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富阳治疗尿道炎到哪家医院富阳怀孕35天能人流吗Russia’s internet regulator on Monday added the Russian-language version of Wikipedia to its list of blocked sites. The escalation in Moscow’s online censorship campaign is likely to bring the issue to the attention of the broader public which has so far ignored it.周一,俄罗斯互联网监管机构将俄语版维基百Wikipedia)列入了封禁网站的名单。俄政府网络审查运动的此次升级,很可能会令更多公众注意到这个迄今一直被忽视的问题。Roskomnadzor, the regulator, had warned that it would block the Russian Wikipedia unless the website took down an article on the history and production of Charas, a form of hashish. It pointed to a June court decision which declared the publication in Russia of instructions for hashish preparation illegal.俄联邦电信、信息技术和大众传媒监督局(Roskomnadzor)曾警告说,它将封禁俄语版维基百科,除非该网站撤下一篇有关Charas(某种形式的印度大麻脂)历史和生产的文章。该局提到月份的一项法庭裁定,该裁定宣称在俄罗斯发布制备印度大麻脂的说明是非法的。The Russian-language service sought at the weekend to comply technically with the order by moving the entry to a web archive to which searches automatically redirect. But Roskomnadzor said this did not solve the problem because the banned article remained accessible.上周末,俄语版维基百科试图从技术上遵守这一裁定,将这一条目移至一份网络归档文件中,对该条目的搜索会被自动重定向至该归档文件。但Roskomnadzor表示,这么做并没有解决问题,因为被封禁的文章依然可以访问到。“[We have] sent telecom operators the index page of the Russian-language Wikipedia for blocking...嬠It] contains forbidden information about narcotic substances,Roskomnadzor said.Roskomnadzor表示:“(我们已)向电信运营商发送了俄语版维基百科的首页地址以将其封禁……(该网站)包含有关麻醉品的禁忌信息。”Russian Wikipedia said it would file a complaint against the decision. Its site could still be accessed in Moscow a few hours after the regulator’s announcement.俄语版维基百科表示将就这一决定提起申诉。Roskomnadzor宣布这一决定后数小时,该网站在莫斯科仍可访问。However, the decision takes a Kremlin crackdown on the internet to a new level. It is the first time that the government has targeted an international website used by ordinary Russians on a huge scale rather than online media critical of the regime of President Vladimir Putin.尽管如此,这一决定还是将俄政府对互联网的打压提升至一个新高度。这是俄政府首次把普通俄罗斯人大量使用的国际网站——而不是批评俄总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)政权的网络媒体——当作封禁的对象。Sergei Smirnov, editor of Mediazona, a news website focused on civil rights and law enforcement, said: “In fact it is good that it is Wiki they are blocking. Now a lot more people will find out how to circumvent blockingsMediazona主编谢尔盖斯米尔诺夫(Sergei Smirnov)表示:“事实上,维基这样的网站被他们封禁是一件好事。现在,许多人将会找到办法绕开封禁。”Mediazona是一个关注民权和执法的新闻网站。Moscow has been tightening censorship of the Russian web ever since Mr Putin’s return to the presidency in May 2012.012月普京再次担任俄总统以来,俄政府一直在加强对俄语网站的审查。The Kremlin was caught off guard when massive fraud during the legislative elections in 2011 triggered a street protest movement in Moscow led by Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption blogger, and organised via social media. The administration saw this as a foreign-sponsored scheme aimed at regime change.2011年,俄国家杜马选举期间出现的大规模舞弊行为,在莫斯科引发了一场街头抗议运动,令俄当局措手不及。这次运动由反腐客写手阿列克谢纳瓦尔尼(Alexei Navalny)领导,并通过社交媒体组织起来。俄当局认为,这是一次外国持的阴谋,旨在颠覆俄罗斯政权。Within two months of Mr Putin’s return to the Kremlin, he signed a new law providing for the establishment of a nationwide register of banned websites.