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Pressure is growing on Israel after its commandos raided a flotilla of aid ships that were trying to break the blockade on Gaza. The raid early Monday, in which nine activists died, has set off a wave of international criticism. But very little of that criticism is coming from people at home.Israel began sending home some of the nearly 700 pro-Palestinian activists who were aboard the six vessels.Some, like this Turkish man, spoke of the violence they witnessed when Israeli commandos came down on the main ship, a Turkish vessel, during the raid in the eastern Mediterranean.He says the commandos came down from helicopters and attacked the activists. He said the commandos first warned the activists, who had told the soldiers they were not armed.Israeli military officials point to that shows activists hitting the commandos with iron bars and chairs, and say the soldiers acted in self-defense when they opened fire. The ships are sitting at the Israeli port of Ashdod. Some of their passengers were led away in handcuffs. Authorities say those who are agreeing to expulsion are being taken to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport and flown home.  By late Tuesday, scores had been repatriated. They included American Edward Peck, a former diplomat who had served as U.S. ambassador to Mauritania. Hundreds of others remained at detention centers across Israel. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor told VOA some could be put on trial for attacking the commandos. "Those who have been clearly identified as aggressors are being questioned by the security service and it is possible that they will be prosecuted," he said.  As international condemnation mounts, there is also some criticism at home of how the raid was carried out. Newspaper columnists and some members of the opposition questioned the legality of the operation, and whether the flotilla could have been intercepted without using force. But overall Israelis express overwhelming support for the raid. Many have little sympathy for those in the Gaza Strip, where militants have been firing rockets at Israel for several years. Some believe that lifting the blockade would be opening the door to a flow of weapons that would be used to attack Israelis.On Jerusalem's busy Ben Yehuda Street, a man says the Israeli military acted in the interest of protecting its citizens when it intercepted the flotilla. He says it was the right thing to do because there simply was no other choice. Another man says he has doubts about the methods the commandos used, and worries about the raid's effects on Israel's image overseas. "In general, it was the right thing to do, but not in the way it was done," he said. Israel has begun moving cargo from the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip after inspecting it. Egypt announced it is temporarily lifting the blockade it has been enforcing, along with Israel, on the Gaza Strip. Tensions remained high along Israel's border with Gaza, where the Israeli military says gunfire erupted after militants crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and opened fire at soldiers. Israeli war planes struck targets in Gaza on Tuesday in response to a rocket attack.以色列开始遣返六艘船上将近七百名亲巴勒斯坦活动人士中的一部分人。其中一些人,包括这名土耳其男子,谈到了他们在这场东地中海的突袭行动中目睹的暴力行为。当时以色列突击队员登上船队的主船,那是一艘土耳其的船。他说,突击队员们从直升飞机上降落下来,袭击活动人士。他说,突击队员们首先警告活动人士,而那些活动人士已经告诉士兵们他们没有携带武器。以色列军方官员根据录像带上显示的活动人士用铁棍和椅子殴打突击队员的画面说,士兵们开是出于自卫。这些船只现在停靠在以色列的阿什杜德港。船上一部分人被戴上手铐带走。当局表示,那些同意遣返的人正被带往特拉维夫的本古里安国际机场,并将被送上回国的飞机。其他数百人仍留在以色列各地的拘留所里。以色列外交部发言人伊戈尔.帕默尔告诉美国之音,其中一些人可能会因为攻击突击队员而受到审判。他说,“那些被清楚认定为攻击者的人正在接受安全部门的审问,有可能他们会受到起诉。”在国际谴责与日俱增的同时,以色列国内对于这次突袭的行动方式也有一些批评。报纸专栏作家和一些反对派成员质疑这一行动的合法性,以及当时船队是否可以在不动用武力的情况下被拦截。但总体来说,以色列人表达了对这一突袭行动的强烈持。他们很多人对加沙地带的居民并不同情,几年来激进分子一直在那里向以色列发射火箭。一些人认为解除对加沙地带的封锁会为武器流通打开大门,而那些武器会被用来袭击以色列。在耶路撒冷繁忙的本耶胡达大街上,这名男子说,以色列军队拦截这一船队的行动是出于保护本国公民的利益。他说,这么做是对的,原因很简单,那就是别无选择。以色列在检查完援助船队上的货物之后,开始将这些货物运送到加沙地带。在以色列突击队突袭了一个装载援助物资的船队之后,以色列受到的压力越来越大。这个船队试图突破加沙地带的封锁。星期一早些时候的突袭造成九名活动人士死亡,引发了国际社会的谴责声浪,但是在以色列国内却没有受到多少批评。。201006/105379。

