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新疆医科大学附属医院激光去痘多少钱乌鲁木齐市中医医院做抽脂手术多少钱In a bid to de-stress and break free from the tensions of daily life, Japanese students and professionals are taking to a bizarre trend called #39;Zentai#39;. It#39;s a community consisting of people of all ages and walks of life, donning full-body lycra suits and meeting on internet forums, in clubs, at barbecue parties, and sometimes just on the street.为了减压、摆脱紧张日常生活的束缚,日本的学生们以及专业人士开始流行一种名为;Zentai;的奇怪潮流。;Zentai;族包括各个年龄层次、各行各业的人群,他们穿着包裹全身的弹力紧身衣,在俱乐部、烧烤派对碰面,偶尔也在大街上会面。It#39;s ironical, but the tight suits are actually able to help stressed individuals loosen up, because such behavior is probably frowned upon in genteel circles. Many of the Zentai perceive the trend as a welcome break from the pressures of living in Japanese society that values conformity to tradition over individual desires.虽然听着有些讽刺,但是紧身的衣确实能够帮助充满压力的人放松下来,还有一个原因就是这种举动为刻板保守的上流社会所不齿。许多的;Zentai;族认为日本社会注重一致性,忽略个体诉求,穿包裹全身紧身衣是摆脱生活压力的不错方式。;My family is conservative,; said university student Yukinko, a member of the Zentai club. ;They like me to be quiet and feminine, but in secret I wear all over tights and let loose. I#39;m a different person wearing this. I can be friendly to anyone and feel as if I can do anything.;一位名叫Yukino的;Zentai;俱乐部成员,同时也是一名大学生就表示到:“我的家人都比较保守。他们想让我安安静静地,有女人味儿。但是私下里我会穿紧身衣,让自己释放一下。穿上这些之后我就变成了完全不同的人,我会对所有人都很友善,并且我觉得自己好像能做任何事。”The anonymity that the stretchy suits provide is another factor that pulls many people towards the trend. ;People can#39;t see us and it#39;s difficult to see them,; explained Zentai leader Seiwa Tamura. ;So whether one is a teacher or public servant, we become without identity and our true self emerges.;很多人追随这一潮流的另一个原因是,穿这种紧身衣可以隐藏身份。;Zentai;族的一位名叫Seiwa Tamura的领头人解释道:“人们不会看到我们,我们也很难看到他们。因此无论一个人是老师还是公务员,我们都能变成没有身份、以真实的自我而存在。” /201601/422710乌鲁木齐去除法令纹哪家医院好

阿克苏市祛斑多少钱阿图什市开个眼角多少钱It’s been a year since the release of the mega hit animation Frozen, but as much as some of us can’t wait for it to fade into the shadows, the icy queen and her Frozen empire are still staying put in the spotlight, as if the movie had only been released last month. Bet you’re not surprised that we found her donning a Korean hanbok this time!  动画巨作《冰雪奇缘》上映已经1年了,但事实上我们中有些人不希望看到它谢幕,让冰雪皇后和她的冰雪王国仍然闪耀在聚光灯下,就好像这部动画上个月才上映一样。我猜你一定不会惊讶我们这次找到了她们穿韩的图片!  Na Young Wu, also known as Obsidian (@00obsidian00) on Twitter, is a Korean artist who has created character illustrations for games such as Japanese mobile game Furyoudou~Gang Road~ and Korean production Age of Storm: Kingdom Under Fire Online.  Na Young Wu在推特上还以Obsidian(@00obsidian00)闻名,她是一位韩国艺术家,曾为日本手游Furyoudou~Gang Road~和韩国《炽焰帝国》创作过角色插画。  Although the girls she created for Furyoudou~Gang Road~ are an impeccable mixture of cute and sexy, it is her Korean manhwa drawing style that really brings out the unique atmosphere in her Korean-Western fairy tale series.  虽然她为Furyoudou~Gang Road~ 创作的女孩完美地融合了可爱和性感,但她韩式漫画的绘画风格才体现出她创作的韩式西方童话系列的独特性。 /201603/433547乌鲁木齐天山区玻尿酸隆鼻多少钱Children are much more likely than not to grow up in a household in which their parents work, and in nearly half of all two-parent families today, both parents work full time, a sharp increase from previous decades.如今,孩子更有可能生活在父母是上班族的家庭。在近一半的双亲家庭中,父母双方都有全职工作。同此前几十年相比,这一比例大幅增加。What hasn#39;t changed: the difficulty of balancing it all. Working parents say they feel stressed, tired, rushed and short on quality time with their children, friends, partners or hobbies, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.