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Hounded by loan sharks, the once-highflying real-estate king of Baotou, a boom city of about two million people in Inner Mongolia, finally reached his breaking point. Last month, Wei Gang checked into a hotel and hanged himself, according to local police. 由于被高利贷者逼得走投无路,曾经风光无限的包头市房地产大王最终再也承受不住巨大的压力。当地警方说,上个月,魏刚入住一家酒店,在那里上吊自杀。 Mr. Wei#39;s suicide comes as China#39;s smaller property developers face mounting financial distress after two years of tightening credit, an effort by the government to squeeze out speculators and make homes more affordable. 魏刚自杀事件发生之前,中国的信贷收紧政策已经持续两年,中国的小型房地产开发商的融资压力正与日俱增。中国政府收紧信贷的目的是打击房地产市场的投机活动,让房价趋于合理水平。 Standard amp; Poor#39;s Ratings Services says China#39;s more than 80,000 developers could face a battle for survival as a wave of short-term property loans fall due this year. The risk is that these businesses could become so desperate they will either default, leaving behind half-finished projects at a time economic growth aly is slowing, or start offering steep discounts, triggering a price war. 标准普尔评级务公司(Standard amp; Poor#39;s Ratings Services)说,由于一批短期房地产贷款将在今年到期,中国超过8万家房地产开发商可能面临一场生死存亡的考验。这些企业有可能会孤注一掷地违约,在中国经济已经开始放缓的情况下留下一堆烂尾楼,或是开始大幅降价,引发价格战。 Some developers, like Mr. Wei, turned to loan sharks who illegally charge interest rates of up to 5% a month. 一些开发商与魏刚一样,向放高利贷的人求助。高利贷的利息最高可达每月5%,这是违反中国法律规定的。 But the greater problem lies with developers who rely for funding on trust companies, a type of wealth-management firm that took over as the main source of legal new lending to the property sector after Beijing reined in banks last year. In recent months, China#39;s banking regulator has all but stopped trust companies from rolling over loans to developers. 但是靠信托公司获得融资的房地产开发商的问题更大。信托公司是一种财富管理公司,在中国政府去年加紧了对放贷的限制之后,信托公司已经成为房地产行业新的合法贷款的主要来源。最近几个月,中国的业监管机构几乎已经禁止信托公司给开发商贷款续期。 Securities brokerage China International Capital Corp. estimates that about 223 billion yuan ( billion) of trust loans are due to mature this year, almost half of which reach maturity between July and September, with a further 282 billion yuan due next year. Combined, that represents almost 75% of all outstanding trust financing to the property sector at the end of 2011. 券经纪商中国国际金融有限公司(China International Capital Corp.)估计,今年将有人民币2,230亿元的信托贷款到期,其中大约一半将在7月到9月之间到期,另外有2,820亿元的信托贷款将在明年到期。加在一起,这相当于房地产行业2011年末所有未偿信托贷款的75%。 Traditionally, Chinese banks have been reluctant to force anyone into bankruptcy. But China#39;s trust companies are different, demanding that developers back loans with big amounts of collateral, sometimes up to three times the actual value of the loan, as insurance against default. Still, trusts prefer the developers to make repayments on time, despite the potential windfall default would bring, as they need to deliver a return to investors promptly at the maturity of the loans. 中资传统上一直不愿强迫贷款者进入破产程序。但是中国的信托公司则不同,它们要求开发商申请贷款时提供大量担保,有时,担保的价值甚至高达实际贷款额的三倍,以防止开发商违约。尽管违约可能会让信托公司获得意外之财,但信托公司还是希望开发商能够及时还款,因为它们需要在贷款到期时立刻向投资者进行付。 In recent months, some of China#39;s better-financed developers, those with better access to bank loans and bond markets, have waded back into the land market to replenish low inventories and take advantage of prices that are well off their 2010 peaks. But with property sales between January and May down 9% from a year earlier, many developers don#39;t have the income to repay maturing trust loans and are looking for cash elsewhere. 最近几个月,中国一些财务状况较好的开发商(更容易通过贷款和债券市场获得融资的开发商)回到了土地市场,利用目前远低于2010年峰值的价格补充库存。但是由于1月到5月的房屋销量同比下降了9%,许多开发商没有足够的收入用以付到期的信托贷款,他们正在寻找其他资金来源。 Developers are seeking financing from a crop of newly formed real-estate investment funds, as well as the asset-management corporations, also known as ;bad banks,; that originally were set up more than a decade ago to dispose of nonperforming loans at China#39;s banks. 