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萧山做打胎总共需要多少钱萧山人流哪家医院比较好Europeans are more pessimistic about how equal their societies actually are, while in the US people are wedded to the American dream and believe society is fairer than it really is.欧洲人对本国社会的实际平等程度更加悲观,而美国人则紧抱美国梦、他们眼中的美国社会比实际上更加平等。German research sheds new light on the political challenges involved in tax, income distribution and social fairness and raises questions in the equality debate revived by French economist Thomas Piketty.德国的一项研究为涉及税收、收入分配和社会公平的各项政治挑战带来了新的启发,在由法国经济学家托马斯#8226;皮凯蒂(Thomas Piketty)重新点燃的不公平辩论中提出了问题。The study, to be presented at Germany’s Lindau conference this week, “suggests that in the political debate on income distribution, it is often not the facts that count but [perceptions]”, said Professor Michael Hüther, director of the Cologne-based IW economic institute.德国科隆经济研究所(IW)负责人迈克尔#8226;许特(Michael Hüther)教授表示,本周将在德国林道(Lindau)会议上发表的这份研究报告“似乎表明在这场有关收入分配的政治辩论中,重要的往往不是事实,而是(印象)”。Author Judith Niehues compared actual and perceived income levels in the US and 23 EU countries, using economic data and polling of about 1,000 people in each country.研究报告的作者朱迪丝#8226;尼许斯(Judith Niehues)利用经济数据,并在每个国家对大约1000人进行调查,比较了美国和23个欧盟(EU)国家的实际收入水平和本国人认为的收入水平。She found that Europeans underestimate the proportion of middle-income earners and overestimate the proportion of the poor, commonly defined as people on incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median.她发现,欧洲人低估了中等收入者的比例,高估了穷人的比例,后者通常定义为收入达到或低于中值收入60%的人士。Only the US has a more unequal income distribution than its citizens imagined, with many more poor people.只有美国的实际收入分配情况比其国民想象的更为不平等,穷人的数量也大大超过他们认为的。In Europe, people on middle incomes are far more numerous than those at the bottom or the top of the pay ladder. So a European income-distribution chart resembles a barrel, with a bulge in the middle. But many see it as a tower standing on a broad plinth, with a small elite, a modest middle-class and a big base of low earners.在欧洲,中等收入者的数量远远超过位于收入阶梯最底端或最顶端者。因此,欧洲的收入分配呈桶形,中间部分比两头更鼓。但在许多人眼中,欧洲的收入分配为塔形,基座宽,塔尖小,中产阶层不多不少,底部有庞大的低收入人群。This is particularly true in Germany and France, where people see income distribution as far more unequal than it is. In the UK and Spain, where distribution is less equal, perceptions are more accurate.德国和法国尤其如此,这两国人眼中的本国收入分配不平等程度远远超过实际情况。在收入分配更不平等的英国和西班牙,人们的印象更为准确。More than 30 per cent of Americans have incomes of 60 per cent or less of the median. But most people think that only 24 per cent of their fellow citizens are at this level. “The middle class is truly smaller in the USA and the lower income group considerably more numerous than its citizens suppose,” says a summary of the study, which suggests this might be partly linked to social mobility in the US. People may be less focused on inequality if they think they are climbing the income ladder, explaining why pressure for redistributive taxation is lower in the US.逾30%美国人的收入刚刚达到或低于中值收入60%。但大多数美国人认为这个比例仅为24%。研究摘要称,“在美国,实际的中产阶层人数比其国民想象的更少,较低收入人群则庞大得多”。报告提出,部分原因可能是美国的社会流动性较大。如果人们认为自己在收入阶梯上的位置正在攀升,那么他们或许不会那么关注不平等,这解释了为何在美国通过征税对财富进行再分配的民意压力较低。In Europe, the gap between perception and reality is particularly wide in former communist states, with citizens convinced their countries are far less equal than they really are.