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栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧!201601/419970Cordoba will become one of Spains greatest generals,科尔多瓦将是西班牙最伟大的将领之一A tactical genius and champion of the harquebus.他是军事奇才 使用火绳无人能出其右The gun is deadly, but only at close range.火虽然威力惊人 但射程很短He needs his men to be nearer the enemy.他需要他的士兵们更接近敌军For four days, stalemate.Now he leads a fresh assault.整整四天 战事陷入僵局 现在他带领士兵发起了新一轮的攻击The noise of the harquebus is the equivalent火绳发出的声响和一架喷气式飞机Of a jet engine at take-off.起飞时引擎发出的声音一样大Soldiers deafened...but the Spanish regroup and fight on.士兵们都被震聋了 但是西班牙人重新列队继续战斗The closer they get, the more effective their guns.他们靠得越近 火的威力越大The victory at Illora:A turning point in the reconquest of Spain.伊略拉的胜利 是重新夺回西班牙的转折点201601/421867Its time for Chinese school to get serious.中式学校动真格的时候来了The first lesson is maths.第一节是数学课Class begins.上课In the international league tables,在国际竞赛名次表上British schools rank poorly in maths,英国学校的数学排名很惨lagging behind many European and Asian countries, especially China.落后于许多其他欧洲国家和亚洲国家,尤其是中国The gradient of the code equals delta Y over delta X, right.斜率等于△y/△x,好了34-year-old Zou Hailian teaches at a prestigious school in Hangzhou in Eastern China.34岁的邹海连在中国东部杭州的一所名校教书OK, minus nine equals zero, right.好,减9等于0。好了Because in China, maths is the most important subject在中国,数学是最重要的学科and you dont have a choice, you have to learn maths.你别无选择,必须学数学Maths is the main way to test your intelligence.数学是测试智力的主要方法Mr Zous class moves through the maths curriculum at breakneck speed.邹先生的班级,上数学课的速度令人窒息He even teaches in English to give his students a competitive edge in a global marketplace.他甚至用英语教学,目的在于让学生们在国际市场上都有竞争优势You compare this point, A, right.比较这一点AHis dedicated students absorb,全神贯注的学生们在吸收,understand and memorise information he delivers from the front of the class.理解并记忆他在前面讲授的知识Three, nine, OK.3,9,好了So, remember, its cos of X equals A over H.记住,cosX等于A/HIn Bohunt School, they take a more progressive view.航特学校采用的是更先进的教学理念Kids are separated into classes of different abilities.孩子们被分到不同能力的班级中Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and discuss their work.人们鼓励学生提问,讨论任务And by British standards, the school achieves excellent results.按英国的标准,学校取得了显著的成果OK, so, from there...好,从这...Head of Maths Pete Whitworth reckons his class will match anything the Chinese teachers can produce.数学主任皮特·惠特沃斯认为他的班级可以与中国老师能教出的任何班级相比I am confident in the British system,我对英国教育系统很有信心Im very confident in my own department,我对自己的这科很有信心and that they deliver very, very good lessons.他们的课程质量非常高Equals 4.2 divided by cos 48.等于4.2除以cos48You know, thats because our classes are smaller因为我们的课堂人数更少and, you know, theyre set,学生都是固定的so we can teach to their ability.所以我们能提高他们的能力You still havent done the surface area yet, though.你还没算出表面面积So, I think in terms of progress -所以在取得进步方面I think students in the British system will probably do better, I hope they do...在英国教育体制下的学生也许会表现得更好,但愿如此...Otherwise Ive got a new job.不然我得换份新工作了201512/418941The second teenager seemed to find it even easier.第二只也轻易地成功了And the third one -I wouldnt have known hed touched a drop.第三只也一样Then came the adults...然后是成年老鼠And this is when it all started to fall apart.它在这个位置失败了Theyd had exactly the same dose as the teenagers它们喝下的酒精量和青春期老鼠是一样的but clearly couldnt hold it.但显然它却抓不住Maybe the third would be different?第三只是不是能成功呢No.也没有Youd imagine that there would either be no difference你原先认为两者的反应会相同or in fact it would go the other way.但是事实却截然相反That a young if you like a young brain would be more affected.年轻老鼠的大脑在机能上要好一些For these kinds of tasks we think that the adolescents are less sensitive从实验来看 青春期老鼠更能抵抗酒精because of the brain regions that are responding to those tasks它们大脑中对这些任务作出反应的区域are different in terms of their developmental stage than adults.与成年老鼠是有区别的So to drink more to be able to cope with more booze on board所以它们能喝更多 抵抗力更强but thats not to say theres no risk of damage.但也并不是说 它们就不会受酒精损害201507/384292

