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赣州市立医院光子嫩肤多少钱江西省中心医院激光脱毛多少钱Residency居住咨询A:Professor Zhang, recently I am working on a paper about immigration. I ran across some difficulties in my paper. Could you help me out?A:张教授,最近我正在写一篇关于入境的论文,现在我的论文遇到一点麻烦,您能帮我解决一下吗?B:Yes, sure. What is it? Just go ahead. I have told you that do not hesitate to turn to me whenever you are in trouble.B: 当然可以啊。是什么问题?尽管问吧。我不是跟你们说过吗?无论什么时候遇到问题都一定要来找我。A:Thank you do much. Thats very kind of you. There is a chapter in my paper about the right of residency a foreigner has in another country. Could you give some information about it?A:真的非常感谢您。您实在是太好了。我的论文中有一章是关于外国人入境者的居留权问题,您能给我讲讲这方面的知识吗?B: No problem. In accordance with the laws in the host country and abtain long-term, short term or permanent residency.B: 没问题。根据所在国的法律和有关的国际条约或协定,可以在该国短期、长期或永久居留。A: Amazing. Does it mean that any foreigner can obtain residency?A:真是不可思议。这是不是说任何一个外国入境者都有居留权?B: Not exactly. Foreigners who can not obtain long term residency before he or she asks for and gets permission.B: 不完全是这样的。外国人未经请求并获得许可不能在一国领土内长期居留。A: So, if a foreigner wants to obtain long term residency in another country, he or she has to apply for it first and then wait for permission.A:因此,假如外国公民想获得长期居留权就必须先申请然后再等候被批准。B: You are perfectly right.B: 你说的完全正确。A: Are there any regulations and rules for foreigners to obey if they obtain residency in another country?A:当外国人所在国取得居留权后有什么要遵守的规章制度吗?B: Of course there are. The obligations and rights of a foreigner are stipulated by the host country while he or she is in the period of residency. Foreigners ought to obey the laws and regulations of the host country.B: 当然有。外国人在居留期间的权利和义务有居住国的法律规定。外国人应遵守居住过的法律。A: So, these are the obligations foreigners must obey, right?A:那么这些就是外国人要遵守的规章制度了,对吗?B: Yes. And at the same time the host country is responsible for protecting the lawful rights and interests of them.B: 是的,不过与此同时,居住国对外国人的合法权益应予以保护。 /201603/430564赣州玻尿酸垫下巴价格 US Officials See Difficult Period in US-Russia Relations美国国会就美俄关系前途展开听 Lawmakers on the House and Senate foreign affairs committees closely questioned U.S. officials Tuesday about future relations with Russia in the wake of the war between Russia and Georgia. The ed States is carefully reviewing how to help Georgia rebuild its military with a package of economic aid to Georgia aly pledged. 星期二,美国国会参众两院外交委员会的议员仔细询问美国政府官员有关俄罗斯同格鲁吉亚之间发生战争后美国跟俄罗斯的关系。美国正在慎重考虑如何帮助格鲁吉亚重新组建军队,其经费来自美国保向格鲁吉亚提供的经济援助。Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Fried says it is in U.S. interests to help Georgia recover economically, stabilize and restore its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and address what he called "legitimate military needs". 美国助理国务卿弗里德说,帮助格鲁吉亚恢复经济、稳定、主权和领土完整符合美国的利益。他说,美国还应满足他所称的格鲁吉亚的“合理的军事需要”。With a billion economic aid package pledged by Washington, he said the ed States is working with NATO and is sending a Defense Department team to Georgia to help determine what form appropriate military assistance would take. 美国政府提供了10亿美元经济援助,弗里德说,美国正在跟北约合作,并派遣了一个国防部小组前往格鲁吉亚,协助确定以何种方式提供适当的军事援助。"We are going to make a careful assessment of Georgia's needs," Fried said. "We are going to think about what the appropriate response is to those needs, and we will be discussing that on a separate track." 弗里德说:“我们将仔细评估格鲁吉亚的需要,考虑如何对这些需要作出适当的反应。我们将通过不同渠道讨论这一问题。”Fried and Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Eric Edelman used strong language in characterizing the challenges ahead in U.S.-Russian relations. 弗里德和负责防务政策的美国国防部次长埃德尔曼在谈到未来美俄关系面临的挑战的时候使用了强硬的措辞。Russia must be prevented from drawing a new line in Europe, said Fried, while Edelman asserted that Moscow's relations with Washington, and the world, have reached a crossroads, adding that Russia must decide how it wants to be seen by the world. 