在欧洲,国民的印象和实际情况差异格外大的是那些前共产党统治国家,这些国家的国民认为的不平等程度远远超过实际情况。The report adds that levels of concern about inequality tend to be greater in countries with higher levels of perceived inequality. More than half of Germans and 79 per cent of French think income differentials are too great, against about 30 per cent of Britons and Spaniards.报告补充称,在国民认为的不平等程度超过实际情况的国家,有关不平等的担忧往往更强烈。逾一半德国人、以及79%的法国人认为,本国的收入差距太大,而在英国和西班牙,持这种看法者的比例约为30%。 /201408/321905浙江杭州儿童医院能刷医保卡 A growing number of wealthy Chinese arechoosing to live and work abroad.越来越多富有的中国人选择在外国生活和工作Almost two- thirds of Chinese with morethan 10 million yuan (.6 million) in the bank have emigrated, or are planningto, according to Hurun, a research firm that studies trends in China.大约三分之二拥有1000万元财产的中国人选择移民或者计划移民,中国的胡润研究机构调查显示The idea is less popular among the superrich. Only a third of those worth more than 100 million yuan ( million) saythey want to emigrate.在特别富有的中国人当中这一比例比较低,只有三分之一财产超过1亿人民币的中国人称想要移民And moving abroad doesn#39;t mean wealthyChinese are leaving for good -- only 15% are planning to give up theirnationality.搬到国外居住不代表有钱的中国人要永久的离开中国—只有15%的中国人计划放弃自己的国籍So where are they heading? Europe has become more popular recently, while moretraditional destinations are still proving attractive. Here are the hot spots.所以他们都要去哪儿?欧洲是最近最受欢迎的国家,而传统的一些国家也还是很受欢迎,下面是一些热点地区 /201403/280651浙江大学医学院附属邵逸夫医院可以做引产吗

江干区打胎费用浙江省中心医院附近公交车 Amazon.com, the giant online retailer, has too much power, and it uses that power in ways that hurt America.巨型在线零售商亚马逊(Amazon.com)力量太强大了,而且它运用这种力量时,对美国造成了伤害。O.K., I know that was kind of abrupt. But I wanted to get the central point out there right away, because discussions of Amazon tend, all too often, to get lost in side issues.当然,我也知道这样说有点唐突,我只是想把中心思想直截了当地提出来,因为谈论亚马逊的时候,人们往往会纠结于次要问题。For example, critics of the company sometimes portray it as a monster about to take over the whole economy. Such claims are over the top — Amazon doesn’t dominate overall online sales, let alone retailing as a whole, and probably never will. But so what? Amazon is still playing a troubling role.比如,批评这家公司的人有时候会把它描绘成即将掌控整个经济的巨兽。这样的说法未免过于夸张——亚马逊都没有在整体上主导在线销售,更别说整体上主导零售业了,它可能永远都不会主导零售业。但那又怎样?亚马逊还是在扮演一个令人不安的角色。Meanwhile, Amazon’s defenders often digress into paeans to online bookselling, which has indeed been a good thing for many Americans, or testimonials to Amazon customer service — and in case you’re wondering, yes, I have Amazon Prime and use it a lot. But again, so what? The desirability of new technology, or even Amazon’s effective use of that technology, is not the issue. After all, John D. Rockefeller and his associates were pretty good at the oil business, too — but Standard Oil nonetheless had too much power, and public action to curb that power was essential.与此同时,替亚马逊辩护的人,常常会离题万里地赞颂在线卖书(这对许多美国人来说的确是好事),或者称赞亚马逊的客户务——如果你好奇的话,我可以回答你,我的确有亚马逊的Prime账户,而且经常用。但话又说回来,这又怎样?问题并不在于新技术是不是好事,甚至不是亚马逊对技术的有效运用是不是好事。毕竟,约翰·D·洛克菲勒(John D. Rockefeller)和他的商业伙伴经营石油生意也很在行,但是标准石油(Standard Oil)拥有的力量仍然太强了,公众采取行动制约这种力量也是至关重要的。And the same is true of Amazon today.同样的说法今天对亚马逊也是成立的。If you haven’t been following the recent Amazon news: Back in May a dispute between Amazon and Hachette, a major publishing house, broke out into open commercial warfare. Amazon had been demanding a larger cut of the price of Hachette books it sells; when Hachette balked, Amazon began disrupting the publisher’s sales. Hachette books weren’t banned outright from Amazon’s site, but Amazon began delaying their delivery, raising their prices, and/or steering customers to other publishers.