Though he gained prominence as an actor in Hollywood and later as President of the ed States, the people of Dixon, Illinois, remember Ronald Reagan as a hometown hero who saved the lives of 77 people while working as a lifeguard. The town is honoring Reagan’s 100th birthday this year, with a year-long celebration. The 40th President's hometown was never very far from his heart.虽然他曾经是好莱坞影星,后来又成为美国总统,但是,在伊利诺伊州迪克森镇居民的眼里,罗纳德·里根就是家乡的一位英雄,因为里根当救生员时救过77个人的生命。今年,迪克森镇要举行长达一年的活动,纪念里根诞辰100周年。这位第40任美国总统始终和家乡心贴心。Ninety-five-year-old Gertrude Childers almost didn’t make it past the age of 15. She was swimming in the Rock River near Dixon, Illinois, one warm summer day in 1931, when she failed to notice another swimmer barreling down the water slide. ".. and our timing was so perfect as he came down, I pushed out, and this man landed right on my neck and shoulders and of course it knocked me out," Childers said.95岁的格特鲁德·柴德斯差一 点没有活过15岁。1931年夏季的一天,她在迪克森镇岩石河游泳。她没有注意到,另外一个游泳者从滑水道上迅速冲下来。柴德斯说:“他冲下来时,我往外推了一下,不高不低,他正好压在我的脖子和肩膀上,我当场晕了过去。”She would have drowned right then and there, if it had not been for the lifeguard everyone called "Dutch," who pulled her limp body out of the water. "Everybody knew Dutch. He was just always there," Childers said.柴德斯说,如果不是一位被称为“荷兰人”的救生员把她软扒扒的身体从水里拉上来,柴德斯很可能就淹死了。他说:“大家都认识‘荷兰人’,他总是在那里帮助别人。”Gertrude was number 70 on the list of 77 people the locals say "Dutch" saved in his career as a lifeguard.在“荷兰人”的救生员生涯中,他一共救了77个人的生命,柴德斯是第70个。When "Dutch", known to the rest of the world as Ronald Reagan, went on to star in movies, and to lead the state of California and later the ed States, his next-door neighbor in Dixon, Helen Lawton, had a hard time calling him "Governor," or "Mr. President." "Well he was just "Dutch" Reagan to us!," she said.这位‘荷兰人’就是举世闻名的罗纳德·里根。“荷兰人”是他父母对他的昵称。里根先是当了影星,之后又成为加州州长和美国总统。但是,他在迪克森镇的邻居海伦·劳顿觉得,“州长”和“总统先生”,他都叫不出口,“对我们来说,他就是‘荷兰人’里根。”Dixon, Illinois, population 16,000, is still in many ways the small Midwestern community where Ronald Reagan grew up. Only now, the town is known throughout the world. 迪克森镇有16,000人,在很多方面和罗纳德·里根成长时一样,仍然是中西部的一个小社区,不同的是这个小镇现现在已经闻名世界了。"He’s been a good public relations arm for the city of Dixon," said Jim Burke, Dixon’s mayor, though on the opposite side of politics from Ronald Reagan. "I’m a Democrat... but a big Reagan supporter," he said.吉姆·伯克是迪克森镇镇长,尽管他和里根来自不同的政治党派,但他说自己是里根坚定的持者。伯克镇长说,里根一直是迪克森镇非常好的公关力量。201103/128275。

Clinton: US Still Seeks Iran Dialogue Despite Election Repression克林顿:美仍寻求与伊朗对话U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday the Obama administration still seeks dialogue with Iran despite what she called the Tehran government's deplorable and unacceptable use of violence to quell election protests. In a foreign policy speech, Clinton also left open the prospect of talks with moderate elements of Afghanistan's Taliban movement.   美国国务卿克林顿星期三说,尽管德黑兰政府使用武力压制选举引发的抗议是应受到指责和不可接受的,但是美国仍然寻求同伊朗进行对话。在有关外交政策的讲话中,克林顿还对和阿富汗塔利班运动中温和派系对话的可能性保持开放态度。Clinton said the crackdown on those protesting the announced results of last months presidential election puts a new complexion on the Iranian government in the way it is perceived internationally.   克林顿说,伊朗民众抗议官方宣布的上个月的总统选举结果的行动受到镇压的事实,使得国际社会看到伊朗政府的另一个面目。But, she nonetheless said the ed States should engage directly with Tehran authorities on issues like Iran's nuclear program and support for terrorism to determine if it wants to become a responsible member of the world community or continue on a path to further isolation.   尽管如此,克林顿国务卿说,美国应该在诸如伊朗核项目以及持恐怖主义的问题上和德黑兰当局直接接触,以便确定它到底是愿意成为国际社会中一名负责任的成员还是要继续在孤立的道路上走下去。The Secretary addressed the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington in a policy speech marking the upcoming six-month anniversary of the new administration, and on the eve of a key overseas trip by Clinton to India and Thailand.   克林顿在她开始关键的印度和泰国之行的前夜,在华盛顿的外交关系委员会会议上发表了讲话。Her speech and ensuing question and answer session stressed the Obama administration's exercise of so-called smart power that puts the use of diplomacy and developmental aid on a par with the military might.   