弗里德说,必须防止俄罗斯重新划定欧洲的国界。埃德尔曼则强调,莫斯科同华盛顿的关系,以及俄罗斯同世界的关系都处在一个十字路口,俄罗斯必须决定,它想让世界怎样看待它。"The international community has resolutely rejected Russian aggression," Edelman said. "Russia's future actions, including those it takes in the coming weeks and months in Georgia, will continue to define how it is viewed in the world and how the world defines and moves forward with Russia. We hope that on sober reflection Russia will choose a different path, but our policy will respond appropriately to Russian actions." 埃德尔曼说:“国际社会坚决反对俄罗斯的侵略。俄罗斯今后在格鲁吉亚的行动,今后几个星期和几个月的行动,将继续对世界如何界定俄罗斯以及世界如何与俄罗斯交往产生影响。我们希望,俄罗斯经过清醒的思考,将选择一条不同的道路。我们的政策将对俄罗斯作出适当的反应。”Democratic Representative Howard Berman, who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, asked these questions about a potential military aid package.  众议院外交委员会主席、民主党议员伯曼就可能的军事援助提出问题。"Will it be basic replenishment of armaments damaged in the recent conflict? Will it allow Georgia the ability to participate in foreign missions such as Iraq, or will it provide the capacity for self-defense in case of future attacks? Given the asymmetrical nature of the Russian and Georgian forces, just what kind of arms could possibly give Tiblisi the ability to defend itself from future incursions," he asked. 他说:“我们的援助是不是补充格鲁吉亚在最近的冲突中损耗的武器?是否使格鲁吉亚有能力参加在伊拉克等国家的使命?还是使格鲁吉亚获得在未来的冲突中自卫的能力?考虑到俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚两国军队力量悬殊,格鲁吉亚需要多少武器才能保卫自己不受未来侵略?”Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, Democrat Carl Levin, says American officials must determine where U.S-Russia relations go in light of Russian military assertiveness in Georgia. 参议院外交委员会主席莱文说,鉴于俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的军事强势,美国官员必须确定美俄关系朝哪个方向发展。"What is the right balance to strike in terms between signaling to Russia that its claims of a sphere of influence which override the sovereignty of its neighbors are unacceptable, while keeping the door open to Russian integration into the broader international community, and working with Russia in areas where our strategic interests are aligned, such as preventing a nuclear Iran, or [in] counter-terrorism efforts," asked Senator Levin. 他说:“适当的平衡究竟在哪里?一方面,我们要俄罗斯知道,它对势力范围的要求侵犯了邻国的主权,这是无法接受的。另一方面,我们又要向俄罗斯保持大门开放,使俄罗斯能够融入更加广泛的国际社会。而且我们要在事关我们战略利益的领域同俄罗斯合作,比如防止伊朗核武化,以及打击恐怖主义。”Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen says Georgia's future and that of the entire region depends on how the ed States and members of the European Union react in coming months. 共和党众议员罗斯.莱特宁说,格鲁吉亚的未来和整个地区的未来取决于美国和欧盟成员在 今后几个月如何行动。"Will there be claims that parts of Ukraine rightfully belong in Russia? Will there be pressure on the Baltic states, where so many ethnic Russians live? Will northern Kazakhstan and its large population of ethnic Russians become an issue? Will Russian troops ever leave the independent country of Moldova which has sought their withdrawal for many years," she said. 她说:“俄罗斯是否会声称乌克兰的某些部分应该划归俄罗斯?波罗的海国家是否会面临压力?因为那里居住着许多俄罗斯族人。哈萨克斯坦北部人数众多的俄罗斯族人是否会成为一个问题?俄罗斯军队是否会离开独立国家尔多瓦?尔多瓦多年来一直在谋求俄罗斯撤军。”But other members of congress pointed to Georgian actions in South Ossetia that played a role in provoking a strong Russian military response in Georgia. 但是也有国会议员指出,格鲁吉亚在南奥塞梯的行动刺激俄罗斯作出强烈的军事反应。In the House of Representatives, Republican Dana Rohrabacher and Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee say the U.S. must preserve its ability to work with Russia. 在众议院,共和党议员罗拉巴克和民主党议员杰克逊.李说,美国必须维持同俄罗斯合作的能力。We have been just pushing the Russians and pushing the Russians, making them into an enemy when they at first wanted to be friends," Rohrabacher said. 