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As our knowledge of health and fitness increases, people are becoming more and more interested in not only taking care of themselves physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. As a result, many are turning to more complete approaches to health, including less mainstream fitness methods such as yoga. Yoga's origins lie in Hindu philosophy, which was developed thousands of years ago in India. Today, yoga is a system of movements and meditation that emphasizes physical control and discipline as a way to achieve a state of spiritual knowledge.Yoga’s ideal state of knowledge is reached after a person has gone through eight different stages. These include aspects of self-control, religion, postures, regulation of breath, restraint of senses, steadying of the mind, meditation, and profound thought. For a practitioner of yoga, or "yogi" the progression through these stages is a movement from the physical toward a perfect mental state.There are eight major schools of yoga, each varying in its area of emphasis. The type of yoga thatis taught in the West is mainly a combination of exercise and meditation called Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is said to have a number of positive effects, such as reducing weight, strengthening muscles and nerves, cleaning out the body, and generally improving health and prolonging life. Recent decades have seen yoga gain widesp acceptance as a method of staying in shape, as well as a way of handling stress. Pop singer Madonna and supermodel Christy Turlington are just two of the many celebrities known to be strong advocates of yoga.At present, there is a lot of speculation and uncertainty about yoga and its effects. One thing, however, is certain: In our modern world of fast-paced lifestyles, taking time out to meditate and do some relaxing exercise cannot be a bad thing!我们对健康与健身的知识与日俱增,人们越来越感兴趣的是不仅仅关心身体健康,还关心心理与精神的健康。因此,许多人转而寻求更全面的途径来增进健康,包括一些还未成为主流的健身方式,如瑜珈。瑜珈起源于印度哲学,在印度已经发展了数千年。而今,瑜珈是一组强调身体控制与修身养性的运动和静坐,是达到“天人合一”境界的一个有效途径。人要经过八个不同阶段的训练才能达到瑜珈的完美境界。这包括了自制、信仰、体位、调息、节欲、内省、冥想和三地。对瑜珈修习者来说,这些阶段是从身体到完美精神境界的进程。瑜珈有八大流派,每派强调的领域有异。西方国家传授的瑜珈名为“哈他瑜珈“(又称“运动瑜珈”),主要是运动与静坐的结合。据说“哈他瑜珈”有许多良效,如减肥、强化肌肉与神经、净化身体进而增进健康,延年益寿。几十年来,瑜珈已广为世人接受,成为一种既能保持身材又能舒缓压力的方法。有许多知名人士亟力推荐瑜珈,流行歌手麦当娜与超级名模克里斯蒂·特灵顿只是其中两位。目前,关于瑜珈及其作用有很多揣测与怀疑。然而,有件事是毋庸置疑的:在快节奏生活方式的现代社会中,花点时间静坐和做些放松身体的运动,绝不是件坏事! Article/200803/28353。

  • How TV violence Affects Kids For more than a quarter of a century, evidence has been increasing that children's exposure to violence on television has long-lasting effects on their behavior. Between 1982 and 1986, the amount of television time allocated each week to violent programs increased significantly. And the number of violent acts on television in the past years has increased from about 19 to 27 per hour. Given the amount of time that children watch television, it has become one of the most powerful models they want to follow.The Position Statement on Media Violence in Children's Lives, recently adopted by the National Association for the