如果你没有关注最近亚马逊的新闻,我来介绍一下:今年5月,亚马逊和大型出版社阿歇特(Hachette)之间公开爆发了一场纠纷,并演变成了商业大战。亚马逊要求从阿歇特销售图书的收入中抽取更多分成,阿歇特不愿意提高抽成,于是亚马逊开始干扰这家出版社的销售。亚马逊网站并没有完全禁止销售阿歇特的图书,而是开始拖延配送、提高价格,甚至还会把顾客引向其他的出版商。You might be tempted to say that this is just business — no different from Standard Oil, back in the days before it was broken up, refusing to ship oil via railroads that refused to grant it special discounts. But that is, of course, the point: The robber baron era ended when we as a nation decided that some business tactics were out of line. And the question is whether we want to go back on that decision.你或许想说,这只是做生意,和标准石油被拆分之前的做法没什么区别——拒绝通过不愿向该公司给予优惠折扣的铁路输送石油。可是重点当然也是这个:我们这个国家当时决定,有些商业行为太过头了,于是“强盗大亨”(robber baron)的时代结束了。现在的问题是,我们愿不愿意撤销那个决定。Does Amazon really have robber-baron-type market power? When it comes to books, definitely. Amazon overwhelmingly dominates online book sales, with a market share comparable to Standard Oil’s share of the refined oil market when it was broken up in 1911. Even if you look at total book sales, Amazon is by far the largest player.亚马逊真的有“强盗大亨”似的市场控制力吗?谈到书,它的确有。亚马逊压倒性地控制了在线图书销售,市场份额与标准石油在1911年被拆分前,在精炼石油产品市场上的份额相当。即使参考总体的图书销量,亚马逊也能以极大的优势占据头把交椅。So far Amazon has not tried to exploit consumers. In fact, it has systematically kept prices low, to reinforce its dominance. What it has done, instead, is use its market power to put a squeeze on publishers, in effect driving down the prices it pays for books — hence the fight with Hachette. In economics jargon, Amazon is not, at least so far, acting like a monopolist, a dominant seller with the power to raise prices. Instead, it is acting as a monopsonist, a dominant buyer with the power to push prices down.目前亚马逊还没有尝试压榨消费者。实际上,它为了强化主导地位,一直在系统性地保持低价。它所做的实际上是利用市场地位挤压出版商,即压低自己为买书付出的价钱,于是就有了与阿歇特的冲突。用经济学术语说,亚马逊并没有,至少现在还没有,像典型的垄断企业那样运作,即卖家利用市场控制力来提高价格。但它的确是一个垄断买方——有能力压低价格的占据主导地位的买家。And on that front its power is really immense — in fact, even greater than the market share numbers indicate. Book sales depend crucially on buzz and word of mouth (which is why authors are often sent on grueling book tours); you buy a book because you’ve heard about it, because other people are ing it, because it’s a topic of conversation, because it’s made the best-seller list. And what Amazon possesses is the power to kill the buzz. It’s definitely possible, with some extra effort, to buy a book you’ve heard about even if Amazon doesn’t carry it — but if Amazon doesn’t carry that book, you’re much less likely to hear about it in the first place.而在这一方面,它的力量的确强大,实际上比其市场份额数字所显示的还要强大。图书销售在很大程度上依赖于公众的关注和谈论,正因为如此,出版方才会让作者疲于奔命地参加活动推介新书。你买书是因为听说过这本书,因为其他人在读,因为它成了议论的话题,因为它登上了畅销榜。而亚马逊所拥有的,就是扼杀公众关注效应的实力。多花一些精力,肯定可以买到你听说过,但亚马逊不卖的书。但如果亚马逊不卖那本书,你听说那本书的可能性本身就会小很多。So can we trust Amazon not to abuse that power? The Hachette dispute has settled that question: no, we can’t.那么,我们能信任亚马逊不会滥用这种影响力吗?阿歇特出版社的纠纷已经解答了这个问题:不,我们不能。It’s not just about the money, although that’s important: By putting the squeeze on publishers, Amazon is ultimately hurting authors and ers. But there’s also the question of undue influence.并不只是钱的问题,尽管钱是一个重要的问题:通过挤压出版商,亚马逊最终会伤害作者和读者,但还有影响力过度的问题。