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萧山包皮手术多少价格-百度萧山人流哪家医院做的好And yet, I know you know the truth. We all know that we are better than the cynicism and the pessimism that is regurgitated throughout Washington and the 24-hour cable news cycle.然而,我知道你们明白真相。我们的真实情况都知道我们比电视上24小时滚动播出的新闻更好,比充斥着华盛顿的那些愤世嫉俗和悲观主义情绪更好。Not my channel, by the way. We understand that the vast majority of people in this country believe in stronger background checks because they realize that we can uphold the Second Amendment and also reduce the violence that is robbing us of our children.顺便说一句,那不是我的电视频道。我们理解,在这个国家绝大多数人相信并持背景调查,因为他们明白我们可以持宪法第二次修正案,同时减少残杀我们孩子的暴力。They dont have to be incompatible.而这两者并不必水火不相容。And we understand that most Americans believe in a clear path to citizenship for the 12,000,000 undocumented immigrants who reside in this country because its possible to both enforce our laws and at the same time embrace the words on the Statue of Liberty that have welcomed generations of huddled masses to our shores. We can do both.我们知道大多数美国人相信让1200万没有合法身份的移民居住在这个国家成为公民会有一条清晰的路径。因为在捍卫法律的同时,我们还要拥抱自由女神像上的辞藻,而这些话语欢迎了一代代人到达美国的海岸。我们都能做得到。And we understand. I know you do because you went to Harvard.正如我们了解的那样,你们能理解,因为你们上了哈佛。There are people from both parties and no party believe that indigent mothers and families should have access to healthy food and a roof over their heads and a strong public education, because here in the richest nation on earth we can afford a basic level of security and opportunity.来自两党派和无党派的人同样坚信:贫困的母亲和家庭都理应获得使其健康的食物、住所以及强有力的教育持。因为我们现在正生活在全世界最为富有的国家中,我们有能力去提供安全与机遇最基础的社会保障。So the question is what are we going to do about it? Really what are you going to do about it?于是问题便随之而来:我们将对此有何打算呢?说真的,我们将要对此做些什么呢?Maybe you agree with these beliefs. Maybe you dont. Maybe you care about these issues and maybe there are other challenges that you, class of 2013, are passionate about.也许你是赞同这些理念的,也有可能你会持反对意见。或许你作为2013届哈佛的毕业生,对这些问题很上心,抑或是你把关注点放在了其他极具挑战性的事情上。Maybe you want to make a difference by serving in government. Maybe you want to launch your own television show.你可能想要通过行政工作改变我们的社会,你可能想要做自己的电视节目。Or maybe you simply want to collect some change. Your parents would appreciate that about now.你也可能仅仅是想收集一些零钱,你的父母暂时会赞扬你这样的作为。The point is your generation is charged with this task of breaking through what the body politic has thus far made impervious to change.关键是你们这一代人肩负着突破国家积年累月无法突破的重重围嶂的使命。Each of you has been blessed with this enormous opportunity of attending this prestigious school.你们每一位上了哈佛这所名校的人都拥有千万机会。You now have a chance to better your life, the lives of your neighbors and also the life of our country.现在你有机会来改善你的生活,改变你周围人的生活,以及整个国家的命运。When you do that let me tell you what I know for sure. Thats when your story gets really good.当你这样做的时候,我可以坚定地告诉你:这个时候,你的故事开始渐甄完美。201508/390583浙江妇幼保健院在哪 Im sure that all of you know Katamari Damacy.我确信在座的各位都知道《块魂》,Its about rolling a ball and picking up as many objects as you can in a finite amount of time它是一种在有限的时间里滚动一个球,并抓住尽量多的物品的游戏,and hopefully youll be able to make it into a planet.希望你将能使它成为一个星球。Ive never made it into a planet, but thats it.我从没使它成为一个星球,但仅此而已。Or, you know, Vib-Ribbon was not distributed here in the ed States.你们知道,《线条兔》并没有在美国发行,It was a PlayStation game, but mostly for Japan.它是一个PS游戏,但主要是在日本。And it was one of the first games in which you could choose your own music.