的外套,开始用Ecobubble洗衣机洗外套大棕熊穿着一条脏兮兮的短裤等着它的外套洗好,而外套从洗衣机里拿出来的时候亮白亮白,接着它穿起外套走了,走的时候已经它已经变成了一头北极熊Shot on location over three days with a Canadian Brown Bear, Barney, post production house Jellyfish Pictures and producer Jon Stopp created the stripped down bear using prosthetics and “a very cold man dancing around in a spotty bodystocking”.加拿大棕熊Barney参与了本次三天多的外景拍摄,后期制作公司Jellyfish Pictures和制片人Jon Stopp用影片修复的方法做出了棕熊脱外套的效果,并模拟了“一个冻得要死的男人穿着斑斑点点的紧身衣跳舞”的场景The Viral Factory’s creative director, Ed Robinson, commented: “ us making virals is all about telling product stories which can entertain the audience. The Samsung Ecobubble washing machine perms exceptionally well at very cold temperatures, so frozen tundra and polar bears felt like a good place to find such a story.“病毒工厂”的创意总监艾德·罗宾逊对此表示:“我们公司的目标就是要给观众讲述能引起他们兴趣的品牌故事三星的Ecobubble洗衣机在极为低温的环境下运行起来也极其出色,冻原和北极熊应该是品牌故事不错的切入点”“The complexity of actually realising the story then hit us, but thanks to brilliant Barney the Brown Bear, James Rouse and the post geniuses at Jellyfish Pictures, they made the concept tangible and joyous.”“实际中要实现这个故事是很复杂的,当时我们也很受打击不过,多亏了棕熊Barney,它非常棒也多亏了导演詹姆斯·洛兹,以及Jellyfish Pictures公司后期制作的天才们,是他们让这个理念变得成型又充满欢乐” 0563 各位在沙滩上尽情展现自己的曼妙身姿时,是否想过,遥在异国他乡,人们是怎样享受沙滩生活的呢?当然,形容沙滩生活,不可绕过的一个形容词就是——悠闲还有什么比躺在沙滩上吹着海风,听着海浪的时光更放松更开阔的呢下面,就让我们通过英语学习,来了解西方人的沙滩生活吧西方人喜欢冒险的事物,男人常常喜欢冲浪运动,踩着surfboard(冲浪板)在海里行进的感觉,一定很爽吧冲浪也叫hang ten,ten在这里是“人的是个手指或脚趾”,hang则是悬挂的意思冲浪时双手或双脚悬空,好像吊挂起来的样子哇!看那个正在冲浪的人——真希望我也能那样Wow! Check out that surfer hang ten— i wish i could do that 919上饶上饶县做处女膜修复多少钱上饶市肿瘤医院做隆鼻手术多少钱




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