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富阳做无痛人流手术的费用富阳的那个医院妇科好and plan them all out and really the budget becomes a big part of the planing parcel然后它们都计划好 预算会是婚礼规划的一个重要部分it ends up done it.very quickly.yeah its amazing how many different things you forget about整个计划要包括它才算完成 非常快 是的 你会为自己忘了很多不同的事情而感到惊讶So,are there trends right now,what is the biggest trend now of the wedding现在办婚礼的趋势是怎么样的呢 现在最大的流行趋势是什么I think the biggest trend maybe is the destination wedding,they flying me all over the world我觉得是旅行结婚 新人们要我飞向世界各地because they dont want one day,they want three days因为他们想要三天的婚礼 而不是一天的they want a welcome party,they want the wedding,they want the brunch,so they dont want it to go away in one day他们想要一个欢迎宴会 婚礼 以及之后的早午餐 他们不想让这些程序在一天内完成Wow,yeah.I cant imagine that,its a long weekend,thats a big week哇 是的 我完全不能想象 漫长的一周 真的是重要的一周All right,so not everybody can afford a wedding planner,no,but its certainly helpful并不是每个人都请得起婚礼策划师 嗯 但策划师又很有帮助I didnt think I needed one,I have no idea about a wedding planner我不觉得我需要 因为我不了解什么是婚礼策划师I would also like to give a shout out to Dr.Wayne Dyer who married us who is incredible and beautiful and just made it so special在此我也想感谢Dr.Wayne Dyer 为我们婚 美好的不可思议还让它变得如此特别My brother Vence worte those most hilarious song that some day我的哥哥Vence前些天给我们创作了最为欢快的歌曲I havent had it on the website right now,my brother went into the studio and wrote the song for us,that is histarical我现在还没把它放在我们网站上 我哥哥去了录音棚 并给我们写了那首歌 那真的非常欢快But anyway,you really did,you help the day,it was the most beautiful and special day as it should be不管怎么 最后你很好的完成了任务 你使我们婚礼那天成为最特殊最美丽的日子and you have a book for the people who can not afford a wedding planner同时 你也为那些不能聘请婚礼策划师的新人写了一本书Its called a Wedding Book the Big Book for Your Big Day and Mindy Weiss is giving it to everybody in the audience叫做 大日子里的婚礼书籍 Mindy Weiss把这本书送给在场的每一位观众a beautiful book,all right,we will have a exclusive vedio from my wedding after this,dont go away一本很好的书 好了 我们待会会播放我的婚礼独家录像 别走开 /201608/460347里山镇妇幼保健医院口碑怎么样 Lexington莱克星顿Still in the trenches仍深陷战壕A pre-Christmas lull in political combat probably means less than meets the eye政治斗争在圣诞前夕暂息,其意义也许低于表面价值THE idea of the Christmas truce is a potent one. A celebrated example took place in December 1914, when first-world-war troops climbed warily from trenches at points along the Western Front. As freezing fog swirled, British and allied soldiers met German foes to barter cigarettes, sing carols and kick footballs on no-mans-land. The moment passed into myth, inspiring poems, films and a (pretty terrible) Paul McCartney song. Britain is marking the centenary lavishly, with a new monument and memorial football matches around the world. Far-off Washington was not left out, with British and Canadian diplomats playing a German-embassy team in Americas capital on December 14th.圣诞休战的想法很强大,最有名的例子是1914年的12月,在一战西线战场上,战士们疲惫地从战壕中爬出,弥漫的寒雾中,英国及其联盟国的战士和他们的德国对手聚在一起,抽香烟,唱颂歌,在无人区踢足球。这一刻被写成了传说故事与振奋人心的诗歌,还被拍成了电影,编成了一首惹人生厌的保罗·麦卡特尼歌曲,以这些形式流传了下来。值其百年之际,英国对此进行了大肆庆祝,新建了一座纪念碑,还发起了世界范围的纪念足球赛。远方的华盛顿也不甘落后,12月14日,英加外交官在美国首都迎战德国使馆队。Yet the meaning of Christmas 1914 is in danger of being muddled. In too many tellings, the truce is hailed as something between a protest and a premonition: a declaration of shared humanity by ordinary soldiers, before heartless commanders sent them to their deaths. Historys record is more complicated. That first December the trenches were newly dug, and both sides could imagine that total victory was at hand. The small-scale Christmas truces of 1914 were as much a display of misplaced confidence as an outbreak of pacifism. The truces moral is rather bleak: those embarking on the first industrial war had little idea of the murderous stalemate that lay ahead. After bitter reality sank in, few called for cheery Christmas games with the enemy.