它是最早的之一,游戏里你可以选用自己的音乐,So you would put into the PlayStation, you would put your own CD,你可以在PS机里放你自己的CD,and then the game would change alongside your music. So really fantastic.然后游戏就会随着你的音乐而改变。所以真是奇妙。Not to mention Eve Online.更不用说《星战前夜》了。Eve Online is an artificial universe, if you wish,如果你想的话,《星战前夜》是一个人造宇宙,but one of the diplomats that was killed in Benghazi,一位外交官在Benghazi被害,not Ambassador Stevens, but one of his collaborators, was a really big shot in Eve Online,不是Ambassador Stevens,而是他的合作者之一,在《星战前夜》里真是个大人物。so here you have a diplomat in the real world所以这里在现实世界中你有一个外交官,that spends his time in Eve Online他把自己的时间都花在玩《星战前夜》这个游戏上,to kind of test, maybe, all of his ideas about diplomacy可能有点考验他所有的想法关于外交?and about universe-building, and to the point that宇宙建设,到如此地步,the first announcement of the bombing was actually given on Eve Online,第一次宣布轰炸实际上是在《星战前夜》发出的。and after his death, several parts of the universe在他死后,were named after him.宇宙的几部分将以他的名字命名。And I was just recently at the Eve Online fan festival in Reykjavik that was quite amazing.我最近去了Reykjavik参加了《星战前夜》迷们的聚会,相当的令人惊叹。I mean, were talking about an experience that of course can seem weird to many,我指,我们谈起某一次体验,当然在许多人看来可能会是怪异的,but that is very educational.但它是极有教育意义的。Of course, there are games that are even more educational.当然,有更加有教育意义的游戏。Dwarf Fortress is like the holy grail of this kind of massive multiplayer online game,《矮人要塞》就像这种大型多人在线游戏的圣杯。and in fact the two Adams brothers were in Reykjavik,事实上,Adams俩兄弟也在Reykjavik,and they were greeted by a standing ovation by all the Eve Online fans.迎接他们的是全场《星战前夜》迷们的起立鼓掌。It was amazing to see. And its a beautiful game.看上去相当的神奇,其本身就是一个漂亮的游戏。So you start seeing here that你可以从这儿看起,the aesthetics that are so important to a museum collection like MoMAs对于像现代艺术物馆这样的物馆藏品来说,美学是十分重要的。are kept alive also by the selection of these games.选择这些游戏使美学依然有其影响。And you know, Valve,you know, Portal,你们知道,Valve开发的《传送门》,is an example of a game in which you have a certain type of violence是的一个例子。在游戏里你有某种暴力行为,which also leads me to talk about one of the biggest issues that we had to discuss这也导致我谈谈我们一定要讨论的其中一个最大的问题,when we acquired the games, what to do with violence.当我们收购时,该如何对待暴力呢?Right? We had to make decisions.是吧?我们必须做出一个决定。At MoMA, interestingly, theres a lot of violence depicted in the art part of the collection,有趣的是,在现代艺术物馆,艺术部分的藏品描绘了许多暴力。but when I came to MoMA 19 years ago, and as an Italian,但是当我19年前来到现代艺术物馆的时候,作为一个意大利人,I said, ;You know what, we need a Beretta.;我说,“你知道,我们需要一个制造商。”And I was told, ;No. No guns in the design collection.;有人对我说,“不,设计收藏中没有。”And I was like, ;Why?;我就问,“为什么?”Interestingly, I learned that its considered that in design and in the design collection,有趣的是,我才知道需要考虑在设计和设计收藏品中,what you see is what you get.你看到的就是你得到的。So when you see a gun, its an instrument for killing in the design collection.当你看到一把的时候,它是一个设计收藏品中的杀人工具。If its in the art collection,如果它在艺术收集品中,it might be a critique of the killing instrument.它可能是批判杀人工具。So its very interesting.因此这是非常有趣的。But we are acquiring our critical dimension also in design,但是我们也从设计中得到批判性的视角,so maybe one day well be able to acquire also the guns.因此可能有一天,我们也将会收购手。But here, in this particular case, we decided, you know, with Kate and Paul,但是这里,在此个别情况下,我们和Kate,与Paul决定,that we would have no gratuitous violence.我们将摒弃无端的暴力。