她的讲话和随之而来的问答部分都强调,奥巴马政府使用所谓的巧实力,将外交手段和发展援助同军事力量相结合。She said that on Iran, the Bush administration made a mistake by refusing nuclear talks with Iran and outsourcing the policy process to others.   她说,在伊朗问题上,布什政府拒绝跟伊朗进行核问题会谈、将政策程序外包给别人,是一个错误。"Direct talks provide the best vehicle for presenting and explaining that choice," said Clinton. "That is why we offered Iran's leaders an unmistakable opportunity. Iran does not have a right to nuclear military capacity. We're determined to prevent that."   她说:“直接谈判为提出和解释这种选择提供了最好的途径。这就是为什么我们向伊朗领导人提供了一个明白无误的机会。伊朗没有获得核军事能力的权利。我们决心防止它获得。”"But it does have a right to civil nuclear power if it reestablishes the confidence of the international community that it will use its program exclusively for peaceful purposes. Iran can become a constructive actor in the region if it stops threatening its neighbors and supporting terrorism," she added.   “但是,假如它能让国际社会重建信心,确信它的核项目完全是为了和平目的,那么伊朗的确有获得民用核能的权利。如果伊朗停止威胁邻国,停止持恐怖主义,它可以成为这个地区的一个有建设性的角色。”Clinton, who leaves Washington late Thursday on her first mission to India as secretary, told her audience she also plans a visit to Pakistan in the fall, where in both countries the struggle against Islamic extremism in the region will be a key issue.   克林顿将于星期四晚上启程开始她就任国务卿以来首次对印度的访问,她在讲话中说,她还计划在秋季访问巴基斯坦,在这两个国家,同伊斯兰极端主义的斗争是一个关键问题。She said U.S. national security as well as the future of Afghanistan depends on a stable, democratic and economically-viable Pakistan and that Washington applauds Pakistan's new determination to deal with militants who threaten that country.   她说,美国国家安全和阿富汗的未来都要依靠一个稳定、民主和经济上可行的巴基斯坦。华盛顿欢迎巴基斯坦关于对付那些威胁该国的激进分子的新决心。She said the ed States is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan because it protects al-Qaeda, but made clear it is open to dealing with Taliban supporters willing to break with terrorists.   她说,美国在阿富汗和塔利班作战,因为塔利班保护基地组织。但是她同时明确表示,愿意同那些想同恐怖分子决裂的塔利班持者打交道。"We understand that not all those who fight with the Taliban support al-Qaeda or believe in the extremist policies the Taliban pursued while in power," she said. "And today we and our Afghan allies stand y to welcome anyone supporting the Taliban who renounces al-Qaeda, lays down their arms and is willing to participate in the free and open society that is enshrined in the Afghan constitution."   她说:“我们理解,不是所有和塔利班一同作战的人都持基地组织或者信奉塔利班执政时推行的极端主义政策。今天我们和我们的阿富汗盟友做好了准备,欢迎任何弃绝基地组织并放下武器、愿意加入阿富汗宪法中庄严提出的自由开放社会的塔利班持者。”The Secretary also stressed the Obama administration's renewed effort led by special envoy and former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.   克林顿还强调了奥巴马政府的,由前参议院多数党领袖米切尔特使领导的解决以巴冲突的努力。She repeated U.S. calls on Israel to stop settlement activity and the Palestinians to end incitement and bolster security. But she said the broader Arab world also needs to act now and emulate steps by the late leaders of Egypt and Jordan for outreach to Israel to create a climate for peace.   克林顿重申美国呼吁以色列停止修建定居点、巴勒斯坦人结束煽动并维护安全。但是她说,更广泛的阿拉伯世界现在也要行动,跟随埃及和约旦已故领导人的步伐,同以色列打交道,以便创造和平的气氛。"Anwar Sadat and King Hussein crossed important thresholds, and their boldness and vision mobilized peace constituencies in Israel and paved the way for lasting agreements," said the secretary of state. "By providing support to the Palestinians, and offering an opening however modest the Israelis, the Arab states could have the same impact."   她说:“当年萨达特和候赛因国王跨过了重要的门槛,他们的胆识和远见激励了以色列爱好和平的人们,为得到长久的和平协议铺平了道路。阿拉伯国家通过对巴勒斯坦人的持,通过向温和的以色列人提供一个开端,可以造成同样的影响。”The Secretary, due to join ASEAN and other regional foreign ministers in security talks in Thailand on her trip, said the administration is helping organize a tougher joint effort to get North Korea back to negotiations for a de-nuclearized Korean peninsula.   克林顿国务卿将前往泰国,同东盟成员国和该地区其他国家的外长们举行安全会议。她说,美国行政当局正在帮助组织一场更强硬的联合行动,让北韩回到关于朝鲜半岛无核化的谈判中来。07/78069。

