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As Prime Minister, I am proud to wear a red ribbon on World Aids Day, to show my support for people living with HIV in the UK and all across the world. I am proud too of the role that the UK has played in driving advances in the treatment and prevention of HIV, including, of course, through the brilliant care and support of our NHS which makes such a difference in the lives of people living with HIV. But for all the progress in treatment and prevention, public attitudes have not progressed as far or as fast. The latest UK HIV Stigma Index found that almost 1 in 5 respondents living with HIV in the UK have had suicidal thoughts in the past 12 months. While around half reported feelings such as shame, guilt and low self-esteem in relation to their HIV status. This stigma is an unacceptable stain on our society and we have to wipe it out. Stigma is not just profoundly wrong. It also prevents many of those affected from accessing the testing, treatment and support that they need. Today, around 2 in 5 people are diagnosed late – after the point at which treatment should have begun, with a significant impact on their long-term prognosis. Tackling stigma is one of the ways that we can change this. So I am proud to support this years campaign. HIV stigma is not retro, just wrong. I urge you to join me in taking a stand and leaving this stigma where it belongs: in the past.201612/483173

即学即用英语会话词典E部分:在机场进入《即学即用英语会话词典文本》下载页面即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200708/16384

  SCENE③ C 同时间 在附近一个钢琴学校里【用电脑交朋友】 Sue: Do you want to 1) end up an 2) old maid?苏: 你想变成老吗? Rose: Im happy as a 3) single woman.柔丝: 我乐于做单身女郎。 Sue: Maybe now, but what about when you're old?苏: 或许现在是,但你老的时候怎么办? Rose: I'll worry about that then.柔丝: 我到那时再担心也不迟。 Sue: A lot of women like you meet nice men in 4) chat rooms.苏: 很多像你这样的女人,在网路聊天室碰到不错的男人。 Rose: You mean where you can talk with people 5) one-on-one?柔丝: 你是指那种可以跟人一对一谈话的地方? Sue: Sure! Lots of people do it.苏: 是啊!很多人这样做。 Rose: Use a computer to find friends? I don't know. It's not for me.柔丝: 用电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。 语言详解 A: I keep gaining weight. 我的体重一直在增加。 B: If you don't watch out, you'll end up as big as your mother. 若是你不留意,你最后就会跟你妈妈一样大块头。 【I'll worry about that then.我到那时再担心也不迟】 假如别人在你面前乌鸦嘴,说你现在不如何如何,以后就会怎样,但你根本听不进去的时候,就可以说这句话。 【It's not for me.这不适合我】 这句话是用在别人劝你接受一样东西,而你不愿意的时候。 1) end up 结束,落得……的下场。2) old maid 老3) single woman/man 单身女子/男子4) chat room 网络聊天室5) one-on-one 一对一 /200708/16596

  Were talking about obsoleting the internal combustion engine--and do it in terms of its affordability, add skill volumes, its performance and its durability.我们打算淘汰内燃机,并在提高可购性,增加技能,提高性能和耐用性方面努力。So thats what were driving to for 2010.这就是2010年我们要傲的工作。We havent seen anything yet in our development work that says that isnt possible.目前还没发现在研发过程中有任何迹象表明我们的想法不可行。We actually think the futures going to be event-driven.我们相信未来将成为具体事件的导向。So since we cant predict the future, we want to spend a lot of our time trying to create that future.虽然我们无法预测未来,所以我们会努力花时间去创造未来。Im very, very intrigued by the fact that our cars and trucks sit idle 90 percent of the time: they Parked all around us.我们的汽车以及卡车有90%的时间是停放着的,我对如何挖掘这段时间内车子的潜能很感兴趣。Theyre usually parked within 100 feet of the people that own them.这些车就停在我们周围,停在距离他们的所有者不到100英尺的范围内。Now, if you take the power-generating capability of an automobile and you compare that to the electric grid in the ed States, the power in 4 percent of the automobiles, equals that of the electric grid of the U.S.比较汽车和美国电网的发电能力,汽车电力的四分之一相当于美国电网的供电能力。Thats a huge power-generating capability, a mobile power-generating capability.所以由此可看出汽车发电能力的强大,而且还是可移动的发电。And hydrogen and fuel cells give us that opportunity to actually use our cars and trucks when theyre parked to generate electricity for the grid.氢燃料电池让我们能够充分利用资源,即使汽车和卡车停着的时候也能发电,为电网所用。And the key to all of this is to make it affordable, to make it exciting, to get it on a pathway where theres a way to make money doing it.但最重要的是我们要让汽车物美价廉,变得令人兴奋,并且有足够的资金进行研发。And again, this is a pretty big march to take here. And a lot of people say: how do you sleep at night when youre rustling with a problem of that magnitude?要实现我们的设想还有很长的路要走。许多人担心,如果考虑这样一个巨大的工程,晚上怎么睡得着。And I tell them I sleep like a baby: I wake up crying every two hours.我告诉他们我睡觉时就像小婴儿一样,每两个小时就醒来哭一次。Actually the theme of this conference, I think, has hit on really one of the major keys to pull that off--and thats relationships and working together. Thank you very much.我认为这次研讨会的主题,实际上就是策划出关键要素,并予以实现。那就是关系网的建立与相互合作。谢谢。201705/505699。