开发商们正在寻求从一些新成立的房地产投资基金以及资产管理公司那里融资。资产管理公司也被称为“坏账”。十几年前设立资产管理公司的初衷就是为了清理中资的坏账。 ;We#39;re drinking from a fire hose. We can#39;t handle the volume,; said Greg Peng, president of property investment fund AT Investment Management, about the number of developers that have approached him for capital. 房地产投资基金安泰盘实股权投资管理有限公司(AT Investment Management)董事长蓬钢说,希望从他那里获得融资的开发商数量太多了,我们根本无力提供这么多资金。 Mr. Peng, who used to run Merrill Lynch#39;s property investments in China, closed the first part of his fund in the third quarter of last year, raising one billion yuan from domestic investors, and plans to have invested three billion yuan by the middle of next year. His fund expects to return investors at least 25% annually, significantly higher than trusts, which typically range between 10% and 20%. The fund targets projects near completion and demands developers put up large amounts of collateral to ensure the fund a hefty return even if property values fall sharply. 蓬钢曾经掌管美林公司(Merrill Lynch)在中国的房地产投资。他在去年第三季度完成了基金的第一轮资金募集,从国内投资者手中融资人民币10亿元,并计划在明年年中以前完成30亿元的投资。安泰盘实基金的预期年回报率至少为25%,远高于一般信托基金10%到20%的回报率。该基金以接近完工的项目为目标,要求开发商提供大量担保,以确保基金在房价大幅下降的情况下仍有高额回报。 /201207/189469富阳怀孕多少天能做人流Vancouver is tops in Canada for quality of life with its moderate climate contributing to its high ranking, says an annual survey.最新年度调查显示,加拿大温哥华因气候宜人,获评加拿大的最宜居城市。The West Coast city has also retained its fifth-place spot globally in the 2012 Mercer Quality of Living survey.在2012年的美世全球最宜居城市调查中,这座西海岸城市仍旧位居第五位。Overall, Vienna retains the top spot as the city with the world#39;s best quality of living, also keeping its first place ranking, said the survey released on Tuesday. Baghdad was last out 221 cities.从总体来看,维也纳仍旧蝉联全球最宜居城市。这份榜单于本周二公布。巴格达在总共221个城市中排名垫底。The survey said Canada offers some of the best quality of living in the world with Ottawa ranking 14th, Toronto 15th, Montreal 23rd and Calgary 32nd.调查表示,加拿大成为全球最宜居的国家,渥太华排名第14,多伦多排名第15,蒙特利尔排名第23,卡尔加里排名第32。;One of the things that Vancouver has going for it that the other cities do not have is climate,; said Mercer Canada#39;s Eleana Rodriguez.美世加拿大分公司的爱丽娜-罗德里格斯说:“温哥华拥有的其他城市不具备的优势之一是宜人的气候。;All four of the other Canadian cities that are on the ranking don#39;t have the kind of climate that Vancouver has, so obviously that#39;s a factor to consider.;“上榜的其他四个加拿大城市都没有这样宜人的气候,而温哥华独有,因此这明显是个考虑因素。”Canada has five cities ranked in the top 35 cities in the world, she said, adding that Calgary advanced one ranking and Montreal dropped by one ranking.她说,加拿大有5个城市跻身榜单前35名。卡尔加里上升了一位,蒙特利尔下降了一位。;We score quite high,; said Rodriguez, market business leader for Mercer Canada in Toronto.位于多伦多的美世加拿大分公司的罗德里格斯说:“我们的得分非常高。”Consulting firm Mercer looked at 39 factors such as a city#39;s political and social environment and its economic and socio-cultural environment, areas in which Canada scored quite well.美世咨询公司考察了城市的39个因素,比如政治和社会环境、经济和社会文化环境,加拿大的城市得分很高。The firm also looked at medical and health access, education and access to schools, public transportation, recreation, availability of housing and consumer goods, as well as climate.该公司还考察了医疗健康状况、教育和受教育机会、公共交通、消遣、住房制度、消费品购买、以及气候条件。;Vienna scores high on a number of those areas,; Rodriguez said.罗德里格斯说:“维也纳在众多领域都得分很高。”The survey also found that Zurich and Auckland of New Zealand were ranked second and third with Munich taking fourth spot.苏黎世和新西兰的奥克兰分别排名第二、第三,排在第四的是慕尼黑。The annual survey helps multinational companies and organizations compensate employees when they#39;re placed on international assignments.这份年度调查帮助跨国公司和组织为外派员工制定补偿机制。In the ed States, the top three cities were Honolulu, ranked 28th with the highest quality of living, followed by San Francisco in 29th place and Boston at 35th.美国排名前三的城市为檀香山(在宜居城市中排在第28)、旧金山(第29)和波士顿(第35)。Globally, the cities with the lowest quality of living are: Khartoum, Sudan; N#39;Djamena, Chad; Port-au Prince, Haiti; and Bangui in the Central African Republic.从全球来看,最不宜居的城市为:苏丹喀土穆、乍得恩贾梅纳、海地太子港、以及中非共和国的班基。 /201212/212580富阳she人流时间富阳医院全身体检多少钱