Specifically, the penalty Amazon is imposing on Hachette books is bad in itself, but there’s also a curious selectivity in the way that penalty has been applied. Last month the Times’s Bits blog documented the case of two Hachette books receiving very different treatment. One is Daniel Schulman’s “Sons of Wichita,” a profile of the Koch brothers; the other is “The Way Forward,” by Paul Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate and is chairman of the House Budget Committee. Both are listed as eligible for Amazon Prime, and for Mr. Ryan’s book Amazon offers the usual free two-day delivery. What about “Sons of Wichita”? As of Sunday, it “usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks.” Uh-huh.可以明确地说,亚马逊对阿歇特图书施加的惩罚本身就很恶劣,然而执行这种惩罚的方式却有一种有趣的选择性。上个月,《纽约时报》的Bits客记录了两本阿歇特的书受到不同对待的情形。一本是丹尼尔·舒曼(Daniel Schulman)的《威奇托之子》(Sons of Wichita),书中讲述了科赫(Koch)兄弟的故事;另一本是保罗·瑞安(Paul Ryan)撰写的《前进之路》(The Way Forward),瑞安是米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)竞选总统时的搭档,也是众议院预算委员会(House Budget Committee)主席。亚马逊表示,两本书都享受亚马逊Prime务,瑞安的书可以享受通常的免费两日配送。《威奇托之子》呢?周日时显示“通常需要2至3周送达”。呵呵。Which brings us back to the key question. Don’t tell me that Amazon is giving consumers what they want, or that it has earned its position. What matters is whether it has too much power, and is abusing that power. Well, it does, and it is.于是这又把我们带回了关键的问题。别告诉我亚马逊为消费者提供了他们想要的,也别说什么它现在的地位是辛苦赚来的。重点在于,它的力量是不是太强了,它有没有在滥用这种力量。这两个问题的都是肯定的。 /201410/337326浙江大学医学院附属第二医院人工流产

杭州下城区中西医结合医院预约四维彩超 Not an optimistic sign for an economy wanting to transition from industrial powerhouse to service-sector giant.对于打算从工业巨擘转型为务业巨擘的中国经济来说,新公布的汇丰(HS)务业采购经理人指数(PMI)可不是个乐观的信号。HS#39;s purchasing managers index for the service sector slipped from 53.5 in May to 51.8 in June, the lowest ing since January.6月份,汇丰务业PMI从5月份的53.5下滑至51.8,为今年1月以来的最低值。Any score above the 50 level indicates growth but this is the first month-to-month decline January.该指数只要高于50,就表示务业仍在扩张。不过,这是今年1月以来该指数首次出现环比下降。The 1.7 per cent drop brought the composite index, which comprises this and the manufacturing index, down from 51.2 to 50.6, the lowest ing since April 2014.这1.7个百分点的环比下降导致汇丰综合PMI(涵盖务业及制造业PMI)从51.2降至50.6,为2014年4月以来的最低值。;The slowdown in services activity growth reflected softer new business gains in June, with service providers signalling the slowest increase in new orders in 11 months,; the report said.报告称:“务业活动增长放缓所反映的是6月份新业务增长放缓。一些务提供商表示,他们的新订单增幅是11个月以来最低的。”The 12-month outlook remains positive but edged down to its lowest since July 2014.受访者对12个月后的前景依然持乐观态度,但乐观度已滑落至2014年7月以来的最低水平。Annabel Fiddes, economists at Markit, which compiles the data, said:“Latest PMI data signalled a further loss of growth momentum in China#39;s economy at the end of the second quarter. In the service sector, business activity, new orders and employment all expanded at slower rates, while optimism towards the business outlook also moderated. Meanwhile, manufacturers cut their staff numbers at the quickest rate in over six years and output fell slightly for the second month in a row.”Markit经济学家安娜贝尔#8226;菲德斯(Annabel Fiddes)表示:“最新PMI数据表明,二季度末中国经济增长势头进一步放缓。在务业领域,商业活动、新订单数和雇佣人数的增速都已放缓,人们对商业前景的乐观度也有所下降。与此同时,制造商也在以六年多来最大的力度裁员,产出连续第二个月小幅下滑。” /201507/384186杭州省妇幼保健院怎么预约萧山正规医院男科哪家最好



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