  Those special elements have served Hong Kong well over the past two decades.过去20年间,香港都因为这些独特的元素而获益。Hong Kong has coped with the challenges of great economic, social and political transition with almost none of the disturbance 期间,香港应付了各种经济、社会和政治转折带来的挑战,and dislocation which in other parts of the world have so often accompanied change on such a scale.而这种巨变在世界其他地方所通常造成的纷乱,在香港却几乎从未出现。The ed Kingdom has been proud and privileged to have had responsibility for the people of Hong Kong, 联合王国曾为港人负上责任,为香港提供框架,使港人得以把握个中机会,to have provided a framework of opportunity in which Hong Kong has so conspicuously succeeded.创出光夺目的成就,而在他们的这些成就中,也有我们的一份参与。And to have been part of the success which the people of Hong Kong have made of their opportunities.凡此种种,都使我们既感自豪,也感荣幸。In a few moments, the ed Kingdoms responsibilities will pass to the Peoples Republic of China.联合王国的责任即将转交中华人民共和国。Hong Kong will thereby be restored to China and, within the framework of ;one country, two systems;, 香港将交还给中国,而在一国两制的框架内,it will continue to have a strong identity of its own and be an important international partner for many countries in the world.香港将继续保持其鲜明个性,继续是世界多国的重要伙伴。201611/479075

  041 track and field events Words Athletics high jump triple jump long jump shot-put hurdle sprint starting blocks pole vault train overtake javelin discus lane metres(event) Phrases Win an event Take part in Break a record Beat a personal best Throw the javelin Jump…metres Win a title Cross the finish line Beginner A; when I was at school, I was quite good at track and field events. I was on the school team for the long jump, 100 and 200 meter sprints and the javelin. B: really? I was quite good at the hurdles and the discus. A; I wish that I were good at the discus, but I could rarely throw it in the right direction! I was awful. With the hurdles, I could never jump over them! B; I thought you were good at the high jump! A; no, I was good at the long jump. I liked the sprints best. B: did you ever win any competitions? A; I was regional champion for the 100 and 200 meters. I usually did well in the dong jump competitions, but I couldn’t compete with kids from other schools in the javelin. How about you? B; I came second and third a few times in the regional championships, but I never won. Did you ever take part in the national championship for the sprinting events? A; yes, I did, but I didn’t do very well. I made the final in both events, but came last. At least I made the final. I was very pleased with that. Intermediate A: do you have a copy of today’s paper? I want to check the results from the world athletics championship. B; yes, I ‘m just ing them myself. It’s been a great competition. We got gold medals in three events. A; yes, we won the men’s 110 metres hurdles. I watched that on TV. What other events did we win? B; we won the men’s high jump and the women’s 1500 meters. A; that’s great. Those athletes must train for years to get into peak physical condition. They must be terribly disappointed if they don’t win. B; the woman who won the 1500 meters also broke the world record by 2 seconds. A; that’s amazing! Were any other records broken? B; a Russian man broke the discus record by a centimeters. Out best athlete broke his personal best in the long jump, but it only got him third place. A: did you see the final of the men’s 100 metres? It was very exciting. One competitor made two false starts. B: was he disqualified? A yes, he was. I imagine he must be very angry with himself for that. /200705/13580100. People say that..., but I think... 人们都说······,但我却认为······ 用法透视 这个句型可以用来引出你与众不同的看法或经历。 持范例 1. Some people say that music has gone downhill since Beethoven, but I don't really agree. 有人说从贝多芬以后音乐就走下坡路了,但我不很同意。 2. People say that boys usually do better work than girls on exams, but I think it is not necessarily the case. 人们说男孩子的考试成绩通常比女孩子好,但我却认为不一定这样。 3. Some people say that older persons are no use for the world, but I entirely disagree with them. 有些人说老年人对这个世界没用,但我完全不同意。 会话记忆 A: People say that you never have a real winter in the South China, but I don't think so. 人们都说中国南方没有真正意义上的冬天,但我却不这样认为。 B: Why? 怎么? A: I did experience a winter with snow in Kunming, the Spring City. 我真的在"春城"昆明度过了一个有雪的冬天。 B: With snow in Kunming? That's crazy! 昆明下雪?难以置信 /200706/14670