罗拉巴克说:“我们一直在向俄罗斯人施加压力,把他们变成敌人,其实开始的时候他们是希望成为朋友的。”"Our friends in Russia are as important as our friends in Georgia," said Lee. "We must find a balance. We can sit here and accuse. Yes, I believe that Georgia was aggressive. At the same time, Russia is huge and growing. Let us find a way to create peace and opportunity." 杰克.李说:“我们在俄罗斯的朋友和我们在格鲁吉亚的朋友同样重要。我们必须找到平衡。我们可以坐在这里指责他们。是的,我认为格鲁吉亚是侵略者。同时,俄罗斯幅员辽阔,而且正在成长。让我们寻找创造和平与机遇的途径。”Assistant Secretary Fried told lawmakers on Tuesday that while the ed States does not seek a bad relationship with Russia "until Russia's leaders change their path the two countries may be in for a difficult period." 助理国务卿弗里德星期二对议员们说,虽然美国不希望搞坏同俄罗斯的关系,但是,“除非俄罗斯领导人改变做法,否则美俄两国可能会进入一个困难的时期”。200809/48212信丰县光子脱毛多少钱

赣州隆鼻International Agencies Regret US Decision to Abort Burma Mercy Mission援缅被拒 美舰队撤离缅甸外海 ed States naval ships with relief supplies for cyclone victims in Burma are leaving the area, because the Burmese government refused their help. International agencies trying to help more than two million storm survivors regret the loss of the navy's resources. 满载救助缅甸强热带风暴灾民的救援物资的美国海军舰队离开这个地区,因为缅甸政府拒绝他们的帮助。试图帮助两百多万风灾幸存者的国际援助机构对失去美国海军提供的救灾物资表示遗憾。The USS Essex and several support vessels are leaving the seas near Burma after spending three weeks trying to deliver aid to the survivors of Cyclone Nargis. 美国海军舰艇“埃塞克斯”号以及其它几艘辅助舰艇驶离缅甸附近的公海,这几艘舰艇在这里已等候了三个星期,曾试图向缅甸纳尔吉斯强热带风暴的灾民运送救灾物品。The French navy also has given up efforts to send in aid and is heading away from the Bay of Bengal.  法国海军也放弃了向缅甸灾区运送救灾物资的努力,离开了孟加拉湾。Burma's government has rejected offers to use other country's military helicopters to carry relief supplies. 缅甸政府还拒绝接受其它国家提供军用直升机运送救援物资的提议。Instead, in the past week the World Food Program received two helicopters from Africa, but aid experts say that is not enough. 在过去的一个星期中,世界粮食计划署只收到了来自非洲的两架直升机,援助专家说,这是远远不够的。 WFP spokesman Paul Risley says it is unfortunate that U.S. Navy helicopters will not be available to bring aid across the Irrawaddy Delta. 世界粮食计划署发言人保罗.里斯利说,不幸的是,世界粮食计划署将无法使用美国海军的直升机把救援物资运到整个伊洛瓦底江三角洲。 他说:"And this is truly unfortunate because these helicopters represented immediate heavy lift capacity in the area and would have been a standard operating procedure for the U.N. for relief agencies in responding," he said. “这非常令人遗憾,因为这些直升机能够立即在灾区发挥重型起重能力,同时也能够作为联合国及救援机构在救灾反应方面的标准作业步骤。” Military helicopters from several nations played a vital role in relief efforts in Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami. They also helped in the aftermath of a cyclone that hit Bangladesh last year. 2004年印尼发生海啸之后,几个国家提供的军用直升机在救灾中发挥了至关重要的作用。去年孟加拉国发生强热带风暴之后,军用直升机也帮助了救灾工作。Burma's state media say the government rejected the U.S. military aircraft because it feared an invasion, despite U.S. assurances that wanted only to provide aid. 缅甸国家控制的媒体说,政府拒绝美国军用飞机的帮助,是因为政府担心美军入侵,尽管美国保只提供灾害援助。 The cyclone that hit a month ago left more than two million people in need of food, shelter and medical care. The storm killed 78,000 and left 56,000 missing. 一个月前的纳尔吉斯强热带风暴造成200多万人缺少粮食,住房和医疗务。风暴造成7万8千人死亡,5万6千人失踪。 International donors have condemned the Burmese government's roadblocks to relief efforts. U.S. officials say the delays may have cost "tens of thousands of lives." 国际捐助者谴责缅甸政府为救灾工作设置障碍。美国官员说,这种延误可能造成“数以万计的生命”丧失。The ed Nations and ASEAN recent reached an agreement with Burma to allow international aid workers more access to the areas worst hit by the storm.  联合国和东盟最近与缅甸达成了协议,允许更多的国际援助工作者进入受风灾影响最严重的地区。But U.N. officials said Wednesday relief efforts need to expand rapidly, since just one point three million people had gotten any sort of assistance. 但联合国官员星期三说,救灾工作需要迅速扩大,因为只有130万人得到了某种形式的援助。