重返克里姆林宫不到两个月,普京就签署了一条新法令,为成立国家级封禁网站登记机构提供了法律依据。来 /201508/395299新桐乡妇女医院病房 The CIA has apologised to the Senate intelligence committee after it admitted spying on computers used by staffers to compile a soon-to-be-released report on torture by the intelligence agency.美国中央情报局(CIA)承认,曾监控过参议院雇员使用的电脑,并为此向参议院情报委员会(Senate Intelligence Committee)道歉。这些电脑是参议院雇员用来编辑一些即将发布的报告的,报告的内容涉及中情局的刑讯逼供情况。John Brennan, director of the CIA, acknowledged that an internal investigation discovered CIA staff had breached an agreement with the Senate committee and had investigated the computers being used by staffers.中情局局长约#8226;布伦John Brennan)承认,在一次内部调查中,中情局雇员被发现违反了与参议院情报委员会的协议,调查过参议院雇员使用的电脑。The admission follows a bitter public dispute between the CIA and the committee after its chair Senator Dianne Feinstein accused the agency of potentially violating the constitution by removing documents from the computers.就在布伦南做出这番表态之前,中情局和参议院情报委员会之间正处于激烈的公开争论之中。争论的起因是该委员会主席黛#8226;范斯Dianne Feinstein)参议员指控说,中情局从参议院电脑中删除了多份文件——此举有违宪嫌疑。In an extraordinary speech in the Senate in March, she accused the CIA of trying to intimidate the intelligence committee, which has compiled a 6,300-page report on the agency’s “enhanced interrogationprogramme in the years immediately after the 9/11 attacks.今年3月,在参议院一次非同寻常的讲话中,她指控CIA试图恐吓参议院情报委员会,该委员会曾编纂过一份长300页的报告,报告的内容就是中情局·11袭击随后几年中开展的“强化审讯”项目。At the time, the CIA vehemently denied the accusations, with Mr Brennan insisting that “nothing could be further from the truthand saying that he was “dismayedthat senators would make “spurious allegations about CIA actions当时,中情局断然否认了这一指控。当时,布伦南坚称“没什么能比事实走得更远”,并表示多名参议员“对中情局行为的虚假指控”令他“失望”。In response to the initial accusation, the CIA asked the Justice department to investigate whether Senate staffers had illegally got hold of an internal CIA document.作为对这一初步指控的回应,中情局曾要求司法部调查参议院雇员是否曾非法获取中情局内部文件。However, in a statement released on Thursday, the CIA said that Mr Brennan had apologised to Ms Feinstein and to Saxby Chambliss, the leading Republican on the committee.然而,在周四发布的声明中,中情局表示布伦南已向该委员会两位头号共和党议员——范斯坦和萨克斯#8226;钱布利斯(Saxby Chambliss)——道过歉。The agency had set up an accountability board to be conducted by a retired senator to investigate the case which could potentially lead to disciplinary measures, the CIA said.中情局表示已成立一个问责小组,该小组由一位退休参议员领导,负责调查这一案件,调查结果很可能会导致机构的惩处。The dispute has raised questions about the continued tenure at the CIA of Mr Brennan, who was previously a close aide to President Barack Obama and the White House’s counter-terrorism chief. Mark Udall, a Democratic senator, said Mr Brennan had “misled the public这次争端引发了人们对布伦南是否应继续担任中情局局长的质疑。在此之前,布伦南曾是美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)的亲密助手、白宫反恐活动的头号人物。民主党参议员马#8226;尤德Mark Udall)表示,布伦南“误导了公众”。Ms Feinstein said that the statement vindicated her March accusation and called the apology a “positive first step范斯坦表示,该声明明她3月份提出的指控完全属实,并称这次道歉是“积极的一步”。来 /201408/318655富阳做人流哪家医院费用低

