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Time isn't on my side. Another year has passed, and the completion of my junior year is the essence of my thought. What a year it has been.I ritually write a column summarizing the new theories of each of my years. Now I'm a 20-year-old college student, bittersweet at having one year remaining. I have 10 points to share on my latest stop on my journey to commencement. #8226;The navigating one. Why can college be so utopian, so realistic, but so unrealistic? I've been fortunate this year to get most things my way. But my encouragement to freshmen is stick to the fight. The race is given to the swift, but you must see the goal before you take off running. Find your niche on campus, and maximize your potential in that domain.#8226;The prodigious two: Academic and extra-curricular achievement is important, but communication skills and personality are a must! Personality is everything. Look at the world's most famous celebrities—they have talent, but personality is the driving force in their success. If you don't have it, you won't make it—plain and simple.#8226;The third eye. Know your value. You don't have to be arrogant or overly cocky. Never settle for less—in relationships, jobs or grades. A man must know his value in a world where he is constantly marketing himself. But don't value yourself so highly you are unable to learn from others.#8226;The sniping four: Don't let your college experience overshadow your family. Fall semester, I realized my college career was taking up so much of my life that I was neglecting my family. I quickly fixed the problem. Habitat my need your help building a house, but don't let your family's framework fall apart at home.#8226;The oracle five: This is for those who make the laws and regulations we live by. Please don't be naive. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean students are not doing it! Students, dont’be naive and think Crimewatch won't discover you. We're not immune to anything.#8226;Nostradamus six. Things may change, but we still have room to grow. Downtown has finally opened up to the black students. We can have parties and events comfortably at a few of the downtown clubs—which has been lacking. All downtown clubs don't have a welcome mat. They claim their insurance policy doesn't cover "hip-hop parties."#8226;The turbulent seven: Never date anyone you couln't see marrying or being in a long-lasting relationship with. The older you get, the more tiring relationship games are.#8226;Ethereal eight: Just trust the process! Things in life happen for a reason. We've all had situations we didn't enderstand. I'm beginning to see why god allowed certain things in my life to occur: they have made me a better, stronger, realer person.#8226;The illmatic nine: Have fun here and everwhere! Lately, I've had this desire to road trip. I realized this year that clasees are gonna be hard—so let's roll down to Atlanta for a party on a Thursday night or jump over to South Carolina for a weekend.#8226;The talented tenth: Nothing in life is guaranteed—a college degree, financial aid, nothing. Sometimes we think we're giving 100 percent to a cause and we'll fall short of the talented tenth needed to obtain what we want. Article/200909/85512。

  • “摆在你面前的是个很不幸的难题,你得自己去抉择,伊丽莎白。从今天起,你不和父亲成为陌路人,就要和母亲成为陌路人。要是你不嫁给柯林斯先生,你的妈就不要再见你,要是你嫁给他,我就不要再见你了。” Elizabeth replied that it was. ;Very well--and this offer of marriage you have refused?;;I have, sir. ;;Very well. We now come to the point. Your mother insists upon your accepting it. Is it not so, Mrs. Bennet?;;Yes, or I will never see her again. ;;An unhappy alternative is before you, Elizabeth. From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents. Your mother will never see you again if you do NOT marry Mr. Collins, and I will never see you again if you DO. ;Elizabeth could not but smile at such a conclusion of such a beginning, but Mrs. Bennet, who had persuaded herself that her husband regarded the affair as she wished, was excessively disappointed.;What do you mean, Mr. Bennet, in talking this way? You promised me to INSIST upon her marrying him. ;;My dear, ; replied her husband, ;I have two small favours to request. First, that