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福清市医院人流医院China pledged to continue to buy European bonds in a bid to help the euro zone resolve its debt crisis, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Thursday after meeting with visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel, underscoring Europes growing importance to the Chinese economy. 中国国务院总理温家宝周四在与来访的德国总理默克Angela Merkel)举行会谈后说,中国承诺继续买进欧洲国家的政府债券,以便帮助欧元区解决欧债危机,这表明对中国经济来说欧洲正变得越来越重要But Mr. Wen stopped short of concrete pledges and noted that Chinas purchases would require fully evaluating risk, suggesting that meaningful aid still cant be assured. 不过,温家宝没有做出具体的承诺,他指出中国购买欧债时将需要全面评估风险,这意味着仍无法保中国将提供切实的援助Mr. Wen expressed worries over Europes debt troubles at a news conference jointly held with Ms. Merkel, on her second trip to China this year to assuage Chinese fears about euro-zone sovereign debt crisis and to boost economic ties. The European debt crisis recently has continued to deteriorate, giving rise to serious concerns in the international community. Mr. Wen said. Frankly, Im also worried. 在与默克尔共同举行的新闻发布会上,温家宝表示了对欧债问题的担忧。这是默克尔今年第二次访华,目的在于消除中国对欧元区主权债务危机的担忧,同时加强对华经济联系。温家宝说,最近欧债问题继续恶化,引起国际社会强烈担忧,坦诚地讲,我心里也有担忧He pointed to uncertainty over whether Greece will leave the euro zone and whether Italy and Spain will take comprehensive rescue measures including budget cuts. The key to resolving the debt crisis lies with striking a balance between fiscal tightening and economic stimulus, he said. 他指出欧洲局势存在的不确定性,包括希腊是否会退出欧元区,意大利和西班牙是否会采取包括削减预算在内的全面救助措施。他说,解决欧债危机的关键在于要在财政紧缩和刺激经济之间找到平衡The two sides struck a conciliatory tone in a time when relations between China and Europe have been tested by trade disputes, Chinas currency policies and other issues. Ms. Merkel said trade disputes such as a row between China and western nations over solar-power equipment should be solved through negotiations, probably dampening hopes among European manufacturers pressing for anti-dumping duties on Chinese products they say are improperly subsidized. 在目前中欧关系因贸易争端、中国的汇率政策和其他问题而经受考验之际,中德双方在会谈中的态度都较缓和。默克尔说,贸易争端(比如中国与西方国家在太阳能设备领域的争端)应该通过协商的方式解决。此话可能浇灭一些欧洲制造商的希望,他们曾敦促欧洲有关部门对得到中国政府不当补贴的中国产品征收反倾销税Separately, the leasing arm of Industrial amp; Commercial Bank of China Ltd. 601398.SH +0.26% said it had signed a deal to purchase 50 A320 jetliners from Europes Airbus valued at .5 billion, while German companies such as Volkswagen VOW.XE -3.30% unveiled .2 billion in deals to invest in China. 另外,中国工商银Industrial amp; Commercial Bank of China Ltd.)旗下租赁子公司说,已经与欧洲空中客车(Airbus)签署了一份采0架A320客机的协议,合同金额总计35亿美元。同时,大众(Volkswagen )等德国公司宣布了规模总计32亿美元的在华投资协议Still, differences shone through during the meeting. During the news conference, Ms. Merkel was asked about a letter written by German journalists working in China saying authorities in Beijing had been willfully obstructing their work by threatening not to renew their visas and intimidating Chinese assistants. Ms. Merkel called on China to improve working conditions for foreign journalists working in the country. 尽管如此,会谈期间仍显示出双方在一些问题上存在分歧。在新闻发布会上,有记者向默克尔问到多位德国驻华记者写的一封联名信。信中说,北京当局蓄意阻挠他们的工作,威胁说将不给他们续签签,并威胁恐吓他们的中国助手。默克尔呼吁中方改善外国驻华记者的工作条件As Europes crisis persists, China increasingly sees Germany-its largest European trading partner-as a vital player in pulling the continent out of its slump, analysts say. Mr. Wen said his talks with Ms. Merkel Thursday have made him more confident in Europes ability to resolve the crisis. 分析人士说,在欧债危机持续之际,中国越来越把德国视为一个将欧洲大陆拖出低迷困境的重要国家。德国是中国在欧洲最大的贸易伙伴。温家宝说,他与默克尔周四的会谈使他增强了对欧洲解决危机的能力的信心Ms. Merkel said I want Greece to remain part of the euro zone and efforts by countries including Italy and Spain will bear fruit. 默克尔说,我希望希腊留在欧元区,意大利和西班牙等国的努力将取得硕果The bilateral talks come as China faces its slowest economic growth since the global financial crisis. The recession in Europe-one of the top two markets for Chinese goods sold overseas-has dragged down Chinas exports, threatening Beijing with rising unemployment ahead of the countrys once-in-a-decade leadership transition expected later this year. 中德举行双边会谈之际,中国正面临全球金融危机以来其最低的经济增速。欧洲是中国的两大主要出口市场之一,欧洲的衰退拖累了中国的出口业,使中国政府在预计今年晚些时候举行的10年一次的领导人换届前夕有面临失业率上升的危险Mr. Wen said enhancing economic ties with Europe could both help tackle the continents debt problems and bolster Chinas economy. 温家宝说,加强与欧洲的经济联系既有助于解决欧洲大陆的债务问题,也有助于提振中国经济Mr. Wen said Beijing will also strengthen talks with the European Central Bank, the European Union and International Monetary Fund to help Europe get through the turmoil. 温家宝说,中国政府还将加强与欧洲央行(European Central Bank)、欧European Union)和国际货币基金组International Monetary Fund,简称:IMF)的沟通与协调,以便帮助欧洲走出困境Chinese state radio reported on Thursday that Chinese President Hu Jintao also met with Ms. Merkel and offered support in dealing with the debt crisis. 中国国有电台周四报道说,中国国家主席胡锦涛也与默克尔举行了会晤,并表示持欧洲未解决债务问题所做的努力European officials have expressed hope that China will deploy significant amounts of its mammoth foreign-exchange reserves─currently at .2 trillion─to invest in the EUs bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility. China has been a regular buyer of bonds issued by the EFSF and the sovereign debt of various euro-zone nations, but the level of investments remains unknown. 欧洲官员曾表示希望中国将其巨额外汇储备(目前.2万亿美元)拿出相当大一部分用于投资欧盟救助基金欧洲金融稳定基金(European Financial Stability Facility,简称:EFSF)。中国过去经常购买EFSF发行的债券和欧元区成员国的国债,但具体投资规模并不为人所知As part of the business package unveiled on Thursday, Airbus-a unit of European Aeronautic Defence amp; Space Co. EAD.FR -0.54% -committed to invest .6 billion in an aircraft assembly plant in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, and Volkswagen signed a deal to invest 0 million in a plant in Tianjin to make auto parts. 周四宣布的一系列商业协议包括,空中客车承诺投6亿美元在天津市建一条组装线,大众则签署了协议,将投.9亿美元在天津建一个汽车零部件生产厂。空中客车是欧洲航空防务航天公司(European Aeronautic Defence amp; Space Co.)旗下子公司Ms. Merkel on Friday was scheduled to visit an Airbus production plant in Tianjin, where the company assembles A320s. 按计划,默克尔周五将参观天津的一个空中客车A320客机总装厂 /201208/197525渔溪镇妇幼保健院的qq号是多少 福建福清市妇女儿童医院预约免费

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