So we have Portal because you shoot walls in order to create new spaces.所以我们收藏了《传送门》,因为你们向墙壁射击是为了创造新的空间。We have Street Fighter II, because martial arts are good.我们收藏了《街头霸王 II》,因为武术是好的。But we dont have GTA because, maybe its my own reflection,但我们没有收藏《侠盗猎车手》,因为可能是我自己的反思,Ive never been able to do anything but crashing cars and shooting prostitutes and pimps.我从不会做任何事情除了撞毁汽车,击及皮条客们。So it was not very constructive.所以它并不是非常有建设性的。201512/414610Throughout all of this, what I would ultimately realize经过这一切,我才恍然大悟was that each voice was closely related to aspects of myself,每一个我听到的声音都跟自己密切相关and that each of them carried overwhelming emotions that Id never had an opportunity to process or resolve,而且都带着丰沛的情绪,只是我以前没机会处理那些记忆memories of sexual trauma and abuse, of anger, shame, guilt, low self-worth.像是性创伤、性虐待、愤怒、惭愧、罪恶感和妄自菲薄The voices took the place of this pain and gave words to it,那些声音取代了伤痛,并把痛苦说出来and possibly one of the greatest revelations不过最重要的启示也许是was when I realized that the most hostile and aggressive voices当我明白那些最具敌意和侵略性的声音actually represented the parts of me that had been hurt most profoundly,其实就代表我受伤最深的那部分and as such, it was these voices that needed to be shown the greatest compassion and care.因此,正是这些声音需要最多关爱和同情It was armed with this knowledge that ultimately正是这样的领悟让我最后I would gather together my shattered self,愿意把那些声音构成的片段拼凑起来each fragment represented by a different voice, gradually withdraw from all my medication,找回完整的自我并逐渐摆脱对药物的依赖and return to psychiatry, only this time from the other side.我又回到精神科,不过这次是研究Ten years after the voice first came, I finally graduated,第一次听到声音已是10年前的事了this time with the highest degree in psychology the university had ever given,而这次我终于取得心理学最高学位!是我母校在该领域颁发过的最高学历and one year later, the highest masters, which shall we say isnt bad for a madwoman.对一个疯女人来说能取得硕士学历也不差!In fact, one of the voices actually dictated the answers during the exam,老实说,考试的时候我还听到报的声音which technically possibly counts as cheating.这应该算作弊吧!And to be honest, sometimes I quite enjoyed their attention as well.坦白讲,我有时还挺享受这种被“关照”的感觉As Oscar Wilde has said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.就像王尔德说的,唯一比被人议论更糟糕的事就是你这人根本不值一提.It also makes you very good at eavesdropping,这经验让我非常善于偷听人讲话because you can listen to two conversations simultaneously.因为我可同时听懂两边的对话So its not all bad.算起来也没那么糟!I worked in mental health services, I spoke at conferences,我在心理健康部门工作过,也在多场研讨会上发表过演讲I published book chapters and academic articles, and I argued, and continue to do so,还出版过专文与书籍专章,到目前我还在争论the relevance of the following concept:接下来这个观念的关联性that an important question in psychiatry shouldnt be whats wrong with you精神病诊断上,关键问题不应该是:你哪里不对劲?but rather whats happened to you.而是发生甚么事了?And all the while, I listened to my voices,这段时间我倾听那些with whom Id finally learned to live with peace and respect好不容易得以泰然处之的声音and which in turn reflected a growing sense of compassion, acceptance and respect towards myself.而这也反映出我越来越能同情、接纳和尊重自己And I remember the most moving and extraordinary moment记得最令我感动的特别时刻是when supporting another young woman who was terrorized by her voices,帮助另一个被自己内心声音吓坏的年轻女性and becoming fully aware, for the very first time, that I no longer felt that way myself那是我首次意识到,我看待自己的方式改变了but was finally able to help someone else who was.而且还有能力帮别人突破201603/428663萧山所有医院妇科