富阳中山妇科医院咨询电话富阳做打胎会痛吗Net users are optimistic that a 25-year-old Tsinghua University graduate who accepted an entry-level position as a chengguan (urban management officer) in Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region can help to reverse the group`s negative image.近日,一名25岁的清华大学毕业生当上了广西柳州的基层城管队员。网友对此持乐观态度,称这有助于改变城管队伍的负面形象。The student, surnamed Wei, graduated two years ago before applying for the job - one that some of his new colleagues questioned as the right fit for a prestigious Tsinghua graduate. The main responsibility of the job is to monitor the sanitary conditions of the streets. Moreover, reports about chengguan having conflicts with street vendors have increased in recent years, with some people questioning the urban management system. But Wei said that he is happy to work the 1, 600 yuan monthly-job and contribute to maintaining the city`s environment and sanitation conditions.毕业两年后,学生小韦应聘了这份工作,而对于这样一位清华的“天之骄子”却立志做城管,他的一些新同事心中充满疑问。这份工作的主要职责是监督街道环境卫生状况。加之,近年来,有关城管与街道商贩发生冲突的报道有增无减,引发了一些人对城管系统的质疑。但是小韦说他很开心接受这份月薪1600元的工作,可以为维护城市卫生环境尽一己之力。As a result, some people have questioned why a man with a good education background would apply for such a job.为何名牌大学毕业生会去当城管,这也引发了一些人的疑问。Wei said he did not try to search for job in the first two years after graduation because he was afraid of the pressure that came with employment.小韦表示他之所以前两年没有尝试找工作,是因为惧怕就业压力。According Xinhua News Agency, more Tsinghua graduates are picking grassroots jobs, with nearly 50 percent choosing to work outside Beijing last year.据新华社报道,愈来愈多的清华毕业生乐于接受基层工作。去年,该校近一半的毕业生选择到北京以外的地区就业。According to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, employment pressure for college graduates is increasing, with 3 million new graduates having difficulties finding a job.人力资源和社会保障部门表示,大学毕业生就业压力不断增大,近三百万名应届毕业生面临就业难的状况。Like his mother, many Net users are also supporting Wei`s decision, saying that workers with a higher education may be more insightful and apt to raise the bar of some of the low-quality level of workers who have angered the public by abusing their power.同小韦的母亲一样,许多网友纷纷声援他的决定,他们认为高学历工作者更具洞察力,有利于提高一部分因滥用职权而引发众怒的工作者的素质。;I am hopeful that fresh minds like Wei entering the chengguan force will be able to bring much-needed reforms to the old system, ; said Net user Caijiefangcaicai.网友“采洁方”(音译)说:“我希望像小韦这样的‘新鲜血液’的加入,能使得原有的城管系统脱胎换骨。”Net user Yuexizaixianmingyue added that Wei was clever to take the job, saying that his university degree is likely to help him climb the ladder quickly.网友“月夕再现明月”(音译)补充道:“小韦当城管是明智之举,他的大学学位很可能帮助他晋升得更快。”But some people like Net user Kuailemaya said that it was a sad day for Tsinghua University, which trains the nation`s brightest students to do more with their education - an accomplishment that Wei has wasted by taking such a job.但也一些人持不同意见。网友“快乐玛雅”(音译)说:“这是清华大学的不幸之日,清华培养出全国最优秀的一批学生,让他们利用知识大展拳脚,而小韦当城管就等于辜负了母校的培养。”Net user Maowuya disagreed, however, saying that working as a chengguan is similar to serving as a civil servant.对此,网友“毛乌鸦”(音译)并不赞同,他表示:“当城管就等于做公务员。”Others, meanwhile, did not understand all the fuss. ;So a Tsinghua graduate has decided to become a chengguan - it`s not that big of a deal. Why should all of the school`s students become officials or entrepreneurs?; wrote Net user Aijiaokouxiangtang.与此同时,对于这些争议声,也有人表示不解。网友“爱嚼口香糖”写道:“一位清华大学毕业生选择做一名城管队员,这没什么大不了,难道所有学生一定要当官或经商吗?” /201308/252220富阳市惠民医院白带异常European consumers concerned about horsemeat in their sausages should spare a thought for their Chinese counterparts who now have to worry about swallowing rat meat dressed up as mutton.