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井冈山市中医院做去疤手术多少钱新干县人民中医院激光祛痣多少钱German authorities were last night still searching for the perpetrator of Monday’s truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin after releasing the man they had arrested in the immediate aftermath of the killings.德国有关部门昨晚仍在追查周一用卡车碾压柏林一个圣诞市场的作案者,此前他们释放了在这起血腥袭击发生后不久逮捕的男子。The federal prosecutor’s office said yesterday evening it did not have enough evidence against a 23-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker, who had denied involvement.联邦检察官办公室昨晚表示,其没有足够据对这名23岁的巴基斯坦籍寻求庇护者提出控罪,此人否认自己参与了这起袭击。The man was detained 2km from the scene just over an hour after a truck ploughed 这名男子是在案发一个小时多一点之后在距离案发现场2公里的地方被拘捕的。through a market in the shadows of the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church, one of West Berlin’s most famous landmarks, around 8pm on Monday, killing 12 people and injuring 45.周一晚8时左右,一辆卡车碾过西柏林最著名地标之一德皇威廉(Kaiser Wilhelm)纪念教堂附近的一个市场,造成12人遇难,45人受伤。Chancellor Angela Merkel said authorities assumed it was a terrorist attack, though much remained uncertain. 德国总理安格拉.默克尔(Angela Merkel)表示,当局假设这是一起恐怖袭击,尽管仍有很大一部分案情不确定。I know it would be especially hard for us all to bear if it were confirmed that the person who committed this act was someone who sought protection and asylum, she said.我知道,如果确认犯下这种行为的人是当初寻求保护和庇护的人,我们大家都会感到特别想不通,她说。Police earlier admitted that the man they had arrested may not have been involved. 警方较早时承认,他们拘捕的那名男子可能并未涉案。According to my information it’s uncertain as to whether he really was the driver, said Berlin’s police chief, Klaus Kandt.根据我的信息,不能确定他是否真的是驾驶者,柏林警察局长克劳斯.坎特(Klaus Kandt)表示。Mr Kandt said eyewitnesses had seen a person climb out of the cab of the truck and flee after the attack. 坎特说,袭击发生后,目击者看到一个人从卡车驾驶室爬出来,然后逃离。One person followed him for a short distance, updating police by mobile phone about his whereabouts.一个人尾随他走了一小段路,同时用手机向警方报告他的下落。But Mr Kandt said the person taken into custody had not been under continuous observation from the vehicle to the arrest.但坎特表示,被拘留的人并没有在从逃离肇事卡车到被捕的全过程处于不间断观察之下。Die Welt newspaper ed an unnamed police officer as saying: We have the wrong man. 《世界报》(Die Welt)援引一位不具名的警官称:我们可能抓错了人,And therefore a new situation. 因而面临一个新情况。The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause fresh damage.真正的行凶者仍然携带武器,仍然在逃,可能造成新的危害。The truck belonged to a Polish haulage company and its original driver was found shot dead in the vehicle. 这辆卡车属于一家波兰运输公司,其原来的司机被发现在车上被杀。He had earlier been in touch with the boss of the company, Ariel Zurawski, who is also his cousin, but since 4pm on Monday all contact had ceased.他早先联系了公司老板、他的表兄弟阿里尔.祖拉夫斯基(Ariel Zurawski),但从周一下午4时开始没有再联系。Beata Szydlo, Poland’s prime minister, confirmed that the first victim of the truck attack was a Polish citizen.波兰总理贝娅塔.希德沃(Beata Szydlo)实此次卡车袭击的第一位受害者是波兰公民。Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, said a pistol believed to have been used to kill the Polish driver had not yet been found.德国内政部长托马斯.德梅齐埃尔(Thomas de Maizière)表示,据信被用来杀死波兰司机的那手尚未被发现。Critics of Ms Merkel were quick to seize on the asylum seeker status of the man originally held in custody using it 默克尔的批评者很快抓住最初被拘留男子的寻求庇护者身份做文章,使难民问题回到政治议程的首要位置。to put the refugee issue back at the top of the political agenda just months before federal elections where she is seeking a fourth term.德国将在几个月后举行联邦选举,届时默克尔将寻求第四个任期。She has aly come under fire from politicians on the right, who claim her decision to throw open Germany’s borders to tens of thousands of refugees in the summer of 2015 compromised national security.她已经受到右翼政界人士的抨击,他们声称,她在2015年夏天作出的向成千上万难民开放德国边界的决定,危及了国家安全。Even within Ms Merkel’s CDU/CSU bloc, there were calls for a tougher approach on immigration.即使在默克尔的基民盟/基社盟(CDU/CSU)联盟内部,也有人呼吁对移民问题采取更严厉的态度。