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Chinese tech company ZTE#39;s new flagship Axon will reportedly be presented as one of the official gifts to the British government during the four-day visit of President Xi Jinping to the ed Kingdom, according to tech website gsmarena.com.据英国科技网gsmarena网报导,在中国国家主席习近平在英国国事访问期间,中国中兴科技公司的新款旗舰机Axon将作为国礼赠予英方。;It will be presented as a gift,; a spokesman of the company confirmed with China Daily about the report. ZTE has a history of being given as a gift to world leaders.该公司一位发言人向中国日报实此消息,“中兴Axon天机将成为国礼”。中兴手机作为礼物被赠予国家领导并非第一次。According to the spokesman, AXON was used by delegates during President Xi#39;s visit to the ed States in September. A year earlier, President Xi gave ZTE#39;s devices as state gifts to officials in Tajikistan. During the same month, former US President Jimmy Carter was presented with a ZTE device during his visit to ZTE#39;s Shanghai Ramp;D Center. This year, ZTE#39;s AXON devices have been given as gifts to Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli?, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, Chairman of Bosnia and Herzegovina#39;s tripartite Presidency Dragan Covic, and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe.该发言人称,Axon天机是习主席9月访美期间随访团的指定用机。一年前,习近平访问塔吉克斯坦期间向代表们赠送了中兴手机。此外,同月中兴通讯上海研发中心在接受美国前总统吉米·卡特参观时,赠予卡特一款中兴产品。今年,中兴Axon天机成为了新一代官方礼物,塞尔维亚总统尼科利奇、塔吉克斯坦总统艾玛马力·拉赫蒙、波黑轮值主席德拉甘·乔维奇、埃塞俄比亚总理海尔马里亚姆·德萨莱尼等多位国家元首都先后收到这份礼物。During a state visit to Germany in March 2014, China#39;s first lady Peng Liyuan was seen using a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini.2014年3月,第一夫人彭丽媛随习近平访问德国期间使用的是中兴努比亚z5手机。;AXON being given as a state gift is recognition of ZTE as one of China#39;s top smart phone manufacturers, as the gift must meet the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation in order to be presented,; said the spokesman.发言人表示,“Axon天机成为官方赠送礼物,是对中兴作为中国最大智能手机制造商之一的认可。作为国礼,必须在质量和创新方面达到最高标准”。The device includes ;dual track; -- high fidelity sound recording and playback, as well as dual rear-cameras that capture high resolution images and s. The phone is recognized as the world#39;s first smart phone that can be unlocked with three different biometric authentication options-- fingerprint, voice control and eye-scan.手机包括“双声迹”高保真录音及回放功能,以及双后置摄像头,能捕捉高分辨率的图像和视频。这款手机是全球首部集“指纹、声纹、眼纹”3种生物识别于一体的智能手机。The flagship AXON won the ;User Experience Gold Award; at the IFA 2015, known as one of the world#39;s largest consumer electronics fair held annually in Berlin.旗舰智能机Axon天机在2015年柏林国际消费电子展获“用户体验金奖”,国际消费电子展是全球最大的消费类电子产品览会。ZTE#39;s products are among the cheaper phones of choice at three of the big four US carriers. The company is quietly becoming a force in the US by selling good-enough phones at low prices, according to Bloomberg.据彭网报导,中兴产品在美国四大运营商中的三家都是属于较便宜的产品,中兴以其产品的高性价比,正悄然占据一定的美国市场份额。The company announced Thursday that it is launching a 64GB model of the ZTE Axon Pro in the US market. ZTE has been described by zdnet.com as one that listens openly to feedback and quickly responds to consumers.周四,中兴宣布将在美国市场推出64GB型号的Axon天机。至顶网描述中兴为公开听取消费者反馈并快速回应解决的公司。According to consulting company Strategy Analytics, the US was the best-performing overseas market for ZTE last year. Shipments of its devices rose in the high double digits, even as competitors#39; shipments were flat or lower, the research firm said. ZTE had 20 million active users in the US as of Dec 31.根据咨询公司Strategy Analytics数据,去年中兴在美国市场的表现不俗,是表现最好的海外市场。其产品出货量的增长速度高达两位数,而竞争对手的出货量持平或较之更低。截至去年年底12月31日,中兴在美活跃用户达2000万;ZTE claimed about 8 percent of America#39;s smart phone market in the second quarter of this year,; said the US market research firm International Data Corporation. That ranks the company fourth among smart phone makers overall in the US market, behind Apple, Samsung and LG.美国市场研究所国际数据公司表示,“中兴通讯在今年第二季度声称占据美国智能手机市场的8%份额左右”,在苹果、三星和LG之后位列第四。ZTE said that over the next three years ZTE will continue to prioritize its superpower markets --China and US markets, while increasing its investment in 13 of its key markets worldwide.中兴通讯表示,在未来三年内,中兴通讯将继续优先考虑中国和美国两个大国市场,而在全球范围内增加13个主要市场的投资。By 2020, ZTE aims to rank among the top three smart phone manufacturers in its key markets.中兴通讯的目标是,到2020年在其主要市场跻身前三大智能手机制造商。 /201510/405987Australian scientists said Monday they had made a breakthrough in increasing the efficiency of solar panels, which they hope could eventually lead to cheaper sources of renewable energy.澳大利亚的科学家们周一表示,他们在提高太阳能电池板效能方面取得了突破,希望可以以更低的成本使用可再生能源。In what the University of New South Wales described as a world first, the researchers were able to convert more than 40 percent of sunlight hitting the panels into electricity.据新南威尔士大学,研究者们能将照射在面板上超40%的阳光转化为电能,这是世界的先例。;This is the highest efficiency ever reported for sunlight conversion into electricity,; UNSW Professor Martin Green said in a statement.新南威尔士大学的教授MartinGreen 在一份声明中说,“这是所有获报道的将太阳能转换为电能的案例中效率最高的一例”。;We used commercial solar cells, butin a new way, so these efficiency improvements are ily accessible to the solar industry.;“我们使用的是商用太阳能电池板,但我们使用的方式有所不同,这些提升的效益很快将被应用到太阳能行业”。While traditional methods use one solarcell, which limits the conversion of sunlight to electricity to about 33 percent, the newer technology splits the sunlight into four different cells,which boosts the conversion levels, Green told AFP.Green对法新社说,传统使用方式将转化率控制在了33%,而更新的技术能将阳光分散在4块不同的电池板上,这样就提高了转换水平。The record efficiency level was achieved intests in Sydney and replicated at the ed Statesgovernment#39;s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the university said.该大学表示,他们在悉尼测验的时候获得了创下记录的效率等级,在美国国家可再生能源实验室再次获得了这一记录。Green is hopeful the technology can also eventually be used for solarpanels mounted on people#39;s roofs, which he said currently had a 15 to 18 percent efficiency rate.Green希望这项技术最终将可以被应用到太阳能电池板并出现在家家户户的屋顶上,因为目前人们使用的太阳能电池板转化效率只有15%~18%。;The panels that you have on the roof of your home, at the moment they just have a single cell but eventually they#39;ll have several different cells... and they#39;ll be able to improve their efficiencyto this kind of level,; he told AFP.他对法新社说,“你们家屋顶安装的太阳能电池板当前只有单块电池板,但终将会被几块不同的电池板替代。。。而这些电池板能将转化效率提升到这个水平”。He was confident that in a decade solar-generated electricity would be cheaper than that produced by coal.他自信地表示,十年后,利用太阳能发电的成本将低于煤炭发电的成本。 /201412/347242Chihira Kanae is greeting visitors to the world#39;s biggest travel fair in Berlin this week, answering questions and guiding people in the right direction. But one passer by#39;s attempt to ask her out for dinner is met with silence.在本周于柏林举办的世界规模最大的旅游览会上,Chihira Kanae热情接待到场的访客们。此外,她还回答访客们的问题并为人们指明方向。不过当一位路人试图邀请她吃晚饭时,她却只以沉默回应。That#39;s because Chihira Kanae, despite her lifelike features and long brown hair, is a robot, the third version of a robot in human form developed by Toshiba and can only answer pre-programmed questions.这是因为,尽管Chihira Kanae外表栩栩如生,留着一头棕色长发,但“她”却是个机器人。她是东芝研发的第三代人形机器人,并且只能回答程序提前设置好的问题。She was joined at the ITB fair on Thursday by another robot host Mario, a small red and white robot made by French Aldebaran Robotics, showing how they might be put to use in the travel industry, such as checking in hotel guests.周二,她和另一个机器人Mario一起参加了ITB览会。Mario是一个红白相间的小型机器人,由法国的亚尔迪巴朗公司制造。本次展览显示出了机器人将在旅游业中能够发挥什么样的作用,比如说为酒店旅客办理入住。;The point is to make people smile and give them a unique experience. It#39;s not to take the place of employees,; Fabrice Goffin, co-founder of QBMT whose software powers Mario, told Reuters at the fair.QBMT的联合创始人法布里斯·戈芬在览会上向记者表示:“放置机器人的目的是让人们微笑着获得独特的体验。我们并没有用机器人替代人类雇员的意思。”The Marriott hotel in Ghent has been trialling Mario, using him to hand out room keys, high-five guests and liven up meetings held in the hotel by ing out presentations. Marriott was keen to stress that Mario will not replace any human staff.根特市的万豪酒店已经在试用Mario,让他递交房门钥匙、和顾客击掌,以及在酒店承办的会议上朗读展示稿来活跃气氛。同时,万豪酒店也强调,Mario并不会取代任何人类员工的岗位。;For now it#39;s a great add-on service,; Roger Langhout, general manager of the Marriot in Ghent, said.该酒店的总经理Roger Langhout表示:“现在这只是一种扩展务。”A survey of travelers across Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Japan, the U.S. and China, done by online travel and entertainment deals site Travelzoo showed that 80 percent of consumers expected robots to play a big part in their lives before 2020.在线旅行网站Travelzoo对英、法、西、德、加、巴、日、美、中的游客们进行了一项调查。结果显示,80%的消费者期待在2020年之前让机器人在他们的生活中发挥重要的作用。However, the survey also showed people still wanted the human touch when on holiday and in certain countries, such as Germany and France, consumers were more skeptical.不过,调查结果也显示,人们在度假中仍然需要和人类的接触。而在一些如德、法之类的特定国家,消费者们对机器人存有更多的疑虑。 /201603/431777

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