担心自己吃的腊肠含有马肉的欧洲消费者,应当想一想中国消费者的处境,后者现在要担心咽下冒充羊肉的老鼠肉。Chinese police have busted a criminal ring selling meat from rats, foxes and mink by passing it off as mutton, the public security ministry said.中国公安部宣布,中国警方破获一个用老鼠、狐狸和水貂肉制售假羊肉的犯罪团伙。In a raid involving more than 200 officers, police in Shanghai and Jiangsu province arrested 63 people from a gang that allegedly sold more than .6m worth of fake mutton over a three-year period.在最近的一次突击行动中,警方出动200余名警力,在上海和江苏省抓获上述犯罪团伙的63人,该团伙被指在3年期间销售1000余万元人民币(逾160万美元)的假羊肉。The latest food scandal to hit China comes as citizens grapple with a looming bird flu epidemic and a steady stream of food and safety scandals that the Chinese authorities seem unable to curtail.这起最新的食品丑闻曝光之际,中国公民正在艰难应对一场扑面而来的禽流感疫情,以及一连串当局似乎无法遏制的食品和安全丑闻。“China has many laws [related to food safety] but the problem is in enforcement,” said Zheng Fengtian, a professor at the school of agricultural economics and rural development at Renmin University in Beijing. “If nobody is checking, then there are no consequences for people who break the law.”“中国有很多(涉及食品安全的)法律,但问题在于执法。”中国人民大学农业与农村发展学院教授郑风田表示,“如果没有人检查,那么违法的人就不用面对后果。”Continuous food safety scandals and chronic environmental pollution have become hot topics in China and officials have begun to worry that these issues are undermining Communist party legitimacy.不断发生的食品安全丑闻和旷日持久的环境污染已成为中国的热门话题。官员们开始担心,这些问题正在削弱中共的合法性。In just the latest example, demonstrators in the city of Chengdu in western China plan to march through the city to protest against a proposed chemical plant near the city, according to online organisers.仅举一个最新的例子,据网上组织者表示,成都市的示威者计划在该市游行,抗议该市附近一个拟建的化工厂项目。In an apparent response to rising discontent over food safety, China’s public security ministry has issued several statements in recent days lauding the results of a police crackdown on fake meat vendors and suppliers.中国公安部近日发布多份声明,称赞警方在打击制售假劣肉制品行动中取得的成果。此举显然意在回应民众在食品安全问题上日益升温的不满。The ministry said 904 suspects had been arrested since the end of January for selling and producing fake or tainted meat products, which in some cases caused sickness or even killed people who ate them.公安部称,自1月底以来已抓获犯罪嫌疑人904名,这些人涉嫌制售假劣或有毒有害的肉制品,在某些情况下导致食用者患病、甚至死亡。Police have also confiscated more than 20,000 tonnes of fake or adulterated meat products during the nationwide campaign.在这场全国范围的行动中,警方还现场查扣各类假劣肉制品2万余吨。The rat meat ring in Jiangsu and Shanghai used gelatin, food colouring and industrial chemicals to make rat, fox and mink meat look and taste more like mutton, police said.警方称,在江苏和上海活动的鼠肉犯罪团伙用明胶、色素(胭脂红)和工业用化学品(硝盐)使老鼠肉、狐狸肉和水貂肉在外观和味道上更像羊肉。The list of food products that Chinese consumers have to avoid seems to be growing by the week.中国消费者要避开的食品的清单似乎越来越长。Many restaurants have taken poultry off their s after the H7N9 bird flu virus was found in humans for the first time in late March and poultry sales have fallen 80 per cent in some parts.自3月下旬首例人感染H7N9禽流感病毒得到确诊以来,许多餐馆已停止供应禽类菜肴,禽类销售在某些地区暴跌80%。According to the latest official figures, nearly 130 cases of the new disease have been identified and 26 people have died from it.根据最新的官方数据,迄今已确诊近130例人感染H7N9病毒,其中26人已死亡。In March, more than 16,000 rotten pig carcases were found floating down the main river that flows through the commercial metropolis of Shanghai.3月份,流经上海市区的主要河流——黄浦江上发现逾1.6万头腐烂的死猪。“After pigs were found in the Huangpu river we don’t dare to eat pork, because of bird flu we don’t dare to eat chickens or ducks and now we can’t eat beef or mutton [because it might be rat meat],” wrote one person on the Twitter-like Weibo service. “The vegetarian diet plan will definitely be a massive hit across all of China.”有人在新浪微(Weibo)上写道,黄浦江上发现死猪后,我们不敢吃猪肉,禽流感使我们不敢吃鸡鸭,现在我们不能吃牛羊肉(因为它们可能是老鼠肉),素食主义肯定会在全国盛行起来。 /201305/238201富阳看妇科病哪家医院好

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