you will allow me the free use of my understanding on the present occasion; and secondly, of my room. I shall be glad to have the library to myself as soon as may be. ;Not yet, however, in spite of her disappointment in her husband, did Mrs. Bennet give up the point. She talked to Elizabeth again and again; coaxed and threatened her by turns. She endeavoured to secure Jane in her interest; but Jane, with all possible mildness, declined interfering; and Elizabeth, sometimes with real earnestness, and sometimes with playful gaiety, replied to her attacks. Though her manner varied, however, her determination never did.Mr. Collins, meanwhile, was meditating in solitude on what had passed. He thought too well of himself to comprehend on what motives his cousin could refuse him; and though his pride was hurt, he suffered in no other way. His regard for her was quite imaginary; and the possibility of her deserving her mother#39;s reproach prevented his feeling any regret.While the family were in this confusion, Charlotte Lucas came to spend the day with them. She was met in the vestibule by Lydia, who, flying to her, cried in a half whisper, ;I am glad you are come, for there is such fun here! What do you think has happened this morning? Mr. Collins has made an offer to Lizzy, and she will not have him. ;Charlotte hardly had time to answer, before they were joined by Kitty, who came to tell the same news; and no sooner had they entered the breakfast-room, where Mrs. Bennet was alone, than she likewise began on the subject, calling on Miss Lucas for her compassion, and entreating her to persuade her friend Lizzy to comply with the wishes of all her family. ;Pray do, my dear Miss Lucas, ; she added in a melancholy tone, ;for nobody is on my side, nobody takes part with me. I am cruelly used, nobody feels for my poor nerves. ;Charlotte#39;s reply was spared by the entrance of Jane and Elizabeth. Article/201108/151368。
  • A Healing Cuisine 食补 ── 中国吃的艺术 Chinese cuisine is widely known and enjoyed in all four corners of the world. Who could not confess to longing for a favorite Chinese dish? But there is one interesting concept concerning Chinese food which is almost unheard of in the West, and which is becoming increasingly ignored by the youth of the East—the ancient custom of “tonic food.” Tonic food is food which is consumed to improve one’s well-being, or stave off sickness, particularly at times when one is more prone to illness. For instance, it was once the custom for new mothers to eat a sesame- oil hot pot every day for the first month after giving birth. It was believed that this dish would benefit the muscles, reduce pain, improve circulation, stimulate sweating, and warm the body. In fact, these Chinese beliefs parallel some Western theories of health, although each takes a different path toward the very same goal. Western medicine actually recommends some of the exact same ingredients that make up the chicken hot pot dish. Sesame oil has been found to promote contraction of the womb while providing lots of calories, and chicken meat is particularly high in protein. Any Western doctor should be happy to suggest such a Chinese dish after childbirth.The elderly, weak, and young can also benefit greatly from tonic foods, especially during the winter. Some foods, such as goat meat and spinach, are seen as “hot,” while others, such as Chinese cabbage and radish, are seen as “cold.” One should be careful not to eat too much of either “hot” or “cold” food. However, how much “hot” or “cold” food one should eat depends on the time of the year, how the food is prepared and what it is prepared with, and the individual’s health.