没变的是:取得平衡的难度。皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)的最新调查显示,上班族父母表示自己感到紧张、疲惫、匆忙,缺少与孩子、友人、伴侣好好相处的时间,没时间顾及兴趣爱好。The survey found something of a stress gap by race and education. College-educated parents and white parents were significantly more likely than other parents to say work-family balance is difficult.调查发现,种族和受教育程度不同,压力也有所不同。上过大学的父母和白人父母说难以平衡工作和家庭的比例明显高于其他父母。The data are the latest to show that while family structure seems to have permanently changed, public policy, workplace structure and mores have not seemed to adjust to a norm in which both parents work.这些最新数据表明,尽管家庭结构似乎发生了永久性的改变,但公共政策、职场结构和社会习俗,似乎还没有适应父母双方都要工作这个常态。“This is not an individual problem, it is a social problem,” said Mary Blair-Loy, a sociologist and the founding director of the Center for Research on Gender in the Professions at the University of California, San Diego. “This is creating a stress for working parents that is affecting life at home and for children, and we need a societal-wide response.”“这不是个人问题,而是一个社会问题,”加州大学圣迭戈分校职场性别研究中心(Center for Research on Gender in the Professions)的创始人与主任、社会学家玛丽·布莱尔-洛伊(Mary Blair-Loy)说。“这给有工作的家长和他们的孩子造成了压力,影响了家庭生活,我们需要有整个社会层面的应对。”She said policies like paid family leave and after-school child care would significantly ease parents#39; stress. Yet today, families mostly figure out the juggle on their own.她表示,带薪家庭假和课外儿童看护等政策,都会显著缓解父母的压力。但目前,各个家庭大多是独自应对这个难题的。In most cases, that means women still do the majority of the child care and housework — particularly managing the mental checklists of children#39;s schedules and needs — even when both parents work full time, according to the Pew survey and other research. Just don#39;t tell fathers that. They are much more likely than mothers to say they share responsibilities equally.皮尤研究中心的调查和其他研究显示,多数情况下这意味着,即便父母双方都有全职工作,照顾孩子和家务,特别是管理记录着孩子的日程安排和需求的清单,大部分仍由母亲负责。不用告诉父亲们这一点。他们比母亲更有可能说,自己平均地分担了职责。Aimee Barnes, 33, and Jakub Zielkiewicz, 31, both work full time at the California Environmental Protection Agency and are the parents of Roman, 15 months. They said they knew they were lucky to have help, like flexible schedules and extended family nearby. Still, figuring out how to manage work and parenting has been hard.33岁的艾梅·巴恩斯(Aimee Barnes)和31岁的雅各布·齐耶凯维奇(Jakub Zielkiewicz)都是加利福尼亚州环境保护局的全职员工。两人的孩子罗曼(Roman)已经15个月大了。他们说自己运气好,得到了一些帮助,如弹性工作制和住在附近的大家庭。但想方设法做到工作和育儿两不误并非易事。“You basically just always feel like you#39;re doing a horrible job at everything,” Barnes said. “You#39;re not spending as much time with your baby as you want, you#39;re not doing the job you want to be doing at work, you#39;re not seeing your friends hardly ever.”“总的来说就是,总觉得好像什么事都做得很糟,”巴恩斯说。“不能如愿以偿地花很多时间陪孩子,上班时做的事情也不是自己想做的,几乎永远都没时间见朋友。”That tension is affecting American family life, Pew found. Fifty-six percent of all working parents say the balancing act is difficult, and those who do are more likely to say that parenting is tiring and stressful, and less likely to find it always enjoyable and rewarding. For example, half of those who said the work-family balance was not difficult said parenting was enjoyable all the time, compared with 36 percent of those who said balance was difficult.皮尤中心发现,这种紧张影响了美国人的家庭生活。56%的在职父母表示平衡起来很难。认为平衡困难的人,更有可能说养儿育女累人,压力大。他们认为育儿总能令人愉快、有所收获的可能性也更小。比如,说工作和家庭不难平衡的人中,有一半人表示为人父母总是让人感到开心,而说难以做到平衡的人中,只有36%的人这么认为。