Linguistics语言学Say what?你说什么?To find new subjects of study, some linguists simply open their front doors要寻找新的研究主题,一些语言学家只须打开前门Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition WHERE in the world is the largest number of different languages spoken? Most linguists would probably plump for New Guinea, an island that has 830 recognised tongues scattered around its isolated, jungle-covered valleys. But a place on the other side of the world runs it close. The five boroughs of New York City are reckoned to be home to speakers of around 800 languages, many of them close to extinction.世界上哪一个地区使用的语言种类最多?大部分语言学家可能都会坚决地认为是新几内亚,在这个岛上,有830种已被认可的语言散布在丛林广布的偏远山谷中。但在地球的另一端,有一个地方的语言数目几乎能赶上新几内亚。纽约市的五个区被认为是约八百种语言使用者的聚居地,其中很多语种濒临灭绝。New York is also home, of course, to a lot of academic linguists, and three of them have got together to create an organisation called the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), which is ferreting out speakers of unusual tongues from the city’s huddled immigrant masses. The ELA, which was set up last year by Daniel Kaufman, Juliette Blevins and Bob Holman, has worked in detail on 12 languages since its inception. It has codified their grammars, their pronunciations and their word-formation patterns, as well as their songs and legends. Among the specimens in its collection are Garifuna, which is spoken by descendants of African slaves who made their homes on St Vincent after a shipwreck unexpectedly liberated them; Mamuju, from Sulawesi in Indonesia; Mahongwe, a language from Gabon; Shughni, from the Pamirian region of Tajikistan; and an unusual variant of a Mexican language called Totonac.当然,纽约也有许多学术界的语言学家,其中有三人就已一起成立了名为濒危语言联盟的组织(简称ELA),该组织正从城市聚居在一起的移民百姓中搜寻出使用罕见语种的人。去年,丹尼尔#8226;考夫曼、朱丽叶#8226;布莱文思和鲍伯#8226;霍尔曼成立了这个联盟。联盟自创始以来,已对12种语言进行了详细研究,并已将这些语言的语法、发音、构词法还有歌曲、传说等编纂成典。其作品集的语言样本包括:加利弗那语,即非洲奴隶的后代所使用的语言(从前一次海难意外地解放了他们,之后他们就在圣文森特安家);马穆朱语,源自印度尼西亚的苏拉威西岛;马宏威语,一种来自加蓬的语言;舒格尼语,源自塔吉克斯坦的帕米尔地区;还有一种墨西哥语的特别变体,名为托托纳克语。201109/153664。

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Blackmail on Gas Transit俄罗斯和乌克兰的天然气管道之争 Russia and Ukraine have ended 2008 with an escalating dispute over gas deliveries through a key pipeline that supplies much of Western Europe. Each side is blaming the other for the dispute. 俄罗斯和乌克兰两国以不断升级的争吵度过了2008年,两国的争论围绕着通过一条主要管道向西欧提供天然气的问题。双方都认为争论的责任在对方。A spokesman for the Russian gas giant, Gazprom, held up a letter at a Moscow new conference on New Year's Eve that he says was signed by the head of Ukraine's gas company. He says the letter threatened to cut off supplies flowing through a pipeline that supplies Western Europe with 25 percent of its gas. 俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的发言人新年前夕在莫斯科举行的新闻发布会上展示了一封信,他说这封信是乌克兰天然气公司的负责人签署的。这位发言人说,这封信威胁要切断通过一条输送管道向西方提供的天然气供应。这部分天然气占西欧天然气消费总量的百分之25。Gazprom's deputy chief, Alexander Medvedev referred to the Ukrainian letter as blackmail and unprecedented in the history of the international energy business. He added that Ukraine would be violating a contract it signed to continue deliveries to Western Europe through the end of 2010.  俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的副总裁阿列克山德尔·麦德维杰夫把乌克兰方面的这封信说成是勒索,并且在国际能源交易史上还没有先例。他补充说,乌克兰违反了它签署的一份向西欧输送天然气的合同,这份合同2010年末到期。Medvedev says Ukrainians did not respond when asked directly why they do not want to honor the contract. He says Ukrainians insist there is no contract, even after they are shown signatures and laws, simply because they do not want an agreement. 麦德维杰夫说,乌克兰对于俄罗斯方面有关为什么不遵守合同的直接提问没有做出答复。他说,乌克兰方面坚持认为并不存在这份合同,甚至俄罗斯向乌克兰方面出示了签名和文书之后,他们还坚持这种说法,因为他们只是不想承认这份协议。A spokesman for Naftohaz, the Ukranian gas company, told VOA that its obligation extends only to a contractual framework for gas transit valid through 2013. However, Valentyn Zemliansky says agreement on specific issues is reached on an annual basis. 乌克兰的NOFTOHAZ天然气公司的发言人瓦兰亭·泽姆连斯基对美国之音说,他们公司的义务只涉及到有关输送天然气的合同框架,协议框架在2013年到期。但是他表示,双方在具体问题上的协议是每年都需要更新的。Zemliansky says additional agreements cover the volume and quality of gas, as well as transit costs, and he notes that an agreement on these items for has not been signed. 泽姆连斯基说,一些补充协议涉及天然气的数量和质量,以及运输成本。他指出,有关这些问题的年协议还没有签署。