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An artistic student from a school near Rochester, New York decided to embark on a photography project of a different kind.来自纽约罗契斯特市某学校的一个很有艺术天赋的高中生,决定开始一项很不同的摄影项目。Each day, Chaz Rorick from Rush-Henrietta High School decided to upload an Instagram photo of himself impersonating a U.S. president alongside a photo of the actual president.查斯·罗瑞克就读于Rush-Henrietta 高中,每天他都会上传一张自拍照到社交图片应用Instagram,自拍照中他模仿着美国总统的表情,还会附上一张该总统真实表情的图片作对比。Many would agree the impressions are uncannily familiar.很多人都觉得这些“山寨总统照”又喜感又同步。Rorick’s project started when he realized his outfit resembled that of President Harry Truman while watching a documentary. He took a photo of himself, placed it next to one of Truman, and posted it on Instagram.罗瑞克的摄影项目灵感来自他在看纪录片的时候,偶然发现自己的衣和第33任总统哈里·杜鲁门的特别像,他就心血来潮,拍了一张自拍照附上杜鲁门总统的照片,把照片上传到Instagram。He had an instant fan: his father. #39;The next day I did Roosevelt for fun, but by the third picture I did one a day, regardless of my busyness. My friends enthusiastically encouraged the weirdness,#39; the high school junior told Mashable.他的父亲马上就成了他的粉丝。“第二天我又拍了一张山寨罗斯福总统的照片,我觉得很好玩。第三张照片开始我坚持每天拍一张,不管多忙都不间断。我的朋友们的热情是鼓励我继续这样古怪的摄影的动力。” 高二生罗瑞克在接受新闻网站Mashable时表示。According to RochesterHomepage.net, Rorick said of his project, #39;It was not too much work, maybe half an hour a night doing it, except for the ones with wigs and mustaches. I cut out paper for it. I taped cotton to my head.#39;根据RochesterHomepage.net网站,罗瑞克在谈到自己的摄影项目时这样表示:“不用花太多精力,大概每天晚上半小时就可以,不过那些带假发和胡须的花时间多一些。我自己用纸做的,用胶带把棉花固定到头上。”#39;It was fun though,#39; he added. #39;All my friends supported it. My parents supported it. History teachers are crazy about it.#39;“不过我觉得很好玩,我所有的朋友都持,我爸妈也持,我历史老师觉得我的摄影项目特别赞。” /201402/275124It’s hard to be the bearer of bad news, but most of IKEA’s print and digital glam shots of picturesque rooms and products are – wait for it – fake.虽然不想带来坏消息,但事实是,宜家的产品目录中那些展示房间布局和产品的美轮美奂的图片大多都是---合成的。That’s right. Those beautiful, “natural-looking” photos of gorgeous rooms and kitchens are mostly the work of computer magic, toggled and tweaked until they’re picture-perfect.没错,那些用来展示华丽房间和厨房的漂亮、看起来很自然的图片大多都是电脑合成的,它们通过电脑被不停地切换、调整直到变得完美为止。Martin Enthed, IT manager for IKEA’s in-house communications agency, spoke to CGI Society earlier this year and revealed that a whopping 75 per cent of the furniture company’s product images today are generated by computers.宜家内部广告部门的IT经理马丁#8226;恩赛德今年年初的时候表示宜家约有75%的产品图片都是通过电脑合成的。It’s a move that first caught the attention of photographers and graphic designers a few years back when the furniture giant announced it would scrap photoshoots in favour of computer-generated imagery (CGI).几年前这个家具巨头就曾对外公布说公司会对照片进行拆解,这样只是为了生成CGI(电脑合成的图片),这份声明引起了不少摄影师和图形设计师的关注。Enthed said IKEA began shifting gears in 2009 when company officials called in his team and said they weren’t pleased with a batch of photos and CG images.恩赛德说宜家于2009年开始改变产品图片策略,当时公司的高管对他的团队说公司对某一批图片和CG图像很不满意。“So we looked at all the images they said weren’t good and the two of three they said were great, and the ones they didn’t like were photography and the good ones were all CG, ” Enthed said. “Now we only talk about a good or bad image – not what technique created it.”