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GreatBritain, and London in particular are expecting a huge boom in tourism this summer, as everybody looks to soak up a piece of the Olympic spirit. Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and Westminster Abbey are just some of the capital#39;s main attractions.在英国,特别是伦敦,整座城市都在企盼这个夏季能为伦敦的旅游业带来大繁荣,因为每个伦敦人都在翘首企盼能够沾上点儿奥运的喜气儿。白金汉宫,牛津街和威斯敏斯特教堂仅仅是这里的部分名胜景点。London-- one of the world#39;s most exciting cities. And very soon, home to the world#39;s biggest event.伦敦是世界上最令人感到兴奋的城市之一。而且,它将很快作为世界最大体育赛事——奥运会的主战场出现在世人面前。Aswell as the athltes, hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to pack into the city during the 2012 Olympics.参赛运动员以及成百上千的游客会在2012奥运期间涌入这座城市。Butit#39;s not all about sport. The city itself has plenty to offer.然而,奥运会并不是这座城市的全部,这座城市可以展现给世人的还有很多。Witha history stretching back more than 2000 years, London is punctuated by iconic landmarks.作为一座拥有超过2000多年历史的城市,许多标志性的建筑都是伦敦的名片。There#39;s Westminster Abbey and there#39;s the newly opened ;Shard;, Western Europe#39;s tallest building.这里有威斯敏斯特教堂,还有刚刚开放的夏德大厦,它是欧洲最高的天大楼。MarkDi-Toro, Visit-Britain, said, ;We have got great cultural heritage here. Buckingham Palace, the Queen#39;s home is opened for two months in the summer. One of the most popular royal attractions in Britain. It#39;s a great place to visit. It#39;s hugely popular it brings about 600,000 visitors in only a couple of months which shows the great pull of event such as the Royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee which we just had this year. Which will hope fully drive even more tourists to these places.;当地居民Mark Di-Toro说,“我们这里有很多文化遗产。白金汉宫每年夏天会对外开放2个月,这是英国最受欢迎的皇家景点之一,也是旅游的好去处。在今年举行皇室婚礼和女王登基60年庆典期间的几个月里,就吸引了近600,000名游客。2012伦敦奥运有望吸引更多游客。Andthen there#39;s the shopping.而且,这里还是一个著名的购物天堂。TheUK#39;s tourist board, Visit-Britain, lists Oxford Street as the fourth must-see location on any visitor#39;s check list.英国旅游委员会及来英旅游的旅游团都将牛津街列为来欧洲旅游的必去景点。It#39;shome to some 300 shops, including Selfridges -- the UK#39;s second largest department store.这里是300家世界知名品牌的基地,如英国百货商场巨头——塞尔福里奇。Butwhat about the UK#39;s famously unpredictable weather?但是,英国变幻无常的天气如何呢?Lena, Russian Tourist, said, ;There are great sites here to go site seeing anywhere, very beautiful parks really. We are just not very satisfied with the weather;.俄罗斯游客莉娜说,“在这里,任何地方都是可以游览的景点,真的很美。但是这里的天气真的很让人扫兴。”2011was a record year for UK tourism, with 31 million international visitors.2011年来英国旅游的游客达3100万之多,创造了史上来英旅游游客人数之最。It#39;s hoped the Olympic Games will exceed that number, as well as leaving London another legacy to take forward into the future.在伦敦奥运期间来英旅游的游客人数有望超过该数字,这也将成为未来英国史上又一历史遗产。 Article/201207/192318。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me.看你能否鉴别出我。I#39;m a U.S. federal holiday that was created in 1983.我是在1983年产生的美国联邦假日。I fall on the third Monday, in January.我是在一月的第三个星期一。I#39;m named for a famous civil rights leader.我以一个著名的公民权利领袖的名字命名。I#39;m Martin Luther King Jr. Day.我是马丁路德金日。And the first year I was officially celebrated as a national holiday was 1986.我在1986年第一次被作为国家假日进行庆祝。AZUZ: Dr. King#39;s actual birthday was January 15th.金士的生日实际上是1月15日。This year, Martin Luther King Day is this coming Monday.今年,马丁路德金日在周一来临。It#39;s the same day as the inauguration.它和就职日是一天。The second time that it has happened.这是第二次发生。The holiday honors the legacy of Dr. King and his work for equal rights.这个节日是为了纪念金士的遗赠和他为平权作出的努力。Some people turned it into a day of service, finding ways to help out their communities.有些人把这一天变成了务日,寻找方法来帮助他们的社区。We#39;re going to have more coverage on the day#39;s events on Tuesday, so you can check that out next week.我们在周二将会对这天的事件进行更多的报道,因此你可以在下周查看。 /201301/221812。

当海洋生物学家查尔斯·安得森在马尔代夫生活和工作期间,他注意到在每年的特定时候,大量的蜻蜓就会突然出现。他讲述了他是如何仔细跟踪一种名叫全球点水蜻蜓的很不起眼的蜻蜓的行迹,却不料发现它是世界上所有昆虫中迁徙旅程最长的。 Article/201204/179424。

MkNsTFRVGtbi!_gVnAB9)NqPrZ;mf6oBw)NhKOThis film acts as a very useful guide as to how you can get the best out of your revision. Learning to revise properly could be the difference between success and failure, so learn the best techniques here!这个视频可以作为一个对你非常有用的指南,教你如何获得最佳效果的修改#!@pzD%FS0BFnmtJvP。正确学习修改可以导致成功或者失败,所以在这里学习最好的技术吧!iBS|js,qX8g1uy_RH#-BB4jhNOWZ@aJ87IZjnER@0]+k Article/201205/183365。

