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富阳市第三人民医院不孕不育富阳人工流产手术要多少钱Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung has drawn a direct link between pro-democracy protests and the delay to a high-profile equities trading platform that had been billed as key to the territory’s financial future.香港行政长官梁振英(CY Leung)将持民主的抗议与一个备受瞩目的股票交易平台遭延误一事直接联系起来。这个交易平台曾被吹嘘为香港金融未来的关键。Speaking on Tuesday, Mr Leung said he would press Beijing for a launch date for the so-called stock connect during an official visit next week, but added that “co-operation” was needed from those in Hong Kong who are “threatening the rule of law”.梁振英周二发表讲话时表示,他将在下周到北京开会期间敦促中央确定“沪港通”的启动日期,但他补充说,这件事需要香港某些正在“破坏我们的法治环境”的人“配合”。“As we fight for stock connect, and as Hong Kong continues to develop as an international and national financial centre, we need the entire society to co-operate, and I hope that we can restore our social order as soon as possible,” Mr Leung said.“我们在争取沪港通及香港继续发展成为国际和国家的金融中心的同时,亦需要全社会配合,希望尽快恢复我们的社会秩序,”梁振英说。The stock connect was first announced six months ago, and will allow global investors far freer access to companies listed in the mainland. In return, Chinese investors will be able to trade in Hong Kong-listed shares for the first time.六个月前最初宣布的沪港通,将让全球投资者能够更自由地投资在中国内地上市的股票,另一方面,中国内地投资者也将首次能够交易在香港上市的股票。The scheme marks the most significant development towards integrating China’s financial markets with the rest of the world in many years, and is an important step towards a more open capital account. A successful launch could also pave the way for Chinese equities to be added to global indices, potentially drawing hundreds of billions of dollars into mainland markets.该计划朝着将中国金融市场融入全球金融市场迈出了多年来最大的一步,朝着进一步开放资本账户也迈出了重要一步。沪港通若能成功投入运行,还可能为中国股票被纳入全球指数铺平道路,这有可能会吸引数千亿美元流入内地市场。Many market participants had been expecting the project to launch formally last month. However, the Hong Kong stock exchange announced on October 26 that the scheme was still awaiting regulatory approval and that no launch date had been set. Days later, Hong Kong regulators said that its work has been completed.许多市场人士曾预计该项目会在上个月正式启动。然而,香港交易所(HKEx) 10月26日宣布,该计划仍在等待监管部门的批准,尚未确定启动日期。几天后,香港监管机构表示,它的工作已经完成。No official reason has yet been given for the apparent delay, though many have blamed local politics. Chinese state media reports have also pointed the finger at “illegal protests” for the hold-up.对于这一明显的延迟,官方迄今没有说明任何理由,尽管很多人归罪于当地的政治。中国官方媒体的报道也将延误归咎于“非法抗议活动”。“It feels like a punishment,” said one senior investment banker. “We have spent a fortune in resources and time – we are y to go.”“这感觉像是一个惩罚,”一位资深投资家表示,“我们已经投入了大量资源和时间——我们已准备好实施。”A number of key issues around the complex trading scheme have yet to be resolved – such as the tax rate due on foreign holdings of Chinese stocks. Those uncertainties prompted Asia’s financial markets industry body, Asifma, to write to regulators to plea for sufficient notice ahead of the formal launch.围绕这一复杂的交易计划,还有许多关键问题尚未得到解决,比如外资持有中国股票适用的税率。这些不确定性促使亚洲券业与金融市场协会(ASIFMA)致函相关监管机构,要求在沪港通正式启动前给予充分通知。Mr Leung’s comments provide the first official indication that progress of the stock trading link may have been directly affected by the student-led protests, now into their second month.梁振英的言论成为首个来自官方的信号,表明沪港通的进展可能受到了学生领导的抗议活动的直接影响。目前抗议活动已进入第二个月。Analysts have warned that the delay could be viewed as a symbol of Beijing’s disquiet over the protests, with potential longer-term effects on Hong Kong’s place as a financial centre.分析人士警告称,延迟可能被视为北京方面对抗议感到不安的象征,这可能会对香港作为金融中心的地位产生较长期影响。“Any prolonged delay of the stock connect programme beyond the planned October start will again reignite worries on whether the Chinese government has changed its stance in supporting Hong Kong financial developments in the long run, taking a toll on business sentiment and investment plans,” wrote Citi economists in a recent report.“若沪港通在过了原定的10月启动日期之后迟迟不能启动,将再度导致人们担忧中国政府是否改变了其持香港金融长期发展的姿态,进而对商业情绪和投资计划造成打击,”花旗(Citi)经济学家在最近一份报告中写道。 /201411/340977里山镇人民医院门诊时间 China#39;s health regulators are rolling out a corporate blacklist for drug and medical-device companies implicated in commercial bribery, a move aimed at stamping out corruption in the country#39;s graft-ridden health-care sector.