“我们查看了高管提出意见的所有图片,发现其中三分之二很不错,而且那些高管不喜欢的都是真实拍摄的照片,而他们认为好看的都是CG图片,”恩赛德说,“所以现在我们只管图片好不好看,不管使用什么技术。”It’s a not-so-secret ruse used by top companies specializing in home and furniture design, though many consumers remain oblivious.在顶尖的家居家具设计公司里这并不算是什么秘密,只是许多顾客被蒙在鼓里罢了。“Most kitchen, bedroom and bathroom companies now use CGI to create their marketing material and no one has realized, ” said Pikcells creative director Richard Benson to Dezeen.“在厨房、卧室和厕所产品等公司中,绝大多数会使用CGI图片展示产品,但这没人知道。”Pikcells 的创意总监理查德#8226;本森说。According to Enthed, the IKEA team plays with huge digital canvases measuring 4, 000 pixels x 4, 000 pixels for each image they render. Whether the image is of a B#246;rje dining chair or of your dream Akurum/Liding#246; kitchen, saving large files gives store designers the option to cover a wall with an image if they so please.恩赛德称他们提交给宜家团队的每张图片都会在4000*4000的巨幅电子画布上进行修改。无论是B#246;rje餐桌椅,还是你梦寐以求的Akurum/Liding#246;厨房。大文件的好处是店面设计师可以将整面墙覆盖上设计图。The company claims the shift is another way to reduce its environmental footprint, saying constructing digital files vs. building real sets produces less waste. It also helps the home furnishing empire#39;s pocketbooks.宜家公司声称此举是为了减少碳排放,他们表示用数字文件搭建场景比用实际产品产生的废料更少,对公司的效益也很有帮助。“It’s a clever way to save money, ” IKEA head photographer Anneli Sjogren said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal in 2012.宜家首席摄影师安内利#8226;肖格伦2012年在接受《华尔街周刊》采访时说:“这是个省钱的好办法。”That year, the furniture giant announced 12 per cent of its product and concept images would be CGI-rendered, increasing to 25 per cent in 2013. Since then, that percentage of rendered images appearing in the company’s catalogue and online has tripled.2012年时宜家曾表示其12%的产品图片和概念展示图都是CGI渲染的,到了2013年这个比例提高到了25%。从那时起宜家产品目录和网上的图片经电脑合成的比例提高了两倍。“We don’t have to throw away kitchens in the dumpster after the photo shoot, ” Sjogren explained at the time.当时肖格伦解释说:“这样我们就不用在拍照之后把厨房扔进垃圾箱里了。” /201409/329608

What do you get if you cross a waffle with a doughnut? It#39;s no joke如果你将华夫饼干与甜甜圈混合会得到什么?这不是开玩笑。NOT all marriages are happy, but Alex Hernandez thinks that the union of a waffle and a doughnut will be.并不是所有的婚姻都是幸福的,但是亚历克斯·赫尔南德斯认为华夫饼和甜甜圈的组合会很幸福。The owner of Waffles Cafe in Chicago starting selling what he calls wonuts in April.芝加哥的华夫咖啡馆店主于四月开始售卖他叫做wonuts的甜品。They are deep-fried waffles, topped with icing and multicoloured sprinkles.它们是油炸的华夫饼,表面加上糖衣和五颜六色的巧克力屑。Daily sales went from 24 to 600 within two days.日销售量在两天之内从24猛增至600。Buzzfeed, a website, called the new snack proof that a benevolent Food God exists.网站Buzzfeed把这种新型小甜品叫做仁慈食神存在的据。Hybrid dishes are fashionable.混合菜肴很流行。The wonut follows the cronut, a croissant-donut combination that was invented in New York last year and is now being fried and munched in Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, BritainWonut是在牛角甜甜圈—纽约于去年发明的一款牛角面包与甜甜圈的搭配组合之后推出的一款新甜品,如今已风靡台湾、南韩、巴西和英国,and even France, where you#39;d think diners would be fussier.甚至连对饮食很挑剔的法国都钟情于它。Many countries indulge in culinary mixing, but Americans, who love both novelty and food, are especially keen on it.许多国家都喜欢混合烹饪,而美国人这种既喜欢新奇又喜欢食物的人对此尤其钟爱。Burger King#39;s Croissan#39;Wich is a croissant-sandwich mix.汉堡王的Croissan#39;Wich是羊角面包和三明治的混合。