1787 and 1788 will be characterised1787与1788两年被描述为by a state that#39;s desperate for financial reform这个国家急需财政改革to get out of the situation以助于走出迫在眉睫的of bankruptcy which is staring it in the face.国库枯竭Louis believed that Calonne#39;s medicine could save France,路易相信加隆这剂猛药能够挽救法兰西but doubted that the patient would ever be prepared to swallow it.但不确定这个病人愿不愿意吃药And it#39;s going to be absolutely vital that Louis XVI路易十六在其一生中唯一一次for once in his life follows through坚定地持他的财长and supports his minister in order to make sure以保计划能被接受 这一点非常关键that these plans areaccepted, because there is no Plan B.因为已无其他道路可走 知识百科:路易十六:法国国王,路易十五之孙,法兰西波旁王朝复辟前最后一任国王,也是法国历史中唯一一个被处死的国王。路易十六制锁的技术很高,且极富创意。法国大革命爆发后,路易十六被迫组织立宪派拥立资产阶级掌握实权。1792年法国被迫对奥地利宣战。1792年法国民众组成的义勇军打退了他国的侵略者,成立法兰西第一共和国。人民迫切要求处死路易十六。后在吉伦特派的公开下,于1793年在巴黎革命广场被推上断头台。玛丽·安托瓦内特:玛丽·安托瓦内特(Marie An-toinette 1755.11.2~1793.10.16),原奥地利帝国公主,生于维也纳,是罗马帝国皇帝弗朗索瓦一世与奥地利女王玛丽亚·特蕾西亚,第十五个孩子(最小的女儿,她还有一个弟弟)。1755年11月2日出生在维也纳霍夫堡皇宫。她被取名为玛丽亚·安东尼亚·约瑟芬·约翰娜(Maria-Antonia-Josepha-Johanna)。 玛丽亚是以纪念圣母玛丽亚, 安托瓦内特是纪念帕多瓦的圣安东尼, 约瑟芬是纪念她的哥哥约瑟夫大公,约翰娜是纪念传教士圣约翰。 一位大臣是这样描述这个新生儿的:“一个娇小但完全健康的女大公。” Article/201207/189084。

Your cover letter is the first contact that a potential employer has with you. To make a great impression, there are several cover letter mistakes that you should avoid if you#39;d like to hear the words ;you#39;re hired.;你的求职信是潜在雇主与你的首次接触。为了留下良好的印象,为了听到“你被雇佣了”这句话,你在书写求职信时必须避免几个错误。Step 1 Avoid exaggeration1.避免夸大其词Tell the truth. Refrain from exaggerating about what kind of a worker you are or about your experience. A good way to make sure you#39;re not exaggerating is to cite specific examples from your work experience that applying to the description of the position you#39;re applying for.实事求是,关于你的能力或你的经历不要夸张。避免夸大其词的一个好方法就是引用一些工作经验的具体例子,最好与现在申请的职位相关。Step 2 Personalize it2.个人化Let the employer know that you are applying to their company, not just any company. Personalize the letter with specific things you like about their products, services, or organization. Address the letter directly to a person, not a ;sir or madam.; If you can#39;t find a contact name, use a title like Hiring Manager.让雇主知道你申请的就是他们公司,而不是针对任何一家公司。让求职信个人化,可以写一下你怎样喜欢他们的产品,务或组织。求职信的称呼具体到人,而不是简单的“先生或女士”。如果你找不到联系人的名字,可以使用“人事经理”等头衔。Step 3 Read and re3.检查Read and re to check for errors. A spell checker can find spelling errors, but it can#39;t correct everything.多次检查有无错误。拼写检查器可以帮你找出拼写错误,但是不能纠正一切。Step 4 Include contact information4.写上联系信息Don#39;t tell them you#39;d love to hear from them and forget to include a phone number or e-mail address. Put your contact information in the letter even if it is aly on your resume.不要在告诉别人希望收到他们的回音的同时却忘记写上电话号码或电邮地址。即使你的简历中已经注明了电话号码,求职信中也要写上联系方式。Step 5 Don#39;t copy your resume5.不要复制简历Write about the skills you have that would be useful to their organization, but don#39;t just copy your resume. This is a time to tailor the message to the job you are applying for.书写对他们的组织有用的技能,但是不要复制简历。必须与你申请的工作职位相关。If you are mailing or faxing the letter, leave a space for a signature.如果你的求职信通过邮件或传真送达,留下签名的空间。Step 6 Stay within limits6.注意分寸Stay within limits -- this means two paragraphs for an e-mail letter and five for mailed and faxed letters. If you get the letter just right, you#39;ll leave the hiring manager wanting to know more!注意分寸——这意味着,电邮求职信需要两张照片,邮寄或传真求职信需要五张照片。如果你的求职信比较好,人事经理会希望更好地了解你。On average, an employer spends less than 20 seconds reviewing a resume.雇主花费在浏览简历上的时间只有不到20秒钟。 Article/201301/218050。

全球网友热捧最可爱的婚礼视频 - 最有创意的集体婚礼 可爱的婚礼,婚礼的歌曲是Chris Brown 克里斯布朗 - -永恒 Forever。 Article/201003/99641。