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赣南医学院附属第一医院丰胸多少钱赣州市第二人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱Its Wednesday, February 23rd. Im Wilson Tang and its time to get loaded.今天是2月23日,星期三。我是Wilson Tang,是时候了解最新资讯了。Doodle 4 Google is a contest where children can unleash their creativity and maybe win a little cash at the same time. But Google yet again has found itself in some privacy trouble. The initial parental consent form asks for the last four digits of a students social security number and their city of birth. With that information, it would be relatively easy to figure out a youngsters complete social security number. A Google spokesperson however says it uses the information to stop duplicate entries and to ensure that all applicants are legal US residents. Google assures that it is not storing security numbers.谷歌4涂鸦大赛给了孩子们一次充分发挥想象力的机会,大赛设立了小笔现金的奖金。但谷歌却陷入了侵犯用户隐私的麻烦中。谷歌只要得到了家长的同意,就可以获得孩子社会保险后四位数字和出生城市。有了这些信息,就不难推算出当事人的全部社会保险号码。一名谷歌发言人解释这么做是为了防止重复登录,并保所有的用户都是合法的美国公民。谷歌方宣称没有储存用户的社保号码。OK, yesterday, we reported that the iPad 2 could be delayed until June, but now the word is that it could be as early as next week. Media invitations for big launches like these tend to go out on short notice. Once the Cnet invites come in, we will let you know.昨天我们报道说iPad2可能要推迟到6月面世了,但最新消息是iPad2下周就可能发售。这种产品的大型发布会会提前向媒体发出简短的邀请函。等到我们Cnet收到邀请函,我们会告诉大家。Amazon announced that Amazon prime customers can now stream more than 5,000 movies and TV shows for free. Again, this is only for Amazon prime members that pay the annual 79 dollar fee for Amazon perks-like-free shipping and now free movies. Customers will be able to watch their free streams on Macs, window machines, roku boxes and other Internet-connected devices.亚马逊宣布亚马逊Prime用户可以免费观看超过5千部电影和电视剧。当然这是针对花79美元订购亚马逊Prime务的用户的捆绑福利。这些用户将可以在Macs,windows系统的产品,Roku boxes和其他联网产品上使用。China now has an official government search engine and its called Panguso. Itll compete with Baidu for the NO1 search engine spot in the country. Remember how China and Google had it out last year over filtered search results. Well, I guess if you cant beat them, join them. The search engine will provide government approved search results so dont bother searching for Falun Dafa.中国现在有了官方政府搜索引擎,名叫盘古搜索。它将和百度竞争中国最大搜索引擎的位置。还记得去年中国搜索引擎和谷歌比拼过滤搜索结果的事吗。如果你不能断定哪个更好,那就多尝试。盘古搜索引擎将提供中国政府批准传播的消息,所以你可以大胆搜索法轮功。Mint has added a few new tools that will help its users get out of debt, they are called the get-out-of-debt tools. And they will help you set and manage a payment schedule for any money owed. It takes into account your salary and current spending habits and it will help you get a sense of when and how you can pay off any debt. Mint says this was one of the most requested features.Mint推出了一些小工具来帮助用户摆脱欠债的危机,这款应用叫做“摆脱债务工具”。这款应用会帮助你管理现有钱财合理出。它还会记入你的收入和消费习惯,而这会帮助你了解你应当什么时候,如何还款。Mint的应用总能迎合人们的需求。If you have any media upload to Yahoo , you should download it now if you want to keep it. The site Yahoo discontinued uploads in December and now any s that were uploaded before then will be pulled after March 14th. Yahoo enabled downloading under the my tab so users can retrieve their content before then. Yahoo isnt shutting down, though, it just wont allow any more user-generated content.