但1914年圣诞背后的含义有被混说之嫌。在许多传说中,那次休战被看做战士们在对命运的不祥预感之下,做出的一种无声抗议,是无情的指挥官把他们送往坟墓之前,寻常战士做出的人性宣言。但它在历史记载中显然更复杂。那是一战经历的第一个12月,战壕刚被挖好,交战双方都以为胜券在握。1914年那场小规模的圣诞休战,若说它代表了反战主义,那它一定也代表着交战双方错寄的信心。休战的意义很模糊,史上首次工业战争的参与者几乎不了解,前方有多少鏖战。当他们意识到苦涩的现实,就少有人有心情呼唤敌军,一起做欢乐的圣诞游戏了。Without stretching the analogy too far, lessons are there for Congress, after members marked the holiday season with a moment of unusual comity. After a tense few days, including a Saturday session in the Senate, members of the House of Representatives and senators avoided shutting the government down, crossing party lines to pass a .1 trillion spending bill. This marked a win for the Republicans “governing wing”: party members who believe that voters, having handed them control of both chambers of Congress in Novembers mid-term elections, expect them to do more than shout “No” during President Barack Obamas final two years in office. Such Republicans formed coalitions with moderate Democrats to push back populists on the right and left who opposed elements of the spending bill with enough fervour to flirt with closing down the government. Front-page headlines hailed a “rare bipartisan success”, and Senate veterans used such words as “hope”.如果进行有限的类比,美国国会的确可以从中学到一些东西,其成员为了庆祝这一节日,正展现出难得的礼让。此前,他们经历了一段时间的剑拔弩张—包括参议院在周六的会议—两会议员努力避免政府被关闭,相互合作通过了一个1.1万亿美元的出方案,这标志着共和党“执政派系”想法的胜利,即,共和党人相信,在11月的中期选举中,选民将两会的控制权赋予他们,并不只是为了让他们在奥巴马任期的最后两年中拒不合作的。抱着相同想法的共和党人与民主党中的温和派联手,逼退了左右派中的民粹主义者—他们反对开议案中的内容,还充满狂热地想轻率的关闭政府。报纸头版用“罕见的跨党派成功”,参议院中的老练议员更是用上了“希望”这样的词语。In a striking display of establishment confidence, Republican senators publicly berated their colleague Ted Cruz of Texas, a darling of the grassroots, putative presidential contender and the man chiefly responsible for forcing the Senate back into session over the weekend. Mr Cruz had held up the spending bill to demand a show-vote on whether the constitution allows Mr Obama to shield millions of migrants from deportation—a ploy that had no chance of stopping the president but did delight Cruz supporters (and inadvertently allowed Democrats extra time to confirm some contested presidential nominees before ceding control of the Senate). Though 21 colleagues felt it prudent to join Mr Cruz in a symbolic vote condemning Mr Obamas immigration policy, many more opposed him.在一片前景光明的言论中,共和党参议员公开斥责他们的同事、德州议员特德·克鲁兹,他出身草根,是潜在的总统候选人,主要负责在周末期间,斡旋让参议院恢复开会。他曾经阻拦开议案,以此要求对奥巴马庇护千万非法移民的问题进行投票(因此无意中,让民主党人有更多的时间,在失去参议院控制权前,确认以后会与他们敌对的总统提名候选人)。尽管当时有21名同事参加了克鲁兹象征性的投票,谴责奥巴马的移民政策,但真正反对奥巴马的人,可能更多。A rebellion on the Democratic left was also seen off. Its leader, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, vocally opposed a provision in the spending bill which, at Wall Streets behest, weakens a part of the Dodd-Frank financial-reform law that forces banks to shift some derivatives away from government safety nets. Like Mr Cruz, Ms Warren has a talent for reducing complex policy to stirring battle-cries, calling the spending bill—an unlovely collection of gifts to special interests, with goodies for Democrats and Republicans, but few big policy shifts—“a vote for future taxpayer bail-outs of Wall Street” which, if repeated, might leave America with “no financial regulations at all”.民主左派中的反叛也初见苗头,其领袖,马萨诸塞州参议员伊丽莎白·沃伦,公开反对开议案中的一项条款,这一由华尔街促成的议案会削弱多德弗兰克法案,迫使将其一些附属机构移出政府的安全网。和克鲁兹一样,沃伦擅长将复杂的政策变为足以撩拨起战争的口号,她把这项开议案称为送给特殊利益阶层的大礼,十分不讨喜,尽管这对两党都有利,但大的方针政策几乎没变,“这是投票决定纳税人以后是否要出资让华尔街拜托困境”,而这种事情如果一再发生,美国会“毫无金融秩序可言”。