The Irrawaddy Delta is Burma's main rice-growing region, but U.N. officials said Wednesday that 60 percent of the paddy fields were damaged in the storm. About 16 percent are too badly damaged for the next planting season, in July.  伊洛瓦底江三角洲是缅甸的主要稻米种植区,但联合国官员星期三说,60%的水稻田在风暴中遭到破坏。大约16%的稻田遭到的破坏过于严重,以至在7月下一个播种季节开始时无法耕作。The WFP's Risley says international food aid to the hardest-hit areas could last a year. 世界粮食计划署的里斯利说,向受灾最严重的地区提供援助可能会持续1年。 他说:"In a situation such as this it would be very typical for the World Food Program to continue providing food rations through general deliveries for families and farmers in the delta area, certainly through the next six months, certainly through the next harvest. It is likely that harvest will not be able to take place for an entire year," he said. “在这种情况下,世界粮食计划署通常会继续通过普遍分发形式向伊洛瓦底江三角洲灾区的农民及其家庭提供定量口粮,在未来的6个月内必然会这样做,这一做法一直会持续到农作物下一次收获季节。而很有可能在整整一年里不会有任何收获。” U.N. officials say few farmers have returned to their land because they have no food, shelter or farm tools. In addition, roads throughout the region remain unusable. 联合国官员说,少数农民已返回他们的土地,因为他们没有食物、住所或农具。此外,整个区域内的道路仍然无法使用。200806/41190瑞金市中医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱 Thai Police Arrest Key Anti-Government Protest Leaders泰警方逮捕反政府抗议主要领导人  Thai police have arrested key leaders of protests who have occupied a main government building in Bangkok since August 26. But analysts warn the arrests mark a setback in efforts to reconcile anti-government protesters and may lead to heightened political tensions in Thailand. 泰国警方逮捕了8月26号以来占领曼谷主要政府大楼的抗议活动主要领导者。但是分析人士警告说,逮捕行动标志着和反政府抗议人士进行和解的努力出现倒退。逮捕行动还可能导致泰国紧张局势升级。Former Bangkok governor Chumlong Srimuang is the second anti-government protest leader arrested on charges of insurrection. Thai police have issued arrest warrants for nine people on the charges that carry a maximum penalty of death if convicted. 曼谷前市长西蒙是第二位因为叛乱指控而被逮捕的反政府抗议活动领导者。泰国警察向9个人发出了逮捕令,如果被定罪,对他们的指控最高可以判处死刑。The nine have been leading demonstrations for several months, but since August 26 protesters have occupied the main government administration building in Bangkok, forcing the government to relocate to temporary offices. 这9人领导了几个月的示威活动。从8月26号以来,抗议者占领了曼谷主要的政府行政大楼,迫使政府搬到临时办公室。A member of the opposition Democrat Party, Kraisak Choonhavan, says the arrests mark a setback in efforts to negotiate with the government. 反对派“民主党”的成员克拉萨说,这些逮捕行动标志着和政府谈判的努力出现倒退。"The arrest of Mr. Chumlong, in fact both, has intensified the politics of Thailand and that the reconciliation, which I thought was going well, but this is a major hiccup in a way that could in fact bring us to the brink of a crisis. The heat is really up and I truly feel very saddened by the situation," said Kraisak Choonhavan. 克拉萨说:“逮捕西蒙导致泰国政治呈现紧张局面,我原来认为进行得不错的和解也出现了大倒退。实际上,这可能会把我们带到危机的边缘。气氛的确很紧张,我真的对局势觉得非常悲观。”Chumlong also played a key role in anti-government protests in 1992 that led to a bloody crackdown by the military, leading to dozens killed and hundreds injured.  西蒙还在1992年的反政府抗议活动中发挥了重要作用。那次抗议导致政府的血腥镇压,造成几十人丧生和几百人受伤。The current protests are led by the so-called People's Alliance for Democracy, which has accused the government that was elected last December of acting as a proxy for former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. He fled Thailand in August while facing charges of corruption. Courts have since issued five arrest warrants for Thaksin. 目前的抗议活动由一个叫“人民民主联盟”的组织领导,这个组织指责去年12月选出的政府成为前总理他信的傀儡。面临贪污指控的他信今年8月逃离泰国。法院后来发出5次逮捕令,要求逮捕他信。Protests and street violence in early September led to a two-week state of emergency being declared in Bangkok. Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej was forced to surrender the leadership in September on court charges of conflict of interest. 