如果你曾在雅虎上传过视频,如果你想保留这些视频,你应该赶紧再下载下来。雅虎视频从12月就中断了视频上传功能,而现在,任何3月14日之前上传的所有视频都将被删除。雅虎提供了我的视频的标签以供用户在限定日期前下载。雅虎视频将不会关闭,只是不再授权用户上传内容。Thats your news for today.Im Wilson Tang for cnet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的最新资讯。我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/204338赣州俪人整形医院祛雀斑好不好 A budget impasse between the White House and Congressional Republicans could force the federal government to shut down on Friday when the current budget law allowing the government to spend money expires. The Republican-led House passed the bill of 61 billion dollars in cuts, but of course it was rejected by the Democrat-controlled Senate. Sources are saying negotiators are now looking at a package of cuts for the rest of the fiscal year of between 33 billion and 40 billon dollars. President Barack Obama hosted the Senate and House leaders at the White House at a rare late night meeting on Wednesday, but so far theres still no deal.白宫和以共和党为主的国会之间在预算案上的分歧持续,这可能迫使联邦政府于星期五关闭。临时的财政法案规定了政府开销的期限。由共和党领导的众议院通过了这项削减出610亿美元的财政法案,当然遭到由民主党控制的参议院的反对。据消息称,谈判代表试图将剩余财政年的财政削减缩小至330亿美元至400亿美元之间。奥巴马总统于星期三深夜在白宫召见参议院和众议院领导,但目前为止仍然没有达成一致协议。;A shutdown could have real effects on everyday Americans. It means that small business owners who are counting on that loan to open their business, to make payroll, to expand, suddently they cannt do it; it means folks who are potentially processing a mortgage, they may not be able to get it; it means that hundreds of thousands of workers across the country suddenly would work without paycheck—their families are counting on their being able to go to work and do a good job.;“联邦政府关闭会对美国人民造成实实在在的影响。这就意味着那些指望贷款开张,付员工薪水,扩大经营的小企业老板们突然就经营不下去了,这意味着那些准备抵押贷款的人,可能就拿不到贷款了;这意味着全国成百上千辛勤工作的工人突然就拿不到薪水了——他们的家庭还指望着他们好好工作。”Now if the government shuts down, that means thousands of workers will be off the job. The White House estimates that 800,000 workers could be asked to stay home. So what else does a government shutdown mean? Well, here are some of the possible outcomes if the U.S. government closes the shop temporarily: the military would still function, but paychecks would be delayed until after April 8th, because the government just wouldnt have the funds for payroll; national parks and national museums would close; passport applications could also be delayed; and tax audits would be suspended--keep in mind that Tax Day in the U.S. is in a week, on April 15th, but vital services like national defense, law enforcement, emergency medical care and air traffic control would still continue.如果联邦政府关门,这意味着数千名工人将下岗。白宫预计有80万雇员将失去工作,在家待业。政府关门还意味着什么呢?这里有一些可能的后果:如果美国政府临时关掉兵工厂,军方仍然要履行职责,但是薪酬则要推迟到4月8号,因为政府没有资金周转;国家公园和物馆也会关掉;申请护照也会延期,税收审计将推迟;牢牢记住美国的报税季是在4月的一个星期,4月15日截止。但是像国防部,执法部门,急救部门,空中交通管制部门这样的重要部门还是要照常运转。201206/185688赣州市除皱的费用

