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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201602/426571。

Once it arrives at Mars,当火星车到达火星时the whole mass of the planet will stand in the way.火星本身就会阻碍通信Mars itself rotates as the Earth rotates,火星也会和地球一样自转and so sometimes, even if we wanted to talk to Curiosity,某些时刻 尽管我们想与好奇号联系we couldnt.我们也不能Because we just have the whole planet between us and Curiosity.因为整个行星挡我们和好奇号之间A Martian day lasts 24 hours and 40 minutes.火星一日有24小时40分钟For half of that time,其中一半时间the rover will drop behind the red planets horizon,火星车将处在火星地平线之下out of view of Earths antennas.远离地球天线的接收范围When Curiosity arrives,当好奇号抵达时night will be falling on Mars.降落点正好迎来夜晚Midway through its perilous landing procedure,在十分危险的着陆过程中the team will lose direct contact with the spacecraft.控制团队将失去与航天器的直接联系But NASA can rely on help但是美国宇航局可以依靠from some previous Mars missions.以往的火星任务来提供帮助重点解释:1.arrive at到达例句:I wish he would arrive at some conclusion.但愿他会有一结论。2.even if 即使;虽然例句:Even if I fail this time, I would try again.即使我这次失败了,我还要再试试。 201512/419214。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201503/364481。

Fold in on themselves, and dissappear.都被自己搅进去 而消失了Its profound, and total nothingness.Everything in nothing.是深厚的 完全的虚无 万物归无And up until now, all of you people到目前为止 你们所有with your big biceps and your big equations, have always said,二头肌发达的人写些繁复的公式 总是说;Oh, my big equation; is ending in a singularity, I must be wrong.我的公式 ;以奇点结束了 我肯定是错了;Thats what frightened Einstein.爱因斯坦就是被这个吓倒了Singularities cant exist because the laws of science dont allow for them.奇点不能存在 因为科学的定律不许它存在Wrong. Singularities do exist.错了 奇点存在For perfect sphere, for ideal light stars.No, for real stars.只能是完美的球体 理想的恒星 不对 真实存在的恒星Real stars do it, too. Singularities are out there.真正的恒星也会这样 奇点是存在的There are places where science and rules break down在有些地方 科学和定律不再适用where there is no matter, no space, nothing,没有物质 没用空间 什么都没有where everything, including time, does not exist.所有东西 包括时间 都不存在了And when a star collapses, singularity is inevitable.而一颗恒星坍圮的时候 奇点必会出现201512/417766。

People would transport the tin across these vast distances.人们跋山涉水运送金属锡 They could make an enormous return,他们能得到丰厚的回报but it was extremely risky.但途中危机重重Half a ton of tin that will sell for 100% profit.半吨的锡会全额获利But this is bandit country.但这里强盗横行Trade and industry are forging new connections贸易与工业正在世界各地Across the world.建立新的连接Amur transports a valuable cargo through bandit country.阿穆尔运送一批贵重的货物经过强盗之乡The people who made the world世界的建造者们are the people who were the risk takers,正是那些敢于冒险the people who didnt play it safe,敢于放手一搏的人the people who can see opportunity在其他人只看到其中的风险之时where others see only risk.他们总能发现暗藏的机会Trade opens new frontiers,贸易开启了新的界限Connecting the world like never before.世界从未像现在这般紧密相连201508/396103。