Of full-time working parents, 39 percent of mothers and 50 percent of fathers say they feel as if they spend too little time with their children. Fifty-nine percent of full-time working mothers say they don#39;t have enough leisure time, and more than half of working fathers say the same.在全职工作的父母中,39%的母亲和50%的父亲觉得和孩子在一起的时间太少了。59%的全职母亲说自己的闲暇时间不够,持同样看法的全职父亲的比例超过一半。Of parents with college degrees, 65 percent said they found it difficult to balance job and family; 49 percent of nongraduates said the same. Pew did not investigate why, but one reason might be that professional workers are more likely than hourly workers to be expected to work even after they leave the office. However, they also tend to have more flexibility during the day. The survey also found that white parents were more than 10 percentage points more likely to express stress than nonwhite parents.在有大学学位的家长中,65%的人说他们觉得难以平衡工作和家庭。非大学毕业生中,持这一观点者的比例是49%。皮尤中心没深究这是为什么,但其中一个原因可能是,专业人士离开办公室后,还要工作的可能性比计时工种大,不过他们白天的灵活性也更强。调查还发现,白人父母表示有压力的可能性,比非白人父母高出逾10个百分点。In 46 percent of two-parent households, both work full time, according to Pew, up from 31 percent in 1970. The share of households with a mother who stays home has declined to 26 percent from 46 percent. Pew surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,807 parents in every state on both landlines and cellphones.根据皮尤的调查,双亲家庭中,46%的家庭里父母双方都有全职工作,1970年的比例是31%。母亲在家当主妇的家庭比例,从46%下降到了26%。皮尤中心通过座机和手机对1807名家长进行了抽样调查。这些家长每个州的都有,能代表全国的情况。Other data also show that working parents are the new norm. Sixty percent of children now live in households where all the parents at home work at least part time, up from 40 percent in 1965, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the White House Council of Economic Advisers.其他一些数据也表明,父母要工作是新常态。美国劳工统计局(Bureau of Labor Statistics)和白宫经济顾问委员会(White House Council of Economic Advisers)的数据显示,家里父母都至少有兼职工作的孩子的比例,从1965年的40%,上升到了现在的60%。The shift has economic implications. The median household income for a family in which both parents work full time is 2,400, according to Pew, compared with ,000 when mothers work part time and ,000 when they stay home.这种转变有它的经济影响。皮尤中心的数据显示,父母都有全职工作的家庭收入中位数是102400美元,母亲做兼职的家庭是84000美元,母亲当家庭主妇的家庭是55000美元。There is a gender divide in parents#39; perceptions of how much responsibility they take on, Pew found. Fifty-six percent of fathers say they share equally, while only 46 percent of mothers agree.皮尤中心的调查发现,在对各自应承担了多少育儿职责的看法上,存在性别差异。56%的父亲认为自己平均分担了职责,但只有46%的母亲同意这种说法。“As they#39;re being squeezed harder at work, the pressures for egalitarian parenting are increasing at home,” Blair-Loy said. “They#39;re doing more than their fathers ever did and they have a belief in egalitarianism, so of course they want to interpret it as equal.”“随着工作压力加大,在家里平均分配育儿职责的压力也在增加,”布莱尔-洛伊说。“他们做的比自己父亲当年做的多,又相信平等主义,因而当然希望把它解释成平均分配。”Asked about the division of household chores, Sean O#39;Malley, 37, a biotech consultant and father of Fiona, 11 months, said: “I think we#39;re dividing pretty equally. And if it#39;s not equal, then we certainly want it to be.”被问及家务分配时,37岁的肖恩·奥马利(Sean O’Malley)说:“我觉得我们分配得很平均。而且如果分配不均,我们肯定也希望能做到平均。”他是一名生物科技顾问,孩子菲奥娜(Fiona)现在11个月大。“I#39;d say I do more,” said his wife, Anne Mercogliano, 33, a marketing executive at Twitter.“我想说我做的多一些,”他妻子安妮·梅尔科利亚诺(Anne Mercogliano)说。33岁的她是Twitter的一名营销主管。 /201511/408531石河子注射丰唇一针多少钱

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