安远县妇幼保健人民医院做去疤手术多少钱Science and Technolgy.科技。Deep-sea exploration.深海探索。The age of Aquarius 1.;宝瓶;时代1。Inner space is almost as hard to explore as outer space.探太空难,察深海亦不易。JAMES CAMERON knows how to make a splash. Literally. On March 25th the director of ;The Terminator;, ;Titanic; and ;Avatar; plunged into the Challenger Deep2 of the Mariana Trench, 500km (300 miles) from Guam. When he reached the bottom, he sent a self-congratulatory tweet, and then tootled about for a couple of hours before taking Deepsea Challenger, his lime-green one-man submarine, back up the 11km to the surface.詹姆斯·卡梅隆知道怎么制造轰动。确实是这样。3月25日,这位执导过;终结者;、;泰坦尼克;和;阿凡达;的导演来到了距关岛500千米(300英里)的马里亚纳海沟,一头扎进了挑战者深渊2 。当他到达海底的时候,他发了一条庆祝自己的推特,接着又唠叨了大概两个小时,才上浮11千米将他石灰青色的单人潜艇-深海挑战者号带出海面。This venture certainly scores high in the jaw-dropping department. The only other people to plumb the Challenger Deep-as its name suggests, the most profound point in the ocean—were Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, who did so in 1960, in a vessel called Trieste. The latest dive, however, was not very successful on the scientific front. It brought back no specimens.这次冒险在劲爆度这方面当然是拿下高分。此外只有雅克?皮卡和唐纳德·沃尔什探索过挑战者深渊——正如其名,它是海洋的最深点——他俩于1960年驾驶里雅斯特号深海潜艇下潜至此处。然而,这新近一潜在科学层面却并不那么成功,因为它没有带回任何标本。This was in sharp contrast to a less publicised mission, to the paltry depth of 2.5km, where the pressure is a mere 250 times that of the atmosphere (the Challenger Deeps pressure is four times that). This was organised by Ifremer, Frances oceanographic institute. Its three-man craft, Nautile (named after the submarine in Jules Vernes novel, ;20,000 Leagues under the Sea;), not only brought back samples, but brought them back alive.这与一项不太为人所知的行动形成了鲜明对比,后者只下潜到区区2.5千米,承受了250个大气压(挑战者深渊那里的压强四倍于此)。这次行动是由法国海洋开发研究院(Ifremer)组织实施,派出三人潜艇鹦鹉螺号(以儒勒·凡尔纳科幻小说《海底两万里》中的潜艇命名),不仅带回了标本,而且个个活蹦乱跳。That is no mean feat. Because creatures of the deep ocean have evolved to tolerate so much pressure, their cell membranes tend to liquefy when that pressure is released. To stop this happening Nautiles samples were transported in a special chamber called PERISCOP. This chamber, designed by Bruce Shillito and Gerard Hamel, of Pierre and Marie Curie University, in Paris, is a tank with a capacity of 2.7 litres which is capable of containing a pressure of more than 200 atmospheres.那可真不简单。因为深海生物已经进化得能够耐受如此高压,一旦压力消失,它们的细胞膜就会溶解。为了不让这种情况发生,鹦鹉螺号上的标本被置于一个叫做;潜望镜;的特殊腔体中进行运输。这个腔体由巴黎居里大学的布鲁斯·希利托和杰拉德·哈默设计,就是一个容量2.7升的水罐,能够承受200个大气压的压强。In 2008 PERISCOP was used to reel in a live fish from a then-record depth of 2.3km. The fish had been living near an underwater hot spring, known as a hydrothermal vent, in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This time, Nautiles mother ship, LAtalante, had spent three weeks trawling around a similar vent in the East Pacific Ridge as part of the MESCAL project, a collaboration between a dozen American and European oceanographic research institutions. On March 26th she sailed into Manzanillo, in Mexico, bearing a trove of specimens including a dozen or so Pompeii worms. These polychaetes (relatives of the common ragworm) are the most heat-tolerant animals known. They are able to live at 60°C. Biologists would like to understand how they do it.2008年,;潜望镜;曾被用来从深海打回一条活鱼,2.8千米的深度在当时创了记录。那条鱼生活在中大西洋海脊的一个水下热泉附近,也就是所谓的深海热液喷口。这一次,鹦鹉螺号的母船亚特兰大号在东太平洋海脊一处相似的热泉附近网了三个星期鱼,这也是欧美十几个海洋研究所合作项目;龙舌兰;的一部分。3月26日,亚特兰大号满载着所获——包括大约十几只庞贝虫在内的众多标本,驶入了墨西哥的曼萨尼略港。这些多毛类环虫(和普通的沙虫是近亲)是已知最耐热的动物。它们能在60摄氏度的环境中生存。生物学家想要了解它们如何做到这点的。