Other Democrats saw a larger interest in taking the best deal they could get, in the last days before Republicans assume control of both the House and the Senate in the new year. During their Saturday session such pragmatic Democrats joined a bipartisan group of senators singing carols around a piano just off the Senate floor, and crooning “Ill Be Home for Christmas”.至于其他民主党人,他们在共和党新年掌控两院之前,从他们能够得到的最好交易中看到了更大的利益。在周六的会议中,这样的务实民主党与一群两党参议员一起,在参议院的钢琴旁唱着颂歌,并低声吟唱着“我要回家过圣诞”。Alas, the signs are that powerful forces in both parties saw the spending deal as a momentary, tactical ceasefire. Detached observers may see American democracy as increasingly locked in a 50-50 stalemate, in which Democrats dominate urban areas and enjoy a slight majority among the overall population, while Republicans have the edge among those citizens (notably older, whiter and richer folk) who reliably vote. Both parties may have fought each other to a draw in a technological arms race, perfecting gerrymandering, data-mining, and voter-targeting tools which allow core supporters to be fired up and turned out to vote with unprecedented efficiency. But—like massed armies in 1914—partisans still dream that sweeping victories are within grasp.可悲的是,这种信号太过强大,两党都把开议案看做了一次短暂的战略性停火。冷眼旁观的观察员则认为,美国民主越来越陷入势均力敌的僵局中—民主党主导城镇地区,在大众中开始占据微弱的多数优势,共和党则在市民(即更年长、更富有的白人)中占有优势,而这类人是实实在在的选民。两党在高科技战中也许战平了,完善了选区划分、数据挖掘和选民定制工具,让主要持者能被煽动、以前所未有的效率投票。但就像1914年的大军一样,党派人士仍幻想着压倒性胜利是垂手可得的。One more heave, and on to victory向着胜利再进一步Many on the right think that Republicans have a simple mandate once they fully control Congress: to thwart Mr Obama on every front until a proper conservative takes the White House in 2016 (two-thirds of Republicans told a recent Pew Research Centre poll that their party leaders should “stand up” to Mr Obama, even if less gets done in Washington as a result). Many on the left are sure that a majority of Americans loathe Wall Street and believe that the middle classes have been stiffed, giving a fiery economic populist like Ms Warren a clear path to power (on December 13th more than 300 former Obama campaign staff signed a letter calling on the Massachusetts senator to run for president).许多右派人士认为,共和党控制议会后有一个简单的使命,即在所有问题上都一一瓦解奥巴马,直到保守党能够在2016年入主白宫。(2/3的共和党人在近日的一次皮尤调查中都表示,他们的党派领袖应该站出来反对奥巴马,即使政府因此会耽误一些事务)。而许多左派人士则确信,多数美国人仍憎恶华尔街,并相信中产阶级仍在受压迫,这让沃伦等极端的经济民粹主义者有了一条清晰无比的争权之路(12月13日,300名奥巴马竞选团队的前成员签署了一封信,呼吁这位马萨诸塞州议员竞选总统)。In short, too many partisans on left and right look at an unhappy electorate and see woes that can be harnessed to bring them victory without the need to compromise. It is a relief that Americas government was not shut down this Christmas. But do not mistake a lull in combat for lasting peace.简而言之,左右两派中的许多人都在盯着不开心的选民,在不妥协的前提下,将这种不满为自己所用以带来胜利。让人松一口气的是,美国政府在这个圣诞节没有停摆。但不要把暂时的平静误认做永久的和平。翻译:杨雪 校对:靳方方 译文属译生译世 /201412/351097Patient data病人数据Caring and sharing关爱和分享A controversial NHS database will benefit patients—eventually颇有争议的英国国民保健务数据库将最终惠及病人NESTLED among offers for tree trimmers, cleaners and slankets, the English may have noticed a leaflet with “important information” about their health records last month. More likely, they did not. Though the National Health Service says it sent one to every household, over 70% of the public do not remember getting it. Those who did pick it off the carpet learned of a plan to collect patient data from GPs. Slated to begin in April, it has now been shelved for six months so that a more robust campaign can be mounted to convince the public of its merits.上个月,从事修剪树木、清洁工作或是居家的英国人可能会注意到有一张传单记录着他们健康情况的重要信息。更多的是,他们可能没有注意到这一现象。尽管英国国民保健务机构称他们给每户家庭都送了一张健康信息单,超过70%的公众不记得收到过。那些在门口的垫子上捡到健康信息单的人们了解到,需要通过全科医生收集病人数据。尽管既定4月份开始启动,这一计划现在已经被搁置了6个月,因此,可能会利用一场更加激烈的活动让公众认识到该信息单的优越性。