富阳堕胎医院For Barack Obama the deal ending the nuclear stand-off with Iran was a signal achievement. The question now is whether it will last. Having got it right in choosing diplomacy over war, the US president now risks getting it wrong. The nuclear deal will prove a durable legacy only if it maps a path to something bigger. Yet the US has been insisting that nothing else will change.对巴拉克攠巴Barack Obama)而言,与伊朗签署协议结束核对峙状态是一项重大成就。现在的问题是这项成果能否持续。在正确地选择外交(而非战争)手段来解决伊朗核问题后,美国总统如今面临着失策的风险。这项核协议只有找到一条扩大接触的路径,才能成为一项经久的政治遗产。然而美国官方坚称,其它一切都不会变。There is a curious consensus in Washington that says that now it has persuaded Tehran to trade uranium enrichment for sanctions relief, Iran must be returned to diplomatic isolation. I say curious because the view seems to be shared by supporters as well as opponents of the agreement; and more curious still because it defies the very logic of that accord. What is the argument that says we should bargain with Iran about so strategically vital an issue as nuclear proliferation but then refuse to talk to it about anything else? And this as much of the Middle East burns.华盛顿现在有一种奇怪的共识——既然美国已说德黑兰用停止铀浓缩来换取制裁的解除,伊朗必须被重新打回外交孤立的状态。我之所以说奇怪,是因为该协议的持者和反对者似乎都同意这一观点;而更奇怪的是这违背了协议的根本逻辑。先是提出我们应该与伊朗在战略上至关重要的核扩散问题上讨价还价、但之后又拒绝与伊朗讨论其他任何事情,这算什么主张?而且这种观点盛行之际,中东大片地区战火纷飞。The ferocity of the opposition to any deal with America’s old allies senior Saudis talk scathingly of Mr Obama’s “pivot to Iranmade it inevitable that the White House would offer reassurance it is not abandoning Sunni Arabs to the hegemony of Shia Iran. The administration had also to neutralise powerful resistance in Congress, much of it fuelled by Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.美国的老盟友们强烈反对任何协议的劲头——沙特高官尖酸刻薄地称奥巴马“转向伊朗”—使白宫不得不再三保美国不会抛弃逊尼派阿拉伯人,让其面对什叶派伊朗的霸权。奥巴马政府也不得不平息国会中的强大阻力,其中很大一部分阻力是以色列总理本雅明蔠呑尼亚胡(Benjamin Netanyahu)推动的。So Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states have been offered sophisticated weapons systems. Israel has escaped retribution for Mr Netanyahu’s scandalous effort to subvert the US political process. To his great discredit, Mr Obama has also turned a blind eye to the violent suppression of democracy in Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s Egypt.于是美国向沙特和海湾国家提供先进的武器系统。以色列没有因为内塔尼亚胡可耻地企图搅乱美国的政治进程而受到指责。丢脸的是,奥巴马还对阿卜杜勒法塔赫帠罘(Abdel Fattah al-Sisi)执政的埃及暴力镇压民主的行为视而不见。Tehran’s record in stoking the sectarian fires in the region scarcely makes an obvious case for wider engagement. Iran is an unabashed supporter of Bashar al-Assad’s murderous regime in Syria. The Quds force of its Revolutionary Guard trains and equips Hizbollah in Lebanon and sponsors Hamas in Gaza. Tehran backs the Houthi rebels who have turned Yemen into another broken state alongside Syria, Libya and Iraq. It underwrites Shia sectarianism in Iraq, and exults in its enmity towards Israel. And, yes, it would like to be the pre-eminent power in its neighbourhood. No, this is not at all a nice regime.德黑兰在中东地区煽动宗派战火的记录,似乎很难让人持扩大接触。伊朗是叙利亚巴沙尔阿萨Bashar al-Assad)凶残政权的公然持者。伊朗革命卫Revolutionary Guard)的圣城军(Quds force,一在境外行动的精锐部队——译者注)在黎巴嫩培训和武装真主Hizbollah),在加沙持哈马Hamas)。德黑兰持胡塞(Houthi)叛军,后者把也门变成了一个与叙利亚、利比亚和伊拉克一样离破碎的国家。它力挺伊拉克的什叶派宗派主义,并以敌视以色列洋洋得意。没错,伊朗想要成为地区强国,不,德黑兰绝对不是一个仁慈的政权。