The idea that our planets comtinents drift around the globe,periodically glomming together and breaking apart,is at least 200 years old.But most geologists didnt believe it until the 1960s,when mounting evidence made it clear that the Earths crust is broken up into fragments,and that those fragments,called tectonic plates,are moving.地球上的板块漂浮在全球各地,板块间会发生聚合和张裂,这种说法由来已月00多年,但在20世纪60年代之前,许多地质学家并不认同这种说法,直到越来越多的据表明,地球的地壳会分裂成碎片,而这些被称为构造板块的碎片是会移动的。And these days we directly track that motion-with millimeter precision-from space.The common,simplified explanation for why tectonic plates are moving is that theyre carried along on currents in the upper mantle,the slowly flowing layer of rock just below Earths crust.Converging currents drive plates into each other,diverging currents pull them apart.如今我们能够以毫米级的精确度,从太空直接观察到这种现象,目前普遍认为,造成构造板块移动的原因,简单说来就是板块随上地幔热对流而动,地幔岩流层就位于地壳下方,汇聚的对流导致板块分裂,分散的对流则会聚合板块。This is mostly true;hot mantle rock rises from the core and moves along under the crust until it grows cool and heavy and sinks back down again.But the plates arent just passively riding these conveyer-belt-like currents around like a bunch of suitcases at the baggage claim.They cant be,because some of the plates are moving faster than the currents underneath them.这基本是对的,热的地幔岩从地核处上升至地壳,直到慢慢冷却变重沉积回去,但是板块不会像行李认领处,传送带上的箱包那般顺从,它们做不到,国为有些板块的移动速度比下层的岩石更快。For example,the Nazca plate-a chunk of ocean crust off the west coast of South America-is cruising eastward at about 10cm per year,while the mantle underneath it oozes along at just five.Neither tectonic plates nor luggage can move faster than the belt theyre riding on unless something else is helping to push or pull them along.例如,位于南美洲西海岸的大洋板块----纳斯卡板块,它正以每年10厘米的速度向东移动,而其下方的地幔每年只移动5厘米,无论是构造板块还是行李箱,都不可能动的比传送带快,除非还存在其他对它们产生推拉力的东西。And some of Earths plates,it turns out,are pulling themselves.When an ocean plate collides with another ocean plate or a plate bearing the thick crust of continental landmasses,the thinner of the two plates bends and slides under the other.As the edge of the seafloor sinks into the mantle,it pulls on the plate behind it,they same way a chain dangling further and further off a table will eventually start to slide.事实明,有些地球板块会对自身产生牵引力,当一片大洋板块与另一块大洋板块,或是一片承载着厚重岩层的大陆板块相撞,那么薄的那片板块会发生弯曲滑入另一片板块下方,随着海底的边缘陷入地幔,这会拉动位于其上的板块,就像桌边的锁链一点一点的下坠,最后总会掉下去。The bigger the sunken portion of the plate becomes,the harder it pulls and the faster the remaining plate behind it moves.You can find where this is happening by looking at google earth-the incredibly deep,narrow ocean trenches visible off the coasts of some continents and island chains mark the creases formed as ocean crust plunges downward,bending the edge of its neighbor in the process.板块下沉的面积越大,产生的拉力就越大,余下板块运动速度也越快,你可以通过谷歌地图找出发生过下沉的地方,那些远离大陆海岸,极深的狭窄海沟和岛链,标示着大洋板块下沉形成的褶皱,那是相邻板块在碰撞过程中弯曲而形成的。Whats more,helping to drive convection in the mantle beneath them.Sunken slabs of ocean crust block flowing rock from moving further sideways,forcing it to turn downward and sink.