The programme, called care.data, attracted little attention when it was set up as part of the Health and Social Care Act of 2012. Many patients now feel it has been thrust upon them with little consultation. Critics have stoked fears that the database might be hacked or misused by businesses or other third parties, which can petition the government for access. Despite safeguards to keep identifiable data confidential, GPs worry patients will withhold information from them. Many will likely opt out of the scheme, which almost two-thirds of the public opposes.这一项目称为关爱数据,最初作为2012年健康和社会保健法案设立时并未引起人们的关注。许多病人现在认为这项法案没有咨询他们的意见就强加在了他们的身上。家们担心该数据库被黑客窃取或者被滥用于商业以及被第三方所利用,因为这些公司或第三方可以向政府申请访问权限。尽管保护措施确保可识别的数据非常隐秘,但是全科医生担心病人将从中撤走其个人信息。几乎有三分之二的公众反对该项目,很多人可能决定从中退出。The NHS certainly has a public-relations problem, but its central case is strong. Data on patients in hospital are aly collected by the health service—and have never been seriously breached, say officials. These have helped it to allocate funds and keep accurate books. The information has also helped to save lives, says Tim Kelsey, the NHS director for patients and information. In Bristol, data showed an unusually high death rate during paediatric surgeries in the early 1990s, a problem since corrected. In Mid Staffordshire the numbers signalled a catastrophic breakdown in care between 2005 and , leading to a government inquiry, though not before hundreds of patients died.国民保健务有处理公众关系的问题,但是其核心案例非常强大。保健务系统已经搜集了医院的病人数据—官员说并未遇到非常强烈的反对情况。这些案例帮助该务系统筹集资金,并保有关书籍的正确性。国民保健务的病人与信息部主任蒂姆·凯尔西称,这一也有利于挽救病人的生命。在布里斯托尔收集的数据表明,20世纪90年代早期,儿科手术的死亡率非常高,自从改正后就出现了这个问题。斯塔福德郡中部的数据显示2005年至年,社会关爱遭受了灾难性的崩溃,成百上千的病人去世,从而引起政府政府关注进行调查。Information gleaned from GPs would help the NHS administer the system better. But the greatest potential lies in linking the two datasets. People tend to think of health care as a one-off episode, says John Appleby of the Kings Fund, a health-policy think-tank. But most care is consumed by people with chronic conditions, like diabetes, who move between GPs offices and hospital wards. Without data from family doctors it is impossible to track patients and figure out which treatments produce the best long-term results.通过全科医生收集的信息可帮助国民保健务更好地管理这一系统。但是最大的潜力是连接两大数据组。卫生政策智囊团——国王基金——的约翰·阿普比人们常认为健康保健是一次性事件,但是大多数的医疗关怀都用在了患有慢性疾病的人身上(如糖尿病患者),他们往返于全科医生办公室和医院病房之间。没有来自家庭医生的数据资料,就没法跟踪病人并了解哪种治疗方式能够产生最佳的长期的治疗效果。Few countries do this well, but Britains NHS numbers, which are assigned to each patient, give it an advantage. Indeed, within its own (present) borders it has a model worth emulating. Scotland gathers all data on diabetes patients into a central database and shares it around. One result has been a 40% drop in amputation rates. The Scots are now looking to keep diabetes patients out of hospital, where they cost over £300m (0m) a year. Put another way, they want to know what is and is not working in GPs offices.很少有国家能够在这一领域取得成绩,但是英国的国民保健务数据指定到每个病人,也是有其优势的。确实,在其范围之内,这一模式值得仿效。苏格兰收集了糖尿病患者的所有数据输入到中心数据库中,并和其他地区分享。其中之一的结果就是截肢率下降了40%。苏格兰人现在希望能让糖尿病患者离开医院,因此他们每年需要耗费3亿英镑(5亿美元)。但是另一方面,他们也想知道全科医生办公室的优点和缺点。The more data collected, the more useful it is, but not everyone will be persuaded to hand their information to the NHS. Some patients will no doubt conclude that the potential benefits of care.data do not trump their concerns. Either way they will get a healthy debate.收集的信息越多越有用,但是不是能够说所有人都同意将其信息交给国民保健务机构。有些病人会毫不犹豫地断定关爱数据的潜在福利不会解决他们的顾虑。换句话来说,他们将进行一场关于健康的辩论。 译者:毛慧 校对:王红兵 译文属译生译世 /201510/405097杭州富阳中山综合门诊部几点营业

