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湖州治疗腋臭的医院湖州福音医院打瘦腿针多少钱A library -- ::7 来源: A libraryA library used to be only a building with a lot of books and a very quiet place to me. I had never wanted to enter a traditional library because it was a boring place a child. Since I became a senior high school student, I have more homework that requires me to find the latest inmation on a topic or some good ideas. So I got into the habit of going to the library, and I can't tell you how wonderful it is! there are so many interesting books I've never , including novels and books about science and computers. Most important of all, there are even a lot of famous classic films, which are very popular. Now I also have something else to do when I'm in a library: studying. Studying together with a lot of people is a good experience. Now I'm never bored when I'm in a library. Do you want to see how much fun it is? Come with me to a library today!湖州曙光整形美容医院治疗咖啡牛奶斑怎么样 如何选择商务用餐--3 :35: Michael: Sir, I sure am glad to see you.Billy: Really? How may I be of service to you?Michael: You should select the appropriate food craft services to prepare the guests.Billy: Are we having a buffet this year?Michael: Yes sir, it is serving yourself, but you still need to decide what food to put on the banquet tables.Billy: So many choices. Can't I give the responsibility to someone else?Michael: No, sorry, you can't.Billy: It is lonely at the top.迈克尔:先生,见到你真的很高兴比利:是么?我能为您做点什么?更多信息请访问:http:www.en.com迈克尔:你可以去为客人选择合适的食物让食品配送公司去准备比利:我们今年有自助餐么?迈克尔:是的,先生,您可以根据自己的胃口选择,但您要决定餐桌该上哪些食品比利:选择太多了我能不能让别人来做这事儿呢?迈克尔:对不起,先生,不可以比利:高处不胜寒啊1) If you serve beer, you will be facilitating a causal atmosphere.) Finger food is also very casual.3) More elegant drinks include mixed drinks and Champaign.) Buffets, even small ones, allow the guests to help themselves.5) Your most important choice is picking a good craft service company to supply quality food and beverages.6) The boss must have the finally word about what food to serve. It is lonely at the top.1) 如果你提供的是啤酒,你为客人营造的是一种轻松、随意的气氛) 手抓食品也很轻松、随意3) 多提供一些高档酒包括鸡尾酒和香槟酒) 自助餐,即便是小规模也应让客人根据自己的喜好来选择食物5) 最重要的是你要找个好的食品配送公司来提供高质量的食物和饮料6) 老板必须拍板提供什么食品高处不胜寒啊Dialogue 对话Gordon: I sure am glad to see you.Molly : How can I help you?Gordon: If I want to facilitate a casual atmosphere at my company dinner, what food and beverages should I serve?Molly : Will you be hiring a craft service caterer?Gordon: No, I will be doing it all in house.Molly : Then I suggest you set up a buffet with appropriate finger food and draft beer.Gordon: What about non-drinkers?Molly : Non-drinkers like mineral water, a variety of juices and soft drinks.Gordon: Is that all?Molly : You have to decide if you want regular or paper plates.Gordon: Planning a business dinner is a hard work.Molly : This is only the tip of the iceberg. (The beginning)戈登:我真的很高兴见到你莫莉:我能为你做些什么?戈登:如果我想使公司晚餐随意些,我该为客人准备什么呢?莫莉:那你是不是要食品配送公司来做呢?戈登:不,我自己就能搞定了莫莉:那我就建议你举办自助餐再配上适当的手抓食品和生啤酒戈登:那些不喝酒的人怎么办?莫莉:不喝酒的人喜欢喝矿泉水、各种果汁和软饮料戈登:就这些么?莫莉:你还需要决定是用普通盘子还是用一次性纸盘子戈登:策划一个商务晚宴可真不是件容易的事啊莫莉:这还只是冰山一角呀(刚开始)My Favorite Teacher -- 3:50:57 来源: My Favorite TeacherMy favorite teacher is a girl, Her name is Angel. She is very bealltiful and clever . She has two big brown eyes, a small,red mouth, acute nose, and black hair. The children like her very much.She is very kind. She loves children lick her very much. When the children are hurt, She will help them.She was very understanding teaching method. When a student don't listen carefully, She will said softly:" I know you are a good student, right?" So the student was good. then,she smild, praise:"you"re very smart. right?"Because of her gentle manner and interesting teaching methods, the children like her very much .I was no exception.I lick her . she is a good teacher , but most inportantly----she has achildlike heart湖州市膨体隆鼻多少钱