  VOA流行美语 116: blow it/wing itLarry和李华两人正在做菜,准备一会儿带到朋友家参加party。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to blow it和to wing it.(Cooking sounds)LH: Larry, 那是什么味道?(sniffing) .........哎呀,糟了!是猪排烤焦了啦!LL: What? Oh no! I ruined them. They're stuck to the bottom of the pot. I blew it!LH: 你在说什么啊!你是把猪排烤焦了,又没有吹坏什么东西!你怎么说blow it呢?LL: When I said "I blew it", I meant that I ruined the whole dish. To "blow it" means to make a mistake that leads to total failure, or ruins a good opportunity.LH: 噢,原来blow it是指犯了错,把事情搞砸了,或者错过了一个大好机会。你啊!还真是把这道猪排给搞砸了。这样吧!给你个将功补过的机会,再给我举个blow it的例子吧!LL: Well, the other day I was playing pool with Jack. I was just two shots away from winning, but then I blew it: I sunk the eight ball and lost.LH: 哈哈! 你玩台球输给Jack ! 八成是你太有自信,所以才会在最后关头输掉。LL: And last week, I finally got a date with that girl from my international relations class, but I blew it. I took a nap, overslept, and showed up at her place an hour and a half late.LH: 哎, Larry, 你几星期来一直要约那个女孩出去玩。终于约到了,怎么会睡过头,还迟到一个半小时的呢!我看你啊!你真是砸了这个好机会。LL: Yeah, well, it wasn't as bad as when you had that job opportunity last week and blew it!LH: 哟,你说到我头上来啦!我没有拿到那分工作又不是我的错!我怎么知道他们在我的电话里留了言。LL: That's because you forgot to check it. That was a really good job, too, and you blew it!LH: 我没有听电话留言。就算是我blew it。******LH: 哎,Larry, 现在可怎么办?我们一个小时后就得到Jane的家里,可是我们一道菜也没做好!LL: Well, we'll just have to wing it.LH: Wings? 你是说鸡翅膀?可是我们已经没有时间到店里去买了啊!LL: No, no, Li Hua, I said we have to wing it. That means, we'll have to do the best we can with limited time and resourcesLH: 噢,原来to wing it是说在有限的时间和条件下尽量拼凑。好吧!那你有什么好办法?LL: Let me see, what do you have in the fridge? (sound of fridge opening) Hmm, there's some tofu in here, and some green onions. And there's all these jars of weird Chinese sauces. Maybe we can wing it by making some kind of tofu dish.LH: 嗯,让我看看.......!对了!这儿有豆腐,有葱,还有...让我看这瓶子里是什么...噢,四川辣酱! 得了,我们可以做麻辣豆腐,这道菜又快又容易,只要把豆腐切块,再切些青葱,半个小时就可以完工咯!LL: O.K., let's get to work. (sound of sink/cooking sounds). This is a great idea. People will love it, and no one will even notice that we're winging it.LH: 没人会看出我们是临时凑出这道菜的。所以Larry, to wing it是不是只能用在临时把东西放在一块儿,就像做菜?LL: Not always. For instance, when I covered for Jack and taught his history 101 students last week, I didn't have time to prepare for the class, so I just winged it.LH: 你替Jack上课,可是事前没有时间备课。咦?那你是怎么临时备好课的呢?LL: I the ing assignment just an hour before class began. The students knew I was winging it, but they were very understanding.LH: 上课前一小时看看指定阅读些什么材料你就去上课啦!那学生当然知道你是在凑合咯!LL:Li Hua, pay attention to your cooking, don't blow it this time!LH: 你放心,你没看见我老守在炉子边吗! 我绝不会blow it !今天李华学到的两个常用语,一个是to blow it,意思是把事情搞砸了,或者是错过一个大好机会。另一个常用语是to wing it,是指在有限的时间和条件下,临时拼凑完成一件工作。 /200602/3336