Taco Bell#39;s quesarito is a beef burrito wrapped in a quesadilla.塔可钟的quesarito是外面裹有油炸玉米粉饼的牛肉卷饼。Jamp;D#39;s Foods produces Baconnaise, bacon-flavoured mayonnaise that is, oddly, vegetarian and kosher-certified.Jamp;D的食品产业生产Baconnaise—培根风味的蛋黄酱,但有趣的是,犹太教和素食主义者都适用。Carl#39;s Jr is testing a bisnut, a cross between a biscuit and a doughnut. Not everyone is impressed.卡乐星正在测试一款bisnut—小饼干和甜甜圈的组合。Leave it to fast food to think of new and exciting ways to make you have to buy two seats on an airplane.并不是每个人都会被打动。在快餐上使用这个点子,想出新的有趣的方法来让你不得不在一架飞机上买两个位子。A breakfast-dessert hybrid.早餐混合甜点。You#39;re barely awake and you#39;re aly getting all your calories for the day, grumbles Jeff Sorensen of Uproxx, an online magazine.你还在打着瞌睡,就已经摄入了一天所需的卡路里, 一家在线杂志Uproxx的杰夫·索伦森抱怨说。Such innovation has a long history.这种创新历史悠久。Blacks who migrated north after the Civil War served African-spiced fried chicken with European waffles.内战之后迁移到北方的黑人把欧洲华夫饼和非洲五香炸鸡混合在了一起。In the 1910s, Americans drenched German frankfurters with Mexican chili to make chili dogs.在20世纪10年代,美国人把德国法兰克福香肠浸透了墨西哥红辣椒,做成了辣椒热。More recently, New Yorkers drew on the collective genius of generations of Jewish and Italian cooks to produce: the pizza bagel.最近,纽约人民利用世代传下来的犹太和意大利的烹饪智慧制造出了:披萨百吉饼。Because America is a nation of immigrants, it has many traditions to mine.因为美国是一个移民国家,因此它拥有许多个人习俗。But because many cooks try to please everyone, ethnic recipes have often been tweaked so as not to offend unfamiliar palates.但是因为大部分食物都是要取悦所有人,民族食谱经常会被改造以满足不同的人的口味。You take something that#39;s different, and you make it similar, says Roger Horowitz of the Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, Delaware.你拿来与不同的东西,然后把它变成你熟悉的东西,特拉华州海格利物馆和威明顿图书馆的罗格·霍洛威茨说。That has often involved adding sugar and fat, which everyone likes.这通常包括加入糖和油脂,这是大部分人都喜爱的。The wonut illustrates another grand old American tradition, too:Wonut也说明了另一种极为重要的美国古老习俗:the layering of mountains of different types of food in a single dish, which goes back at least to the invention of the ice-cream sundae 120 years ago.在一道菜中包含了层层叠叠的不同食物,这至少可以追溯到120年前圣代冰淇淋的发明。Good ideas sp fast, so hybrid hits are soon copied.好点子传播的很快,因此混合食品的创意很快就有人山寨了。Crumbs Bake Shop, an ailing and pricey New York-based chain of cupcake shops, was one of several to introduce variations of the cronut.Crumbs Bake Shop是一家总部在纽约的杯形蛋糕连锁店,价格昂贵而且正面临着困难。Alas its crumbnut failed to save the business, and Crumbs closed its doors on July 7th.它是引入多品种牛角甜甜圈的几家店之一,但可悲的是它的crumbnut未能挽回日渐下滑的生意,并于7月7日关门了。As for Mr Hernandez, he is looking to open wonut shops in Chicago, Los Angeles and Phoenix.对于赫尔南德斯来说,他准备在芝加哥、洛杉矶和凤凰城开wonut商店。But he knows that the wonut will not be novel for long, so he is aly working on his next creation:但是他知道wonut不会新奇很长时间,因此他正在致力于下一个创新:a waffle pizza, which perhaps he should call the piffle.华夫饼披萨,他可能会把这种食品叫做priffle。 /201408/317190