Senior Gazprom officials have made conflicting statements about the status of Ukrainian payment of its billion debt to Gazprom. Gazprom chairman, Alexei Miller, says the funds have yet to appear in company accounts. That statement came a day after Ukraine announced it had paid its obligations for November and December deliveries. However, a deputy to the Gazprom chairman, Alexander Medvedev, says payment has in fact been received. 俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司的高层官员在乌克兰向俄罗斯的这家公司偿还20亿美元债务的问题上说法不一。俄罗斯天然气公司董事长阿列克赛·米勒说,这笔钱还没有出现在公司的账面上。就在他说这番话的前一天,乌克兰宣布它已经付了11月和12月输送天然气的费用。然而,俄罗斯天然气公司的副总裁麦德维杰夫说,乌克兰方面的付款已经收到了。Gazprom Chairman Alexei Miller has said there must be an agreement for Russia to have a legal basis to continue gas deliveries to Ukraine after January 1. 俄罗斯天然气公司董事长米勒说,俄罗斯方面必须有一个以法律为基础的协议才能够在1月1号之后继续向乌克兰输送天然气。Gazprom has been seeking to increase Ukraine's price for gas in the New Year to 8 per 1,000 cubic meters, more than double the current rate.  俄罗斯天然气公司一直寻求在新年后把乌克兰的天然气价格涨到每千立方米418美元,几乎是现有价格的两倍。In 2006, Western European consumers noticed a drop in gas pipeline pressure after Russia cut supplies to Ukraine in a similar mid-winter payment dispute.  2006年,西欧消费者注意到,俄罗斯在进入冬季之后和乌克兰在付款问题上发生了类似的争吵,然后俄罗斯切断了对乌克兰的天然气供应,输气管道的压力出现下降。Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned that Ukrainian relations with Russia and the European Union will suffer serious consequences if Kyiv disrupts supplies to Western Europe. 俄罗斯总理普京警告说,如果基辅中断对西欧的天然气供应,乌克兰同俄罗斯以及同欧盟的关系将面临严重后果。01/60159。

Yael: Today, were talking penguin eggs.今天,我们来谈下企鹅的蛋。Don: Why?为什么?Y: Penguins lay their eggs on hard surfaces near coastlines, or they might dig burrows if the soil permits. And because theyre optimized for swimming rather than walking, its difficult for penguins to gather a lot of soft nesting material. See the problem?企鹅在海岸边坚硬的地表产蛋,如果土地合适,它们也会挖洞。因为它们更擅长游泳而不是走路,对企鹅来说要收集到很多柔软的筑巢的材料是很难的。明白问题了吧?D: Hmm! the penguin lifestyle isnt exactly eggshell-friendly.企鹅的生活方式对蛋壳来说并不很友好。Y: And thats not counting the nasty fights penguins can get into over things like space for their nests or burrows, and the stones that some species pile up around their nests if theyre in the open.那还不包括,企鹅为了争夺筑巢或洞穴领地而发生的激烈争斗,而且如果企鹅在开阔地,它们会在巢穴旁堆积石块。D: I bet all that hubbub isnt very good for eggs either. So do penguins lose more eggs than other species?我打赌所有的吵闹声对蛋也是不利的。那企鹅会比其它物种损失更多的蛋吗?Y: Actually, according to one study, only 2.6 percent of penguin eggs break from causes other than human interference or predators. That rate is similar to the rate in the rest of the bird world, even including those birds that have cushy nests and never fight near their eggs.事实上,根据一份研究显示,排除人类的破坏和掠夺者的影响,只有2.6%的企鹅蛋会破裂。这个机率和其它鸟类是一样的,甚至包括那些有舒适的巢穴且从不在蛋附近打架的鸟类。D: So how do they do it? By producing thicker shells?那企鹅是怎样做的?产出更厚的蛋壳?Y: Yep. Penguin eggshells are fifty percent thicker than expected for their size. But it isnt easy to produce thick egg shells. It requires a lot of calcium, more than female penguins normally get in their diets.是的,企鹅蛋壳比估计的尺寸要厚一般。但是不容易产出厚蛋壳,这需要很多钙,远多于雌性企鹅正常猎食中所获得的钙。D: And they cant just run to the store for a supplement.而且它们还不能去商店来补充。Y: Nope. So in the period right before they lay eggs, female penguins eat a lot of mollusks. The clam and mussel shells in their stomachs slowly leach calcium which is then used to form eggshells. Incidentally, thicker shells also help prevent breakage for birds that lay eggs on rocks, and for ostriches and rheas.不能。所以在企鹅产蛋前,雌企鹅会吃很多软体动物,胃中的蚌和贝壳类会缓慢 过滤用于形成蛋壳的钙。顺便说一句,厚蛋壳还能避免企鹅在岩石上产蛋时蛋壳的破损,就像鸵鸟和美洲驼一样。D: I always did wonder about those ostriches. 我总是对这些鸵鸟感到惊奇。201111/161594。