此外,有助于它们下方地幔的热流运动,沉没的大洋板块阻止岩流向更深处移动,迫使它向下沉。Eventually those slabs get too heavy and break off,plunging slowly toward the core and creating a suction force that pulls mantle material along behind it.So,in some ways,seafloor crust really is more like part of the conveyor belt than something riding on top of it.The continents,on the other hand,are baggage.最后,这些板块由于太重而断裂,慢慢插入地核,并且形成牵引力拉动后方的地幔物质,所以,从某个角度来说,与行李相比,海底地壳其实更像是传送带的一部份,换句话说,大陆就是行李。201504/371205

;In the years that followed the Prophet Muhammads death in 632, the caliphs were essentially the political and religious leaders of the Muslim community. All Arab Muslims in the first century of Islam, realised that this was a new state-that what went on before wasnt really relevant. These caliphs were not the successors of the Byzantine emperors or of the Sassanian king of kings. They might look to these people for solutions to administrative problems-how you collect money, and indeed what sort of money you make-but they wouldnt see themselves as performing the same sort of role. This was a new dispensation.;公元632年,穆罕默德去世之后,哈里发成为穆斯林最重要的政治及宗教领袖。在伊斯兰历的最初一百年内,所有的阿拉伯穆斯林都意识到他们处在一个全新的国度,之前的一切都不重要。哈里发不是拜占庭皇帝的继承人,也不是萨珊王朝万王之王的继承人。他们也许会借鉴这些帝王管理国家的经验,比如如何收税,收哪些税,但他们并不认为自己与前人扮演着同样的角色。这个制度是全新的。One of the administrative solutions that Abd al-Malik borrowed from the Byzantine emperors was how to manage the currency. Up until now, the new Islamic empire had used hand-me-down coins from the pre-conquest era, or imported, and especially Byzantine, gold coins, but Abd al-Malik quickly saw what every chancellor of the exchequer has seen since, namely that therell be economic instability if a ruler does not control the quantity and the quality of his own money supply. He understood that coins are literally the stamp of authority, asserting the dominant power in the society using them-and that power was now his.阿卜杜勒马利克向拜占庭皇帝借鉴的管理手法之一便是货币管理。在此之前,新伊斯兰帝国所使用的货币要么是占领区的前朝传下来的,要么是从伊斯坦布尔进口的金币。但阿卜杜勒马利克很快意识到,如果不去控制货币的数量与质量,就会出现经济动荡。他也了解到货币是权力的印章,是向它所流通的社会表明统治权的手段,而统治权如今在他手中。Its worth remembering that in the pre-modern world, coinage was often the only mass-produced item in use, and it was therefore a hugely significant element in the visual culture of a society-money was a billboard for the boss. And so the boss, Abd al-Malik, was stamped on this first overtly Islamic coinage. The Leader of the Faithful had ousted and replaced the emperors of Byzantium.在前现代社会,货币几乎是唯一一种在日常生活中被大量制造并流通的物品,因而也是一个国家视觉文化中最重要的因素。因此,阿卜杜勒马利克本人的形象出现在了伊斯兰第一款公开行的货币上。拜占庭皇帝被信徒的领路人取而代之。201508/394433

Premier Li meets UNESCO Director-General李克强会见联合国教科文组织总干事科娃Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has met with Irina Bokova, the director-general of UNESCO.李克强总理会见了联合国教科文组织的总干事科娃。Li lauded UNESCOs efforts in promoting the diversity of world civilizations, pushing forward education and cultural exchanges and protecting the cultural heritage of humanity.李克强总理称赞在促进世界文明多样性、推动教育文化交流及保护人类文化遗产方面联合国教科文组织所做出的努力。He said China is willing to enhance cooperation with UNESCO in education, culture and other areas.他表示中方愿与联合国教科文组织加强教育,文化以及其他领域的合作。Bokova said UNESCO has always attached great importance to relations with China, and is willing to serve as a bridge in promoting people-to-people exchanges.科娃表示联合国教科文组织一直高度重视加强同中方的联系并且希望成为促进人文交流的桥梁。 译文属201507/383957


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