To help them find out LAtalante has been fitted with a second chamber, BALIST, into which PERISCOPs catch can be transferred. Researchers on board ship were thus able to study the worms alive for several weeks. For the unfortunate worms, however, Manzanillo was the end of the line. They were killed, frozen and transported back to France.为了帮助生物学家找出所以然,亚特兰大号安装了一个附加的腔体;十字弓;,;潜望镜;捕获的生物可以转移进去。这样,载驳船上的研究人员就能够在数周时间中研究活体虫子。但是,对于这些不幸的虫儿来说,曼萨尼略就是它们生命的终点。它们被杀死,冷冻后运回到法国。Future trophies may be luckier. Ifremers researchers are searching for a way to keep deep-sea animals alive indefinitely, so that their entire life cycles can be studied. This means building high-pressure, onshore fish tanks. On April 7th the Océanopolis, a big aquarium in Brest, will unveil two such chambers. Each Abyss Box3 , as the contraptions are known, costs /201209/200063赣南医学院第一附属医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 Science and technology.科技。Salt-tolerant rice.耐盐大米。Nuclear-powered crops.核动力粮食。Physics meets biology in a project to breed better strains of rice.物理学与生物学的碰撞--优质大米培植。THOSE who turn their noses up at ;genetically modified; food seldom seem to consider that all crops are genetically modified. The difference between a wild plant and one that serves some human end is a lot of selective breeding-the picking and combining over the years of mutations that result in bigger seeds, tastier fruit or whatever else is required.对转基因食物不屑一顾的人似乎忽视了一个事实:所有粮食都属于转基因食物。野生植物与供人食用的植物之间的不同之处在于后者经过了层层筛选和培植,也就是经过多年的突变,将优良品相进行选择并组合,以培育出更大的种子,更甜的果实,或者人类需要的其他结果。Nor, these days, are those mutations there by accident. They are, rather, deliberately induced, usually by exposing seeds to radiation. And that is exactly what Tomoko Abe and her colleagues at the Riken Nishina Centre for Accelerator-Based Science in Saitama, outside Tokyo, are doing with rice. The difference is that Dr Abe is not using namby-pamby X-rays and gamma rays to mutate her crop, as is the way in most other countries. Instead she is sticking them in a particle accelerator and bombarding them with heavy ions-large atoms that have been stripped down to their nuclei by the removal of their electrons. This produces between ten and 100 times as many mutations as the traditional method, and thus increases the chances of blundering across some useful ones.这些年的变异并非自然发生,而是常常通过将种子暴露于辐射下等方式引导发生的。阿部知子和她的同事就在进行这一工作以培育大米。他们的工作地点位于东京外部的埼玉县仁科加速器研究中心。不同之处在于他们没有像其他国家一样,利用纤弱的X射线和伽马射线来引发变异。他们将种子放入粒子加速器,并用重离子对种子进行轰击碰撞。重离子是大原子去掉电子后只剩原子核的状态。这一方法比辐射法的效果好十到一百倍,并且有用的种子不易被忽略掉。Dr Abes plan is to use these mutations to create salt-tolerant rice. She has tried to do that several times in the past, but the result did not taste very nice. Her latest effort was stimulated by the flooding with seawater of almost 24,000 hectares of farmland by the tsunami which followed an earthquake in March last year. Salt-tolerant rice would, though, be of much wider use than just restoring the paddies of Miyagi prefecture and its neighbours, the worst-affected part of the country, to full productivity. About a third of the worlds rice paddies have salt problems, and yields in such briny fields may be half what they would be if the water in them were fresh.阿部知子士计划利用变异制造出耐盐的大米。她已经尝试了多次,但结果不尽如人意。最近的一次尝试是由于去年三月地震引起的海啸冲过了近两万四千公顷农田。耐盐大米的作用不仅仅是还原日本受伤害最大的宫城县内和附近的稻田。