Loulou de la Falaise was a French icon and an enduring muse to Yves Saint Laurent. With her unstudied style and indefatigable spirit, she also represented everything that is brilliant about fashion.卢卢·德·拉·法莱斯(Loulou de la Falaise)是一位法国偶像,也是伊夫·圣·罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)长久的灵感缪斯。她自然的风格、不知疲倦的精神代表着时装界的各种精。Much has been written about the heady, hedonistic Paris fashion scene of the 1970s and #39;80s, and much of it is true. But of all the characters who animated those nonconformist, wildly indulgent, hyperinventive years, Loulou de la Falaise, who died in 2011 at the age of 64, was the star. Celebrated for inspiring and accessorizing Yves Saint Laurent#39;s couture and y-to-wear collections for almost three decades, she is the subject of ;Loulou de la Falaise,; a new book by Ariel de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni.关于20世纪七八十年代冲动兴奋、快乐至上的巴黎时装界,人们已经写了很多,其中很多都是真实的。是许多人共同造就了那个不墨守成规、疯狂放纵、极具创意的年代,而卢卢·德·拉·法莱斯则是其中最耀眼的明星。她于2011年去世,享年64岁,人们认为,在将近30年的时间里,她给伊夫·圣·罗兰的高级定制和成衣系列带来灵感,并为其设计配饰。阿里尔·德·拉夫纳尔(Ariel de Ravenel)和娜塔莎·弗雷泽-卡瓦索尼(Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni)的新书《卢卢·德·拉·法莱斯》讲述正是她的故事。From 1975 to 1990, I lived and worked in Paris as a reporter for Women#39;s Wear Daily, where I had a ringside seat to Loulou#39;s transformation from the haute-bohemian daughter of a French marquis and the eccentric British model Maxime de la Falaise into Saint Laurent#39;s trusted muse and a designer in her own right. For those of us who watched her at work and play, she was not simply Yves#39;s most colorful collaborator, but one of the most vivid female fashion personalities since Coco Chanel.从1975年至1990年,我在巴黎生活、工作,任《每日女装》(Women#39;s Wear Daily)的记者,近距离地看着卢卢从一位法国侯爵和古怪的英国模特马克西姆·德·拉·法莱斯(Maxime de la Falaise)放荡不羁的女儿蜕变为圣·罗兰最信任的缪斯,以及一位独立的设计师。对我们这些目睹她工作和游戏的人来说,她不仅是伊夫最为多姿多的合作者,而且是可可·香奈儿(Coco Chanel)之后时装界最活跃的女性人物之一。Upbeat, savvy, beautiful and boyishly slim, she looked like a Saint Laurent fashion sketch. How she put herself together was even more remarkable: When she arrived at about 9 a.m. every day to the YSL couture studios on Paris#39;s Right Bank, it was an event. The pants, jackets, skirts, blouses, dresses, stockings, shoes, shawls, bags and jewelry that she assembled and donned each morning in her 14th Arrondissement apartment were unlike anything anyone else in Paris wore, or had ever seen. Heiresses, countesses, models, movie stars and scores of fashion editors wanted to look like Loulou. Whether she was channeling an 18th-century Indian princess, a pre-Soviet Russian peasant or a 20th-century East Village flower child, her getups went beyond costume. They looked fresh, contemporary. She didn#39;t dress up to wow the paparazzi (although she was photographed countless times), but rather to delight herself, surprise her friends and, most crucially, impress Yves.乐观,聪慧,美丽,男孩子似的苗条——她看起来像圣·罗兰的时装草图。她的着装方式更是引人注目:大约每天上午9点她到达巴黎右岸伊夫·圣·罗兰的高级定制工作室,那绝对是个重要时刻。每天早上她在第14区自己的公寓里搭配起来的裤子、上衣、半身裙、衬衫、连衣裙、长筒袜、鞋子、披肩、手包和珠宝跟巴黎任何其他人穿的或见过的都不一样。女继承人、女伯爵、模特、电影明星和很多时装编辑都想模仿她。不管她是模仿18世纪的印度王子、前苏联时代的俄罗斯农民还是20世纪东村鼓吹爱与和平的嬉皮士,她的打扮都超越了装。它们看起来新鲜、时尚。她打扮不是为了赢得仔队的喝(虽然她被偷拍了无数次),而是为了让自己高兴,让朋友惊讶,最重要的是,给伊夫留下深刻印象。