“Warm” or “cool” tonic foods are strongly recommended. The choices for “warm” and “cool” foods range from simple sea cucumber to the delicacy of bird’s nest soup, depending on the individual’s economic circumstances.The concept of tonic food is far from losing credibility, either with Westerners or practitioners of modern medicine. For example, up until two years ago, tonic foods were added to the meals served at a renowned hospital. The custom of prescribing tonic foods for a healthier life also spills over into the catering industry. Although tonic foods themselves are losing popularity among the younger generation, Chinese herbal medicines, such as wolfberry fruit, can be found on many a restaurant , either added to fruit tea or as a beneficial addition to a dish. These herbs attract customers, such as over-worked office staff, in need of a modest pick-me-up. So, whether you need to boost your masculinity with a large helping of bull penis, or increase your mental powers with a serving of pig’s brain soup, you may find that this ancient Chinese custom could be just the tonic you were looking for.中国菜誉满天下,为全世界人所喜爱。谁敢说自己不想尝一道美味的中国佳肴?不过中国菜有个有趣的观念──“食补”,这个古老的习俗在西方几乎是前所未闻,而在东方则逐渐被年轻人忽视。食补是指通过食用某些食物以增进健康,或防止疾病,尤其在人容易生病的时候。举个例子,在过去的习俗里,产妇在产后一个月内每天都要吃麻油鸡。人们认为这道菜对肌肉有益,并能减轻疼痛、促进循环、刺激排汗和暖和身子。事实上,这些中国人的信念与西方的某些健康理论相似,可谓殊途同归。西方医学确实建议摄食几种和麻油鸡材料相同的成份。经实麻油可以促进子宫收缩,同时提供高热量,而鸡肉的蛋白质含量特别高。西方国家的医生应该也乐于建议妇女产后食用这道中国菜。老年人、体弱者和年轻人也可以从食补中获得很大收益,尤其在冬季。一些像羊肉和菠菜之类的食物,被视为“热性”食物,其它如大白菜及小红萝卜等,则被视为“凉性”食物。要注意热性或凉性的食物都不能吃太多。而热性及凉性食物摄食的多少,则应视时令、烹饪方式、烹饪调料及个人体质而定。“温性”与“凉性”食物受到大力推荐。“温性”与 “凉性”食物的选择从简单的海参到美味的燕窝汤不等,视个人经济情况而定。对西方人或现代医学的医生而言,食补的概念还远未丧失其可信度。比如大约两年前,一家著名的医院就将食补纳入其供餐务中。将食补作为养生之道的习俗也影响到了公共饮食业。虽然食补在年轻人中受欢迎的程度正在减退,但在许多餐厅的菜单中都能看到中药,像枸杞被加到水果茶中或是被当作有益的配料使用。这些中药吸引了需要适度提神的顾客,如加班时间过长的上班族等。因此,不管你是需要大力借助牛鞭来提振男性雄风,还是用猪脑汤来增进你的脑力,你会发现古老的中国食补习俗可能就是你在寻觅的补药。 Article/200803/28387。
  • Thirty years ago golf legend Gary Player, now 72, won his third and last Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Yesterday, a second golfer from South Africa won the Masters. “Finally!” said Gary, proudly.Sunday, April 13, was cool and very windy. Only nine of the 45 golfers managed to shoot par or better. Trevor Immelman, 28, struggled throughout the day. But he managed to maintain his lead, finally beating Tiger Woods by three strokes. Tiger finished in second place for the third year in a row.Trevor was PGA Rookie of the Year in 2006. But since 2006 he had won only one PGA tournament. He missed the first two months of the 2008 golf season after surgeons removed a benign tumor on his diaphragm. The tumor, coincidentally, was the size of a golf ball. Trevor played poorly in the tournaments he entered after recovering from the surgery.In the Houston tournament just one week before the Masters, Trevor missed the cut. In professional golf tournaments, the cut occurs after the first 36 holes. Half the golfers—the ones with the worst scores—are dropped from the tournament. They earn no money.In Britain, where bookies always post the odds for the Masters, Trevor was a long shot. But anyone who bet on him before Thursday would have won 0 on Sunday. In two weeks, Trevor had gone from worst to first—from failing to win a dime in Texas to wearing the prized green jacket in Georgia (and .35 million). When asked what contributed most to his victory, Trevor said it wouldn’t have been possible without his parents’ loving support during his years as a junior golfer. Article/201108/150641。
  • A woman is standing at a bus stop at noon. A van pulls up. A young man hops out of the van, grabs the woman’s purse, gets back into the van, and it drives off.An elderly man is standing on the sidewalk in front of his home at 10:30 p.m. He is admiring the full moon. A car pulls up right in front of him and stops. Two men get out. One man punches the old man in the mouth. The other man takes the man’s wallet out of his pants. They get back into their car and drive off.A woman puts her laptop and purse into her car in her driveway at 3:15 p.m. She starts the car, and then remembers that she forgot to turn off the TV. She goes back into her house, turns off the TV, and comes back to her car. Her purse and her laptop are gone.The department of transportation built an elevated freeway on top of the 110 freeway in Los Angeles. The new freeway is supported by more than 100 thick concrete columns. Since the freeway was built, each column has been tagged with graffiti and repainted at least ten times.Late one night, someone managed to raise a heavy metal shopping cart to the top of a flagpole outside a supermarket. The next morning, a 56-year-old supermarket worker hooked up the US flag and started to raise it by pulling on the rope. A second later, the cart crashed down on her. She was permanently paralyzed. When released from the hospital, she told a TV reporter that she forgave the culprit. “Please don’t do this again,” she said. “You might kill someone, and that would be terrible.” A police spokesman admitted that they might not ever find the “prankster.” Article/201104/132970。