Education of Yong Children, points out that preschool children are particularly easily affected by the media because they are not yet fully able to distinguish fantasy from reality and their understanding of the underlying motives for behavior and the subtleties of moral conflicts is not yet well developed. For example, the rapid recoveries of people on TV from violent attacks give children an unrealistic picture of the injuries that have been suffered.Effects on PlayChildren naturally often want the toys shown on and advertised during these programs. And with these toys, their play tends to be more imitative than imaginative. Children simply imitate the behavior observed during the program, thus undermining both the imaginative and the expressive functions of play. The narrow range of most violence-related toys advertised on television jeopardizes the role of play in helping children make better sense of their own feelings and interpret their world. Some research even suggests that children apply the behaviors observed on TV programs to their real-life situations.Parents Can HelpIt is a good idea for parents to monitor the amount as well as the kind of television their preschool child watches. If your child appears to be crazy about war play and weapons, it would be a good idea to control his viewing. Controlling viewing is easier to do during the preschool years than during the school years, so you should initiate a pattern of restricted television watching now.Help your child to interpret what she sees - to think of explanations for the events depicted and to imagine how the show is put together. Make simple critiques of a show without implying that her fascination with the drama and the weapons makes her guilty by association.Ask the teachers of your child's preschool about their policy on war play and toy weapons. Many preschool teachers do not like to have commercially made toy weapons brought into the classroom and welcome hearing your concerns about this matter. Look for other parents who share your views. Work together to control the amount of violent programs watched and the number of violent toys found in the home. Try to arrange play dates for the children as an alternative to TV viewing. Or look for s of healthy, nonviolent programs for children, and encourage their use as an attractive alternative to violent television programs. 电视中的暴力内容是怎样影响孩子们的在最近这四分之一世纪还多的时间里,出现了越来越多的据,那就是把电视上的暴力内容暴露在孩子们的面前,对孩子们的行为产生了深远的影响。在1982-1986年间,每周电视花在暴力节目上的播出时间总数有了惊人的增长。每小时在电视上播出的暴力节目上的播出时间总数有了惊人的增长。每小时在电视播出的暴行的次数在过去这些年中由19次增加到27次。从孩子们看电视总共所花的时间这一角度来看,暴行已经成为孩子们想要模仿的最具有偶像性质的行为之一。最近全国幼儿教育委员会在公布的《关于传播媒介中的暴力内容在獐生活中的影响的声明》中指出,学龄前的儿童特别容易受到传播媒介的影响,因为他们不能把虚构的东西跟现实生活区别开来,因为他们还不能充分理解某一行为的潜在的动机,还不能充分了解道德情操上的冲突的复杂性。例如:在电视上人们受到暴力袭击之后很快就痊愈了,这让孩子们对伤者所受的折磨痛苦有一种不真实的理解。对玩耍产生的影响当然,孩子们经常很想要这些节目中出现的那些玩具,很想要在那些节目中间穿插的广告上的玩具。孩子们只是单纯模仿在节目进行中所观察到的动作行为,因而既不能挖掘出或体会出这一电视剧令人深思的地方,也不能理解这一电视剧的感动人的地方。电视广告里介绍的大部分与暴力有关的玩具对儿童起不到好作用。这些玩具不能更好地帮助儿童理解自己的感情,也起不到帮助儿童来解释周围世界的作用。一些调查研究的结果表明了,孩子们把他们在电视节目中所看到的一些动作行为应用到他们的现实生活的环境中来了。父母或家长应该帮助由父母来监控学龄前儿童看电视的时间长短和看哪一类电视片子,这倒是个好主意。