中国卫生监管部门将公布医疗卫生领域的商业贿赂不良记录,此举旨在打击中国医疗卫生体系中的腐败行为。Beginning in March, the National Health and Family Planning Commission will publish on its website a record of medical-related manufacturers, agencies and individuals charged with bribery by courts, sued, punished or investigated for bribery, the commission said in a statement on its website Friday. The statement also said that the agency reserved the right to place any company on the list for legal and regulatory violations.中国国家卫生和计划生育委员会周五在其网站上发布通告称,从明年3月份开始,有以下情形之一的医药相关制造企业、机构和个人,应当列入商业贿赂不良记录,并在该委员会网站上公布:被法院判决认定为受贿罪、或者犯罪情节轻微,不需要判处刑罚,法院依照刑法免于刑事处罚的;行贿情节轻微,检察院作出不起诉决定的;由纪检监察机关已贿赂立案调查,并依法作出相关处理的;因行贿行为被财政、工商行政管理、食品药品监管等部门作出行政处罚的。《通知》还指出,该委员会有权将任何具有违法、违规行为的公司列入黑名单。Listed companies will be barred for two years from selling their products within the province in which they are implicated, the statement said. It said companies can apply as usual to sell their products in other provinces but will be at a disadvantage.Companies listed twice in a five-year period will be banned nationally for two years, the statement said.《通知》称, 上榜的企业,本省级区域内公立医疗机构不得从这些企业购入药品。《通知》还称,上榜企业可申请在其他省级区域照常出售其产品,但对该企业产品作减分处理。对五年内二次及以上上榜的企业,全国所有公立医疗机构两年内不得购入其药品、医用设备和医用耗材。The developments come amid a heightened state of scrutiny of China#39;s health-care industry.目前中国监管部门正在加大对医疗卫生领域的监查力度。The Ministry of Public Security in July accused U.K. drug company GlaxoSmithKline PLC of bribing doctors, hospitals and government officials in an effort to sell more drugs at higher prices. Glaxo has said it appears some of its managers in China might have broken the law, and says it is cooperating with the probe.中国公安部7月份时对英国医药公司葛兰素史克(Glaxosmithkline plc, GSK, GSK.LN)进行立案调查,该公司被指控贿赂医生、医院和政府官员,以达到高价出售更多药品的目的。葛兰素史克已表示,该公司中国业务的某些管理人员可能触犯了法律,并表示,公司正协助调查。French food giant Danone SA#39;s baby-food arm Dumex Baby Food Co. announced in October it would overhaul management and marketing at its infant formula business in China following allegations by the official China Central Television that it paid hospital staff to use its products and boost sales.法国食品生产巨头达能(Danone SA)旗下的婴儿食品子公司多美滋婴儿食品公司(Dumex Baby Food Co.)曾在今年10月宣布,将对在华婴儿配方奶粉业务的管理和市场营销进行全面调整。此前,中国中央电视台报道称,为了提高产品销量,美滋婴收买医院的医务人员,以鼓励其使用该公司的产品。The health commission#39;s list will show details such as the name, address and legal representative of bribery-connected manufacturers or individuals, as well as information on their alleged crimes, the statement said. It also said regional health departments will be required to report companies to central authorities within a month of any alleged offense.国家卫生计生委的公告称,不良记录公布事项包括医药生产经营企业及其代理人的名称、营业地址、法定代表人以及违法事由等。该公告称,各省级卫生计生行政部门应当在其政务网站公布商业贿赂不良记录后的一个月内上报国家卫生计生委。Medical companies have in recent years flocked to the Chinese market, where a health-care overhaul has expanded access to services and boosted demand for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The country#39;s health-care spending is expected to triple to trillion by 2020 from 7 billion in 2011, according to consulting firm McKinsey amp; Co.中国的医疗体制改革不仅扩大了医疗务渠道,也提升了对药品和医疗器械的需求,促使医药企业近些年来蜂拥涌向中国市场。咨询机构麦肯锡公司(McKinsey amp; Co.)称,预计到2020年,中国的医疗出将较2011年的3,570亿美元增加两倍,达到1万亿美元。Yet the country#39;s hospital system, underfunded and strained, has historically been plagued by kickbacks and ripe for corruption. Doctors are widely seen as underpaid, which makes them prime recipients of honorariums, which are legal, or illegal cuts of sales from drug companies, industry insiders say.不过,中国的医疗系统缺乏资金且过于僵化,一直无法摆脱回扣困扰,且腐败盛行。业内人士称,人们普遍认为医生的收入过低,这使得医生成为医药企业酬金(也就是合法或非法的销售收入分成)的主要接收者。Health-care companies typically sell through multiple layers of distributors that are difficult to oversee, industry players say.业界人士称,医疗公司一般会通过多层分销商进行销售,很难监管。 /201312/270870‘As precious as gold ...’ That was howthen-president Hu Jintao described Caofeidian during his visit in 2006. It waspledged to be ‘the world’s first fully realised eco-city’ – yet 10 years andalmost 0bn later, only a few thousand inhabitants have moved to this land reclaimed from the sea ...时任主席Hu于2006年参观曹妃甸时曾描述说,“这里如黄金般宝贵。。。”政府曾承诺要让曹妃甸成为“世界上首个全生态城市”——然而10年过后,在投资了1000亿美元之后,这座通过围海造地建立起来的城市只有几千名居民居住。 /201409/326536富阳区生孩子多少钱

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