全球三分之一的稻田都受到盐的影响,此类稻田的收成仅为正常稻田的一半。To induce the mutations, Dr Abe bombarded germinating seeds with carbon ions for 30 seconds. She then planted them in fields in Miyagi. Of 600 seeds that have undergone this treatment, 250 thrived and themselves produced healthy seeds.为了引发变异,阿部知子士用碳离子轰击发芽的种子30秒,然后将其种入宫城县稻田中。在进行了上述实验的600粒种子中,有250粒成活并产出了健康的种子。The next stage of the project, to be carried out this month, is to take 50 grains from each of the successful plants and repeat the process with them. The resulting specimens will then be sorted and the best (ie, those that have flourished in the saline soils of Miyagis paddies) selected for crossbreeding, in order to concentrate desirable mutations into reproducible lines of plants.本周即将进行这一计划的下一步骤,用50粒成活的种子重复进行上述实验,再将产出的种子分类。为了使种子变异充分,并且适于种植生产,在宫城县盐地生长得最好的部分将再进行杂交培育。The result, Dr Abe hopes, will be a viable salt-tolerant strain that is y for market within four years. With luck, this time, it will be a tasty one as well.阿部知子士希望能在四年内培育出市场需要的耐盐大米,幸运的话这一次的大米将会香甜可口。 /201208/196078江西省中心医院激光祛痘手术多少钱

赣州做假体隆鼻大概要多少钱 One Step Closer to Living Longer人类接近长寿的又一步D: You know, when I watch futuristic sci-fi movies, I notice everyone has a normal aging pattern. You dont encounter people who just having been107 years old. Thats probably a mistake.我看未来派科幻电影的时候,发觉里面的人物年龄都是很正常的,就像我们普通人一样,活不了特别长。在这种电影里,你根本就不可能会看到一个活到一百多岁的人。我个人觉得这有问题。Y: A mistake? Why?有问题?你又有何凭?D: Because science is giving us longer lifespans all the time. Researchers these days are even starting to understand how the body sends signals to itself, determining how it ages.因为科学一直以来都致力于延长人们寿命的研究。近日,又有了突破性的进展。Y: Now, that sounds like science fiction!这样听来倒真的像是科幻小说了!D: Its true. A study conducted by James Carey and his colleagues at the University of California, for example, found a link between how long a mouse lives and its ovaries.这可是真的。比如说吧,加利佛利亚大学的James Carey和他的同事们进行了一项研究,他们发现老鼠的寿命和它的卵巢有很大关联。Y: Its ovaries? What do they have to do with the aging?卵巢?卵巢和寿命会有什么关系啊?D: The researchers removed the ovaries of one set of mice when they were a few weeks old. Those mice didn’t live as long as mice who still had their ovaries. Another group of mice had their ovaries removed but got young ones later.The mice with the young ovaries implanted into them lived forty percent longer than the ones who kept their original ovaries, and sixty percent longer than the ones with no ovaries at all!研究人员准备了三组老鼠。在老鼠几星期大的时候,他们将一组老鼠的卵巢切除。结果表明,被切除卵巢的一组老鼠没有未被切除卵巢的一组老鼠长寿。另外还有一组老鼠被切除了卵巢,但后来又被植入了年轻的卵巢。被植入年轻卵巢的一组老鼠比未被切除卵巢的一组老鼠寿命长40%,比被切除卵巢的一组老鼠寿命整整长了60%!Y: Yalza! Sixty percent longer!?啊!60%!?D: Some chemical message is being sent from the ovaries to the rest of the body, telling it what stage of life it is in. By renewing their ovaries, the scientists were essentially able to set the clock back.卵巢可以将某些化学信息传送至身体的其他部分,生命究竟处于哪个阶段。科学家们再将卵巢植入老鼠体内,可以说是让时光倒流了。Y: So who wants mice to live longer?谁那么无聊,想要让老鼠长寿啊?D: Mice are just test. If we could understand how the body tells itself to age, maybe we could make other species live longer…like people.老鼠只是试验品。如果说我们能搞清楚老鼠的身体是怎样来发送有关年龄的信息的,有可能,我们就能使其他物种长寿些……比如,人类! /201301/219198赣州市第一人民医院整形赣州整形美容医院垫高鼻梁怎么样



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