  • The Deep End 暗夜摇篮曲Ready for a moody film noir? "The Deep End" is set to entertain with its hallmarks of the genre: gritty characters, improbable plot twists, and lush visuals which earned it the award for Best Cinematography at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Based on Elizabeth Sanaxy's novel "The Blank Wall", the film is the second feature by David Siegel and Scott McGehee, whose previous film, "Suture", contained similar themes about the disruption of stability.The story revolves around ordinary mom Margaret Hall (Tilda Swinton), whose quiet suburban life is disturbed when she finds out her 17-year-old gay son is seeing a sleazy bar owner. The story intensifies when she finds said lover dead near the family's property. Thinking that her son must be involved in the murder, Margaret springs into protective-mother gear and disposes of the body, without thinking of the consequences.The nightmare is indeed far from over, when unsavory associates of the man come to blackmail Margaret with an amateur porn tape of her son with his lover. Margaret and the blackmailer, Alek (Goran Visnjic), end up developing a strange bond, which is part of the film's payoff.Never sinking into melodrama, the story is buoyed by ironic twists, Swinton's considerable acting ability, and evocative cinematography. The film has also earned kudos for respecting the audience's intelligence and never taking the easy way out. The widesp distribution of "The Deep End" marks a departure for Tilda Swinton, an icon of independent film. While you may not have heard of her before, she has a small but fierce following based on her mesmerizing performances and interesting roles. Swinton's passion for close-ups--where she says "figurative cinema becomes art"--is evident in her new film, which critics say may earn her an Oscar.Swinton hails from an upper-class Scottish family in London and was educated at Cambridge before working in theater. Her foray into film began with a long collaboration with English art house director Derek Jarman. Later successful films of Swinton's include "Female Perversions", "Love is the Devil", and her most well-known work to date, "Orlando", in which she played a man who lived for more than 400 years and became a woman. Swinton became a bankable actress in the wake of that movie, but continued to choose unorthodox and challenging roles. Her character in "The Deep End" is an apparently ordinary suburban mom, but one that is shaken out of complacency by dramatic events. Swinton likes the fact that her character is forced to think and question things, which she says is all too rare in female roles. Her performance may make her a household name, but regardless of impending fame, Tilda Swinton has her feet firmly on the ground and continues to maintain her creative integrity. 想看一部阴郁的黑色电影(注)吗?《暗夜摇篮曲》正准备以它的这类特征来观众:果敢坚毅的角色、匪夷所思的剧情转折,以及丰富的视觉效果, 从而荣获今年圣丹斯电影节最佳摄影奖。这部影片是根据伊丽莎白·沙娜希的小说《The Blank Wall》改编而成,是戴维·西格和史考特·麦基合作的第二部 影片,前一部影片《缝合》与本片相似的主题是关于社会安全遭到破坏。(注:犯罪电影的一种,以晦暗的摄影手法与背景不祥的音乐作为烘托,着重描写愤世嫉俗的反派角色) 故事围绕一位平凡的母亲玛格丽特·霍尔(蒂尔达·史温顿饰)展开,当她发现自己17岁的同性恋儿子与邋遢的酒吧老板交往时,她平静的郊区生活因此而被搅乱了。而在她发现所说的情人死在她家附近后,故事情节就更加激化了。想到她儿子肯定卷入这起谋杀案,玛格丽特立即进入保护子女的角色,不计后果地处理了尸体。恶梦到此并未结束,这个男人的狐朋友们拿来业余爱好者拍的她儿子和他情人的色情录影带来勒索玛格丽特。玛格莉特和勒索者亚历克(高伦·维斯吉克饰)最后发展成一种奇特的关系,这是电影高潮的组成部分。本片从未沦为情节剧,故事以讽刺性的曲解、史温顿出色的演技,令人回忆的摄影得到维系。影片也因为尊重观众的智慧,绝无投机取巧,敷衍了事而赢得了赞赏。《暗夜摇篮曲》的广泛发行标志着一个独立制片的偶像蒂尔达·史温顿的一个新的开始。以前你可能没听说过她, 但她凭着魅力四射的演出和吸引人的角色,拥有了一群人数不多但狂热的拥护者。史温顿钟爱特写镜头,她曾说:“象征性电影是艺术”,这在她的新上映的影片中一览无遗,影评们说那可能会为她赢得奥斯卡奖。史温顿来自伦敦的一个苏格兰上层阶级家庭,在踏入戏剧界之前在剑桥受过教育。她涉足电影界始于与英格兰艺术电影导演德里克·贾曼的长期合作。后来,史温顿受欢迎的电影有:《黑色芳心》、《Love is the Devil》,和迄今为止最出名的作品《美丽佳人欧兰朵》。她在剧中扮演一个男人,活了四百多年后最终变成了女人。史温顿也因为这部影片而成为了可以保票房收入的女演员,但她仍继续接演一些非传统而具挑战性的角色。她在《暗夜摇篮曲》里的角色,显然是个普通的郊区母亲,而不是一个被激动人心的事件从自满中摇醒的人。史温顿喜欢她的角色被迫去思考与质疑,她说,在女性的角色中,这是十分少有的。蒂尔达·史温顿的演出或许会使她成为家喻户晓的人物,但尽管她的名声唾手可得,蒂尔达·史 温顿仍然脚踏实地,继续保持她创造性的人格。 Article/200803/30107。
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