如果你觉得你的孩子狂热地喜欢看战争题材的电视剧,醉心于玩弄武器,那么控制他看电视倒是个好主意。在学龄彰控制儿童看电视比起上学以后再去控制他要容易一些,所以现在你应开始实行一套严格控制儿童看电视的规矩。设法让你的孩子来解释她看到的事物(原文如此:由"他"转换成"她"--译者著)--即让她对电视中所描述的种种事件想出一些解释的方法,还要让她想象出来这个节目是怎样拼凑编辑到一起的。对电视演出节目作一些简短的,不必暗示要让她通过联想使她因迷恋电视剧和武器而感到内疚。向你的孩子所在的学前班的教师们就对待战争片和玩具武器的办法征询一下意见。很多学前班的老师们都不喜欢把以商业为目的制造的玩具武器带进教室来,他们很喜欢聆听你对此事的关心所发表的意见。去找一些跟您有共同观点共同看法的其他一些家长。大家共同协作去控制孩子们所看的暴力节目的时间,去控制在家中所发现的暴力玩具的件数。尽量设法给孩子们安排几次到一起玩的聚会,用这种儿童聚会来代替看电视。或者去找一些供儿童看的健康的非暴力节目的录像带,鼓励孩子们用这些很有吸引力的节目去代替那些暴力的电视节目。 Article/200802/27820。
  • Credit card companies in dock 信用卡公司上了被告席   The two companies control more than 75% of the market 两家公司控制着美国75%的市场 A court in the ed States has begun hearing the US Government case against the credit card companies Visa and Mastercard for alleged antitrust violations that limit competition.Last Wednesday, a US judge ruled in a landmark anti-trust case that the software giant Microsoft should be broken in two to prevent it abusing its market power. Still flushed from their victory in that case, US competition regulators are flexing their muscles for a battle with the credit card industry. The credit card giants Visa and Mastercard together control over 75% of the US market. 美国法庭已开始审理美国政府状告信用卡公司维萨和万事达违反反垄断条例,限制竞争一案。上周三,美国一法官判决了一宗重大反垄断案,宣判软件业巨头微软公司应一分为二以限制它在市场上的垄断行为。尚陶醉在上一案件的胜利中的美国反垄断官员们又开始拳擦掌准备下一场与信用卡公司的较量。信用卡业巨无霸维萨和万事达控制着美国75%的市场。 Article/200803/31542。
  • After one or two weeks, the laughter stopped. A King has a lot of work, James, you know that. He has to hundreds of letters, talk to people, and think about a lot of important things.I did those things,every day.But now,I thought,I had a man to help me.过了两三个星期,笑声不复存在。一个国王有许多工作要做,詹姆斯,你是知道的。他不得不阅读成千上万封书信;和民众交谈;仔细考虑许多重要的事务。我每天做这些事情,不过现在,我想我有个男人来帮我了。;My lord Henry,;I said.;Would you like to all the letters with me? You can sit next to me, and you can work with me every day.;“亨利,我的丈夫,”我说。“你想和我一起阅读这些书信吗?你可以陪在我身边,每天和我一起工作。”Your father looked unhappy.;I#39;m not interested in work like that,;he said.;I don#39;t understand it.;你父亲看起来不太高兴。“我对那样的工作不感兴趣,”他说。“我不懂那些。”;Of course not,;I said.;You#39;re a young man, my love.But I can teach you.;“当然不懂啦,”我说。“你还年轻,我亲爱的。不过我可以教你。”For one or two days he sat down with me, and I tried to teach him. But it was true, he was not interested in the work,and he did not try to understand it.他和我一起坐了一两天,我试着去教他。但没错,他确实对这项工作不感兴趣,也不打算去领会。;You do it, Mary,;he said.;I#39;m going out with my friends. We#39;re going to ride, and drink, and swim.;“你做吧,玛丽,”他说。“我要和朋友们出去,我们要去骑马、喝酒、游泳。”So I did all the work. At night, too, he often went out with his friends in the town. They drank a lot, and laughed and sang, and there were often fights. But no one said anything,because he was the King, my husband. What could people say? They were unhappy, but they were afraid of him. Some of them went to England, to the Earl of Moray.因此我又承担起所有的工作。晚上,他也经常和镇上的朋友一起出去。他们喝很多酒,又笑又唱,还经常打架。但没有人说什么,因为他是亲王,我的丈夫。人们能说什么呢?他们很不高兴,但他们怕他。他们有些人去了英格兰,到马里伯爵那里去了。At this time I was often very tired, because I was pregnant.You, my son James, were alive inside me. But I did all the work of a Queen and I needed friends too.One of these friends was a young Italian, David Riccio.