富阳怀孕多长时间做无痛人流好Its kind of exciting,Im not being ungrateful它让我感到兴奋 我并不是不心存感激Ive had a fantastic time and you know the show changed my life我拥有了一段梦幻的时光 你知道这个秀改变了我的人生but I just kind of knew that it was time to do something different但是我知道 是时候去做一些不同的事了Well I dont know if its cuz it was your last year or not,because this is my first year but我不知道是否因为那是你的最后一年 或者是因为那是我的第一年youve been a joy to work with,Ive enjoyed a really你工作得很愉快 我也真的很享受I mean I said this is somebody recently,who knew I like you so much,I had no idea我的意思是某人最近才发现 她是那么喜欢你 我却不知道I thought that it was gonna be a little bit of and I actually have had so much fun with you我知道那有一点儿 事实上我和你收获了许多快乐that I was sad that you were leaving,Oh thank you and I feel exactly the same way,well thank you我很伤心因为你的离开 噢 谢谢你 我也有完全相同的感受 谢谢but so is that why youve been,have you been extra good mood this year because you know you are leaving所以那就是你为什么 你是不是今年心情格外好 因为你知道你可以离开I havent thought about it like that,Ive just felt a little bit happier,full stop, you know我可从没那么想过 我只是感到有那么一点儿高兴 一切都停止了 你知道maybe its that when you are in this position,you start remembering all the great times youve had也许当你在这个位置上的时候 你会记得你所拥有的所有快乐时光Weve had a blast over the years.what are you most pround of over the years在过去的几年里我们举行了一场盛大的狂欢 这些年来最让你引以为豪的是什么I would say the fact that the show has remained popular that weve managed to stay on the air我会说这档节目依然火热 我们都能留在这档节目that weve all hopefully retained a sense of humor,nobodys changed too much我们都希望保持自己的幽默感 人们都没什么太大的改变with the exception of Ryan whos turned into a bit of a monster,that was always gonna happen除了瑞恩 现在已经变成了怪物 那迟早都会发生Weve become friends and thats quite rare with people you work with,so you know good memories yeah我们成为了朋友 这在合作伙伴之间很少发生 你知道 美好的回忆 /201606/448994富阳龙田医院 If you want to fill a sink or bathtub with water, you need to do one thing first and thats stopper or plug up the drainpipe.如果你想把水槽或浴缸放满水,你需要做的第一件事这就是用塞子之类的东西堵住排水管。Later, when you unplug the stopper, the used water will go rushing out down the drain.然后,当你拔掉塞子之后,用过的水就会漏进下水道里。Hopefully, nothing valuable (such as a diamond ring) will be in that water, because after the water flows down the drain, it is gone forever.我们都希望不要有什么贵重的东西(比如钻戒)掉在水里——因为水流进下水道之后,这些贵重东西永远也找不回来了。Anything that was mistakenly dropped into the water will therefore also disappear down the drain, and then it will be very difficult probably impossible to get it back.任何掉在水里的东西将最终落入下水道里——这将非常困难——恐怕不可能——把它找回来了。From the sad reality of losing a cherished object down a sink or bathtub drain comes this idiom, meaning to do or attempt to do something that ultimately will be lost forever.通过这个直观的解释,我们理解了这个成语。它的意思是“做或试图做一些最终将永远失去的事情”。It can also mean to put great effort into a wasted activity.同时,它还含有“将巨大的努力浪费在无用的事情上”的意思。 /201502/358065富阳哪家妇科比较好

富阳医院有没有男科 Senior diplomats of South Korea and Japan met on Sunday ahead of talks by their foreign ministers over the issue of comfort women, an issue that has plagued ties between the two countries.韩国和日本高级外交官举行会面,随后其外交部长就困扰两国关系的“慰安妇”问题进行了会谈。Comfort women refer to the Korean women forced into prostitution for Japans military brothels during World War Two, an obstacle that remains a problem between better ties between the East Asian neighbors.“慰安妇”是指二战期间被迫为日本军队提供性务的妇女,该问题是东亚国家之间友好关系的障碍。The two countries have been pushing to improve relations since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met President Park Geun-hye last month.自上月日本首相安倍晋三会见韩国总统朴槿惠以来,两国一直在推动改善关系。Although Japan has said there was no change to its stance of compensation settled by a 1965 bilateral treaty, the Nikkei business daily reported that Japan would propose creating a government-backed fund to help the former comfort women as part of a possible agreement.尽管日本表示没有改变1965年双边条约的补偿立场,日经新闻报道称日本将提议建立一个政府持的基金帮助前慰安妇,以此作为可能协议的一部分。译文属。201512/418565杭州市富阳妇保医院是不是私立医院在富阳做人流需要多少钱



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