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Harry Styles tired of Taylor Swift rather grown up obsession with antiques, it being reported.据报道,哈里·斯泰尔斯是厌倦了泰勒痴迷古董才与其分手的While Styles, 18, is desperate to enjoy the party scene; Swift, 3, is a budding homemaker and is apparently keen to chat about her antique collection.哈利,18岁,典型的派对动物,享受派对的乐趣;斯威夫特,3岁,向往成为家庭主妇,显然热衷于谈论她的古董收藏Styles even bought her antique jewellery during their brief courtship but according to a report in Radar Online, soon became tired with her mature hobby.斯泰尔斯在他俩短暂的恋爱期间甚至还买了古董珠宝送给她,但是据Radar Online报道,斯泰尔斯很快就厌倦了她那种年长者才有的爱好Swift quickly sought comt in her music following her break-up with the One Direction star and was spotted going to a recording studio on Thursday.斯威夫特在和这位One Direction乐队明星分手后迅速跑回录音室寻求音乐上的安慰Swift got in some much-needed consolation from her family.同时,斯泰尔斯也从家人那里得到了必要的安慰After spending Christmas apart the pair reed in New York City New Year Eve, bee jetting off to the British Virgin Islands on New Year Day to spend some time together.这对情侣在圣诞节分开,于新年前夕在纽约重聚,并且在新年一起乘飞机去英属维京群岛度假But things did not go to plan and Swift ended the holiday early, flying back to the U.S. on her own after just three days on vacation on January .但是事情并不像预想的那样,斯威夫特提前结束了假期,在享受了3个假日后于1月日独自一人飞回美国Meanwhile, Styles stayed on alone and lived it up, partying with fellow guests, and even fitting in a visit to Richard Branson, who owns a neighbouring private island.同时,哈利独自一人呆在岛上,和游客一起聚会,还获邀前往富商理查德·布兰森的私人小岛游玩Neither Harry nor Taylor have commented on reports of their split.目前哈利或者泰勒都没有对他们的分手事件表态 069During the three years Qi Zhao spent filming “Fallen City,” he captured his subject — the town of Beichuan, wiped out in the Sichuan earthquake, two-thirds of its people killed and 80 percent of its buildings destroyed — as it slowly disappeared. In time-lapse images, fields of rubble become fields of grass. Part of the old city is turned into an earthquake museum, with railings installed in front of piles of shattered concrete.在赵琦拍摄《殇城的三年时间里,他看着自己的拍摄对象北川县慢慢消失北川在年的四川地震中被毁,三分之二的居民死亡,80%的建筑被毁在电影画面中,随着时间的流逝,瓦砾场变成了草场旧城的一部分被改成了地震物馆,一堆堆破碎的混凝土前安上了围栏“Fallen City,” showing Monday in PBS’s “POV” series, looks both ward and back. It’s a conventional aftermath story, following three families devastated by the earthquake as they deal with the emotional and logistical aftershocks: intense, sometimes paralyzing mourning along with the need to relocate while a new Beichuan is being built. But it’s also an elegy the mer Beichuan, once a picturesque town nestled along a riverbank. Mr. Qi’s subjects keep returning to the ruins to commune with their dead children, parents and siblings, and his camera lingers over the wreckage, turning the debris and the scattered buildings into misty brush paintings. (The cinematography was by Shaoguang Sun.)《殇城周一在PBS频道的POV系列中播出它既展望未来,也回顾过去它是个讲述灾难余波的传统故事,记录了三个遭到地震重创的家庭应对震后情绪波动和生活安置的过程:他们情绪激动,有时因哀伤而昏厥,还要考虑重新安家的问题,当时新北川正在建设中不过这部纪录片也是旧北川的挽歌,它曾是个秀丽的河畔小城主人公们不断返回废墟,与死去的孩子、父母和兄弟谈心镜头长时间停留在废墟上,把瓦砾和破碎的建筑变成朦胧的水墨画(该片的摄影指导是孙少光)Of the three stories, one, about a teenage boy, is touching but a little generic; his alienation can be attributed to his father’s death in the quake, but you suspect he might have turned against school and parents regardless. One, about a civil servant who lost a daughter and three sisters, has the sort of unexpected twist that’s a documentarian’s dream. And the third, about the Pengs, a likable couple who lost their only child, is simply heartbreaking. A scene in which soldiers prevent them from re-entering the old town to visit the makeshift tomb they’ve built their daughter is brutal in its despair.这三个故事中有一个讲述的是一个十多岁的男孩,这个故事很感人,但也有点俗套他的孤僻可能是因为父亲在地震中去世,但是你也怀疑他可能本来对学校和父母都有点敌视第二个故事讲述的是一个公务员,她失去了女儿和三个,这个故事有个意外的情节突变,这是纪录片制作人们最希望遇到的第三个故事讲述的是可爱的彭氏夫妇,他们失去了独子,伤痛欲绝在其中一幕里,士兵们阻止他们再次进入旧城探望他们给女儿修建的临时墓地,这很残忍,令人绝望Mr. Qi’s background is in Chinese television, and “Fallen City,” his first film as a director, is not the sort of mally inventive or tough-minded documentary associated with filmmakers like Wang Bing or Jia Zhangke. It’s a bit slick in its mournfulness, and it tactfully avoids subjects like the efficacy of the government’s response in the immediate aftermath of the quake. Mr. Qi makes clear, though, from his portrayal of the bleak new Beichuan and his inclusion of banal newscasts celebrating its construction that his sympathy lies with the survivors who sneak past guards and clamber over dangerous debris just to feel at home.赵琦来自中国电视圈,《殇城是他导演的第一部影片这部电影不是王冰或贾樟柯的那种在形式上很有创意或者很冷酷的纪录片它的悲凉有点老套,它巧妙避开政府的震后应对效率等主题不过,赵琦描绘了荒凉的新北川,并加入了新闻报道对其落成的陈腐赞美,这些都清楚地表明他同情的是那些幸存者——他们偷偷绕过卫兵,爬上危险的废墟,只是为了有家的感觉 35

Tiger Woods and his Swedish-born wife officially divorced Monday, nine months after his middle-of-the night car crash outside their home set off shocking revelations that the world's most famous athlete had been cheating on her through multiple affairs.  本周一,“老虎”伍兹和他的瑞典籍妻子正式离婚九个月前,伍兹在住处附近发生的一场午夜车祸爆出惊人丑闻:这位世界著名运动员与多名女子有染,一直对妻子不忠"We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best the future," Woods and Elin Nordegren said in a joint statement released by their lawyers.伍兹和艾琳#86;诺德格伦在通过律师发表的一份联合声明中称:“我们的婚姻结束了,我们感到很难过,希望彼此未来都能生活得很幸福”  The divorce was granted in Bay County Circuit Court in Panama City, Fla., about 375 miles away from their Isleworth home outside Orlando. The couple had married in October in Barbados and have a 3-year-old daughter, Sam, and a 19-month-old son, Charlie.  伍兹和艾琳的离婚案是由佛罗里达州巴拿马市海湾县的巡回法庭办理的,此处距离两人位于奥兰多艾尔沃斯的住所大约375英里两人于年月在巴巴多斯结婚,育有3岁的女儿萨姆和19个月大的儿子查理  The marriage was described in court documents as "irretrievably broken" with no point in trying to reconcile. Terms of the divorce were not disclosed, except that they will "share parenting" of their two children.  离婚判决书称这段婚姻“完全破裂、无可挽回”,没有必要尝试调解有关离婚协议的具体条款并未公布,但两人将“共同抚养”两个子女 71

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