Stock volatility continued on Wall Street Wednesday as markets turned their attention once more to the weak global economy. After an impressive rally Tuesday, fears about high levels of public debt in the U.S. and Europe have erased all the gains and then some. There is growing concern that the global economy may be heading toward another painful recession.Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve's assurances that it will keep interest rates near record lows for the next two years, all the gains made this week evaporated even before the opening bell.尽管美联储承诺要把超低利率再保持两年,但华尔街股市这个星期却犹如过山车大起大落。On closer examination, New York trader Keith Bliss says many now see the Fed announcement as an admission that the world's most powerful central bank is out of ammunition.纽约交所交易商布里斯说,美联储的声明实际上就是承认,世界上最强有力的中央现在已经无计可施。"The Fed is basically out of bullets. It's similar to those Hollywood movies where you see the guy fire all his bullets and now the only thing he has left to do is throw his gun," Bliss said.布里斯说:“美联储基本上已经弹尽粮绝。这就像那些好莱坞大片描绘的情景,一个家伙打完了子弹,剩下唯一能做的事情就是把丢掉。”But Bliss says the slowing U.S. economy is not the only issue roiling the markets. 不过,布里斯说,搅乱市场的问题并不只是美国经济走软。"And this is how skittish and temperamental the market is. It reacts not only to factual aspects and fundamental aspects, but also rumors. So there was a rumor that S amp; P (ratings agency Standard amp; Poors) was going to downgrade France's debt, there's rumors that there are French and German banks in trouble because they're holding a lot of sovereign debt over in Europe," Bliss said.布里斯说:“市场就是这样焦躁不安,变化无常。影响市场的不光是实实在在的数据和基本面的东西。传言也能够搅乱市场。传言说标准普尔评级公司准备下调法国的债务评级,说法国和德国的也陷入困境,它们持有大量的欧洲国家的主权债务。”Some see the combination of a weak U.S. outlook and the prospects of another debt crisis in Europe as a recipe for a double dip recession. Financial expert Jon Henes tells VOA even the remedy is fraught with peril.有些人认为,美国经济前景疲软和欧洲再次发生债务危机的可能性加在一起为世界经济再次陷入衰退开好了配方。金融专家赫内斯对美国之音说,即使是解救的办法也同样充满危险。201108/148632。

Obama Moves Transition Ahead, as Political Crisis Continues in his Home State奥巴马全力组阁伊州政治危机继续  U.S. President-elect Barack Obama is moving his White House transition forward, as political turmoil builds over the selection of his successor in the ed States Senate. The governor of the state of Illinois stands accused of trying to sell the Senate seat to the highest bidder. There are efforts to convince Governor Rod Blagojevich to resign. 美国当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马继续进行接手白宫的交接工作,同时,围绕选择他在美国参议院继任者而引发的政治动荡进一步发展。伊利诺伊州州长布拉戈耶维奇面临指控,罪名是他试图把这个参议员席位卖给出价最高的人。目前有关各方正在敦促布拉戈耶维奇辞职。President-elect Obama has called on the governor to step down, as have other prominent people in the state. Governor Blagojevich has resisted. But the top lawyer in Illinois, State Attorney General Lisa Madigan, says the governor may be rethinking his position. 当选总统巴拉克.奥巴马要求伊利诺伊州州长布拉戈耶维奇辞职,这个州其他重要人士也呼吁他辞职,但布拉戈耶维奇拒绝下台。不过,这个州首席律师、州总检察长莉萨.马迪根说,州长或许在重新考虑他的立场。"I don't know if that means he will resign or take another option that is provided under the Illinois Constitution where he can voluntarily recognize that there is a serious impediment to his ability to carry out his duties and therefore temporarily remove himself," said Lisa Madigan. 马迪根说:“我不知道这是否意味着他将辞职,还是接受伊利诺伊州宪法规定的另外选择,根据宪法的这项规定,他可以主动承认他的个人能力在履行州长职责方面存在严重障碍,因此可以暂时解除他自己的职务。”Blagojevich has not been formally indicted. But Madigan told N's Meet the Press program that the allegations of corruption put forward by government investigators are severely damaging. 布拉戈耶维奇还没有被正式起诉。不过,马迪根在美国全国广播公司“会见新闻界”节目中说,政府调查人员提出的腐败指称对他极为不利。"There is also the serious concern that everything he does from here on out is going to be tainted, is going to be illegitimate," she said. "So, we think it is absolutely obvious that he is incapable of governing and the best thing to do is move aside." 马迪根说:“人们现在还非常担心,从现在起他做的每一件事都会被玷污,都会是非法的。因此,我们认为他不能胜任州长工作,这已经毫无疑问。所以现在最好是解除他的职务。”Appearing on the same broadcast, Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn described Blagojevich as a man who became increasingly isolated during his time in office. 伊利诺伊州副州长帕特.奎因也参加了“会见新闻界”这档节目。奎因认为,布拉戈耶维奇这个人在当州长时越来越把自己孤立起来。"The last time I spoke to him was in August of 2007," said Pat Quinn. "I think one of the problems is the governor did sort of seal himself off from all the statewide officials - [including] Attorney General Madigan and myself and many others - and that is no way to govern." 奎因说:“我最后一次跟他交谈是2007年8月。我认为,问题之一是这位州长的确有点把自己跟州里其他官员阻隔开,包括总检察长马迪根和我自己等许多人,这就无法履行州长的职责。”