  Theres a great e by Muhammad Ali in the museum - ;I shook up the world,; he said.在物馆里,写着穆罕默德.阿里一句伟大的话-他说,;我震撼了这个世界;。And that is what he did.这就是他做过的事情。So did leaders like Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King, and so many others.像索杰纳.特鲁思,弗雷德里克.道格拉斯,布克.T.华盛顿,马丁.路德.金以及众多其他领袖做得那样。They shook up the world for the better because they inspired our Nation to march toward justice and freedom for all.他们震撼了更好的世界,因为他们激励了我们的国家向所有人公平和自由的方向前行。Today, and every day, I pledge to continue that march so that every American今天,以及每一天,我发誓继续这样的行程,因此每一个美国人no matter his background, no matter her background - has the chance to climb that great ladder of success.不管他或她是什么背景,都有机会攀登上成功的伟大阶梯。It was very special to accompany Dr. Ben Carson and his family for the first time seeing the Carson exhibit.很特别能够陪伴本.卡森士和他的家人第一次来看卡森展览。I am proud that soon he will serve in my cabinet as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.我很自豪,他很快将在我的内阁中担任住宅与城市发展部长。HUD has a very, very powerful meaning far beyond housing.住房与城市发展部,比住房有着更加更加重要的意义。It is about transforming our communities.About bringing back hope.And Ben will do a fantastic job.这涉及到改变我们的社会。关系到带来希望。本将做了不起的工作。Thats what I am committed to doing also.这也是我承诺要完成的。I want every African-American child, family, and worker to have access to great schools, safe communities, and good-paying jobs.我要每一个非裔美国的儿童,家庭和员工,都有机会进入到伟大的学校,安全的社区,获得高工资的好工作。201703/498745

  The British Association would later be the first英国科学进步协会也是后来of the major national science organizations in the world to admit women as full members.第一个接收女性成为正式会员的主流国家学术团体。Up to the 19th century, natural philosophers were expected to pay for their own equipment and supplies.上至19世纪,自然哲学家是需要自己付实验设备和物资的。Occasionally, there were prizes, such as that given to John Harrison in the 18th century,偶尔会有奖金,如约翰·哈里森在18世纪的时候for solving the so-called longitude problem,解决了所谓的“经度问题”而获得的奖金,but prizes were only given after the fact, when they were given at all.但是仅仅当工作完成之后才能获得全部的奖金。On the advice of the philosophical breakfast club,在哲学早餐俱乐部的建议下,the British Association began to use the extra money generated by its meetings to give grants英国进步科学协会开始利用举办会议时多出来的钱for research in astronomy, the tides, fossil fish, shipbuilding, and many other areas.赞助天文学、潮汐、鱼类化石、造船业和其它很多领域的研究。These grants not only allowed less wealthy men to conduct research,这些基金不仅让不那么富有的人也能参与到科学研究中来,but they also encouraged thinking outside the box,还鼓励人们寻找新挑战,rather than just trying to solve one pre-set question.而不是去解决预置好的问题。Eventually, the Royal Society and the scientific societies of other countries followed suit,最终,皇家协会和其他国家的科学团体都开始效仿,and this has become -- fortunately its become -- a major part of the scientific landscape today.并且成为--很幸运的--今天科学研究领域的基础形式。So the philosophical breakfast club helped invent the modern scientist.哲学早餐俱乐部帮助创造了现代科学家。Thats the heroic part of their story. Theres a flip side as well.这是他们的英雄故事。当然凡事都有反面。They did not foresee at least one consequence of their revolution.至少有一件事情是他们当时没有预见到的。They would have been deeply dismayed by todays disjunction between science and the rest of culture.如果他们看到今天科学和其他大众文化的分离,他们或许会深深失望。201610/470933。