杭州治疗不孕不育价格杭州市萧山萧然医院有上班 Because of the disaster, a longstanding civil conflict in Indonesia was settled 由于这场灾难 印度尼西亚的长期民事冲突得到了解决 Because we brought back the fishing to them together, 因为我们重振了他们的业 We brought new opportunities to grow and sell coffee to them together 我们为他们带来了种植和销售咖啡的新机会 But in every disaster as you remember from Katrina and as we now see in Haiti where Im working, the housing is always the hardest thing to fix 但是每次灾难过后 正如卡特里娜飓风过后 我现在工作的海地也面临着同样的问题 房屋问题最难得到解决 So there was one tent city with forty thousand people in Indonesia and in Aceh where people were sweltering, miserable in these hot tents 于是那里有一座帐篷城 印度尼西亚的亚齐省的四万人住在里面 人们不得不在闷热的帐篷里受罪 And as an UN coordinator, I had to go visit and let them unload on me cause we were six months late and get them out of there 作为联合国协调员 我要去参观访问 倾听民众苦水 因为我们晚来了六个月 还要把他们安置好 And I showed up and the president of the camp was there 我到的时候营地的主席也在那边 They had elected a president 他们选出了一名主席 And he introduced me to his wife, and to his son a tenyearold boy that I still believe to this day is the single most beautiful child I have ever seen 他把我介绍给他的妻子 还有他的儿子 一个十岁的小男孩 直到今天我仍然觉得 他是我见过的最漂亮的小孩 His eyes were luminous 他的眼睛清澈透亮 And I had a young Indonesia woman working as my interpreter 还有一位年轻的印度尼西亚女子作为我的翻译 So when I started the tour with the father, the president of the camp, the mother and the son went off and 我开始跟着那位父亲 那个营地的主席 四处参观的时候 妈妈和孩子没有跟来 I said I believe that is the most beautiful boy I ever saw in my life 我说 我觉得刚刚是我见过的最漂亮的小男孩 And she said to me, Yes, hes very handsome 而她对我说 是的 他非常的英俊 Before the tsunami, he had nine brothers and sisters, they are all gone, every last one 海啸发生之前 他有九个兄弟他们都不在了 一个都不剩了 201507/389449萧山经济技术开发区医院预约四维彩超

绍兴市中医院妇科医院哪家好I am pleased to greet the Third China-Africa People’s Forum. I thank the China NGO Network for International Exchanges and the Sudan NGO Network for co-organizing this meeting. I also thank the Government of Sudan for hosting. Ending extreme poverty in Africa and across the world is a top priority for the ed Nations. It is a moral and political imperative. The remarkable mobilization behind the Millennium Development Goals has cut global poverty by half. But there is still much to do. Inequality is rising in rich and poor countries alike. Jobs and inclusive economic growth must be at the heart of the post-2015 development agenda. Many African countries have made important strides; several are among the world’s fastest growing economies, and investors are taking notice. But too many people remain in need or are suffering the devastating impacts of conflict, including in Sudan and neighbouring South Sudan and the Central African Republic. China has become an important trade and development partner for Africa. I encourage you to use these deepening ties to make further inroads against poverty, to combat disease and climate change, to strengthen governance and ensure the equitable distribution of the continent’s natural resources, and to tap the talents of Africa’s people, especially women and youth. Africans are writing a new narrative in their history. The ed Nations remains firmly committed to support Africa’s aspirations. Let us all work together to achieve sustainable development, human rights and a life of dignity for all. I wish you a successful conference.201503/363022 杭州萧山萧然医院阴道松弛杭州孕前检查项目及价格

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