The scandal surrounding the governor and the vacant Senate seat could be a major distraction for Mr. Obama, as he prepares to assume power in Washington. 就在奥巴马准备接手总统工作之际,围绕布拉戈耶维奇以及空缺的参议员席位的丑闻可能会牵扯奥巴马很大的精力。The president-elect has remained in Illinois throughout most of the transition period, sharing headlines in recent days with news stories about the governor. 这位当选总统在过渡时期的绝大部分时间都待在伊利诺伊州,他和布拉戈耶维奇这几天来都是新闻报导中的主角。Mr. Obama has been trying to keep the focus on his Cabinet nominees and his plans for the future. He has found what some would call an unlikely supporter in his former rival for the presidency, Senator John McCain. 奥巴马一直努力集中精力任命内阁成员,以及筹划美国的未来发展。他得到了竞选总统时的对手、参议员约翰.麦凯恩的持,这在有些人看来有些不太可能。The Arizona Republican says Barack Obama is putting together a very strong Cabinet to tackle the tough issues facing the country. 这位来自亚利桑那州的共和党参议员说,巴拉克.奥巴马正在组成一个强有力的内阁,处理美国面临的棘手问题。"It tells me that the president-elect is going to address national security issues with people the American people can trust, and that he can place trust and confidence in," said Senator McCain. 麦凯恩说:“在我看来,当选总统将跟美国人民能够信任的人一道解决国家的安全问题,他对他的内阁成员也充满信任和信心。”McCain appeared on A's This Week. 麦凯恩是在美国广播公司“本星期”节目上说这番话的。200812/58834。

Recently released data from the 2010 U.S. census shows significant growth in the nation's Hispanic population. And nowhere has that growth been more dramatic than in the southwestern state of Texas, the state with the biggest overall population increase during the past decade. Experts say the demographic shifts pose a challenge for the state and that its future prosperity will depend on how Texas meets that challenge.最近公布的2010年美国人口普查数据显示,美国的拉美裔人口显著增长,而增幅最大的是西南部的德克萨斯州。德州是过去10年来总人口增长最多的州。专家表示,人口结构变化给州政府带来了很大挑战,未来的繁荣有赖于德州如何应对这些挑战。Not long ago, the annual Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Luncheon was the city's biggest Hispanic business event of the year. Now it is the biggest business event of any kind in the city, drawing many non-Hispanic figures from industry and government as well as Latino business owners.不久前,休斯敦拉美裔商会每年一次的午餐会还是休斯敦规模最大的拉美裔商业活动。如今,这个午餐会已经变成休斯敦所有活动中规模最大的一个,不但吸引拉美裔商家,也吸引了商界和政府中许多非拉美裔参加。During the past four years, under the leadership of President and Chief Executive Officer Laura Murillo, the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has experienced a 600 percent growth in membership. She says Houston's young population, its location and the business-friendly environment in Texas all help.过去四年里,在首席执行官劳拉·穆里洛的领导下,休斯敦拉美裔商会的会员增加了百分之600。劳拉把这归功于休斯敦的年轻人口、地理位置以及德州的重商氛围。"Our chamber, for example, has attracted many sponsors that had traditionally gone to Miami or Los Angeles," noted Murillo. "They are coming to Houston now because they have found that the economy of Houston is so much stronger than it is in other parts of the country."她说:“比如,我们商会吸引了很多原来一直去迈阿密和洛杉矶的赞助商。现在他们来到了休斯敦,因为他们发现休斯敦的经济比美国其它地方都强劲。”Many businesses here see an advantage in hiring local Hispanics who can help them build links with Latin America.这里很多商家看到了在当地雇用拉美裔员工的优势,这些员工可以帮助他们和拉丁美洲建立联系。Francisco Grados works for an accounting firm whose workforce is now 30 percent Hispanic.弗朗西斯科·格拉多在一家会计公司工作,公司员工百分之30是拉美裔。"We have several clients from Latin America, Spain," said Grados. "And even though they speak English, they feel more confident, secure speaking Spanish. And it is an advantage to be bilingual."他说:“我们有一些拉美和西班牙客户,虽然他们也讲英语,但是他们讲西班牙语会更自信,觉得更安全。因此,能讲双语的确是个优势。”201104/131956。

Dueling Claims of Victory in Afghan Presidential Election阿富汗两候选人宣称获胜 官员促静候官方结果Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission is asking voters and the media to ignore claims by competing camps that their candidates captured a first-run victory in the presidential election. Meanwhile, a prominent U.S.-government funded institute says the electoral process appears to have been credible "so far."阿富汗的独立选举委员会正要求选民和本国媒体不要理会各阵营声称自己的候选人在第一轮总统选举中获胜的说法。与此同时,美国政府资助的一个卓有声望的研究机构说,这次选举的过程到目前为止看来还是可信的。The campaigns of both incumbent President Hamid Karzai and his top challenger, Abdullah Abdullah, are both declaring a first-round victory. That despite election officials saying the ballot totals from individual polling sites have not yet reached the capital. 