Horst Seehofer, leader of the CSU, the Bavarian sister party of Ms Merkel’s Christian Democrats, said the country now needed to change its immigration and security policies in light of the attack.默克尔所在的基民盟在巴伐利亚州的党基社盟的领导人霍斯特.泽霍费尔(Horst Seehofer)表示,此次袭击意味着德国需要改变其移民和安全政策。 /201612/484966万安县打溶脂针价格 Premature deaths from air pollution are costing the global economy .1tn annually, or roughly twice the economic output of the UK, with more than half of that burden falling on China and other developing economies in Asia, according to a study.根据一项研究,空气污染导致的过早死亡每年给全球经济带来5.1万亿美元的代价,大约两倍于英国经济产出,而其中逾半负担落在中国和亚洲其他发展中经济体身上。The estimates released yesterday by the World Bank for the first time put a welfare cost on the toll from indoor and outdoor air pollution and highlight how it has soared over the past quarter of a century, as developing economies have rapidly industrialised.世界(World Bank)昨日公布的估计首次对室内和室外空气污染造成的人类福祉代价进行了估算,并突显出,随着发展中经济体迅速工业化,这项代价在过去四分之一个世纪出现飙升。They also illustrate the scale of the environmental challenge confronting those countries as they seek to address chronic air pollution.这些估算还展示了相关国家在寻求应对长期空气污染时面对的环境挑战的艰巨性。An estimated 5.5m lives were lost to diseases associated with air pollution in 2013, the latest year for which global data are available. 据估计,2013年(可获得全球数据的最近一年)有550万人死于与空气污染有关的疾病。More than 90 per cent of the premature deaths occurred in developing countries, with young children especially badly affected.90%以上的过早死亡病例发生在发展中国家,幼童受到特别严重的影响。Exposure to air pollution increases a person’s risk of illnesses such as lung cancer, stroke, heart disease and bronchitis. 暴露于空气污染会增加一个人患病(如肺癌、中风、心脏疾病和气管炎)的风险。Those diseases, and deaths from them, also carry a rising economic cost according to the study, conducted by the World Bank and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle.由世行联手西雅图健康指标和评估研究所(Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation)进行的这项研究显示,这些疾病及其造成的死亡还导致越来越高的经济成本。In 1990 there were .6tn in welfare losses from air pollution globally (in 2011 dollar terms, adjusted for purchasing power parity), with east Asia accounting for about a quarter. 1990年,全球空气污染造成的福祉损失达到2.6万亿美元(以2011年美元计算,经购买力平价调整),东亚占其中大约四分之一。Since then, the rise of China has contributed to a surge in air pollution in east Asia leading to a more than quintupling of the cost for that region to .3tn in 2013.自那以来,中国的经济崛起导致东亚空气污染激增,导致2013年该地区的损失增至2.3万亿美元,达到原有水平的五倍。This extracts a sizeable economic toll. 这造成了相当大的经济代价。In both east Asia and south Asia, the cost of deaths from air pollution was equivalent to more than 7 per cent of regional economic output in 2013.在东亚和南亚,空气污染造成的死亡的成本在2013年相当于地区经济产出的7%以上。Urvashi Narain, who led the World Bank team that assembled the report, said that while there had been some evidence of success globally in reducing household air pollution, the problem of outdoor air pollution was growing.编制报告的世行团队的负责人乌尔瓦什#8226;纳拉因(Urvashi Narain)表示,尽管有一些据显示,全球在减少家庭空气污染方面取得了一些成功,但室外空气污染的问题越来越大。China has declared a war on pollution. 中国已经向污染宣战。We’ve seen action from India as well. 我们也看到印度采取了行动。But at the same time we also see mentions of London and Paris as cities where this concern still exists, she said. It is such a widesp problem.但与此同时我们也看到伦敦和巴黎被列入依然存在这种担忧的城市,她表示,这是一个如此普遍的问题。 /201609/465865吉安光子嫩肤

吉安县去除黄褐斑多少钱吉安激光磨皮 BEIJING: Criticising the reported deployment of battle tanks by the Indian army near the Indo-China border+ , Chinese state-run media on Thursday said that the move may affect flow of Chinese investments into the country and called for joint efforts to avoid misunderstandings.环球时报批评印度军队在中印边界部署坦克,称此举或影响中国投资流入印度,呼吁双方共同努力以避免误解。“A media report stating that nearly 100 Indian tanks have been positioned near the Indo-China border to counter any possible threat grabbed people’s attention as more Chinese firms are looking to increase their investment in India,” an article in the state-run Global Times said today.