So, taking a narrow view, it was unsurprising that in advance of the deal, John Kerry, the US secretary of state, sought to assure America’s allies that “nothing will be different the day after this agreement.. respect to all the other issues that challenge us in this region No one, Mr Kerry insisted, was talking about a grand bargain with Tehran. The US would remain the counter to Iranian power and guarantor of Gulf security.于是,在签署协议之前,美国国务卿约翰克里(John Kerry)向美国的盟友们保“协议签订后,就该地区其他所有对我们构成挑战的问题而言,不会有任何变化”。以狭隘的观点看,这并不令人意外。克里坚称,没有人在谈论和德黑兰达成“大交易grand bargain)。美国仍然会制衡伊朗的实力,确保海湾地区安全。Unsurprising, but illogical. By seeking hermetically to seal off Iran’s disavowal of the bomb from the wider conflicts, the US administration undercuts the essential strategic purpose of engagement on the nuclear dossier. The aim surely was to reshape the geopolitical dynamics by changing the balance of incentives in Tehran. A deal to forestall Iran’s nuclear ambitions was never going to put an end to the proxy wars between Saudis and Iranians. It would, though, shake the kaleidoscope.这不令人意外,但不合逻辑。美国政府死板地把伊朗弃核与地区冲突隔离开来,破坏了在核问题上接触的根本战略目的。目的肯定是通过改变德黑兰的动机来重塑地缘政治格局。签署一项阻止伊朗核野心的协议,从来不会结束沙特和伊朗之间的代理人战争。不过,它本可以起到晃动万花筒的效果。The opportunity will be lost if the US reverts to a strategy of coercive containment. So too will the chance to turn what is after all a temporary nuclear moratorium into a permanent disavowal of the bomb. The choice of negotiation over Mr Netanyahu’s eagerness for war was informed by an understanding that an agreement offers the only foolproof way of preventing Tehran from joining the nuclear club.如果美国重新启用高压遏制的战略,就会失去这个机会。把暂停核计划变成永久弃核的机会也将失去。选择谈判(而不是内塔尼亚胡所渴望的战争)的思路依据是这样一个理解:达成协议是阻止德黑兰加入核武俱乐部的唯一靠谱办法。Tougher sanctions would have hurt Iran, and bombing might have delayed the nuclear programme, but to be sure, the west had to persuade Iran it was better off without the bomb. Along the way, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei had to be assured that Washington was no longer in the business of promoting regime change. Those two insights are as vital to securing the permanence of the deal as they were to reaching it.更严厉的制裁本来会重创伊朗,轰炸或许可以推迟核计划,但如果要确保伊朗弃核,西方必须说伊朗:没有核武器的话,它的日子会更加好过。在此过程中,美国将不得不向阿亚图拉阿里哈梅内伊(Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)保,美方不再推动伊朗政权更迭。这两点对确保核协议持久有效与对达成协议同样关键。The present regime in Tehran is anything but pleasant. Destructive abroad, it is deeply repressive at home. Engagement will never be comfortable. But Iran can neither be ignored nor indefinitely contained. It is a populous and potentially very rich nation, an ancient civilisation with a burgeoning middle class and, incidentally, has something more closely resembling democracy than the so-called “moderateArab states. Any imaginable security arrangements for the region must necessarily accommodate Iranian power.德黑兰的现政权绝对不是讨人喜欢的。在国外从事破坏,在国内实行高压统治。与这样的政权接触永远不会让人自在。但是伊朗既不能被忽视,也不可能被无限期地遏制。伊朗是一个人口众多、潜在非常富有的国家,一个拥有迅速壮大的中产阶层的古老文明,还拥有比所谓“温和”阿拉伯国家更接近民主的政体。任何想象得到的地区安全安排,都必然要照顾伊朗的实力。The corollary is that none of the fires in the region the Syrian civil war, the rise of self-styled Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the insurrection in Yemen among them can be damped without the collaboration of Tehran.