那段时间我经常感到疲惫不堪。因为我怀了。你,我的儿子詹姆斯,在我的体内生存着。可我仍在做一个女王应做的一切工作,因此我也需要朋友。朋友中有一位是个年轻的意大利人,叫达维·里奇奥。Riccio was a little man and he was not tall or beautiful or strong. But he was a very clever, interesting man. He wrote many of my letters for me, and helped me. He sang well, too,and I sometimes sang with him in the evenings. I liked him very much,and at first,your father liked him too.里奇奥是个小男人,他不高,不好看也不强壮。但他是个非常聪明、有趣的男人。他替我写了许多信,给我帮助。他歌也唱得好,在晚上,有时我们一起唱歌。我很喜欢他,起初,你的父亲也喜欢他。But then, Moray#39;s friends began to talk about me and Ric-cio.;David Riccio is in the Queen#39;s rooms every night,;they said to your father.;She laughs and sings and dances with him, my lord—it is not right! He is not a Scotsman, and he is not her husband. He is always with her.;不过没多久,马里的朋友们开始谈论我和里奇奥。“达维·里奇奥整夜呆在女王的房间里。”他们对你的父亲说。“她和他唱歌、跳舞,笑声不断,我的亲王——这是不对的!他不是苏格兰人,也不是她的丈夫。可他总是和她在一起。”Perhaps they said other things,too—I don#39;t know.A lot of Scots lords listened to them. But I tell you, James, before God, I did nothing wrong. David Riccio was a good man. He worked hard, and he helped me—so of course I liked him.Your father did not work—he went out to the town every night with his friends,and drank.也许他们还说了些别的事情。——我不知道。很多苏格兰贵族都听到了。不过我告诉你,詹姆斯,在上帝的面前,我没做任何错事。达维·里奇奥是个好人,他工作努力,还帮助我——我当然喜欢他。你的父亲不工作——他每天晚上和他的朋友到镇上去喝酒。And then one night, your father came home.此后的一天晚上,你的父亲回家来了。 Article/201203/176544。
  • ;Well, Lizzy, ; said Mrs. Bennet one day, ;what is your opinion NOW of this sad business of Jane#39;s? For my part, I am determined never to speak of it again to anybody. I told my sister Phillips so the other day. But I cannot find out that Jane saw anything of him in London. Well, he is a veryundeserving young man--and I do not suppose there#39;s the least chance in the world of her ever getting him now. There is no talk of his coming to Netherfield again in the summer; and I have inquired of everybody, too, who is likely to know. ; 有一天,班纳特太太这么说:;喂,丽萃,这一下你对于吉英这件伤心事怎么看法呢?我可已经下定决心,再也不在任何人面前提起。我那天就跟我说过,我知道吉英在伦敦连他的影子也没有见到,唔,他是个不值得钟情的青年,我看她这一辈子休想嫁给他了。也没有听人谈起他夏天会回到尼日斐花园来,凡是可能知道些消息的人,我都一一问过了。; ;I do not believe he will ever live at Netherfield any more. ; ;我看他无论如何不会再住到尼日斐花园来。; ;Oh well! it is just as he chooses. Nobody wants him to come. Though I shall always say he used my daughterextremely ill; and if I was her, I would not have put up with it. Well, my comfort is, I am sure Jane will die of a broken heart; and then he will be sorry for what he has done. ; ;哎哟,听他的便吧。谁也没有要他来;我只觉得他太对不起我的女儿,要是我做吉英,我才受不了这口气。好吧,我也总算有个安慰:我相信吉英一定会伤心得把命也送掉,到那时候,他就会后悔当初不该那么狠心了。; But as Elizabeth could not receive comfort from any such expectation, she made no answer. 伊丽莎白没有回答,因为这种想入非非的指望,并不能使她得到安慰。1.be determined to 决心(做某事)George was determined to break off with those racists.乔治决心和那些种族主义者一刀两断。2.the other day 前几天, 不久前的一天I saw him in town the other day.我最近有一天在镇上见过他。 3.put up with 忍受, 容忍I#39;m not going to put up with this!我再也受不了啦!4.die of 因(疾病、饥饿、悲伤等)而死She died of cancer two years ago.她两年前死于癌症。 Article/201112/166434。
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