Loulou, Yves and my editor at WWD, John Fairchild, were great buddies. A mutual admiration society of three fashion titans, they also challenged and teased each other mercilessly. I can#39;t remember a single season over two decades that John and I didn#39;t meet at the YSL headquarters to take photos of a new y-to-wear collection in progress, inspect a sketch of a couture gown or watch a model being fitted for a tuxedo jacket and pants. At work, Loulou and Yves weren#39;t very chatty; they communicated in a sort of code. The way she flicked her hair back, extinguished a Camel or uncrossed her colt-like legs sent a signal to Yves, who watched her constantly. He would then pick up a pencil, pause, adjust his glasses, and Loulou would get whatever message he was sending back to her. When she laughed — heartily and from the throat — everyone in the room cracked up too. It was hard not to want to do what Loulou did. At times, the normally self-possessed, sometimes imperious John was so smitten that he couldn#39;t speak.卢卢、伊夫和我在《每日女装》的编辑约翰·费尔柴尔德(John Fairchild)是好朋友。这三位时装界巨星互相仰慕,但也会无情地互相质疑、取笑。二十年来,每一季约翰和我都会在伊夫·圣·罗兰的总部碰头,给制作中的新成衣系列拍照,审视高级定制礼的草图,或者观看模特试穿无尾礼和裤子。工作时卢卢和伊夫不怎么说话,他们像是在用一种密码进行交流。她把头发向后撩起,掐灭骆驼牌香烟或者把交叉起来的小马似的双腿放下来——这些都是在给时常看她的伊夫发信号。然后他会拿起铅笔,停一下,扶一下眼镜——卢卢能领会他返回的任何信号。她大笑的时候——是真诚的,从嗓子里发出的笑声——房间里的每个人都会跟着笑。你很难不去模仿卢卢做过的事。有时,通常很冷静、有时有点专横的约翰会因为不能说话而感到受打击。I wonder if Loulou#39;s charm was rooted in her odd sense of self. At once disciplined, rambunctious, confident and vulnerable, I suspect that she wasn#39;t totally convinced of her power or beauty. She was impish and fun, never condescending or snappy. She looked artistic, and sounded worldly and intelligent in either English or French. She loved all-night parties, didn#39;t exercise and smoked like a San Bernardino wildfire, but then so did everyone else in Paris those days. Ditto for the drinks and drugs, which were also pretty ubiquitous in those stylish Parisian circles.And although she excelled at socializing with Rothschilds and the Rolling Stones, she seemed happier when she was with Yves, her reserved husband Thadée Klossowski de Rola — a writer and son of the painter Balthus — and their daughter, Anna. Their wedding party, in June of 1977, was staged on an island in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris. Several hundred guests arrived in a fleet of flower-garlanded boats. Loulou wore a deep delphinium blue outfitwith a headdress sprouting stars and a crescent moon.我不知道卢卢的魅力是否源于她对自己的奇怪感觉。她既自律又难以驾驭,既自信又脆弱,我怀疑她对自己的力量或美貌不完全自信。她顽皮风趣,从不居高临下或者发脾气。她看起来很风雅,不管说英语还是法语,听起来都世故而聪明。她喜欢整晚参加派对,从不运动,抽烟抽得很凶,但那时候巴黎所有人都这样。在当时的巴黎时尚圈,酒和毒品也很常见。虽然她擅长与罗思柴尔德家族和滚石乐队打交道,但她似乎在和伊夫、她内敛的丈夫撒德·克洛索斯基·德·罗拉(Thadée Klossowski de Rola)——作家,他的父亲是画家巴尔蒂斯(Balthus)——和他们的女儿安娜(Anna)在一起时更快乐。1977年6月,他们在巴黎布洛涅森林公园的一个小岛上举行了婚礼。几百名客人坐着一群装饰着花环的小船前来。卢卢穿着深翠雀蓝套装,头饰上有星星和新月。As Loulou and Thadée got older, they spent more and more time in Italy at his family#39;s sparsely furnished castle. Toward the end of her life, she became an avid gardener, tending the property at their French country house in Boury-en-Vexin. During her last few years, she designed a collection of jewelry for Oscar de la Renta and a line of clothing and accessories for HSN. Thadée stayed home and wrote — he was always the grounded one, Loulou the live wire. Even though she#39;s gone, she#39;s as electrifying now as ever.卢卢和撒德年老以后,更多的时间在撒德家族装修简单的意大利城堡里度过。晚年,她热衷于园艺,喜欢打理他们位于法国韦克桑布里的乡间别墅的花园。最后几年,她为奥斯卡·德拉伦塔(Oscar de la Renta)设计了一系列珠宝,还为购物网站HSN设计了一系列装和配饰。撒德待在家里写作——他总是脚踏实地,她总是活泼好动。虽然去世了,但她仍然一如既往地令人振奋。 /201409/326814

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