湖州最好的整形医院"驴友"应知必会的旅游词汇:水吧与酒吧词汇 --5 :19: 来源: bar 酒吧counter 吧台bar chair 酒吧椅barman 酒吧男招待barmaid 酒吧女招待bottle opener 开瓶刀corkscrew 酒钻ice shaver 削冰器ice maker 制冰机ice bucket 小冰桶ice tongs 冰勺夹ice scoop 冰勺cocktail shaker 调酒器pouring measure 量酒器juice extractor 果汁榨汁机electric blender 电动搅拌机water jug 水壶champagne bucket 香槟桶enamelled cup 搪瓷杯ceramic cup 陶瓷杯straw 吸管decanter 酒壶mixing glasses 调酒杯beer mug 啤酒杯champagne glass 香槟杯measuring jug 量杯wine glass 葡萄酒杯brandy glass 白兰地杯tumbler 平底无脚酒杯goblet 高脚杯tapering glass 圆锥形酒杯cherry 樱桃lemon 柠檬clove 丁香pineapple 菠萝onion 洋葱strawberry 草莓olive 橄榄cucumber 黄瓜mint 薄荷grapefruit 西柚grape 葡萄soda water 苏打水rice wine 黄酒appetizer 餐前葡萄酒Martini Rosso, Blanco, Dry 马丁尼红干白Gin 金酒Gordon's 哥顿Rum 郎姆酒Bacardi 得Vodka 伏特加Smirnoff Whisky 威士忌Calvados 苹果酒Glenfiddich 格兰菲迪Bailey's 比利酒Budweiser 百威啤Foster's 福士啤Beck's 贝克啤Carlsbery 加士伯啤Guinness 健力士啤drink 饮料mineral water 矿泉水orange juice 桔子原汁orangeade, orange squash 桔子水lemon juice 柠檬原汁lemonade 柠檬水beer 啤酒white wine 白葡萄酒red wine 红葡萄酒claret 波尔多红葡萄酒cider 苹果酒champagne 香槟酒cocktai l鸡尾酒liqueur 白酒,烧酒shaohsing wine 绍兴酒yellow wine 黄酒Kaoliang spirits 高粱酒Wu Chia Pee 五加皮vodka 伏特加whisky 威士忌brandy 白兰地cognac 法国白兰地gin 琴酒gin flzz 杜松子酒martini 马提尼酒coke, coca cola 可口可乐pepsi cola 百事可乐sprite 雪碧 驴友 应知 必会湖州三院激光去胎记多少钱 旅游中常用的简单英语会话-01-01 :7:57 学一些常用英语,会给你的旅游带来更多的乐趣 谢谢!—— Thank you.多谢!-- Thanks a lot.对不起,麻烦你—— Excuse me. 抱歉—— Excuse the mess. 需要帮忙吗?--Can I help you.谢谢你的帮助—— Thank you helping me. 无论如何,我还要感谢你—— Thanks, anyway. 您好--How are you! 初次见面问好—— How do you do! 很高兴见到你—— (It's) nice to meet you. 请问您从哪来--Where are you from?请问贵姓--Can I have your name?我叫...—— My name is ... (I'm ...)很高兴认识你—— It was a pleasure meeting you. 很高兴见到你—— Pleased to meet you. 希望再见到你—— Hope to see you again. 这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again? 玩得快乐--Have a good time.祝你好运—— Good luck. 我希望没事—— I hope nothing is wrong. 怎么了?—— What's the matter? 糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious? 我真为你难过—— I'm sorry you. 一路平安,走好—— Have a safe trip home.湖州中心整形医院冰点脱毛多少钱

湖州自体脂肪隆鼻Lost 寻物启示() -- ::38 来源: Lost 寻物启示()  My schoolbag with one Chinese book, one English book, three notebooks and a pencil-case. It's green with a cat picture on it. My name is Mike. Please call 33675 if you find it. Thanks a lot!  丢失书包,里面有一本语文书,一本英语书,三个笔记本和一个铅笔盒书包是绿色的,上面有小猫图案我叫迈克,如有人找到,请打电话33675.非常感谢! 模范学生(How to be a Model Student) -- 1:8: 来源: 模范学生(How to be a Model Student)  i want to be a model student. what shall i do?     i should be polite. i should study hard. i should capful and helpful. i should walk in the corridors.  i should throw rubbish in the bin. i should be quiet in the library. i shouldn’t walk and run on the grass. i shouldn’t throw rubbish on the floor. i shouldn’t run in the corridors. i shouldn’t fight. i shouldn’t be noisy in the library.湖州激光美容医院湖州去痣费用



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