  15 Further Education进 修Part One: Expressions1. I’m calling about your continuing education program.我打电话来询问你们的继续教育课程有关情况。2. I want to become certified in secondary education.我想获得中等教育的合格书。3. Do you offer any night courses?你们开设夜课吗?4. How do I sign up?我怎么报名?5. Tell me about it.跟我说说。6. I’m learning how to speak Russian.我在学说俄语。7. The job market is so competitive nowadays.现在人才市场竞争激烈。8. I want to develop some useful skills.我想拓展一些有用的技巧。9. I really admire you.我真的很羡慕你。10. I got laid off.我下岗了。Part Two: Dialogues1.Continuing education program 继续教育课程A: Hello, this is the admissions office. Can I help you? B: Hi. I’m calling about your continuing education program. A: What would you like to know? B: I want to become certified in computer programming. Do you offer any part-time courses for adult further education? A: Yes, we offer both night and weekend courses in a number of different subjects. B: How do I sign up? A: If you give me your address, I can mail you an information packet and the application forms. B: Great!A: 你好,这里是招生办公室,有什么可以为你效劳?B: 你好,我打电话来询问你们学校继续教育课程的有关情况。A: 你想了解什么情况呢?B: 我想获得电脑编程方面的书。你们有开设成年继续教育的业余课程吗?A: 有,我们开设夜课和周末课程,分很多不同的科目。B: 如何报名呢?A: 把你的地址给我,我会把相关信息和申请表邮寄给你。B: 太好了。2. Night class上夜课A: Where are you going? B: It’s Tuesday today. I always go to my class on Tuesday night. A: I didn’t know you were taking any kind of class. Tell me about it. B: Well, I’m learning how to use math in the business environment. A: What for? B: The job market is so competitive nowadays. I want to develop some useful skills. A: I really admire you for that. How is it going? B: It’s going all right. I’m learning some things for the first time, but I’m also brushing up on some things that I aly know.A:你去哪里?B: 今天是星期二。我星期二晚上通常要去上课。A: 我可没听说你要上什么课。跟我说说。B: 哦,我在学习如何在商务中应用到数学。A: 学这个有什么用呢?B: 现在人才市场竞争激烈。我想拓展一些有用的技能。A: 真是佩你。(课)进展如何?B: 一切顺利。我在学习一些新东西。同时也在温习一些已经学过的知识技能。3. Laid off 下岗A: What’s wrong? B: I got laid off today. A: Oh no! That’s terrible! B: Yeah. A: What happened? B: My boss said I didn’t have enough skills to do the job well. A: What are you going to do? B: I’m going to start taking classes at the local community college to try to improve my skills. Then I’ll start looking for a new position.A: 出什么事了?B: 我今天下岗了。A: 哦,天。真是糟糕。B: 是呀。A: 怎么会这样?B: 我的老板说我不具备足够的技能做好我的工作。A: 那你打算怎么办?B: 我打算在本地的社区大学学习,以此来提高自己的技能。然后我会开始找一份新的工作。 Part Three: Substitutions Drills1. A: Can I help you? B: Yes, I’m calling about the (continuing skills/ adult education/ summer school) program.能为您效劳吗?是的,我打电话来询问关于(继续技能课程/成人教育/暑期学校课程)的情况2. A: Why do you want to take these courses? B: I want to become certified in (computer programming/ first aid/ child education).你为何想报读这些课程?我想获得(电脑编程/急救/儿童教育)方面的合格书。3. A: Do you offer any (night/ part-time/ weekend) courses? B: Yes, we do.你们开设(夜课/非全日制课程/周末课程)吗?是的。4. A: Tell me about (it/ your courses/ your plans). B: Where should I start?跟我说说(这事/你的课程/你的计划)。我应该从哪儿开始呢?5. A: What are you learning? B: I’m learning how to (use computer/ speak Russian/ type more quickly).你在学什么?我在学习(如何操作电脑/说俄语/快速打字)。6. A: I’m brushing up on (my skills/ that subject/ my Russian). B: That’s nice.我在温习(我的一些技能/那一科/我的俄语)。 太好了7. A: I want to develop some (practical/ useful/ advanced) skills. B: That’s great .it will help you in your career.我想拓展一些(实用/有用/高级)技能。太好了。这对你的事业会有帮助的。8. A: I really admire you for your (hard work/ knowledge/ dedication). B: Oh, it’s nothing.我真的很佩你的(努力工作/你的知识/奉献精神)。哦,这没什么。9. A: I got laid off. B: That’s (terrible/ disappointing/ a real shame).我下岗了。这真(糟糕/是让人失望/丢人)。10. A: I don’t have enough (skills/ experience/ qualifications).B: You should consider some kind of further education for improvement.我的(技能/经验/资历)不够。你应该考虑读一些继续教育课程来提高自己。 /200703/11739

  2_06 Here’s a little something. Here’s a little something. 这是个小东西. I got this for you. 我带来送给你的. I hope you like it. 我希望你喜欢. It’s not much. 不值多少钱. You deserve more. 你应该得到更多. You deserve the best. 你应该是得到最好的. You’re one of a kind. 你非常特别. You’re so special. 你很特别. You’re really great. 你真的很棒. /200706/14103

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