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淄川区男科电话淄博包皮龟头炎怎治疗在2012欧洲杯决赛对阵意大利胜利连续第三次问鼎重大国际赛事冠军后,西班牙国家足球在队归国后获得了英雄般的欢迎。After a dominating performance against Italy in the final of Euro 2012 to claim their third straight major international title, the Spanish national football team has been given a heroes welcome upon their return home.Tens of thousands of fans, flocked to the streets of Madrid on Monday to join in the celebration a celebrations that even took on a royal hue.The streets of downtown Madrid were awash in red and national pride as Spainards welcomed back their Euro 2012 wining squad.This is the third time in the last four years Spains national football team was being feted for a victory -- back to back Euro crowns, plus a World Cup sandwiched in between and the squad can provide a distraction to nation from their economic woes.Yurena, Spanish football fan, said, ;I am extremely proud of being a Spaniard and of everything this team has achieved. I am incredibly proud. There are no words to express what I feel. I am really happy. It is a nice a break during these hard economic times. You see joy and happiness among Spaniards.;Oscar, Spanish football fan, said, ;Now it is time to congratulate the squad. It is a big achievement, three titles in a row. It is the first time they do it and we have to be here and cheer them on.;Now things werent so extravagant as the city long parade held in the teams honour. Earlier in the day the team met with King Juan Carlos and presented his excellency with a replica shirt of ;La Roja;.Iker Casillas, goalkeeper of Spanish National Football Team, said, ;I want to thank you for your receiving the Spain team after being in Poland and Ukraine. From every one of us, I would like to give you this shirt signed by all of us. This present is for you to have as a souvenir of our victory. And thank you very much for the reception in your house.;King Juan Carlos I, Spanish King, said, ;It is not easy to speak to three times champions. You have given all Spaniards - and us - happiness. Spaniards are proud of you; not only because of your victory, but also because you are great individuals as well as a team. You have known how to blend this. Also, we must give special thanks to Vicente del Bosque, who has faced many difficulties, but everything can be achieved with hard work, and here are the fruits of this labour. Congratulations, and we hope you continue winning. Congratulations from me, my family and Spain. Thank you very much.;Now it was nice to get a meeting with the countrys royal family but this is the team of the people and this is how the team chose to celebrate.We give the last word to Andres Iniesta who was named the player of the tournament during Euro 2012.Andres Iniesta, midfielder of Spanish National Football Team, said, ;Im very proud to be a part of this legendary team because they are unique. But I am especially proud t201207/189052淄博哪里做包皮比较好 Today in History: Wednesday, January 16, 2013历史上的今天:2013年1月16日,周三On Jan. 16, 1991, the White House announced the start of Operation Desert Storm to drive Iraqi forces out of Kuwait.1991年1月16日,白宫宣布开始沙漠风暴行动将伊拉克军队赶出科威特。1547 Ivan IV (popularly known as ;Ivan the Terrible;) was crowned czar of Russia.1547年,伊凡四世(俗称“恐怖伊万”)加冕俄国沙皇。1920 Prohibition began as the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution took effect.1920年,美国宪法第十八修正案生效,禁令开始。1942 Actress Carole Lombard, 33, died in a plane crash near Las Vegas.1942年,女演员卡罗尔·伦巴在一次飞机失事中遇难,时年33岁。1944 Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower took command of the Allied invasion force in London.1944年,艾森豪威尔将军指挥盟军入侵伦敦。1964 The musical ;Hello, Dolly!; starring Carol Channing opened on Broadway, beginning a run of 2,844 performances.1964年,卡罗尔·钱宁主演的音乐剧《你好,多莉!》在百老汇开幕,此后该剧演出了2844场。1969 Two manned Soviet Soyuz spaceships became the first vehicles to dock in space and transfer personnel.1969年,两驾载人俄国联盟号宇宙飞船成为第一批停泊在太空间并转移人员的太空车辆。1989 Three days of rioting erupted in Miami when a police officer fatally shot a black motorcyclist, causing a crash that also claimed the life of a passenger.1989年,迈阿密一警察射杀一黑人托车驾驶员,引发了三天的暴乱并酿成车祸,一乘客遇难。1992 The government of El Salvador and rebel leaders signed a pact in Mexico City ending 12 years of civil war that had killed at least 75,000 people.1992年,萨尔瓦多政府和反对派领导人在墨西哥签署一份协议,结束12了年的内战,造成至少75000人死亡。2003 The space shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven blasted off from Cape Canaveral. (The shuttle broke up during its return descent on Feb. 1, killing everyone on board.)2003年,搭载7名船员的哥伦比亚号航天飞机在卡纳维拉尔角发射升空。(航天飞机在2月1日返回过程中发生爆炸,造成机上所有成员遇难。)2004 Pop star Michael Jackson pleaded innocent to child molestation charges in Santa Maria, Calif. (Charges were later re-filed and Jackson was acquitted.)2004年,流行音乐巨星迈克尔·杰克逊在加州圣马丽亚对猥亵儿童罪提出辩护。(指控后来被重新归档,杰克逊被判无罪。)2006 Africas first elected female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was sworn in as Liberias president.2006年,非洲第一位民选女性国家元首埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫宣誓就任利比里亚总统。2007 Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., launched his successful bid for the White House.2007年,参议员巴拉克·奥巴马表示有意竞选白宫。 /201301/220917淄博市第一医院分院治疗男性不育多少钱

淄博治疗尿道炎的费用是多少Wood Buffalo National Park野牛国家公园covers 28,000 square miles,面积七万多平方公里the size of Denmark.像丹麦一样大One of the few cameramen, who have filmed wolves and bison here几位摄影师中 有一人曾拍过狼和野牛is Jeff Turner.那就是杰夫·特纳I first tried to film bison and wolves十五年前 我第一次试图in this national park 15 years ago.在这个国家公园拍摄野牛和狼And getting around on the ground一年中的任何时候is incredibly difficult at any time of the year,在这片土地上出行都特别困难but in the winter, its tough.但在冬天是极其困难We quickly realised the only way我们很快意识到 在这里wed get anything here was we had to get up in the air.想要达到目的的唯一办法便是飞行The Frozen Planet team had never attempted冰冻星球摄制组还没有尝试过aerial filming in such low temperatures.在如此低温下进行空中拍摄The first challenge for director Chadden Hunter导演查登·亨特尔的第一个挑战was protecting the sensitive aerial camera.就是保护脆弱的航空摄影机At -40, electrical cables short-circuit like fireworks.零下四十度的时候 电线会短路How cold can you fly this chopper? Minus 40.你怎么驾驶这台直升机 零下四十度啊Aerial cameraman Michael Kelem空中摄影师迈克尔·凯勒姆comes from sunny California来自阳光充足的加利福尼亚and has never experienced temperatures so low.从未经历过如此低温What kind of temperatures can you operate down to?你习惯在什么温度下操作Me? Usually about 70-degrees Fahrenheit in LA-kind of weather.我吗 在洛杉矶一般大约二十度Yeah? Im only rated for Santa Monica.是吗 我还以为是圣塔莫妮卡 /201211/211659淄博友谊医院 淄博那个医院能刷社保卡

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