9月初的抗议活动和街头暴力导致曼谷实行了两个星期的紧急状态。总理沙马因为法院指控有利益冲突,被迫在9月交出领导权。The new government leader, Somchai Wongsawat, a brother-in-law of Thaksin, had promised to promote reconciliation and talks with the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy. The Alliance, known as PAD, is reported to be calling for further protest support following the arrests.  新政府领导人翁沙瓦是他信的夫。翁沙瓦表示要推动和解和与反政府的“人民民主联盟”进行对话。“人民民主联盟”据报导在逮捕行动之后,正在呼吁进一步持抗议活动。An author and commentator on Thai politics, Chris Baker, says the arrests could be attributed to Thaksin looking to re-exert his influence over the governing People's Power Party. 泰国政治作家和员贝克尔说,逮捕行动可能是因为他信希望对执政的“人民力量党”重新施加影响力。"The transition from Samak [Sundaravej] to Somchai [Wongsawat] was very much the reassertion of Thaksin's influence. So, one possibility is that Thaksin is driving a harder line on the PAD. It is certainly very strange given the way they were talking about reconciliation," said baker. 贝克尔说:“从沙马过渡到翁沙瓦是对他信影响力一次很大的肯定。所以,一种可能性是他信正在推动人民力量党实行更加强硬的路线。考虑到他们谈论和解的方式,这当然让人很奇怪。”Thailand has been deeply divided politically since Thaksin came to power in 2001 backed by his populist policies that won strong support from the urban working class and rural low income earners. 2001年,他信因为受人欢迎的政策上台。他的政策赢得了城市工薪阶层和农村低收入者的大力持。后来,泰国一直深陷政治分裂之中。But the urban middle class accused Thaksin, ousted in a 2006 coup, of acting in an authoritarian manner by looking to concentrate power as well as widesp corruption in government. 城市中产阶级指责他信希望实行集权,从事专制行动,以及政府广泛的腐败。200810/51914江西省中心医院光子脱毛手术多少钱

崇义县做文眉手术多少钱Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 9 ..As they died they slowly sank, settling in layers on the seafloor. Through time they formed these cliffs in an ocean that was up to 300 meters deeper than we see it today. Just imagine how London might have looked back then. All this flooding was triggered by rising seafloors and a warming climate, causing the ice caps to melt, a cataclysm that resulted in much of the continent's disappearing.But it wasn't these rising seas that spelt the end for the dinosaurs, it was an event that happened thirty million years later and half a world away.A giant meteorite crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. The destructive power equaled five billion Hiroshima bombs. Shock waves swept across the Atlantic.All across Europe, life struggled to hold on. The extinction of the dinosaurs created opportunities for new forms of life, evidence of which can be found here on the Baltic coast of Poland. These fishermen are after a catch that could change their lives. They are not after fish or crabs but something far more precious washed up from the seabed.One lucky dip could net a small fortune and open a window back more than fifteen million years into Europe's past.This is amber. It doesn't look much until it's polished. Then it can reveal all kinds of treasures.words and expressionscataclysm: (n.) A violent and sudden change in the earth's crust. 灾变地壳的剧烈而突然的改变Baltic: (adj.) Of or relating to the Baltic Sea, the Baltic States, or a Baltic-speaking people. 波罗的海的amber: (n.) A hard, translucent, yellow, orange, or brownish-yellow fossil resin, used for making jewelry and other ornamental objects. 琥珀200809/47577 free rein ---- 自由,随意(成语)英文释义(IDIOM) Complete permission to make decisions, spend money, and manage without any limits or supervision. (NOTE: ;rein; is a cord used to control horses)例句The talented project manager agreed to take the difficult new project only if she was given complete free rein.只要能够给予自由行事的权力,这位天才的项目经理就同意接受这个困难的新项目。 /201609/464999上犹县中医院激光除皱多少钱赣州整形美容医院做去眼袋手术好吗



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