现任总统卡尔扎伊和他最强大的对手阿卜杜拉都宣称获得了第一轮选举的胜利。尽管选举官员说,从各投票地点汇总的票数尚未送达阿富汗首都。A candidate needs more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff election.一名候选人需要得到百分之五十的选票才能避免决选。An unofficial tabulation by VOA of totals posted at three precincts in different neighborhoods of Kabul shows Mr. Karzai leading, but falling short of capturing more than half of the total ballots.Commission officials and international observer groups are asking the public, media and candidates to be patient and await official results. 选举委员会官员和国际观察员团体正要求公众、媒体和候选人耐心等待官方结果。Richard Williamson, the former U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations, is leading the monitoring delegation of the International Republican Institute, which is funded by the American government. 美国驻联合国前大使理查德.威廉森如今领导美国共和国际学会的阿富汗选举观察团,该研究机构是美国政府资助的。"Today, I've aly heard of two candidates declaring majority victory," he said. "If I recall, such good-natured horseplay happens in American elections, too. The key is that, by September 9th, they have a preliminary count that they are confident reflects what happened." 威廉森说:“今天我已经听到两名候选人宣布获得多数票的胜利。我记得这种非恶意的闹剧在美国选举史上也曾经发生。关键是到九月九号他们会有初步点票结果,他们相信这个数据是反映真实情况的。”Williamson adds "so far, it has been a credible election." 威廉森还说,到目前看来这次选举还是可信的。The Afghan Independent Election Commission, known as the IEC, had previously said partial results would be released 48 hours after the close of Thursday's polls. It now says preliminary totals will not begin to trickle out until Tuesday and certified final results will be released from September 17 through the 21. 阿富汗独立选举委员会曾经说,部分结果会在星期四投票结束的48小时后公布。该委员会如今说,在星期二之前不会透露初步结果,而确定的最终结果将在九月17号到九月21号之间宣布。In the meantime, rival camps are trading accusations of vote fraud. 与此同时,敌对阵营相互指责诈选。The IEC says such claims, if filed by candidates or others, will be investigated. The International Republican Institute is being more explicit, commenting in a release that the magnitude of reports of voting registration cards being sold and multiple voting warrants investigation. 阿富汗选举委员会说,如果候选人或者他人提出这类指控他们就将进行调查。国际共和学会的立场更为鲜明,他们在发表的公开信中说,要对有关出卖选举登记卡和滥发重复选举许可的大量报导进行调查。The organization also decries what it calls an "alarming amount" of fraud and abuse of state resources during the campaign period. The group also criticizes imbalanced election coverage by the state-run media "heavily favoring the incumbent." 国际共和学会也谴责了在竞选阶段滥用国家资源的欺诈行为之多,达到令人吃惊的程度。该团体还批评国营媒体所作的选举报导不平衡,‘极度偏向现任总统’。Another concern is a drop in voter turnout compared to the 70 percent seen in 2004. The IRI's Williamson told reporters Friday insecurity, due to Taliban threats to disrupt the election and retaliate against those who voted, was "a dominant factor" in reducing turnout. 另一个令人关注的问题是选民参选率低于2004年选举的70%参选率。国际共和学会的威廉森星期五对记者说,由于塔利班威胁要破坏这次选举、并对那些投票的人施加报复,所以形势不安定是参选率下降的‘一个主要因素’。Afghanistan's chief electoral officer, Daoud Ali Najafi, declines to confirm other officials' estimates of overall turnout dipping between 40 and 50 percent. 阿富汗的首要选举官员纳贾非拒不确认其它官员有关参选率总体下降到40%到50%的估计。"In the provinces under high security threat level maybe the turnout was low. But there are many provinces where the participants were high. Now it's very difficult for us, because we could not receive the final figures from the provinces. Soon, we will announce the turnout when we get the final figure," he said. 纳贾非说:“在安全威胁大的省份,参选率可能是低的。但是有许多省的参选率很高。目前我们还难以确定,因为我们还没得到各省的最终数据。在我们得到最终数据后,我们将很快宣布参选人数。”A low turnout and significant claims of fraud could bring into question the legitimacy of the election. Observers say that could undermine the new government and heighten ethnic tensions in a country with a volatile history of warlords and recent decades of civil war. 参选人数少和诈选指控多可能使得这次选举的可信度产生问题。观察人士说,在一个素有军阀割据的动荡历史、而近几十年来又有内战的国家里,选举的可信度问题可能会破坏新政府并且加剧族裔间的紧张关系。Afghanistan is currently battling - with the help of 100,000 foreign troops - an insurgency led by the Taliban.阿富汗目前在10万外国部队的持下正在与塔利班主导的叛乱活动作斗争。08/82205。