这一切意味着,若没有德黑兰的合作,中东地区的任何冲突——包括叙利亚内战、自称“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,简称Isis)的武装分子、以及也门的叛乱——都无法平息。If that is an uncomfortable fact for Washington, so too must be the behaviour of America’s allies. Violent Islamist extremism has gained purchase in Iraq and Syria in part because of Sunni ambivalence. Saudi Arabia still exports the Wahhabi theology that plants the seeds of jihadi terror. As western nations bomb the extremists, Turkey is attacking the Kurdish forces fighting the jihadis on the ground. The most hard-bitten foreign policy realists must hold their noses in this part of the world.如果说这对华盛顿来说是一个令人不安的事实,那么美国盟友的举动肯定也是。伊斯兰暴力极端主义在伊拉克和叙利亚得势,部分原因就是逊尼派立场暧昧。沙特仍然在对外输出瓦哈比教义,为圣战恐怖主义的滋生提供温床。在西方国家轰炸极端分子时,土耳其趁机攻击与圣战分子作战的库尔德武装。最顽强的外交政策现实主义者在世界的这个角落也必定会皱起眉头。来 /201510/402452富阳不孕不育医院 The two-week UN climate change conferences held in a different city each year have a habit of being overshadowed by troubles elsewhere, from Afghan wars to EU financial crises.从阿富汗战争到欧EU)财政危机,每年在不同城市举行、每次为期两周的联合国气候变化会议总是因为其他地方的问题蒙上阴影。But the meeting that starts next Monday in Paris will be the first in a city that has itself just been thrown into a state of emergency.但本年度将于下周一在巴黎举行的会议,将首次在一个刚刚进入紧急状态的城市举行。In the wake of the November 13 terrorist attacks that killed at least 130 people, the French hosts of the climate conference have aly tightened security, cancelling public rallies that are a staple of such meetings.13日的恐怖袭击事件导致至30人身亡后,本次气候会议的主办方法国已经加强了安保,取消了原本是这类会议重要内容的公共集会。A march in Paris on the eve of the conference was expected to have been especially large because this climate meeting is supposed to produce the first new global climate accord in 18 years.因为本次气候会议有望产8年来首项新全球气候协议,人们原定于会议前夕在巴黎举行一次规模特别大的游行。That raises a larger question: could the terrorist attacks have any effect on the outcome of such a consequential climate meeting?这引出了一个更大的问题:恐怖主义袭击会不会影响这样一次可能产生重要结果的气候会议?Some experts think it is possible.一些专家认为这是有可能的。“I think, if anything, it stiffens the spine in terms of determination to really solve what is the greatest collective action problem in history,said Andrew Steer, president of the US-based World Resources Institute environmental group.“如果说有什么影响的话,我认为这会加强人们真正解决史上最大集体行动问题的决心,”位于美国的环境团体世界资源研究所(World Resources Institute)的总裁安德鲁斯蒂尔(Andrew Steer)说。Some 137 heads of state have confirmed their attendance for the first day of the talks, and they are likely to echo the outpouring of solidarity with France since the attacks. It is not going to be easy for them to then say “we are simply not in the mood to do a global deal now Mr Steer said last week.大约137个国家的首脑已经确认会在会谈第一天出席,他们可能会呼应巴黎恐袭后涌现的团结一致的情绪。因此,声称“我们现在根本没有心情达成一项全球性协议”对他们来说并不容易,斯蒂尔上周表示。Alden Meyer, a climate negotiations expert at the US Union of Concerned Scientists group who has attended all but one of the 20 previous UN climate conferences, agrees the attacks may encourage more unity at the Paris talks.位于美国的忧思科学家联盟(Union of Concerned Scientists)的气候谈判专家奥尔登迈Alden Meyer)参加了此0次联合国气候会议中9次,他认同袭击可能会促使巴黎气候谈判更为团结。