A gladiator was like a rock star, they had fans.角斗士就像摇滚巨星 他们有自己的追随者You can even see in their graffiti,这在他们的涂鸦中便有体现love notes from women to their favorite gladiators.里面有女人给他们心爱的角斗士的情话A top gladiator can earn the equivalent of 0,000 a fight. 最高级别的角斗士一场比赛 可以得到相当于二十万美元的报酬But most die before they turn 23.但大部分角斗士活不过二十三岁Rome is at the height of its power.此时的罗马正处于鼎盛时期Its empire dominates Europe,整个帝国统治着欧洲North Africa and the Middle East.北非和中东A fifth of mankind is under Roman rule.罗马统治着全球五分之一的人口But unknown to the Romans, on the other side of the world,然而罗马人并不知道 在世界另一端There is another empire just as big and powerful.有一个像罗马一样庞大和强大的帝国166 A.D.Roman merchants, their names lost to history,公元166年 罗马商人们来到了离家五千英里外的地方 5,000 miles from home.如今 他们的名字已湮没在历史长河中For two years they have crossed oceans, mountains and deserts,Heading beyond India两年来 他们远渡重洋 翻山越岭 勇闯沙漠 一路朝着印度前进To a land theyve heard of only in whispers.这片他们只曾耳闻未曾目睹过的土地;Somewhere out there, on the outer fringe of the world,;在那之外 在这世界的外边缘;Where the sea ends,;;There is a very great inland state.;China.在大海的尽头 ;有一个伟大的内陆国家; 那就是中国201510/404144。


To be a person that cannot be a part of the everyday life of this world,一个没有办法参与正常生活的人it could really be devastating on the mind.在精神上承受着很大的压力You cant get it all for free.一切都是有代价的And thats what happened with Michael,对迈克尔来说就是如此he had to give up so much that he lost his ability他失去的太多 多到丧失了to just walk amongst evetyday people.在人群中行走的能力This was the first artist that ld been associated with,他是我碰过第一个and the only artist that ld been associated with,也是唯一的一个艺人that you could not walk down the street with.让你没有办法跟他在大街上走路look at my life. lts somewhat normal. Its not normal, but its a little normal.我的人生还算正常 大致上还算正常But judging my life to his, his was nowhere close.但跟他相比 他的真的太不正常了He just couldnt be anonymous.lmpossible.他没有办法消声匿迹 绝不可能Michael Jackson is proclaimed the King of Pop.迈克尔·杰克逊就是流行乐之王lts kind of hard being a king.You can get out of sorts.要称王可不是件易事 很容易脱离常轨201511/409333。


But I quite like lying back...我真喜欢躺这儿I quite like lying here and just getting to it.我好喜欢躺这儿 输这东西Do you feel any drug effects?你感觉到药物作用了吗Zero -not at all five -al lot.0是完全没有 5是感觉强烈Three.3Do you like the effects you are feeling now?你喜欢你现在的感觉吗Four.4-Would you like more of what youve received? -Five.-希望再多来点吗 -5Do you feel high?感觉兴奋吗Three.3Do you feel intoxicated?你有喝醉的兴奋感吗Three.3The team were used to watching people lose the plot.这个团队过去常常看着人们失控Using this method theyd gathered data from enough subjects他们用这种方法搜集足够多主体的数据to know what was an average brain response to alcohol and what wasnt.然后获得大脑对酒精反应的平均水平Yeah.We have about ten minutes more of the infusion.是啊 我们还要注射十几分钟Oh good. Good.哦 好的 好的Theres ten more minutes of the dose going up?还有十几分钟的剂量Oh are you toying with me now?你们在玩我呀Dont... Im just...别 我只是-Its been a long day right? -Its been a long...-感觉很漫长 是吗 -漫长啊You know Ive been working hard...你知道 我一直在努力Its not just the personal sacrifice Dave.这不只是个人牺牲 戴夫You deserved this.这是你应得的Ive earned this.我争取来的重点解释:1.lie back 向后靠(休息)例句:She was so weak and exhausted that she had to lie back.她这样虚弱和疲备以致不得不把身体向后靠着。2.used to 过去常常例句:He is used to eating out all the time.他已经习惯在外面吃饭了。3.toy with 漫不经心地摆弄, 轻率地对待, 不十分认真地考虑例句:While she was talking to me, she toyed with a pencil.她一边和我说话,一边摆弄着一铅笔。 201507/389417。