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Kidnapped Women Free After Years女子囚禁十年后获救Three women were freed last week after being held captive in a home in an Ohio neighbourhood a decade. Amanda Berry, who had been missing since , found her way to a door while her captor was out and was able to alert neighbours who called 9. Berry was with her six-year-old daughter who had been born in captivity. When the police arrived, they found two other missing women inside the home. Their captor, a school bus driver named Ariel Castro, was arrested and has been charged with kidnapping and rape. He may also be charged with murdering the women’s unborn children. The women had reportedly been chained in the basement and later confined to the upstairs bedrooms.在俄亥俄州一处民宅,三名女子被囚禁十年之久,上周终于“重见天日”阿曼达·贝丽失踪于年,当时嫌犯外出不在,阿曼达通知邻居报警贝丽和她六岁的女儿在一起,孩子是在囚禁中所生当警方抵达时,发现还有两名失踪女性凶手阿列尔·卡斯特罗是名校车司机,因绑架强奸指控已遭到逮捕他或遭谋杀未出生婴儿罪指控有报道称,受害者被捆锁在地下室,之后又限制她在楼上卧室活动译文属原创,,不得转载 6。

I love the kangaroos because of their beautiful shape and the way they move.我喜欢袋鼠美丽的体形和它们移动的方式This mob of kangaroos has all ages, including young kangaroos (called Joeys) and some very large and old kangaroos. One time I was able to photograph one old kangaroo getting under a fence. He had to get down low but he did it.这群袋鼠涵盖各个年龄层,有小袋鼠还有一些非常大的袋鼠,也有老袋鼠有一次,我拍到了一只在围栏下面的老袋鼠它必须压低身体才能到围栏下面,而它做到了After I have walked about 3 kilometres, the path winds close to the river on my right, and to an orchard (Petty’s Orchard) on my left. The orchard grows all kinds of fruit and has been in this area over 0 years. It is now owned by a State Government department (Parks Victoria) and is being preserved all Victorians. Protecting the fruit from the many birds in the area is a major task.走3公里之后,蜿蜒向前的小路右边会接近河畔,而左边则是一个果园,佩蒂家的果园这家果园已经有0多年的历史了,里面种植着各种各样的水果现在这个果园由州政府部门——维多利亚州园林局所有,为所有维多利亚民众保留主要任务是保护水果不受该地区众多鸟类的侵害The Yarra Trail includes some sections where a wooden walkway has been built to allow walkers and bicycle riders an easy trip. This is taxpayers money being well spent, in my opinion.雅拉河小路包括很多个部分,其中有一条梦想制通道,可供行人和自行车手使用在我看来,这是将纳税人的钱用在了正确的地方Along the way I often see wild rabbits. There are so many that I often wonder if they are becoming too numerous the good of the bushland. They too are not afraid of people and will allow a walker to come as close as 5 to metres bee running off into the long grass.我经常会在路上看到野兔因为野兔太多了,我经常在想,它们的数量太多了对原始森林区会不会不好野兔也不害怕行人,它们可以接受和人最近的距离是5至米,再走近的话它们就会逃进深深的草丛中了I also see native ducks feeding in pairs in the wetland areas I pass by. They seem quite tame although they will fly off if you get too close. They look so graceful when they fly.我路过湿地区的时候,经常看到成对成对吃东西的土鸭它们看起来非常温顺,不过如果你靠的太近,它们就会飞走它们飞的时候看上去非常优雅When I get home my legs are tired and I enjoy a short rest bee eating my breakfast. What a great way to start the day.我回到家的时候腿非常累,所以我会稍微休息一会儿再吃早餐这是多好的一种开始新一天的方法啊If you have a question or a comment to make, please leave it in the comments box on on my website at www.slowenglish.info. You can leave your comment in English or in any language and I will translate it. Goodbye until next time.如果大家有问题或者想留言,请在www.slowenglish.info网站上的栏处留言你可以用英语留言,也可以用其他语言留言,我可以自己翻译下期见Rob.罗布译文属 371。

Item nine.Vocabulary. poverty, halt, malaria.In September of 00, world leaders set eight goals bringing millions of people out of poverty.These became known as the ed Nations Millennium Development Goals.Among them, cut in half the number of people living on less than 1 dollar a day and halt the sp of AIDS and malaria.The goals also include improving survival rates pregnant women and young children and educating all children.Working equality between women and men and dealing with environmental needs like safe water also are included.The target date reaching the goals is . 3571。

Boy Fishes Money from the Danube River男童在多瑙河“钓钱”Banknotes worth approximately 0, 000 euros were found floating down the Danube river in Vienna last weekend. A boy spotted the cash and jumped in the river to retrieve the money. A witness, who thought the boy was trying to commit suicide, contacted the authorities. The money was taken to police headquarters, where it was verified as real currency that is not known to be connected to any crime. According to an Austrian law, the boy may receive 5 to % of the value of the money, and could claim the whole sum if no rightful owner comes ward within a year.上周末,人们在维也纳多瑙河发现了约万欧元纸币一名男童首先发现,并跳进河中打捞当时有人看到了这名小男孩,以为他要自杀,随即报了警钱已被移交警察局,并已确认为真钞,也没有发现与其有关的任何案件根据奥地利法律规定,小男孩将获得总额的5%-%,如果在一年内仍无人认领,那么全部现金将归男孩所有译文属原创,,不得转载 93。

Famous Americans – Casey Jones; Classic TV – Happy Days; to try out versus to examine versus to test; dude and buddy; courtesy ofWords:railroadflagman(train) engineerwhistleshiftheroballadmiddle-classdrive-inepitomecoolseasonto try outto examineto testdudebuddycourtesy of 581。

The Golden Age of Hollywood and the studio system; the busing controversy of the 1970s; as well versus also versus too; to take into ; “why” as an interjection Words:cinemasilent movieof all timeclassicstudioto have (someone) on salarycontroversydesegregatedpredominantlyinconvenientwhite flightsuburbsas wellto take into why 3538。