But Mr Meyer, an adviser to the Danish government which hosted the last failed effort to strike a new climate accord, in Copenhagen, in adds a note of caution, too. “There remain several very tough issues to be resolved in order to reach a good agreement at the end of the last day or night in Paris,he told the Financial Times.但作为丹麦政府(年哥本哈根气候变化大会的东道主,那次会议未能达成新的气候协定)的顾问,迈耶也提出了一条警告。他告诉英国《金融时报》的记者:“要在巴黎的最后一天——或者最后一晚——达成一项好的协议,还有几个十分棘手的问题需要解决。”Others doubt the attacks will make much difference at all to negotiations as complex as the UN climate talks, riven by years of deadlock between rich and poor countries over sharing the burden of tackling climate change.其他人则怀疑,恐怖袭击根本不会对像联合国气候谈判这样复杂的谈判产生很大影响。多年来富国和穷国就分担应对气候变化的负担的僵局,已经让联合国气候谈判四分五裂。“Of course what happened in Paris should not have happened and nobody wants the loss of innocent lives,said Meena Raman of the Malaysia-based Third World Network, a developing country non-profit group that monitors the climate negotiations.“当然,巴黎发生了本不应该发生的事情,没人希望看到无辜的人丧命,”一直关注气候谈判、位于马来西亚的发展中国家非营利性组织“第三世界网络Third World Network)的米纳拉Meena Raman)表示。But thousands of people have been displaced or killed during past UN climate conferences as a result of typhoons and other events more directly linked to global warming, she said. “And yet you didn’t see developed countries being much more sympathetic about issues like loss and damage,she told the FT, referring to one of several stumbling blocks that have to be resolved in Paris.但是,拉曼表示,在过去一次次联合国气候会议无果而终的同时,已有成千上万人因为台风和其他一些与全球变暖有较直接关系的事件而流离失所或者丧呀?提及巴黎气候谈判需要解决的几个障碍之一时,她这样告诉英囀?金融时报》,“不过发达国家此前并未对损失和损害这样的问题表露出太多同情。”The draft text of the accord to be negotiated in Paris includes support for developing countries facing loss and damage from global warming, including a “climate change displacement co- ordination facility巴黎气候大会上要讨论的协议草案包括帮助发展中国家应对全球变暖造成的损失和损害,“气候变化所致流离失所问题协同应对机制”就是其中的措施之一。Wealthy countries, who would have to foot the bill, are opposed to such measures being included in the final agreement.那些将为此买单的富裕国家反对将这样的措施写入最终的协议中。Even without the terror threat, the challenge of hosting one of France’s biggest diplomatic events in decades would be formidable. Some 40,000 people are expected to attend the climate conference, which the French government has been planning for nearly two years.即使没有恐怖袭击的威胁,要举办这样一场法国几十年来最大的外交盛会,挑战也十分艰巨。预计将有大万人参加此次气候会议,法国政府已为此筹备了近两年。The event will be held in a convention centre at the Le Bourget airfield in the north of Paris, not far from the Stade de France sports arena targeted in the November 13 attacks.会议将在巴黎北郊布尔Le Bourget)机场的一个会议中心举行,这里13日巴黎恐怖袭击的一处目标,法兰西体育场(Stade de France)不远。Le Bourget is a short drive from the street in the suburb of Saint-Denis where police last week stormed a building and killed the suspected ringleader of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.布尔歇距离巴黎北郊圣-德尼(Saint-Denis)警方上周突袭的街道只有一段短短的车程。警察上周冲进了那里的一栋建筑,击毙了疑为此次袭击头目的阿卜杜勒哈米德·阿巴伍Abdelhamid Abaaoud)。As well as the dozens of world leaders due at next week’s meeting, a large group of prominent business executives are expected, along with official delegates from 195 countries, at least 3,000 journalists, and thousands of environmental campaigners and observers.