环球时报的一篇文章称,“有媒体报道称,大约100辆印度坦克被部署到中印边界,以应对任何可能的威胁,另一边是越来越多中国公司着眼于增加对印度的投资。”“However, it is puzzling that while deploying tanks near China’s border, India still strives to woo Chinese investment,” it said.“然而,在中国边界附近部署坦克是令人困惑的,特别是印度仍然在吸引中国投资。”“The deploying of tanks near the Indo-China border+ may hit a nerve within the Chinese business community, causing investors to weigh the threat of political instability when they make investment decisions,” it said.“在中印边界附近部署坦克,也许会触动中国商业群体的神经,导致投资者做出投资决定前要掂量政治不稳定性带来的威胁。”The article refers to reports of Indian army deployment of tanks in the Ladakh border to catch up with China’s aggressive military and infrastructure build-up across the border.文章指的是印度军队在拉达克边界部署坦克的报道。 /201607/455990吉安硅胶隆鼻光子嫩肤光纤溶脂价格

安福县切埋线双眼皮多少钱 The latest report on the “global burden of disease” finds air pollution caused the premature deaths of 5.5 million people in 2013, with China just ahead of India in deaths and the two countries together accounting for more than half the global total. The findings were released Friday by scientists at the University of British Columbia and discussed today at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Washington.关于“全球疾病负担”的最新报告发现,在2013年,空气污染导致550万人过早死亡,中国和印度加起来占了全球总数的一半以上,其中中国略高于印度。这项研究结果于上周五由不列颠哥伦比亚大学(University of British Columbia)的科学家发布。美国科学促进会(American Association for the Advancement of Science)今天在华盛顿的年度会议上对它进行了讨论。In China most deaths were urban and the result of pollution from coal-burning power plants. In India, the main danger is indoor cooking and heating fires fueled by dried dung or firewood. Here’s more on the work from the University of British Columbia, which teamed up on the study with the nonprofit Health Effects Institute:在中国,大多数死亡案例发生在城市,死因是燃煤电厂导致的污染。而在印度,主要危险是在室内燃料干牛粪或木柴用以烹饪和取暖。这项研究由不列颠哥伦比亚大学和非营利性组织健康影响研究所(Health Effects Institute)联合进行,内容还包括:About 1.6 million people died of air pollution in China and 1.4 million died in India in 2013.在2013年,中国有大约160万人死于空气污染,印度有140万。In China, burning coal is the biggest contributor to poor air quality. Qiao Ma, a PhD student at the School of Environment, Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, found that outdoor air pollution from coal alone caused an estimated 366,000 deaths in China in 2013.在中国,烧煤是空气污染的最大元凶。北京清华大学环境专业士生马桥(音)发现,2013年,仅燃煤造成的室外空气污染就在中国导致约36.6万人死亡。Ma also calculated the expected number of premature deaths in China in the future if the country meets its current targets to restrict coal combustion and emissions through a combination of energy policies and pollution controls. She found that air pollution will cause anywhere from 990,000 to 1.3 million premature deaths in 2030 unless even more ambitious targets are introduced.马桥还计算了如果中国通过能源政策和污染控制方式限制了煤燃烧和排放,达到其当前目标,那么在未来中国可能会有多少人过早死亡。她发现,如果不制定更加严格的目标,那么在2030年,空气污染造成过早死亡人数将在99万到130万人之间。“Our study highlights the urgent need for even more aggressive strategies to reduce emissions from coal and from other sectors,” said Ma.“我们的研究突显了采取更加积极的策略,减少燃煤排放和其它排放的迫切性,”马桥说。In India, a major contributor to poor air quality is the practice of burning wood, dung and similar sources of biomass for cooking and heating. Millions of families, among the poorest in India, are regularly exposed to high levels of particulate matter in their own homes.在印度,使用木柴、牛粪及类似生物质来烹饪和取暖是空气污染的一大成因。在印度最贫穷的人口中,数以百万计的家庭经常在自己家中接触到高水平的颗粒物。“India needs a three-pronged mitigation approach to address industrial coal burning, open burning for agriculture, and household air pollution sources,” said Chandra Venkataraman, professor of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, in Mumbai, India.“印度需要三管齐下的纾解方案,来解决工业燃煤、露天焚烧农业秸秆,家庭空气污染来源问题,”印度理工学院孟买分校(Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)的化学工程教授钱德拉·文卡塔拉曼(Chandra Venkataraman)说。 /201602/425879吉安法力纹吉州区打溶脂针价格



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