上百名世界各国领导人将出席下周的会议,预计参加会议的还有195个国家的官方代表、一大批知名企业高管、至000名记者,以及成千上万的环保活动人士和观察员。Several side events are due to go ahead near the main conference site, but the cancellation of the Paris rally that had been expected to attract up to 200,000 people, has been a blow for climate campaigners.在主会场附近还会举办几场相关活动。但是法国政府取消了原本预计将吸引多0万人参加的巴黎集会,这对气候活动人士来说是一个打击。“This is a source of huge regret, but we must respect the decision,said Jean Fran漀椀猀 Julliard, executive director of Greenpeace France.“虽然这非常遗憾,但是我们必须尊重这一决定,”绿色和Greenpeace)法国的执行董事让-弗朗索瓦ㄠ利亚尔(Jean-Francois Julliard)表示。来 /201511/412271富阳那家医院人流技术好

在富阳市人民医院好不好 A triumphant Alexis Tsipras returned to power in Greece last night after his leftwing Syriza party claimed a clear general election victory.得意洋洋的亚历克西斯倠溟拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)昨晚再度当选希腊总理。他的激进左翼联盟党(Syriza)在大选中胜出。With Syriza easily winning the biggest share of the vote, Mr Tsipras’s gamble paid off of calling a vote after pushing through the tough austerity programme forced on him in return for a new86bn bailout by Greece’s international creditors.从激进左翼联盟轻松领衔得票率这一点看,齐普拉斯赢得了提前举行选举的。此前他推动通过了严厉的紧缩计划,该计划是希腊的国际债权人作60亿欧元新纾困方案的交换条件强加于该国的。Results indicated that Mr Tsipras would be able to reform the coalition he previously led after he first came to power in January with the nationalist Independent Greeks although with a smaller majority.选举结果表明,齐普拉斯将能够改组他此前领导的执政联盟,尽管这意味着他将控制较少的多数席位月份他首次上台时是与奉行民族主义的独立希腊人Independent Greeks)结盟。A big cheer went up from Syriza supporters gathered in their campaign tent in central Athens as results came in, with party officials singing and hugging each other in obvious relief.随着点票结果陆续公布,聚集在雅典市中心竞选帐篷的激进左翼联盟持者高声欢呼,该党官员们唱歌并相互拥抱,明显松了一口气。Mr Tsipras’s win secures his place as the pre-eminent figure in Europe’s far-left anti-austerity movement and is likely to galvanise sympathisers including Spain’s Podemos and Jeremy Corbyn, the new hard-left leader of Britain’s Labour party.齐普拉斯的胜利确保了他作为欧洲极左翼反紧缩运动杰出人物的地位,并且很可能激发同情者,包括西班牙的社会民主力量Podemos)以及英国工党新的极左领导人杰里米科尔Jeremy Corbyn)。Some had feared defections by prominent leftwingers opposed to the bailout deal and public disaffection with Mr Tsipras’s U-turn on the programme which he vowed to oppose before yielding to pressure from his eurozone partners would deprive the party of victory.此前有些人担心,反对纾困协议的知名左翼人士的倒戈,加上公众对齐普拉斯在纾困方案上大转弯(他曾誓言反对,结果却屈于欧元区伙伴的压力)的不满情绪,将使该党无法赢得选举。Evangelos Meimarakis, leader of the conservative New Democracy party, conceded defeat. “I congratulate Mr Tsipras,he said.奉行保守主义的新民主New Democracy)的领导人伊万杰洛斯蔠伊马拉基Evangelos Meimarakis)承认失败。“我祝贺齐普拉斯先生,”他表示。The result was a big disappointment for New Democracy, which polls had shown running neck and neck with Syriza ahead of the election. In the event, Syriza was set to win more than 35 per cent of the vote, with New Democracy trailing on 28 per cent.对新民主党来说,选举结果非常令人失望,选前的民调显示该党与激进左翼联盟不相上下。然而,70%的计票结果显示,激进左翼联盟得票率5.4%,而新民主党得票率8.3%。来 /201509/399799杭州市富阳区第三人民医院体检收费标准新桐乡妇女儿童医院在线医生咨询



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